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How Gurmukhi Language Systems Unify Chakra Energy and Sephiroth Force with Cymatics leading to the Alternative Horological DNA Systems: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

The Emerging Systems of Four Energies with Fifth Force are also known as the New Paradigm of Energy-Force Systems.In this part of the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we discuss how the Gurmukhi Language, which is also the Musical Metric Language of Music, Cymatics, Tala, Beats and Harmonics Based Systems as thus the helping tools in developing it as the Unified Approach of the Chakra Energy and the Sephiroth Force Systems.

As we known, the Sephiroth Force is mostly popular in the West with the Middle Pillar Theory, while the Chakra is considered as the Eastern Sacred Systems, while connecting both is possible only with the Cymatics. It is to be remarked here that excess of Suarti, the Chakra, the Meditation may decline interests in the Sephiroth, the Shabada and or the Religion Based Systems, while excess of the later may not create interest in the Meditation, the Suarti Works, which also need Good Food, Diet, Drinks, Pollution Free and or Peaceful Environment to conduct the Meditation, the Suarti Works, and that is where the Sephiroth, the Force, the Manual, the Shabada Based World Religions and Faiths play its major role, while both can be connected with the Cymatics, which now emerging as with the New Paradigm of Four Energy Systems of the Chakra while as the Sephiroth, the Fifth Force Systems, while when we use it in simulations, we notice that the E=mc^2 does not, and that is the E=mcv goes as its basic equation, where the m is mass, c is velocity of light, while the v is the velocity of sound systems, and we can bring great many good results if we use Cymatics into the E=mcv equations as in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, where the Cymatics also presents itself as the Nama, the Pneuma and or the Theory of Cobordism as well.

The Gurmukhi in this context goes Beyond Language Systems as it can update any language system to any other language system because it uses the Musical Metric Systems with the Cymatics, and is the Universal Language, which does not follow any political boundary systems. So, when we discuss Punjabi, Hindi and Sindhi and other Indian and or the Asian Languages; these are mostly regional language systems, while the Gurmukhi-Gurbani as the Bhakha, Boli and Bani is Based on Theory of Elements, where the 35 Sounds of Gurmukhi and or the Indian Alphabets is treated as the Elements of the Universe, the Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth (Solid), which the Sikh Gurus and other Bhagat's, who has been the Masters of Indian-Asian Language, Grammars, Music, Cymatics, Harmonics, Raga, Tala, Akhara Math, Meditation, and EK Theory of Everything, have developed it all as the Evolution of the Indian Theory of Elements, Alphabets and EK Super Sacred Systems, which exist as the Common System of Universe in World Religions and Faiths. So, accordingly, the Gurmukhi Musical Language has brought almost all of the North Indian, South Indian, Himalayan, Israeli, Egyptian and Arabian Systems into the Guru, Grama, and Gramika-Gurmukhi Musical Metric Systems, where the Guru with the Laghu-Guru and Pluta Musical Sound Weight Levels, the Maatra constitutes the Gurmukhi Language Systems. The Modern Emerging Systems as the New Paradigm are also based on it at the times when this Model, Theory, and Systems are almost forgotten; the Extinct with its Sacred Languages in many parts of the world.

It also leads to the Horological DNA-RNA Systems are based on the Quantum Phases with the Cymatics, which yield the Musical, Raga, Cymatics, Beats and Harmonics Based Time Durations, which follow different kind of DNA-RNA Systems having better solutions for the Incurable Diseases, while further it can also have more strands that are usually present due to Cymatics Time Duration's yielding the Matter-Materials that also differ from the Quantum Matter-Material Systems as explained in the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

In this context, the EK Akhara Theory can justify the Underlying Oneness of Religions and or the Faiths, but it too requires Mastery in at least one Sacred Language of the world as in the New and Emerging Paradigm Systems as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise, which we can not substitute with the Good Quotes or Theory of Goodness from all world religions and or the faiths or by simply saying "God is One".

We have taken initiatives to start Research or Doctoral Courses, Degrees and Offering RMP Licenses for it, and it is likely to start this year.

This blog post of the series was complied in many days, and present here for further and full reading:

How One Sound or Letter in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language seems to be Spoken Most Incorrectly: Major Mistakes in the Indian Continental Punjabi or Gurmukhi Alphabets and Extinction of Some Letter Sounds: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, Alternative Horological DNA-RNA and New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

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How Gurmukhi; Indian Alphabets Explain Religious Temples, Human Body, Kundalini, Chakra, 500 Quantum Therapies, Universe, Maxwell Equations, Molecular Vortex, Guru, Vedas, Gurbani and 12 Dimensions: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 180

In this part of the series, we discuss about how the Indian Sacred Alphabets represent the Sacred Structure of the Human Body, Atom, Universe, the Astral Body, the Kundalini, the Chakra and the Aura Systems, Modern Quantum Sound Therapies, the Cymatics, Water Memory, Theory of Elements, Theory of Dimensions, Theory of Sound and Light, Theory of Matter, Energy and Consciousness, Theory of Universe, Theory of Yoga, Meditation and Guru or Akal Moorati, the Information Universe, Indian Sacred Systems of God Trinity, Bhagwana, Shri, Nirvana, the Holy Spirit and 7 Goddesses (Sapta Matrika), Quantum Wave and Vibration Theory, Longitudinal (Scalar) and Transverse Wave Theory of Zero Point Energy, Quantum Vacuum, Essence of Vedas and Other Indian Scriptures, Indian Music, Math, Grammar, Geometry, Astrology, Astronomy, Visible and Invisible God, Yuga Theory, Zero Dimension, 4-Dimensions of Quantum Systems, Indian Topology and Homotopy, Indian Invariant Math, and lot more as also in the series of Be Happy Philselfologically. For integration of the said and more topics can be well integrated using the previous part of the series.

One of the aims of Series of Be Happy Philselfologically is to make us aware that the Sacred, Quantum and Classical Systems are the naturally occurring phenomenon, and with little practice one can learn and start doing mastery of it in almost same way as we learn Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Music, Sacred Geometry, Painting, Drawing, and all that constitutes the Emerging Quantum Civilization, and that one may not learn it more by using the Brain Chips, the Brain Control Equipment or even the Brain Enhancement or Empowerment Implants as these can be at most a help to human brains to achieve the results little faster, however, one need to take personal initiates to learn, study, research and master the "Sacred, Quantum and Classical Systems", and thus we can notice that use of "Brain Chips" seems one of the great folly, which we need to avoid under all or at least most of the conditions even if one is crazy for "selling or buying it" as it seems almost of no use when we consider the "Use of Sacred, Quantum, Classical and Nano Systems for the Global Development of Natural World and Humanity" as even the fossils, plants, trees, birds, animals, fishes, and all that we think as "Self-assembling" uses it all and mostly does not need any "Brain Chip", but "Little Practice and the Home Work" in which Cymatics and Water Memory can be a very helpful tool!

When we approach for the Global Health, Wellness and Healthcare with Psychology, Psychiatry and health problems which arise from "Religions, Beliefs, Faiths, and even Meditation" need us to consider the Carl Jung and Mandala, the Psychiatry Problems of Unconscious Brain as well as the "Origin of Psychiatry Problems", which also lead to serious health problems in the incurable diseases is what we discuss here using the Sacred Theory of Indian Alphabets, Architect, Dot and Circle Theory, and Theories of Consciousness for better health and wellness.

One of the important points of the Philselfology as in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we have the the Acoustic Phonon-Photon-Optical Phonon Symmetry, we can not only Manage the Global Warming, but also store, operate, regulate, use, and distribute the Heat and Sound Energy as one of the most abundant free energy of the Quantum Universe as according to the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

Thus, the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Theory and Model of Everything seems to provide scientific and mathematical (the quantum hypothesis of science, math, philosophy and religion as Philselfology) quantum and quaternion proofs for these research works, and we can consider this little claim even though it may seem as if degree mill's offered PhD to such works as it usually gets attention when one seems to have made many attempts to get social recognition, income, funds and status by also thinking of obtaining "Mill Degrees as Bearden is said to have", and it is where the gap between academics and the pure innovation seems as if the "Copernicus Gap". I suppose if Bearden has written Harry Potter's Scientific Fictions, he would have all that Hollywood can offer (Oscar Award).

The Hypothesis of Philselfology also offers great many insights into Bearden's Research as well as the Free and Renewable Energy as through "Light, Sound and Vibration Based Free, Recyclable, Renewable, Quaternion and the Quantum Systems related to Spiral and Vortex Based Mathematics, the VBM" while inviting need of further and future research works and the products of innovation in the said systems.

If we use the Indian Sacred Alphabets as the Quantum Hypothesis as also studied with most popular name of Tat' Darshana, the Sacred Philosophy of Topological (Tat') Quantum Systems, we can use almost all of the Indian Vedic and Other Mantras for the Emerging Quantum Systems and Civilizations. The reason to say it is from the point that the Quantum Civilizations as in all of the Sacred Civilizations deals with the "Evolution of Consciousness", which is the Homotopy of Opposite Pairs in the Self-conscious and the Self-assembling Systems that seem to self-arrange as the Topology, the Tat', the Sacred Element Theory of World Civilizations.

Here, we also need to consider that we think of term the "Indian", it's from its roots, the Indra and the Indus, which is the Sacred Systems of E+E+N+DA+RA and that is the 3-Dimensional Interactions of Consciousness (E-E), which occur in the Quantization of Consciousness, the DARA, and that is why even if we use the term of Indian Sacred Systems, these all are, as mostly, the Indra Sacred Systems as described in the Sacred Vedas, and are thus the "Universal Systems" rather than of "India, the Nation", so we have been using the emphasis on the "Indian Sacred Civilizations" that we have to understand as the "Indra Sacred Civilizations". The Indra, the Godfather or the Prime God in the Vedas is the God of 3-Dimensional Systems of Light, Consciousness, 5 Basic Elements and other Indian (Indra) Sacred Systems. It's one of the most essential point in the Indian Darshana, the Philosophy of Tat' Darshana. Moreover, the "Indra" is not the name of a person, but the "Sacred System, the Sacred Setup", and whoever runs it is known as the "Indra", the Position Holder of E-E-Dara, the 3-Dimensional Matter and 4th Dimensional Consciousness (DARA).

Now, the Indian Sacred Alphabets as well as most of the World Sacred Alphabets and the International Phonetic Alphabets give us the "Quantum, Classical and Sacred Sounds of the Sacred Universe" and with it we can verify any Verse or the Mantra if it has errors and we can also create new Sacred Terms. The Hypothesis of Philselfology helps in understanding any term in which Sounds of Light (S) and Consciousness (H) are used even to create the Sacred Alphabet by itself as every sound is composed of Light (S) and Consciousness (H) and thus the Atama (Light, the S) and Jeeva Atama (Consciousness, the H) that we discuss as the K'+S+H+A, the A is the Topological Vibrations, and using it we can trace even the "Sacred Sounds" from the universe as the "Origin of Religion as Science, Art, Math, Geometry, Music and Sacred Systems".

In other words, we are not discussing or researching about what are the names of "Water" in various world languages to increase our GK, but the "Sacred Sounds, Names and Terms", which we may not change or modify in any world language, linguistic and or the grammatical system, and this is what seem to make the "Sacred Sounds" act and behave as the "Sounds of Eternity and Eternal Sounds". For this reason, the Sacred Sounds seem to well use the "Dot, Point, Circle, Light and Consciousness", which gives the Sacred Sounds as the Sounds of Sacred Architect System of the universe, which all world religions, faiths, beliefs and the sacred systems have very "common" and thus also the Zero Dimension (Theory of Similarity) as against the 4-Pada-Dimensions (Theory of Differences), so in a way we are not also discussing world religions and faiths, but the Zero Dimension in all, the common ground of everything, which a human brain can comprehend from the ever existed Information Universe of S, H and A, the Light, Consciousness and Vibrations as also the Consciousness Studies of the Neuroscience Of Consciousness as if the Topology of Human Brain.

According to the Gurbani, the Sacred Systems of Gurmukhi Language, the Dharma goes for the SAT, the Theory of Light in the 3-Dimensions while the Dharma as Philosophy depends and describes the NAMA, the Quantum Dot and Consciousness, and thus called the MAT, while the KARA, the Religion as Technology goes with the OM, the 2-Dimensional Sounds of O and A with Matter (K) and its vibrations giving us the KARA as the ONKARA and the Karma Theory. The study of Light and Consciousness alone seems as the Pure Science while the all same as the Dot and Circle goes as the Sacred Math, Geometry and Architect. All of it does not seem to belong to us, the humans but the Information Universe by itself, which also produces us.

In this very context, the 5 Rows of Consonants with the Space, the Akasha Element as the Dot, we have the 4 Rows as the Topology of All Subjects of Quantum Systems, which self-assemble with the Homotopy of Two Vowel Rows, and in it, we have the 5th Column as the Superstring, the Musical String Beat Inside All that Exits playing the Music of Basic Strings as the Sacred Sounds of the Consonants, and thus as if the Topological Quantum Music of Strings in the Superstrings of 1st and 2nd Row of Vowels all the way with the 5th Column, and moreover, the 4 Columns seem to well act as the 4 Dimensions of Matter, which we can simplify as the Neutral, Positive, Negative and Ionized Levels of Charge while the 5th Column is the "Degenerate Matter" making the Indian Sacred Alphabets go far beyond from being mere the sounds of letters according to our hypothesis, and it also goes to help about "How Matter Becomes Imagination: A Universe of Consciousness", which seems to be the Expansion of 5th Column (Theory of MANN) into All Rows and Columns in the Indian Sacred Alphabets.

In other words, we can notice that if we Unify and Unite the Two Vowel Rows, we get the Sacred Philosophy of Black Hole as described by Stephen Hawking, the Two Rows (4th Dimension and Zero Dimension) then give the Central Systems of the Black Hole as with the 5th Column, the Vibrations, Waves and the Sounds of Zero Dimension (Dimensionless), which thus seem to create the "Core System of Black Hole" around it, we have the 5 Rows of Consonants as the 5 Basic Matter Systems as the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid, and we have it the Sacred Generator of Free Energy as it's also the Quantum Dot Point of the Akasha, the Space Element.

The still greater idea in the Sacred Alphabets is the way the "A" Vibrations are used as with 0-Spin of A (as if S, the Light), we have the Balanced State of Torque, which if we spin in the right gives us the 0-A' and in left direction (anticlockwise, which makes the Light "S", the 0-Spin Self-conscious, and thus the Jeeva, the "H" Systems) gives the A'-0, and one of the greatest Linguistic Torque seems as the A'-0-0-A', where the Left and Right Spins of the Balanced Systems, the Torques of the Universe seems to give us the 4 Poles, Positions, Pada, the 4 Directions in which the Anti-pairs of 0 and A' create the A'+A'=A, which further creates the A-0 and 0-A to give the A-0-0-A (Left-UP-DOWN-Right), and thus the A+A=2A that accompanies all sounds with the 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Spins giving us great insight into the Gluons, Baryons, Fermions, Bosons, with the 0, 0-0, A and 2A Spins, and thus the Quantum Topological Order of Spins, the method which seems people have been using in the ancient methods and techniques of sacred, classical and quantum systems in which the 0 and 0-0 gives us the Homotopy and the A' (1A'), A'-A' (2A'), A-A' (3A'), A-A (4A') gives the Topology present in all Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems. In it, the S (Light), H (Spins, the Consciousness, Self-assembling) and A (Spins of Consciousness, the Self-assembling systems, which add or subtract according to the "Spins" creating light, sound, matter and energy) coexist according to the hypothesis.

Thus, we can notice that the Topology of "A" seems to represent the world religions and faiths while the Homotopy of S, the Light and H, the Spins, the Consciousness as the Zero Dimension seem to represent the ONE Dimensions as the Zero Dimension of all world religions and faiths ever existed in the Sacred Universe. In it, we also notice that Transverse Waves as in the First Vowel represent the Sacred Theory of Ananda, the A-nada, the ANU-Nada (Anu is Atom in the Indian Sacred Systems, and we get it from Mantras and or Focus), the Sacred Vibrations of Bliss, which the Yoga, Meditation and Spiritualism seem to follow while the Second Row of Vowels seem to give the Vinoda, the V-nada (also Vismada, which the Poetics and Music gives), the Longitudinal Waves of Happiness, which the World Religions follow. In the Sacred Theory of Happiness, the Sounds of Wow, the Wah are more prominent as it gives the Longitudinal Waves (W, the Zero Dimension when not dimensionless) amplified with A (4th Dimension) and H, the Zero Dimension amplified with O, the 4th Dimension, and thus the Exclamatory Happiness and Joy, which is something most of the world religions follow due to poetics, music and other sacred systems for example the Gurbani by the Sikh Gurus and other Indian Bhagats describes the Sacred Theory of Waho, the Wow, the Exclamatory Systems of Sacred Waves and Vibrations. The human brain seem to use both the Ananda, the Bliss in the Left Brain and Vinoda, the Happiness in the Right Brain according to the popular brain theories, and if we integrate it with the Theory of Consciousness as developed by Carl Jung and Quantum Consciousness, we can help millions of patients in the world!

The Essence in the Homotopy is thus the Intensional and Extensional use of "A" the Vibrations, which can be either A'-A' or A giving anything that is vibration and thus the A'-A', the A that we can call the Intensional while the A-A or 2A giving something as the Extensional Systems of Homotopy give us the Insight into the Sacred Vibrations that we can express as the Homotopy in which the A', A, 2A also gives us the Theory of Cobordism.

Here we need to justify what the 0 and A' is in the Indian and World Sacred Systems. The "0" is the "Dot" and the A' is the Primal Spin as the Point, which creates the Sacred Shapes, Triangle, Square, Circle and all that constitutes the "Shapes, Sizes, Dimensions, Fractals, and even the Colors, Designs, Patterns", which exist in the Quantum (Sacred) Vacuum). It thus gives the "0 and A' Sacred Parameters" the Status of Quantum Air in the Vacuum, which creates all that we know as the Sacred Geometry and Architect, and thus named the "Air Element, the CH and JA giving the Jaya-miti, the Sacred Geometry", which is the most essential part of the Indian Sacred Geometry; the Sacred Math, Geometry, Architect and Music, and no wonder we seem to study it as the Topology and Homotopy in our modern world. The "Sacred Space, which the Sacred Shapes or Geometry uses becomes the Space Element as otherwise we have the "Infinite Space", which we may not consider the "Element" without the "Shape, the A-kara, the Sacred Geometry, the Jaya-miti", and that is why the First Two Rows of the Indian Alphabets as the Space and Air Elements are important.

The Sacred Parameters of 0, A' and A as the 0-A-A' seem to create the Philosophy of Topological Quantum Qubit Computing Systems as in all of the 0-A', A'-A, A-A, etc., we can notice the Quantum Superposition in which the 0-0 is the Static Space, which we can use to create the Quantum Superposition's at various levels as at the Nano, Subatomic, Atomic and Molecular Levels as present in the form of 0, A', A, 2A in the Indian Sacred Systems and the Sacred Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars.

If we consider the Modern Homotopy and Topology according to the Indian Sacred Geometry, the Jaya-miti, it gives us the Quantum Air Cloud of Consciousness as the 0, A', 2A', 3A' and 4A', which is studied and researched as the 0, O, A, E, AE when we consider the Homotopy of 0 and A in the "Differential Topology and Dimensions", which further leads to the Dot and Circle (Point) Theory in all Sacred Systems in the Ancient and the Modern Civilizations, and no wonder it well fits in what we study, know and research as the "Rotations in the 4-Dimensional Euclidean Space" and the "Four-Dimensional Space" in general while using the A-Vibrations, Spins and Rotations. According to the Sacred Frame of Reference as has been used in all Sacred Systems is to consider the 0, A' and A as the Earth, Moon and Sun as with the 0, A' and A', we have the Lunar and Solar Phases called the "Tithi", the very reason that the "0, A' and A" has been used in Astrology, Astronomy, Navy, Trigonometry, Cosmology, Mythology, and the Other Sacred Parameters and Essentials of Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems. We have already discussed how the 0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. seem to well represent the Pi-Angles that gives most of Frames of References as with the Cartesian, Polar and Bloch Sphere systems, and we will discuss it in the due course of time as we have the Emerging Quantum Civilizations using it all in a very simplified manner.

When we consider the Sacred Vishvakarma Systems with the Dot, Point and Shape, the 0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. give us the Most Essential Parts of the Nanotechnology, Metamaterials; Superconductors, Supercapacitors, Superinsulators, etc. as these explain the Sacred Geometry, the Jaya-miti of the Information Universe as present in any "Shape" known as the "Moorati" that gives how much "Light, Consciousness, Matter, Energy, Sound, and thus Nano and Quantum Systems" are possible inside the given setup of the "Shape; Size and thus Geometry of the Dot, Point, Shape, etc.", and that is why what we study, learn and research as the from the Auto-cad to the 4-Dimensional Self-assembling materials is what the Sacred Geometry, the Dot, Point and Shapes gives and these in return also reveal how much the NAMA, SAHA, ONKARA, and all that we discussed is present inside the given "Shape, the Moorati". It thus helps to explore the Sacred Universe as the BIT and QUBIT System as through manifolds, dimensions, fractals, Mandalas, Kudala's, Andala's and whatever name we assign according to the Sacred Quantum Sound Theory of the Indian, Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian, Chinese, and the Other Sacred Alpahebts. When we integrate "Two or More Shapes, the Moorati Systems", we start to notice the Role of Sacred Zero Dimension, which is the most essential part of every shape, and if we integrate everything in universe, we can understand it as the Zero Dimensional One Universe, which then seem to become the "Pure ONE Consciousness", and that is known as the "Moorati Rahasa", the "Secrets of Shapes"!

In the Moorati, the Shapes created by the Dot, Point, Circle and or the similar uses the "Mara", the Vibration Bonds of Quantum Consciousness as these are related with the Quantum Vacuum as we have discussed with the 0-A, here the 0 is the Quantum Vacuum, the Mukta Points of Free Vibrations and the "A" with its 64 Main Yogini Combinations seem to well fit with the Vibration Bonds as the 0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as then giving us the O, A, E, AE, the Dimensional Bonds that seem to lead as the Linear Time Dimension as well, and that is how it also seems to be used with the Ionization of Light and Sound into Mantra and the Ragas (Poetics):

"Chemists Confirm the Existence of New Type of Bond: "Vibrational bonding" is likely a universal attribute of all systems at all levels, from string theory to atoms to molecules to cells to organs to organisms to cultures to countries.

Since strings don't exist as singularities, strings likely also respond to vibrational bonding. Since you can't un-remember a relationship, the vibrational memory of strings is likely responsible for "linear time."..." (With thanks from the source: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/chemists... )

We have also discussed the 0-A as the Vacuum and Time Dimension with the A0-A', which gives the Quantum Space-time as what we know as the Desha-kala, the A0-A' in the Indian Sacred Systems. The Desha-kala with Samaya (Duration) as the A'-A'=A as the Duration of Atomic Vibrations and the A-A=2A as the Duration of Molecular Vibrations is one of the great feature as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology. Moreover, the "Samaya, the Time Duration Dimensions" seems as one of the finest possible example of the A-kala Sacred Systems as existing with the "0 (Quantum Vacuum), A (Quantum Atom) and 2A (Quantum Molecule) and the 4A, 8A, 16A as the Higher Dimensions of A-kala, the Duration Time of Vibration". It seems as one of good future Quantum Vibration Therapy of A-Kala, the A-Vibrations for most Chronic Psychiatry problems as Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Mood Disorders if we use it as the Sacred Cymatics and Water Memory and the Sounds of Highest Bliss Levels (Magic of Dirac Delta), but subjected to experiment and verification.

Here, we also need to consider that what the Indian and Other Sacred Systems explain as the Information Universe, the Akasha, the Space Element is the 1-Dimensional Study and Research of the Sacred Universe and can very easily deal and heal the Diseases of the "Intellect", but on the other hand, when one has learned all the sacred books and the scriptures in the world, one needs to "Self-realize" it all to deal and heal the diseases of the "Emotion", which is related to Human Quest for the Information Universe in the 3-Dimensions, the Agasa. If thus one has attained the Knowledge and Wisdom of Every Sacred, Quantum and Classical System in the world, one gets what we know as the "Akasha and Parkasha" (The Sacred Theory of Sat, the Atom and Atomism as the Anu), but when we think about the Quantum Qubit and Bloch Sphere Systems, it's all 3-Dimensional which need the Study and Research of the "Agasa and Pargasa" (the Agasa as the Bloch Sphere and the Superposition of Qubit as the Pargasa, the Sacred Theory of Sach, the Vortex as in the Vortex Atomism as the Light that the Anu produces), which is the Sacred Philosophy of Self-realization as the 3-Dimensional Systems of Sacred Visualization and thus the "Visions", and this is what heals the diseases of "Feelings, Emotions and the Creativity", the Right Brain. The Sacred Vedas call the Information Universe in 1-Dimension as the Education and the 3-Dimensions as "Sacred Research", which is the Essence of Genesis and Wisdom in which all Mantras and the Verses are rather expressed as the "Sacred Poetry, Poetics and Music" according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology with reference to the Sacred Subjects in the world for which the recommended age has been 25-36 and beyond years, the age of researching while the age of development on it seems to be 36-60 and the Age of Welfare for Sacred Systems has been the Age above or beyond 60 Years.

Thus, the "Anu" and the "Bhava" as the "Anu-bhava" in the Sacred Akasha and Parkasha Theory goes as the "Nara" and the "Vana (Bana)" or "Vara" and "Bhaava" as the Nara-bhaava, the "Nirbhao" in the Gurmukhi Languages, so what the Sacred Vedas teach and educate as the "Anu" is what one later "realizes" as the "Light, the Nara", and that is why great many scholars as Raja (King) Janak went to Ashtavakra and the Sukdev Muni went to Raja (King) Janak, and thus the "Self-realization of Intellect and Logic (Vidya)-Parkasha as the Emotion and Feeling, the Pargasa in the Heart", and thus the Vidya and Gyana through Bhagati, the Quantum Sacred Systems in most of the World Sacred Systems without which we may notice almost no healing of great many intellectuals of world, who may suffer from "Ego and Superego" problems as it does not seem to give the Inner Peace, the Essence of Agasa and the Pargasa Sacred Theory. If we develop and have thus the evolution in the Akasha and the Parkasha, it's called the "Vikasa" (Classical Development of Atom, Matter and Materialism and general Math and Classical BIT Computing and the Sanskrit Language), which is the main aim in the Sacred Vedas, and if we want it in the 3-Dimensional World of Quantum (Sacred, the Consciousness and Cymatics, the Atomic Vortex, Architect, Geometry, the Qubit Quantum Computing, the Gurmukhi or the Brahmi Language) Systems, it's then named as the "Vigasa".

The Pargasa Theory as described in the Gurmukhi Language Systems (Sacred Gurbani Systems) with First Person of the Sanskrit as the Third and the Third of the Sanskrit as the First seem to heal what is known as the Diseases of Memory Bank and Worrying, the Chinta, and gives the Chinda, Agasa, Pargasa and Vigasa as the solution, which thus cures the diseases of Creative Intelligence particularly related to the Zero Dimension, the Right Brain, while the Sanskrit seem to well cure the Chida, the Left Brain as through the Mantras (Logic and Intellect) with the Chinta, Akasa, Parkasa and Vikasa, which may attract the intellectuals towards, the 4th Dimension. The Chinda is the major health and wellness problem of the Emotions, Feelings, Creativity and the Creative Intelligence that we may be "suppressing", and the Modern Quantum (Sacred) Systems seem to many great cure, healing and management for it as the 528Hz, Raga, Music, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Nano Multiple Therapies.

We also need to consider that the "Nara" as the Light and the "Bhava, the Bhao" as the Consciousness seem to constitute the Bases and the Basics of the Sacred Zero Dimension, and thus the Nara-bhao, the Nara-bhava, the Nirbhao, which is said to be related to the Sacred Philosophy of Light (Nara) and Sound (Vani), the Nirvana, which is considered as the "Sach, the Light (SA) and Consciousness (CH)" in which the Nara (Light), Bhao (Consciousness) and Sach (Language of Sacred Communication as the Sacred Cymatics and Water as the Jala, the "Water containing the Information of Cymatics"), and thus the Sacred Cymatics as the Nara-Bhao Sach, and thus the Cymatics as the "Light, Consciousness and Sound". It's the Essentials of Sacred Moolmantra as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism and is same in all forms of Bhagati, the Quantum Cymatic Sacred Systems in the world, which can heal many health problems as through Water Memory, Cymatics and what we also know as the Homeopathy and the Essence of Nanomedicines, the Quantum Nano Multiple Therapies as well as the Vortex (Sach) and Atom (Sat) as the Sacred Philosophy of Vortex Atomism. It also seem to deal the Homotopy as the Sach (Sacred Theory of Vowels) and the Topology as the Sat (Sacred Theory of Consonants) with the Nama as the Dot (M) and Point (N) with the Vibrations and the Vibration Bonds as with the "A", which also helps in understanding the Indian Sacred Systems as the Sacred Architect with "N-A-M", which we need to read as the "N-A-M or N-AA-M" according to the Indian Sacred Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars. We can apply the Universal Equation of Energy that deals with Light, Matter and Velocity as the E=M*C*C that goes as the "Sohun and Hansa", the "Light to Matter (Sohun) and Matter to Light (Hansa) Conversions".

The Sat and Sach keep another version and that is the Sacred Philosophy of Sata and Sada in which the Sat is discussed in the 3-Dimensions. When we consider the Sat and Sach, we convert the Light (S) into Matter (T or CH), but when we have Quantum Matter, the Shabada, which is already present, its from the Solid Elements, the "P", and we "Quantize" it as "R" giving us the "PARA", the Sacred Philosophy of Supersolid. We can convert the "Para and the Sat" as with popular Sacred Terms of Para-sat (Philosophy of Transcendentalism and Self-realization, the Great Meeting and Union of Atama and Paramatama) and the Para-sad (the Parasadi, the Philosophy of Grace, the One Level of Master and Disciple, but by Grace not by effort). All Sacred Terms in the Sanskrit, Gurmukhi and Other Indian Sacred Languages gives great insight into Metaphysics and Mysterious of the Universe and Consciousness with the Sat and Sach and the Para-sat and Para-sach (Para-sach-chit with Karma Theory at its Highest Level having Para-sach-chit as from "Para-sa-chit" Karma and Unintentional Karma Errors and Faults) as with Atom and Consciousness in 1-Dimension (Energy Form) and Para-atom and Para-consciousness as the 3-Dimensional and both are united in the 4th Dimension as with the Atom and Para-atom, while the 0-Dimension comes from the Super or Para-consciousness, which we can also assume as the One Ionized System of the Atom and Consciousness, the Sacred Level where the Atom, Consciousness, Matter and Energy "Coexist" is the Secret of Indian Sacred Para (Super Solid or Matter) and General Matter according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology and the Indian Alphabets, the Theory of Elements.

When we consider the Para, the Super-solid, we have its vibration world, which is the A-para, and thus the Matter and Light is also considered as the Para and Apara Sacred Systems, which is managed by the Bindi, the Individual Consciousness, the "N" and the Universal Consciousness as the Bindu, the "M", while the First Row of Vowels seem to express the A-para (Light Wave Matter), the Second Row of Vowels goes as the Para (Matter Waves or Particle Waves), the Sounds of Consciousness, the Bindi and the Bindu goes in the 5th Column, and the 20 Consonants then seem to express the Sounds of Matter and Mediums, the 5 Basic Quantum Elements, the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid. We can thus utilize both the Sanskrit, Apara Language Systems and Gurmukhi, the Para Language Systems to study the Para, Nano, Metamaterial, Supersolid, Quantum, Superfluid, and other Ancient and the Modern Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems present in the world. Here, we are using the Para and A-para as the Kala and A-kala Theory, which may seem differ a little from conventional or routine use of Para and A-para in which the priority may be given to the Para as the superior, and that is where the Para and Apara are popularly used as the opposite pairs with more closely related terms of A-para, V-para, Para and the Para-N and Para-M, which have the etymological roots in the First Vowel Row (A), Second (V), Consonants (P, the Para), N and M (Second Last and Last Rows of the 5th Column) in which various Indian Sacred Languages, Religions, Faiths, Sects, and other Systems seem to have the "Sacred Roots".

Most of the Indian Sacred Systems are based on the Sat-chit-ananda called Sach-da-anada, but in the roots, we can notice the Role of Sat and Sach with the Sacred Philosophy of Anata, the Infinity and Anada, the Vibrations and thus the Sat-ananta and the Sach-ananda, which we can also correlate with the San-antana, the Sanatana and the Sach-ananda, the Sach-anada, the Sach-da-anada with Sach-chit-ananda and the Sanatana (Sat-ta-anata) as the Two Root, Primal and the Primary Sacred Theories of the Indian Sacred Systems and the Civilizations if we hypothesis according the Philselfology for greater simplifications.

The Sanskrit Sacred Language Systems go far better with the Sanatana, the S-ananta Sacred Theory while the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems go very well with the Sach-da-ananda (differs as Sat-ta-ananta and Sach-da-ananda) as the Indian Sacred Approach for the Zero Dimension with the 4th Light Dimension as the Sanatana and the 3-Dimensions as the Sachdanada. Thus, the Bliss of Light (Sanatana) and the Joy of Vibrations (Sachdanada). The Sachdanada follows the Theory of Evolution of the 4 Quantum Parameters as the 4 Pada, the Sacred Dipole of the Indian Sacred Systems as in the Indian Astronomy, Astrology, Arts, Geometry, Musics and most of the Sacred Things (Atom, Matter and Materialism) as through the Sacred Vortex Atomism Theory. The Theory of Evolution may not exist in the Atomism and Light (Indian and World Classical Theory of Atomism, which seem to follow the Sacred Theory of Incarnation Theory) alone as it is from the Quantum Philosophy of Consciousness as in the Sacred (Quantum) Philosophy of Ishwara and Param-Ishwara as the Sach (Feelings), Chit (Consciousness) and Ananada (Joy and Charm), which seem to follow the Sacred Theory of Reincarnation (Christ) Theory.

The Gurbani, the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems seem to explain the 4th Dimensional Akasha Theory of "Onkara Sat Sankara Sat Kuru Sat" in the 3-Dimensional Paragasa as the "Ik-Onkara Sati-guru Para-sadi" in which the 3-D Sacred Systems of Matter that the Indian Sacred Systems express with the 3 Vowels as the "O, A, E" (The Sacred Grammars use it), and it goes into the "Ik", "Ti" in Sati, Kuru as Guru and Sat (Sata) as Sad (Sada) and thus Sat-kuru as the Sat-guru or the Sati-gur(u), and thus there seem almost no difference in "Onkara Sat Sankara Sat Kuru Sat" and "Ik Onkara Satiguru Parasadi", which we can also put as the Ekonkara Sacred Systems, even through the Ek-onkara and the Ik-onkara differ a little as the Ekonkara (with the 4th Dimension of E-A in the O, A, E, AE as in the "E-A"-KA rather than "E-E"-KA seems to take up the 4 Classical Dimensions while the IK with the "E-E"-K seem to take the "Spintronics (E-E) of the Zero Dimension in the Space Element, and thus the Akasha as the Agasa" according to the Indian Sacred Alpahebts and the Sacred Spintronics of Yogini Sacred Systems, we have discussed the large part of it in the Para Ionization of Vortex Atomism in the previous parts of the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically. (By relevancy: http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/how-phiself... and http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/how-35-quan... )

When we consider the Modern Quantum Theory of Superuniverses with the 6 Universes well arranged around the 7th Universe, we can notice that the with the 7th Universe as the ONE Universe, the Superuniverse, we have the Six Paired Points of "A-AA, E-EE and O-OO", and thus the Sacred Yogini (Spin) Universes with the A as the Primal Spin (written as the Yogini in Sanskrit and Jogini, the Point of Consciousness in Space (Joga) and "N", the Bindi, the Individual Consciousness) and the AA as the Opposite Pair of "A" and thus the A-AA, which we can put as the Shiva and Mahashiva, the Bindu and the Mahabindu as with the "A and AA" and the "E-EE" and the "O-OO", which instead of "Black Holes", we may term as the Super Holes of the Universes. Thus, the A-AA, E-EE, and O-OO (the "E-E"-K or the Sat-chit-ananda Philosophy in the Conscious Space Element, the Akasha as the Agasa, the 3-Dimensional Akasha or the Ethereal Space Element) seem to constitute the 6 Universes as the Super-hole inside the Quantum Consciousness, which we can also treat as the ONE Consciousness, and according to our hypothesis, these 6 Primal Spins with the ONE Consciousness seem to create the Indian Sacred Alphabets as the Sapta-matrika, the 7 Goddesses, the 7 Spirits of the Universe, the Sacred Philosophy of Holy Spirit, the Mother of All Sacred Alphabets, which also seem to will explain and describe the Quantum (Sacred) Theory of Superuniverse.

To understand the Quantum Theory of Superuniverse, we can analyses the Indian Sacred Alphabets and its Etymological Roots in the Spins (Yogini or Jogini), Vibrations ("A", the Mystery of Schwa), the Quantum 4-Dimensional Light (S), the Zero Dimension of Super-matter or the Super-solid or even what we know as the Para-matter, and the Quantum Dipole Theory of "O, A, E, AE" (Origin with Creation and Recreation (Reversal) of Spins, Vibrations, Particle (Anu), Light (S) and Quantum Sound (H) and Theory of Basic 5 Elements).

When we use the "S" and "H" in the Indian Sacred Systems as the "S: or SAH", it's not very simple term as it also carries the "S", the 4th Column right from S to BH (6th Row) and V (7th Row), and thus the Sacred Terms of Saibhangh(u) and SAVA (SAWA), while the "H" is from all terms that are associated with the 5th Column as from "H" to "M" (6th Row) and "Rh" (7th Row as in the Gurmukhi Sacred Alphabets), while the Schwa "A" is what seem to create the 4-Dimensional Spins of O, A, E, AE and the 64 Yogini (Spin) Systems, which is the Master Point in the Sacred Philosophy of "EA"-K(A) as the Akasha and Parkasha Theory and the "E-E"-K(A) as the Agasa and Pargasa Theory, which further puts the Indian Sacred Alphabets as the S (Quantum Light, the 4th Column), H (Quantum Sound as in the 5th Column), the A (Vibrations as the 4 Primal and 64 Derivative Spins, which is in First 3 Columns), and the AA, EE, OO, and Other Jogini (Yogini) Super-pairs are treated separately as if we treat the Theory of Chromosomes in the DNA in which the 4 of O, A, E and AE can be put as the Basic Building Blocks of DNA and the 64 Codons, and thus the Quantum Human Genetic Code with the 64 Jogini (the Air Element "J" of Consciousness in Space Element (G), and the Spinning Part "N" and thus JOGINI) is what seems as the Quantum Philosophy of mRNA where for greater simplicity, we can put that the DNA is the Akasha and Parkasha Quantum Self-conscious Element while the RNA seems as if the Agasa and Pargasa Quantum Self-conscious Element according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology. Here, we can also use the Indian Sacred Systems in two ways:

1. The Sacred Theory of Sanatana, the Eternity, the Infinity of Universes and the Superuniverses, the Sanskrit Language

2. The Sacred Theory of Sachdanada, the Ethereal, Consciousness, Life in the Infinity (Infinitesimal Life Cells, the Jeeva or Conscious Life in the Superuniverse), the Gurmukhi Language

The Third Option in the Life in the Universes and the Superuniverses is what we can put as the Para (Matter) and Apara (Vibrations of Matter) as the Quantum (Sacred or Self-conscious) Recycling Processes in which both the Sanatana (Eternity) and the Sachdanada (Ethereal) Sacred Systems "Co-exit", and thus the Quantum Philosophy (Phil, the Sachdanada), Self (Coexistence of Sanatana and Sachdananda) and the Classical Sciences (Ologies, the Sanatana), and thus our hypothesis as the Phil (Sachdanada)-Self (Quantum, the Jeeva, the Consciousness)-Ologies(Sanatana) as the Philselfology. We can also put it as the Sanatana (Light) Universes with the Sacred Vibrations of "A" and the Sachdanada (Consciousness) Universes as the Sacred Vibrations of "AA" in the "A-AA" of the Jogini (Yogini) Spin Universes, and the Zero Dimension of Consciousness as the "A-0-AA" as the Sacred Theory of Superuniverses with the "A-0-AA", "O-0-OO" and the "E-0-EE" with the 6 Universes around the "0", the Zero Dimension as the Superuniverse, and thus the "A-0-AA" as the "Phil (AA)-self (0)-ology (A)" as the Philselfology, and it's to be well endorsed here that it's almost same as the "IK-Onkara Satigur Parasadi" as the Philselfology and the "Onkara Sat Sankara Sat Kuru Sat" as the Indian Sacred Philosophy (Classical Philosophy and Science Systems), and thus the Indian Sacred Quantum Philosophy as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the Philselfology from the "IK-Onkara Satigur Parasadi" (Quantum Philosophy, Science and Religion as the Zero Dimension, the "Self"), which is also the "Quantum Para Ionization Vortex Atomism" as already discussed.

We can also notice that the presentation of Atom as the Anu and its Sacred Version of Super Atom as the Para-atom or the Parmanu is one of the great aspect of the Indian Sacred Alphabets. The Sacred Design of the Rows of the Indian Sacred Alphabets gives the 5th Row of Consonants as the Supersolid Atom, the Para-atom, the Parmanu, and that is to say that the 5th Row of the Consonants is the Para-atom, where the "M", the Bindu is the "Atom" in its Zero Dimension. The 4th Row of the Consonants goes as the Bio-cell, the Bio-atom, which we have also considered as the "Consciousness, the "Bio-atom, the Cell, the N Sounds and the Water Element", and that the 3rd Row gives us the "Botanical Cell, which is the Wood and Fire Category", and most of the Sacred Terms in the Indian Sacred Languages use it in this way. The 2nd Row of Consonants seem to give the "Chemistry, the Chemicals, the Quantum Foam Creation as what we treat as the Organ and "Flows", the Air Element" as present in any medium; the Atom, Biology (Cells) and or the Botany (Tissues), which exist in the "Space" while creating the "Ethereal Space", the Akasha as the "Physical World, the Space for the Atoms, Biological Cells, Botanical Tissues and the Chemical (Organ) Systems" is what we can also call the 3-D Space, the Physical World, the Agasa with the 2-D, it's also expressed as the Akhara as almost the Akhasa.

The Indian Sacred Terms while using the "Rows" seem to well describe the Elements as the Atom, Cell, Tissue, Organ and Space as the Developed Egg, the Brahma-anda, which need to live in the "Ethereal Space, the Agasa, the 3-Dimensional and the Akasha, the 1-D Space Element" with dimensional use of the "Sounds and Letters". As we have already discussed, the First and the Second Rows of Vowels together around the 5th Column seem to well represent the Super Hole, and if we create around it the Rows of Consonants of the Indian Sacred Alphabets, it can also become the Super-hole of Atoms, Cells, Tissues, Organs and Living Bodies, and thus the Para or the Super-body in which we can use the Physic Elementary Particles, Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Consciousness and Quantum Systems (with Electric, Magnetic, Electromagnetic and the 5 Basic Elements) with the Zero Dimension at the Center of the Given Systems, which is what we also deal as the "DNA, Genome and Clone of Atoms, Cells, Tissues, Organs and the "Bodies as Whole" in the Healthcare Systems", and thus the Nano Quantum Multiple Therapies and the Nanomedicines; the Homeopathy, Ayurveda and the Nano Molecular Therapies. (By relevancy: https://www.jackkruse.com/ee-6-quantum-cell-theory... )

We can thus put the Sacred Structure of Indian Sacred Alpahebts as the Image of Human Body as the Fully Developed Egg, the Brahma-anda, and thus the Insight into Philosophy of Sacred Universe as the Brahma-anda.

So, we can also put it according to the Indian Sacred Alphabets as the Anahada (Philosophy from the Anu, the Atom, the "Ha", the Zero Dimension of Consciousness in the 3-Dimensional Consciousness in the 3rd Column in the "N" Row, the 6th Row or simply as the Consciousness as the 3-D of 3-D that goes in the Advanced Levels as the E with E and D in the 3rd Column) and Anahata (Science from the Anu, the Atom "Ha", the Zero Dimension of Consciousness in the 3 Levels, and thus the Anu-ha-ta, the Anahata) for the Zero Dimensional Quantum Sacred Systems of Consciousness as the Self, and thus the Anahada-E-Anahata, the "A-E-O" in which we have the Anahada Philosophy of Vibrations as the "A", the Anahata Philosophy of Light as the "O" and the "E=O+A" as the Jeeva, the Consciousness seem to give us the "Most Simplified Version of World Light (Atom), Life (Vortex) and Matter (Para-atom) as according to the Sacred theories of Light, Matter, Energy, Sound and the 5 Basic Elements, and we can also put it as the Vibration-Vortex-Light, which we have hypothesized as the Philselfology as also one of the Most Ancient and Modern Sacred (A), Quantum (E), Classical (O) Systems of the World Civilizations. We can also well correlate it with the Sacred Jogini (Spins and Rotations) as expressed by the Euler's Rotation (EA, the Spins and Rotations) Theorem around the 3-Dimensional Space of O, A, E Dimensions (the OORA, AARA and EERI that also seem to explain the Cobordism as the O-E-A with M-W-N of the Cobordism) as we have discussed in the previous parts of thee series of Be Happy Philselfologically as it gives us the e=e(x)+e(y)+e(z) as the EA=O+A+E in which we also have the E=O+A.

We can also add that the AE-A-E-O are the Quantum Zero Dimension of Consciousness with Dimensions (AE as Consonants, we can also consider it as the 3-D's of the Zero Dimension)-Quantum (A)-Consciousness at Zero Dimension (Dimensionless)(E)-Classical (O), which we can put as the 20 Consonants-Second Row of Vowels-5th Column-First Row of Vowels as in the Indian Sacred Alphabets of Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, which may help us in understanding the Quantum Math, Computing, Science and Philosophy with greater ease. We can also notice that the EA (Law of Conservation of Energy, the Sanatana as Sacred Theory of Light, the Sat (A) and Ananta (E), the Conservation of Infinity of Light)=A (Change in Kinetic Energy, the Theory of Aanada, the Bliss)+E(Change in Dynamic Energy, the Theory of Chit, the Consciousness)+O(Change in Static Energy, the Theory of Sat as Sach) is one of the finest expression of "EA, A, E, O" Sacred Systems as the Sachdanada and Sanatana with "Gurparsadi" as the Quantization of Space as the 3-Dimensional Space (Agasa, and thus the Guru) into Akasha (and thus the Kuru), the 1-Dimensional Space.

One of the Previous Parts: How Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has added Euler, Pi, Phi and Sacred Geometry to the Quantum Philosophy of Indian and World Civilizations: Gurmukhi, Elements, Dimensions and Superstring Theory: Be Happy Philselfologically - 126

We can notice that the EA=A+E+O also keeps the Sacred Loka, the Locus Systems of the Various Sacred Worlds and the Universes as and when we put it as follows:


The Expansion of AE into the OA, AE, and OA is from the use of Zero Dimension as the Dimensional and Dimensionless, and that is where the Sanatana and the Sachdanada seem to have well placed equal parts as the A, E, O and the AO, AE, OE, and that is where we can call it as the OM (Onkara) Sat Sankara Sat Kuru Sat and the Ik-onkara Gurparsadi as simply the A, E, O and AO, AE, OE, which is also the Sacred Philosophy of Parallel Universe, which coexist as the Sanatana and Sachdananda in which we can also notice the 25 Consonants as the Kuru (KARA), Guru (GARA) and the Khara (of Akhara Philosophy), which as the "Matter and Material Universe exist in the "Coexistence of Sanatana and Sachdanada Universes giving the Kuru and Guru through the Khara (Quantum Sound)". As the "Kh", the Two Dimensional Space Element with Vibrations of "A" seem to give the A-khara, the Vishnu Philosophy, we can notice the Kuru, the Akara and the Guru, the Agara (The 3-Dimensional Abodes, the Places in the Universes, the Agasa) as its result, and that the "A" is thus can also be considered as the "Navel, the Vibration of Lord Vishnu" that seem to create the Brahma Universe of Akasha (Sanatana) and the Shiva Systems of Agasa (Sachdanada) as through the Akhara (Gurparsadi) Sacred Systems of the Universes, which further seem to make the Role of "Satiguru" and or the "Gurparsadi" as the Akhara and the Shabada Philosophy of the Quantum, Classical and the Sacred Universes with the help of IK and EAK as the Yogini and Jogini Spins (Vibrations), which we know as the Aadi Shakti, the Durga Systems. The "Satiguru" and the "Sadaguru and Ongara" Philosophy also plays a major role in the Indian Sacred Systems where the Sat with "Sat-i" goes well threaded and integrated as the "Sada-guru" in the same way as the IK and the EAK Philosophy giving us the IK-Satiguru (Zero Dimension with Jogini Spins and Rotations) and EAK-Sadaguru and the Ongara(4-Dimensional, the 4 Pada with Yogini Spins and Rotations) Sacred Systems. The Onkara and Ongara Sacred Philosophy differs only in dimensions only. For example, the "Sankara" of 1-D of Space as Akasha can also be treated as the Samgara where the "N" is replaced by the "M" and "K", the Akasha with "G", the Agasa, and thus the Sankara as the Samgara, which is also related with the "Samagari, the Sacred Havana Samagari"! Smile

We can also treat the "O, A, E, AE and K (Consonants with 5 Quantum Bases as the Quantum Technology as the Vishvakarma or the 4-Dimensional Nano, Metamaterial, Supermaterial,Cymatics, etc.)" as the "Base" in the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, which is used to create the Linguistic Math, Geometry, the Modern Trigonometry and Euler Functions (and also as the Base (O), Emitter (A) and Collector (E) and Quantum Equipment (AE) in the Nanotechnology). Almost of All Indian Sacred Symbols, Signs, Terms, Designs, Geometry, Architect, Materialism, Ayurveda, Astrology, etc. use this Sacred Quantum Math of Exponential and Logarithmic nature. We can use it to interpret all Indian Religions, Faiths and the Sacred Systems in the "Quantum Dimensional Systems of "0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dimension" while also using it as the "Bases and Basics of Quantum Qubit Computer, Computing and Programming". We can notice that the Sacred Vedas are having the 5 Primal and Basic Dimensions as in the 0, 1, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions, where the Sanatana, Sachdananda, Sadananda, Satiguru, Sadaguru, Parmahansa, Parsadi, Gurparsadi, Onkara, Ongara, Akara, Akhara, Agara, etc. are all the "Quantum Dimensional Representation of the Sacred Vedas" as the V-E-DA, and that the V-E-TA as also R-I-DA and R-I-TA, where the Prefixes and the Suffixes of TA, THA, DA, DHA, N and or Y, R, L, V, Rh and O, A, E, S and H, etc. and all other changes in terms never change anything in the World Sacred Systems, and possibly not in any world religion, faith, science, math, philosophy and what we discuss as the "Quantum (Phil), Sacred (Self), Classical (Ology)" with the name of Philselfology, and the Sikh Gurus have developed almost All Indian and World Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems in the Gurmukhi Sacred Languages, which is expressed as the "IK-Onkar(a) Satigur Parsadi", and it's possible to convert into all Sacred, Quantum and Classical Versions of Indian and World Sacred Systems of Dimensions of 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Levels, which seems one of the great contribution as it also uses the Shakti Dimensions as the IK ("E-E"-K, the Yogini as the Jogini Sacred Systems of Spins, Vibrations and Rotations of Element of Consciousness, the Para-Tat', the Puratattava, the Sacred Elementary (A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; O, A, E, AE) of Vibrations of Consciousness as the World Sacred Archaeological Systems of World Heritage and Culture).

In other words, the Vedas, Gurbani (Sikhism), Buddhism, Jainism, and other Paths of Brahma (O), Vishnu (A), Shiva (E), Durga (AE), ONE Consciousness (Zero Dimension), and Matter, Medium and Materialism (K) are simply the "Sacred Dimensional Versions of World Sacred Systems", no matter how we name it, and these also include the "Net, the Beyond Space and Time, the Spacetime Theory and Theology of Various Indian and World Religions and Faiths".

Here, we can also notice that the "EA" as the Jogini (Yogini) is the Sacred Philosophy of Spintronics while the A, O, E as the X, Y, Z seem to deal with the Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. The "O, A, E and AE" also goes as the "Angles as Pi (O), Phi (A), Qubit (E) and Quantum Superposition (EA)", and the Indian sacred Systems also study and research it as the Brahma (O), Vishnu (A), Shiva (E) and the Durga (AE). For health and wellness in the "Sacred Technocratic Life, the Spiritual Technology", we can also deal the Images (O), Audios (A), Videos (E) and AE as the "Quantum Software and Multimedia" in which we can use the Euler and Fourier, Dirac Delta, Homotopy, Topology, and all that we have already or expected to be part of this hypothesis and research work.

Moreover, the Joga (Yoga) has been descried as the Nara-joga (Nirjoga or Niryoga), the Light, Consciousness and Space Element in which the Light (ONE Consciousness) with Individual Consciousness is integrated through the Bindi (Point, the N), Bindu (Dot, M) and Vibrations (A) giving N-A-M Sacred Theory instead of focusing on the Nada, the Sound alone, and thus the Nara-joga as the Dot, Point, Nada, Vibrations and One Consciousness is what Shri Nanak Dev Ji has described to the Guru Gorakhnath in the Sidh-goshati for healing purposes in the Spiritual Sciences and Technologies.

It seems that the Gurbani, the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems describe the Etymological Roots of Jainism as the "Jana Philosophy", which is the J, the Consciousness and the Bindi (N), the Quantum Point, and thus the Self-realization of Individual Consciousness, the "J or JA" and the Bindi, the Quantum Dot of Consciousness as the JANA and thus the Jainism. The "Jana, the Jain" is described as one of the most difficult religion and practice in world, and thus when the Gurbani, the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems describe the "Jana Philosophy", it describes that it seem the "Self-realization of identical with nonviolence nature of the ONE Consciousness". It thus concludes that "JA" and "NA" is as if the JA-NA-MA (Janama), the Sacred Birth Philosophy taken as if "M" for ONE Consciousness, and one practicing the "Jana Philosophy" as the ONE and Identical Life with ONE Consciousness, which is also same in the Sacred Buddhism, but in the region of the Budhi, Bodh and Bodhi (B, the 2-D of Intellect and DH, the 4-D of Intellect on Zero Dimension of Intellect "M" (Sacred Shiva Theory) and thus goes close to the Veda Theory of Intellect, the OM, the ONE Consciousness while "Jana", the "Jina" (J-N as the Sacred Shakti Theory), the Jainism goes for the Consciousness and Bindi, the Individual Consciousness within the Context, Framework and Hypothesis of Philselfology.

If we look at the Modern Education Systems, Democracy, and Other World, the Global Systems, the Scout and Guide Movement is what we here discuss as the Sach, the Emotion, Feeling and Creativity based Sacred System that has helped humanity to reveal and realize the "Sacred Systems" as in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and other Aboriginal, Native, Rural, and the Primitive and the Primal Sacred Systems. It's Sacred Disciple and the World Religions and Faiths in its Sach, the Theory of Vowels (Heart), Quantum God and Nation as the Sacred Civilization as the 3 Oaths seem to make it as the Sacred, Classical and Quantum Movement and I am a proud Scout Master (and Social Worker) from 1996 with my students winning the Governor and Presidents' Awards.

We can refer to the Indian Sacred Systems as with Consciousness, the Hari and OM, the Light, the Indian Sacred Systems seem to give the TAT' from Hari (Consciousness) and the SAT from the Light (OM). So, to say Hari OM gives the Other Version of it as the TAT' SAT, and again the Hari as the Tat' (Consciousness) and the OM as the Sat (Light). Here, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji seem to have explained the TAT' as the Sach and the OM as the Sat with his famous Sacred Theory of Sach with the Satinama. The reason that it needs attention as we may notice mental health and wellness problems when there are extreme inclination conditions of Sach (Second Row of Vowels and the Consonants) and or the Sat (Consonant and the First Row of Vowels) Theory, which need solutions in the Emerging Quantum Civilizations. We can also notice that in the ONKARA Philosophy, we have the "ON" as the Sat and "Kara" as the Sach. The Kara is the Quantum Continsauum of the Space Element, the KA-RA, which is as if the Quantum Playground of the Light (SA, the Element of Light in the Indian Sacred Alphabets) and Quantum Foam (CH, the Element of Quantum Air) in the Space, and thus the "Kara" (Quantum Continuum and as the K-A-R, it's also the Space Element as the Light (A) and Particle (R) Waves) and the "Sach" (Light and Quantum Air or Foam, the Vortex) is known as the "Sachi Kara", the Quantum Light, Foam and Quantum Continuum is what the Moolmantra of Sikhism seem to explain in context to the Indian Sacred Alphabets and Systems.

"Quantum foam (also referred to as space-time foam) is a concept in quantum mechanics devised by John Wheeler in 1955. The foam is supposed to be conceptualized as the foundation of the fabric of the universe.<1> Additionally, quantum foam can be used as a qualitative description of subatomic space-time turbulence at extremely small distances (on the order of the Planck length)." (With thanks from the source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_foam )

Now, in the context to the TAT' Darshana, the Philosophy of Sacred and Quantum Elements, we notice that the Sacred Term of Tat' seems to have its Etymological Roots, which are the "Basic Units, Parameters, Zero Dimensions and Origin of Dimensions" in the 5th Column. The TAT' goes as the NAN' according to its Etymological Root Units, which is the Most Basic Unit of Point, the Bindi, the Emotion, the Consciousness as the Zero Dimension. These Etymological Zero Dimensional Roots give idea of what we discuss as we can also have the TAM' (Desire for Matter) with the NAM' roots according the hypothesis. Most of the Sacred Terms end with "S, H, N and M", which are the Basic Units of Consciousness, which in the other columns represent the 4 Basic Dimensions of the Zero Dimension, the Sacred Unit. These sounds or the letters in the beginning may represent Units as Multiplied, for example the MAT', the Philosophy of Zero at the 3 Levels of Consciousness, and thus seem to represent terms as the "Sacred Equations" called the "Mantras" written in the Linguistic Way as if the Strings in the Computer, Machine and Human Brain Programming.

These Tat' Sounds as the Sounds of the Vibration Bonds can help as in Creating (Uniting) or Breaking the Vibration Bonds as in the Zero Dimension (5th Column) and Other Dimensions in the 4 Columns as the 4 Dimensions, and it seem to balance and cure the "Chemical Imbalances and the DNA Based Diseases" as we notice with the 528Hz and other frequencies, which we can arrange and rearrange as the Indian and Other World Sacred Alphabets for the Healthcare Systems as in the "Water Memory, Cymatics and Color Therapies" with "Harmonics, Ionization and Musicology". The blog post had gone very lengthy, so we will try some restrictions.

We can however add that the 5 Rows of Consonants as the 5 Levels of Quantum Matter as the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid Elements is almost same as the Topological Insulation Phases, which also seem to help in understanding the "Spintronics, Topological Insulation and Nano Quantum Nuclear Multiple Healthcare Therapies". The "0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A' (Cobordism and Homotopy); and the O, A, E, AE (Topology)" also constitute the Quantum Mathematical grounds for it all - the claim!

The main theme of the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology and Be Happy Philselfologically, and we what discuss and elaborate here has been put as Set of 3 Patent Applications!

Now, if we look at the Sacred Structure of Indian Alphabets, these represent the Transverse Waves in the First Vowel Row, the Conscious Information Universe which we can convert into the Longitudinal Waves (7th Row) by going through the 5 Rows of the 5 Basic Elements;, the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid as the "Medium and Matter Systems of the Universe, the Unconscious Information Universe". The 7th Row of the Indian Alphabets, which is also the Second Row of Vowels, the Subconscious Information Universe as the Longitudinal makes of the Keynote in the Quantum Healing. We can simply put it that the First Row of Vowels is the Sacred (Vowel) Sounds, which we "Think and Imagine, the Primal Sounds of Creation (Silence), the Inner Sounds, the Music we SING inside, the Anahada and Anahata" while the Second Row of Sacred (Vowel) Sound is what we "Speak and Hear, the Primal Sounds of the Creator (Speaker), the Outer or the Spoken Sounds, the Music we HEAR, the Nada and Aahata", and in it we can use the Instruments or the "Consonants" as the "Sounds of Mediums, the Orchestra Inside", which we can also use outside, that is, the 5th Column of Indian Alphabets are the "Sounds of the Inner Orchestra, the Higher Consciousness, the Awareness, the Information Universe of Super Conscious" while the 5 Rows of Consonants (25 Consonants) are the "Sounds of Outer (Physical) Orchestra, the Matter and the Mediums, the Sounds of Awakening".

It thus creates the Sacred Body of the Information Universe as well in which we can notice the First Row of Vowels the Indian Sacred Alphabets as the Center of the Universe, the Second and the Next Rows represent the 7 Layers of the Universe in which the Second Row of Vowels is what we can assume to make the "Scalar Communications in the Information Universe". So, the Sacredness of the First Row of Vowels is so high that it can also make us learn about the "Center of Quantum, the Conscious Universe as the Primal Sounds of the Quantum Vacuum, and thus the Vowels of Light, the Angels, Gods, etc." as has been studied, meditated and researched in various Sacred World Civilizations. The Sacred Philosophy of Spacetime is what is also referred as the SAHA, the S:, and the Essence of Mahamritynjaya Mantra's, and thus the S:, the SAHA in which we have the "Light (Inner Sound and Thought as "S") and Sound (Outer Sound Space) creation by the Sound of "H", and thus is "Sacred Essence of Life and Death Cycles in the Living and Nonliving Systems, the Cells and the Atoms". (By relevancy: http://www.noeticbalancing.com/library/human-energ... )

The Two Rows of Vowels are like the Quantum Vowel Mirrors while the 5th Column and the 5 Basic Rows of Consonants or even the 7 Vertical Sounds of the 5th Column and the 7 Rows are as if the Quantum Consonant Mirrors in which the 5th Column Sounds are the "Special Vowel Sounds of the 0-Dimension, the Higher Self, which are put at the End of Vowel and Consonant Rows in Indian Alphabets". If we place the 5th Column in the Middle of Indian Alphabets, we can also view it as the First Vowel Rows as if the Arms, the Second Vowel Rows as the Legs, the 5 Rows of Consonants as the Body while the 5th Column in the Middle as the Head to Feet Central Systems of the Body. The name for this Astral Information Body Systems as the "Image, the Moorati of Information Universe" has been very popular in the Sacred and Ancient Indian Civilization, and is also popular as the "Guru Moorati, the Akala Moorati, the Saptamatrika, the Image of 7 Goddesses or the Holy Spirit in the Human Body", and people used to wear and still wear it as a "Sacred Inscribed (Written) Image of Sacred Letters in the Lockets" as the Good Amen for Safety of their Children. We can use a little online course or training about it, for example as it says:

"You need self-awareness, which means real consciousness. It means that you get aware of your own bodily, mental and emotional system of habits. As soon as you get aware of this system, awareness will be able to emerge in you. To facilitate this process we have compiled the e-book entitled “Introduction to Self-awareness concerning Quantum Healing and the Quantum Balance Method”, which is a crucial part of the online basic course. You can get to know in detail the typical mental and emotional habits which usually hinder the success of self healing." (With thanks from the source: http://www.kvantumszemlelet.hu/angol/quantum-heali... )

The Name of Guru Moorati for the Indian Sacred Alphabets is based on the essentials that these represent the Philosophy of Quantum Gravity in its Rows and Columns while at the same time it also describes it all as the Vibration Theory of Matter, Consciousness, Light, Energy, and Sound, and thus named also as the Akal Moorati in the Gurbani and Other Sacred Scriptures, Books and the Systems.

We can assume as according to our Hypothesis of Philselfology that the First Row of Indian Alphabets as in the Gurmukhi, it's the Sato (Dynamic), the Second Row of the Vowels as the Rajo (Kinetic), the 25 Consonants as the Tamo (Static) and the Vertical Row, the 5th Column as the Turiya (Quantum, the Consciousness). We do not have to analyze all the times and that is why it seems the name for the Indian Alphabets is also the "Moorati, the Consciousness (4th Dimension) in the 3-Dimensions", and as it is the Sacred Theory of Vibrations, it's also expressed as the Akal Moorati, the Sacred Vibrations of Consciousness in the 3-Dimensional Universe. We can enjoy it by simply imagining, which is the Image of Vibrations, the Akal (Vibration) Moorati (Image), thinking it in heart gives great insight as it seems the case in the Indian and World Sacred Systems.

How Gurmukhi and Other Indian Alphabets Explain Structure of Cells and Cancer Cure: The 25 Consonants represent the "Fractals", which we find in Cancer Cells, and Second Row as the Connective Tissues (The Longitudinal Waves as in the Fibers in Cell and Living Body), the First Row as the Concentric Point that regulates the "Focus" of the "Cell Organisms, the Cells, the Organs and the Body as also the Transverse Waves", and it adds life simultaneously to the 5th Column, which is the Chakra, the Concentric Points and Circles, which are popular as the Kundalini Chakras, the Powerhouse of Longitudinal (Sound) and Transverse (Light) Waves. We can surely use it for Cancer and Fungi Based Diseases.

In this context, one of the most important point is that the Indian Sacred Alphabets represent the Image of Information Universe, the Guru Moorati or the Akala Moorati with one of the most popular name of the Gaytri Mantra. The Gayatri Mantra represents the "Essence of Indian Alphabets", but instead of reciting the Sacred Gayatri Mantra, one can deliberate about the Guru (Quantum Gravity Systems of the Universe) or the Akala (Timeless, the A-kala) Dimension.

"BHUR BHUVAH SWAH. These three words collectively are known as the "Mahavyahriti". They express the nature of God, and demonstrate his inherent qualities." (With thanks from the source: http://www.eaglespace.com/spirit/gayatribywords.ph... , http://www.astrogle.com/philosophy/gayatri-mantra-... and http://www.hinduhumanrights.info/quantum-physics-a... )

Moreover, the Guru or the Akala Moorati, the Sacred Image (Quantum Sounds) of the Universe keep not only the "Sacred Essence of the Gayatri Mantra, but All Sacred Mantras" as it's the "Sacred Editing, Modifying and Programming Alphabet" as is the Sargama, the Gamut in the Music. Here, we can also notice that all alphabets in the world are the "Guru Moorati, the Weight-age, the Set Rules and Regulations, the Gravity according to the Assumptions and Hypothesis used", and thus without the Guru Moorati, the Alphabetical Parameters, we cannot create the languages, music systems, maths, geometry, arts, grammars, science, technology, and thus the "Civilizations of World" in which we can notice that the Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and many of the Asian Languages including the Hebrew give us the "Sacred Languages Systems of the Sacred Universe". When we give the "Assumptions, Parameters, Hypothesis, Rules, Regulations and Constitutional Composition of Alphabets or Gamuts without Violating it, we can call it the "Sacred Systems" as otherwise it becomes the "Secular", which may be the "Personal Systems, popular as My Philosophy" that may make things look "different and unique", but the "Sacred" may be absent or lost in it, which may further extinct the Societies, Cultures, Customs, Countries and Civilizations due to "Loss of Sacredness" as we can put that when the "Character Ends, the Country and Civilizations End or Extinct".

We can notice that the "Distortion in Sacred Parameters" can create great "Distraction", which creates the"Attraction" among the users, viewers, and or the audience, and thus the "Law of Attraction", which seem to favor the Secularism and the "Sacredness without Distortion" seem to create the "Sacred Essentials of the Law of Affinity and Evolution". I have written Self-researched (Philselfology) 3 books on it, which I also hope to publish in low cost printing in India soon.

Here, it invites our attention that when the Sanskrit and Hebrew Languages are sacred, how and why the Modern Languages many not be sacred, and the simple answer to it is that the Sacred Languages are the "Languages of Mantra, Poetry and Music", which uses certain defined parameters that can be used in the Cymatics and Human Brain, Machine and Computer Programming. The "Mantra, Music and Poetry Parameter is Sacredness of Language", which we may find lost in the modern languages, music, geometry, and popular media, and that is why the "Languages in Absence of Sacred Parameters of Mantra, Music and Poetry present the "Secularism", which slowly extincts the "Sacred Systems" in the culture, country and civilization". We can take example of Modern India, where most of people may not write mantra, music and poetry compositions with "Sacred Parameters", but at the same time may claim that the "Language is Sacred", so what is the "Sacredness in Languages seems to have extincted" long ago.

For this reason, the Modern Mathematicians, Musicians, Grammarians, Scientists, and other researchers work on the "Theory of Invariant Math, the Mathematics of Right Brain using Mantra, Music, Poetry (Poetics)", and thus the "Lost Sacred Parameters". We should not confuse ourselves that the sacred means religious, and we know it, but rather that religions, faiths, spiritualism, cultures, customs, societies, civilizations and the ecology exists due to the "Sacred Parameters", which is the "Essence of 0-Dimension", and in this context the 0-Dimension is the Balance of Omniscience, the Life Circle and Life Chain, which too is the "Sacred Parameters, the Quantity, Quanta, Quantum and Quantization". It can lead to full use of human brains while from many centuries after the Modern World Civilizations lost the "Sacred Parameter based Systems, the Sacred Civilizations", the human brains were limited to say 5-15%, and even the most genius person in the modern world may be using only 10-15% of one's brain while the "Sacred Parameters Tap Right Brain of Infinite Creativity, Chaos and Consciousness". We can restore the Sacred Languages and Civilizations if we learn, use and research using the Sacred Parameters of Math, Music, Mantra, Poetry, Geometry, Language and other Sacred Arts, and great wonder in it is that it's the "Essentials and Essence of Renewable Energy, Zero Point Vacuum Energy, Consciousness and thus the Quantum and Classical Systems". The 0-Dimension in the Sikhism, the Gurbani Sacred Systems is described as the ONE Consciousness:

"The Sikh scriptures describe the ultimate reality as Sunn - the Primal Void. The Sanskrit root ‘su’ also conveys the concept of being swollen with possibility. Thus Sunn is not nothingness but represent a pregnant emptiness. In Sikhism ‘Sunn’ is also described as unmanifested (nirgun) state of One indescribable formless Absolute, the Timeless Consciousness <9-11>." (With thanks from the source: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/threads/sunn-is-it-n... )

We can thus call all languages sacred when there is presence of "Sacred Parameters, the Parameters of Quantization" present primarily in the Sanskrit, Hebrew and Poetics written and composed using the Sacred Parameters and Scales as in the Gurbani in Gurmukhi present in the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Ramayana, Holy Gita, and other Sacred Scriptures written and composed in its primary sacred language, which is always the language of sacred parameters, and it does not matter which language it uses. In other words, when we review the Indian Sacred Civilization, it's not the Script of Hindi, Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Gujrati, Marathi, Tamil, Rajasthani, and or any Indian Language, but the "Sacred Parameters", which it uses as the "Sacred Languages are not the Languages of Script, but the Sacred Parameters of Nature and Universe", and the regret is that in our modern age, the Scripts of Languages became too secular and led to great wars, violence and terrorism.

"The entire Universe (including our solar system, as well as atoms, DNA and life-forms) reveals the secrets of balance, rhythm, proportion and unity in diversity, the fractal interconnection of parts with each other and the whole. This harmony is expressed by some “key” numbers: Fibonacci Series, Phi, Pi and “e”.

Various societies through history, seeking to live in accord with the cosmic harmony, modeled their realms on the Divine Architect’s “sacred geometry” plan, creating cosmologically oriented societies which mirrored on Earth the celestial twelve-part zodiac. Everything, including their myths, laws, rituals, architecture, language, literature, music, furniture, coins, weights and measures, was integrated in a unified harmonious scheme. Ancient societies used it in the planning and construction of religious structures such as temples, churches, mosques, religious monuments, altars, tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces such as temenoi, sacred groves, village greens and holy wells, and the creation of religious art. It seems that all of the ancient sites were astronomically oriented and their architectural design was based on principles of the “sacred geometry” of nature." (With thanks from the source: http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/the-langua... )

When the "Sacred Parameters of Universe" are set, it naturally may invite the new name of script, language, customs, cultures, and the civilizations, which spread itself to the world civilization, but here the 4-Dimensional Systems of Nationalism and 0, the Zero Dimensional Setups and Systems of Universalizing the "Globalization" also invites our attention to the Zero Dimension of Sacred Parameters, which we do not need to confuse with the 4-Dimensional Structure and Systems of the Cities, Sates and Nations as it seem to corrupt the "Natural Hierarchy based on Sacred Parameters", and we may notice the cheap politics going on regarding this, and if we happen not to think about the 0th Dimension of Balance and Stability, we can very easily notice how the cultures, customs and sacred civilizations extinct as our modern civilizations do not seem to know it enough among the masses, the general populations and thus recurring wars, violence, economic crises, ecological and health problems seem to have put the "Humanity on the Global Competition of the Survival of the Fittest" where the corruption seem to replace the character, and may notice it seem to have given setbacks to the Sacredness of Sports, Arts, Music, Media, Business, Politics, Education, Health and Wellness, Spiritualism, Religions and Faiths, Customs, Cultures and Human Civilizations in general in the recent past leading to violence, crime, drugs and abuse of what we think as the "Sacred Parameters of Nature, Humanity and Universe" in Humanity.

So, we can say that the "Character is Sacredness", we are not discussing the World Religions and Faiths, but the "Essence of Human Civilizations and Humanity", the "Sacred Parameters", which is also essential in the Homotopy, Topology and Quantum Systems.

"We have become accustomed to take the secular character of modern civilization for granted. We have most of us never known anything else and consequently we are apt to think that this is a natural and normal state of things. Actually of course this state of things is far from being normal.

Today this ancient wisdom is forgotten. Civilization has cut adrift from its old moorings and is floating on a tide of change. Custom and tradition and law and authority have lost their old sacredness and moral prestige. They have all become the servants of public opinion and of the will of society. They have become humanized and secularized and at the same time unstable and fluid. As civilization becomes materially richer and more powerful, it becomes spiritually or religiously weaker and poorer." (With thanks from the source: http://www.catholiceducation.org/en/culture/cathol... and by relevancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Grains and http://www.resilience.org/stories/2005-07-13/colla... )

For example, we may set "Levels of Lost Sacredness, the Standards according to the Sacred Parameters in the Human Civilizations and Humanity" in the modern versions of media when we think of Sacred Civilizations instead proving things "new" by manipulations and thus show less violence, drugs, terrorism, etc. in the media!

"Civilizations and Sacred Space: Almost every culture defines sacred space, that is, particular places with the domain of the culture. These spaces may mark where certain important events in the life of the culture took place. It may mark a place where mysterious events took or take place, perhaps where gods of spirits are accessible. For state level cultures like ours, it may be a place where core historical events took place, an area related to civic pride, of an area that "glorifies" the organization itself. A sacred space may contain a few or many icons of the belief system." (With thanks from the source: http://www.iupui.edu/~mstd/a103/lab3.html and http://www.iupui.edu/~mstd/a103/lab3.html )

We can put the 5th Column in the 3rd Column Place, and it makes the 2 Columns on each side of it, and that is the Human Body Portrait, and the Gurmukhi Alphabet Kundalini, and we have to rearrange the Columns of the Alphabets to make it the Moorati (Image) of the Living Body. Here, placing the 5th Column in the Center of the Indian Sacred Alphabets is not at all a necessary condition as the Indian Sacred Alphabets in general, may it be Sanskrit, Hindi or the Gurmukhi represents the Human Body, and we definitely do not need to alter its order. However, for studying and researching at very advanced levels, we can change the "Order of Rows and Columns".

The Order of Rows and Columns is based on the "A' as the 5th Column, 2A' as the First Row of Vowels, the 3A' as the Second Row of Vowels and the 4A' as the 5 Rows of Consonants in the Indian Sacred Alphabets" as in the Gurmukhi Alphabets, which we discuss here. So, with the Sacred Quantum Format of A', 2A', 3A' and 4A', it gives is the Theory, Concept and Philosophy of Indian Topology, while the "A' and A" is the Indian sacred Theory, Concept and Philosophy of Homotopy, and thus the Homotopy Type Theory Systems of Math, Science, Computing, and that the it thus with the help of theses Two Quantum Math Systems of Homotopy and Topology seem to well create the Indian Quantum Invariant Mathematics, Languages, Grammars, Languages, Sciences of Consciousness, Light, Energy, Sound, Vibrations, Geometry, Music, Raga, and all that we can put as the Indian Sacred Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems as the Philosophy of Quanta, Quantum Quantization. It can be remarked here that the Indian Sacred Topology of A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' is almost same as the Indian Theory of Yuga's, the Chronological 4 Ages while the Indian Sacred Homotopy of A' and 2A' (A, the Schwa) well to well describe the 0, the Zero Dimension, the Zero Point Vacuum Energy Systems of Consciousness and the Spacetime Systems because the A=c*t=Velocity of Light*Time=Planck Length, which we have discussed in the previous parts of the series.

One of the main point in the Yuga Theory is that it seem to deal with the Age of Static, Kinetic, Dynamic and Quantum Systems, which can go from Planck Time Dimensions to the Light Years, and thus we can apply it all systems where the Kala, the Time Dimensions are applicable. In other words, the Juga (Yuga) also means the Propagation of Consciousness (JU), the Zero Dimension in the Space Element (GA), the 4-Dimensional Setup of the Sacred Universe as according to our hypothesis as well as the Modern Discoveries in the Quantum, Classical and the Sacred Systems.

The Sanskrit Language Systems use the Yuga in which we have the "YU" as the Longitudinal Waves, and the Gurmukhi Languages use the "JU", which is the Row of Consonants that results from the Scalar or Longitudinal Waves. In other words, the Second Row of Vowels give us the 3-Dimensional World, which is represented in the Second Row of Consonants as the CHA, the CHARA and JA, the JEEVA when we use the Sacred Language Temple God as the Indian Sacred Alphabets, which we have also discussed as the Guru Moorati and or the Akala Moorati, the Living Image of Lord (Guru) and God (Akala, the Sacred Vibrations)

One of the great beauty in the Indian Sacred Temple of Sounds and Vibrations is that the 5th Column creates the First Row of Vowels and the Second Row of the Vowels create the 5 Rows of Consonants, and it's the Secret of Bindu, the 5th Column (Shiva Sounds, the Sacred Sounds of Consciousness in the Zero Dimension) and the Bindi (Shakti Vibration and Sounds, the Sounds of Matter and Mediums) , the 2nd Row of Vowels according to our Hypothesis of Philselfology.

If we want to go to advanced levels, the 5th Row of Consonants in the 5th Column gives us the Sound of "M" as the "Sacred Sound of the Consciousness", which also creates the "First Row of Vowels" while the 4th Row of the Consonants in the 5th Column gives us the Sound of "N" as the "Sacred Sound of Consciousness as the Matter and Medium Sound", which also create the "Second Row of Vowels", and is popular as the MANA, NAMO and the NAMA Theory that we can notice in the Indian Classical Music, Dances and the Instruments, the Raga and the Beats. the NAMA Theory also uses the Vibrations of "A", and thus are written as the "NAAMA" not "NAMA" (popular).

One of the most amazing thing is that the Modern Periodic Tables of Elements are also the Sacred Labels of Elements, Chemistry and Science in general!

Here, we need to pay attention that the Philosophy of Akhara, the Alphabet, the Information Universe, we do not need to study the world religions and faiths as in modern versions of the World Religions and Faiths, the Sacred Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light and Consciousness as the TAT' Darshana almost absent due to modern imperialism in which the Sacred Theory of Ethereal Universe seem to have not been taught and or educated from at least 300 years, and in general from last 5000 years as it was known to the Sacred Philosophers not the Scientists and Technologists, whom some people refer as the Dark Age of Science and Technology, and as I was interested in the Sacred Theory of Elements, Forms, Light and Consciousness and thus worked and researched it with the name of the Philselfology, and found that the Akhara and Maatra Vigyana, the Essentials of TAT' Darshana is in a way superior to what we know and notice as the Karma Kanda, the Action Theory in which we may not be studying the Basic 5 Elements, Consciousness, Light and Philosophy as even the Sacred Philosophy has not been big part of the Modern Education Systems. The Maatra, the "Quantum Quantity Quanta and Quantization" has been one of the most widely studied and researched thing in the Sacred and Developed India during the Gupta Empires and at the times of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and in world religions and faiths, which the Saints, Sadhus, Philosophers, Researcher and the Other Practitioners of Sacred Systems have been using, and we now have introduced it in our modern life as the Quantum Paradigm Shift.

So, by simply studying the Indian Alphabets, for example the Gurmukhi, one can master the Single Sacred Theory and Model of Everything, which is popular as the Akala Moorati (Theory of Vowels) or the Guru Moorati (Theory of Vowels and Consonants), and both constitute what we know as the "Sacred Theory of Shabada, the Quantum Sound, Word, the Sacred Music, the Vibration and Waves". For greater insight, we can also notice that the Guru (Gravity) Moorati mainly goes for the Consonants, the Physical Body of the Sacred Dragon and the Akala (Vowels) Moorati gives us the Blend of Dragon Head (First Row of Vowels) and Tail (Second Row of Vowels).

Here, we need to note that the Sacred Alphabet Systems are as to Tap the Sacred Universe in which the Zero Point Energy Systems are centered where there is a religious place or meditation is being done and it can be one's personal room. We all tap the Sacred Universe as our Human Body is also the Sacred Temple of Zero Point Vacuum (Shoonaya) Energy Systems, and people who used it properly always said to have been lived in full health. According to the Research Work of Philselfology, the Religious Places, Meditation Rooms, the Yoga, Sacred Things, Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Grammars, and all that is sacred in the universe does not differ at all scientifically as when we use the Sacred Philosophy of 8 Rows of Indian Sacred Alphabets and the 12 Dimensions that it, the Sacred Indian Alphabets represent.

In other words, the First Row of the Indian Sacred Alphabets seem to well represent the Sacred YANG Part of the Dragon Theory, and the Second Row seem to well represent the Sacred YIN Part of the Dragon Theory, the 0th Dimension or the Sacred Yong Part of the Sacred Dragon Theory is well represented by the 5th Column, and finally the Physical Body of Yin, Yang and Yong goes into the 5 Rows of Consonants, and thus the Indian Sacred Alphabets can very easily represent and explain the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Other Sacred Systems which are based on the Yin, Yang and Yong with the Dragon Theory as well as the Chinese Astrology!


"The 11th generation Dragon Gate priests Min Yi-De (闵一得) combined three religions (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism) together to develop the "Dragon convenience methods". The principle is "learn from Buddhism, to comply with the precepts, diligently practice inner alchemy arts", so that the Dragon Gate branch became thriving. Dragon Gate is currently the largest existing Taoism branch in the world." (With thanks from the source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Gate_Taoism )

When we consider the Light and Sound as the "Origin", we can notice that with the 8th Row of Shakti, the "SH"-Sounds, the Indian Sacred Alphabets with its 8 Rows well represents the I-Ching Sacred Systems, and that is the I-Ching as the Sacred Chinese Alphabet in the Indian Sacred Format, and we can say also just for the concern of the "Reader's Sacred Feeling" that the Chinese Sacred Systems also represent the Indian Sacred Systems with the Sacredness of the Indian Sacred Philosophy of Sacred Alphabets as for the Chinese Sacred Systems for example shown below with 8 Sacred Rows of Universal Alphabets (International Phonetic Alphabets) as the 8 Trigram's in the Chinese Sacred Systems:

We can thus very easily understand how and why the Indian, Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, and Civilizations of Thailand, Tonga, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Tribal, Aboriginal and the Native Civilizations and all others, which are influenced by these or wherever we "Practice" these "Sacred Systems of the Sacred Cultures, Countries and Civilizations" as are all "Sacred, Same, Identical, Equivalent, and Universal" by almost all possible manner when we think of "Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems in the World and Universe" with our great many thanks to our ancestors! Smile

Thus, the Indian Sacred Alphabets can well represent the Chinese Sacred Theory of Dragon, which needs one more blog post ! Smile

Here, we can also notice one of the major point in the 8 Rows and 5 Columns as presented in the Indian Sacred Alphabets, and that is when we consider the Sound as the Aspirated Sound, for example, the K', its as if the Zero Spin (most relevant to the Zero Point Energy and Quantum Vacuum Systems) of any a "Vowel" (Sound as Transverse or even in a Straight Line) and or a "Consonant" (Sound as Longitudinal or even in a Circle). When we say "Half Spin" and "Full Spin or the Anti-spin", we can represent it as the S=Zero Spin and H=Half Spin, and S+H=Zero Spin+Half Spin=Full Spin, the Sounds in Motion, and many Sacred Language Systems represent it as Light=Zero Spin, and denote as the "S" as if the Four Points of the Square give us the Zero Spin, and that all system in its "Full Balance" seem to give us the "Zero Spin". When and if we create the "Half Spin", we have the "Four Corners of Square in Two Parts", it may may spin in "Two Directions", and we can label it as the "H", and moreover, when we have the Zero Spin and Half Spin, we actually create the "Sacred Torque". In other words, the "Zero Spin and the Half Spin" together is the "First Sacred and Primal Torque", and we can also call it the "Father Sound Creation with Zero Spin and Mother Sound Creation as the Half Spin, and on addition, it creates the Son Spin, the Full Spin, which we can put as the S+H=A, the Basic Quantum Vowel Theory". The Sound of Zero Spin, the S seem to be the "Sound of M" and the "Half Spin Sounds like the Sacred Sound of N, and finally it seem to produce the Sounds of Vibrations of A, E, O, AE from S+H=A=N+M (S and H are the Sounds of Zero Spin and Half Spin, and together it create the "A Vibrations" and the Sounds of M and N" as according to our interpretations from the Bindu and Bindi Theory of Damroo, the Sacred Instrument, which Lord Shiva is said to play in the Indian Sacred Systems. We can also summarize it as follows:

"We have now explored two fundamental aspects of the universe; the dynamic aspect of energy in its toroidal form and the static aspect of energy as the vector equilibrium. Now we can explore the syneregetic interactions between the two and how they together generate the field patterns we recognize as our material world.

Everything spins; from tiny atoms to giant galaxies, in their most elemental dynamic all things are in state of perpetual spin.

The vacuum energy is a sea of ​​potential – pure nothingness. However, nothing remains nothing unless there is motion, unless there is disturbance of the vacuum symmetry which collapse infinite potential into differentiated form. Through this collapse an extremely small amount of energy from the vacuum field enters a polarized spin dynamic, a toroidal topological entity, which appears as definite form and movement." (With thanks from the source: http://sacredwai.com/references-2/the-holo-fractal... )

The Zero, Half and Full Spins as the S, H and A constitute one of the major Sacred Spin Systems in the Indian and Other Sacred Systems and Civilizations and it is popular as the "Yogini, the Additive or Torque Spins" in this context, and these are the 64 Sacred Torque Spins, which we also notice in the I-Ching and other Sacred Universe, Geometry, Math, Computing and the similar systems including the 64 Mandala, the 64 Circles as explored by the Carl Jung.

"Mandalas have been used in many ancient cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American, Australian Aboriginal as a symbol of the universe and wholeness. Literally speaking, mandala is a geometrical form – a square or a circle – abstract and static, or a vivid image formed of objects and/or beings. It’s a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our connection with the infinite." (From the source with thanks: http://fractalenlightenment.com/14683/life/carl-ju... )

The Mandala is with the "Zero Dimension" (M) giving Vibrations, which can change the temperature and thus the longitudinal waves of heat vibrations can be put as the "dala" in the "Mandala", and the closest word to it seems the Kundala, the Kundalini that gives the K-dala, the Space Element (Matter and Mediums), which uses the Vibrations of Heat as the longitudinal waves of matter, and thus the Kundala, but the "K and U" also means that it uses the transverse waves according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology. In other words, the Mandala seem to give the significance of "Heat, the Vital, the Cell Energy" in the Zero Dimension while the Kundala as in the 3-Dimensional Setup of the same and thus the Mandala and Fractals (the Kundala) as both seem to create the "Conscious, the Quantum Universe of Mandala (0-D Fractals) and Kundala (3-D Fractals)". We can put the Consciousness as Light, the 4th Dimension in the Egg, the Andala, the Fractals as the Light Waves in the eggs, and that when we imagine the Dimensionless Dimensions, we can put the Vandala, also written as the Vara-bhanda in the Gurbani, and we assume it the Vandala, the Longitudinal Waves of Fractals, which we can influence in the cells, both botanical and biological as well as the physical, and thus the Mandala, Kundala, Andala and Vandala based on the Sacred Indian Alphabets.

The Kundala can also be put as the Mandelbulb, the 3-D Fractal, and according to the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, we can put it as the Essence of Creative Thinking (Mandala), Scientific Emotions (Kundala) with Infinite Creativity, the Sacred Vibrations of the Universe (Andala) and the Physical Body of Vibrations (Vandala). We may not have heard these terms as well as the R-vani, Nir-vani and Vani, which is well described in the Sacred Gurbani in which the R-vani is the Group of Sounds of Longitudinal Vibrations without "Feelings", and the Nirvani is the Group of Sounds, which follow the "Sacred Vision and Visualization" and people, who use it are said to have the "Self-realization, the Nirvana", and finally the "Vani is the Sound Vibrations with Sacred, the Scientific Feelings, the Bhaava, the Karuna (without longitudinal vibrations, the Akasha Element is simply the Kanaa, the K-anu, which is as if the Sand Crystal, and as the K-anu, the Role of Anu, the Atoms in Human Consciousness seem to create the K-anu and Mandala, which is popular as the Kun-dala, the Kundalini, the Matter (K), Vibrations (D) and Energy Transfer (L) as depicted in the Indian Sacred Alphabet, the Guru Moorati), the Sacred Vibrations of Akasha Element as well as of the 5 Basic Elements, which thus also create the Soma Rasa, the Amrit, the Water Memory and the Essentials of Cymatics". It helps in studying, learning, practicing and researching the Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Dances, Instruments, Ragas, Meditation, Kirtan, and lot more as in our age, most of us may have "knowledge", but may not "sing, dance and play the instruments" or do the "Creative, Sacred, Quantum, Classical, Linguistic, Grammatical, Musical, Architect, and the similar Creations, Compositions, Constructions and Programming in it all", and may lead to miserable life if we do not learn at least one of these said things. (By relevancy: http://www.fractalfield.com/hydrogen/ )

In general, the Additive or Torque Spins are 16 in the Indian Sacred Systems, which if we add in the Indian Sacred Alphabets, we get the 35+16=51 Sounds with the "S", the Zero Spin, the Sacred Count of All Vowels, Consonants and Spins goes as the 52. We can also put it all as the 10 Rows of Indian Sacred Sound Systems in the Sacred Alphabets, which goes as the 10 Primal Dimensions, and in it, the Father Creator Principle goes to the Zero Spin (S) and the Mother Creator Principle goes to the Half Spin (H), which produces all of the 10 Rows as the 10 Sacred Dimensions of Shakti, the Motion as without the S and H Dimensions of Zero and Half Spins, the "Sacred (Quantum) Sounds" can not exist. Thus, these 12 Dimensions of S, H and "A" Vibrations in 10 Rows seem to create the 12 sacred Dimensions in all Sacred Civilizations and also in our Modern Science, Math and Philosophy of Dimensions, which presents itself as the Omniscience Model and Theory of Everything as the International Phonetic Alphabets! Smile

Thus, the "S, H and A" seem to create the Indian Sacred Alphabets as not only the Sacred Torque, but also as the Sacred Wormhole because the Rows of Consonants that we represent as the First Primal Aspirated Sound of K' gives us the "K', S, H and A" which join anything made of matter K' giving us the 25 Consonants , when it joins the general vibrations; it gives us the First Row of Vowels as the "S" and as the Second Row of Vowels with "H", and finally the "A" as the Zero Vibrations in the 5th Column, which gives the Sacred Wormhole!

It needs a little attention that the Ancient Developed Civilizations have been using the Zero Dimension and the 3-Dimensions as the Sacred Pyramids for enhancing the "Sacred Energy and Vibration Levels of Sacred Places and Things" to promote earth systems rather than finding the escape from anything as we need to strengthen the earth systems rather than supporting the aliens, and thus one day be able to invite the citizens of higher civilizations from other life oriented earths, moons and the stars, and for it, we need to cultivate the Zero Point Free Vacuum Energy on our own earth using the "Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems". Smile

Here, we need to note that the Theory of Wormhole is the Shakti Moorati, which the Indian Sacred Systems do not support very much as particularly in the Bhagati, the 3-Dimensional alignments with either 4th Dimensions (Escaping through the Wormhole) or the alignment with the Zeroth Dimension (No need of escaping or going into the Sacred Philosophy of Dimensions and the BIG Escape: https://subharanjangupta.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/... )

World Sacred Philosophy of Nirvana, Nashwana and Bhagwana: We can consider here the Shakti, the Dimensions of Matter with the Nirvana, the Sacred Dimensions of Light and Sound. The Sacred Dimensions of Matter and Sound can be put as the Nasha-vana, the Matter (Nasha, the Perishable, the 3-Dimensions of the Universe), and if one thinks too much about the "Matter, the 3-Dimensional World, and wants posses more than required", one may slowly tend to go away from the Light and Sound, the 4th Dimension and the Sounds of the 3-Dimensional World, and this thesis, the doctrine and or the ideology goes also against the Bhagwana as in the Bhaga, the 3-Dimensional World includes the "Consciousness and Matter", but the "Nasha in the Nashwana" does not have the content of consciousness, but the Matter, the Negative Dimensions (here negative means the things in which there is lesser content of consciousness). Thus, the Shakti, the Dimensions of Matter can go either with the consciousness named as the Bhaga or without consciousness as if "matter breeding matter" named as the Nasha, and two give the names of Bhagwana and Nashawana with the 3 Life Dimensions and Sound-Light in relation to Nirvana, Bhagwana and the Nashawana, the Matter and Sound Systems and needs that we understand the Nashwana as the Dimensions of Human Body as the Matter (Shakti) which needs matter in the foods to live and while the bio-contents are taken up by what we know as the Bhagwana part, the Consciousness and Sound Systems of the human body, and the Nirvana Body needs only Sacred Systems of Sound, Music, Math, Grammars, Geometry and so on to exist as "Light, Sound and Wave", the Nirvana State of Human Body. The Nashwana is called the Dead God Systems in the Arabian, Egyptian, Israeli and the Indian Sacred Systems.

Here, one of the point is that the Doctrines of Shakti Philosophy may claim that the Bhagwana and the Nirvana is from the Ascendancy of Matter into Consciousness (Bhagwana, the 3-Dimensions) and Light (Nirvana, the 4th Dimension) using the Vani, Vana, the Quantum Sounds of Consciousness. So, we have the Doctrines of Shakti, Bhagwana and Nirvana as the Matter, Consciousness and Light. These doctrines may not exist without the Vana, the Vani, the Sound because the Aspirated Sounds of K' are the Shakti, the K'+S+H+A as the K'+S as the Nashwana, the K'+H as the Bhagwana, and the K'+S+H+A as the Narvana, and thus the K'+S+H+A is the Sacred System of Language, Linguistics and the Grammars with the names of Shakti (K') and Aspirated Sounds, Nashwana Sounds (Non-recyclable Sounds, Matter and Foods), the Bhagwana Sounds(Recyclable Voices, Matter and Foods), and the Nirvana Sounds (Metaphysical or non matter sounds, the Matter and Foods, which assist in non-recyclable and recyclable systems of matter and foods and so on). It also gives us insight into what we now notice as the Essentials of Cymatics and Water Memory, the Sacred Joy of Sounds, Shapes and Universes by Achim Kempf while we also use it to understand the Matter, Botany, Biology, Psychology and Philosophy as the K', S, H, A and "A, I, E, O, U", the Sacred Parameters of Sounds of Consciousness to study and research the Sacred Subjects in the Sacred Language Systems!

How we can understand the K'+S+H+A for the Modern Quantum Systems is that the "S" is like a Dot and "H" as if the Circle around the Dot (S) and the "A" is the Radius of the Circle, and if this gives us the Longitudinal and the Concentric Waves, we can put it as the K'+R+S+H+A, and that the Hebrew and Sanskrit Languages, the most primitive and the primal languages use it as the Dot and Circle giving us the Transverse and Longitudinal Waves. The "Dot" follows the Mantra Theory while the "Circle" uses the "Sacred Additions of Radius A", which gives us the Sacred Indian and World Poetic Meters as in the "Sacred Poetics", we have the Dimensional Addition of "A", the Schwa Vowel giving us the "A, I, E, O, U" in the one or two lines of the poems and the poetry, and we use the K', its is the representative sound, the letter as the Set of 25 Consonants, the Matter and the Mediums.

For example, if we create the music in water in the cup, we will have the sounds of water, and in this case the K' is water, and if we play on the table, the solid, the K' is solid, and thus it's the "Base" giving us the K' (Matter and Medium)+S+H+A+R, and we get the waves and vibrations. We can notice that the K' is the Set of 25 Consonants, the S is the First Row of Vowels, the H is the 5th Column, the A as the Vibrations (Yogini, the Additive Sounds) and the R is the Second Row of Vowels, and thus the Essentials of Cymatics and Water Memory that also uses the K'+R+S+H+A (Sounds like Chris and or Krish) as the Quantum Drop, the Pilot, the Superfluid Theory as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

Moreover, when the Physical System, the Matter and Medium as the Human Body, the K' (the Group of 25 Consonants) uses the Thought (S, the Light Energy, the Group of Vowels in the First Row) and Sound (H, the Group of Sounds in the 5th Column), we can think of it as the Body (K'), Left Brain (S) and Right Brain (H) where the Quantum Superposition (as we can assume) is what we can assume as the Central Nervous System, which is the "Center of Pure Vowels of O, A, E, the Right Brain Inclination or the Male Vowel Sounds and AE, OE, OA, the Right Brain Inclination or the Female Vowel Sounds, and the Vowels of 5th Column are what the Central Quantum Nervous Systems, which seem to follow the Infinity that Dirac Delta Function gives, and particularly the Sounds of M and N, which are treated as Vowels in Sanskrit, Hebrew and Gurmukhi" (The Group of Sounds of Pure 64 Vowels, which is studied as the Yogini, the 4 Primal Vowels (A, E, O, AE and thus the 64 Combinations, it can create), which it seem to associate with the S (Thought) and H (Sound) Waves to the Matter and Medium Waves of K', which when propagate from the given system as the human body for example, it needs the Longitudinal Waves, which we can represent as the R-Sound Waves (The Group of Vowels Sounds as given in the Second Row of Vowels in the Indian Sacred Alphabets).

The 64 Circles and Dots as the Sacred Architect, the 64 Mandala, the Vastu Shastra by Baba Vishwakarma and Carl Jung: The K'+S+H+A+R Systems, which create the 64 Points of Creativity of Vowels, the Sounds of Light as the Light and Particle Waves also constitute the 64 Mandals, the Sacred Circles, which Carl Jung, the Great Psychologist and Psychiatrist has used in exploring the Unconscious Mind. These 64 Mandals, the Sacred 64 Circles and Dots also constitute the Indian Vastu, the Sacred Architect with name of Baba Vishvakarma, the Master of Sacred Architect in the Holy Vedas. The Sacred Vastu as with the roots and etymology of VA-SA-TA means the Sacred Science and Management of Longitudinal Waves (VA) coming from the 4-Dimensional Light (SA) into the 3-Dimensional World (TA), and thus the House as Home of Consciousness, the Living Home, the Vastu Purusha in the Indian Sacred Systems. We can use it to create the Eco-friendly and Renewable Villages, Cities, States, Nations and the Earth as a whole that can save us from pollution, energy crises, healthcare and lot more using the "Global Dot and Circle Based Sacred Systems", and we hope to do all of it in the Industrial City of Ludhiana soon while its also a global project in which we want to offer free education and research for at least self-awareness in the Emerging Quantum Systems and Civilizations with thanks to Mohan Singh Lotey.

Now, with the help of Sacred Dot and Circle Theory, we can solve most of the problems of consciousness as in it, we consider not only the Light Traveling in Straight Line and Circle, but the Light as the Fixed and thus the Local Point, which neither goes in straight line nor in circle, but is the "Fixed, Local, Unmovable, Self-conscious, Self-glowing, and Source of Single and One Consciousness, which we all share". We at times may tend to think of light moving in straight line or in circle (motion), and that may not help us in understanding and comprehending if light does not move at all; the fixed point of light as in the Newton's Law of Inertia. We seem to waste lots of our time in thinking about "Miracles of Light, the Quantum Dot and Circle", but what is most essential part in it is that the "Conscious Light is the Local and Fixed Point" from which the light travels to the straight (displacement) line and circle (motion), and thus seem to create the space, time and motion, the Kala Systems, but the Light that Does not travel and vibrate on the "Fixed and Local Point" is what gives us the Akala, the Time of Vibrations (Scale of Time for the Moving Light or the Light in Motion) and by itself, it is not bound to "Time and Space", and thus it does not seem to follow any law of motion is one of the great wonders, which we can think about the Consciousness, the Fixed, Local and Self-conscious Point, the Dot of Conscious as the Zero Dimension.

It is one of the finest point about the Dot, Circle and Consciousness as the Essential Part of the Conscious Architect as described by the Vastu, the Sacred Architect said to be given by Baba Vishvakarma, the Father of Sacred Architect, the Indian Sacred Architect Systems of the Para Universe, which as a "Self-conscious systems" may not at all move or die, perish or decay, but the Non-para or the Light that moves in the Straight Line and in Circle (Motion) perishes and dies or loses the "consciousness" part as it does not "move or follow motion" is one of the great wonder of this Sacred Theory of Dot, Circle and Consciousness. We can also claim it as the Dot and Circle of Consciousness, which constitute the Para-akasha, the Immovable Conscious Space and the Akasha as the Ethereal Space, which is the Movable Space and thus as the Space Element, and thus the Para-akasha as the Consciousness and Space Element, and Indian Sacred Systems say: "One needs to get the Para-akasha, the Never Moving or Movable Infinite Conscious Light, which sustains even the universes".

We have already discussed it all as the Consciousness, Dot and Circle with the Points 0A', A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and Higher Dimensions, which we can put as to create the Dot with 0A', the A' as the First and the Primal Point around the Quantum Dot (0A'), and when we have the 4A' Quantum Dots, it gives us the 4 Points around the 0A', the Dot, and in it, the Circle is the Infinite A' Systems of Quantum Dots. In it, the "A" is the Quantum Dynamics of Consciousness, the Dimensional Vibrations of Consciousness as the 0A', A', 2A', 3A', 4A', Infinite A' Systems of Consciousness giving us the Consciousness (A), Dot (0A') and Circle (Infinite A' System). The 0A' represents the Space Element, A' gives the Air, 2A' as Fire, 3A' as Water and 4A' as the Solid Element, and that is how it acts as the Dimensional Theory of Elements, Consciousness, Dot (Center), Points Around Dot and Circle as the "Shabada", the Quantum light, Sound, Energy and Matter, which with 64 Dots and Points further leads us to the Fractals, and creation of the universes.

We also need to note and consider that the 0A', A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' constitute the 25 Sacred Consonants in which there are mainly 20 Consonants as the 5th Column gives us the Zero Dimensional Vowels making the Sanskrit, Hebrew and Gurmukhi as if identical language systems. Where the Indian Sacred Alphabets seem to differ from Sacred Hebrew is that these also represent the Transverse and Longitudinal Vowels in the First and Second Rows of Vowels, which is the Sacred Expansion of 5th Column, the Zero Dimension of Vowels into the 4th Dimension, the First Row and the 0th Dimension as in the Second Row of the Vowels. We can also notice that even the 20 Sacred Consonants are the Dimensional Representation of the 5th Column, the Zero Dimension into the 4-Dimensions in the 4 Columns and 5 Rows, and one of the important configuration can be that the 4 Columns can be put as the Neutral, Positive, Negative Charges and Ionization of the Element in the Row, which is as the Zero Dimensional Quantum Topological Systems in the given row of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Solid, and it can extend the Sacred Alphabets to explain almost everything in the Sacred Universe.

Thus, if we consider the Sacred Theory of Dot and Circle with 5th Column and expand it into the 4 Other Columns with the Transverse and Longitudinal Vowels with 5 Vertical Vowels expressed as the 20 Consonants and 10 Vowels, we seem to have the Hebrew, Sanskrit and Gurmukhi as one and same Sacred Systems of Dot, Point and Circle, which express the Sacred Alphabets as the sacred Theory of Quantum Consciousness as according to the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology. The Dot is considered as the "M", the Bindu, which is not perishable (changeable), but when it changes its position as with "A" Vibrations, it creates "Shapes, Sounds, and Circles", and is thus treated as the "N", the Bindi, which is perishable (changeable), that is, all that the "M" creates is the "Maya, the Virtual" and comes back to nothing but "dimensions" that start from the Zero Dimension of "M" and expands into the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the Higher Dimensions.

Most of us may not be aware about how the Dot, Point (the Point that is fixed giving us the Velocity) and Circle (the Point that revolves giving the Angular Velocity), which are put as the Opposite Pairs of A and A giving the A+A=2A, and thus seem to be named as the Aakhara instead of Akhara, which comes from the A'+A'=A, the Two Opposite Spins of A', and for this reason, the Philosophy of Space Element as the Akasha has two versions, namely, the Akasha (Para, the Invisible Space as ONE Space) and Aakasha (Visible Space as the Space Element, and also Akara (Invisible) and the Aakara (Visible).

Mostly, the Bindu is represented on the Top of Indian Sacred Symbol of OM, and the All World Sacred Systems explain and describe the Dot, Point and Circle. However, when we consider the Zero Dimension as the Light Waves and the Particle Waves, we use the "Two Sacred Vowels, the Vibrations of R and A" and with the Zero Dimensional "M" from the 5th Column, we have it as the R-A-M, the Sacred Group of 3 Primal Sounds of "A, R and M", we can also include the N and thus the "A, R, M, N". We can notice that it does not include the "Group of 25 Consonants", but keeps either the A'-A' (=A) or the A-A (=2A) in the R-A'-A'-M and R-A-A-M, which we can understand as the Indian Sacred Theory of Vibrations Invisible Space (A'-A'), the Light Waves as in the R-A'-A'-M and the Visible Space (A-A), the Particle Waves as in the R-A-A-M.

This very Language and Linguistic System of R-A'-A'-M and the R-A-A-M may vary in the Various Vowels Theories in the World Sacred Systems. We need to consider that "S, the Light and H, the Sound create the A' as thus A'=S+H, which is present in the linguistic basis of every sound", and for the advanced linguistic level, we can also consider that the S, the Light and H, the Sound together create the sounds of friction, and thus the Sounds of Matter in the Indian Sacred Systems and thus also the S+H=K', and it gives the A-k'sh (Static Space Element), A-kash (Kinetic Space Element) and the A-kaasha (Dynamic Space Element) for the Space as the Observer and for the Human as the Observer, we have the order reversed as the A-kaasha, A-kasha and A-k'sha where we can also replace the A-K of A-kasha as the A-R, A-M, A-Y, and the A as with the E-K, O-K, M-K, etc. to give the broader spectrum of Indian Sacred Languages and Linguistics , but it's the advanced level of the Sacred Language, Linguistic and Grammatical Systems in which the R-A-A-M systems of the Indian Languages can also be studied as the R-0A'-M (R-M) R-A'-M, R-A'-A'-M (RAM), R-A'-A'-A'-M, and R-A'-A'-A'-A'-M (RAAM), and even the "R-S-H-M" and "R-N-M-M" are the terms that describe how the A'-A' join to give A.

With A' and A', there can be 64 Kinds of Unions of these Two Vibrations, which is the most essential part of the Sacred Mandala as studied by Psychologist and Psychiatrist Carl Jung as the Sacred Theory of Human Psychology, Psychiatry and Evolution inside human brains and "Self-learning, knowledge, research and discovery as the Sacred Treatment", which we all can retrace and tap with the help of an expert as the Essentials of Sacred, Quantum and Classical Education of the Sacred Universe as with Kundala (the yogis rediscover it), the Yoga and Andala the Universe as an Egg, which Aristotle and many others have discovered Vandala, which we discover in the Longitudinal or Scalar Waves as according to the Indian Alphabets as in Hypothesis of Philselfology. The "S and H Sounds" together create the Vowel and Consonant Sounds and that the "N and M" sounds create the "Vowel and Consonant Sounds" that has been studied as the preliminary theory of Sacred Geometry, Math, Geometry, and all that we know as the Indian Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems, and while the other variations of sounds in the Mantra and Linguistics seem beyond the level of the blog post.

The Sacred Theory of Satinama, which uses the Sata and Nama as its essentials describes it as that the S+H gives us the A', A, 2A Sounds, and thus the SAHA as the Sata, the Light, which creates the Essentials of Para, the Invisible Worlds and that the Sounds of N+M give all sounds of Consonants in all dimensions, and thus gives the Sounds of Consonants, the Matter, the Essential Part of the Visible Worlds. The SAHA as SA+HA in 3-Dimensional Systems exist as the SATA, the Light. The SATA is based on the Sacred Vibration Theory of A as A'-A' and A-A while the NAMA is the Sacred Theory of Bindu (Dot) and Bindi (Circle), and thus the Satinama as the Sacred Theory of Light (S), Sound (H) and T, the Consciousness as TI in the Satinama with the Circle (N), Dot (M), and it seem to make the Satinama by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the Sacred Theory of Prana, the Consciousness in Motion and Movement as in the Vastu Shastra, the Sacred Architect given by Baba Vishvakarman in the Indian Sacred Systems. This explanation is for the Advanced Studies and Research in the Indian Sacred Systems using the Theory of Light, Sound, Matter, Energy, Dot, Point, Circle, Consciousness and Vastu (Sacred Geometry, Consciousness and Architect).

When we consider the Dot and Circle Theory, it seems to be well presented as the "M and N", and goes far advance to the "K'+S+H+A+R" or "S+H+A+K+R" as the "M and N", the Light and Sound as the Dot and Sound creates the Sacred Identities of Sacred Dimensions with S, H, K', A, R and other Elements of Indian Sacred Alphabets. If we use the Dot and Circle and the "S, H, K', A, R", it creates not the ordinary light, but the Para-a-kasha, the Sacred Philosophy of Sacred Light, the Para-akasha, which supersedes the Akasha, the Space Theory as the Para as the Dot and Circle, the Bindu and Bindi creates the Space Element, the Akasha, and thus the Para-akasha, the Para Universe, and thus the Universe and Para Universe, and in it the consciousness as the para system plays a very important role.
(Please read more about from the Wikipedia about Vishvakarman and http://www.zeropoint.ca/heartIV2light.html )

One of the most popular theory of Chiral's, Spirals and Pulsars also fits well in the Sacred Format of the Indian Sacred Alphabets, and that is as the Two Rows of Vowels as the Pair of Chiral's, and the 5th Column as the Pulsar while the 25 Consonants seem to act and behave as if the Spirals, in which the Waves are threaded, integrated and fabricated. This part of the Hypothesis of Philselfology, which we discussed a lot can help a lot in our insight of the Nano Carbon Tubes; Universe as Chiral, Spiral and Pulsar as we all the Quantum Biology, and lot more that deals with the Sacred Dimensions of Consciousness as the Zero, 3-D and the 4th D in the universe.

Thus, we in the most simplified manner, we seem to use the Physical Body, Left and Right Brains with the help of Central Nervous System, and we can use it in the Dream Interpretations as the K' seem to create the Medium of Dreams, Thoughts are by "S", the Emotions by the "H" and the "Dimensional Motion" in dreams by the "A", and relevant vibrations by the "R" Group of Sounds. When we think of pollution, corruption, violence, terrorism, abuse and health problems, these all seem to sprout from inside that is we seem to have less peace inside, which in return seem to have desire of "controlling" the outer world to show as if we have inner sacredness, the clear consciousness. The sacredness is not the world outside, but inside as even we can think of peace coming from inside to outside because if we suppress it, the inside sacredness, the peace, the "child within", we may have to dwell on pills, medicines and forceful life, which "breaks up or hurts the feelings of the innocent child inside", who is also known as the "God Within", and in it, the Sacred Philosophy of K' (25 Consonants, the Basic Elements), the S (Thought, the Light, the First Row of Vowels), the H (Emotion, the Sound, the "Sacred Feeling" as in the Zero Dimension in the 5th Column), and A (Action, the Vibration in "All Sounds"), and Longitudinal Sounds of the Second Row of Vowels in the Indian Sacred Alphabets makes the K'+S+H+A+R, the K'RSHA, the Kris, the Chris, the Christ Theory as the "Sacred Healing Therapies of the Inner World, the Child Within, who can think, feel, and speak as if whispering to us all" is one of the most essential part of the "Sacred Languages, Linguistics and Grammars". Here, the Sacred Terms of Krish, Chris, Christ, etc. are simply having the Language, Linguistic and the Grammatical Significance and does not necessarily reflect names of humans.

When we thus consider the S (Thought, Light) and H (Emotion, Sound, Feeling), it's called the Para, the Saha Sacred System as the "Thought as the Video (3-D), the "S" and Audio (Sound, the 2-D), the "H" with the Sacred Vibrations of "A", which seem to travel in the 1-Dimension as if the email and the internet broadcasting" is what the Indian Sacred Systems describe as the "Sacred Vision and Visualization". The different aspects of the "Sacred Vision and Visualization" is put the special presentations of A-para, Para and Pra, and we can notice how the Vibrations, the "A" changes the Para, the Video and Audio into the A-para (A-P-R: Vibrations, the "A" of Video and Audio, the Para), the Para (The Video Vibration and Audio as the P-A-R), and the Pra (Video and Audio Vibrations as P-R-A). It's said that the Sages, Seers, Thinkers, Saints, and Great Researchers first see the "Sacred Vision and Visualization", and then speaks following "what has been seen in the vision" as it preserves the Sacred Information Universe and Library alive in the Human Brains as all brains are linked to the "Sacred Video, Audio and Images, the A-para, the A-P-R in the Sacred Universe known as the Shabada, the Library of Sacred Videos, Audios and Images", and that is how we can always restore the Sacred Universe in easiest possible manner, the "Sacred Thought Bulb", and this is what is verifiable everywhere as it is unchangeable part of the universe known as the sacred systems making all "one".

In the Sacred Format and the Parameters of K'+S+H+A+R, we can relate to the Para and Brahma Systems of the Parbrahma, the Quantum God Philosophy in the Indian Sacred Systems as the "S and H" seem to well create the Para, the Video and Audio Part of the Universe as the S as the Light and H as the Sounds are what create it, and the Brahma Part is the K', the 5 Rows of Consonants, which deal with the Brahma, the Visible Form of Shabada, the Sacred Para-Brahma Systems. We can also notice that the "S and H" vibrates with the Transverse Waves represented in the First Row of Vowels in the Indian Alphabets, and the K', the 25 Consonants, the Matter and Mediums vibrate with the Longitudinal Waves as in the Second Row of Vowels, and thus the Para-Brahma as the "S+H"-"K'+A+R", the "Light-Sound" and "Matter-Energy Waves and Vibrations", which we know as the Shabada, the S+H+K'+A+R.

Here, we can also notice that the 3 Primal Terms of "S+H", "A" and "K'+R" in the Indian Sacred Systems seem to create all of the sacred terms, for example, the Cheta and Acheta, the Cheta is Living, the Para while the Acheta is the Non-living (mostly unconscious) in the Sacred Format as Cheta=S+H (Light) and Acheta=A+K'+R (Self-assembling matter), and it's the Sacred Group of Opposite Pairs of Sacred Terms as with Chara and Achara, and almost most of the Indian Sacred Terms, and then these "Sacred Opposite Pairs" are added to give the "Complete Scenario" as Chara+Achara=Chara-a-chara (Natural World of Living and Nonliving Sacred Systems). We can notice that the K' is replaced with other consonants, vowels and terms to convey the meaning, and if we put K-Chara, it is the "Rubbish" in the Indian Sacred Systems of Languages. The K+A+R in the ONKAR(A) Philosophy seems one of the finest example of Quantum Continuum. The Para Sacred Systems are "Nonperishable" and the Brahma Sacred Systems are the "Perishable", and thus the "Para-Brahma" as the "Nonperishable-Perishable", and it's the "Sacred Dualism", the way the Indian and World Sacred Systems describe the "Perishable, the 4 Pada, the Dimensions and Nonperishable, the Zero Dimension based Sacred Systems", and these never conflict, but coexist.

In other words, everything "Spins Around the Pivot of Fixed Vowel or Consonant, which brings the "S+H"-A-"K'+R" act as if the Quantum Atomic and Nuclear System, and we can create any shape, structure and or design from this Sacred Symmetry, and we can claim that the "S+H" and "K'+R" are the Super-partners to the Supersymmetry of the "A", the 64 Dots and Circles, the Mandala Sacred Systems. In it, the "S+H" plays the Role of Nucleus of the Vortex Atom, the "K'+R" as the Molecular Part as the Electronics and the Spintronics, and the "A" Bridges the Nucleus, Atom, and the Molecules as through the A-AA Pairs as if the Left and Right Brain, the Yin and Yang Parts in which the "A" when put in the middle goes as the Yong, and here we can notice the Sacred Beauty of Cobordism of A as A', A'-A' and A'-A'-A', A'-A'-A'-A' with the First 4 Dimensions, which we can also put as the Light (S), Displacement Current (H), and Electric and Magnetic Systems (A and K' as when we create the A-Vibrations with A' and A' as the Two Opposite Spins with the Pauli Exclusion Principle in K', the Matter, the Consonants, we produce electric, magnetic and electromagnetic systems) the Molecular Vertices (H and R) that invites our thanks to Innovation that Maxwell has shown in his 4 Primal Equations of Electromagnetic Theory.

We can also notice that "S+H" and "A+K'+R" represent all that the Indian Sacred Alphabets represent as the "S", the Light is from the First Row of Vowels (4th Dimension), the "H" is from the 5th Column (0th Dimension), "A" is the Additive Vowels, the Yogini, the Spins, "K'" is the Group of 25 Consonants, and finally the "R" is the Second Row of Vowels, and thus the term "SH+A+K'+R" gives us the Sacred Framework of Indian Sacred Alphabets, and when we use the "S and H" with "N" Sound of Creation, the Zero Dimension of Consciousness, we have the "S+H+N", and thus if we combine the "S+H+N" and "A+K'+R", we get the name of Sacred Scientific Term of "SHANKRA", the Quantum Living and Conscious Sounds of the Universe that is well presented in the Indian Sacred Alphabets, and if we want to fully use the Bindu and Bindi Theory, we can also put the SHANKRAM, where the M is the Conscious Light and the N is the Conscious Sound. It's also the Most Essential Part of Most of World Languages and All Sacred Languages, Grammars, Linguistics, Music, Math, Geometry, Quantum, Nano, the 64 Mandala, and what we know the "Quantum, Sacred and Classical".

If we install anything programmed as to give the Sacred Configuration and the Sound Creation of "S+H+A+N+K" in the Linguistic Manner giving the Transverse Waves, the "O" Vowel Sounds, it seem to create the Vortex, which is also written as the Shanku (Shanko), the Sacred Conch Systems. (By relevancy: http://vastuplus.blogspot.in/2014/12/virtual-corre... )

And thus the K' is what we what we know as the Aspirated Sounds, which needs objects like scriptures, images and idols, buildings and or material things (yes all things, which aspirate), but the Guru Moorati or the Akala Moorati needs that one simply memorizes the Quantum Sounds of Sacred Indian Alphabets making it a great helping tool in study and research of the World Sacred Systems, and is the most essential part of education and mostly treated as the "Education by itself, the Siksha".

"Siksha : Siksha is that Vedanga that deals with correct pronounciation. “Siksha is related to sound, letters, pronunciation, the method of teaching and learning of these basic elements." (With thanks from the source: http://ancientindians.in/vedangas/siksha-phonetics... )

So, in a way, we can integrate all parts of the Vedas, Gurbani, and Other Indian and Other World Sacred Systems to the Great Simplicity of Indian Sacred Alphabets, which also represent the Sacred Abacus with the Group of First 4 Columns and the 5th Column as the "Sacred Beads of Abacus"!

We can integrate the 35 Quantum Sound and the 36th as the Sound of Silence as the Essence of Indian and World Sacred Systems:

"With reference to consciousness, Shiksha comprises the specific sets of laws of Nature that are engaged in promoting the quality of Rishi — the observer, the witnessing quality — within the Samhita level of consciousness, providing a structure to the eternally silent, self-referral, self-sufficient, fully awake state of consciousness, which is intimately personal to everyone.

In the physiology, Shiksha is represented by the structures which compute and express the internal aspects of the physiology, such as its biochemical constituents, temperature, pressure, etc. (the expressions of the autonomic nervous system).

These expressions are channeled via the autonomic ganglia. These are 36 on each side of the spinal cord, corresponding to the 36 books of Shiksha." (with thanks from the source: http://is1.mum.edu/vedicreserve/shiksha.htm and please also read by relevancy: http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/how-all-hum... and http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/how-sacred-... )

We need to consider that when we think of 35 Sounds as set in the Indian Sacred Systems with the 5 Columns and the 7 Rows, it can be anything; it can be 35 Sounds, Shapes, Colors, Designs, Dimensions, Sizes, Numbers, and whatever seems possible in our human imagination, and for this reason, the Akhara Theory is also the Akara (Shape) Theory, and thus when we say the Indian Sacred Alphabets, it can be anything possible in the universe making it the Omniscience Model and Theory of Everything with names of Akara, Akala, Akhara, and the "Letters and Terms that describe the Given Sacred Content and the Parameters"! Smile

If we use these Sacred Parameters of All World Sacred Civilizations and the Sacred Systems, we end up at the International Phonetic Systems as the International Sacred Phonetic Alphabets as the "Essence of Classical, Sacred and Quantum Systems"! Smile

Now, when we consider the NAAMA (NAMA) Theory of Indian Sacred Alphabets, we can hypothetically, but in accordance to already existing most Sacred Theories of the Indian Sacred Systems and Civilizations can notice that the M and N as the Primal Sounds of Consciousness seem to create the 4th Dimension (Atama, the Consciousness as the Atom) and the 3-Dimensional Setup (Jeeva Atama, the Consciousness as the 3-Dimension Atom, the Molecule), which we can also refer as the Supersolid (Sound of M, the 4th Dimension) and the Superfluid (Sound of N, the 3-Dimensional Setups, and moreover that we seem to Tap ONE Consciousness of Zero Dimension using the 4th Dimension (M) and the 3-Dimensional Integrated Worlds, and thus the Nano Quantum Qubit Theory of MANN, which gives the Taped Light to the Human Brain to Process as Light (Left Brain, the 4th Dimension) and as the 3-Dimensional Setup, the Jeeva in the Right Brain. It seems to fit well the Quantum Drop and Quantum Drop Pilot Theory, Quantum Superfluid Theory, Quantum Supersolid Theory, and can well support the Hypothesis of Quantum Qubit Computing and as well as the Homotopy and Topology. Thus, the Hypothesis of NAAMA with the MANA and the NAMA Systems gives us what we know as the Cymatics (SAT Theory) and Water Memory (Universe as a Drop of Water or Superfluid, the SACH Theory) Systems in which we notice all the databases of the Sacred Universe as if the Information Universe, which we can check, edit and modify using the Water Memory and Cymatics and relevant sacred systems even when it may not seem Science, but with set Sacred Parameters, the Sacred Philosophy, which we can justify.

(By relevancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot_wave , http://quantumartandpoetry.blogspot.in/2012/07/the... )

So, the Indian Sacred Alphabets as Gurmukhi are the Sacred God Temple Format, which we find in all sacred systems in the world.

The Highest Sacred Aim of Indian and World Sacred Systems and Civilizations seem to be the 0th, the Zeroth Dimension, the Dimension of Singularity present in the Monism and the Dualism of the 4th Dimensions and the 3-Dimensional Setup of the World Sacred Civilizations. The 0th, the Zeroth Dimension seems to be as the Sacred Dimension of Sense of Equality, which may or may not be present in the 4-Dimensional Systems, which is also present as the 4 Yuga's, the 4 Ages, the 4 Varna (Caste, Creed and or the Gender) Systems, so we can say that the 0th, the Zeroth Dimension is what we "Live", the Dimension of Sacredness (Character) and not what we can "Show", the Dimensions of Secularism (Possessions of Health, Wealth, Authority, Qualification, Name, Fame, Hard Work, Labor, the Theory of Fittest and Competition, etc.), which needs the "Theory of Conditioning and Behavior Modification", and that is why the 0th Dimension is also known and called the "Sacred Dimension of Grace, the Gurparsadi", the Sacred Dimension of Presence and Prayer because one remains "Always present in the 0th Dimension, the Dimension of Self-awareness".

"Extreme individualism, greed, and violence are pathological and signs of physical, developmental, cultural, and/or institutional system failure. Caring relationships are the foundation of healthy families and communities. The Golden Rule common to all major faiths is a better guide to appropriate moral behavior than mechanistic rules are.

Resources are shared based on need, not greed." (With thanks from the source: http://www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/religion-scie... )

Here, we also need to consider that the 4-Dimensions are of the Reward and Punishment according to the most of World Religions, Faiths, Philosophies and or the Sacred Systems while the 0th Dimension is the Dimension of Forgiveness, and it separates the World Religions and Faiths into Two Sacred Systems of "People, Priest, Government, Nations and Civilizations, Kingdom of World", who have been managing the Governing Bodies, Nations and Civilizations, who need to practice the "Law as Set according to the Religions, Faiths, Constitutions of Nations and Civilizations" based on the given Sacred Parameters, which are similar in the Ancient and Modern Civilizations no matter "Sacred or Secular". However, the Sacred People of the 0th Dimensions do not seem to belong to the Sacred Category of the 4-Dimensional Systems, but the "People, Nations, Civilizations and Saints, Spirituals, Sadhus, Holy People; Prophets, Sages, Seers, the Visionaries and even the Reformers", who seem to follow the "Forgiveness" and may "Question" and even "Challenge Corrupt Systems", and thus it seem to fully support the "Forgiveness" for others and the "Grace Theory" for the "personal life".

Most of the World Religions, Faiths, Spiritualism, Yoga, Meditation, and Other Sacred Systems talk and discuss about the Kingdom of God (0-Dimension) and Kingdom of World (4-Dimensional Setup). Here, we can also relate that the 4-Dimensional Sacred Systems also represent the Infinite Creation, Construction and Order, but the 0, the Zero Dimension gives us insight into the Infinite Creativity, Zero Point Energy and Chaos Sacred Systems in the Sacred Universe, and no wonder the Indian Sacred Systems call the 4 Dimensions as the Sacred Theory of 4 Pada, the Positions of Quantum Vibrations and the 0th Dimension as the Quantum Pivot to the Sacred Dipole Systems of the 4 Pada, the 4 Poles of the Sacred Dipole Systems, which also represent the Quantum Vortex Systems of 4 Primal Pada and the Observer as the 0th Dimension.

To easily understand the Indian and the Modern Quantum (Sacred) Systems, we can notice that the 4 Pada, which also represent the Tamo (1-D), Rajo (2-D), Sato (3-D) and Turiya (4th D) Sacred Systems help us understand the Quantum Drop or Crystal System, which is very popular as the 4-Dimensional System of the Quantum Superfluid, and according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, we can take it as the Bhava-jala, the Superfluid of the Information Universe in its 4-Dimensional Setup while the ONE Consciousness goes as the 0-Dimensional "Bhaava, the Sacred Feeling, the Awareness, which everything in the Sacred (Conscious) and Self-assembling Systems happen to have". We can notice that in the Indian Sacred Systems, the Bhava-jala is also as the Bhava-sagra, the Ocean of Information as if the Sacred Sea of Waves and Vibrations, the Air, Fire Water and Solid while the "Bhaava, the Sacred ONE Feeling, which we all have" as the Space Element, the Akasha Element.

Amrit, ONE Consciousness, Sunn Samadhi, Baptization, Water Memory, Cymatics, Veda, Gurbani, 4 Pada and Zero Dimension: There seem to be two major approaches for the Sacred Superfluid Theory in the Indian sacred Systems from its "Etymologically Roots", the SUNN (Shunaya, the Zero Dimension), and the "S" is the "Light" while the "N", the Quantum Drop, the Bindi, and thus the SUNN seems to be the Light (S) and Superfluid (N) Systems, which the Indian and the World Sacred Systems unite or link up externally with the Amrit, the Soma or the Holy Water, which are the "Sacred Water Memory and Cymatics" to activate the "SUNN", the Universal ONE Consciousness, which is the Information Library with Databases of Cymatics and All Other Sacred Systems. So, the World Sacred Systems seem to claim that the Cymatics and Water Memory Systems can help us to access the Akasha, the Space Element in its 0-Dimension, the SUNN, the Quantum Superfluid (Amrit) State of the Universe. The Advanced Term for the SUNN, the 0-Dimension also seem to be well represented with the name of SUNN SAMADHI, the Sleeping State of Zero Dimension, which one can awaken by the Cymatics, Water Memory and the Sacred System as in its Philosophy of SUNN Samadhi, the Light and One Consciousness as Liquid (Water, the 6th Row in the Indian Sacred Alphabets), which needs the Cymatics and Water Memory to awaken, and thus the Philosophy of the Baptization, the Amrit, the Jala, the Holy Water, the Cymatics, and the Water Memory Systems, which uses the 4 Pada, the 4 Dimensional Sacred Systems for the 0, the Zero Dimension, and are present in almost all World Sacred Systems.

When we say that the SUNN, the Light, Consciousness and Amrit, the Cymatic Memory Water is "Sleeping", it simply means that it's in the State of Zero Dimension, the Zero Point Vacuum Energy Point, the Sacred Quantum Vacuum of the Quantum (Conscious) Universe, and to TAP it, the Zero Point Vacuum (SUNN, Conscious Vacuum), we use the Cymatics and Water Memory, the Amrit (Soma) Sacred Systems.

Thus, the World Religions, Faiths and the Sacred Systems in general talk about the "Sanskara, the Activation of Zero Dimension and the Conscious (Quantum) Vacuum Energy Systems of the Conscious (Sacred) Universe" in which the Sacred Philosophy of Superfluid as the Water Memory and Cymatics seem to well constitute the Philosophy of ONE Consciousness, Baptization (Sacred Use of Water Memory and Cymatics as in Homeopathy and Nano Multiple Therapies) and Awakening of Higher Self. Here, we may notice that the 0-Dimension differs from the Enlightenment, Awakening of Kundalini and Other Higher Intellectual Awakenings of the 4th Dimension in which "Practice and Perfection" is must, and thus the "Theory of Forgiveness and Grace, Gurparsadi" seem to well and fully support the 0-Dimensional Awakening to the Sacred, Quantum and Classical Systems of the Universe. (By relevancy: http://satnaam.info/2009/03/04/astpadi-21-mahima-o... )

We also may consider that the "Samadhi" deals with the 4-Dimensional Sacred World in which there are "Two Sacred Quantum Dots of Consciousness, the Bindu and the Bindi, which are also referred as the Sound of M (Bindu) at the Forehead and under it, the Sound of N (Bindi), which are considered as the Smallest Sizes of the Consciousness, mostly compared with the thousandth or even the millionth part of hair, which are considered to run the Human Creative Intelligence (Mann, the Jeeva or 3-D Sacred Systems) and the Human Intelligence as the Atama (Light, the 4th Dimension) Systems", and thus the Yoga, Meditation, Focus, Concentration, and the "Practice and Perfection" activate these Two Sacred Quantum (Conscious) Dots, the Bindu and Bindi, which are also studied and researched as the Shiva (Bindu) and Shakti (Bindi) Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems. Thus, the meditation should be done in the supervision because it's Too Minute and Refined Sacred Art Work and Research in the World Sacred Systems.

However, the Sunn, the Quantum (Conscious) Vacuum or Void, the Karta (Doer) and thus the Zero Dimension of Full Consciousness in the Human Body, which is setup as if of the Sacred Quantum (Conscious) Network of Bindu (4th D) and Bindi (3-D's) is the ONE Quantum (Conscious) Zero Dimensional Setup, and it does not require that we activate the Bindu and or the Bindi, the Smallest Units of Quantum Consciousness, but rather accepting the "Complete Human Body as the Sacred Temple of 0th Dimension filled with Quantum Dots of 3-D's and 4th D in the Sea of Consciousness". That is why the Sunn Samadhi means that we have the 0-Dimensional Single Source for the Sacred Management of the 3-D's and the 4th D, and that too needs a little attention that the Sunn is almost same as the Sunaya, the Zero in the Indian Sacred Systems. (By relevancy: http://www.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/verse-13-28.html , http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Svetasvat... and http://www.harekrsna.in/archives/35 and http://www.speakingtree.in/blog/what-is-the-differ... )

So, we can observe the Quantum Conscious Universe as the 3-Dimensional World of Jeeva (Individual Particle Waves of Consciousness, the Zero Dimension), 4th Dimension of Atama (Individual Light Waves of Consciousness, the Zero Dimension) in the Personal ONE Consciousness of the Zero Dimension, the Parmatama (Quantum One Conscious God System, the Zero Dimension of Consciousness). It is how it seems we all are connected and united to the Conscious Databases, the Universal Library of Everything, and we can call it Our Conscious Library of Omniscience Sacred Systems! Smile

The Indian Sacred Alphabets explain the above as with the First Row of Vowels as the Atama, the 4th Dimension (the 4-Diemsnional World of Atama, the Light, the Second Row of Vowels as the Jeeva Atama (3-Dimensional World of Atama, the Light), the 5 Rows of Consonants as the Body of Consciousness while the 5th Column as the ONE Consciousness residing in the 5 Basic Elements (Human Physical Body) in the 4-Dimensions, which we hypothetically assume in the 4 Columns of the Indian Sacred Alphabets. In it, we also happen to have the Sacred Vibration Theory of A', 2A', 3A', and the 4A', which gives the Sacred Vibration of the Human Body, Atom and Universe. For these said reasons and many others, the Indian Sacred Alphabets represent the "Conscious (Quantum) Image, the Moorati of Guru , the Gravity, the Quantum Playground of Quantum Bindu (4th D) and Bindi(3-D') giving us what we can call the Quantum Omniscience Model and Theory of Everything! Smile

We can also consider one of the most popular theory of the Indian Sacred Systems, which we know as the "MANN", and it goes very close to the "SUNN", the "Quantum Conscious Vacuum of Light and Consciousness". The MANN if we use the "Etymology and Theory of Elements in the Indian Scared Systems" gives us the ONE Conscious (M, the Bindu) and Quantum Conscious Superfluid (N, the Bindi). Here we can use the 5th Column of the Indian Sacred Alphabets, which gives the M and N as the Sounds of the Consciousness as in the Solid and Water Element, while it's also in the 0, the Zero Dimension.

The "SUNN" on the other hand is the "S", the 4-Dimensional Quantum (Conscious) Light and the "N", the Quantum (Conscious) Superfluid. Thus, the SUNN gives the Light and Consciousness and the MANN gives the Super-consciousness (Single Source of Consciousness of Light) and Consciousness. If we want to understand the MANN, the Quantum Light and Consciousness, the Indian Sacred Systems invite the Philosophy of NAMA, and in the NAMA Theory, we have the Quantum Superfluid Universe (N) and the Vibrations of Consciousness (A', 2A', 3A', 4A' for example as the A-Vibrations of Supreme Consciousness, Consciousness, Subconsciousness and Unconscious, and that the A is what we study and research as the Anu, the Vibrations of "N", the Quantum Superfluid as in the Quantum Drop Model, and thus well named as the ANU), and thus the NAMA as the N (Quantum Superfluid), Vibrations of Consciousness at 4-Levels (A) and M (One Consciousness), the NAMA. Here, as the "M" is the Column of Consciousness and in the Row of Solids, it is also found written as the "EAKA Dhatu", the ONE Super-solid as the ONE Consciousness, which we can assume to be the Modern Metamaterial, the Nano Nuclear Solid Systems of the Universe, which appear in the 4th Dimension as well as the 3-Dimensional Worlds. It invites our attention to think about what the Super-solids are as we have the Superfluids!

Well, we have the Modern Sciences explaining us the Supersolid (M) giving us the Superfluid (N):

"A supersolid is a spatially ordered material with superfluid properties. Superfluidity is a special quantum state of matter in which a substance flows with zero viscosity." (With thanks from the source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersolid , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersolid , https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn19748-new-e... )

We can hypothetically assume that the 5th Column, which we have assumed as the Column of 0, the Zero Dimension is the "Phase Dimension", which is one of the "Strongest Force Possessing Quantum Qubit System", and if we assume it the "ONE Consciousness", which is as if the Integrated Self-assembling Levels of Consciousness of Self-Conscious Systems, we can notice that the Quantum States of Matter, the Elements, which are discussed as the TAT, the Vibration Levels of Quantum (Conscious) Consciousness as Matter giving us the Light and Particle Waves (Two Rows of Indian Sacred Alphabets), 5 Rows as the 5 Basic Elements, the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid and finally the 5th Column as the Row of Quantum Phases of ONE Consciousness in the 4-Dimensions of Matter as the in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the 4th Columns in the Indian Sacred Alphabets. It can help us to learn, understand comprehend many states and phases of matter, the TAT', and thus the TAT' Darshana, the Sacred Theory of 5 Elements.

"Other than the fundamental four, over 500 more states of matter are known, such as the neutron degenerate matter, glass, liquid crystal, but they only occur in extreme conditions such as extreme hot, near absolute zero, and some, like the Bose-Einstein condensate, can only be created in a lab. Other states, such as quark gluon plasma and dark matter, are only theoretically possible for now." (With thanks from the source: http://creationwiki.org/State_of_matter )

Now, if we consider the Indian Sacred Philosophy of Consciousness as expressed through the Indian Sacred Alphabets, we can notice that the Consciousness are the Quantum Phases of Matter and or the similar as in the most modern and the recent research works.

"Thanks to the work of a small group neuroscientists and theoretical physicists over the last few years, we may finally have found a way of analyzing the mysterious, metaphysical realm of consciousness in a scientific manner. The latest breakthrough in this new field, published by Max Tegmark of MIT, postulates that consciousness is actually a state of matter. “Just as there are many types of liquids, there are many types of consciousness,” he says. With this new model, Tegmark says that consciousness can be described in terms of quantum mechanics and information theory, allowing us to scientifically tackle murky topics such as self awareness, and why we perceive the world in classical three-dimensional terms, rather than the infinite number of objective realities offered up by the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics." (With thanks from the source: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/181284-human-co... )

Once the Physics was known as the Natural Philosophy, and the Quantum Sciences also seem to go in the same direction the Philosophy, Religion and Science as the integrated with the Religion as the Consciousness, the Philosophy of Self, and thus the Philosophy (Quantum, the Consciousness) as the Bridge between Science (Light, the 4th Dimension of Consciousness at the Zero Dimension) and Religion (Particle Waves of Consciousness, the Zero Dimension), and thus named Philselfology.

"That’s finally beginning to change thanks to a fundamentally new way of thinking about consciousness that is spreading like wildfire through the theoretical physics community. And while the problem of consciousness is far from being solved, it is finally being formulated mathematically as a set of problems that researchers can understand, explore and discuss." (With thanks from the source: http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.in/2014/10/why-phy... )

Well, even though in our Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, we have considered the Sacred Format of Parameters in the Indian Sacred Alphabets, we can have these Sacred Parametric Formats in various possible manner, which presents and represents the Single Models and Theories of Everything in various Sacred Languages, Cultures, Countries and Civilizations all over the world as we discuss in this series of Be Happy Philselfologically.

In the 36 Sacred Parameters of 25 Strings and 11 Superstrings, which are similar in many ways with the Indian Sacred Parameters in the Indian Sacred Alphabets according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

Here, we need to think and consider that the Rows and Columns in the Indian Sacred Systems are well threaded and integrated with the 4 Basic Forces of the Universe. The Primal Sacred Vowels of "A, E, O, AE" as the 4-Dimensional Forces must be added to each letter may it be Consonant or Vowel before any Sacred Language Sense is made up. These 4 Primary and the Primal Vowels then also give the 8, 16, 32, 48 and 64 Quantum Vibrations as the Additive Vowels as the Level of Dimensional Spins because the O is 1-D Spin System while the A is 2-D, the E is the 3-D and the 4-D Quantum Spin is made up of the AE Vowel Systems.

Moreover, the A' and A, which represent the 1st and the 2nd Dimensions remains present in the Formation of the Letters following the the condition given below:

K=K'+S+H+A (Sacred Creation of 0, the Zero Dimension, the Conscious Systems is the Most Essential Part of the World Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars, and here we can assume that the K' is the Lifeless Matter)

Where the "K" is any "Element, the TAT'" as the 5 Basic Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid, and the "S" is the 4-Dimensional Light, the "A" is the Vibrations of Consciousness (Quanta, Quantum, Quantization), and the "H" is the "Light Wave Vowel of ONE Consciousness" in the 1st Row. Please note that the "K" is also the "Sacred Creation of 0-Dimension".

After creation of Quantum (Conscious) Element K, the Element of 0, the Zero Dimension, it needs to participate in the "A, E, O, AE", the 4-Dimensional Quantum (Conscious) Spin Systems, which can expand to 64 Virtual Quantum (Conscious) Dimensions. From the 1st to 4th and 5th to the 16th, Primal Dimensions of Life, the Quantum Life Matrix as the "Living Life Spins" seem to differ from the "Quantum Virtual Life Spins" from the 17th to 64th Lifeless Dimensions as in the Cancer Cells, which may not have the First 4 Quantum Life Dimensions. So, we need to take care that the Rows and Columns in the Sacred Alphabets also represent how the Zero Dimension (Addition of S, H and A) and Multipliers of Life (Quantum, the Consciousness) as A, E, O, AE transform everything. It thus seems the Sacred (Quantum) Life Chess when we deal Indian Sacred Alphabets like this according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

"Physicist Nassim Haramein arrived at a 64 tetrahedral structure as the fundamental form of “space” or the field of near-infinite energy pervading all things. In a recent paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass”<ix> Haramein accurately predicts the charge radius of the proton through algebra, months prior to the LHC providing updated measurements, as well as expositing the structure of space as “Spherical plank units in a generalized holographic approach”, or a three dimensional Flower of Life. In an earlier paper with Dr. Elizabeth Raucher he demonstrates that space-time is not simply curved to produce gravity, but also curled, like water flowing down a drain<x>." (With thanks from the source: http://www.enlightened-consciousness.com/everythin... )

We have discussed the First Row of Vowels as the Creator of Zero Dimension when we discussed the K'+O+A+E+S+H (Lifeless Systems+First Row), the Creation of Light, the Transverse Waves. This light as the Transverse Wave System naturally seem to create its Longitudinal Wave Part as the K+Y+R+L+W+RH (Quantum Systems+7th Row) in the String and Superstring Like Indian Sacred Alphabet Systems. Thus, accordingly, the "K'", "K", "S, H, A", "A, E, O, AE" are named as the Lifeless or Dead, the Mrit Sounds, the Sound of Life or Conscious Life Sounds, the Mrityanjaya, the Winner of Lifeless Sounds, the Amrit, the Life Giver Sacred Sounds in the Indian Sacred Systems as we can put it in the following manner according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology:

1. The K' Sounds: Dead, Lifeless, Mrit and or Dark Matter Sounds, these are the "Sounds, which are yet to be recycled or reused, and also referred as the "Sound of Shakti" and without it "Quantum Life" seems impossible in a way

2. The "S, H, A" Sounds: Life Giver to Dead (Mrit) Sounds, Winner of Dead Sounds, and these are the "Primal Life (Conscious) Creator Mantra Sounds" in the Indian Sacred Mantras and or otherwise, and we can say that these are the sounds, which can give life to the "Dead Cells and Organisms", which may not otherwise recycle to survive

3. The K Sounds: Living, Amar (Not Mrit or Dead) or the Quantum (Conscious) Sounds, and thus all letters having the Conscious Quantum Level of as All Activated Letters in the Indian Sacred Alphabets and we can say that these are the sounds, which can keep and sustain life in the "Living Cells and Organisms", which recycle can to survive

4. The A, E, O, AE Sounds: Amrit, the Life Giver Sounds as it gives Eternal Life Spins to the Quantum (Quantum) Sounds of K, and thus making it the KA, KE, KO, KAE as these sounds can operate on the "Amar, the Sounds containing the S, HA and A", the name for it goes as the Amar (Conscious)+Quantum Spins giving it the name of Amrit, the Self-conscious Quantum Life Systems and so on

We can also summarize the above as follows:

"Partiki phasing creates energy patterns, which are then processed by our consciousness and DNA before we become aware of our existence in the material world. It is at this moment that we are tricked into believing that our reality is made of solid material. In reality, the material world is made of only energy patterns. This is the big secret of the Art of Creation.

Partiki are responsible for creating our external reality. It is through the dynamics of their interaction that electromagnetic fields of sound frequency and light spectra are created, and frequency and vibration are brought into being." (With thanks from the source: http://energyfanatics.com/2013/03/19/how-frequency... )

So, we can also say that the K' is the Matter, the "S, H, A Sound Systems" as the Primal Sounds of Cymatics, which create the K, the Conscious Sounds of Cymatics and when these are united or integrated with the "Living Cells, Organisms and or the Living (Quantum) Systems create the Living Cells as the "KA, KE, KO, KAE", the Sacred Life Systems as generated by the Cymatics, and thus we can enhance the "Life, Health and Longevity" using the Super Quantum (Conscious) Sounds of the "A, E, O, AE". All of it seem to have deep scientific relation with the Water and the Water Memory.

"Sound is behind the manifestation of form and matter. Welcome to the study of visible sound and vibration, called Cymatics – allowing us to see into the otherwise hidden geometry in sound and the frequencies which form matter. Cymatic frequencies have an effect on texture, structure, water and more. We humans are made of over 70% water!" (With thanks from the source: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/11/09/cymatics-sou... and by relevancy: http://www.thespiritualsun.com/phenomena/bigger-pi... )

Now, when we consider the Indian Sacred Alphabets, we notice that with it's 7 Rows and 5 Columns, it also have the 8th Row of Special and Sacred Parameter of Dead or Mrit Sounds, which is usually represented as the "SH and or Z" Sounds, and as these Sacred Sounds of Shakti may not have the "S, H and A" Sounds, we can notice the Philosophy of Shakti, the Shree in the 8th Row, and that if we use All of the 8 Rows of the Indian Letters without S, H and A, and thus as the "Aspirated Sounds", we can notice that the Indian Sacred Alphabets then represent the Sounds of Shree, the Shakti, Kinetic Energy, Primitive Form of Matter, the Matter without Consciousness. This Sacred Version of Indian Sacred Alphabets is called the "Shakti, the Lifeless or Without Conscious Letter Systems", and may be avoided in the Sacred Studies and Research of Vedas and Gurbani as well as in Sacred Indian Scriptures, and if any Indian Sacred System describes it, we can call it the "Sacred System of Shakti, the Black Matter, the Black Magic, the Witchcraft, and thus the Shree Part of the Sacred Universe".

"All matter is energy. The entire universe is energy. And behind that energy is the consciousness that created it.

The original act of Creation was infinite in its potential, causing not just the creation of one universe, but an infinite number of universes.

At that point, Infinite Being had extended itself into the sphere of thought as its first act. Thus the 12th dimension is original creative thought, or the Father Creator principle.

Note that the so-called “12th dimension” was actually the first one to come into existence, so you could, instead, justify calling it the “1st dimension.” However, people are accustomed to thinking of the 1st dimension the one closest one to daily life on Earth, so that means that the 12th dimension has to be the number closest to the source of creation." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

As the Shakti, the Lifeless Dimensions are the Sacred Dimensions of Matter, it can be used as the Higher Dimensions of Matter, which we notice as the K', the Aspirated (Lifeless) Sounds in the Universe. These Dimensions of the Matter may not be called the "Dimensions of 4 Primal Dimensions of the Quantum, the Conscious Systems", and thus seem to form the Matter Based Maya, the Illusion, the Virtual Universe Systems with the Multiple and Higher Dimensions. The Self-assembling 4 Dimensions of Quantum (Conscious) Systems seem to well differ from the 4-Dimensons of Self-assembling of Non-conscious Matter, the Shakti, and thus we can call it the Self-assembling 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and or the Higher Dimensions, which includes the Spaceships and Crafts as well.

Moreover, we can also research with Indian Sacred Alphabet Systems for the 5 Kosha, Atama, Jeeva Atama, and ONE God (Quantum ONE Consciousness) as the 5 Rows of Consonants represent the 5 Kosha (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosha) of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid, and the First Row as the Atama and the Second Row as the Jeeva Atama, the 5th Column as the Sacred Sounds of ONE Consciousness (ONE GOD), and further that the SHREE Rows and Columns as the Aspirated Sound Formats and the Parameters give us the MAYA, the Virtual, the Lifeless and or the Dead (Mrit) Alphabets, the Dead Letters or the Sounds of Shree and the Shakti (The Sounds of Mrit Mandal, the Universe of Dead Matter), which we can bring to Life (Quantum) Systems using the Cymatics.

When we discuss the Atama (Consciousness in its 4th Dimension), Jeeva Atama (Consciousness in its 3-Dimensions), 5 Kosha's and ONE God (Consciousness) Systems, we also seem to have it's Obstacle and Distraction Creating Negative Matter Vibrations, which are popular as the Matsarya (Jealousy and Enmity, and the Atama does not have it), the Mada (Pride and Self-indulgence, which the Jeeva Atama does not need), the Five Dosha's of Kama, Karodha, Lobha, Moha and the Ahankara, which are the Sounds of Friction opposing the Natural Sounds of the Solid, Water, Fire, Air and Space Elements. These Sounds of Friction, the Aaahata oppose the "Natural Flows of Sounds of the Thought (1st Primal Dimension as related to the Light or Atama), Emotion (Second Primal Dimension as related to the Particle Waves, the Jeeva Atama) and the 3rd Dimension in which the 1st and the 2nd Function and Move together, which we for many reasons of and for simplicity can put as the "MANN", the Sacred Thought and Emotion as the 4-Dimensional Quantum Drop, the Superfluid that invites the Quantum Qubit Computing play its Role in Quantum Drop Qubit Computing finds many difficulties. (By relevancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arishadvargas and http://computer.howstuffworks.com/quantum-computer... and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC394472... )

When we consider the Indian Sacred Philosophy of MANN, we can put it as the 10th Sacred Dimension of the Universe as well, and that is also what the Indian Sacred Alphabets represent, and thus the "Sacred Sounds of the MANN, the 10th Dimension":

"An exact balance between the male and female creative principles made possible the manifestation of the 10th dimension. The 10th dimension holds the consciousness templates for an infinite number of universes." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

So, we can hypothetically assume that when the 4th Dimension of Light, the Atama (Consciousness in the 4th D) and the 3-Dimensional Jeeva Atama (Consciousness in 3 D's) go into the "Sacred Quantum (Conscious) Superposition as through Entanglement of 4th Light Wave Dimension and the 3 Particle Wave Dimensions", it seem to act as what we know as the "MANN" as even from its root words and the etymology, the "M" is the Conscious Light (4th D) and "N" as the Sound, the 3-Dimensional Setup. The MANN also thus seem to be the "Personal 10th Dimension". It seem to be in great harmony with the Quantum Drop Theory.

"The more path memory a given fluid exhibits — that is, the less its ripples dissipate — the crisper and more quantum-like the statistics become. “Memory generates chaos, which we need to get the right probabilities,” Couder explained. “We see path memory clearly in our system. It doesn’t necessarily mean it exists in quantum objects, it just suggests it would be possible.”

Pilot-wave theory has the reputation of being more cumbersome than standard quantum mechanics." (With thanks from the source: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20140624-fluid-test... )

Now, if we consider the Philosophy of "MANN", the Quantum Superposition Theory of Qubit and Creative Intelligence, we can correlate it with the Indian Sacred Sounds of Alphabets. The 4-D of Light goes as the "S" and the 3 D's are expressed as the "T", and thus the "MANN" goes as the "SAT, the SATA", which is also popular as the "Sacred Truth (SAT Light and Consciousness)", and how we can influence, edit, and modify it the "MANN, Quantum Superposition of the 4th D and 3 D's" is through the "Light and Sounds of Vowels (Amar and Amrit Vowels)", and we can put it as the "S", the Light and "ACH", the Sacred Vowels, and if we combine, we get the "SACH", the Sacred Theory of Light and Sounds, which we notice as the Sacred Theory of Cymatics, and that we can say or claim that the Cymatics is the "Theory of Sach", and thus the Cymatics or the Sach give great impact on the Water Memory as MANN, which seem to well follow the Light and 3-Dimensional Theory of SAT (Light and 3-D Consciousness). So, we can also assume that the SAT and SACH together seem to make the Cymatics and Water Memory, and that the SAT influences the "Human Brain, the Quantum Light and Consciousness (SAT)" and the SACH seem to influence the "Heart, the MANN, the Quantum Superposition of Light and Sound (SACH)". It seems from our hypothesis (Philselfology) that the Modern Cymatics and Water Memory are as if the External Human Brain (Cymatics, the SAT) and Heart (Water Memory, the SACH). It needs more research!

The Sacred Theory of Sat, the Sacred Mantra Systems give us the "Light and the 4th Dimension", and that is why in it the "Gyana, the Light" is considered as the "Highest Sacred Activity of Human Brains, the Light which GLOWS". However, the Sacred Theory of Sach, the Sacred Poetry Systems give us the "Joy of 0th Dimension using the 3-Dimensions of Consciousness", and thus named as the "Bhagati", the Sacred Poetic Version of the Sacred Vedas and Other Sacred Scriptures that gives the "Highest Sacred Activity of Heart, the Consciousness, the 3-Dimensions as the Jeeva, the Human Consciousness with its Own ONE Zero Dimension of Consciousness, the Conscious Light, which SPEAKS". For this reason, the World Religions and Faiths seem to support the "Bhagati, the 3-D's and the 0th Dimension", and its Sacred Connection with the Shakti Dimension of Lifeless Sounds. The "Gyana Makes Shakti Shine Like Light" while the "Bhagati Makes Shakti Like Consciousness, WHO Speaks".

Thus, accordingly, when we think of Sacred Vedas and Other Indian Sacred Books and the Scriptures, which are written and composed as the Sacred Mantras, and its Sacred Poetic Format as the Sacred Gurbani by the Sikh Gurus and Bhagat's, and thus the Sacred Indian Poetics and Poetry. Now, both of the Sacred Vedas and the Sacred Gurbani are "Identical and Equivalent as ONE Consciousness", and if there seems any possible difference, it is only the Sacred Versions of ONE Consciousness in the Forms of the Mantras (Sacred Vedas) and the Poetics (Sacred Gurbani), and in this context the Sacred Vedas and the Sacred Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are "ONE, Identical and Equivalent". The only difference seems to be that as the Sanskrit is the Sacred Language of Mantras in which the Aspirated, the Shakti Sounds of K' and Vowels are used in which the 4th Dimension and the Zeroth Dimensions of Consciousness are written and composed as the Mantras while the Zeroth Dimension and the 3-Dimensions, which may not use the Aspirated Sounds, but the Amar (Conscious Sounds of K'+A) and the Amrit Sounds (Sacred Vowels, the Essence of Ragas) is what makes the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language as the Zeroth and 3-Dimensional Anti-pair to the Sanskrit, and thus the Sacred Gurbani interprets Vedas and All Other Indian, Arabian and the Israeli Mantra Systems in its Sacred Poetics.

The Gurmukhi does not use the Shakti, the Sounds without the Vowels, and thus talks about the Amrit (Sacred Theory of Pure Vowels, the 3-Dimensions of JEEAVA, the Human Conscientiousness in the ONE Consciousness) which reside inside the "Human Body, Dehi Mah Bisrama, Amrit (Primal Sounds) Dwell in Human Body", the Bhagati as the 3-Dimensions of ONE Dimension of Consciousness, while Sanskrit uses the Shakti, the Sounds without Vowels and thus of Matter, the Shakti, and thus uses the "Amar, the Secret, Sacred and Wonderful Fruits of Heavens and the Heavenly Abodes" (The Gyana, the 4th Dimension of Consciousness as Light).

"The Sanskrit word mantra- (m.; also n. mantram) consists of the root man- "to think" (also in manas "mind") and the suffix -tra, designating tools or instruments, hence a literal translation would be "instrument of thought".

Mantras are neither unique to Hinduism, nor to other Indian religions such as Buddhism; similar creative constructs developed in Asian and Western traditions as well.<6> Mantras, suggests Staal, may be older than language.

Zimmer defines mantra as a verbal instrument to produce something in one’s mind.

Thus a mantra can be considered to be a linguistic device for deepening ones thought, or in the Buddhist context for developing the enlightened mind." (With thanks from the source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantra )

We can learn more about the Sacred Music, Arts, and Languages using internet.

"The earth and universe, according to all major religious texts, were created and brought into form through sound. The Upanishads which is considered the oldest spiritual text on our planet (10,000 years older than the Bible) actually translates into “The Last Song.” The Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, which predates the Bible by some three thousand years, literally translates into “Celestial Song.” Its’ text states: “In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word, and the Word was Brahman and Brahman said this world shall be and the world came into being.”

Similarly, in the Bible’s Gospel of John it states: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” According to John the Evangelist in the first century A.D., the Biblical translations of the ‘Word’ means ‘Primary Harmony.’

Music differs from other art forms, such as paintings, sculpture, photography, or literature, in that they express more of a linear or more of a one and two-dimensional form of matter/energy than does music. As such, these art forms are processed by either one or the other brain hemispheres. Music, as a type of matter, remains in a vibratory state and is thus processed holographically, or by both the right (intuitive) and the left (analytical) hemispheres of the brain." (With thanks from the source: http://www.projectpeaceonearth.org/about-us/musics... )

So, we may pay attention to this point these two versions of ONE Consciousness as Light (Vedas or Bedas) does not differ and thus both, the Indian Sacred Mantra in Sanskrit and the Sacred Poetry in Gurmukhi need same level of research also because most of people in the Modern India and or elsewhere seem to know a very little about the Original Vedas in Sanskrit (Sacred Mantras) and Gurbani in Gurmukhi (Sacred Poetics).

We can also notice that the Sacred Theories of Human Brain, which seem to follow the SAT Theory are very compatible with the Mantra Theories in which the Math and Language is put together while the Sacred Theories of Human Heart seem to follow the SACH Theory, which is very compatible with the Sacred Poetry in which the Language and Vowels are put together. The Indian Bhagat's and the Sikh Gurus have written and composed everything in the Sacred Poetry and call it the Sacred Theory of SACH, which seem to be in the SAT Format of Mantras in the Sacred Vedas, and thus the Great Sacred Conversion of Mantra (SAT Theory, the Father Creator Principle of Consciousness) into the Sacred Poetry (SACH Theory, the Mother Creator Principle of Consciousness), and it seems to be the Sacred Essence of All World Religions and Faiths as well as the Other Sacred Systems.

Now, one of the Findings of the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, which I have been doing from more than 30 years without any holiday or leave (including the Comparative Studies of World Religions, Faiths and the Sacred Systems) is that when we think of Sacred Vedas as the Sacred Doctrine of the 4th Dimension in the Forms of Sacred Mantras and or the Sacred Verses, and we note the same as in the 3-Dimensional Sacred Version, we have the Sacred Poetics as the Sacred Vedas as the Sacred Poetry as the Sacred Gurbani in All Indian Sacred Languages. At the same time, when we change the Sacred Mantras and Poetics in any World Language, Linguistics and Grammars, it does not appear that there can be any "Change or Difference" for example, the Mantra in Sanskrit will be same as the Sacred Mantra or Verse in Hebrew or the Arabian Language, and its Sacred Poetics are also same in all Sacred World Languages. Moreover, the Sacred Languages with its Mantra, Verses, Poetics, Math, Geometry, Music, Architect, and all that is "Sacred in Any Country, Culture and Civilization" does not seem to differ at all.

Here, we need to add that the Kuru (Guru), the Sacred Languages of Mouth are called the Brahma and the Brahmi Sacred Languages, and the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems mainly deal with it. On the other hand, the Hebrew and Sanskrit are the Languages of Silence and Solitude, which we know as the "Sacred Languages of Revelations and Revealing" . It thus seems to well unite the Armenian with Sanskrit and Gurmukhi with Sanskrit Sacred Language Systems.

However, the Sacred Parameters of the Given Sacred Language, Art, Geography or the Ecology and the "Relevant Sacred Terms in the Given Setup of Sacred Systems" may seem different, but it is not at all. In other words, the Sacred Vedas, Gurbani, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, and the Other Sacred Books and Scriptures of any world religion, faith and or the sacred system does not seem to differ at all. This statement does not mean we are "showing" any equality, but the finding that all sacred systems in the world give us the same 12 Sacred Dimensional Systems, 5 Basic Elements, Light and Consciousness, and Other Sacred Parameters, which we discuss in the series of Be Happy Philselfologically, and it seem to form the Foundations of Modern Sacred Civilizations with Quantum, Classical and Sacred Parameters.

I was sitting in the playground of our Middle School while studying the Text Book of Geography, which stated in 1982 that after 33 years, the Earth Systems extinct the Petroleum, Coal and Other Natural Products as resulting the great global crises in about 2015, and it not only astonished me, but had put me to great stance, and I decided to work and research on it, and then always remained on the same playground, studying, meditating, focusing, writing poetry, and thus has spent last 33 of my life while never wanted to get married or go for eat and enjoy kind of life, and preferred the "Sacred Life of Math, Geometry, Languages, Music, Painting, Poetry, Grammars, and so on", and while doing it all, I always stood first (well, it may also be in first 3 positions as I was busy in my research and otherwise very lazy) in my school education from 1st to 10th Class, and it gave me great satisfaction and joys of my life as I have already mentioned:

"First Ecological Change that I put into practical was that the entire world needs a major change in earth systems was in 1981-82, I studied the Geography of World books in the Middle School, and put the world ecological and graphical systems in new system that is practical and wrote as student of Geography that all Indian rivers that create floods in Assam side need to sent Rajasthan, a desert state of India." (From the previous parts of the series: http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/philselfolo... )

It invites our attention to the Comparative Education, Studies and Research in the Sacred Systems of the World Civilizations to support, promote and develop the Modern Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems along with the Nano, Metamaterials and the Quantum Qubit and Other Modern Quantum Developments.

Thus, accordingly the World Religions and Faiths seem to have the classification as the "Sacred Practitioners of Shakti (Sounds of Matter without Consciousness, and thus Black Magic, Witchcraft, and the Similar Technologies), Atama (One Consciousness as Sacred Light Wave Systems, the 4th Dimension), the Jeeva Atama (One Consciousness as Sacred Particle Wave Systems of the 3-Dimensional Sacred Systems), Amar (Salvation, the One Consciousness as the Consciousness Life as the Philosophy of Heavens in Indian Sacred Systems, the Consciousness and the Quantum in the 3-Dimensions) and Amrit (Self-realization with the 0, the Zero Dimension, and thus the Sacred Cymatics and Water Memory Systems, and thus the Sacred Systems of the Zero Dimension). It seem to put all World Religions and Faiths as the Sunn (The 0-D as Dimensionless), Sewa (Physical, the 3-D's), Samadhi (4th D and it includes the Setup of 3D's and the 4th D), and Simarna (0-D as the Dimension). The Sacred Dimensional Setup is also studied as the Shunaya (0-D), Tamo (1-D), Rajo (2-D), Sato (3-D) and Turiya (4th D) in the Indian Sacred Systems. So, we may in this context reflect at the World Religions and Faiths as the "Sacred Learning, Study, Education, Training, Research and Welfare of Sacred Parameters and Dimensions, and thus the Users, Practitioners, Educators, Researchers and the Programmers of the Well Defined Sacred Parameters of the Given Sacred Systems". (By relevancy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deepak-chopra/consci... )

"In most religions, the totality of being human is divided into three parts; mind, soul, and body. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other religions typically equate the mind to the physical human brain, which works in conjunction with an immaterial human soul. What has had philosophers and scientists arguing for thousands of years is exactly how this process functions from a mechanical viewpoint. When it comes to the philosophy of the mind, dualism and physicalism have competed for the beliefs of scientists, with the latter claiming that all which exists in our world, including consciousness, is physical." (With thanks from the source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1812664/human-soul-found-... )

Now, we can understand that the Aspirated or the Mrit (Lifeless) Sounds as K' are the Sounds of Matter, the Sounds, which are brought to Life (Quantum, the Conscious) Levels is almost same as if the "Life Breathed", and it thus becomes the Sounds of Life as the K, the Conscious (Quantum) that then also bears the "Gender" in the Indian Sacred Systems of Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars as the K', the Lifeless Sounds are called the Neutral Gender, the K then acquires the "Male" Gender while the Sounds of KA, KE, KO, KAE naturally acquire the "Female" Gender, and that is how the Sacred (Quantum) Life is hypothetically breathed into the "Matter, the Shakti" making the Physical Body have the "Female and Male" Life Breathing Systems as with K and KA, and that is what the Vowel Groups of the A-AA, E-EE, O-OO, AE-AAEE, etc. represents as the Male and Female Voices with its simplicity that the "A" Sounds have the Low Pitch, the Male Voices and with the "AA", the High Pitch, we have what we know as the "Female Voices". So, accordingly in the Indian Sacred Languages, we have the 3 Genders, the Neutral, the Male and the Female, and what we can call the Amar and the Amrit Vowels exist independently, and well known as the "Swara, Sounds of ONE God". Thus, the A-AA seems to well fit with the Male-Female Principle of Quantum Life Creation! Smile

"The male-female principle, as in the original Creation, is not the same idea as a comparison between men and women. Men and women on Earth each contain a mixture of both male and female attributes. A man is physically a more male version of the human gender mix, and a woman is physically a more female version. The Father Creator Principle of Consciousness, however, is energetically pure male and works in synchronicity with the pure female principle, which is the Mother Creator principle, or the 11th dimension.

An exact balance between the male and female creative principles made possible the manifestation of the 10th dimension. The 10th dimension holds the consciousness templates for an infinite number of universes." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

Thus, with the K', the Aspirated (Lifeless) Sounds, we notice a very Simple and Sound Sacred Idea of Life with the Name of Shakti and it breathes Life (Quantum Conscious) Systems into it by using the Swara, the Vowels (A-AA), which is also the Sounds of the Bride, the Husband, the Shiva (Quantum God) and or the Life (Consciousness, the Quantum) System Creator, and thus the Simple, but Great Pair of "K, the Shakti and A, the Shiva Sacred Systems".

"... it was stated that the original formula of creation, “Thought plus feeling equals manifestation,” expresses itself again and again, in perfect symmetry, throughout the other nine dimensions." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

We can make a simple claim that K' is the Matter as "Thought" and the "A" is the "Feeling" and when we add both, we have the "Manifestation of Quantum Life as K'+A=K", and it makes matter breathe! Smile

So, we can notice that the Quantum Life Matrix goes well as the "K', K and KA", which is "Thought (Matter) as Energy (K'), Feeling as Space (K'+A) and K'+A=K as the Manifestation, the Motion".

"After the initial creation of the first three dimensions, Infinite Being repeated the process three more times, creating triads of Energy, Space and Motion. Each triad was then expressed in three sub-forms, each time conforming to the original pattern of thought, feeling, and manifestation." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

Now, if we proceed with the Shakti, the K' Alphabets, its the First Dimension of Matter, the Mother Creator Dimension and when we use the First Row of Vowels, we have the Father Creator Dimension, the Second Dimension of Quantum Creation of Life, and what we know as the Blend of K' (Rows of Aspirated Sounds) and A (First Row of Vowels) as the K'+A=K where the Light and Consciousness are also available as with the K'+S+H+A (we can also refer to it as the 0th or the 12th Dimension in the context, and it remains as if the Sounds of Father Creator Principle, which seem to exist as the "Hidden in Sounds of All Letters, while we hear the Sounds of A, E, O, AE Sounds, which we can call the Sacred Sounds of Mother Creator Principle with our reference to the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... ) with the Matter (K'), Light (S, the 4th Dimension of Light)), Consciousness (3-D Particle Waves) and the "A", the Vibration Sounds of Consciousness give the Sacred Alphabet of Consciousness Templates (10th Dimension), and then in this approach, we have the First Row of Indian Sacred Alphabets as the Ethereal Sounds (the Sounds of Akasha, the Dimension 9th) as the Life Energy, then comes the Row of Air Element (Dimension 8th), the Fire Element (7th Dimension), Water Element (6th Dimension), Solid Element (5th Dimension), and we can notice the Second Row of Vowels as the 4th Dimension, and the A', A and 2A (Sacred Theory of Vibrations as used in the Indian, Asian and the Other World Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars) seem to well describe the Sacred Dimensions of Thought, Feeling and Physical Motion.

"Life on Earth functions within this 3 by 3 matrix of 9 intertwined dimensions. The 10th dimension is also of relevance as it indicates which one of the infinite number of universes that we exist in. In summary:

The original 3 dimensions are the Consciousness of the Creator

Dimension 12 is the Father Creator principle.

Dimension 11 is the Mother Creator principle.

Dimension 10 contains the consciousness templates for the Infinite Universes.

The next 3 dimensions are Energy

Dimension 9 is etheric, or life, energy.

Dimension 8 is magnetic energy, the primal field of the universe.

Dimension 7 is electric energy, the building block of physical matter.

The next 3 dimensions are Space, which allows the separation of objects

Dimension 6 is linear separation.

Dimension 5 is circular separation.

Dimension 4 is spherical separation.

The next 3 dimensions are Motion

Dimension 3 is thought (mental motion.)

Dimension 2 is feeling (emotional motion.)

Dimension 1 is time (physical motion.)

The basic 9 dimensions function together in an intertwined harmony. They are all, however, creations of the consciousness of the original 3 dimensions. Energy, space, and motion are all facets of consciousness." (With thanks from the source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_... )

We can also add that the Shakti (Matter, the Conscious-less Dimensions) of the K', which are yet to be used with the addition of Vibrations of Consciousness, the A' and A seem to well constitute the Machines, Computers and the Artificial Intelligence.

It thus not only represent the Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light and Sound Management in All Sacred World Civilizations, but the Essence of Sacred Music, Math, Geometry, Architect (Vastu), Grammars with 12 Sacred Dimensions as the Sacred Parameters and Formats of Indian Sacred Alphabets, which seem not only ONE in Jewish, Christian and Muslim World Religions, but also the Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and All Indian World Religions and Faiths as well as the Modern Sacred Quantum and Classical Systems, and no doubt it also seem to give the 12 Spheres of the Signs, and the Sacred Structure of Our Sacred Universe making the Sacred Universe look like the Sacred Temple of Solomon, Herod, Churches, Mosques, Temples and Gurudwaras in an unusual and most amazing in and according to our Hypothesis and Research of of Philselfology, and our Human Body also thus seem the Guru Moorati or the Akala Moorati, the Sacred Temple as the Indian Sacred Alphabets in the 12 Sacred Dimensions are as we discuss here as it also represents the 12 Tribes of Israeli, Egyptian and Arabian Civilizations, and how these Sacred Civilizations use the Sacred Systems in all of its Creation of All Sacred Buildings, Designs, Crafts, and all that make the "Sacred Civilizations" have it's "Sacred Identity".

For example, the First Row of Indian Vowels seem to be to the Sacred Alter, the 5 Basic Rows of Consonants as the 4 Sacred Corners with the 5th as Center, the Sky, the Space Element and the 7th Row of Vowels as the Gateway to All Sacred Buildings and or the Constructions.

At the same time the 12 Dimensions of Indian Sacred Alphabets also seem to well represent the 12 Tribes, 12 Signs, 12 Cranial Parts of the Human Nerves Systems, and thus the Human Physiology, Anatomy and the Other Sacred Systems, which are same in the Atom, Molecule, Universe and Life Patterns that we notice in the All Sacred Civilizations of the Sacred World.

In other words, we may not significantly create any possible difference in the Sacred Systems of the World Religions, Faiths and Civilizations according the 12 Dimensional Sacred Structure of the Indian Sacred Alphabets!

So, the Indian Sacred Alphabets seem to give us the ONE Sacred Structure of Everything, and it thus seems the Omniscience Model and Theory of Everything, and it should not surprise us as this is what makes the International Phonetic Alphabet "Most Sacred and Omniscience Model and Theory of Everything"! Smile

Here, what we need to pay serious attention in the Indian, Asian and the World Sacred Systems is the "Sacred Languages and Grammars" in which it's the "Sacred Poetics", which seem to have extincted during last 5000 years as particularly in last 300 years because most of the modern grammars may not use the "Rules, Laws and Prepositions of Sacred Poetics", and for this reason, the Sanskrit and many other Sacred Languages have extincted from the World Cultures and Civilizations.

How and why the "Sacred Systems exist in the Western Countries" is based on the fact that the Western Languages including English uses and focuses on the "Phonetics and Pronunciation", which is almost something lost in the Indian and Asian Countries. If we analyze what I said here according to the Sacred Dragon Theory of the Shakti Theory, which I have been discussing with Mrs. Lloyd, the Teacher of English as a Second Language in Muirden Matriculation College, Adelaide, South Australia, who taught us how the Asian Countries have extincted the Phonetics and Use of Frequencies while speaking "Flat Languages" as from the language compositions in the modern grammars in Asia precisely as she said on our first day of the ESL Class in January, 1989 after I joined the class in which I started to speak English as I have never had inexpressive of speaking English (before 1989), which we can put according to our Research Work of Philselfology as follows:

"The Consonants are the Vibrations of Solid (Shakti, the Dragon Body), and its also our own body, and when we use the "Vowels", we give "voice" to consonants making the transverse waves, the "Head or Dragon" and longitudinal waves make the "Tail of Dragon", and the Dragon moves according to the "Sacred Mantra and Poetics", which means that the Vowels and Phonetics make all sounds have giving us the highest balance, which is even called the Highest Level of Salvation in the Indian Sacred Systems as it says the Ka-wa-la Mukati, which is Living in the Sacred Poetics, the Kawa, the Complete Balance of Consonants, Vowels and Feeling", which seems to be present in the Indian and Asian Mantra and Poetics, but seems fully absent in all modern grammars in the Asian Countries".

It seems difficult that the Centers of World Religions and Faiths can easily educate the Quantum, Classical and the Sacred Systems, and thus we need the Modern Schools, Colleges and Universities to play the ever-played great role in the human civilization because the Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light, Consciousness, Universe, Religions, Faiths, Yoga, Meditation, and all that we learn, study; educate and research as the Sacred, Quantum and Classical Systems have been existing only as in the Sacred Languages, Linguistics and Grammars, but seem to have extincted in last 5000 years, and especially in last 300 years as the "Centuries of Endangerment and Extinction of World Sacred Languages, Culture, Heritage, Customs, and lot more, which eventually seem to have harmed the DNA, Life Patterns and thus many Species, which seem to depend on the Practices of Sacred, Classical and the Quantum Systems". The Emerging Quantum, Classical and the Sacred Civilization seem to be great boon, blessing and evolutionary step ever taken in the humanity since about 5000 years, which can combat most of the setbacks, which humanity has faced in last 5000 years as according to the Hypothesis and Research Work of Philselfology, and if we can restore the Sacred Languages, we can restore the Sacred Universe. (By relevancy: http://www.goldenmean.info/dnaring/ )

The "Ka-wa-la or the Ke-wa-la, which seems almost same as Kabbalah of Israeli, Arabian and Egyptian (Sacred, the Quantum) Civilizations", and it's the Sacred Language of Vowels, Syllables and Phonetics, which if one masters is said to attain the Highest of All Salvation's, the Mukati, and thus named the Ka-wa-la or Ke-wa-la Mukati, the Sacred Salvation with Sacred Poetics as said to be present in the Indian Sacred Poetry, the Sacred God as the Kawa, the Sacred Poetics, the Sacred Sound that follows the Sacred Music, Harmonics, Frequencies, Vibrations, Waves, and is thus "Essential of Akasha Element (KA) and the Longitudinal Waves and Vibrations (WA), and thus the Sacred Propagation of Longitudinal Waves and Vibrations in the Akasha, the Ethereal Universe may be termed and called as the KAWA, and thus the Ka-wa-la, the Ke-wa-la or even the Ka-ba-la (Kabbalah) in the Eastern Sacred Systems, and who practices it may attain very sound and good level of character. (By relevancy: http://www.virtuescience.com/esoteric.html )

"In Kabbalah the point, or dimensionless dot in the midst of the Absolute, is understood to be the condensation, or distillation of Gods essence. It first appears against the background of negative existence, but this background is separated from the ‘Absolute.’ It is this separation that forms initial act of manifestation. The Absolute from which the infinitesimal point is contracted is beyond all words and definitions, it is beyond space and time, it is beyond Eternity, it is beyond Infinity. To speak of it is utterly futile; it is both everything and nothing simultaneously. Between this indescribable, unimaginable and incomprehensible state and the Universe of galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, molecules, gravity, radiation, life— in short— Creation as we experience it, lies the zone of negative existence." (With thanks from the source: http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/the-meaning... )

Now, the Kabbalah Sacred Systems as developed in Sacred Hebrew Language Systems seem to face the serious levels of extinction as is the case in the Ke-wa-la, the Ka-wa-la Sacred Systems in the Endangered or Almost Extincted Sacred Language of Sanskrit:

"In any case, there appear to be about twenty-one languages including Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and Ladino that would be considered as "Jewish" languages. Most of these are extinct because no one speaks them. Some however, are virtually extinct since there are so few people who speak them even as a second language, that they are not likely to survive the death of the current generation.

Throughout history, languages have been born, developed and died. Only Basque, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Persian, Sanskrit and Tamil have had lives of more than 2,000 years.

Many of the world's languages are considered endangered. According to linguists, these are the languages that people no longer speak exclusively. Two Jewish languages, Yiddish and Ladino, fall into the endangered category. Linguistic death or extinction occurs when there is no one who speaks a language." (With thanks from the source: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1051... )

As the Hypothesis and Research Work of Philselfology has used the Philosophy of Sanskrit and Science of Hebrew with the Self-study of Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Sacred Language Systems, and thus named as if Sanskrit (Phil)-Gurmukhi (Self)-Hebrew (Ology), the Philselfology with the "Quantum as the International Phonetic Alphabets or the Sacred Alphabets in general", we can notice that the Sacred Languages of Sanskrit and Hebrew, which seem to be the Sacred Root Languages of Hinduism and All of its Allied Sacred World Religions, Faiths, Sects, Languages and the Sacred Civilizations and Jewish Religion and All of its Allied Sacred World Religions, Faiths, Sects, Languages and the Sacred Civilizations need it as through the International Phonetic Alphabets, which is the "Sacred Bridge Between Sanskrit and Hebrew as through the Gurmukhi, the Language of Poetics of Indian, Israeli and Arabian Civilizations" while also embracing the Sacred Civilizations of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, African and Australian Native and Tribal Civilizations and or the similar anywhere and or everywhere in the world. Due to diversity of the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems, it seem to integrate all Sacred World Civilizations with what makes the major impact as the International (The Voices of Sacredness, the Quantum, and Consciousness), but with a condition that we discuss the Gurmukhi and Other Asian and or the World Sacred Languages restricted to Sacred Mantras, Poetics, Poetry, and not according to the "Flat Language, Linguistic and Grammars in it, and in all of the world languages".

Most of the Sacred Languages extinct when it uses the 4-Dimensions (The Dimensions of Shakti, the Force) without the Sacred Poetics and Phonetics (Sacred Wisdom of International Phonetic Alphabets), the Sacred Zero Dimension of ONE Consciousness as it may tend to "Secular and or Fanatic", which seem to have happened in almost all Sacred Cultures, Customs, Civilizations and Systems. (By Relevancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secularism and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fanaticism )

The Sacred Works in the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Sacred Language Systems includes the Sacred Poetry Systems of Arabian, Indian (including the Sanskrit) and Israeli Sacred Languages, which seems the Largest Sacred Treasure of the Humanity as Recorded in the Holy and Sacred Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

We can notice as through online research that the Hebrew is the Language of Consonants as it's the Abjad Sacred System, and it still seem to have the 5th Column Sounds of Consciousness as in the Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, as in the Gurmukhi Alphabet and the Language, we have the Ayin, Zayin, Nen, Mem as the Sounds in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and the 5th Row of Consonants as with the NEN Variations also seem to give the 3rd Row in the 25 Consonants in the Gurmukhi, and these are also the Sacred Chinese and Japanese Alphabetical Sounds in same "Rows in the 5th Column" as Yin, Yin-yan and Yan-yan with the N and M Sounds. These Sacred Sounds of "Ayin, Zayin, Nen, Mem along with H" represent the Zero Dimension in the Indian Sacred Alphabets. On the other hand, the Sanskrit seem to focus on the Vowels, and thus the Half Vowels, but when we notice the Gurmukhi, it uses the Full Vowels and Full Consonants, which seem to blend the Sanskrit (Vowels) and Hebrew (Consonants).

It thus seems that the IK as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the inventor of Gurmukhi Sacred Systems of Language uses the Vowel Additions, the Yogini of 64 Sounds of Vowels on the Consonants (Hebrew) and Vowels (Sanskrit), and thus the I=Vowels and K=Space Element (Consonants) in the Additive Manner seem to give the Mastery of Vowel Additions using the Vowels and Consonants and thus giving both as the Indian Raga based Music in Gurmukhi. For this reason, it seems that the Gurmukhi language can help in learning Sanskrit and Hebrew for the research, development and welfare of Sacred Systems of Hebrew and Sanskrit as well as the other Sacred Endangered and or Extincted Languages. Again, its based on the ongoing research work of Philselfology, and may not be used as the reference for the academics without proper verification's, references and resources.

We have also discussed about how the Sanskrit is the Language of Classical Computers, the Aircraft's, Spaceships, the UFO's, Scalar (Longitudinal Wave) Technology and so on, and thus the "Classical Programming" in the said including the Scalar Wave Technology (Sacred Mantra Systems), and Gurmukhi as the Language of Quantum Qubit Systems while the Hebrew seems to go best for the Structure of Computers, Machines, and all that "manufactures" machines, computers and tools as it belongs to the Consonants as the Matter and Medium in the Indian Sacred Alphabets with the 5th Column as the Artificial Intelligence, the Conscious, the Self-assembling. As Gurmukhi uses both the Sanskrit (Vowels) and Hebrew (Consonants) with the Arabian, Israeli, Egyptian and Indian Languages, Grammars and the Linguistics, we can think of it as a good tool in the Quantum Qubit Systems. We can also put that if the Sanskrit is the Language of Mantra, the Hebrew as the Language of Life Matrix, we have the Gurmukhi as the Sacred Language of Sacred Poetry of both the Sacred Sanskrit and the sacred Hebrew. In general, the Gurmukhi Language seems to well deal with the Sacred Theory of Mann, the Creative Intelligence, which is the most essential part of all Brahmi Languages including Hindi and English.

One of the Previous Parts of the Series: Everything Quantum is the OORA, AARA and EERI as the "OO AA EE" Qubit with the AEAE Quantum Body of Everything that We can Think: Secrets of Quantum Computing and Computers: Be Happy Philselfologically - 106

Gurmukhi as the Language of Theory and Philosophy of Elements: Modern Education and The Lost Arts and Sciences of Indian Civilizations: Role of Gurmukhi as the Language of Quantum Computing and Qubit Systems - Be Happy Philselfologically

Here, which we can also conclude as the final point, one major global problem of Science, Religion and Philosophy seems arising from what we know as the Religious, Faith and or Culture and Civilization based Symbols, Idols, Special Designs of Mantras (not surely the mantra by itself), Logos, Costumes, Rituals, and so on, seem to give a never ending conflicts among the world sacred and or the secular civilizations may it belong to the Sanskrit and or the Hebrew, and the only possible solution to it, not surely the New Era or the Interfaith or even the Spiritualism, but the Sacred Phonetics, Sacred Phonetic Alphabets, which we can put as the Sacred Information Universe, the Guru Moorati, the Akala Moorati, and thus the Sacred Theory of Vowels, Consonants and the way Basic Theory of 5 Basic Elements is well integrated to it as the Primal 5 Basic Sounds of the Sounds, the "A, E, I, O, U", the "A, E, O, AE, etc.", which does not require any idol, image, symbol, and the similar, but the Sacred Version of the International Phonetic Alphabets in our Mother Tongues and Languages, making all as the "Sacred Mother Tongues, the Quantum or the Brahmi" Languages seem to help the "Extinction of Sanskrit and Hebrew with all of its possible allied languages, grammars and the linguistics". This kind of solution, which uses the International Phonetic Alphabets is popular as the NAAMA (Sacred Vibration Theory, the Zero Dimension), the Primal Sounds of N and M in the Indian and World Sacred Systems, and the Sacred Mother Tongue Sounds at the Nasals as these sounds remain present at the Forehead with M and N, the Primal Nasal Sounds.

It invites our attention that the "Religion and Faith" is the 3-Dimensional Setup, and the same is treated as the "Religion as Science in 4th Dimension" while the 0th Dimensions uses the "Religion as Philosophy", and in the Dimensionless Dimension the "Religion is Art". The Shakti, the Lifeless Form of Religion is "Math", and that is "Religion as Math". The religion in the Indian and the Intrnational Sacred Systems described as "Dharma" simply describes the Qualities, Characteritsics, the Guna-Dosha as the Merits and Demerits of the 5 Basic Elements (Quantum Matter), Consciousness, Light and Sound, which we note down through observations, experiments, examinations and the reserach, while leaving it as the "record" for the humanity, the open access, which anyone can access, update, and or improve but through advanced reserach, which is compatible with what alraedy exists or present it as the Mat(a), the Philosophy of one's own as we can notice many individual philosophies, which too are approved internationally. Thus, the Dharma (the Religion) and the Mat(a), the Philosophy coexist, and the Mat(a) is as one's personal experience, the witness, the testomonial, which highlights one or more aspects of the dharama, the qualties, characteristics and other traits of the given natural laws and principles as observed and examined by the people. This so defined religion, the Dharma is universal and may not be treated as Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikhism and or similar categorical religions, and thus the Single Body, Theory and Model of Religion, the Dharma.

So, accordinly, when we talk and discuss Religion, the Dharma, it's one (also known as the True Form of Religion, the ONE God Philosophy), but as soon as we apply the category, say Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh, we have to consider every religion and faith in the world, and in other words, we have categorical religions (Samparda) in the same way as we have one government and one political system, and if we name any political party, we have to acknolwdge all of its allies, foes (the political parties, which oppose the manifesto or the action plan), freinds, etc. no matter who is in power or in opposition. We cannot define government with single political party as we cannot do with word religion and its categorical divisions, and even within the infrastructure of the religions, we have to consider the "old testament". The governments use the history of previous rulers no matter who they have been as the testomonials to states, nations and the world communities, and thus both the government and the religion also need the "Single Model, Theory and Philosophy". Here, we can also need to notice the importance of singualrty as many of us may not consider the role of government and religion based on singulairty put plurality that may lead to divide and fool the masses through media!

So, it needs education about the singulaity, the single model and theory of everything as present in the Emerging Quantum Systems in which the One God, the Undivided System is expressed and explaiined as the Quantum Vacuum, the Zero Dimension while the Divided System of God, the Quantum Vacuum is expressed as the 4-Dimensional Systems, which is also expressed as the Quaternion Quantum System of the Universe. The Quantum Vacuum is Sacred System of Singulaity and the Quanternion Quantum System gives us the Plurality, which is also expressed as the Sacred Systems Sephiroth, Merkaba, Tetractys, Sacred Geometry; Sacred Seed, Flower, Fruit and Tree of Life, and lot more as expressed in various world religions, faiths as the sacred systems.

The One God Philosophy of Quantum Vacuum is called the SUNN in the Indian Sacred Systems, and it is source of everything as science, music, art, geometry, and lot more including ONE Yoga, ONE Spiritualism and ONE Light, and as soon as we apply the "Dimensions to it", we happen to have about 70 divisional sects, the sections of religions, faiths, yoga, spiritualism, meditations and all that is present in the humanity with these names, and these describe the Quantum Vacuum, the Sunn as Manifolds, Dimensions and the Fractals and there is inevitable divisions among all of these schools of human information, knwoledge and wisdom as the 3-Dimensions of Phsyical World and the 4th Dimension of Light, and that is why the dimensional and the dimensionless approach needs differnt "approch and treament" and should be justified as for example saying Indian, Isreali, Arabian, Egyptian and International Sacred Systems is omniscience nature of Quantum Vacuum, the Sunn, which we have all that we know in the world as science, math, spiritualism, yoga, meditation, music, and thus the individual representations of infinite aspects of quantum vacuum for which we have to study and reserach every subject individually; saying everything is light or consciousness or sound may not justify as it seems from the present status of diversification of world knowledge and wisdom, which we may not integrate as one subject for all subjects of human knowledge and wisdom, but the Quantum Single Models of Everything is a great exception.

Moreover, what we call Secular, Fanatic, Humanity as Abstract, God as Quantum Systems, etc. all are the "Sacred Parts; Religion, Science, Philosophy, Math and Art of ONE Elephant, the ONE Consciousness". Thus, we may think of avoiding faulty or incomplete daily life systems, which seem to be as if parts and thus the "Media Noises of Secular, Nonsecular, Religious, Anti-religious, Sacred, Philosophical, Scientific, Mathematical, Art Oriented, etc. logos may not be educating the humanity almost anything but "Incomplete Science, Technology, Math, Geometry, Religion, Philosophy, Art, and thus the Sacred Systems" in the world". This is what the Quantum Paradigm Shift has bought as the Emerging Quantum Civilization in the 21st Century.

For the needs of our modern society, we can notice that the Fanatic Systems are the Mismanagement of 3-D's, the Secularism is the Mismanagement of the 4th Dimension, and in the Zero Dimension neither the Secularism nor the Fanaticism can exist due to its "Pious and Holy Nature known as the Sacredness, the 0th Dimension". The Sacred Systems of the Zero Dimension can help the Secularism and Fanaticism as the Sacred Philosophy of "Saint and Solider" as thus the Saints in Secularism and Soldiers in Fanaticism combined to be a one personality of "Saint and Solider, the Sacred Meditation and Martial Arts of the Zero Dimension".

In the Indian Sacred Systems, the 0, the Zero Dimension is called the Karta Dimension, which is the First Case of the Doer in the 8 Cases of Doer, the Karta, and in it, which is also the ONE Consciousness coexist the Shiva, the 4th Dimension of the Saint and the Shakti, the 3-Dimensions. The "Ik Karta Purusha or the Purakha" is the Basic Point of Sikh Philosophy and All Other Consciousness (Ishwara) Sacred Systems. So, in these Ishwara, the Consciousness based Sacred Systems, the Saint and Soldier as the coexisting systems seem to convey that the just reading holy books and doing meditation may not pay one the highest of virtues, but "living virtues" in the 3-Dimensional World as through sports, martial arts and the physical work makes one a noble person as Sir William James says: Virtue should be one's habit!

The Karta, the One Consciousness that gives us the 8-Dimensions of the "ONE" Consciousness, which are expressed as the 5th Column and the 7 Rows in the Indian Sacred Alphabets. The one consciousness is also known as the "Chetana" in the Indian Sacred Systems. Reading about the Consciousness as Chetana can help readers a lot in understanding the Indian Sacred Systems, and while also that the Religion in 3-D's needs the Science of 4th D, the Philosophy of Zero Dimension needs the "Dimensionless Art, the Quantum Art of Consciousness", and thus the Sacred Role of Religion (3-D's), Science (4th D), Philosophy (0-D) and Art (Dimensionless Dimension), and we can put it as follows:

"The Religion without Science and Philosophy without Art may be called "Blind" and thus Fanatic while the Science without Religion and Art without Philosophy may be called "Blind" and thus Secular!"

Thus, the Religion is like the Circle around the Dot of Science, which when gives the Transverse Waves is viewed as the Philosophy (Darshana) in the Indian Sacred Systems as well as all World Sacred Systems, and when it gives us the Longitudinal Waves, it gives us the Art (Kala) of the Sacred Systems of the Conscious (Quantum) Universe.

In the Sacred Alphabets, we can notice by relevancy that the Religions are the "Theory of Consonants", the Science seem to well go as the "First Row of Vowels", and the "Second Row of Vowels", well puts the "Scalar Technology, Consciousness and lot more", and the 5th Column seems to well go as the "Sacred Philosophy", and that the Light and Sound, the S and H Sounds without which the Sounds cannot exist (K'+S+H+A=K) go as the ART, the Quantum Art, and the K', the Aspirated Sounds are almost same as the study and read Math, the Abstract Knowledge and Wisdom, and thus the Indian Sacred Alphabets with the Sacred Vibration Theory of A seem to represent the Sacred Element of Sacred Human Knowledge and Wisdom!

If we thus use the above Sacred Alphabetical Formats, we notice that the Sun is one of the great source of Renewable Energy according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, and the Sacred also means Recyclable, and thus the Sunlight is the First Row of the Indian Sacred Alphabets, the Sunlight Spectrum as the 4th Column, and as it interacts with the Mediums and Matters, we have the 25 Consonants in the 5 Rows, which explain it, and finally the "Derivative Energy Vibrations" can be well expressed and understood as the Second Row of the Vowels, and if we use the "Renewable Energy on Earth, we have the Earth as the Sacred System", where the Indian Sacred Alphabets (in the Format of International Phonetic Alphabets) exhibit the Earth Eco and Renewable (Recyclable) as what can restore life on earth in almost all possible manners because due to excessive pollution it seem to extinct most rapidly particularly in the east.

Now, when we say things differently, it cannot change the dimensions as the NAAMA, the Sacred Theory of N and M is what we now started to have learn, study and research as the 0, the Zero Dimension, and as the 180th is the Final Part of the Series of the Be Happy Philselfologically, the Zero Dimension, the NAAMA needs our attention as said in the previous paragraphs:

"Most of the World Religions, Faiths, Spiritualism, Yoga, Meditation, and Other Sacred Systems talk and discuss about the Kingdom of God (0-Dimension) and Kingdom of World (4-Dimensional Setup). Here, we can also relate that the 4-Dimensional Sacred Systems also represent the Infinite Creation, Construction and Order, but the 0, the Zero Dimension gives us insight into the Infinite Creativity, Zero Point Energy and Chaos Sacred Systems in the Sacred Universe, and no wonder the Indian Sacred Systems call the 4 Dimensions as the Sacred Theory of 4 Pada, the Positions of Quantum Vibrations and the 0th Dimension as the Quantum Pivot to the Sacred Dipole Systems of the 4 Pada, the 4 Poles of the Sacred Dipole Systems, which also represent the Quantum Vortex Systems of 4 Primal Pada and the Observer as the 0th Dimension, and who uses the Sacred Sounds of N and M, which is the Sacred Bindu and Bindi Theory present in and as the International Phonetic Alphabets.

The Bindu is also popular as the Sacred Mantra Theory, the 4th Dimension while the Bindi goes the Sacred Theory of Poetics, which integrate the 3-Dimensional World with the Zero Dimension. Thus, also the "Bindu and the Bindi" as the "Dot and Circle" as described in the Sacred Math, Geometry and Music.

Well, the International Phonetic Alphabets seem to be the least possible educated in our modern education systems, particularly in the eastern countries, and thus it needs a very serious attention as we have discussed it many times as it also solves the major problems of Quantum Math, Computing, Geometry, Music, Architect, Science, Technology, Philosophy, Qubit Systems, Languages, Grammars, Linguistics, Religions, Faiths, Spiritualism, Yoga, Nanotechnology, About 500 Nano Multiple Therapies, Meditation, Quantum Universe and lot more as all of it is based on the Primal Sounds and the Vibrations of the Universe, which on the specific levels, known as the "Quanta's" also radiate and emit colors and other electromagnetic waves, vibrations and the radiations! It relates to health and wellness as described below:

In this case and the context, we now need the DNA Healing, Care and Cure while using the Sacred Systems of Language, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, Arts (including Martial Arts), Crafts, Geometry, and all other Sacred Systems of International Languages, which we have been using in the Water Memory and Cymatic Healing Systems and other Ancient, Classical, Quantum and thus all as the "Sacred Systems". The alternatives to it may harm the human health and wellness as it may promote psychiatric problems, violence, excessive liking or hatred, excssseive incling towards the drugs, sex abuse and thus delinquency and lack of national and international unity present in it and thus demotion of human values, ethics and moral and poor and or bad health and wellness among all citizens, particularly when it relates to the DNA; the Genetic and the Hereditary Levels. Moreover, all of it also equally and well applies to the natural world of birds, plants, trees, soil, water, air, light, sound and thus Light, Sound, 5 Basic Elements, Consciousness and the Universe in general. Please note the DNA is the Basic Unit of our Consciousness and Life.

The International Sacred Systems mostly use the Water Memory with the help of Cymatics to check, see and verify the effects of quantum sound, the sound, which we quantize through music, the singing, the vocal, instrumental and any other possible means. The Indian Sacred name for Water is PANI, which we have dimensionally as the Solid (P, the 1 Dimension of matter alone) and N is Water Element, and if we change the P to B, which is conversion of Solid Element with 1-Dimension to the 3-Dimensions of Light, Sound and Vibrations, and thus E=O+iA, we get the PANI as the BANI, and it's further quantized and synthesized with the N used as the Fire Element from the 3rd of Elements, the Fire Element in the 5 Rows of the Basic Elements. Thus, this BANI as the Special Form of Sacred Languages for Water Memory, the Jala, and thus the BANI and JALA goes as the Language of Cymatics and Water Memory and the masters, who were experts in it were also treated as the Gurus, who can prepare the Cymatics Based Water and the thus the Water Memory. Initially the priests would do it, but now the modern developments and transformations allow anyone to perform it in the International Sacred Systems. It thus has been the most standardized system which has been allowed or considered as useful to influence, heal and or be used in the music, books, literature, math, geometry, grammars and lot more, which we know as the "Sacred Systems, which are based on the Sacred Sounds, Instruments, Alphabets, Languages, Music, Geometry, etc. in every world civilization", and thus the "Music as Sacred Food" with our thanks to Willard Van De Bogart, who is also Member of Life Dynamix - Wings for All. (From the updated blog post: How to Be Happy Philselfologically and Violent Strike in School in 1976-77 gave me a start to think and work about Practical or Applied Philosophy, the Philselfology as the Sacredness of Knowledge and Wisdom - 26)

How Gurmukhi Sacred Languages Discuss and Describe Pi, Phi, Euler, and Quantum Systems of Paradigm Shift: Gurmukhi, Philosophy of Shiva, Siva, Mahashiva, Invariant Math of North and South India: Be Happy Philselfologically 142

The Series of Philselfology (Be Happy Philselfologically) is also present with various topics, which it covers at one of the most popular and famous platform of experts as the Knoji:

Philselfology: 1st in Series - How to Make Art of Creative Communication Work Best with Frugality and DIY

(By relevancy: https://knoji.com/how-philosophy-is-a-bridge-betwe... )

My Profile at Knoji: Dr. Harmander Singh

Please note some part of this part of the series lost in editing, and I will try to restore it, one can keep trying to restore in Be Happy Philselfologically 180 Cached: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cac...

It may go little more as we edit and add.

Thanks for your time to read it!

Previous Part: How Indian Sacred Systems Explain Universe as Vibration with Akala as 4 Dimensions, Consciousness, Matter, Light, Sound, Indian Alphabets, Shabada, Veda, Gurbani, Water Memory, Cymatic Therapy and Cancer Cure: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 179

Next Part: Emerging Quantum Civilizations with Photon, Phonon and Phoneme for Sacred Math, Geometry and Languages- A Blog Post Dedicated Willard Van De Bogart for His Brilliant Researches: Gurmukhi Language Systems and Be Happy Philselfologically 181b

Be Happy Philselfologically while listening to Good Quality Music, the Sacred Music Everyday(for example DNA Cure with 528 Hz or Raga, the Classical Music)!
How Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Explains Quantum Universe as Cause (Art), and Classical Universe as Effect (Karma) with Casimir Effect, Zero Dimension, Planck, Spacetime Systems: Gurmukhi, Vowels, Parallel Universes and Be Happy Philselfologically 153

In this part of the series, we discuss about how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikh Gurus, Gurbani and the Gurmukhi Language Systems describing the Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Light, Consciousness, Vacuum, Free Zero Vacuum Energy, describe the 3-Dimensions of Parallel Universes based on the Visible and Invisible Vacuum, the 0-0-0-0 and the 0'-0'-0'-0' as having its "Direction Dimensions of A, E, O and AE. It further discusses and explains the Planck's Energy Equations, Reduced Planck'c Constant as the Dirac Equations of Quantum Systems. We can learn a lot about the Universe, Consciousness and Light Systems as the Quantum Universe, the Cause Universe and its Effect Universe as the Classical Universe, and we also discuss it in this part of the series using the Casimir Plates and Effect.

Here we need to consider that when Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who explained Quantum and Classical Universe at tender age of about 5 years old around 1575 AD, he also explained two major truths, the scientific facts about the Cosmology and the Universes, and these are based on the classification of universe systems:

1. Quantum Universe as Cause, the Art Universe

2. Classical Universe as Effect, the Karma Universe

It may seem very simple two point based analysis, but later he explained that the Quantum Universe is the Sacred System of Art (Kala), Philosophy (Darshana) and Science (Vi-gyana), which is the Wisdom, the Kala, the Human Higher Brain Systems, which we cannot temper or modify. However, at the same time, he explained that the Classical Universe is not based on the Art, Philosophy and Science, but rather its 3 Primal Systems of Religion (Dharma), Karma (Karma) and Technology (Pakhanda), and it deals with the Knowledge and Intelligence, the Logic, Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Evil and Goodness, and thus the Dualism that needs Logic, Rationalism, the Vidya, the Human Lower Brain that is lower from the Art, the Quantum and mainly based on the logic. In the Classical Universe Systems, the Good and Bad, the Evil and Goodness is based on the Religion and Faith Systems, Good or Bad Karma Theories and the Technology (Pakhanda), and thus is related to the "feelings, attachments, and patriotism".

"Dharm(a) Karm(a) Pakhand(a) Jo Theesai Tin Jam(a) Jagati Lootai..." (Gurbani)

"Religion and Good Karma Theory based actions, techniques and the religious acts can give only name, fame and money that is what universe gives in return to good or bad act and thus the reward or punishment..."

On the other hand, the Quantum Universe Systems are based on the Art of Quantum Systems, which give the Philosophy of Religions and Faiths, and Science as a result, and based on natural understanding of humans, the natural wisdom without tempering or distorting it with excessive logic and rationalism. In it, the Classical Technology is well replaced with the Quantum Sciences of Free Vacuum Zero Energy Systems, and the renewable systems become the common lifestyle rather than the technology based very expensive and pollution spreading systems. It never says there is overpopulation, but can make people live well even if 7 Billion People have one dinosaur as a pet in each and every family.

Now, when we have not studied the Art, Philosophy and Science and still condemn the world religions and faiths, the constitutional systems of Classical Universe with Religion, Karma and Technology, we may be far away from the reality as in last few centuries, we have not even been educated about the Religions, Karma and Religion Based Technologies say the UFO and Anti-gravity Systems, and what to say about Arts, Philosophies and Sciences may a different story, but now we can study it online!

If we use the Indian Sacred Systems to understand the Universe with Vacuum as the Source of Creation, we have it in the same way as we notice the “Two Plates in the Casimir Effect”.

The Indian Sacred Systems describe the Virtual and Quantum Universes as the MANA and the NAMA respectively. As we notice in the Casimir Plates of Universe, which is same as the Anode and Cathode, we notice that the Vacuum Systems are either Virtual as the Universe of Photons, which we use as the “Artificial Universe of Photons”, and it has two plates of Infinities, and that are the Bindi and the Bindu as the N and M, and this simply means that from the source of light, we have light in 4-Dimensions, which is M and the 3-Dimensions which is called the N Systems of the universe as when we study it using the 4 Dimensions, and thus if we pair up the Universe as 4-Dimension and 3-D Setup, it’s the M and N, and we happen to have everything as the Virtual, Photonic and Artificial Worlds of Universe as the MANA, the 4th D giving us the 3-Dimensions, but as according to the Casimir and Anode and Cathode Theories, it cannot go forever, and thus the Virtual Universe as we study has its opposite pair, and that is the Quantum Universe, and it uses the 3-Dimensions as Parallel Dimensions to the 3-Dimensions of the Classical Universe.

The Classical Universe as the 4th Dimension, the AE providing us the Light as with 3-Dimensional Systems of O, A, E is popular as the Shakti Based Virtual Universe, in it the Vacuum Energy is called the Durga Systems, which produces “Matter”, which exists in the 3-Dimensional Setup.

At the same time, the Quantum Universe exists due to what and who produces the 4th Dimension, and that is the 5th and 6th Dimensions and for it, the 4th Dimension is the First Quantum Dimension.

The Quantum Universe is the “Philosophy of Parallel Universe Systems”, and in it, we have the “Philosophy of 0, the Vacuum as the Source of 4th Dimension, the AE”.

We may ask a question that if AE, E, A and O as the 4-Dimensional Setup is everything, where in it exists the 0-Quantum World and Universe of Vacuum Systems, and the Indian sacred Systems put it as the “Free and Independent Vacuum Systems, which is as the Mukata, Mukati, Mukato and the Mukatae Systems of 0’ (Left), 0 (Central), 0’ (Right) and 0’ (Perpendicular to Left, Right and the Central Systems of the Quantum Vacuum, the Quantum Universe. This Quantum Universe of the 4 Dimensions of 0-Systems is the Cause Universe, and what we “see” as the Virtual, Photonic or the Artificial Universe is the “Effect” Universe of what we say the “Cause Universe, the Quantum Universe”.

The Indian Sacred Systems further explain that in the “Effect Universe, the Classical Universe” all gods and the goddesses live and manage it well with the help of humans and what other identities exist and respond to it, while the “Cause Universe, the Quantum Universe” is where the “One God and One Systems of Universes” exist. For these sacred systems, the Quantum Philosophy as proposed by
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji says:

“Ohu Vaikhai Ona Nadari N Aavaia…” (Gurbani)

“The ONE God Systems of Quantum, the Cause Universe Systems sees the 4-Dimensional Effect (Classical) Systems, but these in return cannot see it, the Cause Universe and the Quantum Systems”.

When we think of the Quantum, the Cause Universe, we cannot alter it with destroying or creating the new earth, moon, sun, star and or the other systems to claim that we can influence the Quantum Universe. Rather, we influence the “Effect, the Classical Universe” by doing all possible or at least various experiments on earth or anywhere in the “Effect, the Classical Universe”.

However, with the Information, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Cause, the Quantum Universe, we can contribute in the growth, progress, development and evolution of the “Effect, the Classical Universe Systems”.

If we are now able to understand the Quantum Qubit Systems, it’s the Cause and Effect Universe Communication Skill that seem to have naturally developed from the Zero, Vacuum and 4-Dimensional Systems.

In this context, when think of sending “Simultaneous Effect to the Quantum Universe”, it’s always true, but it’s not at all the “Medium of the Ionization Based Messaging Systems in the Universe or the Classical Networking of the Universes as the Super-universe situated at the Center”.

The Super-universe is also the “Central Classical Universe of Effect Universe Systems” as the “Theory of Distance, Time and Space as we discuss with the SA-0-HA Systems of Light-Time-Space or the Spacetime Vacuum Systems, and that the Indian Sacred Systems describe it with the Simple Names of S, SAMA, SANA, SAHA, SARA, and so on, and it simply means when we cause any time dilation in the SA-HA Systems we cannot influence it directly rather we influence the classical systems of the universe that are better known as the “HA, the HAR, HARI and the Names that has H as the Basic Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems”.

In other words, the HA is the Virtual, Photonic and the Artificial Systems, which are also popular as the Vortex Systems, and thus the Virtual Universe of the Vortex Systems.

So far so good, we as the humans have been able to manage the “Vortex Systems, the Anti-gravity Systems, and the Free Energy Systems”, but it’s all the “Sacred Systems of the Virtual, Vortex, Artificial and the Photonic Universe Systems”.

So, one may ask and say what can we do with the “Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of the Quantum Universe and what the Indian Sacred Systems call and claim as Beyond the Classical, the Effect Universe Systems”. The simple answer is that we seem to hunt for more facilities and free energy systems without changing the “I, the Consciousness Systems”. If we want to think of human consciousness and its evolution, it has nothing to do with what we can posses, but rather what and who we are, and as we are, and there seems a very little results on this “Most Basic Need of Consciousness and its Development and Evolution”, so most of us feel uneasy to give up even a single bad habit with bad results into wars, world wars, violence, terrorism, child and women abuse, cruelty and so on that causes human suffering may not be put right with mere the “Free Energy Systems”, but rather the “Food of Consciousness”, the right knowledge about the universes say the Cause and Effect Universe, the Living Systems of Casimir Effects with its Two Plates of Cause and Effect Universe as the “Parallel Universes”, and thus the “Philosophy of Living Universe”.

If we study and research the Indian Sacred Systems, we find that the Vacuum is having the names of Soonaya and Shoonaya, and it goes as the 3-Dimensions of Invisible Vacuum (Soonaya) and the 3-Dimensions of Visible Vacuum Systems (Shoonaya). It thus goes as the S(N) Systems, which is the Infinity of Quantum, the 0-Vacuum Systems, which may not have any end, and thus the Light of Infinity goes as the S(N), but dimensionally, we have it all as the S(OO)(N), and that is it’s the Imaginary 1-Dimensional Light Systems, and we have the Real Light as the O-Systems and the Imaginary Light as the OO-Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems. That is why the SOO is the Imaginary Light Systems of the Universe, and these all are the 1-Dimensional Systems as well, and thus written as the SOO(N).

Where the 3-Real and the 3-Imaginary Dimensions meet, we have the name of S(M), SAMA, and it’s the Highest Possible Balance of the Universal Systems. In it the Classical Universe takes birth, and faces the physical death, but the Quantum Universe, which we study nowadays never dies as its akin to space, which never vanishes or dies.

"Big Bang theory could be debunked by Large Hadron Collider: Scientists at Cern could prove the controversial theory of ‘rainbow gravity’ which suggests that the universe stretches back into time infinitely, with no Big Bang: Now scientists at Cern in Switzerland believe they might find miniature black holes which would reveal the existence of a parallel universe." (With thanks from the source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/large-hadr... )

The Indian Sacred Systems claim that we live in the Envelopes of the Universe, and we either go towards the physical parts of the universe or inside the micro levels where we have light systems of the vacuum, and this is evolution that that everything inside the universe goes for evolution in which the physical death is end of 3-Visible Systems, but we notice the 3-Invisible Dimensions running it with our conscious as our spiritual or the quantum body. Our physical and spiritual bodies are the blueprints of the parallel universe in which physical death is not the final product but the effects of classical universe systems of our physical body as well as the other earth, moon, sun, galaxies and star systems thus cease back to the cause universe of the quantum systems.

The Sikhism in contrast to the Hinduism Classical Universe Systems discusses the Quantum Universe, which Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji explained at the tender age of 5 years say around 1475 AD to prominet Hindus and Muslims, and later to the Himalayan Civilizations, South Indians, Arabians, Europeans, and now as we discusses, and we can always verify it using quantum systems, and thus all of these quantum systems of the "Cause Universe, the Karta Purukhu as the Basic and Base of Sikh Moolmantra and Philosophy"are well described by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the Other Sikh Gurus, who discuss more about the Quantum Universe Systems as already and also described: "The Samkhya texts state that there are two distinct fundamental eternal entities: the Purusha and the Prakriti. The Prakriti has three qualities: sattva (purity or preservation), rajas (creation) and tamas (darkness or destruction). When the equilibrium between these qualties gets broken, the act of creation starts. Rajas quality leads to creation. (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_views_on_evolut... )

We well read, study and research on the Classical Universe of Big Bang Theory in the Sacred Indian Systems, and use it to study the Material World and the Universe, which is the Virtual, Maya Based, Photonic and the Artificial but Creative Intelligence product (Aadi Shakti, the Goddess Durga has produced as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji says: Eka Maayi Jugati Viayi..."):

"In Hindu cosmology the universe is cyclically created and destroyed in the timespan of 8.64 billion years. Deeply rooted in Hindu literature including Vedas and Puranas, it is believed time is divided into four epochs or Yuga, of which we occupy the final. In roughly 432,000 years the final Avatar Kalki will end time. Shiva destroys all this existence while creating a new existence. Time starts over.

Reception: Hindu cosmology also describe the aspects of evolution, astronomy, astrology, creation etc.

Science writers Carl Sagan and Fritjof Capra have pointed out similarities between the latest scientific understanding of the age of the universe, and the Hindu concept of a "day and night of Brahma", which is much closer to the current known age of the universe than other creation views. The days and nights of Brahma posit a view of the universe that is divinely created, and is not strictly evolutionary, but an ongoing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth of the universe. According to Sagan:

The Hindu dharma is the only one of the world's great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only dharma in which time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.<" (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_cosmology )

Thus, the above description is the "Classical Universe Systems".

We notice that almost all of human civilizations have studied a lot about it, but at the cost of dedicating lots of time to religion, faith, spiritualism and lot more, and as Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has advised that we also need to look at the earthly conditions demanding use of pollution free life and use of natural resources, and at his retirement age of say 70 years old, he stared the organic farmhouse where we spent rest of his life and with wonderful contribution to the quantum systems at tender age of 5 years, we can easily use the Sacred Indian Systems for the betterment and the greater good of the earth systems:

"Anthony Peake takes us on an historical, theological and mystical journey through the history of the out-of-body experience in all its varieties and forms, such as Astral Projection and Near Death Experiences. He also discusses the science behind the experience. He reviews some of the latest research in the fields of psychology, neurology and neuro-chemistry. It then attempts a short explanation of why quantum physics may be the unlikely source of answers to the mystery of the out-of-body experience." (With thanks from the video introduction as the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3D5nbb7pSM )

So, what we see as the Vacuum, the 0-Dimensions, it well goes as simply the S(N) and S(M). In this context, the S(A), S(E) and S(O) are used as very special use of the Vacuum, the Zero-Systems, as the “S”, the SA is the easy to go symbol of Zero, the S(OO)-NAYA, and the Sikh Gurus have most exclusively used this Indian Sacred Theory of Zero, the Vacuum (S Systems), Elements, Dimensions , Light and Consciousness. It well goes as SAHA but with the S, SA, SE and SO and SAE (say as the SAIBHANGA Philosophy, it’s the Vacuum, the Zero Vacuum Energy Systems, and thus the SAE or SAI-Bhanga). We can thus put it as:

1. The 0’, 0, 0’ (Direction Dimensions)

2. The S(A), S(O), S(E) (Space Dimension)

3. The A, E, O as Vowels (Time Dimensions)

4. The A, E, O with Other Vowels and Consonants (Time Dilation Dimensions)

5. The A, E, O with H and thus say as the A:, E:, O: (Space and Vacuum Dimensions as the Band Width and Gap Dimensions)

From the above systems, we use the K’+S+H+A, and thus to say:

1. K’+0 (Direction Dimensions)

2. K’+0+S(A) (Space Dimensions)

3. K’+0+S(A)+A (Time Dimensions)

4. K’+0+S(A)+A+H (Time Dilation Dimensions)

5. K’+0+S(A)+A+H+Other Vowels or Consonants (Space and vacuum Dimensions as the Impurity Dimensions, the Band Width and Gap Dimensions)

We perform all of these acts of creation, editing and modifications in the 0-Dimension and the 4th Dimension, and that is as the 0, 0, 0, 0 and the 0’, 0’, 0’, 0’, we can say that the 4th Dimension is the Real Dimension of the Imaginary 4th Dimension of 0 Dimension, and these coexist say as the 0-4th, the 0-0’, and it is also as the AE and AAEE.

What we have discussed as the 0, 0, 0, 0 and the 0’, 0’, 0’, 0’ as the 0th and the 4th Dimension is the “Climax of Indian Sacred Systems” as we have the SAHA Systems going to it all as say:

1. 0+S

2. 0+S+H

3. 0+S+H+A

4. 0+S+H+A+Other Vowels and Consonants

It means the Light “S” comes from 0, the Vacuum, and thus as the 0+S, and that is where the Infinite God Systems of 0, and the Durga Systems of the “SA” as Light Coexist, and that is the Anti-matter and Matter Systems. It then creates its “Photons, and Virtual Systems” as we go ahead with the 0+S+H, and when we have done it, we say the God created Durga, and she then created the Brahma, and then she created the Vishnu with 0+S+H+A, and finally she managed everything with the Shiva as the 0+S+H+A+E, and what we find amazing is that here we may not have noticed the O, the 1-Dimensional Vowel, and its actually there with the S and O, and we have put the S and H, and in this case the H always acts as the O Systems when not disturbed, when we change it direction at the 90 Degrees, the S goes as the A, the further 90 Degrees rotation gives us the E, and 90 Degrees further gives us the AE Systems. We can thus put for greater ease:

0+S+H+A+E as O+S+H+A+E or 0+S+H+O+A+E

It gives us various 0, S, H, A, E and O based Systems, Philosophies and Mythological Systems of Parabrahma, Durga, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and other Demigod Systems. So, we can use one of the easiest Indian Sacred Systems as our source of discussion:

"According to Hindu mythology, Adi Para Shakti—the Goddess, Devi—is the Supreme Being and recognized as Para Brahman. She is also known as "Parma" means supreme, "Satya" means the Truth as per many shakta texts.<1> The Devi Bhagawata Mahapurana suggests that Adi Parashakti is the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe.

As per Shaktism, Adi Parashakti appeared as Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness i.e. Shoonya Bindu or Nirgun Brahman, the divine zero feminine energy, which then expresses itself as prakriti (Universal Nature)...

An energy that exist even after destruction and before creation is called Zero Energy or Sacred Energy or Supreme Intelligence. Scriptures like Devi Bhagwata Purana, four Vedas consider Kali as Dark energy which dissolute complete universe along with time. Lalita gives birth to the universe in the form of cosmic egg which later got banged to create manifested universe. Ultimately, Adi shakti her self is the Zero Energy which exist even after destruction of universe and before its creation. (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adi_Parashakti )

And we have summarized it as: 0+S+H+A+E as O+S+H+A+E or 0+S+H+O+A+E

While using the intuitive and innovations in this hypothesis and research of Philselfology, we put it say as:

0+S+H+O+A+E, and we can derive it as follows:

1. 0+S+H=O

2. 0+O+S+H=A

3. 0+O+A+S+H=E

4. 0+O+A+E+S+H=AE

These are the Sacred Indian Dimensions of Planck’s Constant and the Reduced Planck’s Constant as the Dirac Constant.

When we claim like this, we may see the amazement, amusement or the popular known thing that we know as the arrogance, but in any or the all cases, we can simply use the 0 as the Source of Energy, the Free Energy Systems, and thus we can write the following:

1. E+S+H=O

2. E+O+S+H=A

3. E+O+A+S+H=E

4. E+O+A+E+H=AE

The above are the Dimensional Planck’s Energy Systems. These are same as we see in the following Planck-Einstein Realtion:

Now, if we ask Respected Planck about reducing it all, we have it as:

1. E+S=OO

2. E+O+S=AA

3. E+O+A=EE

4. E+O+A+E=EEAA (Here the E at first place and the E at the 4th place differ as one is for energy and the other one as the vowel, which otherwise is as: Energy+O+A+E=EEAA

Thus, if we divide the Vowels of A, E, O and AE as the Male Vowels with the Pi and 2 Pi Systems, we get the AA, EE, OO and the AAEE as the Female Vowels, and thus from the “AIR, the H Systems”, we find the Female Vowels.

When we say the SOO(N) it’s the Sleeping Energy Systems of the Vacuum, and that is why the 0 or the S, and as the “0 and S” Systems are also the “Infinite Energy and Light”. In other words, it is to say that the “Infinite Energy first changes into the Light Energy”.

Here using the word of Quantum Energy for the 0, the Zero Energy is more appropriate. In other words, the Quantum Energy of 0, the Zero Energy Changes into Classical Energy of Light that the Indian Sacred Systems call the “SA” Systems.

As we have said and discussed that the 0, the Zero Energy is also the “Direction Dimension” for it, we can notice that it’s the A, O, E or the Left, Central, Right and the similar “Direction Dimensions”. We all know a lot about the Scalar Energy, and that is NOT the ZERO Energy, but the Energy of the 3-Visible Dimensions, and when we consider the 0, the Zero Energy of the Invisible Vacuum, the 0’, 0, 0’ Systems, it has the Direction Dimensions, and thus its always the “Vector Energy, the Cause Energy” and in it, the Effect Energy that we can change is the Scalar Energy. In other words, the Classical Universe is the Scalar Infinite Energy Systems, but the Quantum Universe is the Vector Infinite Energy where without the “Directions” we cannot imagine the “Imaginary Universe” in the same way as we cannot imagine the “Imaginary and Complex Numbers without the Imaginary Number of i, the root, the basic, the unit vector of i, j and k Vectors and thus as the E=O+iA Systems”. Thus, we have the Primal Sounds of the Universe as the A, E, O and AE, which we can hear in everything the solar systems, the galaxies and the universe beating it all the times.

The “Theory of Primal Sounds”, which we have explained above is the “Sacred Theory of Primal Sounds of the Universe”, the Primitive Cause of Creation of the Virtual, Photonic, and or the Artificial Universe by its Sacred Architect, the Consciousness that we all have as the humans.

We edit and add.

P.S.: Just to request it again that all of these works are based on the Gurmukhi as described in last 300 years of imperialism and in 600 years of compilation of Gurmukhi, the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Gurbani (11th Century-17th Century), and differs from the Sanskrit Language in many cases, more research works are required to established as the most compatible systems with the Quantum Systems, the Siva as written in the Raga Compositions of the Gurbani on this format, we hope for the best results in this regard.

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How Indian Alphabets and Vowels Explain Basics of Trigonometry, Dimensions, Imaginary and Complex Numbers as Language, Philology and Linguistic Vortex Model and Theory of Everything: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 151

In this part we discuss the easiest ways to understand Basics of Trigonometry as the Vowel Theory, Language and Linguistic Model of Imaginary and Complex Numbers, Tangential Theory of Vowels for Trigonometry and Photons, Classical and Quantum Aspirated Sounds as the Single Model and Theory of Everything.

When we consider the Trigonometry and the Indian Theory and Philosophy of Vowels, Alphabets, Theory of Elements and Dimensions, we notice its great importance in the Quantum Trigonometry with Vowel Theory. How easy to understand the trigonometry is described here with some unconventional examples.

As we have discussed that E=O+A, and that when we have the following functions, we use the E as Function of A and that is as follows:


It simply means that when we use the “E, O and A” Dimensions in the Trigonometry, we can put it as follows:



Moreover, we can simply write it as:



As we start with X-Axis, we have the X=Cosine(A’)

When we have Cosine(0) or Cos(0)=1=A

When we have the Y Axis used, we have the Y=Sine(A’)

When we have the Sin(90)=1 at Y, we have the Sin(0)=0

At Y=90 Degrees, we have the Cos(A’)=0

It gives us the simple version of Sine and Cosine Systems with either writing it as (1,0) and (0,1) for the First Quadrant, the 0-90 Degrees, and as we move into the Second Quadrant, we have the (-1,0) and (0,1), and similarly, we have the Third Quadrant as the (0, -1) with (-1, 0), and at the end the Fourth Quadrant goes with the (-1, 0) and (0, 1). We can put it all with simple notations:

(1, 0), (0,1), (-1,0), (0,-1), (k1,0)

Here K is number of Cycles, the Rotations as after every 360 Degrees, we come back to the (1, 0), and thus the (k1, 0)

All it maps the Sine and Cosine from 0 to 360 Degrees.

We can add the other variations with the limits say:

(1,0) and (0,1), (-1,0) and (0,1), (0, -1) with (-1, 0) and (-1, 0) and (0, 1)

We can also use the (i, 0) or the (0, i) as for the following:

E(A’)=O(A’)+iA(A’), the Imaginary and Complex Numbers.

If we want to use the E, O and A, we can always replace with the vowels of E, O and A, and that if we have the following equation:

Z=SinA’+CosineA’, we can simply put it as:

Z=O+A (As with the functions of A’)

Even the Z=E, and that is to say:


A’=Any given format and system of angles say theta, beta, and so on.

In this context, the TanA’=O/A

Now, the “Playground of Vowels” gives various sounds for say O/A, and that is to say:



It gives wonderful Division Input (O/A) and its Multiplication Output (OA)

When we understand the Role of Infinities as the N and M, we have the OA(M) as the Infinite Tangent, the Tangential Entanglement that the Two Photons, the “O and A” can give.

This Tangential Act of O/A=OA for Infinity as M, the Cause, and N as the Effect gives us the OAM Philosophy of Light in the Quantum Trigonometry, which the Indian Civilizations seem to have studied and researched a lot.

If we use the A/O, we have the CotA’, and that is where the Role of M, the Center Changes, and that is N, the Role of Effect, and for it when we write it, we have:

A/O=AO, and that is usually described as the AOM, the AUM, and it differs from OAM as described.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism has used the OAM as the Creator of Ishwara Systems, while it says the OAM-Kara, and otherwise its in Sanskrit written as the AOM-Kara, and throughout the Gurbani, the OAM is written.

It makes almost no difference whether we use the OAM or AOM, but it needs that one is tangent, the tangential and the other cotangent, the co-tangential systems, and these remain as one single system of the universe. If use the common sense, we notice that the AOM goes as the Centripetal Force, and the OAM goes as the Centrifugal Force. So, if there is existence of life, it’s the OAM and AOM, the Balance of Centripetal and the Centrifugal Forces, and that is also what creates the Chakras, the Vortexes and the Light-Consciousness Systems. It’s also the Light and Sound Management Systems.

Thus, with little home work on the simplified trigonometry, we can use vowels, and construct the Quantum Systems for say the S, H, A as with the O, A and E Systems.

In general, we have the O and A as the Sine and Cosine Systems, while the Imaginary and Complex Number Systems, which need the 3 Parameters use the E=O+iA Systems

When we want to approach the A, we have to use the S, H and A Systems in which we have the S (Arc Systems)=Angles (A)/H (Pi Divisions), and Dirac with Reduced Planck’s Constant may find the ease.

We can thus look at the equation of “E, O, A and i” Systems, and notice the following:



It gives the “i(A/H) Systems of Angles” that well embraces the Dirac Systems of Reduced Planck Constant in the Angles, and we can set the standardized angles with this ratio with A’, 2A’, 3A’ and 4A’ as H=90, 180, 270 and 360 Degrees.

We notice that the “A/H” as the Angle/Pi Systems naturally give the Arc Systems.

So, if we add this modification and the updating, we have:

E=O+iS (where S=A/H)

In the Dimension Theory, the 4th Dimension in the Light Systems is denoted by the S.

The S as the Arc when goes to 360 Degree Cycle Completion; become the “Cycle of Light”, the 4th Dimension.

We also notice the great many time use of i, the imaginary number satisfying the condition of i=1, i^2=-1, and i^4=1, and we notice that all world languages, linguistic systems and the grammars use it as well, when we notice the following:

K’+A=K (Aspirated Sound)

However at the same time we have the following:

K’+(S+H)+A=K (Aspirated Sound at advanced level)

Here, we notice the role of imaginary numbers of i as the 1, -1 and 1, but before we discuss we can also note that these are 4 Quantized Systems of Languages.

1. K’+S (First Quantization)

2. K’+S+H (Second Quantization)

3. K’+S+H+A’ (Third Quantization)

4. K’+S+H+A’-A’ (Fourth Quantization)

So, if we want to create the “Sound of KA”, we have to follow the above 4 systems, and we actually add the A’-A’ to the K’+A=K, and that is K+A, and the K’+A is the Imaginary Part of All World Languages. The real part of using the “A” is the K+A, and who does not know the “Bosons” like it.

When we consider the K’+A’-A’, the A’^2=-1 as we all see the K, and forget to recognize that it has the -1 of A’^2 and it cannot exist otherwise. However, if we add it as A’^4, we have the K’+A+A=KA and NOT “KAA”. This is how our imaginary part of speech works, and philosophy student would rewrite it, and says:

“This is how our imaginary part of speech seems to work”! 

The great wonder in the Language, Linguistic and Grammar Systems is that the K’+A is the “Lower Part of Y-Axis”, and the K’+A+A creates the “Upper Part of Y-Axis”, and our modern world may not put the Y-Axis as the first place, but when we create the “Sounds we open mouth with Y-Axis first”, and that is UP-DOWN Chakra systems of Speech.

When we agree we can disagree as well.

Now, the UPPER and LOWER Systems in the Languages has another setup, which we most rarely notice, and that is actually the “Nuclear Systems of K’ and that is as the K’+S and K’+S+A, yes the Nuclear Systems of Sounds, the K’+S and K’+S+H”.

If we use the S and H Model of Languages, it naturally becomes the Upper and Lower Part as the K’+S goes as the Abdomen Part of Speech, and as we start to speak, we have the K’+S+A coming up, and the great wonder again comes, and that is what classical question is:

“If K’+S and K’+S+H is Lower and Upper Aspirated Sound, the Y-Axis and Y’-Axis Systems, what and where is the Left and Right Graph of X-Axis and X’-Axis”.

Well, if we go classical, the K’+A is everything we need as with K’+A+A (Classical Aspirated Sounds), and if we use the quantum systems, we have the K’+S and K’+S+H (Quantum Aspirated Sounds).

We notice that the Classical Systems go from Left to Right, and the Quantum Systems go from Down to Up in the Graph of Quantum Systems with X-Axis as Left and Right and the Y-Axis as the Up and Down Systems.

So, accordingly, we have the A and A-A as the Left and Right on the Axis while the S and S+H goes as the Up and Down Systems on the same graph, and in it the nucleus of the sound, say K’ is the “S and S+H as the Nuclear Systems of Sounds”, while the A’, A and A-A and 2A goes as the “Orbits of the Sounds”, which is actually an energy systems of sound. The X-Axis with A’, 2A’ (A), 3A’, 4A’ (2A) is responsible for the “Time Dilation” in the same way as is the Band Width or the Band Gap in the Classical or the Quantum Systems in any other field of energy use.

So, we need international understanding on what we have discussed here in this Philselfological (Philology, the Classical +Self, the Quantum) Model and Theory of Aspirated and the Quantum Aspirated Sounds as the X and Y, the O and A Systems of Sounds in the same way as the Primal Dimensions that create the other higher or the lower dimensions with A’, A, E, O, AE, and other vowels, without which the dimensions are impossible to imagine.

Now, when we consider the Imaginary and Complex Numbers, say i as in the E=O+iA, we also notice that the sounds we create in the mouth are also the “Quantum Trigonometric Representations” with its classical part as the A’, A and A-A parts of speech, and the quantum part as the S, S+H, S+H+H parts of speech.

Next time when we open our mouth, we can notice that the “O” is the Sine and when we say “A”, we say the Cosine!

Well, when we say both the O and A, we happen to end up as OAM, the popular sound of OM.

We edit and add.

P.S.: Just to request it again that all of these works are based on the Gurmukhi as described in last 300 years of imperialism and in 600 years of compilation of Gurmukhi, the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Gurbani (11th Century-17th Century), and differs from the Sanskrit Language in many cases, more research works are required to established as the most compatible systems with the Quantum Systems, the Siva as written in the Raga Compositions of the Gurbani on this format, we hope for the best results in this regard.

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How Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has Explained Consciousness and Light as 6th and 7th Elements and Dimensions: Plato and Guru Nanak Dev on Theory of 5 Basic Elements and Universe: Gurmukhi, Modern Quantum World and Be Happy Philselfologically 149

In this part we discuss about how the European Countries and Civilizations has achieved great insight from the Socrates, Plato and Aristotle with the "Platonic Solids", and how it later influenced the Sacred Education Systems of the Europe, Modern World Countries and the Civilizations. We also discuss about how the Indian Civilizations received a great boost from Shri Guru Nanak Dev Philosophy of Quantum 35 Sounds, Theory of Elements, Dimensions, the Chara and the Achara as the Para, Meta and the Super Materialism of Light and Consciousness making the Chara-a-chara, the World Light and Consciousness Dualism. It also goes to discuss how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has promoted the Enkari, the E'EK Systems of Euler, Pi and Phi with the E=O+A, the Sacred Secrets of Indian Math and Geometry as we have discussed in the previous part.

We take two three examples and thus the paragraphs from the previous part as it says when we notice the I, E, IE, EE, and the similar vowels in the Indian Sacred Systems say in Gurmukhi, we can understand that it represents the exponential numbers, complex numbers, and the logarithm, and the "K" as the Space Element is the A'-0-A' or even the 0-A-O in the Cobordism Math Systems, and it goes as the Air Element, when we say, we have the A'-0'-0'-A' or even the "0-A'-A'-O", the "Air Cobordism Element in Quantum Math" as its in the Indian Quantum (Sacred) Systems. Thus, when we say KI of KIRAN, we have the E, the Exponential Systems of 0-A-O or 0'-0-0' Space Cobordism, and it needs the Polar Coordinates, and thus our E=O+A gives us the Z-Dimensions as we see and notice below:

Now, as the universal truth, the R in KIRAN is same as the "Polar Radius", and N is simply placed to convey that Polar Radius and the "N", the Circles, the Ripples" it creates, and that makes the KIRAN, the Polar Coordinates in the Space Cobordism extending with N as we put N=n1, n2, n3,... n(infinite) times, and the following is the "KIRAN", yes the Z-Kiran, and its a "Quantum Theorem based on the Hypothesis of Philselfology for the Space Cobordism":

Image: The Kiran as the Space Cobordism

When we split the Kiran, we do so at the K, the Space Element according to our Philselfology Hypothesis (or Hypothesis of Philselfology), and the K from the Space Element changes into the Air Element, and that is the K goes as CH, and the System becomes the CHI from the KI, and the Systems thus is also well put as the Charan as it may not have the E or I, the Exponential Systems in it, the Charan (in the image 11 below) and the Kiran (in the image 10 above thus stand as according to the hypothesis.

Image: The Charan as the Air Cobordism, and its a "Quantum Theorem based on the Hypothesis of Philselfology for the Air Cobordism"

If we use the Element Based Cobordism, we notice of the great examples as when we have the polar coordinates as shown below:

In the parameters above, we have the great use of A'=π or 2π Systems, and that is say A'=π and A=2π with K Systems in the equations above giving the following description:

"When k is even, the entire graph of the rose will be traced out exactly once when the value of θ changes from 0 to 2π. When k is odd, this will happen on the interval between 0 and π. (More generally, this will happen on any interval of length 2π for k even, and π for k odd.)

If k is a half-integer (e.g. 1/2, 3/2, 5/2), the curve will be rose-shaped with 4k petals.

If k can be expressed as n±1/6, where n is a nonzero integer, the curve will be rose-shaped with 12k petals." (With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_%28mathematics%2... )

It gives us a great "Philosophy of Lotus Systems":

No Wonder; everything is possible when purity and pious are the flowers:

When we consider the Platonic Solids, these are the representations of A'=60, 90, 180, and other solid angles, which we can use as the "Standard Angles of A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' as the 90 Degree Systems, and even the Female Platonic Solids of 45 Degrees are also possible", and these "Sacred Dipole Systems" has been Plato's great contribution as with "0, A', 2A', 3A', 4A'", and its pairs of "0, A, 2A, 3A and 4A" as the sacred Systems of 90 Degrees and 45 Degrees, we find Plato and Kepler on the "Top of Modern World":

"The Platonic solids are prominent in the philosophy of Plato, their namesake. Plato wrote about them in the dialogue Timaeus c.360 B.C. in which he associated each of the four classical elements (earth, air, water, and fire) with a regular solid. Earth was associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, and fire with the tetrahedron. There was intuitive justification for these associations: the heat of fire feels sharp and stabbing (like little tetrahedra). Air is made of the octahedron; its minuscule components are so smooth that one can barely feel it. Water, the icosahedron, flows out of one's hand when picked up, as if it is made of tiny little balls. By contrast, a highly nonspherical solid, the hexahedron (cube) represents "earth"."

Aristotle added a fifth element, aithêr (aether in Latin, "ether" in English) and postulated that the heavens were made of this element, but he had no interest in matching it with Plato's fifth solid.

In the 16th century, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler attempted to relate the five extraterrestrial planets known at that time to the five Platonic solids.

(With thanks from the source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_solid )

The European Civilizations seem to well impressed with the Platonic Solid Geometry in which Plato and say Kepler and other western scientists, mathematicians and the philosophers seem to have made a great contribution in the Universe and Consciousness.

However, we also notice that the European Civilizations has been so impressed and influenced and the major quantum studies of light and consciousness seem to be coming back after vast gap of many centuries and perhaps Plato's Age and Time has been coming back with the Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Light and Consciousness.

In our studies about the Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, we notice that even though they have done great work and research on the soul, the consciousness and light systems, it may not have been included as the 6th and the 7th Sacred Elements in the European and the Western Though, Wisdom, Science, Philosophy and Other Systems.

We notice that due to absence of Light and Consciousness as the Primal Elements of the Universe, we find a very little interest in the field of "Consciousness, the Jeeva, the 6th Element and the 6th Dimension of the Universe".

"Today many physicists are researching the concept of the universe as a hologram.

The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry." (With thanks from the source: http://www.crystalinks.com/holographic.html )

We have consider "Nothing as the Soonaya or the Shoonaya", which is 1-Dimensional Light as we have discussed it with "0-O-A, and the 0-O-A'-A'" in which E=O+A, and the reality that we see is the EA=O+A+E:

"Complex feedback loops from subsystems constitute integration. Creation is instantaneous. The flow of energy washes life and consciousness into the world. Or, in the kabbalistic vision, consciousness washes energy and life into the world. As the kabbabalists say, “God is a verb.” Chaos is nature’s guide, the matrix of formation, cosmic “zero,” as Fuller called it. Thus, something emerges from nothing.

While providing a unified vision, the holographic concept doesn’t provide equations to unite all the forces of nature. Yet it reminds us of the holistic perspective that each part contains the whole, even though at a lower level of resolution. Physics demands experimentation while astrophysics relies largely on ever-sharper observation to determine the nature of our existence.

All these disciplines interrelate in certain specialty fields such as quantum cosmology, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysics - that which by its very nature emerges from a domain beyond the physical, the realm of Source." (With thanks from the source: http://sacredgeometry.50megs.com/custom2.html )

So, the modern world seem to have lots of books, doctrines and other media works on the Light, but not on the "Consciousness, the Jeeva", and its one of the major reasons that the Indian and the Eastern Philosophy, Science, Religion and Research may not have any significant place in the modern education systems as it focuses on the "Consciousness rather than Light", and that is what the Indian Sacred Systems describe as the Mann, Budhi, Chita and Ahankara, Consciousnesses and Light. I happen to find almost no role of these studies in the Indian Modern Education Systems in my research work of Philselfology.

When we notice the Modern World Architect, Sacred Geometry and Other Systems, it seem to have a great and sound base of Platonic Element Based Systems, and thus the Quantum Systems now have embraced the Golden Mean Ratio and the Pi and Phi Theory with Euler Systems just to say in after the great emergence of Global Paradigm Shift of 2012.

Here we notice how the Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhism and other Civilizations based Sacred Systems have well developed in the past as we now seem transcend from the Platonic Geometry to the "Vortex and Spiral Geometry" as the "Essence of Indian, Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian and Other Asian Sacred Geometry and Architect Systems" that has a great significance in the Quantum Systems of Consciousness and Light as the 6th and the 7th Element and the Dimension, which we have discussed as the Superstring Theory according to the Indian Alphabets say the Gurmukhi.

We are also discussing how Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has transformed the Indian Quantum Systems with the E=O+A, and that is the Exponential and the Euler Sacred Math, Geometry and Quantum Sciences in which the Spintronics of E, I, IE and EE seems a great support to understand the modern and ancient quantum systems.

I happened to be about 21 year old graduate student of Physics, Math and Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1990 when I wrote many research works on Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, while discovering that they were the right pioneers, visionaries and futuristic winners of modern civilizations, who described the 5 Basic Elements of Universe (Air, Water, Fire, Solid and Space), and it goes as the Basic String Theory and when we combine it with their works on Soul, the Consciousness and Light, we also find the Superstring Theory present in it, and that is "Immortality of Soul", the Consciousness, and if we imagine their having internet ability to visit around the world, we may not agree to and with the following for which I received 3 Credits and 1 Distinction:

"From a modern scientific perspective, of course, Plato’s mapping from mathematical ideals to physical reality looks hopelessly wrong. The four (or five) ancient “elements” are not simple substances, nor are they usable building blocks for constructing the material world. Today’s rich and successful analysis of matter involves entirely different concepts. And yet…" (With thanks from the source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2011/12... )

We also notice that our O and A, the OORA and AARA Vowel Theory gives great symmetry works, and that too with great wonders as we go through dimensional studies using the O-A'-A', the Cobordism of Math as the NAMA Theory that creates all possible Fermion, Super-symmetry and Boson Dimensions with the O and A'-A', and if we ever put O=A' and see how beautiful the 3-D World and Universe is as the A'-A'-A' giving similes to O as "O-O-O", the 1-Dimension Universe with 3-Folds as it well says:

"Modern physicists, when seeking equations to describe the unfamiliar laws of the microcosm, must make guesses based on fragmentary information. Optimistically—and lacking constructive alternatives—they have turned, as Plato did, to symmetry as their guide. Symmetry of equations is perhaps a less familiar idea than symmetry of shapes, but there is nothing obscure or mystical about it. We say an equation, like a shape, displays symmetry when it allows changes that make no change. So for instance the equation:

X = Y (With thanks from the source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2011/12... )

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has well put the X and Y Symmetry of the Universe as with the O and A Systems with Infinities of M, the Atom and N, the Vortex as the Cause (M) and Effect (N) giving it the name of essence of universe as he says:

"ONAM Akhar Tribhavan Saar..." (Gurbani)

"(O+A)(N,M)=O(N,M)+A(N,M) is the Essence of All 3-Dimensional Systems up to the Infinite Universes" (Quantum Philosophy by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

The ONAMA is always the Information Universe, which is popular as the A-khara Systems, which we notice as the Kara, the Kiran, the Ray Systems of A' and A Systems of Cobordism, the O and A as the 0-A-O and 0-A'-A'-O as the Universe Systems. The Cobordism by itself is the NAMA Part in the ONAMA and the "ON" is the O+A=E Systems as we have discussed and it creates the 5 Basic Elements, and thus the O, A, E, and the AE with AO as the 5 Basic Systems, and the 6th Basic, which we consider the consciousness goes as the OE Systems, and the 7th Dimensions of N and M are the Infinities with its Basic Roots of the Cause and Effect that ends up as the 7th (N as Bindi) and the 8th (M as the Bindu) Dimension, and we have already discussed as the Bindi (Decimal) and Bindu (Zero, the Shoonaya) Systems with the NAMA Systems in the previous parts.

Everything in the Quantum Systems can be put as the Vertical Dimension of A' as the O, and the horizontal dimension as the A' by itself, and that is finally to say that its the "Dimension of Direction that plays the Key Role".

The "great damage and loss" seems to be present as the "Theory of 5 Basis Elements" has not been the base, basics and essential part of the modern education systems as influenced by the Modern Imperialism, and that seem to have put us far behind in the modern quantum works that use the "Sacred Theory of Light, Consciousness and 5 Basic Elements" as the Quantum Sacred Education Systems, and that is why if Aristotle, Plato or Socrates has been in our age, we would have the great future and as theory works has been influenced by the Sacred World Systems, we can however imagine their "Quantum Flights". My research works are advanced research on their works but in context to the Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions and Materialism as proposed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Gurmukhi that goes as the finest works after Sanskrit Language Systems while it all unites well with the Israeli, Arabian, Egyptian and Other sacred and the Modern Sacred and or the Quantum Systems in our civilizations.

We have already discussed in the previous parts about how the Vortex Atomism with Para Ionization goes well with the Atom (Atama, the Light) and Vortex (Jeeva, the Consciousness), which is coming back as the Wisdom of Europe and Modern Western Civilization as the Vortex Atomism, the Blend of 6th and 7th Dimension of the Universe as the Shri Nanak Dev Quantum Philosophy of "E'EK Onkar Satigur Parsadi", which gives the sacred Wisdom of Euler, Pi and Phi with Vortex Atomism and the Para Ionization.

It goes as we edit and add.

P.S.: Just to request it again that all of these works are based on the Gurmukhi as described in last 300 years of imperialism and in 600 years of compilation of Gurmukhi, the Quantum Sacred Systems of the Gurbani (11th Century-17th Century), and differs from the Sanskrit Language in many cases, more research works are required to established as the most compatible systems with the Quantum Systems, the Siva as written in the Raga Compositions of the Gurbani on this format, we hope for the best results in this regard.

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