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How Gurmukhi Language Systems Unify Chakra Energy and Sephiroth Force with Cymatics leading to the Alternative Horological DNA Systems: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

The Emerging Systems of Four Energies with Fifth Force are also known as the New Paradigm of Energy-Force Systems.In this part of the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we discuss how the Gurmukhi Language, which is also the Musical Metric Language of Music, Cymatics, Tala, Beats and Harmonics Based Systems as thus the helping tools in developing it as the Unified Approach of the Chakra Energy and the Sephiroth Force Systems.

As we known, the Sephiroth Force is mostly popular in the West with the Middle Pillar Theory, while the Chakra is considered as the Eastern Sacred Systems, while connecting both is possible only with the Cymatics. It is to be remarked here that excess of Suarti, the Chakra, the Meditation may decline interests in the Sephiroth, the Shabada and or the Religion Based Systems, while excess of the later may not create interest in the Meditation, the Suarti Works, which also need Good Food, Diet, Drinks, Pollution Free and or Peaceful Environment to conduct the Meditation, the Suarti Works, and that is where the Sephiroth, the Force, the Manual, the Shabada Based World Religions and Faiths play its major role, while both can be connected with the Cymatics, which now emerging as with the New Paradigm of Four Energy Systems of the Chakra while as the Sephiroth, the Fifth Force Systems, while when we use it in simulations, we notice that the E=mc^2 does not, and that is the E=mcv goes as its basic equation, where the m is mass, c is velocity of light, while the v is the velocity of sound systems, and we can bring great many good results if we use Cymatics into the E=mcv equations as in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, where the Cymatics also presents itself as the Nama, the Pneuma and or the Theory of Cobordism as well.

The Gurmukhi in this context goes Beyond Language Systems as it can update any language system to any other language system because it uses the Musical Metric Systems with the Cymatics, and is the Universal Language, which does not follow any political boundary systems. So, when we discuss Punjabi, Hindi and Sindhi and other Indian and or the Asian Languages; these are mostly regional language systems, while the Gurmukhi-Gurbani as the Bhakha, Boli and Bani is Based on Theory of Elements, where the 35 Sounds of Gurmukhi and or the Indian Alphabets is treated as the Elements of the Universe, the Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth (Solid), which the Sikh Gurus and other Bhagat's, who has been the Masters of Indian-Asian Language, Grammars, Music, Cymatics, Harmonics, Raga, Tala, Akhara Math, Meditation, and EK Theory of Everything, have developed it all as the Evolution of the Indian Theory of Elements, Alphabets and EK Super Sacred Systems, which exist as the Common System of Universe in World Religions and Faiths. So, accordingly, the Gurmukhi Musical Language has brought almost all of the North Indian, South Indian, Himalayan, Israeli, Egyptian and Arabian Systems into the Guru, Grama, and Gramika-Gurmukhi Musical Metric Systems, where the Guru with the Laghu-Guru and Pluta Musical Sound Weight Levels, the Maatra constitutes the Gurmukhi Language Systems. The Modern Emerging Systems as the New Paradigm are also based on it at the times when this Model, Theory, and Systems are almost forgotten; the Extinct with its Sacred Languages in many parts of the world.

It also leads to the Horological DNA-RNA Systems are based on the Quantum Phases with the Cymatics, which yield the Musical, Raga, Cymatics, Beats and Harmonics Based Time Durations, which follow different kind of DNA-RNA Systems having better solutions for the Incurable Diseases, while further it can also have more strands that are usually present due to Cymatics Time Duration's yielding the Matter-Materials that also differ from the Quantum Matter-Material Systems as explained in the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

In this context, the EK Akhara Theory can justify the Underlying Oneness of Religions and or the Faiths, but it too requires Mastery in at least one Sacred Language of the world as in the New and Emerging Paradigm Systems as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise, which we can not substitute with the Good Quotes or Theory of Goodness from all world religions and or the faiths or by simply saying "God is One".

We have taken initiatives to start Research or Doctoral Courses, Degrees and Offering RMP Licenses for it, and it is likely to start this year.

This blog post of the series was complied in many days, and present here for further and full reading:

How One Sound or Letter in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language seems to be Spoken Most Incorrectly: Major Mistakes in the Indian Continental Punjabi or Gurmukhi Alphabets and Extinction of Some Letter Sounds: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, Alternative Horological DNA-RNA and New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

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All forces tie, untie and unite to make this life, a unique path

The theory of past life actions and Karma is part of the common belief in Hindu Dharma (religion). It leads us to the most important question, are we reincarnated? This just gets a bit more complicated, as we dig deeper into the meaning of life, relationship, experiences, achievements and destiny.

Who we are and what we do is a part of the destiny we choose for ourselves. In the big scheme of things, you and I stand out in the universe based on the level of frequency our thoughts and actions vibrate on. That’s why, it’s truly believed what one puts out there is what one is geared up to receive back in return. The do part is called karma (actions) and is a powerful directional energy or force. Karma then adds up to Karmic reaction which is similar to Newton’s law. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

The returning force rebounds back with some frequency and energy that affects our life and destiny. It cannot be determined at what point in life, its effect can be felt. It does follow a time cycle. Scientific explanation can be provided but it can get too abstract. Not many people believe in theory of Karma and past life actions as being an instrument to our present life experiences.

All forces tie, untie and unite to make this life, a unique path to freedom, knowledge and awareness. We are tied to one Source. Look at the sun. It radiates heat which is such a powerful quality that makes it unique and Godly.

Awakening one’s true spirit involves understanding the soul’s purpose in connection with the universe. If you agree that all life on this planet are connected to the source of life and constantly derive energy or life force or prana to live this life or move forward in time from the very same source. This is such a strong thought. So, when you kill, cause hurt or harm another living being, it is like hurting the Source of Life and losing a part of your soul to the universe in exchange, except that you will never know what ever happened. The effect is subtle and sublime.

An action committed without conscience pushes us into a path, where we stop looking eye to eye with our true self being. It moves us farther from the spiritual energies or the spirit guide that was watching over us and leading us.

Changes in lifestyle such as seeking knowledge and reading sacred Hindu texts like the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita can influence our minds and we may experience a shift in consciousness and awareness, helping us to awaken our true spirit and realizing our soul purpose and meaning of life.
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