If it is physical, it is therapy.
Hello friends Smile my name is Jason. I am here to learn new ideas, to share the good news about mental and physical health and to make connections along the way. From the wisdom of Dr. Ferrel to some of the inspiring writings by the community members, Life Dynamix has truly enhanced my life.
I have 3 awesome kids and family time is fun time! If we are not outside running around, we are probably playing video games, music instruments or board games. I feel more at home when I am outside immersed in nature. Some of my passions are mountaineering, hiking, mountain-biking and camping. I have been fortunate to stand on the summits of Shasta, Hood, Adams, St. Helens and the top crater of Rainier.
Utilizing the Japanese method of “kaizen” (continuous improvement), I aim to take better care of my future self through education, proper nutrition and physical exercise. I am gradually lessening my toxic intake with the help of “Neogenesis” and my own intuition. I feel greater awareness through yoga, meditation and positive intention. I am fascinated by quantum physics, nature and science. After ten years on a plant-based diet, I live and feel better than ever now at age 35 than ever before.

treat everyone in the world as my brother or sister, no matter where they live
Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. When you look at your bottle or even think about water, take a drink of water. Your body will thank you!
educating myself, being happy, organic vegan and raw foods, exercise, yoga and meditation
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Respected Monica, your face reflects radiance as if purified gold that has gone through fire many times. Please keep up your smile as it is same as a prayer. Thanks! natio Smile
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Dr Ferrel, Aha, we share the same hobbies...we might hit it off really well if we ever meet 10900 I don't have the nerves to read your book, it unveils some scary facts without any sugar coating. Lately, I am trying to build up some courage, so I can stomach it the next time I set out to study your won... View More
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Hello and Welcome!
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Hello and Welcome!
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Hello Welcome Smile
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Originally posted by: shiningstar
Hey Steven Happy Hows it going?? Just wanted to say, that You are an amazing person...and very very special!! I lacked direction and you helped me find it....you are my north star...and I mean it!! Hugs & kiss Deepa
Respected ShiningStar, you are right in what you have... View More
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Happy Birthday! Make it a great one Smile
Jason and Helmider are now friends.
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astella bluez wrote at January 2, 2010
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Thank you for your friend ship, It is always a pleasure to meet like minded people who share a love for spreading love and awareness all around this world. Im so glad to be a part of this community.

To a future of peace for us, created by us! we do create our own reality after all.
astella bluez
Syrno wrote at December 25, 2009
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Happy Holidays Brother!
I hope that you have a Beautiful day filled with Laughter, Love, Wonderful Memories and Magic!
As always~SyrnoEmotocons2
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Christmas Sending my brother wishes of a blessed Christmas!
Steven Ferrel
livingsprings wrote at December 21, 2009
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CHRISTMAS 2009 Greetings
lucy2563 wrote at December 18, 2009
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Thank you. I love my puppy Murphy. He is the cutest dog in the whole wide world!
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at December 16, 2009
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Dear Jason, we all are proud of your starting Life Dynamix in practical life. You have inspired us all at the time when we all need the concepts of Life Dynmaix globally. Thanks and We All Wish You A Great Success!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Jeremy Dean wrote at November 28, 2009
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Hey thanks for the welcome comment! You asked where I like to snowboard. I love the Sierra Nevadas, so any ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area is great! I especially like Kirkwood and Northstar has a great park! Also, being from the Washington Coast, I love local mountains like Bachelor, Hood, and making it to Whistler when I can!

How about you?
Jeremy Dean
Legion wrote at November 21, 2009
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To answer your question about the 4 stars, They say that some Stars that flicker and seem to Shine are really releasing toxic energy.
Now you know so becareful.
Legion wrote at November 10, 2009
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Your vegan recipes turned out quite delicious!! Thank you for opening my eye's to some healthier and alternative possibilities.
MrGrym wrote at October 31, 2009
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You have a nice smile!
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