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Opposite Truths = Stress
Posted July 9, 2008 by Catherine
This world is plagued with beliefs in opposite truths held concurrently. The trick around these media and society teachings is found through an understanding of the fact that opposite truths exist.

Example: A religious belief including a rule that forbids killing can not be combined with a belief that you must go to war to keep your country safe. You either can go to war or you can not.

Example: Taking a 4-wheeler out into the wilderness is not a day spent in the wilderness. The wilderness can not be heard over the engine, and the wilderness disappears instantly as each new 4-wheeler tire track is made. You either have a man-made day or a Ma Nature day, not both at once.

Example: Do you believe that all poor people are unhappy? Children are poor. Monks are poor. Tribes living happily for generations without Western influence are poor. All poor people can not be called unhappy and also happy at the same time.

Example: If one God made both heaven and earth as most religions believe, why is only your personal religion the correct one on the planet? Either one God made everything, or many Gods made everything.

In our world today many examples of opposite truths both believed at once exist. The problem with believing in opposite truths concurrently is that they cause unhappiness. If you reach your goal in one of your opposite truths, the other opposite truth mars the achieved happiness with confusion.

Put simply, many believe that happiness is achieved when stress is reduced in our thought processes. Removing stressful thoughts includes acknowledging and removing stressful opposite truths that our societies preach to us. When two things can not both be true at once, you will find yourself less stressed if you only concentrate on one of them as your own personal truth at a time.