How did this idea of Wave 11:11 manifest? I was speaking with my author friend Carlo ( the night before the UN Global Peace Day - 9/21/07, and mentioned that it was disturbing that there was no mass media coverage of that fact. But of course knowing what I know about the UN and also that war is more profitable than peace, I was not actually surprised that they minimized the promotion of peace in the news. That launched this idea to continue awareness that we are indeed ALL in this together, we are One, and that we need to be unified in Love for peace, harmony and healing to happen on this planet. Since 11:11 is a trigger point to awareness, the idea of having a Love Wave of song, prayer & meditation around the planet on 11/11/07 at 11:11 am (local time) was launched the next day. There is no formal organization or any large group, just one man with an idea and a passion for celebrating Love. I've had the pleasure exchanging emails with many of you and in some cases talking too. There are some wonderful organizations that I have connected with and assist as a "teammate" of theirs as we move forward. We are all in this together.~ love,light*unity ~ Steven

~ Keep spreading and being Love ~

"Many people have traveled this world with different dreams, purposes and aspirations. Many are masters, teachers, inventors and followers. They were all sent by the creator of the universe to achieve one just course; “global peace and unification.” But this course cannot be achieved without unconditional love, which possesses the magical powers of the Divine for transformation. When the human race embraces love unconditional, then the lost will be found, the naked will be clothed, the hungry will be fed, the bombs will be destroyed and there will be peace and unity which will make us all to speak one language, “LOVE”. Let love abide". -- Philip D. Brown (Nigeria)--
from this link: Unconditional Love

Love - The Spiritual Path that has no name, number, color, race, creed, sexuality - just the unique blend of who and what each and every one of us is on this miraculous journey through the life we chose this time, at this moment, in this reality and with this understanding. Music, without it, the Soul feels empty. Touch, without it we are nothing. If we can't touch each other at the Soul level then we are in a desert - lost. Faith, it doesn't have a name but just is, the faith to know I'm on my intentional path.

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happy 4th
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great page with many lessons! thank you!smile
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hi there...thanks for the add! i appriciate it. love ur page and ur pics...i just might have to kipe a few for myself. have a fabulous week ahead. love and light my friend!bowl
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