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Be Happy Philselfologically: The Research on Free and Renewable Energy as Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems! :)
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Steven Ferrel wrote at January 10, 2018
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Happy New Year brother <3
Steven Ferrel
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote at January 11, 2018
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Thanks brother! Smile
Dr. Harmander Singh
A Proud Member of Life Dynamix Staff and Advisory Board with Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist-(L. C. W. S.) and Advanced Study & Communication Skills Program (with Distinction A+ from Australia)

Dr. H. Singh is Alternative Medical Practitioner, Media Consultant, Education Counselor and a Writer having sound touch of both East and West. He writes prose and poetry with pen name Bhagouauty using the level and simplicity of the language for all readers with English as the first, second and third language depending on the different counties and the native languages.

So far, he has written more than 25 books for children and 25 in general for everyone. His first series of books on various topics and in various genres is now published for you now. One is a series of one-act plays for the children, in which he has beautifully touched the sensitive reflection of childhood, youthful, old, and thus family to social interactions.

His books are to fill us with oneness and togetherness of both societies of the East and West for globalization of Comparative Go Green, Eco-friendly, Religious and Interfaith Studies and other educational, literary and literacy missions.

He has studied in Australia for two years; and from his early school times have been taking keen interest in ancient and the modern human civilizations with many religions and faiths in various cultures of our nations and continents as now fully aware of making of civilized living in our world. It is a humanly bond getting educational and social interactions from more than 20 years. He is MD of Life Glowing Path, USA and a member of Association of Educators for World Peace, while serving the society with educational, social, humanity and self-awareness missions for all as the founder MD, Life Glowing Path Inc. USA.

The mystic joy of reading the book is for quenching the thirst of reading the creative work. It is as a present for children and the senior readers read and discuss, who seek to explore the humanly and creative thoughts and scientific feelings called Philselfology, the universalizing of human wisdom for the running new millennium.

Thus, it is his research-based book for the Art of Ascendancy of Evolution of Soul-Purpose of Wellness of All, and therefore our self, family and society. He is published author of more than 15 other books available at Lulu.

I also write at: Factoidz, Bukisa... More about me as your friend for wellness for all! HERE.

Business: I own a publication house, and we have a production house Universal Creative Vision based at Mumbai. We produce TV serials (Kissa Puran Bhagat telecasted from Lishkara Channel is our production with about 30 episodes all rated as no.1 in its category), videos and similar works from about a decade. We also publish books (published 3 books and lot of other formats of literature/publication in association with BDS Charitable Trust, Punjab, India from more than 15 years) and other materials ready to publish.

Organization: I am a member and founder trustee of Life Glowing Path registered in USA. We support and promote creative people by all possible means.

At Life Dynamix: My best contribution here is to keep things in engaged mode that is making everything going on as if activity that makes a difference. Besides writing, video uploading and other activities I try to provide affiliate and referral links so that we feel engaged even without earning. More details at my a young blog

Some Achievements:

1. One of the youngest Writer and Research Scholar who’s Concepts, including the pilot episode, the dramatization, were approved by the TV channels, particularly a TV serial Gagan Mah Thaal based on Indian Philosophy of Religion, Mysticism and Mythology in modern context and in relation to childhood is shortly going to the TV channel

2. First private school’s teacher in Punjab to get the Certificate Course and having the registration in and as the basic scoutmaster in 1995

3. Many trained students received President and Governor’s Awards for Scouting from 1995

4. Have been delivering lectures on growing up as a civilized student and citizen including more than 500 at the university level and hundreds of it at Collage and school levels since 1991

5. The research papers and other similar documents, on different aspects of making human life civilized for world as a family, has been read and circulated in both Eastern and Western countries

6. The two published books are: Self Study and Learning for Peace of Mind and Self Improvement for Peaceful Living (one in 1997 and both in 1999). These were self-edited, as has been student editor of English of school magazines and other literary materials from 1986-87

7. The first Indian to get subsidized quota scholarship for studying 10+2 outside India and thus in Australia (with great support from Mr. I. B. Muirden and School Staff), passed the Year 11 (in less than a month) and 12 from Muirden Senior College

8. The research works on psychotherapy, counseling and art of research for all age groups with doctorate and is a registered practitioner from 2005 in Alternative Medicines

9. First two research works, conducted at Muirden Matriculation College (Now Muirden Senior College), Adelaide (South Australia), while doing Year 12 there, received distinction. Both were on the theme, Growing Up (Childhood and Adolescence):

1. Memories of Childhood: Does it Influence Adolescence and do have Impact on Our Life? (Research carried on about 65 people)

2. Educations, Employment and Unemployment: Do Young People Have a Choice? (Research carried on about 50 people)

10. Two poems are selected in the Anthology of Birth and the Anthology of Marriage getting published by the Canadian Federation of Poets, Canada.

11. Life Dynamix has given me the great privilege of selection as the Proud Member of Life Dynamix Advisory Board and MD of two registered trusts one in USA (Life Glowing Path) and other in India (BDS Charitable Trust)

Thanks for your time to read.

Let us Share Our Universe-Please view, read and join the Group: LifeDynamix as the Best Way

My Blog is a wonderful place to visit!

Let us Join at Twitter

Thanks and Enjoy the Wellness at LifeDynamix!

I have something from seven colors of rainbow-what is it! Run, Stand and Sit to read:


(With self-written research papers/thesis, done practically, on each one)

*These are also independent work fields for both profession and research (mainly as the Art, Science and Philosophy of the each in pure, applied and action form). Also including its role in Guidance, Counseling, Consultancy, Research, Development and Welfare works and practices in the respective fields (for all age groups) as thus follows:

1. Natural Philosophy and Humanistic Psychology –Therapeutically using in Guidance, Counseling, Consultancy, Research, Development and Welfare works and practices and all books written so far

2. Yoga Theory and Therapy for health and self-awareness

3. Art, Philosophy and Science of Scientology

4. The Nature-Care and Cure (the Art, Philosophy and Science of Naturopathy)

5. Faiths and Prayer-As Art, Science, Philosophy for Healing

6. The Art, Science and Philosophy of Spiritual Healing

7. Yoga and Meditation in different paths (like Gyan, Karma, Bhakti, Hath, Sahaj, Raja Yoga, etc., you see there are 62 kinds of Yoga)

8. The Music and Sound Therapy-Listening and Singing with Writing and Composing Songs

9. Reiki-The Indian Philosophy, Art and Science of Reiki-How to be a good Master and Receptor (The Art of Communication with Nature)

10. Left and Right Brain Theory-The Indian Philosophy of Creator and the Creation (the Ardhnarishwar)

11. The Acupressure-Suzok and its relation to other therapies

12. Bio-chemic salts (Twelve Tissue Remedies), Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy

13. Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Gem and Metal Therapies

14. Nine Moods and its Management (like Laughter), Chromatography, and Color Therapy -Using it therapeutically

15. Vegetarianism, Organic Farming, Home Remedies and Herbal Therapy

16. Astral body, Aura Management and its Development-Waves, Vibrations and Radiation’s-the Art of development of five astral spheres besides psychic and intuitive centers

17. Name of God (or Deity) or Mantra and Therapies related to it-The Reading, Writing, Reciting, Chanting, Singing (Kirtan), Listening, Repetition (Jaap) and the relevant ones

18. Re-addiction (same meaning as De-addiction) and Re-habitation oriented therapies-Art of Reformation of body, mind, heart and the soul

19. Vastu Shashtra and Magneto therapy- Human body as a magnet and its relevancy and relativity to Earth, Environment and Nature

20. Psychological Therapies-Neuro, Psycho, and Behaviorally oriented ones for Psychic Development

21. Physical and Mental Health Education and Sciences; including the Holistic Health Sciences (both in the Eastern and Western context)

22. Fasting, Silence and other way-outs for sound Body and Mind as a Vehicle of Soul -An Art of Self-discipline

23. The Metaphysics: The Eternal as we know it as the Ancient Wisdom, Mysticism, Mythology and Rituals-Its Philosophy and using it therapeutically

24. Art, Science and Philosophy of Learning and Living-Blending of the Eastern and Western Value System approach (say in Scouting).

25. The Creative Art therapy for all age groups, as counseling basics that emphasizes on creative arts like writing prose and poetry.

26. The Art, Philosophy and Science of Research by one’s own self (Philselfology)

27. Art, Science and Philosophy of Biorhythmic Energy and Time Management (for Intellectual and Emotional Maturity and Time and Energy and Management)

One more is available-Find it HERE please! Thanks!

Thanks for sitting, standing and now running………for wellness and peace-HOPE and HEALTH while SEEKING it with FAITH!
Writing, Speech and Counseling
We cannot convert the entire knowledge of the world into anything without action, and its the Theory of Good Karma!
Opposing War, Violence, Hatred, Cruelty, Discrimination, Corruption and Pollution, and supporting Renewable Energy Systems!
Spiritual Music
Spiritual Music
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Thanks for the compliment and the good wishes! Smile
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Thanks brother! Smile
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Hi Dear Steve and Everyone! Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year 2018! May the New Year of 2018 Bring Oneness, Unity, Integrity, Togetherness, Peace, Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Sacredness and Other "Essentials of Quantum-Quantum Phases, Sacred and Classical Life" in the Lives of All! Amen! Smile Ma... View More
Dr. Harmander Singh
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Harjinder Singh Ji Thanks for joining the Wings for All Community! Smile

You are welcome here among the "Like Minded People"! Smile

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