Dr. Harmander Singh
How Sacred Indian Geometry and Graphs Explain Brain, Spinal Chord, Solar Systems, Universe and Life Everywhere are Connected: Indian Civilizations and Be Happy Philselfologically - 63

When we say that aligns came to earth, we may be discussing about life from other plants would have started on our earth as we want it on say the Moon and or the Mars. As I said that its very possible from the DNA and the brain structures how life started on earth. When we say something like this in Indian Civilization, it has a deep meaning:

"From human excreted things, the products in which each has a sacred symmetry hidden in it as humans have having highest level of sacred symmetry in the life formats, and thus the human excreted products like the sweat, dung, placenta and milk sprouts all kinds of life of small species and it does not first produce the plant cell otherwise all productions may take millions of years and its same as we send humans to the moon and mars, and life starts there by going of humans, and it appears to be same at most parts of the universe! P.S.: This is the most practiced scientific and spiritual truth in the world civilizations as in the scientific doctrines of all world religions and faiths. (From thesis work in 1990 and my published books: "Possibility of Life in the Universe", and I achieved overall one distinction and 2 credits in it at the University of Adelaide, South Australia while Prof. (Dr.) Paul Davies delivered lectures on the "Universe" as the Head of the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences in 1990."

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Now, this format is what human brain is and how spinal chord works among the humans. The Sacred Indian Mantra and Yantra's give its very easy to understand description for everyone based on the 8-Dimensions and the 9th is called the Producer, Director and Main Actors own dimension, and our Atama, the Soul sits here and this is called the Throne of the Lion, the King, who rules the human body as the self, and by oneself as the King, and makes and takes what we know as the Sankalpa and the Vikalpa's. For it the Shri Yantra or the Gaytri Mantra is studied as follows from ages in India, while its the graphical representation:

1. The 8-D is the Creative Intelligence, which is also the Frame of Reference that we use for any system, and its usually the X-Axis in any graphical representation. Its mostly represented as the Sun in the Graphical Sawstika or the Vastu Charts, the Sacred Graphs.

2. The Intelligence of the Universe runs it as the 1st or 9th Dimension, and that too from within the 8-D's. As we say metaphysically, it is mostly the Z-Axis and inside the brain we see and view it as the Sacred Visualization, the Modern Technology of 3-D, and it plays major role almost everything we do in our life.

This is usually the Mars, which is in the South Direction, but it always various as its what is in charge, which can be any dimension and thus when we consider 0, it can be 9, and when we consider 1, it can be 8th Dimension, and its so when we use the scale of the graph as the 8-D's only, and 9th and 10th Dimension can be used from anywhere as people who work in India use such sacred techniques in creating and making of anything say the buildings, machines and tools, cloths, garments, designs and so on that whatever one can create has always at least 8-D's, and rest is what we know as the individual's contribution that we patent as the creator is the parental source of all that is beyond 8-D's, and that is why we in India notice in India that all it is attributed to the ancestors, angles, gods and God, but above all the Guru, and world calls it the Sutra's, the natural laws and the principles in every possible faulty of life.

This part of the series deals with it: Philselfology of Indian Sacred Mantra Systems: Drisha, Darshaka, Drishta, Darshana and the Theory of Dimensions: Studies of Nature and the Universe say Shri Yantra: Be Happy Philselfologically - 59

Now, the Indian Sacred Theory of Dimensions give the Following to the World Civilizations, which helps all researchers to specialize in the Pure Religions as the Hinduism and the Jewish, and or the Applied forms based on these two, and other action theories proposed by the revolutionaries, including the atheists and the atheism in any form that too derives everything from pure and applied forms of the world religions and the faiths, and Indians have studied it as the Sacred Dimensions of the Sacred Universe:

While Metaphysically, we try to boost whatever is contemporary and thus modern to get better insight into mysticism of everything we know on the planet. It helps to discuss all of it that has maximum hypothetical potential for any research works to take place. Thus is the Z-Axis Theory, the 3-D Sacred Visualization as I have done more than 3 Decades, the Research on Metaphysical and thus Mysticism, the Potential World that Exists. It is also based on knowledge about more than one world religions and faiths in the world as I happen to have knowledge of religions of Hinduism, Jewish, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Sikhism, and other sects that we have in the world.

Being a Sikh has given me broader knowledge as of Comparative Religious Studies as the Sikhs consider all of the world religions as one spiritual lineage from Veda and Genesis Times, yes the Time Immortal, and thus we need to learn and understand the basic and sacred scientific and mathematical knowledge of various world religions and faiths and need to give up the one religion or faith based rigidity and stubbornness as world has never received anything from it, but some need of revolutions that end up in wars and violence and political upheavals. The basic thing is what we know as the Nameless, the Anami. On all my remarks, I oppose the one religion based fundamentalism!

3. The Sixthe Dimensions as the X and Y axis of the graph say in the Pythagorean way or represented as the Swastika have what is written in the Indian Schools of the Philosophy, and on the Gaytri or the Shri Yantra its the surface below the Bindu, which is the Grey matter of the Brain that is attached to the 9th but the Hidden Dimensions, and its something that in the Japju Ji Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism says that the Creative Intelligence guides all dimensions as in the Male and Female Forms, and the Male Form of the Creative Intelligence is Invisible to even the Female Form, and thus the 9th and the 10th Dimensions are playing its mysterious and mystical role in every human. Well, again, the Creator as the 9th Dimension always have the 10th Dimension that we know as the Master, well known as the Swami, the Owner or the .person having patent or parent of anything that one does.

4. The 5th Dimension is considered later as it is the Right Side of the Spinal Chord or the Brain, and its again it follows inversion and is thus what we may call as invertible at the Command Chakra, in general it simply means when it reaches to the White Matter in the Brain or the Spinal Chord. It is as if the angle more than 180 and less than 270 and to be specific 225 degree in any graphical representation. This is the Storehouse of Creativity and we may call it the Moon, which knows more than what one can do and is thus the Dreamland or the Moon-land for many.

5. The next dimension that comes is the 7th one that comes in the region of say 325 degree while starting from it and ending at the line of origin at the Axis as the First Dimension. This is the dimension, which is neither science nor technology but what we know together as the Hub of Engineering. It has all that we have before we get unconscious and is preserved if one ever goes to comma. After it all is only repetition as we say History repeats and nothing new seems possible. This is Abode of Rahu, the Vedic Wisdom, and without communication, one may never get, give or even grasp it.

6. The 4th Dimension comes as when one inversion in the nervous system say from sensory nerves to motor nerves takes place. This also decides the brain age which is biologically and the spiritual life and that of evolutionary process from the say brain stems and roots as in the Indian Systems. These concepts are the Male and Female Energies of the Two Sides of the Swastika, which are the Yin-Yang or the Shiv-Shakti. When we cross the positive value system of X, and 90 Degrees of Y, we get to the negative or minus value systems and that is the 4th Dimension.

7. The Frontal and Back Lobes of the brain as perpendicular to the graphical representation is the Z-Axis, which are considered the 9th Dimension that we notice in a diamonds and or crystals. This is in harmony with the earth systems, and give idea of how the spheres of earths say the continents influence the human brains. It is the Toughest Possible Region, the Sphere and the Bhavana of All as it maintains the History of Repetitions and thus the Cycle and the Recycle, and we may never change it as this is what it means Lord Vishnu Perseveres or the Universe Sustains. Our Modern Age may call it the Life from Mars coming to earth as DNA shows in some experiments!

8. The 2-D as with graphical representation central nervous system as the union of the left and the right brains have the major link with the Sun and the Moon. This one is as if the Venus as the Dimension Star, the Diamond Structures in the Brain and the Body, and all have it as the strongest carbon core. This pictorial presentation is same as following brain structure:

and for the Spinal Chord its as shown below metaphorically:

These dimensions as discussed in the earlier parts is as follows:

The sacred mathematical representation of sacred geometry of Shri Yantra is the Swastika, and see both:

3-D Shri Yantra, the Jantra, which is the 3-D representation of the Shri Yantra as shown below:

2-D representation of the Swastika, which is also the Shri Yantra:

The same Shri Yantra as 1-D Swastika gives the following outlooks:

1-D representation of Swakti with another view

Please note its same as the Sacred Pyramids:

These 8-Dimensions represent the sacred knowledge and wisdom of Sacred Indian Civilizations

However, it has special dimensional alignment and arrangement systems that work well with numerical or number systems as follows:

Now, the point of focus in it is that these numbers assigned to 8-Dimensions are based on my personal research works of Philselfology (Be Happy Philselfologically) that can reproduce any kind of knowledge from these sacred graphs based on the sacred structure of the Swastika. This derivative is personal quest:

1. The Sun is in the east, and on the Swastika it on the top and has an assigned number of 1.

2. Similarly, the Venus at ES, the East South has number of 6.

3. And the Mars at South has number 9.

4. The Rahu at the SW has the number 4.

5. The Saturn at the West has the number 8.

6. The Moon at the West towards North as WN has number 2.

7. The Mercury at the North has number assigned as 5.

8. Finally the Jupiter at the NE has number assigned 3.

9. The Number, which is of Brahma or the Brahma Asthana, the Place for Brahm, the Void as we have vacuum say in the Anode and Cathode Systems is the Center of the Swastika as the 0 or 10 means the concept of 10th Dimension as the Z-Axis of the Swastika at Origin with the Zero or Shoonya Value Concepts.

Now, these numbers for any purpose can be changed and we have to consider the 11th, 12th, and other higher dimensions, so we alter all values from the origin of the Swastika and each time a Bindu in it counts. Mostly, we have up to 4 Bindus always shown on these graphs. The One Bindu means complete transformation in the graphical representation of graph say on the scale of 10 or one dot, the others as 100 for 2 dots, and 1000 for 3 dots, and up to 10,000 is normal or common for say 4 dots.

The Very 0 or O-Origin dot is not counted and is always the Zero-Origin of any graph and that is how Indians write graphical mantras with numbers written in boxes, triangles, and other shapes, charts, graphs, pictorials, 3-D things and products that people in India use the Jantra-Mantra, and the Tantra, the Balancing of Positive, Negative and the Neutral, the Earthing of Energy.

All of it in any graph is source of astronomical charts that many Indians study as astrology uses the perfect and thus the sacred trigonometry:

These Mantras and the Yantras are all mathematical equations with geometrical representations as if musical scales with lots of study materials of Karma Kanda associated with it that the experts say in Hinduism, and all religious metaphysically, the mysticism and metaphorically to say people practice. It may say write it million times or chant it 21000 times, write this way or other way, and all of it is geometrical equations and its practice by writing, focusing on it, and lot more similar. For example, the following is set of many dimensional representations and when it says Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the similar, it describes that if we were living there the following equations would have been the same as we have on our earth systems. There are many planets having more than one moon and thus different rows and columns as in in the Matrix Systems, but sides are great if add up to the balance means additions from all side if come equal, the equations are right or something is shown as helping it making it balanced and thus the Sacred Architect or Astro Architect that we know as the Vastu or the Feng Shui. Thus these apply to astronomical systems at any place at any moon, planet, sun and the constellation concerned:

Some people may confuse about the scales used in Indian Mantras, which may be random say 0, 10, 20, and may be 100, 200, 500, 1000 and so on. The word Mantra means the Dimensions of Creative Intelligence that one must learn it by practice to swim it means be fluent in these sacred arts of the universe in which we live.

The Mantra need Yantra, which is its sacred environment, and without these Karma Kanda, the Mantra as the software as if a sacred chip inside the mobile, which one may not run without the Yantra, the sacred mobile of sacred geometrical structures. The Password is the number to run the sacred chip of the mobile that makes it perform and work as shown below:

Most of these creative arts and works are part of Indians and the same things are exhibited together with how life dwells on earth, human and solar system, which we know as the Vastu Shashtra or the Doctrines of Scientific Existence of life Energies as the following graphical representations shows:

All of it is mostly present on all pictures of the Vaishnu Mata, the Goddess of Botanical and Vegetarian World, whom many people follow as vegetarianism worship in India and many other parts of the world to attain better personal, social, professional and spiritualism and the divine life through it.

Now, when we talk about how education and research systems can be put in the schools, colleges, universities, offices, and for workers, and the engineers, we need to come to levels of need and our role in it. The complete color patterns of the Kundalili keep the vast knowledge and wisdom of a particular Chakra. It is the major work for all researchers to make sure that people get the applied form of pure researches for the practitioners, the works which are the Kundalini oriented and the action research works for quick solutions to any problem. The major world problems in the education and research faces it seriously that the students may not be taught how to solve any problem, and thus the Art of Problem Solving!

We see it Indian Civilizations as follows:

There is one major objection that many people raise against the sacred sciences, maths and the geometry is the male-female kind of representations. When we talk of the mantra, yantra and tantra, and that is why it is associated with the reproduction systems and show male and female forms of life everywhere.

One of the most thing that people may not have worked on the Shiva-Lingam is the dimensions it uses. Its the Shiva-Shatti representation of the higher brain as we all have inside a system that we think, feel and experience both the object and the subject. The worth of it is only in the 9th and the 10th Dimensions as 8-D's are the Sacred Structures of the Womb of the Universe that sustains it as if an Egg, the Brahmanda, and its not the Female Reproduction and its organs as people assume about the Shiva-Linga, but its the expression of the 10th Dimension about how the universe sustains its own existence. The Egg of Universe is same as a woman has eggs in her womb, and she preserves it and recycles it. The Universe does the same, and Shiva-Linga at that level is Woman's Egg in Her Womb at the 10th Dimension, and its the 9th Dimension that is the Serpent and the Shiva-Lingam that is how Man Perseveres the Sperm in the Human Body.

Man perseveres one dimension less than the woman in the creation in that direction. That is why when men see the Shiva-Lingam its the Sperm not the Shiva-Lingam and the Serpents and the Snakes identity it with the Shiva Philosophies. When the Women see it, all of it is the Egg Placed in the Fallopian Tubes in the Womb, and its dimensions are that of the universe, and that is why woman as the Mahila deserves more respect, honor and reverence. Her Womb is the 0 or the O-Dimension, and is always considered as the Origin of Graph, the 8-D Life in the Universe as shown in the Shri, the Sharira Yantra. It stands for the Sharira, the Physical Form of Life, the Body as the Shri.

The Eggs and the Sperms never cross the Urine and that is called keeping the Shiva-Lingam not crossed as outlets of Urine that these complete its sacred cycles, and its what is shown in the Shiva-Lingam at the Temples, and that is how and why its about how to see yourself in the Body of Ardhnarishwara as the Half Male and the Half Female forms. When anyone sees Female Form its the Egg in Womb, and on the Male Form its the Sperm in the Testicles and at Half Man can have half body as well shown below:

For example, how a woman and a man should see the following:

Almost all of Indian Gods have fruits in their hands, which indicates the seeds, which they also should eat, and all Indian Goddesses have flowers in their hands and we offer the same to them, and its the egg, and this is what heals and helps the females most and people take care that they offer fruits to gods and flowers to the goddess and that is the due respect of the Ardhnarishwara! Not only this, the women in India are usually advised to take fruits without or less seeds in it, and men are asked to eat the fruits with lots of seeds in it. Smile

The Triangle of 3-D's seems present in most of the modern civilizations and symbols in it, but the Bindu Theory does not support it like that as 4-D's is what world always needs, and thus is the story of the Male, Female and Child shown as the Shiva, Paravati (Shakti) and the Ganesha as Part of Swastika and people worship it in India as the Shivalingam.

The word Tantra have the meaning of Tatva, the Seed, the nucleus and this goes mainly to form of seed centers of anything exhibiting it. The Jantra is the derivative of the Joni, Yoni, and thus the Jantra and or the Yantra, the Womb Environment as the nucleus from the Atomic, Botanical, Biological, and thus Humanly to Angelic, Gods and thus the Divine Levels.

It has been condemned so much as vulgar that say in India most of the parents and the elders may never ever talk about the Sex and Reproduction Systems, and thus we lack the natural birth control planning and systems in many other countries too where people may never see naked person due to lack of self-education and thus severe gender consciousness, and it has developed a fake morals and ethics which need sex education in most of the developing countries. We however read all of it in say atoms, plants, the botanical world, the animals and birds to say the biological world, and as humans, we seem to have nothing but utter ignorance!

We will edit and add.

Thanks for your time, and Be Happy Philselfologically, while doing the Swaadhaya, the Self-study and Learning as the Personal Researching! Smile

When life is considered the universe is nothing more than the globe, and we all share it together. The universe just an envelope in other word in which we live as hen and egg are, and this concept needs better earth environment for not the survive but our earth and the solar systems to survive! Please take care!

Some people think its good to say something as follows:

N.B. and P.S.: Please note that all results and conclusions discussed here are based on my personal endeavor for more than 40 years, and is not and never by accident that we reach to such conclusions. This is part of my research based Subject of Philselfology, the Practical Philosophy. I have done it without imitating and copying from the the resources and have published many research papers and books on and about it that discuss it as Philselfology and names similar to it say Self-study and Learning, the Swaadhaya, which again means personally carried research works. Thanks!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Philselfology or Swaadhaya of Sacred Mahamrityunjaya Mantra: Puja, Puti and Pati: The One Philosophy of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha: Be Happy Philselfologically - Part 53

In the Indian Civilizations, the Lord Brahma is the Mantra, the words that is a set of vowels and or consonants in a scientific way, Lord Vishnu is the Science of Mantras by itself. For example, when one does the Puja, the Worship the set of all that is required at that place and the procedures that follow has Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and there cannot be any conflict as they are the Lords of the same Mantra in the various forms. The Mantra by its science as what it can achieve is the Lord Vishnu and what mistake most the non-scientific mythologies have is the ignoring of the Puti, the Power of Mantras that anyone can use, but may not know as how to dispose it after use.

At Life Dynamix - Wellness for All with Wings for All, and I personally discuss about the disposal factors, which is the sure end product that nothing in the universes can stop. This seriously needs what we know as the Vi-surgeon, that is to say the proper methods that help disposing what seems say a little ugly in appearance, smell, shape, color, and in general whatever humans consider ugly. This is what Lord Shiva accepts and thus he is the most adored Gods and Lords in the Trinity of the Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha.

In the Puti, the Power of anything that Ayurveda or the Vedas produce we have an end product of strong medicinal object that we say is the Shri or Sri, and the Kulaxmi as we also know that comes first and with the help of Oxygen of plants and trees we help this product and say that Kulaxmi lives and dwells on the Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree.

The Oxygen is Laxmi and the trees inhale carbon dioxide, which is the Kulaxmi for the humans and the animals. We say that the trees, animals, birds and the plants worships means access the owner of Cyclic Processes of Oxygen and the Carbon Dioxide all the times, and humans learn it from them as well as observing other things including the sky.

In return, the Laxmi of humans that is the Oxygen for humans and for botanical world its the Carbon Dioxide, and as we the humans use the Oxygen, we call it the Yog+Karka for us, means its Yog, the Right Thing, and as the Carbon Dioxide is not the Yog+Karka for humans its called the Bhoga+Karaka. We seem to be very or little confused about the scientific terms that Ayurveda uses.

What is Yoga (Joga), Bhoga and Ananada: The Bhoga means when in humans Carbon Dioxide is the gas we use, and thus as its the Bhoga, the Food for the Botanical World, and our using it may finish our human body, and thus in this condition, the gases that give life are Yog for us, and those, which do not give life are Bhoga, the Food of the earthly things. The word Yoga in Punjabi is Joga, and it has a meaning as Jeeva+O+Aga, the Vital Heat, the Aga producing contents for the Jeev or the Jeeva, the Biological Species, the Joga is a term. At the same time, when we use the same term as Bhoga, it goes as Bh+O+Aga, the Bh stands for earth, the soil and hydrocarbon based products which many not have bio-contents in it, and thus the Botanical World. Thus, the Bhoomi, the Soil and its products use the Carbon Dioxide and that is their Yoga or Joga, but due to scientific reasons, the term is Bhoga rather than Yoga or Joga, so that person reading or listening it can understand about what one is discussing.

Now, the Divine or the World of Gods does not use Oxygen, Yoga or Joga contents or Carbon Dioxide, the Bhoga Contents, and we have a special term for it that Ayurveda uses and its Ananda.

Ananda as A+Nan+O+Da, and if we keep splitting the term to its roots, we notice that some words in English may not have "O" or "OM" contents as Ananda has "n" Ana(n)da as the vowels that "m" in OM, and its the sound of all vowels together, and thus its called the Nasika Sound, and is the Visarjana or Vi-surgeon sound that eliminates anything the consonants, the sound (the vowels, which is not just audio but anahat and ahahad say the divine a, e, i, o, u), the audio (the consonants - not anahad or anahad or in majority) and the video, the blend of sounds, vowels, consonants and say light, the fast sound tracks that appear as light, and thus all tracks) the general tracks of bhoga and yoga can produce.

The Anada has a meaning that lives, works and follows the sound only, the shabada, the sound therapies and thus is neither yoga nor bhoga, but the higher level of life, which supports all the botanical, biological and other celestial things, persons, places and people as same but in the context, and that is why we say all seek it means all need it no matter botanical, biological or celestial or spiritual world, the three world as we say in the Gaytri Mantras that are used as special additions for chanting in the Mahamrityunajaya Mantras.

Thus, the Joga as the Jeeva, the Bio+O, the Sound+Aaga, the Fire is same as the Bhoga as Bhoomi, the Soil and Hydrocarbons, the Solid and Liquid forms of Vital Energies+O, the Sound Energy, and Aaga as the Earth, the Fire Energy, and thus the Aanada as An, the Vishnu Word as the Soul and as the Sun+ the O, the Sound as the Moon+Da(m) as the Breathe that is Oxygen in Humans, the Biological World, Carbon Dioxide in Plants, the Botanical World, and Living Sound, the Shabada, the Divine Vowels among the Angels, gods, goddess and other celestial people and thus the Secrets of the Three Worlds of the Gaytri Mantra as described in the Metaphysical, the Philosophy and Psychology, the Psychiatry in the Modern World. The three worlds of the Gaytri are based on the Trinity of the Sun, the Vishnu, the Moon as the Shiva and the Earth as the Brahma, and thus the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha goes as the Earth, Sun and the Moon, and we say Lord Shiva when on earth, the Brahma systems takes the Moon, the self of Shiva as the Moon system and thus we have all human knowledge and wisdom based on it that receives all that universe offers, and we all are blessed to be on our earth and thus the solar system of the universe that we enjoy day and night.

That is why these three worlds are sacred and divine and all uses it during day as yoga say for humans, bhoga at night and ananda in the morning meditations or in general. However, while singing, doing kirtan, listening to music, meditating, focusing, and doing anything that deals with sound, the shabada, it can be nothing but the ananda, the joy and bliss, which if one understands may never leave or abandon as its what "I", the child within who lives forever likes and listens to while in the earthly body, and thus is greatness of the Mahamrityunjaya Lifestyle.

The Mahamrityanjaya Mantras with Sacred Dimensions of say the Gaytri and Shri Yantra together as we notice more Sacred Dimensions than other Sacred Dimensions present in any Sacred Geometrical Representation of the "Nama Theory", the "Theory of Light, Matter and the Mantra, the Sacred Sound!"

How Indian Sacred Ayurveda Systems Helps Indians, Native People and the Aboriginals Know, Understand and Practice the Knowledge and Wisdom of Sacred Education Systems: Genes, Genetics, Hybrids, Clones of Sacred DNA: Be Happy Philselfologically - 71

In our daily life, and in our life in general as little down to earth, all that flows and swims well in air is great for humans and the animals, and the trees use it a little more at night than during the day time and that Vedas are the form of Pure, Applied and Action Sciences that deal with everything in the universe present on earth and embrace all sciences on our earth system. I wrote a book about how and why people worship peepal tree:

This is the Tree where Lord Vishnu sits as his Ninth Incarnation of Lord Buddha that helps all to understand that Kulaxmi is not bad and that we are ignorant solving the cause and effects of suffering that it causes. Thus, what Lord Buddha says is what Lord Shiva says, the welfare of all is the proper use of what one possess as the Gift of Suffering!

Entire of Indian Civilizations including what Vedas and the focus has been on the metals, elements, compounds and everything that deals with these and the bio energies and thus the carbon dioxide and oxygen and its relation to and with bio-energies and thus India is known for Tatva, the atomic things, Mantras, the software's and passwords Yantras, the technology that all of it can run. Many may assume that the following is a black magic video without knowing what it says about Laxmi and Ku-laxmi, the Mother of Black Energies and Powers that are nothing but the Carbon Dioxide and thus mostly the petroleum products, the hydrocarbons. The Ku-laxmi has a another name Kaula, which means that deals with the genetic lineage. The Kaula is the name for Kula, the Genetic Systems and how all can have better health and well, and why many feel doubt it and many have great many fears is what this video says:

The Puja gives the Puti as the end product what a very few people know how to use the Puti or the Potency say in the Homeopathy. I was studying and researching about Homeopathy in India about 25 years and even before saying that only 15% of Indian Homeopaths by then know how to practice Homeopathy as otherwise no disease can exist in India, and thus Puti is the Lord Vishnu of Medicine as the Mantra.

Its the great beauty of Ayurveda that no medicines are given without chanting the mantras and thus activations of Mahamrtyunjaya in Vishnu form.

The Lord Shiva as the products that must be disposed after use gets angry with the Trishul as many think and that is Vat, Pita and Cough attack by indisposed products harming the social health and wellness.

If the materials that are used in the Puja, and Puti making of anything are not removed and cleaned one is said to be doing a great Dosa, the Dosha of harming others, and thus one says invites wrath of Lord Shiva as Shiva means welfare of all and that is the proper Vi-surgen, the Visarjana as one says in India. When think of the end product, we go Eco-friendly as Lord Ganesha, Son of Lord Shiva loves natural world:

People usually do the Visarajana at massive scales after worship and thus that last point is called the Pati means one has attained the Trinity or masters by proper and due respect to all, and thus the Pati means one who has the right to use the Puja, Puti and Products one claims as being owner, the Pati and its female form is the Patni.

Now, we will discuss about how it works with Mahamrityunjaya. The Puja Procedures are well expressed in nutshell at here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/79199212/Mahamrityunjaya... and the video about it says:

The main focus in the Mahamrityunja have two key words: Pushti and Orva, and these have meaning that vowels that do the Pushati means more pure and pious by higher potency, the Puti Processes of Shuddi and the Vishuddhi as the Puti in the Ayurveda needs practice of vowels through Singing, Kirtan and music in general and that the consonants that are the Pumpkin, which the body that remains after the soul leaves and thus is the Shiva-Mantra for Shri, the Physical Body that as Vishnu Mantra means the Possessions as the Shri, and the Brahma Mantra the Mantras by itself and thus the use of word Namey means salute to the Brahma - mantras for Shri.

The hub or clusters of consonants inside the body make it appear like a Pumpkin s and we may practice vowels, the divine vowels: "AA EE OO" that are associated with certain heavy words, the consonants which the chanting releases, and thus helps in O(m)-rava, and the words in the beginning and ending as O, A, E, I, U, and thus main set of Seven Major Vowels, which we will show by video and one can ask teachers and or the language experts.

The extraction of vowels from the consonants is the same as the petrolem products from the sea, the pumpkin and various methods help in getting water from the sea, the pumpkin and the goddess do the manthana, the making of butter from the yogurt the re-cyclic processes where everything is produced from the sea, and thus the sura's, the vowels of water and rainfalls and that goes back to it is the asura's, the rivers running to the sea and if the both work together that is called the manthan, and thus the Living Mahamrityunajaya on earth.

The Sacred Civilizations of India, China, Japan offer what gives World the Stable, Eternal and Natural Knowledge, Wisdom and Ethics of Universal Marketing, Trading, Business and Global Economic Recession Management: Be Happy Philselfologically - 73

Its the great thing to discuss the Mahamrityunjaya as it gives insight, we will edit and add more to it.

Be Happy Philselfologically!

Thanks for your time!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Philselfology of Botanical World: Ayurveda and Shaak Vidya, the Havana, the Vaishnavi Philosophies : Be Happy Philselfologically - 46

The Vedic Wisdom of Mouth, the Verbal and as an essence of all that can be written in any possible format and manner, sung in any possible way, danced in any mood, and all thus we can know, think, feel, imagine, access and help us learn and teach, and thus communicate with others, and nature and living things using all nonliving things and so make us vehicle of God that we play as an instrument that says only the natural wisdom.

It is divine descending coming only if we know the art of ascendancy. Such is the divine wisdom that the prophets, spirituals, saints, and other holy people speak and write becoming integrated part of human knowledge and wisdom present in any form as Maths, Sciences, Musics, Arts, Grammars and focuses make us say it further as research works, which the people always have been telling after sitting for many years in meditation as the Chavan Rishi had done, just getting an instant insight into any subject matter say as Newton had it when an apple fell on his head.

These people brought the best out of everything on our systems. Their works at various places and at the different times have always been a great contribution to life on earth and thus the life in the universe.

They gave concept say how we can milk cow three times a day and have 60 liter of milk and still better cows naming them say the Kamdhenu Cow, the Kapila Cow, which they defined as the product of Havana, the Heavens. They produced every possible thing on earth system that one has ever imagined anywhere in the universe. They believed and lived with the Kamdhenu Cow, the Cow who fulfills human wishes and desires. These seem utopian to many people in the modern world and if so look at the Ayurveda that has all healing and curing powers for everything that lives and dies in the earth system, and thus nature.

The heaven on earth has been created many times, and I have studied it thoroughly in the Narad Purana giving how complete process of making our earth heaven with the help of animal kingdom in the botanical world is completely possible. While integrating it with all other scriptures both ancient and modern and in particular the Vishnu Purana, the Sukh Sagar, I again had to say that it is practical philosophy and thus named philselfology that can if applied honestly can bring heaven on earth as I verified it on many places in real life including our own home and many religious, spiritual and other nature lovers places say Nek Chand Garden and in my personal approach it was the scouting training headquarters at Tara Devi, Shimala that verifies it for 100%.

How and why our modern systems have totally failed in all possible directions is because it does not talk about Art of Disposition and thus uses the manipulated concepts of Art of Decomposition as its not at all Recyclable Production and Manufacturing of any possible kind that the modern world has achieved in the absence of art of disposition as it deals with the dead things. How to dispose our dead body; so that it faces proper and full disposition is a big question.

How to dispose any material prepared by any technique and any bio-product that we produce in any manner has been a greatest cause for suffering on earth system now a days. We all seem to take painkillers and going through surgeries and worst of all that is removal of bio-energies from our bodies; the end of nerves circuits, the networks from within the nervous system so as to control pain and suffering.

The earth system is unable to use any of pollution thus produced and it has led to complete degeneration of food chain, the 84 Lakh Jooni’s, the Forms of Life. We are now dwelling on bio-less foods, and may not survive for long as it does not support life as its in the fullest.

In reality nature recycles anything that contains any pollution as air present on earth that we inhale and exhale together everywhere on earth. If we have pollution free earth, we may never feel hunger, thirst, pain and all that we assume exists in the heaven. It is a truth that Indians have really lived and some yogis and naturalists of India still show and exhibit it as when they live without food for many days and even without water and keep fasting.

I have done fasting with food at night only for about 2 years in 1994-96 when I was doing the last steps of my final reports of research work of Philselfology. At the end of 2 years, I discovered that I could survive with a bite of chapatti, a wheat bread. The single bit or little food gave the same results as if I have taken the full meals for 3 times. I kept doing my normal routine works. Then at the end of 1996, I started to live normal food eating style.

However, I noticed that what our ancestors claimed about heaven on earth is really true and right scientifically. My research works named as Philselfology as we may say Be Happy Philselfologically are scientific in nature and all things in it written or said are with proof from something say faculty of field of knowledge in any form say arts, music, religion, spirituality and all that we say comes under the education systems with curricular and co-curricular activities that I wanted to check and verify personally.

I was hugely opposed at times for being as if cynical or utopian. On the other hand, I received 100% results OK as I went anywhere in the colleges, schools and the universities in both the urban and rural India and even abroad say Australia for more than 2 years.

The reason for it has been surely as the Ayurveda uses and that is the Philosophy of Life after Death means How Everything Living and Non-Living Exists after and when it changes its one form to another form of life and thus the Law of Conservation of Energy that we in India use for bio-energies, the living things as the Shakti, the Law of Conservation of Bio-Energies. Here the “Shak” word in Shakti has a great significance as it, the Shak is the name of Botany and is also named as the Shak or Shaak Vidya, the Education, Science, Technology and Philosophy of Botanical World, and lot more. The Botanical World differs a little from the concept of Three Mool, the Basic Forms of the Shakti, the Energy. The Goddess Kali, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Sarasvati are considered junior to the Shakti, the Energy of the Botanical World.

This Shak or Shaak Vidya remains in the direct control of main goddess who produced life and that is why its form of Durga, and not others goddesses. The Vaishnu Mata, the Goddess or Mother Vaishnu deals with the Botanical World, the World of Ayurveda. She is also known as the Shakumbra Devi, the Goddess of Botanical and Ayurvedic World.

One may see that in her every photo, image and idol say at the Vaishnu Mata Shrine at the Jammu and Kashmir, the goddess Kali, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Sarasvati sit her holy feet as the pindi’s mean their primitive origins belong to the wood, the shaak from where life started as said in the Ayurveda and Shaak, the botanical scriptures.

The Philselfology focuses on the Shaak Vidya, and thus Goddess Vaishnu Mata as for studies of life and existence after death and decomposition.

The word Paravati has the meaning that from and near the mountains first formed was the fungi or ulgai as we say and same as the Spirulina and other forms of life that can start only from mountains and the sea water and thus vati word has a special meaning in the Ayurveda. The vat means “like that and that like life” means the Science (V) of Three Worlds (T, the Three) and thus the Science of Botany, Insect Kind of Life and Biology, and there are always room of addition in 3 worlds say the Gaytari Mantra that goes even to three world consisting of conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds. I seem fumbling as against all possible manners, the Wisdom of Botanical World of Ayurveda gives the classification of living things as follows:

1. Animals

2. Birds

3. Entire Green, the Botanical World as Set

4. Humans

5. Cows, the Cow and their family as the single set of species, and the form of life that differs from the rest as animals, humans and cows

Thus, the Ayurveda without Botany is a meaningless subject as is Allopathy without Biology.

However, the Ayurveda as accompanied by the Botany has no violence in it as it observes animals and conducts all experiments botanically and well just a forceful additions philselfologically. The botanical experiments do the least possible harms to the natural world but even then the concept of “havana” giving back “green world” their foods is must as otherwise its violence doing experiments on even seeds:

“Jete Daane Ann Ke Jiaan Baajh Na Koi” (Gurbani, the Teachings of Wisdom of Mouth of Sikhism, Shri Guru Granth Sahib)

“There is No Seed without Life in it”

So, the Vaishnu Mata Scriptures of Shaak Vidya, the Botanical Vidya, the Education Systems advice all the times about the Philosophy of Havana, the Flourishing of Vana’s, the Botanical or Green World.

There are keywords: Hari, Amrit, Boond, the Drop, From the Botanical World, the Suhawani or Sukh-wani, the Sukhmani and lot similar that give the Essentials and Fundamentals Homeopathy as the Branch of Ayurveda. The triturations of anything for formations of Mother Jointures is the Shuddhi Process that always make all world therapies and their procedures a great part of Ayurveda that looks at the durations of anything and how it can work for continuity and maintenance of life in any form. The keywords say that any drop that can give life is the Amrit Drop and thus the Ayurveda and the processes are called the Puti, the Potency creations that can save life, and for exmaple a drop of Bismuth Puti at the potency say 50,000 or 50M or 100M can cure cancer and that its Amrit Boond, the Drop of Life.

For example, the longest duration of Bismuth is the best remedy for Cancer and its based on the natural law and principle that whatever is at the center, the radius may vary from the atom to radius of the universe and at there we can have glowing Bismuth, but here on earth it heals as what we know Guru Gorakh Nath's Himalayan Ayurveda for all that has Ayurveda following it in the modern health and wellness institutions. As we know, the Botany and Ayurveda are one and same thing, we have life starting botanically from the ancient mountains and we have the Himalayas in Asia and that has one of the ancient culture that sprouts the Ayurvedic Medicines as the Homeopathy is a big branch of it and thus the Sadhu Samaj,the Society of Sadhus' means who are Sanyasi give the Ayurveda and Yoga making world a better place, and why they use Bhanga, the Marijuana as a super-tonic has an answer in Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The same is true for say Bismuth!

Now, in Ayurveda and Homeopathy, everything everywhere as sand; metal, plant, tree and that a human, bird, plant and living ones can use even as the fertizlers and or drugs is nothing but medicine! Now wonder its same for say Bhanga, the Cannabis Indica (the Indian plants and herbs have Indica at the end of Homeopathic Medicines) when used this way by the Shuddi and the Purification Process.

Now, when we talk Cannabis Indica as the Homeopathic Medicines or Purified Ayurveda Drugs, Medicines, Tonics and other products as the Ancient People and Vaida's, the Doctors have used, we have: "Bhang has been used in India since Vedic times, and is an integral part of Hindu culture. Sadhus and Sufis use Bhang to boost meditation and to achieve transcendental states. Bhang or cannabis is also used amongst Sufis as an aid to spiritual ecstasy.

The Nihang sect of the Sikh community consume bhang for pain relief from battle wounds. In Sikhism, it is strictly prohibited to consume for pleasure, a rule which is followed very loyally. It started as an ayurvedic medicine whose main use for the Nihangs was to aid in reducing pain from battle wounds, and also as a digestive aid, called Sukhnidhan <1>

The historian Richard Davenport-Hines lists Thomas Bowrey as the first Westener to document the use of bhang.<2> (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhang )

The botanical world, insects and five elements consumes the dead bodies of animals and humans, and thus the Botanical Ways of Ayurveda ensure that all that comes from it, the botanical world goes back to it, and thus is the Philosophy of the Havana. This processes is against all that we know in the world now as the bio and botany combined manufacturing causing severest possible torture and suffering to both the biological and botanical life in the name of modern and or space technology and thus bio-fuels used and prepared wrongly. The Havana and other Ayurvedic processes reduce suffering and end torturing in life of all. This is the Art of Disposition, the Recycling, and thus not the Art of Decay and Degeneration, the Pisach Vidya's that do not ever support disposition in a recyclable way.

The western and modern civilizations have struggled to much to find the possible ways for the disposition of bio-products and what is most as the side-products produced in the living bodies including stones in the body, the bladder stone, the biotic and for all that needs pesticides and the antibiotics. It set the western wisdom against Allopathy and there was introduction of Ayurveda introduced Puti Systems, the Bhasma's and other ones that used the most ancient mythologies of Ayurveda and thus the Botanical Worlds. We have Ayurveda returning to India as Homeopathy, which is specialization of one major branch of Ayurveda and that is manufacturing of all world drugs and the medicines as the mother tinctures and the triturations. We all know the Allopathy is just another branch of Ayurveda that deals with the Surgery, and we know it as Shailya Chikitsa, and modern Allopathy is just Advanced Level of Ayurvedic Surgical Departments.

Similarly, more than 300 alternative medicines are nothing but branches, the specializations of Ayurveda, and thus anyone who specializes in any health and care therapy is as if researcher of Ayurveda, and if we can give one a certification that one's therapy is of any health and medical methodologies, we may look at the Authorities of Ayurveda, who need to honor them and us all for advancements of what Indian and Rishi's, Muni's, Sages and thus all healers whom we read in all Indian Scriptures, are scholars, researchers and great aulyia type the "Totaka Tellers that Plays the Magic"!

We from Life Dynamix - Wings for All honor them all both ancient and modern including those of nanotechnology, and those, who followed any streams say Unani, Tibetian, and Chinese, which seems a Religions of Health and Wellness Worldwide and are Universal with Divine, Spiritual, and Genetic Lineages.

For example: Central Council of Indian Medicine (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Council_of_In... ): "Indian medicinal systems. The CCIM has also been involved in regulating the Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani Tibb education courses at the graduate and post-graduate streams. The Siddha course recognition system of CCIM was questioned through a public interest litigation. The main object of the Central Council are to prescribe minimum standards of education in Indian Systems of Medicine viz. Ayurved, Siddha, Unani Tibb. To advise Central Government in matters relating to recognition (inclusion/with drawal) of medical qualification in/from second schedule to Indian Medicine Council Act, 1970. To maintain a Central Register on Indian Medicine and revise the register from time to time. To prescribe Standards of Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics to be observed by the practitioners." says it all but needs broader international bodies and organizations for further research works and advancements at very local and thus personal level so that alternative medicines play a very important role in the health care systems in the world as I personally have made a sincere effort in the research work named Philselfology running from the Life Dynamix - Wings for All as I also arranged certification and licensing provisions for all members of world family irrespective of nation, gender, age or whatever human identity applies.

We will discuss more about it in the next few additions and editing’s.

Thanks for your time, and let’s Be Happy Philselfologically and avoid torture to the Botanical, the Green World, and Animal Kingdom, and Humans in general!

Thanks again!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Philselfology of Faith and Prayer: Be Happy and Christianity Philselfology - 43

The complete management of human knowledge and wisdom in the world always has been put as integrated approach for everyday to life time process as compatible with the natural world in the universe.

We usually say that the Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha along with their Bhakts, the Bhagat’s is an Indian School of Thought, however it seems an ignorant approach as the only thing in these managements is the Indian Names, namely Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and the Bhagata’s. Otherwise and in this case too only names give the area, region, time, people, nations, gender, and all that can signify the terms to the best possible. If number five is in English, its value does not change with time, space and anything that influences it, and thus the Math and Music are universal.

When we read names, what our reactions are do matter and influence and thus reflect how we think and feel, and thus USA is a name, but someone may shout at it in USA! Indians do it almost daily in India; and what you think about your homeland when you are angry. Oh! So, you knew it too!

The name of place, thing and or person that we read in the grammars of schools include so many names that person and people, an individual or a crowd, home or nation, body or brain, land and sky, light or matter, and all that is covered by the nouns and pronouns is nothing but an object, and never mind, we are not that you are an object as how it can be possible to consider that anyone ever thinks, feels, and says without thinking and pondering over it that you are not an object.

At least one is subject as we all as “I” think. We say:

“I’m subject, and others say that I’m object,”

“It’s not fair,”

We stroll here and there, and the self-talk with strong auto-suggestions and fully filled with new and highly inventive ideas that has never been heard before, and armed with the strongest antivirus teams of all that the universe can sustain gives new and very new ideas.

“I think, others are object, and they really are as they think I’m an object, yes, they are, and I’ve realized it,”
We make cup of tea! Enjoy it like the best and the ideals do on winning the armies of the universes.

“Cup of tea, and what’s in it, tea, an object of my eyes, and the cup is too an object, and the whole scene is an object, the Drish, and I as the subject see it,”

“Well, who sees me, who sees through my eyes,”

“It’s me, the I, oh no, I am having an object that my own existence is an object and that’s me, oh no… save me O God,”

“Who sees me, and its I, and who sees my existence as I’m, and God My Lord sees…”

“Why I cried so much,”

“I’m still crying,”

“Dear Father! I cried,”

“You met your real self,” the Priest said.

“You too call me an object,”

“No, your virtual I is what you think and assume about yourself, and it’s all Maya, the Myth,”

“So, am I a myth, an object?”

“No my child, you’re the only one, who live in this beautiful temple of God, called the human body,”


“My child, you’re the owner this body,”

“Am I an object or subject?”

“Your holy temple, the human body and all that it does is your object as the rest of the world, and the universe, and that is why God loves YOU, the real I, the subject in you,”

“Is this all, Father?”

“No, God loved your real I so much that He sacrificed His own drop of blood for it,”

“How He did it,”

“He asked Lord Jesus to give his blood, and he gave all of he has as his virtual I, that we call the Maya to the world and thus gave his human body, the Temple of God, so that today, we could talk about your real self, the I”, which isn’t an object my child,”

“You too cry,”

“Yes, I also live in the Temple of God, and am here to serve you,”

“I saw you father today,”

“No, you’ve simply met yourself, and that’s not an object,”

“I’m sorry father,”

“No, it’s all right, we all are weak in the flesh, the maya, and strong is the real I,”

“Thanks father, and off we go,”

“May God Bless Your Soul, Your Real Subject, the Real I, and in the name of Lord Jesus, we pray for all, Amen!”


The soul living the temple of God was filled with the real I, the subject that we call Atama.

My book on Christian Faiths and Prayers, Lord's Sermon in the Holy Bible - The Lotus of Christianity that I wrote in Adelaide, South Australia in 1989-91 says:

"We are in striving need for the self-analysis and introspection. The Sermon on the Mount given by the Lord Jesus Christ is for the entire human race. We all have ego problems and he points and guides about it. Without the mirror of the Divine Message, the Sermon, we cannot see our real image. This poetical way is an attempt for it. God waits for us, the Holy Sermon says how and why as is presented in the form of poetry, which gives the answers to the questions that the Sermon raises and we as the humans can see our image. It is not to please anyone, but to plead that 'Be the Salt to World' is difficult and we all, the humans need God’s Grace. The blend of the Eastern and the Western civilization makes the human civilization broad. He exists in all the times as he says “I am what I am”, which means he is always present. The word Prarthna in Sanskrit and Hindi is synonyms for prayer, which means living in the present, the most difficult task, but with a resolution in this poem. Thanks!"

Now, this was an attempt to discuss how the Philselfology of Faith and Prayers can help in understanding our virtual, the Maya I and the real I, the soul.

These names could have been Indian, Arabian, English, German, French, and in any other languages in the world.

People in front of my house use horns and honks and that kills me as if motivating to commit suicide, please pray for our family, and it’s in written. They are doing from years and has put me to very serious health problems even though I am a doctor in alternative medicines. Sorry, I could not complete this part of the series as many other ones under such circumstances.

I live at 51 Pubjabi Bagh, Patiala at 11:25am, 20th July, 2013, day Saturday. I have been appealing online and offline from some years and its now a serious threat to my existence and I self-witness it without having any ill will towards any. Thanks!

Many of my well researched books on Comparative Religious Studies, the Christianity in particular were burnt alive in Loxton, Riverland, Australia in 1989, when I requested to Indian High Commission in Australia that I have threat to my life as if attempted suicide though it was for the first time in my life:

"The Punjabi and so called and a kind of Sikh farmers in the Loxton, and nearby areas in the Riverland, where I worked in the farmhouses in the Christmas holidays during the November-December, 1989 created serious threats to my life as at that time they took full time work from me say equal to 12-15 weeks, and instead of paying me 12,000-15000 Australian dollars they gave me just 1200-1500 dollars and influenced or forced me to sign that I have received about $15000 during those times in 1989. They still may have the documents I signed.

They also threatened me by calling me an agent of Hindus and Indian Government and would threat me of killing by hanging on the fan. That was the time when I burnt all of my research works done on Christianity and other comparative studies, the letters based on the Philselfology of Ecology and Future of the World all burnt in fire as they threatened and harassed me so much that I had almost an attempted suicide.

I happen to have phone of Indian High Commission in Canberra, ACT, Australia and rang there from their homes, and wanted to tell that I have had a serious threat to my life. However, the man immediately entered into the room and I could say please help me, and they said that I should give them my address at Loxton and they would take immediate action, but I declined for any action, the phone reply that I had gave the following verdict that echo’s in my mind:

“Jab Okhli Mein Sir Diya Hai, To Mooslon Se Kya Darna,”

“When you have put yourself in troubles, why are you afraid of who beats you know,”

I was shocked as the farmers, who never assumed I would take this step as they were trying to prove me from their bad experiences wrong the governing bodies in the world are, and I could see no hope among them, but then almost a miracle happen.

My mother prayer along with a soothsayer who visited us in Punjabi Bagh, Patiala were we live, and told her that people in this area not support our works and usually dig near the front wall and deposited the parts of dead bodies of burning dead in the fire, and they openly throw flesh near the house that creates serious sufferings in your family, and thus her son may die as he gave grave warning. They prayed and what happened there I rang to Indian High Commission and they kept strolling for many days in my free times, and on 25th of December, 1989, when the entire world was celebrating the Happy Christmas, I was praying for God’s Help, and I just felt that I should ring to the University of Adelaide.

However, it was a holiday, the worldwide holiday, but my heart said I should, and without any known reasons I rang there. To my amazement, the director of International Affairs in the Department of Overseas Student Office was just visiting his office on Christmas by chance. I asked him how comes he was there on Christmas holiday; he said he has just come to see something in the office.

I said I wanted to study in the University for which I had come all the way from India, but that now I do not have enough money to enroll, and the last date for enrollment was approaching. If I do not enroll, I must leave Australia. He asked me my about my grades in year 12 at the Muirden School, I said due to financial troubles I could score only 68 out of 100 rather than 90 that scored initially. He did something that was personal on the Christmas though, he said he had enrolled me without asking anything and will hold my enrollment until I am there no matter if late admission is needed.

By faith, he may be the Dennis Murry, enrolled me, and now was the point of raising funds as what they needed by then was about $6000-7000, and I earned about $12000-15000, and I had only about $1500 in my pocket with which what at most I could do was to come back to India by AIR.

So, I kept requesting Indian and Punjabi people, the farmers to help me, and they said I must bow and humble myself to them so they will do something, and started to take me to various people asked and begging for money on their own when they by themselves had not paid me my due wages, which they paid to all of my co-workers, the fruit pickers. All of the fruit pickers were very sad about it saying that I deserved at least $1200 per weak not just $200-250 due to quality of work as they were either Punjabi’s or Australians.

When we could not collect enough funds to pay, I started to pack up to come back, but just went to see Mr. Muirden. I said if I get job, I can pay. He said its not possible to get job that pays that much, but he tried. I was given a chance to work as a cleaner in the huge building of a bank, and I was asked to work on 3 day trial. I performed well, I got job, and now it was must that I negotiate with the university.

I went there, saw the person who enrolled me by faith only, and then he said that it’s impossible to enroll with funds paid in advance as there is no such rule that when one will earn, one pays. He however took a personal decision to support my studies and said that I will have to pay installments every month otherwise, I will have to leave the University of Adelaide and Australia.

The soothsayers again came and said that I was saved but now waits another big trouble when an innocent is blamed and punished, and my mother said it cannot be stopped.

They, the people in our vicinity who use Pishach, Black Magic, Tankrits and practice say the Sikh or other missionary kind of strict life getting desired results by creating suffering by throwing dead bodies, flesh or blood near the houses no matter how much educated or well posted never understand that suffering of animals, birds, plants and other things is a global suffering that seriously harms the life of individuals living in the house. For example, if a butcher’s factory of killing animals is near the residential areas, their suffering to death destroys all houses of life among individuals living near as it’s the aura of suffering that consumes lives and health and the wellness.

It includes the places where the living ones are beaten or tortured and one of most amazing thing we notice in the modern world is that in the hospitals and health centers, where the surgeries are conducted on any living thing produces great pain and suffering in the living bodies, and that has effect on the residential people, and especially on the people, who are sensitive as even influenced by seeing blood, cloudy weathers, suffering and similar.

So, again from the vicinity where we live reports that were verbal went to hunt me Australia when they said our family is related with Taksal’s, the Universities of Sikhism, the Congregations and as the suffering that people claim is painless cure with drugs and injections is surgery of healing may not recommend anyone believing anyone in the societies of sadhu’s and saints as they all know and say: “E Kise Baba Ji Nu Mande Ne!” (Whispering: They believe in the Sadhu’s and Saints!) fails the realms of world religions and faiths and thus seems the pure atheism as by as if would seem Sikh Missionaries who do not support any sadhu or saint society in the world, and thus blamed I was reported verbally and still have sufferings around our house brought me back, and that recently gone an area of commercial site settled in the residential areas and thus continuous sufferings in the vicinity as many other ones now consume any possible feelings that we call the dharma, and thus India has gone on the road that may lead nowhere, but a kind of missionaries as if the commissions that world has always opposed in the past history."

The reason that we feel threat from seniors, well established people and others taking help from experts in the developing countries say in India harm every possible talent and merit almost everywhere using the banned skills of mesmerism that the seniors know and that is one of the reason in India the psychology and psychiatry is mostly not a taught subject as many know "self-persuading effects" of mesmerism and thus we have hard core societies with some known families and the governing body staff who have worked enough and seem the sure product and object of Indian Mesmerism and in many other countries, and we may call it the grouping and socialization as are the big companies, organizations and political parties and lot many other as they are never ever defeated due to experimentation by expert people of mesmerism and so called telepathy in this case and thus in two things that make one a permanent object leaving it for generations to be object and they realize the subject side of the personality and thus seem against such maladjusted circumstances and they become victims of it.

In the developing countries like India, its the occult and mysticism that hidden uses mesmerism keeping one disciple levels, who should never question any authority and thus India going mesmerized for centuries against all world religions and faiths, and the robes of religion as costume is used as a tool, while the innocent people listening to emphatic and persuading speech fall into the serious traps of mesmerism and we still see India as part of this historical and inhuman practice that must be banned. The medical practitioners claim to cure the sick cases without psychiatry, psychology and philosophy, but the mesmerism as its a pure use of influence.

For it, I have requested that such people in our vicinities while aiming to get rich, going and settling aboard and other pleasure practice it in the most vulnerable manner we have seen, and thus I have repeatedly appealed to Indian government bodies, organizations and others appealing online and offline, but they seem to hunt as they know who may know its practices, and thus threatening many lives including myself, and that of our talented family as in this practice the experts first take the safest legal, social and religious grounds as to claim one a patient, criminal - a threat to national or international law and order, and the last benefit of doubt to make the cultured creature assume self-made.

The mesmerism is not an easy task when we have any selfish motive hidden:

Be Happy Philselfologically!

Thanks for your time!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Philselfology of Pleasure and Pain Chain, the Chakra of Suffering and an End to it with Piousness of the Sukhasana of Sukhamana: Be Happy Philselfologically - 40

So, the suffering is lack of information, knowledge manner, and thus lacking right approach towards ascending, the chardi kala that takes us to the sukhmana and doing the sukhasna of the self where soul enjoys it, and knowing about what we know about others and ourselves. We know about others in reality as much as we know about ourselves that is knowing thyself is the key to all that we can ever have during our life spans.

Chardi Kala: As one of my book, "Introduction to Art of Ascendancy" gives an insight about the concept: "Amazingly, once we have learned the Art of Ascendancy, which is popular as the Chardi Kala, we can keep up the essence of it, the hopefulness. The survival is normal cause, but higher is living and the true living is still higher. The true living is doing what we say and saying what we do with the clarity of thought. In other words, it is giving the metaphorical and mystical direction to our fantasies making these the imaginations and finally the creativity. This creativity is not manipulation of knowledge, rather; it is self-felt feelings giving the mystic experiences for which knowledge is just a boat. Giving direction to one’s knowledge in the light of Wisdom of Gurbani brings the clarity of the thought, the mystic touch. Knowledge without direction is mere information, having no metaphorical joy but with direction; it is wisdom. This direction is the ascending one; not the descending. Thus, the book reflects on it for the clarity of it, the Art of Ascendancy-the Chardi Kala. Thanks!"

These words about knowledge may have lot to see but we have our own individual parameters and the constraints that gives us the real joy of what and who we are, and thus self-limit for self-freedom. You see a criminal and or the cleaver person uses this knowledge and thus seems active in the society as it does not require any work or even effort needed as knowledge that one ever seeks.

So, what is “work” in the Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit languages as for ease of words. The “war” is for the bridegroom as many worship Lord Krishna as the “War”, the “Wara”. Thus, the “Wara”+”Ka” has a meaning that we do for the very person with, the child within, and the God Within, and many call it the “Purushartha” means “Purusha”, the Bridegroom “Artha” for the adjective, the Bridegroom, (the Purusha), and thus the one who enjoys our body as long as we live in it is none other than our Atama, the Bridegroom and the physical body we have is called the Bride.

All have their Atama’s, the Souls as the Purusha that is why the Ayurveda and other health sciences acknowledge female as the male means that male and female are alike when we consider the souls. In other words as light, we all are one and the same ones, and when we consider the matter, the physical parts we have gender, appearance, and all that goes to left and right parts of the body.

A wonder is that what is above the gender in us remains genderless when it descends through the spinal chord, the formless state of body in which the real “I” dwells, which gives the feelings of existence, the real self.

The same “I”, the Feeler of Self-existence when falls into the traps, the electromagnetic systems of left side of the body due to need or by chance, it feels the effects of the lunar parts, the female body in our physical body that works as all women live and work.

The left, right and center of body and brain are the opposite pairs and that is how it works, so please make notice from online resources before I make any mistake, and I could not easier than this for kids!

So, where we were on the right, the “I” when experiencing the “positive” side of the body in the electromagnetic systems of body feel as all humans do as the males. It is what we are the light and matter, the body, and what we feel as the Mann, the Heart is all due to the lunar side of the body as otherwise one cannot feel the body in the way as if the flesh and as we are weak in it, the flesh, we all weep and cry, and laugh and have the waves that have trough and crust as in the creative arts when and while we ever deal with this side and feelings as these are there because of it, the right side of the body and the brain.

The spinal or what we also know as the Sukhmana, the Sukh means the Joys and the Pleasures and the Mana means the Mann, the Heart. The end of suffering is when we approach rightly to the Sukhasana, the State of Rest of the Human Body that is where Sukhmana, the Joy of Heart dwells.

The Purushartha that we do as “Work” or “Waraka” has meaning only when we do it for and in the Sukhasana, a saying that whatever we do we need to do with all of our body, mind, heart and the soul that is what Sukhmana is all about when we want an end to what we say the suffer and the suffering.

In other words, the suffering is a state of mind!

We notice that the joys and pains cannot give any Sukh, the real joy of the self as joy is state of mind that is virtual feeling of the left side of the body, and the pains are the virtual thoughts and the feelings of the right side of the body. However, the Sukh as the ease from all pains and pleasures is the Asana, the Posture of the Soul as Sukhasana of the it, the soul. This Sukh is called ease as rest is Dis-ease means Disease, the Roga, the feelings of left based on hatred, the Dwesha and the right based on what we like as liking known as Raag.

Now, both are dual as both of the liking and disliking are nothing but dualism, the roga.

So, the applied form of Sukhasana, the Sukhmana lies in the state of mind, the Asana and the Awastha, not the conditions of it, the linking and disliking which are nothing but attraction and thus the law of attraction.

So, philselfologically speaking the Sukhasana as in the Sukhmana is the Real Life not the Virtual that exists as and in the Law of Affinity.

The Law of Affinity is the Law of Congregations as all that can coexist does so in many forms as we call it our group, circle, friends, relatives and so say even teams, organizations and lot more cannot do anything without coexistence.

My book about Law of Affinity describes it in a simple native ways: "Exploring riches as by the Law of Attraction, we want to attract money and possessions by this Law. If we do not have money it can make us may feel sad. Thus, how can poverty and richness co-exist? It seems that we need to be strong in creativity and its use in profession. The Law of Attraction is an old idea, which doesn’t seem to work anymore. The Law of Affinity says that when we materialize any idea, then the idea, product and money co-exist, isn’t it. Suppose, instead of materializing our ideas, we seek only money, we may include the options, which aren’t ethical or useful to us, our family and society. By using the wrong options, we may attract money quickly. The scammers, cheaters and robbers also follow the Law of Attraction, and earn more than other people, who work honestly, isn’t it. This play describes how we can combine the co-existing Laws of Attraction and Affinity for attaining the best use of abilities for the most successful life."

We notice that when most of us feel the need of the congregational approach towards the similarities, we may achieve it easily in our real life. For example say teams of sports in football, basketball and cricket have among one another, the teams in general have differences as well these three named teams.

However in the congregational approach we follow the Law of Affinity, the Coexistence and thus have feelings of oneness and togetherness by understanding not by just because we like or dislike anything or something as is the case in the Law of Attraction.

We say relax and ease in Sukh Asana, the video says and guides how to do it:

So, the Law in any form of constitution and Order that it needs has personal approach and thus the Purushartha, the Personal Contribution that matters to our own self, the soul or the Atama because we all live and leave by one self as the individual souls.

This is what we say Be Happy Philselfologically to our Hearts, the Mana, and have our Sukhmana Asana with the Sukhmani,the Sukhmana one may say as males and females may not release itself from the gender chaos inside as most of us struggle.

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So, let us allow our self to have peace and bliss as long as our soul lives in this body, and rest is great when we leave this body, so water a plant or a tree!

Thanks for your time!
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