Posted January 18, 2010 by Jason
As a determined world citizen, I embrace the new paradigm that is to come. This is one where borders come down, where race is understood as the body’s reaction to its position on the earth and the mind’s reaction to its own experiences. Greed, power, fashion and fear will no longer be a driving force. It will be compassion, confidence and sustainment of the planet. As we crawl into the driver’s seat, to take charge of our own future, we are simultaneously uniting in harmony, understanding and awareness. The process has already begun, just look around. We have seen the patterned results of war and human rights abuses…the protests are getting louder as people realize the root causes. Dismantling nuclear weapons has been brought to the table. When the forces of nature strike a population, we feel a bit of the pain ourselves. There is a massive outpouring of aid, healing thoughts and prayers. We really want to learn more about each other’s cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. More of us enjoy the experience of travel, food, clothing, music and culture from around the world. We are slowly treating our animals better and realizing how important eco-systems are. It is important to highlight the positive steps so that we can take bigger steps. As our collective mind advances to compassion, the vision of peace becomes reality. All we need to do is, make it happen.
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James Ferrel MD, CNC wrote at June 14, 2010
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Well stated my friend Jason. Truth will triumph over greed and ignorance. Working together we shall very soon appreciate the glory of our universal connections.
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James Ferrel MD, CNC
astella bluez wrote at February 2, 2010
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Jason Thank you so much for your post. It is refreshing and brings me back to my orginal thoughts about our future before the prophecies and conspiracies got me paranoid!

This is the future my heart has always envisioned and I believe it is the absolute truth and I feel great comfort in knowing what now will lie ahead of us.

Much LOve!
astella bluez
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at January 20, 2010
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Dear Jason, your words embrace everything with compassion, the natural healing power that remains hidden within us until we think for the wellness of others - not just of our self - as if a greed, the cause of sickness. Dr. Ferrel James rightly says that we may go for a Free Pie (A Greedy Way), but end up with everything in nature working against us. Thus, as you say the compassion works, but needs self-effort to sprout it from within as life sprouts. Thanks for sharing your wonder of healing words for Wellness of All - The Vision and Aim of Life Dynamix. May God Bless!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Masterminds wrote at January 19, 2010
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