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How Gurmukhi Language Systems Unify Chakra Energy and Sephiroth Force with Cymatics leading to the Alternative Horological DNA Systems: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

The Emerging Systems of Four Energies with Fifth Force are also known as the New Paradigm of Energy-Force Systems.In this part of the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we discuss how the Gurmukhi Language, which is also the Musical Metric Language of Music, Cymatics, Tala, Beats and Harmonics Based Systems as thus the helping tools in developing it as the Unified Approach of the Chakra Energy and the Sephiroth Force Systems.

As we known, the Sephiroth Force is mostly popular in the West with the Middle Pillar Theory, while the Chakra is considered as the Eastern Sacred Systems, while connecting both is possible only with the Cymatics. It is to be remarked here that excess of Suarti, the Chakra, the Meditation may decline interests in the Sephiroth, the Shabada and or the Religion Based Systems, while excess of the later may not create interest in the Meditation, the Suarti Works, which also need Good Food, Diet, Drinks, Pollution Free and or Peaceful Environment to conduct the Meditation, the Suarti Works, and that is where the Sephiroth, the Force, the Manual, the Shabada Based World Religions and Faiths play its major role, while both can be connected with the Cymatics, which now emerging as with the New Paradigm of Four Energy Systems of the Chakra while as the Sephiroth, the Fifth Force Systems, while when we use it in simulations, we notice that the E=mc^2 does not, and that is the E=mcv goes as its basic equation, where the m is mass, c is velocity of light, while the v is the velocity of sound systems, and we can bring great many good results if we use Cymatics into the E=mcv equations as in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, where the Cymatics also presents itself as the Nama, the Pneuma and or the Theory of Cobordism as well.

The Gurmukhi in this context goes Beyond Language Systems as it can update any language system to any other language system because it uses the Musical Metric Systems with the Cymatics, and is the Universal Language, which does not follow any political boundary systems. So, when we discuss Punjabi, Hindi and Sindhi and other Indian and or the Asian Languages; these are mostly regional language systems, while the Gurmukhi-Gurbani as the Bhakha, Boli and Bani is Based on Theory of Elements, where the 35 Sounds of Gurmukhi and or the Indian Alphabets is treated as the Elements of the Universe, the Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth (Solid), which the Sikh Gurus and other Bhagat's, who has been the Masters of Indian-Asian Language, Grammars, Music, Cymatics, Harmonics, Raga, Tala, Akhara Math, Meditation, and EK Theory of Everything, have developed it all as the Evolution of the Indian Theory of Elements, Alphabets and EK Super Sacred Systems, which exist as the Common System of Universe in World Religions and Faiths. So, accordingly, the Gurmukhi Musical Language has brought almost all of the North Indian, South Indian, Himalayan, Israeli, Egyptian and Arabian Systems into the Guru, Grama, and Gramika-Gurmukhi Musical Metric Systems, where the Guru with the Laghu-Guru and Pluta Musical Sound Weight Levels, the Maatra constitutes the Gurmukhi Language Systems. The Modern Emerging Systems as the New Paradigm are also based on it at the times when this Model, Theory, and Systems are almost forgotten; the Extinct with its Sacred Languages in many parts of the world.

It also leads to the Horological DNA-RNA Systems are based on the Quantum Phases with the Cymatics, which yield the Musical, Raga, Cymatics, Beats and Harmonics Based Time Durations, which follow different kind of DNA-RNA Systems having better solutions for the Incurable Diseases, while further it can also have more strands that are usually present due to Cymatics Time Duration's yielding the Matter-Materials that also differ from the Quantum Matter-Material Systems as explained in the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

In this context, the EK Akhara Theory can justify the Underlying Oneness of Religions and or the Faiths, but it too requires Mastery in at least one Sacred Language of the world as in the New and Emerging Paradigm Systems as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise, which we can not substitute with the Good Quotes or Theory of Goodness from all world religions and or the faiths or by simply saying "God is One".

We have taken initiatives to start Research or Doctoral Courses, Degrees and Offering RMP Licenses for it, and it is likely to start this year.

This blog post of the series was complied in many days, and present here for further and full reading:

How One Sound or Letter in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language seems to be Spoken Most Incorrectly: Major Mistakes in the Indian Continental Punjabi or Gurmukhi Alphabets and Extinction of Some Letter Sounds: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, Alternative Horological DNA-RNA and New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

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How Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has Explained Consciousness and Light as 6th and 7th Elements and Dimensions: Plato and Guru Nanak Dev on Theory of 5 Basic Elements and Universe: Gurmukhi, Modern Quantum World and Be Happy Philselfologically 149

In this part we discuss about how the European Countries and Civilizations has achieved great insight from the Socrates, Plato and Aristotle with the "Platonic Solids", and how it later influenced the Sacred Education Systems of the Europe, Modern World Countries and the Civilizations. We also discuss about how the Indian Civilizations received a great boost from Shri Guru Nanak Dev Philosophy of Quantum 35 Sounds, Theory of Elements, Dimensions, the Chara and the Achara as the Para, Meta and the Super Materialism of Light and Consciousness making the Chara-a-chara, the World Light and Consciousness Dualism. It also goes to discuss how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has promoted the Enkari, the E'EK Systems of Euler, Pi and Phi with the E=O+A, the Sacred Secrets of Indian Math and Geometry as we have discussed in the previous part.

We take two three examples and thus the paragraphs from the previous part as it says when we notice the I, E, IE, EE, and the similar vowels in the Indian Sacred Systems say in Gurmukhi, we can understand that it represents the exponential numbers, complex numbers, and the logarithm, and the "K" as the Space Element is the A'-0-A' or even the 0-A-O in the Cobordism Math Systems, and it goes as the Air Element, when we say, we have the A'-0'-0'-A' or even the "0-A'-A'-O", the "Air Cobordism Element in Quantum Math" as its in the Indian Quantum (Sacred) Systems. Thus, when we say KI of KIRAN, we have the E, the Exponential Systems of 0-A-O or 0'-0-0' Space Cobordism, and it needs the Polar Coordinates, and thus our E=O+A gives us the Z-Dimensions as we see and notice below:

Now, as the universal truth, the R in KIRAN is same as the "Polar Radius", and N is simply placed to convey that Polar Radius and the "N", the Circles, the Ripples" it creates, and that makes the KIRAN, the Polar Coordinates in the Space Cobordism extending with N as we put N=n1, n2, n3,... n(infinite) times, and the following is the "KIRAN", yes the Z-Kiran, and its a "Quantum Theorem based on the Hypothesis of Philselfology for the Space Cobordism":

Image: The Kiran as the Space Cobordism

When we split the Kiran, we do so at the K, the Space Element according to our Philselfology Hypothesis (or Hypothesis of Philselfology), and the K from the Space Element changes into the Air Element, and that is the K goes as CH, and the System becomes the CHI from the KI, and the Systems thus is also well put as the Charan as it may not have the E or I, the Exponential Systems in it, the Charan (in the image 11 below) and the Kiran (in the image 10 above thus stand as according to the hypothesis.

Image: The Charan as the Air Cobordism, and its a "Quantum Theorem based on the Hypothesis of Philselfology for the Air Cobordism"

If we use the Element Based Cobordism, we notice of the great examples as when we have the polar coordinates as shown below:

In the parameters above, we have the great use of A'=π or 2π Systems, and that is say A'=π and A=2π with K Systems in the equations above giving the following description:

"When k is even, the entire graph of the rose will be traced out exactly once when the value of θ changes from 0 to 2π. When k is odd, this will happen on the interval between 0 and π. (More generally, this will happen on any interval of length 2π for k even, and π for k odd.)

If k is a half-integer (e.g. 1/2, 3/2, 5/2), the curve will be rose-shaped with 4k petals.

If k can be expressed as n±1/6, where n is a nonzero integer, the curve will be rose-shaped with 12k petals." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_%28mathematics%2... )

It gives us a great "Philosophy of Lotus Systems":

No Wonder; everything is possible when purity and pious are the flowers:

When we consider the Platonic Solids, these are the representations of A'=60, 90, 180, and other solid angles, which we can use as the "Standard Angles of A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' as the 90 Degree Systems, and even the Female Platonic Solids of 45 Degrees are also possible", and these "Sacred Dipole Systems" has been Plato's great contribution as with "0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A'", and its pairs of "0, A, 2A, 3A and 4A" as the sacred Systems of 90 Degrees and 45 Degrees, we find Plato and Kepler on the "Top of Modern World":

"The Platonic solids are prominent in the philosophy of Plato, their namesake. Plato wrote about them in the dialogue Timaeus c.360 B.C. in which he associated each of the four classical elements (earth, air, water, and fire) with a regular solid. Earth was associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, and fire with the tetrahedron. There was intuitive justification for these associations: the heat of fire feels sharp and stabbing (like little tetrahedra). Air is made of the octahedron; its minuscule components are so smooth that one can barely feel it. Water, the icosahedron, flows out of one's hand when picked up, as if it is made of tiny little balls. By contrast, a highly nonspherical solid, the hexahedron (cube) represents "earth"."

Aristotle added a fifth element, aithêr (aether in Latin, "ether" in English) and postulated that the heavens were made of this element, but he had no interest in matching it with Plato's fifth solid.

In the 16th century, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler attempted to relate the five extraterrestrial planets known at that time to the five Platonic solids.

(With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_solid )

The European Civilizations seem to well impressed with the Platonic Solid Geometry in which Plato and say Kepler and other western scientists, mathematicians and the philosophers seem to have made a great contribution in the Universe and Consciousness.

However, we also notice that the European Civilizations has been so impressed and influenced and the major quantum studies of light and consciousness seem to be coming back after vast gap of many centuries and perhaps Plato's Age and Time has been coming back with the Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Light and Consciousness.

In our studies about the Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, we notice that even though they have done great work and research on the soul, the consciousness and light systems, it may not have been included as the 6th and the 7th Sacred Elements in the European and the Western Though, Wisdom, Science, Philosophy and Other Systems.

We notice that due to absence of Light and Consciousness as the Primal Elements of the Universe, we find a very little interest in the field of "Consciousness, the Jeeva, the 6th Element and the 6th Dimension of the Universe".

"Today many physicists are researching the concept of the universe as a hologram.

The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry." (With thanks from the source: http://www.crystalinks.com/holographic.html )

We have consider "Nothing as the Soonaya or the Shoonaya", which is 1-Dimensional Light as we have discussed it with "0-O-A, and the 0-O-A'-A'" in which E=O+A, and the reality that we see is the EA=O+A+E:

"Complex feedback loops from subsystems constitute integration. Creation is instantaneous. The flow of energy washes life and consciousness into the world. Or, in the kabbalistic vision, consciousness washes energy and life into the world. As the kabbabalists say, “God is a verb.” Chaos is nature’s guide, the matrix of formation, cosmic “zero,” as Fuller called it. Thus, something emerges from nothing.

While providing a unified vision, the holographic concept doesn’t provide equations to unite all the forces of nature. Yet it reminds us of the holistic perspective that each part contains the whole, even though at a lower level of resolution. Physics demands experimentation while astrophysics relies largely on ever-sharper observation to determine the nature of our existence.

All these disciplines interrelate in certain specialty fields such as quantum cosmology, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysics - that which by its very nature emerges from a domain beyond the physical, the realm of Source." (With thanks from the source: http://sacredgeometry.50megs.com/custom2.html )

So, the modern world seem to have lots of books, doctrines and other media works on the Light, but not on the "Consciousness, the Jeeva", and its one of the major reasons that the Indian and the Eastern Philosophy, Science, Religion and Research may not have any significant place in the modern education systems as it focuses on the "Consciousness rather than Light", and that is what the Indian Sacred Systems describe as the Mann, Budhi, Chita and Ahankara, Consciousnesses and Light. I happen to find almost no role of these studies in the Indian Modern Education Systems in my research work of Philselfology.

When we notice the Modern World Architect, Sacred Geometry and Other Systems, it seem to have a great and sound base of Platonic Element Based Systems, and thus the Quantum Systems now have embraced the Golden Mean Ratio and the Pi and Phi Theory with Euler Systems just to say in after the great emergence of Global Paradigm Shift of 2012.

Here we notice how the Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhism and other Civilizations based Sacred Systems have well developed in the past as we now seem transcend from the Platonic Geometry to the "Vortex and Spiral Geometry" as the "Essence of Indian, Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian and Other Asian Sacred Geometry and Architect Systems" that has a great significance in the Quantum Systems of Consciousness and Light as the 6th and the 7th Element and the Dimension, which we have discussed as the Superstring Theory according to the Indian Alphabets say the Gurmukhi.

We are also discussing how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has transformed the Indian Quantum Systems with the E=O+A, and that is the Exponential and the Euler Sacred Math, Geometry and Quantum Sciences in which the Spintronics of E, I, IE and EE seems a great support to understand the modern and ancient quantum systems.

I happened to be about 21 year old graduate student of Physics, Math and Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1990 when I wrote many research works on Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, while discovering that they were the right pioneers, visionaries and futuristic winners of modern civilizations, who described the 5 Basic Elements of Universe (Air, Water, Fire, Solid and Space), and it goes as the Basic String Theory and when we combine it with their works on Soul, the Consciousness and Light, we also find the Superstring Theory present in it, and that is "Immortality of Soul", the Consciousness, and if we imagine their having internet ability to visit around the world, we may not agree to and with the following for which I received 3 Credits and 1 Distinction:

"From a modern scientific perspective, of course, Plato’s mapping from mathematical ideals to physical reality looks hopelessly wrong. The four (or five) ancient “elements” are not simple substances, nor are they usable building blocks for constructing the material world. Today’s rich and successful analysis of matter involves entirely different concepts. And yet…" (With thanks from the source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2011/12... )

We also notice that our O and A, the OORA and AARA Vowel Theory gives great symmetry works, and that too with great wonders as we go through dimensional studies using the O-A'-A', the Cobordism of Math as the NAMA Theory that creates all possible Fermion, Super-symmetry and Boson Dimensions with the O and A'-A', and if we ever put O=A' and see how beautiful the 3-D World and Universe is as the A'-A'-A' giving similes to O as "O-O-O", the 1-Dimension Universe with 3-Folds as it well says:

"Modern physicists, when seeking equations to describe the unfamiliar laws of the microcosm, must make guesses based on fragmentary information. Optimistically—and lacking constructive alternatives—they have turned, as Plato did, to symmetry as their guide. Symmetry of equations is perhaps a less familiar idea than symmetry of shapes, but there is nothing obscure or mystical about it. We say an equation, like a shape, displays symmetry when it allows changes that make no change. So for instance the equation:

X = Y (With thanks from the source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2011/12... )

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has well put the X and Y Symmetry of the Universe as with the O and A Systems with Infinities of M, the Atom and N, the Vortex as the Cause (M) and Effect (N) giving it the name of essence of universe as he says:

"ONAM Akhar Tribhavan Saar..." (Gurbani)

"(O+A)(N,M)=O(N,M)+A(N,M) is the Essence of All 3-Dimensional Systems up to the Infinite Universes" (Quantum Philosophy by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

The ONAMA is always the Information Universe, which is popular as the A-khara Systems, which we notice as the Kara, the Kiran, the Ray Systems of A' and A Systems of Cobordism, the O and A as the 0-A-O and 0-A'-A'-O as the Universe Systems. The Cobordism by itself is the NAMA Part in the ONAMA and the "ON" is the O+A=E Systems as we have discussed and it creates the 5 Basic Elements, and thus the O, A, E, and the AE with AO as the 5 Basic Systems, and the 6th Basic, which we consider the consciousness goes as the OE Systems, and the 7th Dimensions of N and M are the Infinities with its Basic Roots of the Cause and Effect that ends up as the 7th (N as Bindi) and the 8th (M as the Bindu) Dimension, and we have already discussed as the Bindi (Decimal) and Bindu (Zero, the Shoonaya) Systems with the NAMA Systems in the previous parts.

Everything in the Quantum Systems can be put as the Vertical Dimension of A' as the O, and the horizontal dimension as the A' by itself, and that is finally to say that its the "Dimension of Direction that plays the Key Role".

The "great damage and loss" seems to be present as the "Theory of 5 Basis Elements" has not been the base, basics and essential part of the modern education systems as influenced by the Modern Imperialism, and that seem to have put us far behind in the modern quantum works that use the "Sacred Theory of Light, Consciousness and 5 Basic Elements" as the Quantum Sacred Education Systems, and that is why if Aristotle, Plato or Socrates has been in our age, we would have the great future and as theory works has been influenced by the Sacred World Systems, we can however imagine their "Quantum Flights". My research works are advanced research on their works but in context to the Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions and Materialism as proposed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Gurmukhi that goes as the finest works after Sanskrit Language Systems while it all unites well with the Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian and Other sacred and the Modern Sacred and or the Quantum Systems in our civilizations.

We have already discussed in the previous parts about how the Vortex Atomism with Para Ionization goes well with the Atom (Atama, the Light) and Vortex (Jeeva, the Consciousness), which is coming back as the Wisdom of Europe and Modern Western Civilization as the Vortex Atomism, the Blend of 6th and 7th Dimension of the Universe as the Shri Nanak Dev Quantum Philosophy of "E'EK Onkar Satigur Parsadi", which gives the sacred Wisdom of Euler, Pi and Phi with Vortex Atomism and the Para Ionization.

It goes as we edit and add.

P.S.: Just to request it again that all of these works are based on the Gurmukhi as described in last 300 years of imperialism and in 600 years of compilation of Gurmukhi, the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Gurbani (11th Century-17th Century), and differs from the Sanskrit Language in many cases, more research works are required to established as the most compatible systems with the Quantum Systems, the Siva as written in the Raga Compositions of the Gurbani on this format, we hope for the best results in this regard.

The Previous Part of the Series: How Vowel Theory with Aspirated Sounds of A' as A=1/2A' Explains Quantum and Classical Math, Differential Calculus, 4 Quantized in Invariant Math, and Quantum Dot Systems: Euler, Cobordism, Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 148

The Next Part of the Series: How Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Gurmukhi Explain Quantum Cycles of Planck Energy Systems, Solar Cell, Photoelectric, AC and DC Currents, Renewable Energy, Vortex, Photons and Phonons, and Quantum Dipoles: Be Happy Philselfologically 150

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How An Indian Student of Gurmukhi and Foreign Student Discuss Quantum Photon, Spin, Dimension, Fermions, Bosons, Hyperspace, Universes, Sacred Math, Geometry, Dipoles, Life Dimensions, Hindi, and Gurmukhi: Be Happy Philselfologically 141

When we consider the 0-Spins, we can also note that the 0-Spin is also the prime dimension, which can go up to the infinity levels. In the popular 0-Spin Philosophy, we can put it as the Quantum Spin, which represents it with the Physics Elementary Particles and Tricolor Theories that function behind the “Spin Philosophy”. The Electron Spin has been well modified when we notice that the Electron is a “Tricolor Setup, the Triplet”, which exists not as a spin, but as the Tricolor System, and it also exists as the Atomic Vortex System. As a vortex system, the electron uses the 3 Dimensions, and it’s also attached to the 4th Dimension.

K’+S+H+A’=0’ (Spin of Space Element)+0’-0’+1/2 Spin of A’ (Basic Equation)

In anything that exists in the universe, we have the Light as Wave, Particle and the Triplet, the Tricolor System. When we consider light as particle it gives rise to the Quantum Systems in which we also have the classical systems of light converted into quantum dimensions.

Now, it may seem something very difficult to accept that classical system of atom can give 0-Spin with great clarity, so the modern quantization that we have discussed in this Philselfological Model and Theory of Everything. In it, we take the classical model and theory and simply add the following:

1. The 0-Spin (First Quantization)

2. The 0’-0’ Spin (Second Quantization)

The addition of 0-Spin is the First Step as considering the Photon as the major point that is also the “Beginning of Spintronics”. Then, the Second Quantization is the 0’-0’, which has the 0-Spin as the Light (Wave) and Particle (Matter) wave creation in the given situation for the quantum calculations of the classical systems.

When we consider the 0’-0’, we have the Left 0-Spin as the First Point of the Photon Systems, and the Right 0-Spin is the Second Point in which Photon starts to create the Spin and the Quantum Foam.

It may make a seriously thinking student think and feel that if the Left and Right 0-Spins are there, where is the Photon in the 0’-0’ Spin Systems.

Well, in this case, the quantum student is right. So, we have to present the 0-Spin Philosophy of Classical Spins as follows:

1. The 0-Spin (First Quantization)

2. The 0’-0 Spin (Left 0-Spin in the Second Quantization)

3. The 0-0’ Spin (Right 0-Spin in the Second Quantization)

Now, the quantum student is very happy that at least there are the 3 major things, the photon, and the left and right 0-spins.

If the quantum student happens to be an Indian student, the situation seems easy for the double calculations, and one says o look, the 0-Spin is O, the 0’ Left Spin is A, and the 0’ Right Spin is the E.

The Indian and the Foreign Quantum student meet and discuss about the 0, 0’-0 and the 0-0’ Spins as the O, A and E.

Suddenly, they feel, something is missing, and that is the 4th Dimension.

“I could have named it AE,” says the Indian quantum student.

Well, they discuss it well, and draw, sketch, and write the following:

If photon 0-spin is there, we have 0’-0 left spin, and the 0-0’ right spin, and if we draw the 4th Dimension, which is perpendicular to it gives us the 0’-0-0’ as the base for it, and that is it.

They come to realize that the 0’-0-0’ seems the 3-Dimensional System, but it’s the 4th Dimension. (Please read more about it from the Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-dimensional_spac... )

Now, they do not understand how and why the 3-Digits can give the 4the Dimension as well, and then the put it all into parts as follows:

1. 0

2. 0’-0

3. 0-0’

4. 0’-0-0’

It helps them to understand the “Role of 0-Spin”, which is present in all quantum spins as the dimensions, and thus the 3-D Systems giving the 4 Dimensions.

They come to conclude that the O, A, E and AE are in the same way 3-Dimensional Setup of the 4th Dimension.

However, this charm does not last for very long as we want to have the 4-Digit as the 4th Dimension, and they think about the following:

“0’-0’-0’-0’”, and it gives them the highest level of charm, and for them it was the “Charm and Joy Dipole”.

So, they put all equations as follows:

1. 0

2. 0’-0

3. 0-0’

4. 0’-0-0’

5. 0’-0’-0’-0’

Well, the 4 Dimensions in 5 Steps seem something a little odd.

So, they rearrange everything with the single global or the universal statement that when there is the photon, the 0-Spin present, we can create the 4 Dimensions from this 0-Dimension, and thus we have the following:

1. 0’-0

2. 0-0’

3. 0’-0-0’

4. 0’-0’-0’-0’

So, the next trouble was that when they explained to others that we can have 4 Dimensions with the 0-Dimension, one would ask about the 4 Steps and the 5 Dimensions.

So, they feel little upset, but write everything as follows:

0. 0 (0 Dimension)

1. 0’-0 (1st Dimension)

2. 0-0’ (2nd Dimension)

3. 0’-0-0’ (3rd Dimension)

4. 0’-0’-0’-0’ (4th Dimension)

Now, when they show it to anyone, all feel happy about the 0-Dimension as after all 0 has its own identity and the dimension.

After researching, they also found that these 4 Dimensions are also the 4-Poles of the Dipoles, and that when we create the 0’-0, it’s the First, the Monopole, yes the Mono Pole and it was so pleasing that they wrote the following:

1 0’-0 (1st Pole of the Dipole as 1-D Systems)

2 0-0’ (2nd Pole, the Bi-pole of the Dipole as 2-D Systems)

3 0’-0-0’ (3rd Pole, the Tri-pole of the Dipole as 3-D Systems)

4 0’-0’-0’-0’ (4th Pole, the Dipole of the Dipole 4-D Systems)

The Indian Quantum student explained that the 0-4 Dimensions as the 5-Dimensions also represent the Space, Air, Water, Fire and the Solid Elements, the 5 Basic Elements.

The discussed it a lot, and then concluded that the Photon is the Space Element, and when we reach at the 0’-0’-0’-0’, the Dipole Systems, things become just solid, the earth element.

The story says that they also concluded that these also constitute the s, p, d and f bonds, and “the single, double and triple bonds”, and the dipole bonds also follow this hypothesis, and when they found the spins of 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 and the 1/4 from it, they went to discover the Quantum Qubit Programming of the Quantum Qubit Computers.

One day, they were researching on the Sacred Geometry of the Universe, and they joined all poles with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the end product was that they have had the 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-0, and as the 5 Points were gathered on the chart with one fixed point, they created the 6th Side of the Hexagonal Systems of the Universe and its Sacred Geometry.

Then they wrote their claim that two photons are required to create the universe and its sacred geometry, and claim had the following assumptions:

0. 0 (0 Dimension)

1. 0’-0 (1st Dimension)

2. 0-0’ (2nd Dimension)

3. 0’-0-0’ (3rd Dimension)

4. 0’-0’-0’-0’ (4th Dimension)

5. 0-0 (Anti-pair of 0-Dimension)

It also included that the 0 and the 0-0 are the Micro and the Macro Dimensions even though both are the 0-Dimensions, and they created the following Macro Dimensions:

1. 0-0

2. 0’-0-0

3. 0-0’-0

4. 0-0-0’

The Indian student told that these 4 Macro Dimensions are the OO, AA, EE, and the AAEE, and it was thus concluded that the O-OO, A-AA, E-EE and the AE-AAEE are the 4-4 Dimensions of the Micro and the Macro Universes or it can be nay system, and that it also goes close to the Fermions and Bosons in the universe.

The major point that evolved from the 2 or more photons needed that when we consider the "Philosophy of Superuniverses say the 7 Universes", we happen to have it all with the Macro Unions of the Boson Combinations and Permutations of the Big Groups of Photons that under great heat, temperature and pressure can give us the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or say the 7 BIG Photon Systems, which can create different universes, Superuniverses, and even say the Parallel, Multiverse and the Multiple Superuniverses. The Indian Quantum Student then explained how the Indians and people in other Sacred Civilizations have been studying the Universes and the Superuniverses with the Photon 1 and the Photon 2 as the N and M, the Two Primal Infinities of the Infinite Space in which there may be countless universes and the Superuniverses.

The Indian Sacred Systems explain about how the Universes and the Superuniverses "Tap the Infinity", and represent it as the N, the "IN" Infinity and the "M" as the "OUT" Infinity, which has the N (A) and the M(A) Infinite Ethereal and Other Space Systems that seem to exist in the Infinite Systems of the Universes and the Superuniverses. At times, we find that we interpret the N and at times the N(A), the Vibrations that the A, E, O and AE Systems that "TAP the Infinity that in N is "IN" and in N(A) "OUT", and in the ordinary way the N is any point that is not at the origin of the graph, and thus when it moves it goes as the N(A), and when we ordinarily hear its sound that can also be N(A, E, O, AE), and for home work, we have the "M" as the origin of the graphical systems and it also moves but acts as if the "Point of Superuniverse", and when we deal it, we notice the Philosophy of Displacement, and the N with the N(A) Systems are the "Distance Covered" that really does not count in the "Total Systems of the Universes and the Superuniverses", and that the Indian Quantum Student said if we are confused with N and M and the way it moves as the N(A) and the M(A), and look the "IN and OUT" Systems, we can also design our own unique model of universes and the Superuniverses, but all terms and conditions need to stated as if the parameters and constraints of the given graph. They also discussed the Superuniverses from the source about it: http://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/p...

"Eight photon entanglement is in a way incremental progress; previous experiments have measured six photon entanglement, and this particular setup is sufficiently more complex to beg the question of scalability. However, the system is also powerful enough that it is a step forward in terms of optical quantum computation. The authors suggest that their setup may enable quantum simulations to tackle more complicated problems in condensed matter physics than have been possible so far. By exploiting other aspects of the photons’ states besides polarization, additional aspects of entanglement may be explored and used for future quantum computing applications." (With thanks from the source: http://www.wired.com/2012/02/new-quantum-record-ph... )

Then the Indian quantum student told about how the Indian Aesthetic Sacred Systems work and function as the O-OO, A-AA, E-EE and the AE-AAEE are the 4 (Shiva)-4 (Shakti) Dimensions, which give the 8 Indian Aesthetic Sacred Systems in which the keyword is the RASA, the RA is Quantum Systems that get conversion into the SA, the Light Systems, which gives the Light that Glows Systems, and one feels an intense feeling of joy and bliss due to this sacred conversion, and thus named RASA, and its essence is the SARA, which means if one knows how convert the SA, the Light that Glows into the Quantum Systems, one knows the SARA of Aesthetic or any Sacred System:

"The concept of rasa is fundamental to many forms of Indian art including dance, music, musical theatre, cinema and literature, the treatment, interpretation, usage and actual performance of a particular rasa differs greatly between different styles and schools of abhinaya, and the huge regional differences even within one style.

Bharata Muni enunciated the eight Rasas in the Nātyasāstra, an ancient work of dramatic theory. Each rasa, according to Nātyasāstra, has a presiding deity and a specific colour. There are 4 pairs of rasas." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_aesthetics )

The foreign quantum student consoled the Indian quantum student that many Indians may not know these RASA-SARA Philosophy, they may say one is mad or insane who says such quantum words, and they have had a regret about modern Indian Media, but hoped that slowly they will learn it.

Then they discussed about the SHANTA, the SAHA RASA as the SA/HA gives the SH, and the SHANTA means the Infinite N (IN Infinity Systems) in the 3 Worlds as the SHA(N)A Rasa, and thus is its SARA, the Essence. The Indian quantum student explained how this explanation was based on the Indian Theory of Alphabets, Elements and Dimensions, which is now a "Lost Art and Civilization of India", and one may frown eyes for working hard to explain it all and get insulted among the modern Indian Civilization that may work hard to imitate Western or Modern Systems without any serious respect for the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Indian and Other World Civilizations. However, they both were so happy that the western people and civilizations has revived and restored all of these "Sacred Systems as the Modern Quantum Sacred Systems".

They found that the SA-HA as the 0’-0’ Spins, and as the Quantized Spins with 0’-0-0’ uses the “Quantum Infinity” of these systems that gives the Micro Infinity, which the Indian quantum student told is the “N” as if the IN Infinity, and the Macro Infinity goes as the M, the OUT Systems that goes to the other universes in the space.

They also researched and realized that the universes with the micro and the macro dimensions coexist as the Hyperspace Universes in the vast space in which we all.

They also feel and work on the following if S=Planck's Constant and the H=Dirac Constant:

"In applications where it is natural to use the angular frequency (i.e. where the frequency is expressed in terms of radians per second instead of rotations per second or Hertz) it is often useful to absorb a factor of 2π into the Planck constant. The resulting constant is called the reduced Planck constant or Dirac constant. It is equal to the Planck constant divided by 2π, and is denoted ħ (pronounced "h-bar") (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_constant ):

They say that when we consider 0-Spins as the Infinity Spins, we have the S=Planck's Constant, and H=Dirac Constant and happen to even write:

S-0-H=(Planck's Constant)-(Infinite Quantum 0-Spins)-(Dirac Constant) (To be verified)=A'-0-A'

It surely seems that the above equation of S-0-H as say the A'-0-A' is right, and it is one of the great wonder that it seems almost 100% right in the analysis! Smile

"The reason why ℏ is more often found in quantum field theory and h is more often found in simpler discussions of quantum mechanics is that h is associated with frequency f which is the quantity chosen by physics beginners while the advanced physicists usually consider the angular frequency ω=2πf to be more natural, and that's why they also talk about ℏ." (With thanks from the source: http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/51631/c... )

One day, they discussed a lot about how the 0’/0’ can exist or coexist and that was a discussion about the “Light” as wave and particle ratio, and found that these 0’/0’ ratios give the Indian Alphabets, the Quantum Sounds in the Universe, and that it gives the Gurmukhi Sounds as well.

The foreign student could not understand how and why the Hindi and Gurmukhi Alphabets differ in the pronunciation as the Hindi says “K’, and the Gurmukhi says “K’-Ka”.

The Indian quantum student told that the Hindi goes with the 0’/0’ as the Ratio Systems of Sound of Letters as the Transverse over Longitudinal that gives all sounds as say K’ in Hindi, and the Gurmukhi Language uses the Transverse + Longitudinal, and thus the K’+KA, and the K’-KA.

The foreigner student was still confused about how and why the K’-KA was written as the K’-H-KA when we notice it online and see the websites of the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Scripts, Alphabets and the Languages.

The Indian student explained that the K’-H is the Aspirated Consonant Theory, and needs the H added to K’, and that it gives the “Transverse Wave” if we use the K’-H as it’s same as the S-H, the SAHA Systems, and the Longitudinal Part is always the KA, and when we add the Transverse and the Longitudinal Sounds, we have the K’-H-KA.

Then they discussed about how the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi does not use the half letters, and that was due to presence of the longitudinal a or the A’-A systems at the end of letters, vowels, and the consonants as the H removes the Aspirated Half sound making it the transverse systems for getting the longitudinal part, and thus the K’-H-KA.

They went to the Hindi and Sanskrit experts, and found that the Indian Alphabets were originally written as the “Sound ratios and sub-ratios”, which gives half letters and K’+S’, and many other system in which even the ratios are added.

Then, they with the specialists of Indian Languages, Linguistics and the Grammar Experts noticed that the Gurmukhi due its Structure is the Quantum Language, while many Indian Brahmi Languages go close to it, and if we want to study the Gurbani as the Quantum Philosophy, Science and Math, we need to study the Basics of Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Alphabet, and how it represents the Indian Theory of Quantum Elements, Micro, 0 and the Macro Dimensions.

The Indian quantum student explained how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji on his going to school for the time gave all descriptions of universe to the Pandit Ji, the Hindu School Teacher, and to the Maulvi Ji, the Muslim Teacher at Guru Ji's time. He explains how the Guru Ji as a Quantum Pinnacle of Sacred Wisdom of Indian and Arabian Civilizations at the age of about 5-6 years knew the O, A, and E Quantum Philosophy.

Then they discussed about how the O, A and E has great affinity and association with the Indian Quantum Row of Vowels, the YA, RA, LA, VA, RAHRA, and Guru Ji made the Blend of Classical Row of O, A, E, S and H with it gave the OORA, AARA and the EERI as the Classical and Quantum Blend of the Indian Vowels, with which he explained the Sacred and the Secret Knowledge and Wisdom of Universe at the age of say 5 year. Later he explained it to the Himalayan Yogis in the "Sidh Goshti" and to the South Indians and Other Indians in the "Dakhani Onkara", which are now the Sikh Prayers describing the Sacred Quantum Systems of the Indian Civilizations, and that later the Guru Ji went to the Arabian Countries and explained the same, which he explained to the Arabian Teacher, the Maulvi Ji at the age of only about 5 years.

In the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we have tried our best to explain 5 year old child named Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Philosophy of Quantum Universe with just 3 Vowels of O, A and E that function in the 4th Dimension as with AE. Later he wrote everything in the Indian Ragas, the Musical Compositions that are based on the Indian Sacred Quantum Theory of 36 Quantum Sounds, Alphabets, Dimensions, and all it led to the Sacred Gurmuhki and Sikh Architect Systems, Language, Grammars, Linguistic Math, Music, and the Sacred Compositions that heal diseases in the Raga Systems. He has been one of the most revered personality of not only Sikhs, but the Hindus and Muslims. In this series, we have noticed that the Classical and the Quantum Blend of O, A and E with the RAHRA, the Quantum H of SAHA gives the OORA, AARA and EERI, the O, A and E, which well explains the Superstring Theories, and is the Base and the Basics of the Hypothesis of Philselfology in which we have used the O, A, E and the AE with Aspirated Consonant Theory of K'+S+H+A.

The Gurmukhi Sacred Systems in the advance level use K'+S+H+A with the A as the A+RAHRA=AARA, and that is why we have been able to explain great many things of Quantum Modern and the Ancient Sacred Systems, which seems to be the great wonder of 5 year old Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and later it also became the Language of Gurmukhi, with the Quantum Script of S+H+A (AARA) for the K'+S+H+A=K, the Philosophy, Language, Grammar, Linguistic and Philselfology (Philology) of Aspirated Sound Systems.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji explains in the Dakhani Onkara that the "Sacred Essence of the Universe is the OU, the AUM, or simply the AO, the A-O or the OA as the 2-Dimensional System of AARA (A) and the OORA (O), which constitute the root, the etymological bases and the basics of AO, the AUMKARA or the ONKARA Systems, and this goes well quantum continuum progression as with the KARA, the Space Element (K) going Quantum (RA), and thus 2-Dimensional Progressions of the Universe, which we have the Holographic Principle:

"The holographic principle is a property of string theories and a supposed property of quantum gravity that states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a boundary to the region—preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holographic_principle )

The Indian and the Foreign Quantum Students thus study and research about how the 2-Dimensional Systems of O, the 1-D and the A, the 2-D propagate as the 3-D Systems that we see as the O (1-D)+A (2-D)=E (3-D):

When we represent the O (1-D)+A (2-D)=E (3-D), we have the O at 90 Degree to the A, and while E is at the 45 Degrees as we see in the graph even though its always 90 Degrees, and thus we have it all as the "X, Y, Z" Cartesian, the 3-D Systems, and it gives us the "Theory and Philosophy of Photon Entanglement" as shown below:

We then also notice that the Two Photons when entangle happen to have the Quantum Entanglement, which in the Philselfological Hypothesis goes as the K-Dimension, the AE Dimension to the X, Y, Z or the A, O, E Cartesian Systems, and we have the Two Photons Entanglement giving the Quantum Entanglement as perpendicular to it all, and we thus see it as shown below, but in general the A, E, O and AE or the X, Y, Z and K Axis and Dimensions:

"In a larger sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure "painted" on the cosmological horizon, such that the three dimensions we observe are an effective description only at macroscopic scales and at low energies." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holographic_principle )

So, the foreign student showed the following image of 4 Photons, and wanted to have the explanation of the 2 Photons to create the Pair and we have the 4 Photons:

The Indian Quantum Student explained that the First Photon is like the SA, and the Second Photon as the HA, and the Quantum Entanglement that results is like the SAHA-HASA, the 3rd Photon and the 4th Photon, and when we notice it in the Indian Sacred Systems, its all that seems the SOHUN and HANSA, the Quantum 3 and 4 Photons. In other words, we have it as follows:

SA-(SAHA-HASA)-HA=Photon 1+(Photon 3+Photon 4)+Photon 2

Then they discussed what Eisenstein had thought about it:

"Because the collapse happens instantly, Albert Einstein dubbed the effect "spooky action at a distance." It doesn't violate relativity, though: It's impossible to control the outcome of the measurement of the first photon, so the quantum link can't be used to send a message faster than light.

Zeilinger says the result might have other unexpected uses: "This sort of thing opens up people's minds and suddenly somebody has an idea to use it in quantum computing or something." " (With thanks from the source: http://news.sciencemag.org/2013/05/physicists-crea... )

The Indian and the Foreign Quantum Students then discuss about the possibilities of the O, A, E and the AE as the 1, 2, 3, and 4 Loop Spin Networks and the Loop Quantum Gravity, and they may seem a little crazy at times while enjoying, laughing, and then suddenly getting serious about the "Young Future of the Quantum World, who is just newly born child":

Image: It says: "Loop quantum gravity is based first of all on the idea to take seriously the insight of general relativity that spacetime is a dynamical field and therefore is a quantum object. The second idea is that the quantum discreteness that determines the particle-like behavior of other field theories (for instance, the photons of the electromagnetic field) also affects the structure of space. (Please read more from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_gravity )

Then, one day before they said Good Night, they discovered that the Supergravity and the SAHA Systems as the 11th Dimension are almost same as the gravity that is present in it comes from the wave and particle waves and when two photons behave as the SAHA, and its the 11th Dimension to the 25 Strings of Indian Alphabets say the Gurmukhi, and that all Indian Food and Meal Recipes are also called the Vyanjana, the Consonants, the 25 Strings and its Preparation as the Home Science and Cooking, and all while learning the Superstring Theory:

"True effective field theories of string theories, rather than truncations, are rarely available. Due to string dualities, the conjectured 11-dimensional M-theory is required to have 11-dimensional supergravity as a "low energy limit"." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supergravity )

Now, the Foreign and the Indian Quantum students study the Homotopy Type Theory, Invariant Math, Sacred Universes, Quantum Qubit Computing, and lot many other things of the Sacred Educations Systems of the Global Paradigm Shift subjects using the Indian Languages while specializing the Gurmukhi Language as the Indian Quantum Language of 36 Sounds, which helps to do research in the Gurbani as the Basics of Quantum Sciences.

The story says many good things about the quantum systems, which will discuss some other time!

It goes as we edit and add.

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How Hypothesis of Philselfology Dedicated to Stephen Hawking and CERN People Explains Quantum Gravity, Universe and Superuniverse, 0-Spin, 0-Point Vacuum Energy: Gurmukhi, Lord Jesus, Alpha Omega and Be Happy Philselfologically 138

If we use the 0-Spin, we notice, it has the following hidden spins, which it can generate if we apply external force, and that is say if we apply the beat to a drum, the “0-Spin” in it gives us what we know as the “Spin Pairs”:

1. The 0-Spin, when apply no external force on the system

2. The 0’-0’ Spin, when we apply any external force to the given system

3. The 0’-0’ Spin infinitely generates the spins inside its vacuum point, the zero point energy systems, the infinite energy generation systems:

1. 0

2. 0’-0’

3. 0’-A’

4. A’-A’

5. A’-0-A’

6. A’-0’-0’-A’

7. A’-0’-0-0’-A’

8. A’-0’-0’-0’-0’-A’

9. A’-0’-0’-0-0’-0’-A’

10. A’-0’-0’-0’-0’-0’-0’-A’

11. A’-0’-0’-(Infinite 0, 0’-0, 0-0’ and 0’-0’)-0’-0’-A’

Now, what we ask: If beating the drum can give infinite energy spins, vibrations, waves, ripples that can keep going on for infinite time, why do not we notice and see it all in our daily life! Unhappy

The logic that is hidden in this question can make all humans think that the Philosophy, Science and Math of Infinite Energy, Zero Point (0 generating 0’-0’, 0’-0-0’, 0’-0’-0’-0’ series and sequence of energy vibrations), Vacuum Energy is wrong, but it’s never so.

When we can create an “Infinite Beat Vibration from the Drum”, it vanishes slowly due to gravity. So, the people, who understood it thought as if the “Apple has fallen on Newton’s Head!”

How they would have imagined it is that we all see moons, starts, and other physical bodies moving and revolving in the sky for infinite times, and such things make us think.

So, the modern quantum student may wonder how the gravity can act on the very little thing say the 0-Spin!

The simple answer is as follows:

When we apply external force on the 0-spin, we create two simultaneous spins, and that is the 0’-0’, and that is the Pauli Exclusion Principle obeying spins. Lo the student says then how and why this spin can create still more spins, and goes into the “danger zone of gravity” that may vanish it. Well, it creates more 0-Spins with the 0’-0-0’, 0’-0’-0’-0’, and if we just assume that earth gravity cannot harm it, we think of the “Quantum Spin”, which is present not because of gravity of earth, but the “Two Opposite Spins of 0’-0’”, the student may feel confused about how still the gravity and the quantum gravity can affect the 0’-0’ Spins and its Sequence and Series say as 0’-0-0’, 0’-0’-0’-0’, and the Higher Dimensions. If look into the atom, and notice that 0’-0’ spins and the Higher Dimensions are present in all atoms, molecules, compounds, and all that it can create, and when two atoms meet, the “Spins attract or repel and the dipoles function”, and what the earth gravity can do, go and catch the Higher Spins of 0’-0-0’, 0’-0’-0’-0’.

So the student takes some relief and thinks of the Earth and No Gravity Zone Around, and comes back. Then after researching one finds that the 0’-0-0’, 0’-0’-0’-0’, and the Higher Dimensions create Circles and Spheres where gravity of earth slowly decreases and goes to zero.

Now, this hypothetical discussion has the Philosophy of Fermions and the Bosons from say Atoms and Molecules as the Friends to Fermions and the Large Bodies and the Earth, and the Higher Dimensions as the Friends to the Bosons. When a young child who grown up as Stephen Hawking would have thought about the Earth and Larger Physical Bodies, would have yelled look, the 0-Spin is in great threat and we should do something, and the CERN people gathered to convince now grown up Hawking, and would have asked and requested not to worry as Atoms and Molecules, who are Friends to Fermions are always safe from the “Threats from Friends of Bosons, the Big Things like the Earths, Moons and Suns”.

Then one day the Hawking as now thinking of Super-universes while grown up into a mature scientist yelled, the Super-universes are infinite and our systems are finite so our universe may be in threat of collapsing, the people who were of retiring at the CERN gathered again, and consoled Hawking saying look, the Superstrings of Infinity at the Center of Universes and the Super-universes is like a Big Braid System, and it can knit and fabricate everything back to “Multilayer Systems in the Super-universe”, and we have found the “Infinite Braid and the S-Superstring”, and it goes as follows:

“A’-0’-0’-(Infinite 0, 0’-0, 0-0’ and 0’-0’)-0’-0’-A’”

And what the Great Hawking said was very simple: “You’ve forgotten to put one 0, the zero at the center”, and that is: “A’-0’-0’-(Infinite 0, 0’-0, 0-0’, 0, and 0’-0’)-0’-0’-A’, so always keep it at the center of every equation when it spins infinitely with 0’-0’”, and all obeyed him, and now we to put 0’-0’ with 0’-0-0’, and this “0” at the center is the real but conscious vacuum, and this is what the Sacred Systems of All World Civilizations know and call as the “I”, and put it: “I’m what I’m”! Smile

Well, it’s also the Secret to what Lord Jesus says: “I’m Alpha and Omega” and that is how it goes:

“Alpha, I, Omega” is same as: “0’, 0, and 0’”

“Fermions, I, Bosons” or even the “Bosons, I, Fermions”, and that is also the “Female, I, Male”, and that is why the “I is Infinite, but still have two ends 0f A’ and A’ with A and 2A in the “Lower and the Higher Dimensions” that gives us the “1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4” as the “Alpha, I, Omega”, the S-Superstring!

In most of the world religions and faiths, the “Alpha, I, Omega” is same as: “0’, 0, and 0’” goes as said by say Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha.

Well, the Lord Buddha well talks and discusses about the "Infinite Bliss", its the “0’, 0, and 0’” as the "0, the I"! Smile

It goes as we edit and add.

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How 0'-0-0' Spin Systems Explain All Ancient and Modern Sacred Systems and Civilizations Forming Base and Basis of Quantum Spin, Vibrations and Fluctuation, Qubit Math and Computing: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 136

The Philosophy of "0'-0-0'" as the "Base and Basics of Quantum Qubit Math, Computer, Geometry, Music, Languages, Grammars, Sciences, Nano Systems, Metamaterials, and that has been the Sacred System in Ancient Ages and our Modern Quantum Age, the Global Paradigm Shift" is what we discuss in this part of the series. As we have discussed in the previous part that the Black and White Holes as the H-0’ and S-0’ always follows the Torsion and the Torque as the “IN and OUT Systems”, and it gives us the 4 Quarters of the Quantum Spacetime in which Two Parts of Infinities are the N and M, and the Two parts that “Tap” it is the Black and White Holes that appear to be as if Black and White Holes going “IN (Black) and OUT (White) with 0-SPINS going UP (0’) and DOWN (0’)”. This 4-Ponited Quantum Vector of Quantum Spacetime is the Torsion of Spacetime, and the 4-Vector Space Systems. It too follows the Infinity and the thus the Infinite 0’-0’ Spins.

How the Indian Sacred Systems put is very simple.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives this “Sacred Theory as the Satinama”, which has the “Sacred Torsion with 0’-Spins in it”. The Satinama is the “SAHA+I+NAMA”, and when the “Spin, the Torsion is there we see the SAHA as the Quantum Matter, and that is why the Indian Sacred Systems call it the SAT, the SATA, and as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has described the Vedas as the Quantum Vedas as well, this is the Hypothesis of Quantum Systems as described in the Moolmantra by the Sikh Gurus with the Philosophy of E’EK, the Spintronics in Space.

Thus, the SAHA, E’E and NANA if added give us the Quantum Spacetime as the SATINAMA, which we due to E’E gives Spacetime as the “Curved Spacetime”, and notice we said things about it as follows: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_field_theory_...

If we go to higher dimensions, we have the following structures for the 0-Spins and the Higher and the Integer Spins:

1. 0’-0’

2. 0’-0-0’

3. 0-0’-0’

4. 0’-0’-0

It may unusual summary, but it is very simple and the down to earth systems, which has otherwise the S, H and A Notations used in the all world languages.
We notice that the Indian and the World Languages use the S=0’ and H=0’ and A=A’-A’=0’-0’ as the Primal Linguistic System that helps to express any sound energy in the scientific way, and in this context every world language follow the “Linguistic as the Science”.

So, if we have say letter K, it exists as the K’, and we cannot spin, vibrate and speak it from mouth and neither any computer nor the machine, the instrument can give its sound. So, the universal system that we follow humanly and the computers follow it:


If we put it according to the “0-Spin Systems”, we have:


And we misunderstand most of the times is that we notice ancient notations or even the same notations in our modern quantum age, we wonder about how it can be possible that S=0’, H=0’ and A=0, but it is so! Smile

Now, let’s think of A’ as the A+S+H+A, we have it as follows:

A’+S+H+A=A, which is same as the following:


For this reasons, what we know as the computer programming languages follow it all as the “BIT Systems”, and we have say the (1, 0, 0, 1), we may say o look, it differs from the languages that we speak, but never ever differs.

The (1, 0, 0, 0) is same as the “K’, S, H, A”, and what may seem confusing is that we need to have the units of K’, and the vibration, the A’ Systems defined, and for it we need not the BIT Systems, but the Qubit Systems as it uses the “0’-0-0’” Format while the BIT Computing needs the 0’-0’ and thus does cannot deal the Qubit Systems.

Here, we notice that the K’ is the Qubit Units that we offer to the quantum computers, and the “0’-0-0’” Format is what the Quantum Qubit Computers and the Programming Systems can understand and process.

For example, we want to see letter “K” on the computer screen, it needs the “0’-0-0’” inside the quantum computer that shows or displays it all.

In other words, the S=0’ is the First Part of the Qubit, and the H=0’ is the Second Part of the Qubit, and in between we have the “Qubit Third Part as the Phase, the Transition, the State, the Suspension, the Quantum Transitions, and all can fit here, but all is simple the “Quantum Dipole Activity”, and the First, Second, and the Third Part of the Qubit simply display the “0’-(0’-0’)-0’”, and it’s always a dipole, which in the quantum computers and the computing is same as in the biggest dipole of the universe that we have discussed as the “A, E, O, AE”, and thus say the SHREE WAHEGURU, the Waheguru Dipole or the Waheguru Quantum Dipole, which is basically the Quantum Qubit Dipole and thus as follows:

“0’-(0’-0’)-0’”, and it’s as “S-A’-A’-H”, and in it the “Quantum Qubit Activity, the Pivot of the Quantum Dipole Systems are the A’-A’ Systems”.

So, the Units of Qubit into any stream is based on not the S and H, the 0’-0’, but the A as the A’-A’, and that is the (1/2)-(-1/2), which is same as the A’-A’, and follows the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

If we want to deal the Quantum, the Dipole Part in the Quantum Qubit Systems, we have to deal the “A’-A’”, which as the (1/2)-(-1/2) can be also the (1/1)-(-1/1), (1/2)-(-1/2), (1/3)-(-1/3) and (1/4)-(-1/4), and that is the “O, A, E and EA”, and that again is the Quantum Dipole of the A, E, O, AE, the WAHEGURU Quantum Dipole, and this is what is also the “Base and Basics of the Indian Astrological Dipole Systems” in which the universe has been put as if the Quantum Qubit Dipole Systems, and each constellation, sign, suns, moons, earths, planets, and all other things are described with the A, E, O, AE, the First Dipole of the Universe as the Krittika Nakshtra, the Constellation, and it’s also what constitute the Quantum Dipole Systems of the Aries, and as the Sun also follows this dipole systems, the Sun is given priority over the Aries and Krittika Quantum Dipoles of the A, E, O, AE.

That is how and why it seems that the Indian Quantum Scientists in the Ancient Ages have studied the “Quantum Universe” and all systems in it.

In any case, the “A’-A’”, the “(1/2)-(-1/2)” with (1/2)-(-1/2) can be also the (1/1)-(-1/1), (1/2)-(-1/2), (1/3)-(-1/3) and (1/4)-(-1/4) as the A, E, O and AE Strings expands in everything that we discuss and describe in the BIT Computers and with “0’-0-0’” as the “0’-(0’-0’)-0’”, we can easily interpret and map the BIT to QUBIT. For it, we have to include the 0-Spin and thus the "0, 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 Spin Systems" rather than what is popular as the 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 Spin Systems", and please read more about it from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sfermion

Now, one of the major point that the A’-A’ as the “1/2, -1/2” or the “-1/2, 1/2” gives us as in all world languages and the linguistics, spin and vibration theories, and other systems that constitute the “Single Model and Theory of Everything say the Philselfology” is the Fermions, Bosons and the S-fermions and the S-bosons in the very easy and as according to the “Superstring Theory with its Base and Basics in the World Languages”, as follows:

The Spins with A’-A’ as the “-1/2, 1/2” or the “1/2, -1/2” are the “Fermions” and the Spins with 1, 2, 3 and 4 Systems are the “Bosons” in almost all theories in the modern world. The Indian and the Other World Sacred Systems in the Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars give us the A’-0-A’ as the “1/2, 1/2” or the “-1/2, -1/2” as the A-A, 2A-2A, 4A-4A and the Higher Dimensions of the Spins, which thus become the “Bosons”. All World Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, and the Homotopy Type Theory constituting the Bases and the Basics of the Invariant Mathematics are the “Same as the Boson Theories”, and in other words all the world languages and what it can compose for humans, machines and the computers is the “Boson Theory” with the A’-A’ and Lower Dimensions as the “Theories of Fermions in All World Systems in All Languages, and thus the Invariant Math and the Homotopy Type Theory, the HoTT Theory”.

When we think and consider the S-fermions and the S-bosons, we have to consider the “Fermions as “1/2, 0, -1/2” or the “-1/2, 0, 1/2” and the Bosons as the “1, 0, -1” or the “-1, 0, 1”, and say with the Higher Dimensions as the “2, 0, -2” or the “-2, 0, 2”, and all “Strings Become the S-Fermions and the S-Bosons”, and further all other physics elementary particles having the “0” in between the two opposite spins gave the S-Elementary Particle Systems, and it also includes the S-Superpartners! For it, we have to include the 0-Spin and thus the "0, 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 Spin Systems" rather than what is popular as the 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 Spin Systems" as the "0, Lower (say 1/2) and Higher (say 2)" gives all about the "different types of particles found or believed to exist in the whole of the universe... and thus all about the Elementary particles: Elementary particles are particles with no measurable internal structure; that is, they are not composed of other particles. They are the fundamental objects of quantum field theory. Many families and sub-families of elementary particles exist. Elementary particles are classified according to their spin. Fermions have half-integer spin while bosons have integer spin. All the particles of the Standard Model have been experimentally observed, recently including the Higgs boson.": Please read more from the reference and the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_particles

It seems the most amazing in the Global Paradigm Shift in Science, Math, Computing and All Other Sacred (Quantum) Systems in our modern world, and still greater wonder is that when we convert any classical system from say "1/2, -1/2" into "1/2, 0, -1/2" its the most popular "Method of Quantization: "Quantization converts classical fields into operators acting on quantum states of the field theory. The lowest energy state is called the vacuum state." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantization_%28physi... ) Smile

It’s a wonder that the 0’ as the S=0’ (Right 0-Spin) seems same as the White Hole and the H=0’ (Left 0-Spin) as the Black Hole, and that what is in between these goes as what the Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions, the Spintronics as in the Linguistics and otherwise gives us the A’-(S-H)-A’, the “0’-(0’-0’)-0’”, the Essence and Essential of Quantum Qubit Math and Computing, which is also the Homotopy Type Theory and the Invariant Math Systems that further leads to Modern Quantum Sciences and thus Bridges the Ancient Sacred Systems with the Modern Quantum Systems, and thus “BIT, the Classical “(1/2)-(-1/2)” and Qubit Quantum Systems, the “(1/2)-0’-0’-(-1/2)” where the Indian and the Arabian Philosophy of 0, the Zero plays a very significant role in the modern education, science, math, computing and technology (as the Nano and Metamaterial Systems) research, development, and welfare in the world, and all that can go to the “Global Paradigm Shift”.

When we think of the Spintronics of Electrons, Protons, Neutrons and the Atomic Systems, we think of E, A, O and EA Systems as the Quantum Qubit Systems of the Spin, the Spintronics of (1/1)-(0’-0’)-(-1/1), (1/2)-(0’-0’)-(-1/2), (1/3)- (0’-0’)- (-1/3) and (1/4)- (0’-0’)- (-1/4). One point is the prime factor and that is all of these “Sacred Spins of Spintronics” map the “Entire Sacred Systems of Indian and the World Civilizations of Both of the Ancient Ages and the Modern Quantum Age Developments”. However, for it we always need to consider the “E’EK Spin, the Spintronics Philosophy as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji with the Time Philosophy of SAHA-E’-NAMA as SATINAMA, and the A-Kaal Purukha, the A’-A’, which we have as the Classical System and as the A’-0-A’ gives us the Infinite Quantum Time Dimension Systems, which Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has proposed as the A-kaal Moorati, and other details in his “Quantum Foundation Moolmantra of Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Vibration Theories (A’-A’ and A’-0-A’), Spintronics, and the Theory of Relativity based on it all, and thus the Purukha as the Observer in the Theory of Relativity and the Frame of References that we have used as the 3, the “A’-0-A’”, which are always 3, the 0’, 0’ and ‘0-0’ say as the A’-0-A’ as the “-1/2, 0, 1/2” or the “1/2, 0, -1/2”. In it, we have the S, the Time, the Classical Observer, and H as the Consciousness Observer, the Sound Energy System Observer and the 0-Spin Observer as the Quantum Observer. If we use the S-0-H or the 0'-0-0' or the E'EK as the Quantum Time and the Spacetime Systems, we have the following equations well simplified and explained:

(The Lorentz Metric Systems)

(The Original Minkowski Metric Systems)

Images: Shri Guru Nanak Equation of Quantum Time E'EK, the Chronon and the World Vibration and Linguistic Equation of Time as the S-H-A

When we consider the Genesis of Vacuum, its Self-illuminating Quantum Energy, and think about the Zero Potential Energy, we can put it as the "A'-A'" with Zero Quantum Infinity Spin present at the Center of the "A'-A'" as the "A'-0-A'", and its so infinite form of quantum light that it seems Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has put it as the "Saibhang" Self-illuminating Form of Quantum Light and thus the Jot, the Light and its ONE Form, the Big Light, the Jot, the Joti as the "A-jooni, the Joti, the Quantum Light as the A'-0-A'", and thus the A'jooni Saibhang, who also creates the Quantum Gravity (Guru), Para (Vacuum) and Sati (Quantum Light), and thus the Gurparsadi! When we consider the OORA as the Omega, we notice: Furthermore, the rate at which this is changing gives the overall mass density of the Universe which is denoted by the Greek letter omega. If omega is less than one, the mass density would be insufficient to stop the Universe's expansion and it would go on expanding forever. If omega is more than one, the Universe will eventually stop expanding and will thus collapse in on itself to again form another fireball not unlike the one from which it came. If omega is exactly 1, the Universe's expansion will continuously slow, but never quite halt. Tryon's theory requires that omega be equal to or less than one. Through calculations it has been found that omega is, in fact, 1, or almost exactly 1..." (Please read more from the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_genesis )

"Wavy particles, particley waves. Perhaps these are the true 0’s and 1’s that make up existence. If we were able to master the wave/particle dance of light, our lives would become that much brighter." (With thanks from the source: http://photonichuman.50megs.com/custom3.html )

If we go to the Most Primitive Qualities of Vacuum, its the Nirbhao and Nirvair, and the NARA as the Light that goes without having its opposite pair, and thus it has no fear of anything (Nirbhao), and that this very infinite energy having no opposite pair does not have any enmity (Nirvair) with anything that exists in the universe, and its same as the sea for earth at smaller scale to the earth systems, and the Vacuum Fluid is something similar.

This is what he has described in the Moolmantra, the Philosophy of Quantum Math and Sciences: "The discovery of the Higgs boson would answer one of the most basic puzzles of our reality, and yet physicists seem oddly blasé about the prospect. “If it’s found, that would actually not be that exciting,” Baez says. “It would be a relief, maybe. Well, it would be exciting, but only in the same sense as if you lose your keys and then you find them again. Someone would certainly win a Nobel Prize for it, but after the initial excitement, particle physicists would become grumpy because it would just mean that what we thought was true is true, and all the things we don’t understand we still don’t understand, and there is still no new evidence.” (With thanks from the source: http://discovermagazine.com/2008/aug/18-nothingnes... )

For this reason, the Quantum Qubit Computing and its Programming seems far easy than the BIT Systems as it does not involve the “0-Spin Philosophy”, which we have discussed and described in the previous paragraphs.

The following is the ongoing research work on the "Sacred Dipole in the Virtual Universe (Information Universe) and the Para Universe (Vacuum based Observer of Consciousness Universe":

When we consider one of the Primal Indian Mantra:


We notice that it is Mantra of the Single String without any breaking point, but our modern systems has been writing, printing and publishing it all as follows:


And it has the Primal Format as follows:

A’-A’-A’-A’, and here we have the following Quantum String Operators as follows:

1. A’=OM




If we put it in the Quantum String of A’-A’-A’-A’, we have the Quantum Wavefront of the A’-A’, the Para or Quantum Qubit Activity of the Mantra as of A’-(A’-A’)-(AYA)-A’

Thus, it goes as follows:


This is how the Classical Computers use the Sanskrit Language for the Computer Programming.

Thus, the above Quantum String as the Classical String has the following format:

(Head as OM)-(Sub-head as Shree)-Link of AYA with Ganesha which also terminates any subhead and thus the mantras also ending in accordance with the Mantra word ending say WAHEGURU as WAHGURVE)-(End of Head as Namah)
In other words, the (OM) (Mantra) NA’MO as the (Head) Body (Computer Mantra) (Head End)

The point here is about how the Classical Systems use the Quantum BIT or the Qubit, which remains hidden in all Classical Bits.

If we look at the Ganesha Mantra, we have:


And notice it quantum activity, we have the following equivalents:

“OM SHREE GANESH EAY NAMAH” (In the pronunciations we say Ganesh not the Ganesha!)

In it, we notice that when we put the GANESHAYA as the GANESH-EA, its as if saying GANESH-“A-E-O-AE”, which together as the Quantum Wavefront goes as the A-YA, and the YA is for say the O-Vowel as the Quantum, and the A-YA gets the A-O format if it were the Classical Vowel Theory, and the NAMAH part goes as the E and the EA part, which is almost same as the E’EK Systems, and that is what the Gurmukhi has interpreted and transformed say as the A-YA to “A-E’-E-A-A” in throughout the Gurbani Sacred Systems. So, in the Gurbani, we read “MAYA as M’A-(E’-E)-A-A”, which is the Quantum Maya Philosophy with its Projected Dipoles using the 3-D “E’-E” and that is also how it reads in the Gurmukhi and the Gurbani:

“M-A-E’-E-A-A”, and in it, we have the E’EK replaced with the E’(E)A-A, and it’s the Wavefront Part of the “M”, the Bindu as the Point of Origin to its Vortex as the E’E Spintronics going with the Dipoles of A-A”, and what the Indian Sacred Systems discuss and describe about the “Virtual Matter, the “M-A-E’-E-A-A” is that it may not have the “Space Element in it, and it may also not have the Vacuum present in it”, and the reason to say so is from the point is that Vacuum and its Quantum Fluctuations exist only in the “Para Systems”, and that is why we have the following Para Systems:

Para+Kasa from the Akasa, the Space Element, and in it, the Akasa, we may think, talk and discuss about the “Virtual Matter”, the Akasa, the Ethereal Systems, but it may not have the 1-D Akasa and the 2-D Agasa as we have to go beyond the Quantum Plasmas to interact with the Vacuum Systems, which are written as the Para-Akasa and the Para-agasa, and thus the Parkasa and the Pargasa. We notice that anything that is Akasa and the Agasa is the Ethereal Systems and thus the Ethereal Space as the “Virtual Universe, Virtual Matter, Virtual Elements and All Virtual as the “M-A-E’-E-A-A”, which is not part of the Para Systems, which we also know as the Para-sata, the Para-light Systems, and that is popular as the Par-sata, the Parsadi, and it too goes to interact with us as with the “Quantum Gravity”, and that is the Indian Sacred Philosophy of Guru-Parsadi, the Gurparsadi, the Quantum Vacuum Systems” in which exists the Ethereal and Virtual Universe, which is called “M-A-E’-E-A-A”, and our being observer of “M-A-E’-E-A-A” exists in the Para-Space, the Quantum Universe and not with the Virtual, the Information Universe and thus the “M-A-E’-E-A-A”, the Akhara Universe. We are the Vowels, the Superstrings of the Vacuum Universe, which we will discuss later.

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