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If you were born after 1979, you may have never sent a handwritten letter to anyone. So accustomed to email and now IMing, actually picking up a pen and writing a personal message to someone - not on a sticky note, but on actual stationery - may seem foreign to you.

It's not that technology isn't important. It's a wonderful tool. However, to actually sit down and put a part of you into a handwritten letter, to tell a story and express an emotion to someone important to you, provides a glimpse into who you are. Plus, a handwritten letter can become a cherished possession that the recipient can keep for years to come as a reminder of important relationships, much the way that this woman remembers her grandmother.
Understanding the Importance of Handwriting

The handwritten word has been around for centuries. And, in fact, as recently as the 1700s there were special schools to teach penmanship because, at that time, master penmen were employed to copy official documents such as land deeds, birth and marriage certificates, and military commissions.

However, some people today feel it's a waste of time to teach and grade children on proper penmanship because of the extensive use of computers for our written communication. They suggest that, other than signing documents or the occasional scribbled note, handwriting is an unnecessary practice.

On the other hand, some say that handwriting can actually help develop certain psychomotor skills in children. They argue that the better the handwriting, the better the hand-brain-eye coordination. And handwriting is a still a skill necessary throughout school and college. Many courses require students to take class notes as well as respond to written essay questions during tests. Students who write legibly traditionally receive higher scores.

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AllAbout wrote at January 14, 2011
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Yes,handwritten letters are somewhat of a rarity these days.Rose and I still have all the letters that we wrote when we were courting such a long time ago.They are fond memories of the past.
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at January 17, 2011
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The old is gold does not mean that gold is old. When we do anything by hands, like writing, knitting and so on, it has impression is surely imprinted within our brain, enhancing originality and creativity, and above all individuality, which the printed words or mechanical things (the artificial ones) cannot do. The later ones have the same image as if duplication that does not worth even imitation. I wish I could imitate a smile of a child just for once a day. Thanks for your comment! Smile
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Dr. Harmander Singh
Shiningstar wrote at January 9, 2011
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So true...everything is so computerized in this day and age, gone are the day of handwritten letters!!
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at January 10, 2011
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Yes, it is as if mother or granny's handwoven or knitted cloths. Thanks for your comment!
Dr. Harmander Singh