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I am an intuitive Life Coach working with people who are looking to reach a higher level of awareness. Through my process we will both be elevated. I am certified from CTA. I also studied with Deepak Chopra as a Perfect Health instructor. This is achieving perfect health through the mind, body and spirit. I practice Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and mantra focused meditation and primordial sound meditation. My web site: CLICK HERE TO VISIT:Qualified-Life Coach.com! is a place where all people can go for free resources guidance and direction. My purpose in creating my web site is to go far beyond what is expected... it's a place where you can start today to create the life you want … I believe in a loving world where the possibilities are endless.

I'm into Yoga, Meditating,Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Nature, the Ocean, Dancing, Organic Veggie Food, Writing, Laughing, sharing,all things spiritual!!!
Here is my concept about paying it forward: We pay it forward for you! How about you don’t have to worry about marketing to people or selling your services? You don't have to try and be something your not just because you have a calling to be a life coach or self help instructor.

You don’t need to learn to do that because you let us sell and market you while you do what you do best!?

At Motivational Whisperers we set it up so can’t NOT succeed and we take very little while you get rich, instead of the other way around.

Let us do what we do best and you do what you do best.

We market, sell and advertise, and you teach, inspire and motivate. Don't worry about how to deal with rejection and people who say no. I understand how if your not a sales person your not ever going to like it. That is exactly why we are here to do what we like and do best, market, sell and advertise while supporting and inspiring you to reach your highest potential! Sign up today and start living your purpose in this life:

*The first month is free so you have nothing to loose!

Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my friend!
Steven Ferrel
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Hope you had an easy day !!!!
jill wrote at January 1, 2009
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KELLIEC wrote at January 1, 2009
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Happy New Year! Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope you have a wonderful blessed and adventerous one !!!!!!!!!

Kellie wink
Lynne wrote at December 30, 2008
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Have a great New Year to my Friend !!!!!
Chariss wrote at December 22, 2008
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Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas and have a very prosperous New Year!

Would like to offer you a gift -- Free Study Guide for my new book, Make a Joyful Noise: Searching for a Spiritual Path in a Material World. Just go to my personal web site, www.chariss.com, to download yours now. Please feel free to offer this gift to yor friends and family as well.

Again, have a blessed holiday season!
Love and Light,
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