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Life's Adventure
Posted July 27, 2011 by Bodhi
The spirit is always in the air
She whispers songs of love and grace
Of love and longing true and fair
She fills us with life all of our days
And leads us to go beyond our normal ways
To become more than we ever imagined
To bloom more than we have aspired
To tread the paths with courage yet unknowing
To face the darkness of our fears believing
That in the end of all our adventure is peace
That the ultimate goal of our journey is bliss
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Love's abandon
Posted July 24, 2011 by Bodhi
I walk the empty streets all alone
like my heart theres nothing to hold empty to the bone
My aloneness is my strength my emptyness my fortress
To live the adventure in other worlds of my awareness.

All I have is me, all i have is now
All I have is spirit and my humble bow
To live impeccably in the force,
to survive the mystery of the source,
To trust to know to believe though I dont know how.

I have already abandoned my will to the force
I have surrendered my destiny to the time's course
To live to love to let go and lend a hand
to do my best and love in every which way I can.
Other Worlds
Posted July 21, 2011 by Bodhi
I cannot accept that there are no other worlds
The universe is so lavish so generous so stupendous
Like the billions and billions of stars every unfurled
like each leaf is unique like all nature so wondrous.

It's impossible that we are alone in the universe
When earth itself shows all the signs of interrelatedness
It's impossible that in all creation there is only one verse
When we can witness the whole song in rhyme and metre we rehearse.

Even in our own world there are multiple worlds co-existing
The nature spirits all sentience in here manifesting
We have been blind to all because we saw only our little selves
When the whole universe is teeming, intelligent life all around delves.
The Conditions of Freedom
Posted July 17, 2011 by Bodhi
The conditions of freedom are six:

That one only has the present moment to have and nothing else;
That fear and death is conquered with love and courage;
That one travels eternally alone and yet united with all;
That one touches the world so lightly;
That one leaves all self importance behind
That one is imbued with an adventurous spirit to survive the onslaught of the unknown.
The People and the Land are One
Posted July 1, 2011 by Bodhi
What happens inside is what happens outside
the inner longings manifest in the seasons and tides
the joys and pains the victories of the heart
are the same events we share in the society we are part.

The seasons are one with the heart's reasons
the external events are all simply manifestations
of our personal journeys, of our interior landscapes
The whole environment is a reflection of our mindscapes.

The mystery of the whole universe is us
for inside us the whole universe exist in microcosm
It is actually inside of us that everything is done
for our society, our land, our universe and ourselves are one!
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