When they Cry... ~ No-One Sees Their Tears!
My name is Lynne, I love the Lord and everything he has created...I love natural things, such as the outdoors, nature, animals, natural healing and health, herbs, etc.. I am always trying to learn more. It's like there is never enough hours in the day. There is just so much out there in the world to learn about and explore, see and do. the world is a beautiful place when you look at it through God's eyes..And realized what beauty their is in every little thing.

I believe God sends everyone into our life for a special reason. Everything happens for a reason. So when we meet or make a new friend, that person is in our life for a some reason. I don't know why at the time we meet, but I have noticed there is almost always a clear reason later!

At this point in time my main passion in life is helping the animals! I know the Lord would not want his beautiful creations being tormented like they are... I became a vegetarian on November 10, 2006 due to the cruelty issues of the factory animals..After watching a days worth of horriffing video's. I cryed till my eyes were swollen and couldn't watch anymore.. I have not been able to eat meat since. And i am working on the dairy products..I sometimes still eat eggs..but not very often. What those animals go through just for us to have meat is terrible...I think everyone really needs to be aware! I know it is eaiser not to listen or watch the video's, it's eaiser just to keep eating what ever we want. Enjoying the food, or the products we might use that are tested on the poor lab animals! What they have to go through for us to have our make-up, hair products, they test everything from paint to plastics! For what reason do we need to buy these things? There is none!! Especially when there are products out there that are NOT tested on animals that can be purchased instead. It might be a little bit of an inconvience to change...but just think what it is like for those poor helpless animals!!! Why should they have to suffer?? Animals are not ours to eat, experiment on, or to wear, or for our entertainment!(circuses and zoos are awful! please don't support them)!!!!I am invovled in animal cruelty issues in most my spare time. What is happening to our animals just breaks my heart, they really need our help. God created all creatures to be equal! Including the ANIMALS!

I Love Especially Love Raccoons(they are so cute, I just love them!) Oh, and the fur trade is just horrible..Some of those animals are still alive when the skin them..You talk about a horrifying death..Please don't buy Fur!

Another passion of mine is the health & wellness industry. I am currently....A XanGo Distributor. I have been doing this for since 2005. I love helping people with their health and, or getting them started with XanGo. It's the kind of job where you get to make great friends, help people and make money at the same time.

For My WEBSITE Click Below!!!

I just love meeting new people from all over the world and making new friends. I am not here for business, but if it happens great!. I am here for meeting Friends, Spreading my Messeges(especially on Animal Abuse Issues),Xango as a Business or Health Opportunity if your interested...,for learning new things and for Some Fun!! 7% OF ALL NET PROFITS GO TO CHARITY !!! SO WHEN YOUR DRINKING YOUR JUICE ~ YOUR CONTRIBUTING TO GREAT CHARITIES AS WELL! OPERATION KIDS IS ONE OF THEM!

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I love my family, friends, animals, i love animals all of them! Natural things, outdoors, beaches, mountains, waterfalls! Hiking, camping, anything to do with the outdoors and the beauty that surrounds it. I like entertaining, cooking, baking, love the holidays..especially christmas..I love buying or making presents for everyone! It's such a happy time of the breakfast(don't get to eat it much always on the run). love to sleep in till noon(that doesn't happen much ..The northern lights(now that is a show) I love my work(which i consider myself really lucky in that aspect..most do not enjoy their jobs) Oh ya and of course the wellness community..i love this place.

Natural health & non-toxic products are important to me! I believe God created everything on this plant to keep up healthy. We do not need man made medicines.

To help starving children all over the world go to my website below sign up for a meal pack to be sent to them,(click on "Goodness" when you get on the site and it will tell you how you can help these children) or if you order product Xango donates 7% of their profits to operation kids ~ they help kids all over the world !!!

Click here for my xango website

Earthly Blessings ~ Healthy Living - page on Facebook Click the link below to join

Information on healthy living, natural products, natural health information, this page will contain a wide variety of health information.

Helping Animals is one of my main passions in life....Click the link below to join our Facebook Group
"Angels for the Animals "
Dr. Harmander Singh
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote...
Wish you a Very Happy and Blessed Birthday!


May God Bless!

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WoW! what happened here the whole place is different. HI Steven, missed this place- tryin to get back! I like the way you can see my groups, i get some update's on the angels for the animals as soon as i can... Ok i am going to explore a bit and see if i can figure things out- been gone way too long... View More
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To answer your question from long ago.. yes i am a real person... It's not a ghost town here! summers gone people will be coming back Smile I had to be gone for a while- but i'll be back soon! Glad to see Syrno's around!
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Syrno wrote...
Hello Lynne~I hope that you are having a Beautiful Adventure in this wonderful life of ours...guess's only going to get better!!!
As always~SyrnoSmile
Find me on facebook...I'm Prince ShahSmile
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Lynne wrote...
Shah what is this place?
October 23, 2010
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Hi steven, just stopping by to say hello. Wow this place has really changed. I promise i'll be back. I am mostly home with my son right now.. We have to do chemo every other week. A little tough! but his tough! all is going well~ really miss this place. Can see i have alot to figure out when i get b... View More
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OMG that poor elephant! what is wrong with people? I don't even want to think about how that poor animal was abused to get he/she to do that! They are not meant for this!!!! Upsets me... wish i could do more.
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Lost Generation
Lost Generation
  lost clips- check out the show
Christian the lion Reunion
CBS (youll love it) Elephant & Dog story
An Inspirational Video
You are Killing Yourself & Your Family.
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 9, 2011
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happybday Happy Birthday my Divine Sister flowers
angel balloon
Steven Ferrel
Steven Ferrel wrote at March 3, 2011
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We've missed you my dear friend...delighted to see you flowers

Sending bliss, blessings, love and light!
Steven Ferrel
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 25, 2010
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Merry Christmas Lynne...I hope that you have been well my divine sister!

Steven Ferrel
Shiningstar wrote at December 8, 2010
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happybday balloon
Steven Ferrel wrote at July 23, 2010
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Hello my divine sister,

I hope this message finds you and your son blessed!

The shoutbox is now on the right side of the Dashboard page.

We have missed you and look forward to your return!

Hi steven,
just stopping by to say hello. Wow this place has really changed. I promise i'll be back. I am mostly home with my son right now.. We have to do chemo every other week. A little tough! but his tough! all is going well~ really miss this place. Can see i have alot to figure out when i get hope to have more time soon! Miss everyone! what happen to the shout box? Is it gone?
Steven Ferrel
James Ferrel MD, CNC wrote at March 17, 2010
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I read the article you posted on the mattress can kill you. Very good. People have no clue about the toxic chemicals that are put into so any things now. They don't understand that the chemicals come out and their molecules enter into us; only to manifest in a confusing disease profile I talk about in my book Neogenesis. They erroneously take for grantite that these things are safe.
Jim Ferrel M.D.
James Ferrel MD, CNC
Joanne Cooper wrote at March 10, 2010
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Hey~Thanks for the invite! I like your page! ( :
Joanne Cooper
pharmgirl wrote at January 29, 2010
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Hola Chicka~~ok, finally got a minute to catch up & thought I would stop in and say hello and see how you are doing. I have a few things to catch up on--Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years--I hope they all went well for you and that you are staying healthy in the New Year. Thanks for staying in touch.
Masterminds wrote at January 23, 2010
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Hello Lynne Farkas,
I really like your group pages and your stories. Are you a real person? I've only been here for a little while and this place feels like a ghost town. Occationally someone talks to me, but most of the time the people act just like they do in the real world, They're window shopping. Having this many friends and being the backbone of this site, where did you go?confused1
danielperret wrote at December 30, 2009
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Originally posted by: "Lynne

"Wishing you Peace & Love for this coming New Year"
Horacio Daniel Perret
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