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Kerri ∞ Portman
Syrno wrote...
Hiiii, Sorry...i was LOST for awhile! Tongue
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hola stranger... how have you been? so, what do you mean that Sy has expired? someone else said the same thing to me a while back and then 2 weeks later Sy came and said 'hi' to me, haha. anyway, idk about ANYONE here, let alone him. the only person i've ever talked to live is Steven, so for all i k... View More
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i missed hearing from you, yes. i wasn't certain where you had disappeared to and a message i received on my wall made me think something had happened. glad you're alright and that you're back to shine your light on us here. have a great rest of your week, my
Legion wrote...
Hello Gorgeous!!!!
Syrno has need to get over him and flirt with a real man!
Who even knows whom he really is? No one's ever really seen him and I don't think he is even real at this site. Didn't his GF pass away? What's he still doing here?
I like that picture of you below, It's got me ... View More
March 24, 2010
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"Music is what feelings sound like" Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Syrno wrote...
Kerri, I really Love this picture of you, Now that's how a artist should look that is in the music industry. Very well done!!!!!
February 19, 2010
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hi Jacobbbbbb!! okay so...i've set sail. i'm on my way to the island. see you sooooon Grin Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Syrno wrote at February 19, 2010
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Hello Beautiful...Did you miss me? I missed you! Thank you for writing me. That's all I could really ask for in a friendship. I'm back to reclaim my throne.
2009 didn't suck! I met you that year, What sucked about that?
Have A Beautiful night Kerritt2
Masterminds wrote at February 15, 2010
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Hello Kerri,
Thank you for the comments! Unfortunately this will be our last comment that we ever post. Today; I decided that you are the most deserving of my time during our final moments here. We are having ‘Allot of Troubles’ viewing or modifying anything on our page since the upgrade. So we have decided to move on.
So for now, I would like to thank you personally for your friendship!! You are unlike most of the others that we have met in social networking sites. Most of the others have embraced the boomerang comment technique...I throw one, they wait and maybe throw one back....But you on the other hand; have displayed true and genuine kindness to a real stranger. Something that we didn’t think existed inside of these walls, But it does in you...So you’re the chosen one that we came to find and convince!
It’s up to you to make this site yours again. Myspace is a ghost town, Facebook is full of stalkers and Life Dynamix has plenty of untapped potential. Too bad the last Wellness Messenger looked like a dating catalog and was geared more towards gathering models or eye candy rather then grow in the wellness world. As for the articles, They are written by unknowns that like to hear themselves talk, but lack the personalities & friendships that can only be found on their personal pages.
Most people forget, that your fame and notability is based on how others perceive you. If your a great writer and someone visits your page and sees nothing...You’re most likely an a$$ in real life and the written realm will be your only stage. Use this site to promote yourself, You have been here longer then most of the models getting the wellness magazine covers, It’s your time to shine Kerri...Take back what has always been yours!!!!!!!
“Break a Leg”...AdamSmile
Lost wrote at February 3, 2010
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Kerri, You were missed!!
Your friend and our friend has become another LOST soul, his moment has come and gone. As we move forward and continue on, We will remember all the ones that we have lost and honor their memory with a positive light.
You have work to do! You have an adventure to write and a life to share. This moment and your words will mark your place on The Island forever. It's not the number of steps we take in life that count, It's the moments that you shared inbetween that matter and the footprints you leave. So now; the time for you to come to The Island on your own free will has arrived, You have a choice and it's one that only you can make and take.
Namaste Jacobinnocent
Masterminds wrote at February 3, 2010
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Are you a real person or just a model hoping to be noticed???
Masterminds wrote at February 2, 2010
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Why are you soo blue, did your sadness turn your auroa blue too? Your name is Kerri Portman? any relation to Natalie???
I got a video clip that might interest you on youtube: Enjoy!
Legion wrote at December 30, 2009
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Hello Pretty Lady!
Just had to visit your page and get my weekly dose of you. Yummy! Okay I'm good for now.
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 24, 2009
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my sivine friend!
Steven Ferrel
Steven Ferrel wrote at November 24, 2009
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Steven Ferrel
Jason wrote at November 24, 2009
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Happy Birthday! Make it a great one biggrin
Syrno wrote at November 23, 2009
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Kerri~Where are all of your pictures??? Are you part of the witness protection program now?? Did they tell you to hide out even on the internet? Ya know I was sent to pick you up and bring you to The Island. Now you got me waiting around twiddling my thumbs. Luckily with my magnetic personality, I've been able to pull a Mcgyver move and create Free-Energy with My thumbs, a piece of dental floss and a magnet. What's a guy gotta do, to get to see a little more of you?
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