AM!!!!!! I healed , I want to help others get there as well. So exciting to be alive in times of change. I at one time weighed 273lbs!!! I was so toxic I had Celiac so bad it looked like schziophrenia...I can laugh now. I lost all the weight, including the Schizophrenia. I was depressed, on tons of medications. I have Celiac Disease, at one point was suffering from severe Interstitial Cystitis, I was a mess...BUT not anymore. I want others to learn to get threw it too. That they too can be healthier, and get on this wagon for Non-Toxic living. Please join me in being and becoming your own best friend. I have been threw so much. I want the world to wake up tot he love it holds, the love we have in our selves, the love that is in others, you can meet the darkest person and try just try to bring the light out of them, it only takes a spark!!!
Advocate, WE ALL have a VOICE!!!!!! Believe in YOU!!!!! try to educate others on Reki, Meditation, natural medicine, done threw food, herbs. I want to help where I can. Am known for being a little more blunt than most, because I belive in everyone NO EXCUSES
Believe in You, Anything is Possible. Loving yourself is the most important part of healing.
Kimberley Alimov
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Oh my it has been awhile been studing very deeply uantum mechanics on DNA, usiing it as a frequency healing. This has led me on a path of using Frequency for Yep thats RIGHT... MEET GEORGE JETSON, I keep thinking how can we use al this energy laying around and try to curb the radiation from it. So t... View More
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So much to keep up on and with.......Still with you!!! Just focused on school, Human rights.I am like still in shock on what human rights are, and the fact that I too have to say sadly not all men are equal only because they chose so, in my neck of the woods any way. I think we should all have ele... View More
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Why you started this right?
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It is getting there. It is a new me that is for sure. Thank you Namaste
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Steven Ferrel wrote at November 15, 2016
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Welcome Kimberley balloon
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