If it is physical, it is therapy.
Hello friends Smile my name is Jason. I am here to learn new ideas, to share the good news about mental and physical health and to make connections along the way. From the wisdom of Dr. Ferrel to some of the inspiring writings by the community members, Life Dynamix has truly enhanced my life.
I have 3 awesome kids and family time is fun time! If we are not outside running around, we are probably playing video games, music instruments or board games. I feel more at home when I am outside immersed in nature. Some of my passions are mountaineering, hiking, mountain-biking and camping. I have been fortunate to stand on the summits of Shasta, Hood, Adams, St. Helens and the top crater of Rainier.
Utilizing the Japanese method of “kaizen” (continuous improvement), I aim to take better care of my future self through education, proper nutrition and physical exercise. I am gradually lessening my toxic intake with the help of “Neogenesis” and my own intuition. I feel greater awareness through yoga, meditation and positive intention. I am fascinated by quantum physics, nature and science. After ten years on a plant-based diet, I live and feel better than ever now at age 35 than ever before.

treat everyone in the world as my brother or sister, no matter where they live
Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. When you look at your bottle or even think about water, take a drink of water. Your body will thank you!
educating myself, being happy, organic vegan and raw foods, exercise, yoga and meditation
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Originally posted by: AllAbout
It's Not The Mountain That We Conquer,But Ourselves....Sir Edmund Hillary Wishing You The Best.
That is soooo true! Thanks for the comment..Good day to you
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Hi Welcome Smile
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Have a great holiday weekend Dr. Ferrel!
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Happy Birthday to You!!
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What a brave thing to do! Very inspiring.
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Hello and Welcome Smile Thank you for joining.
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Hey! Nice to see you back Smile I was just in Spokane running in the Bloomsday race. What a nice vibe that was.
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Hi There...Welcome Smile
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Happy Birthday Bodhi!
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Wow good work! Welcome here regular_smile
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Shiningstar wrote at April 10, 2010
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Hi Jason

Sending you a friend request...

I am still working on my communication skills, even though I have written a few articles on it!!

You might like to read: Communication Blunders - enter kismet connection.

That was written a long time back, like in 2008...with a bit of humor!!

I wish i can make people smile...

Last Update on April 15, 2010 by shiningstar
Steven Ferrel wrote at April 3, 2010
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Hello my brother...I hope that you are enjoying a delightful weekend!
Steven Ferrel
AllAbout wrote at March 31, 2010
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Thanx so much for the friend request.You ever stumble over any gold nuggets while hiking in the mountains....let me know.
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at March 22, 2010
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Hi Jason, your brilliance is like a morning star. Please share your opinion on the forum discussion - Without Any Examination - How to Get Certificate of Life Dynmaix Wellness Specialization

Thanks with many regards
Dr. Harmander Singh
spagirlerin wrote at March 7, 2010
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The Olympics were amazing. Such great energy, happy people and an international crowd. I had quite a lot of Olympians in the spa, which was a proud moment.
The Para Games are about to start on the 12 so I am pretty exited about that too but also pretty wornout. Ready for a sun holiday soonSmile
astella bluez wrote at February 2, 2010
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Oh I meant to tell you, congratulations on your wellness specialist certification! you are the first person to complete it right! what a pioneer! haha. Im going to get mine too i think soon. awesome!

peace and love
astella bluez
mvelasco1234 wrote at January 23, 2010
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thank you! Im looking forward to great things.
Masterminds wrote at January 22, 2010
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Hello Jason,
Thanks for the comment, I really appreaciate it!
No, I am not in The Mornings even though I wish I wasyes I work for Masterminds and we do marketing for musicians. In turn, the musicians help us out with music compositions for future commercials & film projects. It's one of those Win-win situations.

I have a few questions about Snowboarding, What's the difference between Wood Core or Fiberglass Snowboards? I'm interested in purchasing my 1st Snowboard and I have experienced the Fiberglass models but now I see that there is a wood core model, Which of the two is better?

jeff01843 wrote at January 13, 2010
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Hi Jason.....I want to thank you so much for acknowledging my 57TH. birthday.These past few years,when my birthday comes along,I try to look the other way.Nobody likes getting old.LOL.Fortunately,I'm still a rambunctious kid at heart.I hope all is well up in your neck of the woods.Good luck on your life's journey!
hollybut wrote at January 2, 2010
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Why do you think it is important to have a vegan diet to acheive optimal health? I am just curious.
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