My name is Delia. I am passionate about yoga, meditation, spirituality, healthy living, art and the purity of nature. I started practicing yoga 18 years ago, when nothing else was helpful for my ongoing health problems. Practicing yoga intensely on a daily basis, under the guidance of my exceptional teachers in Romania and becoming a vegetarian, I achieved a perfect health, a balanced body, mind and spirit, happiness and freedom from limitations, prejudices and complexes. I discovered that the best way to show my gratitude for all the gifts that I received during my spiritual journey, is sharing them with other people who are seeking to live a healthy and happy life. I teach yoga since 2007, in Phoenix AZ and my goal is to empower people with all the tools they need in order to live their life at its maximum potential, through a continuous transformation and spiritual evolution.

I live my life based on the principle that we are all Divine beings, with a spark from the Divine light deep inside our hearts and recognizing this in all forms of life on the Planet and the Universe awakens the pure, unconditional love in ourselves and others and makes people kinder and happier. I like to admire beauty and purity in all its forms: in people, nature and art. I also think that love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and makes the world become a better place for all of us.

My favorite quote is:

“When love is infinite, the impossible becomes easily possible.”
I believe that transformation comes from within. We are manifestations of energy.

Every form of energy is characterized by a certain vibration frequency. All our thoughts, all the emotions we experience, all the states of consciousness we have, all the food we eat, undoubtedly present a certain vibration frequency, which influences us either by lowering or by elevating our own vibration frequency.

Because we are all interconnected, we influence others and the entire planet as well.

By recognizing the Divine light which shines in all human beings, by respecting all forms of life as manifestations of the Divine and seeing the beauty all around me and inside of me, I am part of the change.

By living a healthy and pure life, thinking positively and doing the most good, I think we can all create a better world together!
Eat healthy, natural, organic food, love unconditionally, help others, show compassion, express your feelings, follow your heart, connect with the nature, meditate, laugh often, follow your passions, dare to dream, live in the present moment, recognize the beauty inside of you and everywhere around you! You are Beautiful!!!
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It is one of my favorite events of the year, when I love to share my love for angels, people and planet. To a beautiful world!
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Happiness is a state of mind. It doesn't reside in objects.
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The fountain of happiness is inside you. Don't try to find it outside. This search is in vain.
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