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Wayne Dyer
Posted August 31, 2015 by Steven Ferrel in meditation, prayer, news, inspiration
I like to believe that the energy of this enchanted dance never loses its brilliance. A land angel named Wayne Dyer shared with me the following words:

“What truly inspires me is something that burns within, an inner candle flame that doesn’t flicker ever regardless of what ever goes before me.”

Wayne the magic you shared on earth will bless others for years to come, may your candle shine brightly for all eternity my friend!

Here is an interview with this amazing man:
Steven Ferrel

On this summer solstice and annual world yoga day, we invite people of all religions, belief systems, spiritual paths and social endeavors, people of all ages and nationalities to join their hearts and love in unison for 7 minutes in a worldwide meditation-prayer for the wellbeing of our planet and humanity, and for peace on Earth.

June 21st 2015

16:22 – 16:30 GMT

9.22-9.30 am PDT

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Steven Ferrel
I found this article very interesting since spray tanning has been promoted as a safe alternative to sun tanning.
Steven Ferrel
Radiation from dental x-rays linked to brain tumors:
Steven Ferrel
A Natural Sunscreen
Posted March 21, 2012 by Steven Ferrel
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