My name is Steven and I am here to help you get the most from your Wings For All experience.

I dream of a planet where we all prosper in one another's brilliance.

I hope that Wings For All helps empower you to embrace your life's potential.

If I can assist in making your visit more enjoyable just let me know Smile

Life Can Be An Adventure - Why Not Make It One!

I like all others have experienced my share of challenges and I have chosen to grow because of them. I look back at those challenges and without them I realize my adventure here would lack its brilliance. I am blessed with a love for life, a son, friends, family and relationships that are filled with love.

I am passionate about helping people, animals, and the planet, and concerned about the wellness of all life. We are all connected (a fact of Quantum Physics) and when we as a planet finally realize this and stop hurting one another we will guide the world towards the magic that was intended.

I wish to REALLY LIVE this journey by experiencing all of life's wonders and help bring out the best in others and myself by what I think say and do.

I VALUE ALL LIFE regardless of where you were born and what form you came into this world with.

I wish that all will know the magic that pure love has to offer. Fear can foster hatred and separate us from one another while our true essence longs for unconditional love and unity.

I believe what matters in life is where the heart dwells. When your heart dwells in love your actions and emotions will reflect that magic.

I have had a few people ask me what I consider magical since I like the word magic Smile

As far as magic...I see the beauty of life and the possibilities that lie within that brilliant essence as magical. And I see people who help others, animals and the planet as part of that which is most magical.

To A Beautiful World Filled With Magic & Possibilities!
Your Friend,

Spread the message of wellness and hopefully leave something that may help others long after my adventure on this beautiful planet is over.
A wonderful rule to live by for whatever you choose to do....see the good in yourself and others and the good will come back to you!
Sharing healthy energies with myself and others.
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Welcome Smile
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Welcome Bala balloon
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If I lived in Northern Connecticut I could attend Smile Good luck with the event!
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Sounds divine angel
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What if Money Was No Object - Alan Watts [HD]
Michael Clarke Duncan's Exclusive Interview With PETA
Syrno wrote at March 9, 2010
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A New Movie Called "The Road To Freedom" will be at the International Film Festival in Arizona; April 15-25th. Your Brother Syrno played an uncredited extra in the movie that shot in Cambodia in 2009. Now that the film has actually made it to Hollywood. I have agreed to allow my real name to be used and I will be at the premier alongside the director, Brendan Moriarty.
This young director, has just signed me onto his next 3 projects..."Red Fish, Blue Fish", "The House of Good & Evil" and "Who's Roberto" as the voice of Roberto...For that film I must learn spanish.ohmy

Ya know what would be great for me to wear at a Red Carpet Movie Premier???? A Life Dynamix Baseball Hat...Hintwink Or are those only reserved for staff?
Joanne Cooper wrote at March 2, 2010
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Hello Steven...balloon
Joanne Cooper
SEAN.FM wrote at March 1, 2010
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Thank you Steve, all is very well here.

:0) !!!
Syrno wrote at February 19, 2010
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Hello Brother...Have you ever just stopped everything that you were dong to find yourself? I needed a break from it all, So I took one and returned to my acting roots and played a few parts and did a few commercials. But I missed this site, I missed the few handfulls of friends that I had here and I missed the stories being shared. I came back to write the "Greatest Story Ever Told" within these walls...and I'm using all of the community members that I know & don't know as the characters.
The silliness will begin soon...Your Brother As Always~Syrnowink
Breanna Newcomb wrote at February 18, 2010
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Hi Steve, How have you been??? I commented for my votes, I hope I win Smile
Breanna Newcomb
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at February 11, 2010
2 Votes
Dear Steve Ferrel, the new look is just like an open book. Thanks a lot for updating our community, the Life Dynamix. We wish you all the best for Wellness of All by Joining and Working Together. I can see so many features we desperately needed, as check one for joining me at twitter!!!
Dr. Harmander Singh
fitness_nut72 wrote at February 3, 2010
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i'm so sorry you couldn't get through the other evening; not sure what happened. will you be around this weekend? if so, let's try again, okay? Mobile

have lots to tell you and need your advice on something. i'll write you first to give you the details and then perhaps we can speak about it this weekend.

not on sunday though... you know... football day and all and you know how much of a football nut i am, hehe!

thinking of you and hoping 2010 is treating you well so far....*muahhhhhhhhhhh*
louiseOli wrote at February 1, 2010
2 Votes
thanks for the warm welcomesmile
astella bluez wrote at January 28, 2010
3 Votes
whats up Steven I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing! much love!
astella bluez
June Lauder wrote at January 27, 2010
2 Votes
Hi steven! I am glad to be a part of the wellness messenger commmunity.

Hope to hear from you soon about the photoshoot!

June Lauder
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