Joined the creative writing club at school. Will be attending a meeting today :D
I am not some super women who spends all her free time trying to help the world. However I give help to anyone around me who needs it, be my worst enemy or best friend.
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Hello, I hope you are doing well. Just thought i would leave you a note and check in with you. Best Wishes! Elizabeth
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Hello! Its good to be back. I missed this site and everyone here. Ive been doing so much better lately and i hope you are well. If you have some things for me to read i would very much like to see them Smile ~Helmider~
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Lost wrote at March 25, 2010
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Hello Helmider, We archived your mothers story that was posted on our page before it was removed by the powers that be.
We see that you also have the same gift.

Take care of the Garden!
Namaste Jacob
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Legion wrote at March 24, 2010
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Hello Elizabeth,
Welcome back! I have access to some interesting messeges that you will need to read. Legioneuro
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Legion wrote at December 31, 2009
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Happy New Year My Dear Friend!!!!
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my friend!
Steven Ferrel
Syrno wrote at December 9, 2009
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Hiii Elizabeth~I really liked your story!
Now that I've read the two chapters, I'm interested in the next adventure...You're a great writer!
As for choosing a field in the writing profession, It wasn't my first choice...I went to school for an Electronic Engineering Degree and worked in that field for 10 years, Or until I couldn't continue to keep everything that I did a secret anymore.
So I used that ridiculous savings account that I built to fund and start Masterminds Inc., with 4 of my most talented friends in 2006. We are a company owned & operated by Writers,Actors,Musicians & Models. I originally only held three of those titles, but I recently became a Musical Artist...Kinda on a dare.
I wrote poetry as a hobby or when I needed a shoulder and there weren't any around. After 10 years of writing, My best friend Aaron submitted my poetry to a publisher and my 1st book "A Poets Hand" was made.
It had a small printing of 100,000 copies and they all sold out within two weeks, making me into a juggernaut amongst the other published poets in my field.
I went from building secret robots in an underground cage to signing books for a line of people at Barnes & Noble.
That new found fame, made me some friends that would open up a few amazing doors into T.V. & Radio Land.
If you were to tell me that I would make a great living as a writer, I would’ve told you that nobody reads anymore...That’s quite true...But everyone watches t.v. and listens to the radio and that’s where all my words end up...except for the few thousands, that I leave here at Life Dynamix for all the readers that will never really know me; aside from what I share in this written realm.

Just try to write something everyday~Years from now you never know who your words will inspire or save.

As always~Swink
Syrno wrote at December 9, 2009
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Hiii Elizabeth,
I have a 92% true~story, that I'm writing into a independent film. It's based on an actual event that happened to my best friend Aaron. I added 8% of my silly imagination to his already amazing story. Do you want to read it? Jenny didn't have the opportunity to read it, but she wanted too. I would like you to read it, It may inspire you...Can I send it to you?
As always~Ssmile
Syrno wrote at November 20, 2009
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Hiii Elizabeth,
Nice to see you on twice in the same dayyes

I once told Jenny that on the day that I pass, I would cover the earth in a layer of fog, so thick that everyone would have to stop what they were doing and just enjoy the moment, Like I was giving them all one final hug. The day after Jenny went into the sea, My neighborhood was covered in fog even though it was hot all day long. The fog visited me every night until I came to hear about Jenny on September 8th. From a phone call that your father made to Steven. Steven called me the night he heard and informed me of the news. I cried on the phone and even more after I hung up. Like a moment of magic, The fog rolled into my neighborhood and stayed.

On September 10th, Allot of my friends went to the beach with me to pay our respects. As we all stood in the water releasing lotus flowers with candles burning in them, the fog rolled in. Within minutes of me releasing my flower into the sea, 2 Sea lions appeared a few feet from me in the water and just stared at me with their big black eye’s. It looked like they were crying along with me. My friends that were watching from the beach said that there were 10 or more Sea lions all around me and they were all just waiting motionless in the water with me, Like my bodyguards. As the fog thickened, Everyone said that I looked liked I disappeared along with all the Sea lions in the fogs embrace.

I spent the night at the beach with most of my friends and went back into the foggy sea in the morning just to float on my back in the ocean. There were sharks in the water, But they didn’t bother or scare any of us, because they were being respectful.

Up until my Bday on September 28th, I was graced by fog in my neighborhood every night, Even though it was hot all day long. This was definitely a sign from Jenny.

The night before my Bday, I was at my studio when my puppy Nylah started barking at the door. The camera’s outside showed nothing there at all but my Puppy really wanted the door opened.
As soon as I opened the door, A fog rolled into my studio even though the fans were on, Nylah started to wag her tail and look at me. I walked outside to see the street and it was covered in a thick fog, As I walked through it, I raised my hands to my side and felt the fog slide through my fingers, It felt like someone running the tips of their fingers over my palm to hold my hand. This fog was warm and tasted sweet on my breath. As I walked back towards my studio door, I saw a shadowed silhouette near the opening and said “Hello” it moved away and disappeared. I felt a chill and then I think I heard someone whisper something. I went back inside my Studio and called my business partner and told him what just happened. He said I’ll never be alone as long as I believe in true~love.

Just last weekend I went diving and the fog rolled in while we were in the middle of the sea. When I surfaced, I saw two Sea lions playing with the red bumpers on our boat. We untied one and gave it to them to play with and watched them bite it and pull it under water for an hour, They eventually stole it and disappeared with it as the fog disappeared.
I stared at the water the entire trip back to the harbor and I didn’t feel sad anymore. I’m going diving tomorrow to that same spot to visit my new sea puppies and hopefully retrieve that bumper. Which is most likely somewhere down on the sea floor, But I’m still going back to look for it.
I do believe that Jenny is visiting us and I'm sure that she is watching over and communicating with you & me.
As always~Sflowers
Syrno wrote at November 19, 2009
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Hiii Elizabeth, How was your week?
Ya know what would be great? If you wrote some more poetry and posted it in the Beautiful Day group, I cleared up most of my poetry to draw attention to you. I love your style of writing and I want to read more of it.
As always~Sflowers
Lynne wrote at November 18, 2009
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Just stopping by to say hello!balloon
Legion wrote at November 9, 2009
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Excellent Poem to your mother Elizabeth! You should be published.
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