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Quantum Poetics Qubit Systems Describe Civilizations, Universe, Vegetarianism for Peace without War and Violence: Quantum and Classical Studies of Life in World Civilizations: Gurmukhi as the Quantum Language - Be Happy Philselfologically - 116

When we consider the Quantum Linguistics and the Classical Linguistics, we simply sum up what we as the humans can know from the universes while being observers of these sacred systems in the space, and thus the universes as the "Sacred Symmetry of Space that allows life play its all dimensions". The Cosmic Play of Life goes well with 4 Primal Dimensions that are most primitive researches of the Indian Civilizations summed up as 4 Primal Speeds of Consciousness in which it goes as the Static, Kinetic, Dynamic and the Observer levels:

1. A

2. E

3. O and

4. AE

As we have discussed earlier that these 4 Primal Vowels has constituted everything that we know with various names say Vedas, Simirities, Purana, Upnishada's, Indian Sacred Math, Music, Geometry, Astrology, Astronomy, and so on.

Now, as we have seen it all as the Classical Indian Civilizations, world has remained untouched from the Quantum Indian Civilizations in which the greatest contributions are from the Holy Gita, Holy Ramayana, Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib, and other world religions and the faiths.

The Quantum Holy Scriptures of the World use the Vedas as the Old Testament and as the Classical System as from the Hinduism and the Jewish Religion.

If we retrieve from the life in the universe and the Indian Alphabets based on the Indian Theories of Elements and Dimensions, we notice that the Vowel and the Consonant Theories has been the Sanskrit and the Brahmi Sanskrit Systems of the World and "Life in the Universe".

The First thing in the Universe is the Brahmi and the Brahm means what the Visible World Shows us and thus Languages:

"Kita Paasao Eko Kavao..." (Gurbani, the Sacred Philosophy and Teachings of Sikhism)

"God Dimension has created the Universe from the 4th Dimension, the E, the Self-assembling Energy in the K, the Space, and thus the EK, the EKO Systems."

Now, when the Quantum Dimension of God at the 4th Level is used, its the "EA, the EAK", the 4th Pada, the Position in the Indian Civilizations and all other world religions and the faiths say the same.

In the "Theory and Philosophy of EKO KAVAO", the EKO is always written and composed as the Quantum Qubit Systems, and that is the Poetics, and we as humans develop the "Prose, the Classical" and that way we slowly forget the "Poetics, the Quantum Basis" and argue bitterly as with the "Prose, the Classical Basis". In every age and the civilizations, the "Books of Reference as the Prose becomes the Books of Law" and this creates the governing bodies who creates arms and the weapons to make people obey the "Classical Systems of the Universe AS Written in the Classical Books", and thus all Holy Books and the Scriptures are put from the "Sacred Poetics and the Sacred Education" to the "Official Classical Prose and the Governing Bodies National and International Laws about which the Masses may know a little bit only". It further develops the "Theories of Good and Bad, Reward and Punishment", and thus the Dualism in which people who can argue win. If one speaks against the "Books of Law", one is a traitor, criminal and threat to the "God, Nature and Humanity!"

So, we notice the great crusades compelling people of various nations to accept the "Classical Books of Prose and its Interpretations", and they happen not to do so, the wars and violence with serious criminal punishments has been given even though when everyone knows that one is well versed in the "Quantum Poetics".

In every world civilization, and in the nation or a state, we notice that the only people who suffer are the "Quantum People" in our modern age, and most of the rulers and thus the governing bodies seem to impose its "Classical Systems" as the "Best and the Finest Ways", and that seem to have created the great suffering in the modern world, the world wars, terrorism and the violence.

The one reason that modern world seem to have faced world wars, and great violence is that the Asian World Religions and Other World Religion have Two Doctrines:

1. The Philosophy of the World Religions and Faiths (Quantum Side)

2. The Action Theories (Karma Kanda) of World Religions and Faith (Classical Side)

No world religion and faith in its philosophy guides about the "Action, Violence and Killing of Life in Any Form".

However, it seems that when western civilization took the Eastern Civilizations as from Egypt, India and Other Asian Countries, all that was studied went as the Philosophy of World Religions and Faiths, and that was true approach for the Quantum Leap given by the Ancient Civilizations. However, as we notice the Karma Kanda as the Action Theory and Religious Costumes and Wearings were not well understood about how the Classical and the Quantum Systems of World Religions and Faiths are correlated. For this reason, when say Asian People try to emphasize the "Religious Rituals" in say west, we find it bit odd and thus modify it a lot in our modern age and as the worst Mesmer in the west went far enough to ban these rituals and introduce the Mesmer Education Systems.

The Modern Education Systems focus on the Left Brain, and thus Math, Logic and Technology developed a lot in last 300 years. However, the Religions and Faiths lost what it claimed the Quantum Dynamics of World Religions and Faith.

In the Indian Sacred Systems, we have the Dharma and the Mati Systems, and the Dharma is what we know religion as Science, but the Mati is the Religion as Philosophy. The Indian Dharma may not follow Living God, the Ishwara in the Classical Systems and mainly focus on the Atama, the Atom Theory. However, the Ishwara, the Speaking God is well studied in the Christianity, Muslim and the Sikh Religions and thus these follow the Philosophy, the Mati, which is called the Philosophy of Holy Spirit, Shakti, Creative Intelligence, and the similar that deals with the "Mann, the Zero Point Energy Systems as the Human Emotions and Feelings", which the Classical World Religions and Faith Doctrines may call the Lower Intelligence.

The Philosophy of Atama, the Atom Theory is that it does not take birth, and its the JEEVA, the Consciousness that takes birth and dies and with it is associated our Emotional Intelligence, the Creative Intelligence, and thus the Theories of Reincarnation and Avtara, the Christ Theories. The Classical Sacred Systems support the Incarnation Theories, and thus may not at all support the Philosophy of Ishwara, Reincarnation, Avtara, and that is why these, the Classical Studies of World Religions and Faiths do not support Christ Theory, but the Antichrist Theory of Incarnation. For this very reason, the modern systems are called the Classical Systems of Antichrist, which does not mean evil or bad, but it does not create legal, educational and other grounds in which human emotions can be given priority.

Thus, the Quantum Theories as the Reincarnation Theories of Two Photon (Father and the Holy Spirit) reincarnating the Son (Qubit Systems) solves 300 years of Antichrist Theories a Pause, and thus we think of Mati, the Philosophy of Religion with Ishwara, the Infinite and the Zero Point Energy Systems that remained hidden from the masses for a very very long time in our modern age.

The great thing about the "Quantum, the Poetics as the Sacred Education Systems and the Sciences, Maths, Music, Grammars, etc." based on the "Quantum, the Poetics" is same in every country and its states, but we seem to know it through "Brain and Intellectualism based on the Classical Systems in the World".

Now, we have the Single Theories and the Models of Everything, and the Dimensions as the Poetics of the Universe, we can easily understand how ignorant we have been in past centuries while crusading in the world wars and anti-terrorism movements in the world that seem to have ended the "Quantum Poetics in Our Daily Life" and have ended up in the Global Depression, Recessions and All that is Nothing but the Rigidity of the Classical Systems".

In my proposed Philselfological Single Model and Theory of Everything, it seems that we first need to educate people how great their state, nation and civilization is in context to the "Quantum Poetics, the Base and the Basis of Models of Everything", and slow down imposing the "Classical Systems, which are always from the country that has more power and authority".

I discovered in my research of Philselfology that we are educated on mighty nation as the "Classical Nation", and thus we as the citizen of our nations may know a least about the "Quantum Civilization and the Sacred Poetics and Education of Our Nations in which we live". The computers can do anything, we start to believe as in the classical mode and in the quantum mode, its what we individually know and do according to the "Quantum Poetics".

To know our nation and the nations, we have understand the great "Quantum Poetics, the Mathematicians, Scientists, Artists, and yes anyone who has observed and followed the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Nation and the Civilization in every country to see "Heart of Nation" instead of "Brain of the Nation" that we know always the "Science and Technology in the Classical Mode and the Classical Systems".

One of the major drawback in the Classical Systems has been that it may always support the killing of animals and birds for eating, alcoholism, gambling and all that causes suffering, the global suffering in many world religions and faiths with exception of Buddhism and Jainism. The Quantum Systems follow the "Poetics and are Devotion Based Bhagati Systems" and does not support any of the above said and thus goes vegetarian in its approach. Thus, the Classical Systems support the Materialism and the Spiritualism is supported by the Quantum Systems.

However, the Classical Systems blame the Quantum System for using the Martial Arts, and even though the Quantum Claims are based on the Non-violation, the Classical Dominance goes as far as treating Martial Arts as the Means of Terrorism and Extremism in almost all world religions and faiths. For example in the western and modern civilizations, we notice that in His Second Coming, Lord Jesus says he will come with great martial arts, and that has been in lives of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, but they has been blamed as the users of Martial Arts and the Weapons by the Critics of the Classical Theories throughout human civilizations.

Here we notice that the Classical Theories of the World Civilizations describe good and bad, punishment and reward, but the Quantum Systems talk and discuss about the Theories of Elements, Dimension and Consciousness as the Platform of Cosmic Play of Consciousness with creating suffering.

We notice that in the Quantum Vowel and Consonant Theories, Linguistics, and thus the Languages, Grammars and the Linguistics in any world language gives us "All Classical Systems Converted into the Quantum Systems". I have spent say simply 30-40 years understanding these "Sacred Quantum Systems of Math, Music, Grammars, Languages and the Classical Systems" and prepared "Letters to White House (USA), UK, Australia, Iran, India, and some other parts of the World Civilizations" during my studies in Australia in 1989-91.

The entire knowledge in the modern and the ancient systems is within the "Framework of 4-Dimensions of Self-assembling Systems" that exists as the Architect Systems of the Universes, and we can easily understand it all just from the A, E, O, AE, the 4 Quantum Vowels that the world civilizations have recorded as the "Sacred Patterns, Design, Sounds, Colors, Structures, Symbols and the Signs in Nature, Life and the Universe". The Indians have studied it as the 4 All Purpose Vowels of Sound and Light Systems while recording it as the Sacred Ayurveda and the Astrology with all that we commonly know as the Sacred Vedas.

Based on the Veda Systems, the Theories of Elements and Dimensions has been developed but at the same time, the Quantum Systems also explain that every human uses these Sacred Quantum Vowels right from the womb, birth and when a child starts to speak, and that Sacred Wisdom is the Vowel Theory that may not have classical words in it. The Poets, Writers, Researchers, and the Creative Intelligence may not need any formal education in the Quantum Systems as even the kids can learn how to use mobiles as well the computers, toys, games and so on. The technology goes close to human creativity and the fantasy but the Science and Math and the similar subjects make humans think rationally and it is where one need to use both sides of the human brains with the Mathematical Linguistics same as say Grammars and the Maths, the Classical Systems and the Linguistics and Poetics that are same as the Quantum Systems that humans use for self-evolution, the Theory of Mann:

"Mann Tun Jot Saroop Hain, Apana Mool Pachhan..." (Gurbani)

"O My Creative Brain (MANN), please understand and recognize that you are the "Source of Zero Point Free Energy, the Pulsar, the Light, please recognize this very real identity of yourself..." says the Gurbani..."

We can see how the Essence of Quantum Systems, the MANN is well explained as the "Source of Zero Point Energy" in the following video that otherwise has been explained as the "Atama in the Classical Systems" in the World Religions and the Faiths. The Bhagati or the Quantum Sacred Systems discuss about the Mann as the Zero Point Energy Tapping Systems:

We notice that the Classical Systems in the World seem to have suppressed the Quantum Systems for a quite long time, but we now are getting out of the foggy visions:

The one thing that most of us may not know is that the Indian, Asian or the Eastern Languages are written in the same way as the Quantum Computing, Qubit and other Machine Languages are written and in it, the human brains are so trained and educated that people in this region follow everything for rest of life, and contrary to the "Brain Control Theories", this simple to follow natural theory for humans is called the Sanskara Theory, and the Sanskara Theory is the Highest of the Quantum Qubit Programming that works instantly. The Mantra Theories with which the Classical Computer Programming from say the Sanskrit Languages has been done differs from the Quantum Qubit Poetics.

The Western Civilizations have yet to explore the Poetics, the Sanskara Theories as the Quantum Qubit Systems. My major researches are on it that will help East and West BE ALIKE with the Classical and Quantum Sacred Systems as the Modern Civilizations. The point of concern is that the "Theory of Atama has been educated too much, which is the First, the Source Photon, and what receives, tapes and uses it as the Second Photon, the Mann Theory in the World Religions and Faiths." For this reason, the Brahmi Languages say Gurmukhi, the Punjabi differs from the Sanskrit, and the First and Third Person in these two systems differ a lot, what is the "I" in Sanskrit is "He" in the Gurmukhi, Punjabi and Other Brahmi Languages in the World, and Sikh Gurus have added almost all Brahmi Languages of Indian Civilization in Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib, and thus the Living Guru of Sikhism.

One of sad points in the World Civilizations has been the division and partition of India that seems to be drawing from Sanskrit and Brahmi Systems developed as in the west most of imperialists has been convinced of the Sanskrit Languages and even today, the Brahmi, the Quantum Languages overlooked and almost fully ignored and alas no research seem to has been made about how the "Brahmi Languages of World Civilizations say Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Languages" are far better than Sanskrit as the Classical Studies. The Hindi is also the Quantum Sanskrit as the Punjabi (Gurmukhi), but most of the Western Civilizations may have paid a very little attention. As say Sikhs, the Brahmi Language users and Punjabi's in general seem "Rebels and Terrorists", the Indian Partition in 1947 and later creation of New States in India and Other Commonwealth and the Western Countries is mostly based on the Sanskrit, the Classical and the Quantum, the Brahmi Languages, and that is how we can notice that the Modern Imperialism has almost extincted the Brahmi Languages from its basic roots in the world civilizations, and even the Sanskrit has lost its roots in the Indian Civilizations as most of Indian know almost know nothing about Sanskrit, and we claim to be modern and civilized:

If I have to appeal to UNO and World Governments, its always inviting to pay attention that world has lost the Most Ancient Classical Languages and the Almost All Brahmi Languages, and modern power play has put all Brahmi Languages to a great shame that new generations can not read, write or speak it well, and that is a big shame. The still bigger shame is that all over the world we seem to educate the one sided brain languages of the machines and computers but not the linguistics.

Well, in any case, I have been able to convert all world civilizations and its classical systems in the quantum systems theoretically, and now its the easiest methodology with the quantum qubit computing that we will be able to convert any classical systems of the human civilization into its preferred classical state and the quantum conversions say using Euler, Newton, Einstein, Plank, Darwin, Plato, Hahnemann (Homeopathy), Ayurveda, All World Therapies, Sports, Music, and if we keep adding it embraces all that we have classified version of the human civilization and then put it as what we have called and classified as the Quantum Sacred Systems, and that is also what we may find as the "World Sacred Systems of All Kinds" as so simple that even a child can learn it very well:

"First Ecological Change that I put into practical was that the entire world needs a major change in earth systems was in 1981-92, I studied the Geography of World books in the Middle School, and put the world ecological and graphical systems in new system that is practical and wrote as student of Geography that all Indian rivers that create floods in Assam side need to sent Rajasthan, a desert state of India."

Please read more about it from: Philselfological Education System: New Sacred Ecological Education System Based on Kids of First Grade Research Works, the Initiatives : The Proposal Grounds of Phiselfological Model of Everything: Be Happy Philselfologically - 44

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How Ik Onkara by Sikh Gurus Explain E=M*C*C as Light, Energy and Matter Equations: Euler Math, Gurbani, Gurmukhi Language, and Sacred Education Systems as Essence of All World Religions, Faiths and Philosophies: Be Happy Philselfologically - 115b

While working on the Light and Matter Equations, I noticed that what the Equation of E=M*C*C says is highly effective for everything that we deal in the Single Models of Everything in our modern age. I had to consider it according to the IK-Onkara Theory of Everything as described by the Founder of Sikhism, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The IK-Onkara goes as:


In the above equation, we have the "Mass" as the Ishwara content that behaves as if biological aspect of the light systems of "c" that the Indian Civilizations describe as the ONKARA and as the OM is the Function of Light, the "c systems", and we can always put how it works in our daily like as the "Kara, the Rays and Transformations of Light in various systems of energy", and that is what we can put as the E=M*C*V in the E=M*C*C equations.

When we say the Indian Civilizations, it also means the Vedic Civilizations that has been same or at least similar all countries of the world whether ancient or modern as the Vedic Civilizations describe the Universal Systems as the Astronomy, Astrology, Math, Music, Arts and the Grammars that nowhere in the world different. So, the India as a nation and the Indian Civilization has a big gap in this context, and the term "Indian Civilizations also thus stand for the Human and the World Civilizations", and we broadly divide world into two parts:

1. Recorded History of Human Civilizations is the Sanskrit World, the Onkara Civilizations that are in the texts and can be verified anytime and anywhere, and it follows all that we say is the Trigonometric and Pythagorean Systems of x*x+y*y=1

2. What we see during our present ages and carry in the human evolutions through any verbal media and present experiments that has mostly the western civilizations that has established the experiments as the proof is the Brahmi, the IK-Onkara Civilizations that add the Euler Content to the Onkara Systems at the times when Sikh Gurus added the Philosophy of IK-Onkara and Euler, the Mathematician and Scientist added the same in the western civilizations.

Euler added the Philosophy of 1, the IK to the Zero Philosophy of Onkara, and together these as the Ik-Onkara, the Philosophy of 1 and 0, the Zero give the summary of everything in the universe as the 0 is the Soul Systems that if added never change and thus the Incarnation Theory, and the 1 gives all things and the theories of the what is not similar, and thus the Theory of Similarities in the Theories of Differences, and that is what we see as the Euler Identity, the Summary of Ik-Onkara that together creates the Theory of Decimal, the IK and Zero, the Onkara Systems as shown below:

The "i" that we see in the Euler's Equation is the "Spin Theory in the Vowels in the Languages" say A=-AA, E=-EE and O=-OO, and when we see the "OO", the Double Sound Systems, we also notice that it satisfies the conditions that "i" as the imaginary unit that satisfies i2 = −1

And also the "e" as the EERI Systems that constitutes the IK Systems in the Indian Civilizations constitutes the sine and the cosine systems of the Trigonometry that solves all problems of the Quantum Sciences, Computers and the Qubit Systems as the "E" is the Indian Qubit that is popular as the Enkari Sacred System, the Opposite Pair of the Onkara, and that is the IK and Onkara are the Opposite Pair of the Modern Sciences, the Global Paradigm Shifts and the Single Models of Everything.

In the Euler Identity, the π is the Angle that in the Indian Civilizations is the N and M that stand for the 90 Degree and the 180 Degree Systems, and if we beat any instrument at this angle, we hear the sounds of "N and M", and in this Sanskrit Structures of Vowels, the N and M give the Angles of the Trigonometry. The Sanskrit Language gives the Vowels as the Angles that the Consonants as part of the Concentric Circles keeps expanding with the Vowel Theory, and this follows the Theory of Onakara, the Consonant Theory of All World Civilizations and when it deals the Energy Systems of Onkara, it needs the Enkari Systems and that is the "E, the Exponential Systems of Euler and Mathematics in general". Thus, the Ik-Onkara (also expressed as the Ekonkara) is the Exponential Systems of the Onkara Sacred Education Systems of Vedas.

What I have expressed is based on the Philselfological Model of Everything, and it may not be present in the books or online, the internet, and its the developed sacred system on all models of everything in context to the Ik-Onakara Philosophy of Gurmukhi and the Gurbani as the Linguistic Science, Math and Geometry.

The Philselfological Model of Everything expresses that every world religion and philosophy is same as the Base, Exponential and the Logarithm of the any world religion or philosophy as the base, and exponentially expansion of the base religion or the philosophy (the old testament) is also the logarithm system that is so developed from its base and exponential systems. Thus, all world religions, faiths, philosophies or anything that follows this sacred pattern is well recognizable and authentic work in any faculty of human knowledge and wisdom, and no experiment without this criteria is ever possible. This is also present as the Emitter, Base and Collector Systems in the Classical and Quantum Experiments and Equipments and any application that it follows.

The Onkara Philosophy is the Fire and Light Systems and the IK Systems that are present as the Ish, the Ishwara or the Issiah, the Isha Systems are the Systems that preserve the Fire and Light as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Other Sikh Gurus, and the Quantum Philosophers and Scientists, the Bhagat say:

"Rig Kahai Rahaya Bharpoor, Ram Naam Devan Mah Soor..." (Gurbani)

"What the Rig Veda says present everywhere and in the Giver Systems of Onkara its the Sun that is what the Gurbani calls the IK, the Ishwara System..., the Nama Systems..." (In Sikh Gurus answers to Veda Scholars)

When we consider the Hindusims of Vedas, it gives the Zero Philosophy of Everything, and the Sikhism gives the One, the 1 as the Unitary Systems as the Philosophy of Everything. Thus, the Sikhism Philosophies and the Gurmukhi Language Structures of the Element Theory and Philosophy, the Tat Darshan discusses that deals the "Black Hole as the One, the Unitary Systems with Onkara as the White Hole Theory of Light", and these together are the IK-Onkara Theory of Everything that is also expressed as the Ekonkara Systems, which is the Pure Math of Euler Systems, and what we have discussed as the Quantum Qubit Model of Everything.

The Quantum Quabit deals with Bit Systems as the Classical Vedic Theory, and the Ik-Onakara, the Ekonkara Philosophy deals with the Qubit as the (Ik, Onkara) as the (1,0) as the 1 is the Shakti, the Shri and the Matter, and the Zero is the Power Theory that is not matter, but light. The IK or the EAK is the CHI, KI, QI and the similar systems that has developed differently from the light theories of light, and these are termed as the Ik as the RAMA Systems and the RAMA is called the (Ik, Onkara) as the (Visible Rama, Invisible Rama).

In this context as there is the Theories of Rama and the Shree Rama, the Gurbani and Vedas differ in the ONKARA and the IK-Onkara, the Ekonkara Philosophy and the Systems. The IK-Onkara does not deal with the Nuclear Weapons and Pollution Creator Manufacturing, but the Photon and the Quantum Theories of the Nano Systems and the Metamaterials creating and manufacturing the Superconductors, super-insulators and the capacitors.

The Ik-Onkara Model of Everything uses the IK (EK), the Electron Density created by the OORA (Neutron, the Neutral Charges) and the AARA (Proton, the Positive Charges), and thus the E=O+A is the Universal Equation of Everything as the IK-Onkara Equation that says the No. of Electrons (E)=No. of Neutrons (O)+No. of Protons (A) that is to say that IK (Electrons)=ON (Neutron)+KARA (Protons) for the greater ease if we think that Feynman, the Great Physicists of our age has done the Mastery and the PhD on this subject matter:

"Around 1950, Feynman and Schwinger, following along a path first traversed by Dirac, developed a new formulation of quantum mechanics based upon the classical principle of least action. Their work enables one to ask and answer questions that could not be answered using the Hamiltonian-based approach to quantum mechanics. Schwinger's generalization of the action principle, as contained in his principle of stationary action, in addition to determining the field equation, yields a variational derivation of Heisenberg's equation of motion for any observable..." (With thanks from the source: http://www.chemistry.mcmaster.ca/aim/aim_3.html )

And we see how the OORA, AARA and the EERI in Feynman's works is reflected in the models of everything:

and thus we see the EERI of the IK (EK) Systems as shown below:

The EERI, the Third Vowel in the Gurmukhi Languages is written in the same as we see written by hand in the following image:

This is also how the EERI Systems also function as the ENKARI, the Euler's Space and Universe and the EERI as the Dipole Function in it:

Images: The OORA, AARA and EERI Models of Everything in the Quantum Systems goes like this as we in the images above

When we learn that the Planck's rule for the a quantum of energy for a vibrating electron:

Energy of a quantum = (a calibration constant) x (frequency of vibration)


E = hf

where h, the calibration constant, is today called Planck's constant. Its value is about 6 x 10-34, very tiny! (With thanks from the source: http://physics.weber.edu/carroll/honors/failures.h... )

We actually learn the E=O*A in which we have the E (as the Energy of Quantum)=O (Calibration Constant, the OORA Systems)*(Frequency of Vibration as the AARA, the A' Systems) and it creates the "Consonants as what we read as So how does this explain the spectrum of blackbody radiation? Planck said that an electron vibrating with a frequency f could only have an energy of 1 hf, 2 hf, 3 hf, 4 hf, ... ; that is,

Energy of vibrating electron = (any integer) x hf

Moreover, what we say as the ANSAH as the N*(S+H+A) in the Linguistic Model of Everything in Philselfology, we have the K=K'+S+H+A as what know as the 2π x (electron mass) x (electron orbital speed) x (orbit radius) = (any integer) x h

The Planck's Constant and the A' Vibrations in the Philselfological Linguistic Models do not differ and prove that the Classical Model is wrong, but the Classical Models may seem say confusion to us as the Theory of Elements and Theory of Metals in the Periodic Tables.

This way the Philselfological Model of Everything suggests and proposes that all works that were initiated by great mathematicians, scientists and other researchers may better be put in the "Theory of Elements, Linguistics, Dimensions and all that is the Origin Systems of Anything as described in the Philselfological Model of Everything", and thus as say the "Bohr Model of Everything in Context to Multiple Approaches in the Philselfological Model of Everything" and more works can be done on it with all researches previously done in the human civilizations, and that this model treats the same with Chinese, Japanese, Arabian and Western World Systems of Data, Information, Knowledge and the Sacred Wisdom that can surely improve and develop every world civilization in its own context and its relevancy to other world civilizations and the systems in all of these. The Science comes as thorough the "Theory of Elements" and explained with the "Theory of Matter and Metals" and thus what we say the "Spirit, the Holy Spirit" guides but we do things in the equations and that gives great struggle and suffering as from what seems the rigidity of academic systems, and thus the Philselfological Model of Everything as Patent Pending (with USPTO, USA) or on it way assumes and claims that these studies can be put on all academics in the world to blend the religious and scientific studies and the researches at one place as otherwise we notice the following needing great attention:

"Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Louis de Broglie made inspired guesses about how nature works. Other people of their time made different guesses. Nature agreed with Planck, Einstein, Bohr, and de Broglie, but not with the others whose names are now forgotten. Like Arcadia's Thomasina, these were intuitive geniuses who went beyond mere mathematics to make creative conjectures about how the world operates. Those who came later calculated the consequences of the new physics, but this was just mathematics (sometimes brilliant mathematics, but mathematics nonetheless). It is those rare intuitive geniuses who courageously discard the old rules and invent new ones who are in the first rank of physicists." (With thanks from the source: http://physics.weber.edu/carroll/honors/failures.h... )

Thus, the "A', 2A', 3A' and 4A'" as the Vibration Theory philosophically explains the Plack's Philosophy of Everything but according to the Theories of Vibration as explained in the Philselfological Linguistics, Vowel and Consonant Theories in the Indian Theories of Elements.

Here any integer is the "Consonant, the Fixed Values of 5 Elements of Universe with 24 and the 48 Dimensions as the Tat Darshana, the Sacred Dimensions of the 5 Elements and the 6th as the Element of Consciousness.

When we consider the Indian and World Linguistic Models of Everything, the Evolutionary Computing and Calculations are based on the "S+H+A" Systems that is the Light, Distance (Displacement) and Vibrations in the unit systems that is multiplied with the "Count of Names and S, H, A" inside the "Word or Term" that describes it. This Sacred System is called the "SAHA" Systems that covers from breathe durations to pulse, blinking and all that ends up in the Quantum Computing, and no wonder its all based on the "Hair Width and its Divisions" say the Nano Scales give 1/1000 to 1/100000 and more minute systems in the Indian Religious Systems describing the "Quantum Qubit as the MANN, the MANA Systems" that we can always and easily integrate with the Artificial or the Evolutionary Computations.

For the highest insight what the Ekonkara Philosophy of Sikhism and the Bhagat, the Quantum Philosophers is one need to understand that these philosophies and the holy doctrines support the Anti-gravity Systems and particularly the Piezoelectric Systems in manufacturing and evolution of everything from the time immortal.

The Vedas recorded both theories in what we know as the Veda and the Purana Systems, but when we look at the ease, the Pollution Creating Systems develop as we notice the Stories and Epics of Rama and Ravana, Krishana and Kansa and all that Vedas describe as Light, the Atama and the Zero Philosophy and also as the Ishwara, the Philosophy of Unitary Systems of One, the "1".

Thus, we end up with the Quantum Qubit of IK and Onkara, and that is where we have the 3 Operating Systems:

1. IK, the Collector say the Wood

2. OM, the Emitter say the Fire

3. Kara, the Base Systems and the Energy Convertors say the Burning Wood

When we enter into Quantum Age, we think of Ekonkara, the Ik-Onakara Philosophy and the Gurmukhi Languages based on the Qubit Languages. These theories are blends of the vowels and consonants with grammars as the base of the qubit systems in any field and faculty that we, the humans deal.

Videos: If one know the Piezoelectric Systems, one can easily understand the Quantum Sciences and the Systems as the Ik-Onakara, the Ik (Motion as in Matter)-Onkara (Immovable as are the Light, and the Light based Systems), and is same as the Qubit Quantum Systems

The point of importance that we need to note is that the K is in the Row of the Space Elements in the Gurmukhi and Other Indian Tables of Elements as according to the Theory of Elements and the Indian Elementary Tables existing from ages.

The "K" as the Letter in the Indian Alphabets is the Topological Circle that if given any dimension creates the 5 Major Elements in which the 6th Element is the Consciousness, the God Systems that is called the Jeeva in the Indian Civilizations and Jehovah, the God Systems in the Israeli Systems. The "K" is the Balanced Structure of Energy, the Chi and its Structures are same as that of the Standard Elementary Physics Particles. If we correlate it with the Susy Particles, its the K' without any dimension given to it. Thus, from the "K' and the K Systems, we get the Matter and the Anti-matter systems", and we notice the topology applied resulting in the dimensions as shown below:

As the Space Element, the above K-Structures are made up from the Topological Circle by applying forces as dimensions to it all with various angles, and this make everything as the E (Energy and Dimensions) and K, the Topological Circle create everything from the Single System of Everything that is IK, the EK according to the Indian Theory of Elements, the Tat Darshan that frightens some people as the Tantrik Vigyan, the Science and Philosophy of Elements, the Tat's. The derivations that we discuss is based on the Metaphysics of Theory of Elements in the Indian Civilizations that constitute the Philselfological Model of Everything grounds in one or more ways.

For the reason that "E" as the Energy resulting from any two systems, that is the OORA and the AARA as the Piezoelectric Systems, we have the E as the Electromagnetism based on the "Two Systems in which at least one is in motion or both systems differ in its motion, and it also fulfills Newtonian Laws of Motion".

This E, the Enkari Systems constitute the EKONKARA Systems, and the IK or the EK alone constitutes all scientific and technological laws and principles, which is same as the CHI, KI or the QI Systems in the Chinese and the Japanese Sacred and the Scientific Systems.

For this very reason the IK (EK) is the Euler System (E) applied on the Topology of Circle (K), and as once Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said to the learners and the scholars that if one understands the IK (EK) one may not even need to understand the ONKARA Studies, and that alone can give the Understanding and Insights into the Indian Theory and Philosophy of Elements. However, this is interpretation according to the "Theory of Elements" not the "Scholarly Interpretation of Numeral 1 or Word IK (EK)". In other words, the IK (EK) is the Mantra that is How the Energy (E) works in the Space (K). All functions of IK (EK) are described as blend of IK-Onkara Philosophy as the Enkari Philosophy in the Dasam Granth written by Shri Guru Gobind Singh and the Indian Scriptures of IK, the Shakti say as in the Durga Sapta-shati (Saptsahti).

The E=E'+E' (E=O+A) and is the function of imaginary number systems and goes with Euler Maths of Sine and Cosine Systems as well what we know the great contribution from the Ramanayojana (Ramanjan), the mathematician.

The IK (EK) discloses the KAYI Systems of Space Elements acting on the E, the Energy Systems that are Piezoelectric in nature or in action. The "Kayi" is the Anti or the Opposite Pair of IK (EK), and its meaning is many, the kayi or kaee in the Gurmukhi Languages.

Please read how the Euler Sacred Math is the Philosophy of Ik-Onkara from the sister blog post:

The Euler's Equations Describe the Onkara, Akara, IK-Onakara, Enkari and we can express every World Sacred Systems as the Euler, the IK-Onkara as the Human Consciousness as the Observer and Onkara as the Light Dimension and the Light as an Observer - Euler, Gurmukhi, Gurbani and Linguistic Single Models of Everything- Be Happy Philselfologically - 115

When we consider the Indian Alphabets say the Gurmukhi Script of Elements, we have to consider how these originated in the Indian and the World Civilizations. There can be many answers and solutions to this riddle, but the easiest is that the First Row of Gurmukhi Alphabet is the "Circle with the Dot Inside it". The 5 Columns describe the 5 Dimensions of the Circle with Dot Inside it. However, the Indian and Other World Thinkers seem to have well put it as the First Row as the Dot that has its own circle that we say the "Center with its Own Axis as the Center" as the Sun rotates on its own axis. That is why the OORA, AARA and EERI in the Gurmukhi describe the Elements that behave as the "Dot with its own center", and that differs from the Quantum Dot of Sound Energy of "N", the Sound Letter of the 6th Row in the Gurmukhi Script.

The Dot with its Own Axis in the First Row when spreads the Ionization coming from its rotations give the Second Row of YAH-YA, RAH-RA, LAH-LA, WAH-WA and the RAHA-RA as the Circles around the Dot that Spreads from the First Row. These Two Rows constitute what we see in the image below:

The above is the Mystical God Expression in almost all world religions, faiths and mysticism, the metaphysics of matter.

The above two rows when manage the Vacuum Free Energy, and the Zero Potential Energy Systems according to this Philselfological Hypothesis of Everything, we notice as given in the Indian Theory of Elements, the "K" as the Space Element arises as the major functionality in the Vacuum and Space, and this thus gives the "First Activity of the Universe as the KARA and the REIKI Pair, and its the Flow of Ionization from the First Two Rows of Vacuum and that it spreads as the First Consonant Row in the Indian Alphabets", and that is the "KA accompanies the RA, the 2-Dimensional Ionization of Light Systems, the Free Energy released by the Dot, the Hole in the Vacuum Free Energy Systems, and thus the KARA in the Universe that we see as the KIRAN, the Rays of Light and the Spectrum with the OM as the Prism, the Para Systems that create the Spectrum and we see what we know the KARA, the Kiran, the Rays of the Spectrum.

Now, the "K", the 3rd Row Systems in the Indian Alphabets is the Simple Circle that we have called the Topological Circle but without the Dot inside it, and that is its the Space Element not the Vacuum Dot as in the First Row of the Indian Alphabets. The "K Rows" thus are the Instruments that carry the "Energy Released by the Vacuum and the Free Energy by the First and the Second Rows that is the Dot inside the Circle Systems, the God Systems and thus the Philosophy of Free Energy".

The "K Rows" thus create the Nano Optical Carriers made up of the Space, Air, Water, Fire and Solid State Materials or Functional Systems. These thus create the "Topological Circle Act as the Carrier of Circle with Dot Inside as the Nano Tubes", and all Nano Carbon Tubes and the Materials work as the Layers as the Inner Tubes inside or outside the Tube that carries the "Free Energy Systems while Cladding inside the Tunnels that are the First Rows in the Indian Alphabets.

Thus, the IK (or EK) is the "Carrier Systems of Vacuum Free Energies of the ONKARA Systems that is part of the OORA and the AARA Systems that create the "E", the IK (EK) Systems. When we send the EK Energy from the OORA (Neutron) and the AARA (Proton), it gives the EERI, the E Systems as the Photon and the Qubit Functions in the Nano and the Qubit Systems that release everything back to the OORA and AARA, and thus the OORA, AARA and the EERI create one another and messaging goes as the Alice (OORA), Bob (AARA) and the Message, the Qubit Content as the EERI. That is:



O+A=A+O as the Planes of Quantum Systems give us the OE and the AE as two another planes that are the Part of A, E, O, AE, EO and the OA Systems as the 3 "Tricolors" - 3 "Anti-tricolors" and all Pairing and the Anti-pairing Systems in the Modern Physics, Computing and the Technologies. This is also how the Dot as the Vacuum creates the 3 Tricolors and the Anti-tricolors that constitutes the First Two Rows of the Indian Alphabets and 25 Consonants are the "Shadow Products of the Black and White Holes that is the SA and the HA in the First Row and the Rest of 6 Rows are the SAHA, the Black and White Hole Products that we know as the the Minor Vowels and Consonants".

The above is the easy explanation of the Indian Theories of Everything using the Indian Periodic Tables of Elements. If one takes note of it and does some home work, one can learn anything in the world, and its not a big claim though!

The above can also be summed up as:

"Here we come to a very ancient symbol: the circle with a dot in its center. It is a symbol of the Sun in our Solar System, with the Sun, as a symbol of centralized power. A circle with a dot is also a symbol of the primitive cell in all living matter and of atomic structure in terms of the elements.

The illustration to the right is the cartouch or seal of the Pharaoh Thutmose III. Note the circle with the dot in the center. It symbolizes the Sun, the God Ra, and the Pharaoh's universal creative power. The circle and dot are also the symbol of the point of expression of the individual in relation to the over-soul or universal soul, the dot being the individual expression of the being, and the space within the circle representing the universal soul; to each of us there is the one dot, our inner self, the center or focal point of the universal soul with all other persons as billions of dots within the circle." (With thanks from the Gnostic Order of Christ: http://www.gnostic.org/meditations/spirit_exercise... )

These theories are now the Theory of Everything and the Quantum Atom Theories for all age groups in our modern world:

In this context, the IK-Onkara Sacred Systems go as the "IK (M) OM (C) and KARA (V)" in the Light, Sound, Matter and the Energy Equations.

When we consider the mass (M) in the E=M*C*V equations, we simultaneously have the weight and the weightless systems as the Ishwara, the living and the Atama, the light systems in this IK-Onkara Systems.

The IK-Onkara Systems follow the Euler's Sacred System of Everything, and I have discussed it in the following part of the series as sister blog post to this series:

The Euler's Equations Describe the Onkara, Akara, IK-Onakara, Enkari and we can express every World Sacred Systems as the Euler, the IK-Onkara as the Human Consciousness as the Observer and Onkara as the Light Dimension and the Light as an Observer - Euler, Gurmukhi, Gurbani and Linguistic Single Models of Everything- Be Happy Philselfologically - 115

Here we have to understand and research this series of Be Happy Philselfologically and the Single Model of Everything as what the World Religions, Faiths, Philosophies, and all that has been the main education and the academic systems and the streams before the Imperialism and Education Systems based on the Mesmer's Theory of materialism. Thus, what we discuss is not only the role model of ancient sacred systems, but the Most Modern Models of Everything for our ages, and all Indian Sadhus, Saints, Spirituals and Holy People study and research it as the science, philosophy, art, music, math, grammar and thus Complete Setup of the Sacred Education Systems in the world civilizations. As the essence of All World Religions, Faiths and Philosophies, Mystics, Metaphysics, Para-sciences, Yoga, Spirituals, Pseudo Sciences, and so on, these theories of elements has made come back as the most modern theories in the world education and academic systems as the "Theory of Researching, Something that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Newton and Eisenstein and Others have used", and we have named it as the Philselfology, the Most Modern and Ancient Art and Philosophy of Researching in the World Civilizations, and thus Be Happy Philselfologically, and dedicated to my mother Gian Kaur, who passed away on the 11th of January, 2015.

The most horrible point that we face in the development of Primal Theories of the Basic Elements say the Space, Air, Water, Fire, Solid and Consciousness as the Basic 6 Elements in the Life in the Universe is that it is supported almost nowhere in the modern academics and no degrees and the diplomas are awarded based on it. So, while working on this Model of Everything, I received no support from the colleges and the universities and neither anyone may have knowledge and wisdom of these theories as we have it most condemned theories of the world as say old, orthodox, and human imaginations and wrong classifications. When I bought a Chemistry Book from New Delhi in 1986 from New Delhi, I read: "Theory of Elements is one of the most ignorant theory of ancient times when science was developed...", and I was really amazed as religions and faiths, and the Vedas and all that rural people, aboriginals, native people and our grannies know is the "Theory of Elements as the Vedic Mantra and Holy Psalms in the Scriptures...", and it happened that I wrote supporting it as the "Theory of Gravity" at the University of Adelaide in 1990 using the Theory of Elements, and lo I got 6 Stars and the Distinction in the Department of Math and Computing, I received 2 Credits and 1 Distinction!

My father as the Lecturer ( as he says: "The Modern Academics do not recognize it!") and many of his colleges; our school, college, and university teachers, and almost all modern educated people in Indian and many abroad no almost the least possible about the "Theory of Elements, the Tat Darashan Theory based on which all religions and faiths tell the mysteries and the philosophies of life in the universe, and the quantum theory of the universe...", and thus we have most of educated having almost no idea of the "Single Models of Everything, the Theories of Everything, the Theories of Elements, and All that we know the Religions in the world", and that way all those who are labelled as religious terrorists or the patients of religious mania are the followers of "Single Models based on the Theories of Basic Elements".

We now hope that the "Theory of Everything" brings a great religious relief to all people who worship God, Scriptures, Vedas, and what we also as the Spiritualism and the Metaphysics in our ages. We regret that parents and children still have learn and that modern education systems still have to put it in the education systems and the streams. It seems we have gone through the "Dark Age of Philosophy, Religion, Art, Music and thus Sacred Education Systems" from about 300 years of Imperialism and Mesmerism all over the world that is simply opposing the "Theory of Elements and Sacred Dimensions in the World Religions and Faiths" and its what seems most appropriate to say and call the "Antichrist Theory and Brain Control Systems" as one who works and researches on it follows the "Theory of Basic Elements and the Dimensions" at highly elaborated level of human consciousness, and regret to say does not follow the classical systems of science and computing, and thus the "brain controlling systems and the chips may better be banned and removed. Without reference to the organization, the following video seems a little more relevant:

The world has thus become addict to the theories of revolutionary systems, and now after about 300 years, we seem to be back to the theories of evolution, the quantum systems as according to world religions and faiths describing it as the "indigenous genius in the world" that is mostly blocked by the academic interpretations of any given age that is recorded as the "scientific proof" against the "pure research works of higher intelligence", and these has brought dark age of science and technology for many times in the world. In nutshell, all researches of innovation are mostly philosophical to which we apply the standard systems of the given age and that can be varying.

Shri Guru Gobind Singh has written with a great deal about the 6th Element as the Atama Tat, the Element of Consciousness and it is all recorded in the Holy Dasam Granth. In general the Indian Religions and Faith talk and discuss about the JEEVA as the DNA Systems as in the Gurbani its the JIO and "JI" in general and thus its treated as the 6th Sacred Element in the universe. When the Indian Jeeva, the Consciousness Systems in say Gurbani deals with the Quantum Qubit Systems, we have the Photons as the MANN, and Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives one of the finest commentary on the JEEAVA, Atama and the MANA Systems in the Sidh Goshati, the Discussions with the Yogis and Spirituals of Himalaya's .

One thing that makes us feel sad that the Masters, Sadhus, Saints, Spirituals, Religious People and others who believed in these theories of everything based on the Theories of Elements or otherwise as say in the Philselfological Model of Everything has been either encountered as terrorists or anti-social elements all over the world and most died in it and were put to jails all over the world as all opposed the theories of conditioning and the fake theories of nationalism or patriotic to states or nations rather world as a family, the nations as civilizations and this very Mesmer's systems has been called the Anti-Christ Theory that opposes the Avtara or the Reincarnation Theories in the world that we know as the Recycling and the Renewable Processes and thus we lacked it most prominently all over the world.

The reasons for brain control theories and all that creates power hunger seems to be sprouting from simple reason for everything that harms world community is ignoring the masses against what natural and the world resources:

"For millennia humanity has been manipulated and controlled and guided to the position in which we currently find ourselves...under the yoke of a New World Order. A New World Order that has been born of plans hundreds, if not thousands of years in the making. This plan for global domination is nearing its pernicious, insidious end - a return to serfdom for us, our children and future generations..." (Introduction to the videos above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVgRDQfDaas and its without any reference to organizations invloved)

Videos: The Single Reason Model for Most or Every World Problem: World does not any terrorist otherwise and how much land does a man need (Leo Tolstoy)

The World Religions and Faiths say in the Scriptures, Doctrines and the Otherwise that people who follow world as family are those who follow the "Theories of Everything" and that is how they has been respected as the Holy Saints in the world from ages and history prays in their names. We thank them all no matter what religion or faith they follow or we follow.

When we think of world peace, ecology, oneness, unity, sacred education systems and above all the "Naturopathy, Integrated and Holistic Healthcare Systems, Alternative Medicines, and all that deals with the Theory of Elements and Dimensions, and thus the Sacred Dimensions, the Global Paradigm Shifts, and so on", we find almost no jobs, employment, education, training, research facilities and all that makes religion and faiths play role in the Modern Governing Bodies, Corporates, Education, Defense and Security, Health and Wellness, Religious Practices as the Karma Kanda, and thus we seem to treat these theories as the ancient and outdated and thus modern world and the governing bodies with corporates seem to have abandoned it almost to extinction that modern youth particularly in India and Asia does not intend to practice Religions, Faiths, Theories of Elements and Dimensions, and thus after passing say Grade 8 or 10, the students become rationalists, communists, and argue according to "Theories of Metals and Chemicals rather than Theory of Elements and Dimensions that are what we know as the Vedas, Gurbani, Psalms, Grammars, Music, Sacred Maths and so on".

For example, these Sacred Systems of Healthcare and Wellness has been given no medical claims, and say in India, the Allopathy is the only Medical Certificate that may claim health and insurance, and rest of 500 Therapies are side business (I am saying it sadly not rudely though) and in my research works of Philselfology:

Please read more about the Quantum Biodata: Dr. Harmander Singh

I have tried to put the Classical Therapies well placed with the Quantum Therapies, which follow the Theories of Elements, Dimensions, Consciousness and above all the Quantum Qubit Systems that when I introduced in Resume and Bio-data seemed something "personal details"!

We notice that the Theory of Elements and Dimensions suffers a lot when we recognize it as the Pseudoscience or Metaphysics and when we do, we give it a very poor rank as its what all world religions, faiths, and of course all single theories and models of everything now follow in the world. People who work on pseudoscience, metaphysics, spiritualism and so on when lack jobs and funds face the communal and domicile level problems leading from a little discrimination to communal riots and most of involved are treated as terrorists all over the world when the same is based on the world religions and faiths and thus the theories of elements and dimensions.

In other words, we lack the studies and research of Theories of Elements and Dimensions at all levels in say UNO, the Governing Bodies, Private Sector, Officialdom, Diplomatic Systems, World Business and Trading Systems, and what to say the education of masses may not have knowledge or approval of it most of the countries that has followed it for centuries. Then how long can it exist and can exist nature as described in World Religions, Faiths, Prayers and Psalms!

If we talk and discuss Yoga and Meditation, without the Theories of Elements and Dimensions, its all meaningless.

As a result, are we really thinking of world peace and evolution of and in the world is a question..., and that in most of the countries the modern systems that do not support the Theories of Elements and Dimensions are the highest level of threat and risk for the ancient systems that is now emerging as the Advanced Physics Models, Theory of Dimensions, Single Models (Theories) of Everything, and so on, but its awareness is highly low in most of the countries and to the masses as otherwise its in the doctrines of all world religions and faiths.

It thus seems that we need to introduce the Sacred Education Systems, Single Theories of Everything, Theories of Elements and Dimensions and the similar ones as the "Global Natural and Ecological Sacred Systems" as having the same respect and honor as the UNO and Other World Peace, Renewable Energies and the Governing Bodies and Corporates claim as Global Projects with little importance to ancient, religious, and faith oriented theories of the Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom that gives Art of Innovation a meaning that anyone can learn and use it without any education given or degree awarded that is just being a human gives many free faculties as every human a center of the zero point energy that everyone can always use while compiling with the natural laws and principles that we call the "Theories of Elements, Dimensions and the Consciousness" such that everyone and everything can "Naturally Restore with Art of Self-assembling at the 4th Dimension of A, E, O, AE, the Quantum Qubit Theories and the Quantum Vowel Theories in All that we say is Classical or Quantum" and is well embedded in everything in the universe. It seems one of the great moral education that develops natural ethics, morals and the value systems. The Interfaith as well as the New Era Systems also need to materialize these said theories as otherwise winning hearts of people and brains of governing and the corporate bodies is just self-creation of job and employment, and thus all of these theories and the systems seem to consolidate the "International Systems of Non Government Organizations, the NGO Systems" as without their help world may forget the "Sacredness of All Times, the Theories of Elements, Dimensions and the Consciousness" that is essence of all religions, faiths, yoga and the spiritualism, and creates the "Philosophy Books of the Children".

Well, the Philosophy of A Child is that we all have the Mathematics in the Left Brain and the Linguistic Mathematics in the Right Brain, and thus it seems that the Western and the Modern Civilizations has developed the Mathematics and the Eastern and the Ancient Civilizations has well worked on the Linguistic Mathematics, the Joy of Right Brain, and we have tried our best to express the Linguistic Mathematics as the Base and the Basics to Human Natural Evolution in which we can always use the Grammars and Linguistics for Prose as the Mathematics, the Classical Maths, and the Grammars and the Linguistics for the Poetry as the Linguistic Quantum Maths that is computational and the interactive maths that uses language, colors, and all other compositions that we seem to have fully integrated and use now as the "Source of Single Models and Theories of Everything", and in it Euler's Contribution is great and so is the Indian Sacred Poetics as with Other World Sacred Poetics that is Beyond Numerals and now we have it all as the Quantum Essence of Everything Models:

We use the Vowels as the Exponential Function of Numerals and it follows the Natural Logarithm and Exponential Systems as its Base and the 4 Quantum Operators of "A, E, O, AE" in all world languages that we ordinarily know as the "A, I, E, O, U" or the "AA, EE, OO", the Essence of Waheguru, the "AA, EE, OO" Dipole Systems. The Indian and Most of World Grammars give the Vowel Theory as the Natural Logarithm:

I am working on how the "Vowels, Consonants with Grammars and the Languages, we can create the Classical and Quantum Systems for Global Development and Evolution with Phiselfological Single Theories and Single Models for Everything based on All World Civilizations as the World Heritage Systems" and lack enough funds to create a university systems offline to run it and while go through the "International Patent Process" also seems bit difficult as I have no one to work on these subject matters. Anyway, please read about the "A, E, O, AE" as the Quantum Qubit Philosophy as also with the Linguistic Math and Metaphysics:

How Gurmukhi and Gurbani describes Indian, Arabian, Israeli and other World Quantum Qubit Systems as the Jewish and Hindu Quantum Sacred Systems as Theories of Vowels, Consonants, Rama and Raheema Qubit Systems, and IK Onakara as the Euler's Formula and the Ishwara-Onkara Systems - Be Happy Philselfologically - 114b

A relevant topic and post: Future-Science Technology, Global Ecology, and World Peace From Collective Dream to Practical Realty

Next Part of the Series: Quantum Poetics Qubit Systems Describe Civilizations and Universe for Peace without War and Violence: Quantum and Classical Studies of Life in World Civilizations: Gurmukhi as the Quantum Language - Be Happy Philselfologically -116

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How Philselfological Model of Quantum Bloch Sphere, Quantum Qubit and the Music goes as Single and Simple Model of Learning, Teaching and Educating Everything: Music as 8 Dimensional Model - Be Happy Philselfologically - 113

When we want that our children, youth, aged and other people should learn the Quantum Sciences at the schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning, we need to consider how the "Quantum Qubit" is the "Live Show Everywhere" and that there is no part of any action, though, feeling, emotion, and act that does not take up the "Quantum Qubit Bloch Sphere" as its most essential part. In this part, we take up some major issues of the "Philselfological Model of Quantum Qubit Bloch Sphere" as the Simple and Single Model of Everything.

Every musical instrument has the "NAMA Sound Potential in it" and that remains as the 4th Dimension which we can produce, reproduce and bring to life as a player of musical instruments and listeners to it.

When we hear the Indian Words and Terms say the "NAMA", we may not immediately pick up the "N,M" of the Instrumental Beats, but the meaning of what the "NAMA" is after all.

When we see any musical instrument say a drum, and that when a child wants to play it, we give it a instrumental hit, and it gives the "N" Sound on beating it and releases the "M" Sound to the surroundings, and that the series of the "N,M" waves and vibrations in almost every direction. This sequence and series from the drum or any other musical instrument is the "Spherical Circles that has the "N,M" Sounds as the Longitudinal Waves and Vibrations and these spread as the "Spheres Spread" while following the sequences as:

"A, E, O, AE, EO, OA" that makes the sounds and tunes with the N and M Sounds in which the "N,M" creates the Bloch Sphere with the X, Y, Z with heights, widths and the amplitude from the A, E, O, and the AE, and in it, the AE remains the prime factor, the amplitude systems and quality of the A, E, and the O, as if the 3 Chirals of Music Systems and the AE as the Spiral that all listeners receive the "Bloch Sphere of EO and OA" in which the music is inscribed as the "Quantum Qubit Systems" and with it comes the "N,M" Sounds of the Longitudinal Waves with Dense, the N and Not Dense Longitudinal, the M Waves, and we listen to the music as the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" as the 8 Dimensional Music Setup inside the Bloch Sphere of Music. This is the "Musical Pulsar" and the very arrangement and rearrangement of the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" makes music standardized with what we know as the "Indian Raga Systems", the Ideal Music Tunes, Volumes, Beats, Rhythms, Melodies and all that makes music Quantum and Sacred is the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" Quantum Pulsar of Sound, and it has everything that we can study as the "Quantum and Qubit Systems" and if we can understand it, we can understand any music system of the world.

In the image below, we notice that the "Longitudinal Waves" go as the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA" and the UP and DOWN Waves are the "N,M" Pressures that we create by playing any instrument, and in it, the pivot is the "EO and the OA" which is the "Pinnacle of Music" as the "Bloch Sphere Manager of Music as the Quantum Qubit System", and all of it is as shown below:

Now, this "Quantum Qubit Musical Model" has Language, Grammar, Math, Music, Science, Philosophy, Religion,... and human in it with "Nature as the Teacher" and it alone has been the "Teacher of Everything Model in All World Civilizations".

The Sound that remains as the "N,M" inside every instrument is same as we discuss the "Dipole Systems" and this "N,M" is discussed as the "NA,MA" and only trouble that we face is that the "A" is one of the most hidden character in everything that we say is the "Quantum Qubit" and that as we discussed the "A" is always hidden as the "A'-A'" that if we ever want to understand is the "A'-0A'-0A'-A'" in which the "Sacred or the Quantum Dipole" is not active. The passive "Dipole is 0A'-A'" where almost nothing happens without activation that makes it go through the "0A'-0A'" Phase Transitions as we see "A'-(A'-A')-A'" raised from the "A'-0A'-0A'-A'" with addition of the "Beat in Music" as with "A" Vibration" so, the "Musical Qubit Quantum Systems" are the "Sacred Theory of Dipoles in which we have the "Two Dipoles: "A'-(A'-A')-A' and "A'-0A'-0A'-A'", which we notice in everything that exists in the universe including the universe.

This very system of two dipoles is what makes the NAMA and the NAAMA Theory as the "Two Dipoles Interactions" that is present in the Indian and World Sacred Systems as the "Shiva and Shakti", "YIN and YONG" and with so many other names that we know about the Electric and the Magnetic Systems. The "A'-(A'-A')-A' is the Shakti, the Force that is the N Sound Systems "A'-0A'-0A'-A'" is the Shiva, the Power of Direction, and for an ease, we simply need to note it as the "N" as the Sound that is yet to give its sound, and "M" is the sound that we always hear in the surrounding and say in the music. The music goes inside the "N,M" as the two dipoles of the "A'-(A'-A')-A' and "A'-0A'-0A'-A'" and that we use as the "A, E, O, EA, OE, OA" with its original sounds of "N,M" and this same systems are what we know as the "Indian Sargama: SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI SAH", and its always as the Quantum Qubit System as we have discussed in this series.

As we read such new quantum systems, it may seem either very to many and very difficult to many readers and even the musicians, and this is what we will notice during this year 2015 and next years as the easiest single model of everything say the music as the quantum science, studies and research.

We edit and add.

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Be Happy Philselfologically and Play the Quantum Qubit Music Everyday! Smile
Dr. Harmander Singh
Nadi and Anadi: How Indian Mantra, NAMA, ONAMA Systems are Essence of Classical and Quantum Systems of Modern World and Civilizations: Gurmukhi Language, BIT and Qubit Systems: Be Happy Philselfologically - 112

The Modern World has entered into the Classical and Quantum Systems serving humanity together, and that has been one of the great achievement in our times of the 21st Century. We notice it as we have discussed that what is the "Systematic Approach" from centuries as the "Classical Approach" has now a greater visions of the "Quantum Qubit Approach" that sees the "Classical, the Systematic Approach just as a Part of the Quantum Chaotic Approach", and its also clear from the "Two World Wars, Cold Wars, Violence and Economic and Other Failures in Last Century" that "Classical, the Systematic Approach is not for everyone, who is human", and that this the "Theory of Conditioning, the Systematic or the Classical Approach" is not for humans, but the "Theory of Chaos, Quantum and thus the Theory of Uncertainty" is for the humans.

We needed to be "sure of predictability" about human and the animal behavior and thus the "Theory of Conditioning" remained prominent. How as the "Humanity Solves the Natural Laws and Principles of Uncertainty", we no longer need to go for complete or the full predictability about individuals, but that even in the most uncertain situations, we are certain that human will remain as a human and thus will not become "something else".

So, the world against terrorism and violence and also the corruption and pollution may have tried to solve it while conditioning people or the masses, but the "Uncertainty Principle is that humans know things naturally to great extent, but may not explain it and thus become creatively active and starts to laugh, dance, write, compose and so things that are quantum, but we may tend to impose the conditioning to it, and that ends the quantum qubits in the human personality."

So, we discuss it as the Theory of Mantra and the NAMA in the Indian Sacred Systems. The "Mantra" is the Systematic and the Classical Approach, and in it a human has no importance and not even the gods and the angels have any significance, for example:


The RAMAYA is the "RAM" in relation to the OM and the NAMAHA System, and that gives word "RAMA" the level of object that in the standards of the parameters may have almost no significance, and its same as follws:

"Rama goes to school."

"Anyone can go to school."

This is the Classical Theory.

Now, we think of Quantum!

"Who is Rama"

The questions that kids ask in childhood are the "Quantum Theory, the Philosophy that starts in wonders and ends in wonders".

"Rama is a Boy.... Rama is a King", and this Sacred Epic goes very long story.

Now, when we focus about the Bit 0 (OM) and Bit 1 (NAMA), we forget the "Quantum Words RAMA", and that is if RAMA is there one may pay almost no attention.

It makes individually life subjected to law, and conditioning that pays a very little attention to the individuals, and thus in the masses one is the "Verb" in the sentence and thus the "Great Theory of Hard Determinism" goes on in almost every situation that is one is put to the theory and its influence and the behavior modifications one thus needs.

So, most of the people in the modern world started the "extra tuition and coaching" as school and colleges seem doing the "Syllabus Conditioning" where the rebels are the "researches" and "Galileo, Newton and Einstein" are mostly the most slapped or rebuked students, and later they seem threat to defense and security and end up as the antisocial elements.

The "RAMA" needs attention, the "dhayana" so the Indian Sacred Systems provide the "NAMA Theory" as follows:


However, the RAMA as the Quantum Science and the Qubit System does not consider that the OM NAMAHA are must "BITS of the Classical Theory", and thus the experts need to know the "OM and the NAMA Systems of the Classical Theories", but individuals need only the "RAMA that is Quantum Verb of Human Brain" and if one goes for BITS, the Classical Systems, one may not enjoy the Quantum RAMA Systems.

All the Sacred World Systems thus when talk about "God" say what!

"God is Quantum Qubit"

"God is not Classical Bit"

This makes life of humans easy and quantum with all creative knowledge and the wisdom, the Kala serving humanity and the natural world.

When we talk and discuss about say the "Subject Verb and Object" Systems, we are not always quoting the text languages and that is what God as the Quantum Systems is all about as the "Rama Systems".

For this reason, the "Text Book Language, the Classical and the BIT Theory" differs from the Brahmi, the Verbal Languages, the Quantum and the Qubit Theory".

This what it means the Sanskrit, the Text, the Classical Language and the Grammars and the Pali, the Brahmi, the Verbal and the Creative (Innovations, Improvisation and the Spontaneity is the Gurmukhi and the Hindi Languages and all that is called the Non-text Languages but meet the "Poetics that has randomness of the Quantum, the RAMA Systems".

For this reason, the Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Hindi, and many other world languages are the "Quantum Qubit Languages and Grammars" and the Sanskrit stands as the "Classical Language Systems".

In other words, the Mantra Systems are best written in Sanskrit and the NAMA Systems are best written in the Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Hindi and many other Brahmi Languages.

Now, the point is that the "Languages and the Grammars of the RAMA Theory have a Sure and Specific Theory and Quantum Systems of the Vowel Theory".

The Sure and Specific Theory of the Quantum Systems of the Vowel Theory constitutes the Modern Single and Simple Models of Everything, the Theory of Everything as it does not deal the "Consonants or the Mantra Structures, but the Vowel Systems and the Structures of the World Civilizations", and that it, the RAMA is the "Photon 1 and the Photon 2" that makes "Vowel, the Verb, Syllable and the Quantum Systems and that one can not break or violate the laws of the poetic setup that focus on the vowels." For this reason, the "Theory of NO Violation is the Theory of Everything as the Quantum Peace Theory against the NO Violence Theory that can not be the Theory of Everything as in the Jungle lives the Lion and the Cow, and the Lion Systems do not support the NO Violence Theory, but rather the Lions do not violate the Laws of the Jungle."

Well, the Jungle follows the "AA EE OO" rhythm and humans educate the consonants and one needs non-violence while the other non-violation, and in the world we need non violation civilizations that support and respect every world culture and civilizations and that with martial arts as the best non-violation theory!

When we consider the Non-violation Theory, we have to use it in the Quantum Theory as in the violence is there in final execution of every action that one photon must die to leave its "memory to the other photon". In other words, one photon gives any "impression on it" to the other photon as the "memory", and for the word is "Si+Marana", the "Single Memory Bank (Si)+Passive Transfer as the Medium", and that is most of the Indian Scriptures talk and discuss about the "Marana, the Secrets of Death as the Secrets of Life", and this philosophy is the "word of activation" is the "Baptization Theory of All World Religions and Faith as the Born Again Theory that One Photon (Mann) Dies and the the Second Photon (Atama, the Receiver of Memory) takes birth". For this reason all spiritual songs in the world are songs of birth as the born again songs that is what is called the "Simarana to Receive All Reiki Systems one surrenders", and thus the "Quantum Process is the Simarna and in it the Classical is the Marna as that Marna is Classical, the Death and the Eternal Living, the Quantum Life is the "S", the S:, the SAH, the SAHA, the Eternal Bond of Photon with the Universe".

Now, with the "SAH, the S:, the SAHA" as the Sohun and the Hansa Theory, we can always understand the NAMA Theory where the "First Priority to the Light is the RAMA and the if the First Priority is the Sound Energy, the same theory is the NAMA Theory". If the "Light is what is the First Photon, the Second Photon is the M, the Fission, and this is the Fission of Light as the RAMA". In his studies, research and the descriptions, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji discuss the "NAMA Theory, the Sound Theory of First and the Second Photon in the Quantum and the Qubit Systems, and so says it: "Nanak Ke Ghar Kewal Naam...," (Gurbani) that means Guru Ji discuss the Sound Energy Systems of Light, Photons and the Quantum Systems."

So, the RAMA Theory while talks and discusses the Light and Energy, it discusses all conversions of energy, and that the NAMA Theory on the other hand discusses the Sound Conversions in which the light is also a part, and that thing is called when we consider the Sound as the Shabada, that is consideration of light as the Pulsar, Spiral and 3 Chirals that collectively make Shabada, the Sound Energy Systems and this Sound is the Quantum Sound not the Classical Sound that deals "Sound as Energy", and thus the Shabada discusses the "Holistic Sound not the Sound as One Form of Energy".

When we consider the Space, its full holistic form in Indian Sacred Systems is the SAHA, which ordinarily means the "Breathe!"

The SAHA as the Holistic Breath is the "Ionization Process, the Inhale and Exhale". In this Quantum ionization, we notice that the MARANA is the "Conversion of One Form of Energy into Other Form" say from Oxygen to the Carbon Dioxide and the "Lungs do the Marna Process" and that is not death, but conversion, and this is not the Classical Conversion, the Quantum as the Holistic Conversion that cannot be considered individually as if we do, we do it as the Classical Study and Research of the Subject and the Object.

For the above reasons, the Indian Theories are:

1. OM Theory

2. NAMO Theory

3. RAMA Theory

4. RAMA Theory


6. SIMARANA Theory

7. Bindu Theory and so on

In all of the above theories, we notice only one thing and that is how we deal the 4 Systems of Light (R), Sound (N, M), Energy (K) and the Matter (SAHA, the Ionization, the Phase Transitions and so on), and in its totality, the light (R) is the consciousness as the JEEVA, the Consciousness Systems.

For example, the word "NARA" is the "Sound and Light" and thus the popular word the "NOOR and the Nirankara". The "KARA" is the "Energy (KA) and the Light (RA) Systems", which means that "All Energy Conversions are Conserved according to the Vowel Theory, the Nama Theory, the Light, the Quantum Theory, and thus according to the Uncertainty Principle".

When we consider the "Time Theory and Philosophy, it deals the SAHA, the Theory of Quantum Ionization", the Time of Any Reaction is Predictable is the Classical Theory in the Theory of Uncertainty":

For the "SAHA, the Quantum Ionization", the Indian term is the "SAMAY, the SAMA Systems" that simple means that revery reaction of energy conversion, the SAMA, the Balance is Always same, that is according to the Newtonian Laws, the State of Matter remains as its and when put to external force that influences it causing any reaction as the "Quantum ionization, the S:, the SAHA" is well predictable and this is popular as the "Time, the SAMAY, the Balance of Ionization", and when this "Quantum ionization" works as our reference, we call it the "SAHA, the Duration of Bond" that remains "SAMA" the "Time Indicator of Future" in our daily human life.

As for the "SAHA, the Quantum Ionization, the SAMARANA is the Key" as the "Life and Death Convert Everything but according to the SAHA, the Processes and the Process Rates", and that makes the SA (Ionization) and Marna (Conversion) a quantum activity. In the human body, the death occurs to the body or the "Environment of Ionization, but not to the Observer who sees and the records it, and this is also part of the Quantum Memory of the Universe, that is the Universe as the Information Universe, the Akhara". We notice that two universes, which play the Quantum Qubit Game of the Akhara (Information) and Akara (Vibrational Systems of the Sound, the Shabada Energy and the Light) are well interlinked as the SAHA, the Ionization present in the Akhara (the dimensions due to charges), and finally we see the "Color Universe that is the Play of Bindi and the Bindu is looking at the universe as the Colors".

The highest level of the Indian Sacred Systems is the "Twist that Works as the Vortex", and this says that everything we experience, think, feel and notice in any form is the "Vortex", and this Sacred Vortex is the "N, the Top of the Vortex Conversions into the M Vortex Point as the Bottom of the Vortex", and that is (N,M), the Two Frames of References as the Classical and the Quantum Systems that the First Observer, the Light and the Second as the Sound (Shabada, the Holistic Observer). We notice that "N as the Source Photon and the M as the Object (Target) gives everything from the "Vibration" present between the "Two Photons" and this the "Climax, the Charming Point in the Indian and the World Civilizations as the A' Vibartion" and for this reason, we have it as:

"N+A'+A'M"" (Essence of All Vibrations) that is as N+A'+A'+M=NAM, the NAMA Theory

The First Photon (N) releases a vibration A', and the Second Photon also releases the same vibration as the A', and both interact as the A'-A' giving all possible Sound, the Shabada products, and that is the A'-A' and the A-A, which both act as the Dipole that is the A'-A'-A-A, and this is how "A" as the "2A" as the "Two or More Vibrations" emerge as the Wavelet and Wavefront Systems of the Universes and that what we see as below:

N+A'+A'+A'+A'+M=N+A-A+M=NAAM (NAAM Theory)

Thus, the universe has two major pendulum vibration systems as the NAMA and the NAAMA, and that makes "A'-A"' (Pendulum One) and the "A-A" (Pendulum Two), and thus great contributions from the Indian and the Asian Civilizations.

The NAMA Theory deals with what we see as the Classical Indian Alphabet, the Consonant Systems and the NAAMA Theory deals with the Quantum Indian Alphabet that is the Vowel Theory. This what we see the Wave and Particle in the Quantum Systems in which the NAAMA is the "Wave and the Particle" is the NAMA, and thus the "Vibration Theory as the NAMA and the NAAMA Theory" that deals the Sacred Dipoles, the 4 Positions in the Universe as the 4 Pada that is the Base and the Basis of the Indian Sacred Systems as the A, E, O and the AE Systems. The NAMA uses the A, E, O, the Classical Quantum that is the light as the particle, and the Pure Quantum is the AE (EO and the OA) Systems) as the NAAMA, the Double Vibration Theory creating light as the wave.

When we consider the NAMA and the NAAMA as the Particle and Wave Quantum, we have to see and say:

Videos: Wave as the NAAMA and as the Particle NAMA and both make the Quantum World Possible

When we discuss the NAMA, the Light as Particle with A, E, O Systems associated with it and the AE, EO and the OA associated with the NAAMA Theory, the Light as Wave, we notice that the Indian Periodic Table, we have it two major formats:



Here the Indian Philosophy of SHREE is as important as the RAMA Theory.

The N and M has its expression in the T, THA, DA, DHA, N and the P, PHA, BHA, BHAA, MA, which make all Indian Dances, Music and the Instruments possible with its most amazing vibration theory that T, THA, DA, DHA and NA gives all instruments the "Sacred Beat and Vibration" while the Indian Dances also use it in its beat formats while the "Music goes with the Sacred Vibrations of the "PA, PHA, BHA, BHAA, and MA", and this way the NA-MA is the Essence of Indian Systems as the NAMA and the NAAMA Vibrations according to the Indian Tat Darshana, the Theory of Elements. These however may not deal with the "Sounds that are with the "SHA" and "RA" that needs the "EE Force, the Force and Pressure that further needs Volume, and that is present in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Row of Indian Element in the Quantum and Classical Alphabets."

The "K-Varga, Ch-Varga and the T-Varga" deal with the Space, Air and Water Systems that are the "SHREE Systems", and these always or at least mostly remain present before or after the "MANTRA say as RAMA", and this is all SHREE Systems that work as either adjective or adverb", and these are broadly explained as say the A(N), K(N), CH(N), T(N) and the A(M), K(M), CH(M), T(M) Sounds that covers the Indian Alphabet in the Classical and the Quantum ways as the A(N) as the Classical and the A(M) Systems that are the Bindi and the Bindu Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems and as the Yoga and Meditation where as we discussed the "M and the N" are the Most Primal Sounds, and this the Setup of the 6th and the 7th Rows that gives the N and M, the First Photon and the Second Photon Systems that is the 6th (N) and the 7th (M) Rows always coexist.

The "SH" in most of the world languages is the "N" System and the "REE" goes for the "M" Sound Systems, and anything that can give the "N, the Bindi and the M, the Bindu Sounds" is what is constructed and manufactured as the "SHREE Product that must have 3 Dimensions, which we know as the Volume, Air Capacity and Flow Outlet means should have M, V and D Systems", and that is what takes the M and N to the 3 Chirals, the Primal NANO's that too with "Space Element (Y), Air Element (X) and the Water Element (Z) in it", and that is how the 3 Chirals are the 3rd, 4th and the 5th Rows in the Indian Alphabet.

One question can be raised in the Quantum Hypothesis based on the Indian Alphabets and that is if the 3rd, 4th and the 5th are the SHREE, the 3 Chirals, what is the "RAMA". The Gurbani says:

"Rig Kahai Riha Bharpoor Ram Naam Devan Meih Soor..."

It says that what the Rig Veda says present everywhere like the Sun is the "RAMA Systems".

Here the RAMA shining as the Sun is the Pulsar System that is the 2nd Row of the Indian Vowels and the Consonant Row as the 7th Row, and that is what makes "Ionization have the Fire in it, and that is the RAMA is the Brahma Agni Systems". If we take away the "RA" and replace it with the "NA", the Photon, it becomes the NAMA, the Quantum Systems.

This Quantum Hypothesis also suggests that N is the Quantum Particle Science and the M is the Quantum Wave Sciences as based on the Indian Alphabet; the consonants, vowels and the "N, M" as the Primal Photons of the Universe that we can assume as the "Two Sacred Pendulums".

If we notice in the images below, we notice the N and M as the Matter and the Antimatter and together as the M+N that the Indian Systems call the MANN is the Photon, and its the "Time Dimension" as well, and as it needs the "Space (K-Varrga), Air (CH-Varga) and the Water (T-Varga) that due to "AIR and SPACE Union and thus Combinations" may alter from the "Space, Air and Water" order to "Space, Water and Air" in the Consonant Rows in many Indian and World Languages. We thus see the "Photon as the "M, N" and the Anti-photon to say as the N, M Systems", and now to be very refined and specific, the Quantum Indian Systems give it as the NAMA, the Photon as Source and the NAAMA as the Second Photon that has "A Vibrations inside it", and thus the NAMA (Photon without Memory) and NAAMA (Photon with memory) gives us a Quantum Particle and Wave Systems in the Indian Quantum (Sacred Philosophy) as shown below:

Image: The Bindi (N, the Blue) and the Bindu (M, the Red) as the NAAMA Theory as described by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to the Great Yogi, Gorkhnatha

We also notice that the "Red as the Bindu goes as the Quantum Bindu, the Dot" and the Blue as the Bindi goes as the Quantum Bindi, the Dot" if we put it as the Bindi (N) and the Bindu (M) Sounds, the Shabada Systems in the Indian Quantum (sacred) Systems.

The following is a very good summary of the Bindu (Proton) and the Bindi (Electron) that gives Photons:

"THE PRINCIPLE OF CIRCLON SYNCHRONICITY: The fundamental assumption of Circlon Synchronicity is that protons and electrons exist in the universe and they are exactly what we measure them to be.

Circlon Synchronicity is a conceptual model of mass, space, time and gravity that is based on complimentary principles of measurement that describe the interactions of two fundamental mechanical particles of matter moving with three dimensions of momentum within three dimensions of time. Circlon Synchronicity is organized and explained within nine basic principles of physical measurement." (With thanks from the source: http://www.living-universe.com/home/3-Principle-of... )

AS we have discussed that N and M Systems set up as with the A, E, O, and the AE, the 4 Major Corners that make 4th Dimension in the ONKARA, we have it well shown in the figure below, and that its the central point at the base of every nucleus and all of the "A, E, O and the AE" are external systems to the "Major Square of the EO and the OA Systems" that we see in the He-4 and the H-8:

Our this hypothesis is also good working without alphabets, lest the mad word is the only given credit to innovations!

In any case, while we consider the "Bindu and the Bindi Theory", which is the Essence of Indian and World Yoga and Meditation Systems, its also called the "Nadi and the Anadi Systems" in which the Bindi is the Nadi, the Sound, the Shabada and the Bindu is the Anadi, which is not sound but A-Nadi, the Vibration that we see as light. For this very reason the Yogis focus on the Nadi, the Point that gives sounds in the Kundalini and the Bindu is the light that one sees as the Chakra.

When we consider the Chakra Theory, its the Nadi and the Anadi, the N Sound Systems and the M Light Systems that "Spiral Together Giving the Kundalini Structure in the Same Way as we know the "Quantum Spiral" in the Photon 1 and the Photon 2 Systems of the Proton (Red) and the Neutron (Blue) Systems in the Photon Spirals, the Kundalini and the Chakra Systems. Thus, the Chakra is the composed of the Proton (Pingla Nadi) and the Electron (Ida Nadi) with the Backbone of it, that is the Spinal Chord as the Neutron that makes it the Sukhmana Nadi Systems, and as the Bindu, the Light Photon we see it inside as the Nadi, the Shabada, and the Sound and Charge, the Two Photon Spiral Systems.

This Sacred (Quantum) System of the Proton and the Electron is the "T, THA, DA, "NA and the MA", BHA, BA, PHA, PA", which is the Blend of Last Two Alphabet Rows in the Indian Alphabet.

The Sikh Gurus worked and developed the Nadi and A-nadi Quantum (Sacred) Systems as the "N and M" which is having two major forms as in the Indian Mantra Systems the NAMA is the MANTRA Tail Systems, but in the NAAMA Theory its the Middle, the Quantum Wave Systems, the Quantum Light as the NAAMA. So, Sikh Gurus write it throughout the Sacred Sikh Teachings, the Gurbani that its the NAAMA, the Bindi and the Bindu as the Quantum Wave Theory that they have described as the Sahaj Yoga and or the Raja Yoga, the Shabada Yoga that they also educated to the Great Yogi Gorkhnatha at the Himalayas and its recorded as the Yoga Naama Theory, the Sidhi Goshati.

When Shri Guru Nanak Dev went to South India, the Yogis there described that Yoga is not the "NAAMA", but the ONAMA, and then he described that the same NAAMA Theory when we use to see the Information Universe, the Akhara Systems that differs from the Sound and Light, we have to understand that the NAMA is best described as the Akhara, the Information, the Shabada as the "A, E, O, AE, OE and OA", the Six Sacred Dimensions as the O in the NAMA Theory as the ONAMA, and very differently, he, the Guru Ji described the NAMA Theory as the ONAMA Theory and gave all discourses as the "Dakhani ONKARA" South Indian ONAMA Sacred (Quantum) Systems.

So, in the Sidhi Goshati by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is for the "Universe Inside" as the Sound and Light, the NAAMA Systems as he described to the Yogis at the Himalaya and the Dakhani ONKARA Systems by the same Guru is for the South Indians, the Modern People and Civilizations for learning the Universe Outside, the ONAMA Theory and Philosophy. Here we thank Guru Ji for his discourses.

One of the confusion that may be present in the Classical and the Quantum Light (M, the Bindu) and Sound (N, the Bindi) Systems is that in the Classical Quantum Theory, we have the Red, Green and Blue, the Tricolor Theory that takes up as the Proton, Electron and the Neutron in the X, Y, and the Z Directions and the Dimensions, but the Quantum Light Systems using the Photons that the Proton and the Electron release give us everything as the NAAMA Systems in which the Proton is Red as the First Photon, the Bindu to say and the Electron is Blue as the Second Photon, the Bindi, and thus is confined to the X and Y Axis's as the Blue, the Electron in the Y-Axis and the Red, the Proton in the X-Axis, and that together as the "Spiral, the Quantum Chakra", its all in the Z-Direction and thus the Z-Axis, and that is what seems very vivid in the same image as shown again below:

Image: The Bindi (N, the Blue) and the Bindu (M, the Red) as the NAAMA Theory as described by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to the Great Yogi, Gorkhnatha

So, please note in this series, the Quantum Light Sciences and Systems that we have discussed in this series is a very very young and new concept, and we all are habitual of the Classical Light Sciences and the Systems, so please bear me! Unhappy

I must express that the Book, "The Principles of Circlon Synchronizations" as the "Living Universe" is very well described theory of NAMA, NAAMA, ONAM and the ONKARA as we have discussed,and even though these names may not be mentioned in the book, "The Living Universe: A New Theory for the Creation of Matter in the Universe" by James Crater describes it very well:

Image: The "NAMA, NAAMA, ONAM and the ONKARA", the Bindu Theory in Book "Living Universe" by James Carter

He, the James Carter says the following simple truths about innovation that is well depicted in the image below it:

"Natural Philosophy Theory: The goal of natural philosophy is to reveal the basic truths of the universe at all levels of our existence. Progress toward this goal is made by constructing theories to explain the various phenomena that are observed in the world around us. Theories are developed by building on several different layers of knowledge.

A theory begins as pure imaginary knowledge. This brings together imagination and belief in an attempt to locate truth. Mathematical knowledge consists of a precise set of imaginary rules. An arbitrary assumption is knowledge consisting of common beliefs used as the elements of theory. The metaphysical assumption is knowledge based on a combination of verifiable experimental facts and beliefs not accessible to experiment. Experimental knowledge is based only on experimental measurements and does not include any metaphysical assumptions. The knowledge of God is the ultimate truth of existence in the universe. This ultimate truth of reality may or may not correspond with experimental evidence or other forms of human knowledge." (With thanks from the source: http://www.circlon.com/living-universe/044-natural... )

The following is the N, the Bindi and the M, the Bindu in the "Circular Vibartion Systems" as we notice that the "N and M" are also the "Circular Propagation of Sound, the Nadi and the Light, the M as the Anadi Systems" as we see in the image below:

Image: The Nadi (N) and the Anadi (M) as the NAAMA Systems create the Universe

When we put it all in the Modern Quantum Systems, the Bindi (Blue) and the Bindu (Red) exist as the "Bloch Sphere" with the X as Red, Y Blue, and the Z as the Green Systems, and in it we see the NAMA Theory, and when we create the "Yellow Vibrations as the Primitive Systems", we have the "Green Photon Systems", and that when we consider the Red, Blue and the Green, we can also imagine the the Yellow that makes and helps us see the "Green Photon Systems" as we see in the image below:

Image: The NAMA and the NAAMA as the Bloch Sphere that is Most Popular as the Netra, the Third Eye System in the Indian and the World Civilizations

When it says Netra, its "N"+Tara Systems that the Sphere where the "N" First Photon Travels, and when its the Mantra, its the "M+N"+Tara that is the Quantum Systems in which the First (M) and the Second (N) Photons travel or swim. For this reason, the Sikh Gurus says that they have described the "MAHA Mantra as the Gurbani", and the MAHA means the "M", the Second Photon (X-Axis in the Bloch Sphere, the Optical Pulse (M Vibration with A and H Spreading), and thus instead of the SAHA, the Ionization of Light, the MAHA is the Ionization of the "M", the Bindu, the Red Light Pulses in the Universes.

Now, when use the Philselfological Hypothesis to the Indian Theory of NAMA that is mostly present as the NAMAHA at the end of various Indian Mantras, we notice that its the "Perfect Classical Quantum Sciences" and that all Indian Mantras have it say:

OM SHREE RAMAYA NAMAHA for the BIT Systems (Classical Physics and the Quantum Systems)

(O, A, E, AE) (OE, OA) (N, M) for the QUBIT Systems (Quantum Physics and the Quantum Sciences)

In the above, we change no Indian Mantra at all as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji told to all Indians Yogis and the Scientists during his discourses as he said, the Gurbani stands like the flower in the pot of milk and it does not disturb any Indian Sacred Systems. In it, we notice that the Gurbani as the Quantum Sciences discusses the "Vowels at the Indian and the World Mantras" and describes it as NAMA and the NAAMA Systems that is as the OM and the KARA as two systems that we know as the NAMA, the Bindu and Bindi as Light and Sound Systems and the KARA as the NAAMA, the Waves and Vibrations of the Universe as the Dipole. Bhai Gurdas Ji, the Sikh Philosopher says that WAHEGURU Vibrations are the "Source of Evolution of the Universe" while its basics as the Sampata, the 4 Major Quarters are the WASUDEVA (W), HARI (H), GOBIND (G) and the RAMA (R) Dipoles, the 4 Vibrational Systems in the Quantum and the Qubit Systems that we study as the Bloch Sphere Systems according to this hypothesis.

The Bloch Sphere for the Qubit Quantum Systems have the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green as its X, Y, Z and the 4th D, and that is what most of the Indian Dipole Systems do as say All Astrological Dipoles with the WAHEGURU Dipole Systems, and say the ONKARA as the (O, N) and the (KA,RA) and the SATINAMA, and say also the OM SHREE MANTRA NAMAHA, and so on, and all are dipoles for various mediums and are always colored as the "Bloch Spheres in the Indian Sacred, the Quantum Systems say the Rangoli and the Indian Makeup Systems".

All of the Indian Sacred Systems as the Quantum Systems are as follows:

1. Pulsar (N, M, the Light and Sound Systems in the Bloch Sphere)

2. Spiral (OE, OA, the Bloch Sphere)

3. The 3 Chirals (O, A, E, the 3 Major Circles and Shapes in the X, Y, and Z Circles inside the Bloch Spehere)

And thus the (O, A, E), (AE), (OE, OA), (N, M), the ONKARA Systems based on the Philselfological Hypothesis.

We will edit and add.

Thanks for your time!

Be Happy Philselfologically and please write something creatively!
Dr. Harmander Singh
The Indian, Egyptian, Arabian, Israeli and World Single and Simple Models and Theories of Everything are all one in the Vowel Theory of Indian Language and Grammar Systems: Gurmukhi and All Secrets of Universe and Be Happy Philselfologically - 111

The Sacred Indian Systems that are based on the Indian, Egyptian, Arabian and Israeli and the Chinese Sacred Systems at the same time give us the "Theory of Vacuum, Zero Potential and Free Energy. These Sacred Systems also describe all of the "Single and Simple Models of Everything". These also describe how the God is the God of Word, the Universe as the Information (Akhara Universe), its also the God as the Light (OM Philosophy), and how its the God of Sound, who Speaks and Talks (KARA Universe), and also how God of Vacuum as the Parbrahma deals the universes and the multiverses. This has names of the "PARA" that is the "Most Primitive Vibration that is the A' Akhara, the Consonant Sound of A' that these Sacred Systems call the Para Systems", and this is the very Para System of the A' that when deals with 0A' and the 2A' that creates all "Quantum Transitions Possible in the Universe" as it grows the 2A' as the "Transition and the Speed of the Transitions" as the A'-A', and thus we have it the "Two Pendulum Systems of the Universes as the 0A' and the 2A' (A), and that these are thus called the Brahma the 2A' (A) Visible Universes and the 0A' as the Parabrahma Universes that as the "Micro Universes remain Hidden in and as the Micro Dimensions of the Visible Universes that are based on the Vibrations of A' that creates the "Matter due to A'-A' Phases that is simply the "Direction of Spin" as the A' is either clockwise or the anticlockwise" and it decides what is next the matter, light, sound or the energy and thus the energy conversions that are likely to occur. This is thus what we know the "0A' to O, N, M" that make everything happen in the universe.

The "N" that is the "Bindi" Systems of the Source Quantum Dot in the Indian Sacred Systems when interacts with the "Bindu", the Quantum Object Dot Systems is what we also know as the "Source of Fission and the Fusion Theories in the World", the "Bindi" is the "Theory of Fusion" and the "Bindu" is the "Theory of Fission" as shown below M, the Fission UP and the N, the Fusion DOWN:

The Universe is the Topological Quantum System that is the "Topology of the Vacuum, the Source of Quantum Potential and Free Energy" and the Indian Sacred Systems describe it as the "KARA and the AKARA" in the Two Major World Theories as the OM+KARA that is the Universe as the Script (OM) and as the KARA, the Spacetime that is "KARA", the "Light (RA) in Space (KA)", and when we discuss the "String that Binds the Light (RA) and Script (OM)" that is the "Sacred Vibration that "A" for the AKARA", and the KARA in 2-D Light is the AKHARA (Letters that we write), and its the "World Line" as the "Time in the Vowel and Sound is the Space and (Motion) Velocity Systems".

The "A" in the Indian Sacred Systems is the "Union of Vacuum and the First Vibration" and it exists as the 0A'+A'=A' and A'+A'=A, and this Vibartion as the "A' and A" exists in the "A', A, E, O, AE, N, M" that is the "Universe as the Information System", and this way the "Universe is Sound, the Word, the Script" and its called the "ONAM" that is the universe is the information system of vibrations that we can read, listen, speak, understand, use and broadcast anywhere in the universe. This very study is known as the "Veda System". According to Gurbani, the Sacred Teachings of Sikhism:


"The ONAM is the Essence of the Universe as the Script, the Akhara".

The ONAM is the "A', A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" as the 8-Dimensional System of the Universe in which the 9th D of the A' remains hidden and its present in all dimensions. In reality, the ONAM is the OM System and the "KARA is the System of the Light and Sound Energy Systems".

Image: The ONAM as the Informational Universe Systems

Thus, the ONAM Systems as the "A', A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" is the "Birth to Death Phases of the Black Hole", and as its "Birth is so is the A' and the A" and as its death is so is the N and M Sound Energies", and in the following images, the Birth (a) is the A', the Birth of Vibration and the A'-A'=A is the (b) in the image, and its the the creation of sound energy from the vibration (a) that is A'+A'=A (A'-A' Plane):

Image: "ONAM" is the Sound Energy Systems Birth to Death Phases as the Sound Energy Systems

The universe and its relation with the other universes also follows the same patterns of the "A', A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" and here the "Big Bang is the "A' and the A" that is the "A' and the 2A'", the "Two Planes that has one as the Blank Qubit (A') and the Other Qubit has matter in it as A'+A'=A=2A'", and these also follow the same phases "A', A (2A'), E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M":

When we consider the "ONMKARA and the ONAM" Systems, we also have to mention that its based on the Gurmukhi, the Gurbani, the Script of Sikh Sacred Teachings, and it embraces the Vedas as well as the Arabian and the Israeli Civilizations as the Sikhism has Hinduism and the Jewish World Religions and the Faiths as its "Old Holy Testaments" and it also takes up the Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim and other Modern World Religions and Faiths, and in it the Major Point is the Sikh Research Systems based on the Gurmukhi is Veda and what is NOT Veda, and thus the "All World Systems as ONE" and adds innovations to all world religions as its roots and calls it the "Sacred Wisdom Tree".

"Jan Nanak Punn Hari Bijiya..." (Gurbani)

"Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has planted a Sacred Tree..." and it treats all world religions and faiths as "ONE Tree and its Branches for Research and Innovations".

Now, accordingly, we notice that the "A' is Vibration, the 2A'(=A) is the Wave that is attached to the A', the Vibartion, and these both have a common point of the 0A', and that is the "Light", the 0A' without propagation, and if we see a throat of the universe that is due to the 0A' (No Vibartion), A' Vibration and the Wave (2A'=A), and its the "Cyclic and also the Naturally Re-cyclic Process" as we see below:

In the Multi-universe, the Multiverse Systems of the Universe, we notice that the underlying Sacred Philosophy is always of the 0A' (No Vibartion), A' Vibration and the Wave (2A'=A) that when combines with its "Parent Creation Systems of any of the ONAM and the ONKARA Systems that is the "A', A (2A'), E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M" it produces its children, the children of the multiverse universe system, and that inside each of the universe it gives the "A', A (2A')" a greater sub-systems of creations with the 0A' (No Vibartion), A' Vibration and the Wave (2A'=A) Systems that create everything in the multiverse, and inside the centers of the universes and the multiverse, we have the same as the center and that is the "0A' (No Vibartion), A' Vibration and the Wave (2A'=A)" Seed where the 0A' is the Sperm and the A' is the Egg, and the 2A' (=A) is the "Envelope of the Universes, the Brahmanda Systems". The "2A'=A" is also the Envelope of the Zero Potential Free Energy Systems that exist as the "0A' and the A' Pairs" that is the "Inside the Universe World 0A' and Outside the Universe Worlds as the A'", and for this reason the "A'" is called the "Parbrahma" and the "2A'=A" is called the Brahma univere systems and this is called the "Secret of Lord Krishna or God as the Akshra, the God as Script of the Universes" and that is the 0A' and the A' with its mysteries of the A=2A' and thus is the wonderful concept of multiverses:

When we consider the "0A' (No Vibartion), A' Vibration and the Wave (2A'=A)", we have it as the "0A', A', 2A' (A'-A'), A=A'+A'", and that is the "Ever Awakened Spirit ONE Consciousness (0A'), Sukhopat (A'), Nindra (Supana) (2A'=A'-A'), and the Jagart Awastha (A) , the States of Mind (Brain Systems) as the Ever Awakened One Consciousness of the Universe (0A'), Unconscious (A'), Subconscious (A'-A' the State of the Transition of the A'-A' to A) and the Conscious (A without any transitions), and this is the "Secret of the Quantum Transitions of the Universe".

When we consider the "Circle and Point", we think of light and sound, but when we have to write it, its the "Quantum Qubit Systems as the A, E, O, AE, EO and OA" Points as the "Source of Sound from the Circle", and that is what we say: "From the Mouth of God came the Sound", and it created everything, and that God is the Source of Infinite Energy, the Zero potential, who from the Topological Circle, the Bindu and the Quantum Dots, the Bindi Systems created everything. This is the Indian Model Single of Everything of the Circle, the Bindu and the Bindi, the Dots on the Circle.

When we consider the "A', A (2A'), E, O, AE, EO, OA, N, M", we have the "Simplest Model of Everything based on the Vibartion Theory" and that is the "A'-A'" which is free from direction and dimension systems, but creates everything like itself that is same as the "Cloning" and it starts the "Propagation of a Circle that is Balanced by Two Equal and Opposite Pairs of Vibrations that Give the Zero Potential Energy Systems that Freely create the Quantum Clones", and thus the "A'-A'" is "All that Exists as the A'-(0A'-A')-2A', the Life or Quantum Systems of the Consciousness" in which the "A' and the 2A' are the Two Poles and the 0A' with the A' at the Center act as the 3rd and the 4th Poles, and that makes the 0A', A', A'-A' and the 2A' act as the Universal Dipole that "Clones Everything as the Dipoles who either keep expanding or collapsing". and what we see as the Indian Observers and Seers has been doing through Sacred Visualizations, the Meditation, Focus, Visions and so on, and that is the A'-(0A'-A')-2A' Systems from its Sacred Center creates the "Sets of Vibrations that from the 0A' and A' keep creating what we know as the Indian Sacred Vowels and the Consonants that is the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA, N and M" in which as we discuss the "Most Amazing is the Sound of the N and M" that create the Outer Most Nodes around the Dipole and the EO and OA create the UPPER and LOWER Nodes of the Dipole while the Dipole is the "A, E, O, and AE" as shown below:

Image: The Quantum Science as the Secrets of Yoga with Bindu (M) and the Bindi (N) Systems giving the Sacred Setup of 16 Indian Vowels

The Classical Quantum Sciences studies of the Molecular Systems rather than the Atomic or the Electronic Systems gives the Sacred Setup of the 25 Indian Consonants that start with the First Indian Consonant as the "K", and these also appear as the "K in the Hindi and Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Languages". The point of concern here is that both the Indian Vowels and the Consonants are from the Most Ancient Indian Sacred Systems of the Elements, the Building Blocks of the Matter, and we thank the great people who did it for us:

Beautiful Indian Consonant Glimpses as the Classical heterogeneity h(p, q, t) as a function on phase space (shown is the region |q| < 3, |p| < 2.5) at times $0 < t \le 9T$ is also shown below:

Images: The Basis of Indian Consonants is the Atomic and Molecular Wave Functions as the Quantum (Vowels) and Classical (Consonants)

Thus, when we consider the classical and the quantum systems in the Vibration (0A'-A'), its Quantum and when we go for the "A'-A'" Wave Theory, we notice that the Pendulum, Fork, and anything that can create the vibrations and the waves, and thus we notice the presence of the Indian Vowels and Consonants in all such things create the "Waves and Vibrations that has Fixed Sounds, Colors, Shapes, Energies, Dimensions...." and its the Fixed or Constant Standard for All World languages and the Grammars.

Well, I have to put it that in my more than 25 years of researching I have never seen a violation in it, and thus the "Single and Simple Model of Everything" while in the Middle Schools in 1982, I noticed that Languages, Math, Music and Grammars work and function in the same way and I started to study everything in this manner while always standing first in the school due to this not yet recognized research though many experiments on brain as a mysterious thing are done in recent 50 years while humans has surpassed all possible limits in the name of defense and security or more research on the brains may it be of birds, animals or the humans while doing it, I have tried to ignore the possible harms modern technology has done in last say about 30-40 years! I have yet to see and notice if there is sensitivity present among the governing bodies, corporates and officials! I an my family fully condemn such inhuman actions that harms natural merits and talents in any family anywhere in the world no matter in what capacity or just for fun sake in the world of crime!

The problem with these sacred systems from the Tesla Times is that these cut down the production to 1/10th and make systems 10 Times faster, but corporates may not earn a lot, as for example, the solar cells in this system cost a very little and are highly effective and thus the experts say that corporates want to sell already done productions and that modern educated masses lack proper researching to do these things and it gives enough time to corporates to sell things at very high costs. I remember few years ago we used to pay some rupees for the incoming calls and outgoing calls were also very expensive and such schemes has made many new corporates become big corporates and that makes any quantum development something that seems impossible as with "Single and Simple Models for Everything" offer almost "Free World Education, Research and Training Systems that Helps All Start 3 or 4-D Printing Machines installed in every home in the world", and we see it very slow and Bills are mostly ignored regarding it in the developing countries as most of the companies who failed in west seem to sell in the east, and this "Dream and Vision of Education, Work and Free Systems" lags behind as corporates and leaders may not take interest in the developing countries, and that seems a big shame to people who know it well as we discuss.

Now, we can raise a question about how and why the "Circle is Everything", and the easy answer is that topologically, the circle is the vacuum without the Bindi, and it becomes the "Bindu when there is Bindu" as otherwise, we cannot imagine any circle. Moreover, topologically, the circle takes up all shapes, and that leads to all sounds, colors, and the thing that we know as the primitive and primal knowledge and the wisdom. In other words, the "Bindu" with "Bindi" is all that Indians call Vedas, and its same as "Everything Sacred in the Universe". In it, the Bindi is the Quantum Management, and the Bindu is Classical Systems in the world, and the rest is the general knowledge, and that is what we know as the "Pure Research (Bindu), Applied Research (Bindi) and the Bindu and Bindi together give the Action Research works and its base, and that is what we can say the Quantum Research Work Systems that I had to name as the Philselfology. In which we have philosophy of Bindu (Zero, the Indian Darshana Theory), Science is the Bindi (Logos) and the Quantum Science is the "Self" as the Quantum Entanglement, and thus Philosophy and Science together make "Life Possible", the self and thus the "Philosophy, Self and Science gives Philselfology. I stated it in 1990 in the University of Adelaide as: "Philosophy is a Bridge between Science and Religion", and that is Religion and Science as if the Classical and Quantum Sciences and thus the Indian Quantum Theory".

"If you can prove it with 15 years of research and write 15 books, it will help human global development, though many people will call you mad!"

This is what Prof. John Gill, the Head of Department of Philosophy said to me!

Now, when we have researched the Quantum Systems in the Human Palm, I have able to reach at what Prof. John Gill said and I obeyed.

Now, we add some previous descriptions as that the "A', 2A', 3A' and the 4A'" Levels are treated as the 4 Pada, the Positions in the Indian and World Knowledge and Wisdom as the "Static (Tamo), Kinetic (Rajo), Dynamic (Sato) and the Turiya (Free Energy Source in the Vacuum, the Shoonaya)", and the Indian Sacred Systems call it as the Light (A'), Sound (2A'), Energy (3A'), and Matter (4A') Systems in the O, A, E and the AE, and it remains as the Set of Qubit Quantum System that is the "Circle and Cycle of Free Energy". It is the "Base and the Basis of All Indian and the World Sacred Systems" say as the Pyramids, Feng Shui, Crystals, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, and what we know as the Scientific and Quantum Products; Computers, Machines, Equipments, and all that is Nano Systems as we have discussed the CHARA Systems of the "A', 2A', 3A' and the 4A'" Vibrations, and it gives all modern systems of advanced physics model a greater depth and meaning, and also gives models of everything a greater significant", and its one of the greatest contributions by world religions and faiths in union with philosophy, science, technology, and arts, music, para sciences, and so on. The great point of concern is that is base and the basis of the music compositions and all is based on the sacred poetics and so is the Quantum Qubit and the Computing and the Computers and what to say, its the essence of the Nano Systems and the Meta-materials, the superconductors, super insulators and the super capacitors! These 4 Positions with Two Major Angles of the 45 Degrees is the "Chara+Na", the Positions and Angles where Nano's and the Qubits, the Photons give their results and the effects as we say:

"O God! Keep me at Your Refuge, we get all we want! - Data Rakhin Charna De Kol, Charna Di Mouj Baddi"

The "Angle of 45 Degrees for the A' with the 2A', 3A' and the 4A' is the gradual evolution that this sequence goes as if we have 4 Angles of 45 Degrees in the 4 Quadrants, and that is in real life when we notice that the "Circle gets one point of pressure, this changes into 4 Dimensional System as it gives "UP and DOWN" that makes the circle has four primal forces acting on it, that the "Pressure is the Down Force" and it produces the "UP Pressure", and during this time, the circle also makes a motion due to pressure and the resulting "UP Pressure" is in the other quadrant and thus uses the 2A', while the "First Down Pressure" is the A', and when these two pressures create the simultaneous creation of a pair of "UP and DOWN Pressures of A' and the 2A' in the Circle, and that due to passing of time gives the 3A' UP Pressure and the 4A' of Pressure Down, and thus it activates the 4 Quadrants of the Circle, and it gives 3 Motions as Circular, "UP and DOWN", and one Translational as "Left to Right" from the UP and DOWN Forces of the Exerted Pressure, and One, which we have as the 4th Pressure is the "Total Circle as UP and DOWN" and its is with the Center of the Circle". This is what creates the "Spirals in the Universe, and Everything is a Spiral of 3 Motions and the 4th Motion as the Power Motion, the Resultant Motion", and we see it as well shown below:

Now, we notice that the "Spiral Systems" have another system that gives it a spherical and a circular shape, and that is when we notice that "UP and DOWN" additions get the A'+2A'=3A' or A'+2A'=0A', and it is here that all notations in the Indian and the Other World Sacred System, we notice a Pairs as the A and A', and these pairs constitute the Cartesian Pairs as the Coordinates that are as X-X', Y-Y' and the Z-Z'. In these we have the A' having the 0A' Systems as we cannot have the A'-2A', but the A'-0A', and its the Master Spiral Point that gives every systems even the shape of the sphere with upper limit as the A' and the Lower Limit as the 0A', and the World Sacred Systems call it the Time Dimension and the Indian Systems call it the KALA, the Zero Dimension of Time. This is the Sacred Dimension of the Parmeshwara as the 0A' and the A', 2A', 3A' and the 4A' are the Ishwara Dimensions that are as the Sato, Rajo and the Tamo and the Turiya respectively in the Indian Sacred Systems, and we see it as shown below:

The above systems of the A', 2A', 3A' and the 4A' and 0A' create the O, A, E, AE and the OA Systems that again makes it the the ONKARA Sacred Geometry Systems. The "IN and OUT" and the "UP and DOWN" Systems make it all the "M, N" and the "N, M" that create the Circles and the Spheres!

Now, when we pause and think, the "N, the Bindi and M, the Bindu" are the "Moving Points, the Quantum Dots of Light M, the Bindu and the Sound Energy, the NANO Points" in which the A, E, O and the AE are the Colors that when move and twist change from say Red (A) to Blue (O) and then Green (E) and then black and white shade (AE)", and we see the Life and Universe as shown below:

Now, the final point about the ONKARA Philosophy that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives as the Ultimate Philosophy of the ONKARA Philosophy is the the EAK ONKARA, and the EAK (IK) here means that the "M" in the "OM" is One Infinite Ocean of Consciousness, which we know as the 6th Dimension that "Sees" everything as one, and what it, the one consciousness sees is the A, E, O, AE, EO and the OA Dimensions, and this "One Sacred Dimension of Everything is the Living Life of the Universe" and this is always the "AN" in the ONKARA that we have described as the "M" and its as the "U" in the "Sung" that sounds as the "M", and Guru Ji calls it the 6th Prime Dimension. This 6th Dimension does not follow the "Color and the Gravity Systems, but Shines Brightly". So, one later modifications in the ONKARA is as O(AM)KARA. This 6th D, the "M as the Bindu" gives us the "One Observer", which is not a physical observer but "Observers and Reads" the Quantum World of the "N", the Bindi in the Indian Sacred Systems. This Sacred System of the Bindi and the Bindu are the Observer of Light and Sound, and the Observer of the Sound is Perishable Bindi, the Decimal. The "Bindi, the Sound as the Origin of the Shabada" merges into the "Bindu, the Light, but this Light is the Consciousness as the 6th Dimension and definitely not the light energy" for this very reason "One Photon of Light, the Bindu System remains and the Other (Second One), the Bindi Perishes". However, both the Bindi and the Bindu, the Subject Photon and Object Photon are ONE as the Qubit, and this is what Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls the "EAK, the One Supreme Consciousness".

We need to consider that when we say the universe is the "quantum memory bank", its Quantum, the 5th Dimension, and when we say its "ONE", its conscious at the 6th Dimension.

If we do not accept the simplicity of the one system of consciousness, the essential of all world religions and the faiths, we have to explain the 5th of the Quantum and that seems wastage of precious human life for sacred education and research. Everything that is quantum is connected and thus laws of conversion of energy, and that consciousness is nowhere disconnected is the law of consciousness as the total energy that does not change its "singularity law of energy as the power, and thus the source".

We will edit and add.

Be Happy Philselfologically! Kala, the Qubit of Quantum is in everyone!
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