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All World Therapy Services Need to Visit Every Living Person and Homes: All Indians and World Citizens Need Health Services at Home: Be Happy Philselfological Appeal for Health and Wellness - 105

All Indians and World Citizens Need Health Services at Home: The Indian Healthcare for the Wellness of All needs an honest approach sending health workers to every living home of India as it prevents all diseases as people have suffered so much that economic crises, pollution and general lack of health care and wellness needs that the Indian Government offers Healthcare of Suzok (Acupressure) to everyone and generate donations, charities and funds for "Free Prevention of Every Diseases for Every Indian" as otherwise people seem to commit suicides in India while not willing to go for expensive health tests or visiting hospitals regularly.

We need to raise petitions for health and wellness that Indian Government offers Free Home Services through about 400-500 No Drug Therapies that the Alternative Healthcare Systems offer and claim that "It Keeps All Diseases from Home, Health and Individuals" and its almost free and the governing bodies can afford it.

Myself, I have done PhD (AM) specializing "Multiple Drug-less Therapies" and its use for health and wellness for all.

I am also Admin at the Life Dynamix - Wings for All ( while in its Medical and Healthcare Panel that also teaches, educates and certifies one in various healthcare systems.

In our opinion at Life Dynamix as I also personally think that all world governing bodies can offer hundreds of services of alternative medicines and healthcare as modern times that we live have put world communities into lowest living standards in the underdeveloped and the developing countries and simply offering very expensive solutions for common people may not bring any possible results and most of the funds go for research for say Cancer and AIDS, and we can help people live simply and healthy life if the governing bodies and the private and the religious people take some initiatives in these almost free services, and its surely the solution and modern researches can go well even when all are healthy and well, and these are "real solutions i life" and in no way utopian.

I wonder why UNO, World Governing Bodies and Corporate, and even NGO's do not seem to provide free healthcare with no drug and alternative therapies. In my more than 40 years of age, I have never seen anyone offering it, and while I talk and write about it, I may seem a "little abnormal", but we can surely help every citizen of the world visiting every living one and the homes, and it needs a resolution and a petition. It is so simple that once decided, it will help billions of people live healthy at no cost to the governing bodies and or otherwise, is not, so please take a step just add it in the checklist.

Its the health and wellness concern that is humanitarian, philanthropic and utilitarian and shows our love, compassion and care for the world in which we live and this is the real bliss that all enjoy in the beautiful world that is home for many. The self-love and love for all are one as one is for self, the self-love and the other is for all, the love for all, and we all can do it together and that is real globalization if we care for all, and that really does not cost anything but just willingness to do so as all Reiki Masters have been doing and the world flourishes and everything seems healthy and green.

Thanks for your time!
HIV, AIDS, Cancer and Other Diseases: Sacred Cows, 12 Tissue Salts, 15 Cell Salts and Rudraksha: My PhD in Multiple Drug Therapies, Dr. Khurana, Manu Bhardwaj and Most Successful Cures Saving Uterus: Be Happy Philselfologically - 45

In my intensive interactions with modern medical systems and the doctors and the psychiatrists, I have noticed that most of the modernly educated people do not like even the sight of say cow dung and urine of animals and the humans as well. To my best knowledge, the life cannot exist without the animals and birds with their bio-products even if one is a vegan.

So, when I went to Mumbai on the last week of December, 1996, I have had a completed research works on the AIDS and Cancer, but my interactions with the medical experts like the psychiatrist was limited to my electromagnetic systems and I could not find proper place for promotion of my Be Happy Philselfologically research works on AIDS and Cancer.

We observe in the Naturopathy and Ayurveda that cows and the rudrasha plays the most important role in human life against the acid formation in the body that destroys life most brutally. Thus, we all need alkaline systems that maintains our health.

I wrote a course of say 40 days describing how cow products and the rudraksa can save us from any possible disease and in particular the AIDS and Cancer. It started with use of drinking cow milk and using its ghee and dung ash along with rudraksha. I did very intensive studies on the rudraksha in 80's and 90's and donated it to many people.

The rudraksha has such a deep effect on controlling and controlling any disease that using it can curb almost any disease. The combination of rudraksha with agate products is the finest contribution that the Himalayas of India can give to the world.

The best theories that Indian sages have given to the world are about the Indian Psychology that deals with the Mann without using the Mind as many say in the modern world that the heart is nothing but the Public Relation Officer, the PRO, but the Real Indians follow one single philosophy of feelings of shame and the reverence that says and believe only in one thing that needs no tests, proofs and so called verifications of any kind, and guess what, its the Golden Thumb, the Golden Rule:

That others say parents, friends and fellow Indians and many foreigners care for us, and we are not alone when we worry, so worry not if you worry a lot!

"Agates develop as secondary deposits in hollow cavities, called vesicles. Although they can form in all types of host rock, most of the world's agates developed in ancient volcanic lava. When the continents were first forming, layers of molten lava pushed toward the earth's surface through rift zone cracks, volcanoes, and other geologic events. Within the lava, there were pockets of trapped gases. Later, these gases escaped through cracks that formed as the igneous rock cooled and hardened, leaving hollow cavities. Other cracks and seams also formed when adjoining sections of lava cooled at different rates." (With thanks from the source: )

I discussed successfully with most of the doctors of Ayurveda, homeopathy say doctor Hardial Singh and then Dr. Satpal Garg and his son Dr. Varun Garg.

"Working with large amounts of manure could be beneficial to dairy farmers, scientists say.

New Scientist magazine reports dairy farmers are five times less likely than the general population to develop lung cancer.

It says farmers typically breathe in a lot of dust consisting largely of dried manure, with all the bacteria that grow in it. "As strange as it sounds, epidemiologists are starting to uncover unexpected links between our exposure to dirt and germs, and our risk of cancer later in life."

The article argued that just as children who are exposed to germs from a young age are less likely to develop leukaemia, adults who have a greater exposure to germs than usual might build up a greater resistance to bugs, and even cancer.

"Some researchers are starting to wonder whether the higher incidence of certain cancers in affluent populations - including breast cancer, lymphoma and melanoma - might also have something to do with sanitised, infection-free living," it said.

"If they're right, the implications are huge. If we can understand exactly what it is about some germs that has a protective effect, we should be able to reduce people's risk of developing certain tumours later in life by exposing them to harmless microbes."

New Scientist said studies in Italy, Germany and France had shown a link between inhaling cow manure and the reduced risk of lung cancer, but breathing in dung was not the only way to cut the risk of cancer." (With thanks from the source: )

However, the allopaths usually avoid any discussion about such topics and due to their social influence in India people like me may not do any significant research as when one lacks any kind of support.

I formulated these courses with Biochemical combinations, and also discovered so many new combinations and systems treatments say how to use Calcarea Sulf after Silicea, and this alone produced the best result orienting product that was the most miraculous and universal in nature:

All 11 salts except Calcarea Sulf mixed say in 30x or 200x Potency, the Ayurveda Puti, and Kali Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6x was used once and twice in the day, and Calcarea Sulf, the CS 200x at the Dinner Time, and about half an hour to an hour before going to bed was the Sleeping Pills of KP 200x, the Nerve Relaxant and MP 200x, the Muscle Relaxant that gives sure sound sleep removing need of any strong sleeping pills but at lower potency, the puti, it give less benefits. I gave to say hundreds and thousands of people curing them from almost any possible disease. Among them was my elder sister Kuldeep Kaur who was going through menopausal periods and she had a phone call:

"What's this powder that you gave me to take!"

"Its combination of biochemical salts of twelve tissue remedies,"

"Well, how am I running and doing works as if I'm 25 years old girl,"

"Please take it regularly and have no fears,"

"I wonder,"

"No wonders, just thank Dr. Schular, but please don't forget to take it,"


Her son and our beloved nephew also took it as if its a drug at the gym, but when we laugh, we never forget to smile!

"Samuel Hahnemann had proposed Homeopathy in 1796, based on the idea of using very dilute remedies including salts. An 1832 paper in Stapf's Archiv suggested such salts would be "essential component parts of the human body".<4> Schüßler was influenced by an 1852 paper by the Dutch Physiologist Jacob Moleschott (1812–1893). Serious discussion began only after Dr. Lorbacher of Leipzig critically considered his ideas five months later. An English translation appeared in the Medical Investigator in May 1873, then in "The Twelve Tissue Remedies" by Dr. C. Hering, and in 1888 in a book of the same name by Boericke and Dewey, two medical doctors in San Francisco.<4>

Around the beginning of the Twentieth Century others, such as Eli Jones, studied Schüßler's ideas and derived new ones; by the end of that century Schüßler's name (in various forms of spelling) and list of twelve "tissue salts" were commonly found in health shops and alternative medicine books." (Please know about Dr. Schuessler more from online and offline sources, and this one with thanks: )

I have able to make all self-curing people as long lasting facial skin problems of our cousin brother Mr. Gurmel Singh, Gela of Jodan as his daughter who was hiding her face from all, and me too was fully cured and never needed any other medicine for facial skin problems, the pimples and frightening face when she looked into the mirror and at last the mirror was smiling! She is leading a happy married life at the Ludhiana with a wonderful husband Mr. Jagdeep Singh as I gave all of their family members the magic combination of biochemical 12 salts.

The 12 Tissue Salts also have the 15 Other Cell, the Tissue Salt Remedies as the "27 Biochemic Tissue and Cell Salts", which is a finest contribution by Schuessler and his students, and its not based on the "Theory of Similarities", but the "Theory of Opposites" and works in the same way as Naturopathy and Allopathy and gives cure to "Deficiencies in the Soil, Animals, Birds, Plants and Humans" and thus is a great "Supplement to Naturopathy and Allopathy". I have done PhD in Alternative Medicines on Multiple Drug Therapies in 2005, and it helps in using the multiple therapies and drugs together with the Herbals and Nutraceuticals. So, we can use Allopathy, Homeopathy, Biochemic, Ayurveda, Herbals, and Nutraceuticals for individuals for their complete cure; health and wellness. The reason that supported this research in it has been as follows:

I have been living in the dairy farm at our own home from say early years of 1970 to 2006 when we gave our cows to the needy and in charity as our family members settled in Mumbai and Canada. I have been a very good milker, who would milk say 10-15 cows and buffaloes both in the morning and the evening, and have been working full time in our own dairy farm for say 30 years. Taking care of cows and buffaloes is not an easy task and we have brought up many generations of cows and the buffaloes while we also have had cats, dogs, rats and birds remaining a big living part of our huge dairy farm with say 25 cows and the buffaloes. I miss it very much as we now have no dairy left since 2006.

Thus, I also researched what write in this blog post in our dairy farm. The following blog post is also written in the same manner:

Philselfological Education System: New Sacred Ecological Education System Based on Kids of First Grade Research Works, the Initiatives : The Proposal Grounds of Phiselfological Model of Everything: Be Happy Philselfologically - 44

And my other research works among many includes how high and low potency work better, how without parent's medicines give indication of what medicine a child needs in Homeopathy as Dr. Baljeet Singh Khurana at Ludhiana discussed with Homeopathy research interested doctors saying that they unknowingly do it as mother is Natrum Mur, father Silicea then a child needs say Lycopodium, and thus we together cured many patients as I consider him as one of the most and classic expert as if a gem of homeopathy as he has devoted his entire life in and on research works of Homeopathy, cured perhaps millions of patients but is living the most simple life possible in non-research oriented state of Punjab and modern India where not more than 1% people take interest in the original research works in any field, and I fortunately have spent many years and months with him and always visit him whenever visit Ludhiana.

He is really incomparable and with his blessings, I have cured many people and that even with just twelve tissue remedies. In his library in the Homeopathy Clinic in the 12 number street of Dasmesh Nagar has the Biochemic Materia Medica that none in Punjab State may have and I have studies thousands of the pages it has of A4 size and researched it well during the last millennium as many would say and at the start of new millennium as some other experts say to 21st century. He is a jolly person who has trained and educated so many people but he is a researched oriented person as we say Be Happy Philselfologically, and has delivered his research papers abroad.

We all prefer him as our Homeopathy doctor when he said to my cousin sister Sinder that I would have cured her uterus, and she said yes and told that I cannot easily give wrong medicines and laughed that Naturm Mur is the medicine of all our kith and kin, and later we laughed so much about it as when we find a symptom and medicines, we laugh loudly!

My cousin sister Surinder Kaur popular as Sinder Didi had her uterus ready to be removed in a week, and I cured it with just Natrum Mur 200x and the doctors and she by herself could not believe as her hands and body was so stiff and she was so upset as I went to see her by chance not knowing the problem. I asked her to take the medicine half an hourly and she was cured within week and doctors cancelled the operation of removing her uterus.

Many people, whom I have treated get cured with the Bio cum Nano Techniques of Biochemicals and all other mother tinctures of almost all world medicines and drugs that are prepared as either through the triturations as the biochemical medicines say Calcrea Phos 3x or the mother tincture of Calcarea Phos that is same exactly in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy and all other therapies in the world. I put all therapies as one and same whether as single or combination of many. It gave me 100% success, and I did my PhD in AM based on it in 2005. It works as the most natural nanotechnology and does not accept anything artificial like making of Copper Bhasma as the Tambeshvara.

We know people feel like a dogs run in summer due to excessive heat buying it for just 10 to 20 rupees for 10-25g of Copper Bhasma. We at Ludhiana where I studied about the gems and stones used in Ayurveda Bhasma noticed that people make all fool by non-scientific approach that many claim a science but its technology which has harmed all of the natural life and thus the natural world. Just this reference is enough to suffice: For the first Puta, Nimbu Swarasa was required gravimetrically 1/4 th of the total amount of Shuddha Tamra and Samaguna Kajjali. This amount of Nimbu Swarasa increased from second Puta onwards. This is because of reduced particle size and increased surface area of the material." The Twelve Tissue Remedies are the most ancient medicines of Ayurveda as it seems European seem to have learned from the Takshashila, the Ancient University Systems of India. (With thanks to Dr. Mahan Singh and Dr. Gur Kamal and the source: )

In last more than 25 years, I have helped so many people with twelve tissue remedies that the results has been marvelous as I cured many impossible diseases besides insomnia, mental health problems and body pains, obesity and above all the snoring within a week! I have cured thousands of people since mid 80's as it costs almost nothing, and I have thus kept it for totally free or at most no profit no loss bases for say more than 25 years.

This is thus part of the "Life Dynamix Advisory Board" that discusses the health and wellness for all.

During these 25 years, I also came to know Mr. Manu Bhardwaj, whose father Dr. Bhardwaj is the Gem of Homeopathy in our District of Patiala. As I know him from more than 15 years, I found him as the most promising businessman in the Homeopathic Business and Trading as I have been buying the biochemic and other Homeopathic products from Manu Bhardwaj, the Owner of MB Homeo Store, who later opened his own Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturing and Production factory, the Bhrigu Sons Pharmaceuticals near Punjabi University of Patiala. He has produced marvelous products of homeopathic products and has shown keen interest in biochemics during my 25 years of practice. It is thus also my offering thanks to Manu Bhardwaj and his family for their “Contribution to Humanity in Homeopathy".

In reality everything that I have done as Be Happy Philselfologically and Scouting has been from my own pocket and that of my parents, friends and some relatives and that our family and I have remained with Bhai Daya Singh Charitable Trust and other charitable organizations since its conception and thus Dhan Baba Bhupinder Singh Ji of Rara Sahib Jarg, 141415, Khanna, Ludiana in Punjab India.

In any case, these tissue salts, cell salts and cow with rudraksha can cure almost any incurable disease in the world.

"Why the Rudraksha is Holy and Pious that People do not touch it with hands and that of many other things in India that people consider pious includes the human body that we should not touch it unnecessarily. For our discussion it says: Rudraksha Beads have permanent magnetic properties. They have been observed to send out inductive vibrations with frequencies measured in units of Henry (Volt Seconds/Ampere). This perhaps is the reason why people have felt better even when Rudraksha Beads do not touch them physically.

Special point of electromagnetism and health: The beneficial powers of Rudraksha are by virtue of its Electrical and Magnetic Properties. Rudraksha beads act as a Stabilizing Anchor. Rudraksha beads' electrical properties are: Resistance, Capacitance or the Dielectric Properties, Inductance. Rudraksha has the ability to Change its polarity.

Rudraksha Beads are both Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic, with the most important property of Dynamic Polarity. We all are most probably aware of the beneficial healing properties of magnets. Magnetic Healing is becoming extremely popular of late and everyone who have been using magnets for healing have been getting the benefits and have found overall betterment and rejuvenation. Rudraksha Beads retain most of the properties of magnets but they are unparallel in one aspect - that of the ability to change their polarity or the Property of Dynamic Polarity.

The basic way of healing is based on the fact that the when the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from the heart to all the parts of the body is blocked or reduced due to a variety of reasons, various illnesses creep in. Blood carries oxygen and energy to various parts of the body and cleanses it off waste materials. Any disruption of the smooth flow of blood circulation is bound to cause illnesses.

We experience pain and uneasiness due to improper blood circulation. Every cell in the blood as well as the arteries and veins is charged either positively or negatively. Magnets have the poles, Positive (+) and Negative (-).

When magnets are passed on various parts of the body, the opposite poles of the magnets and that of the cells get attracted and there is an expansion of the passage. The arteries and veins open up to facilitate streamlined blood circulation. When there is a streamlining of blood circulation, most of the illnesses get automatically healed and we feel better and rejuvenated." (With thanks from the source: )

Well, at the last, I have done most intensive research work on the Twelve Tissue Remedies for about 30 years as when Dr. Gurnam Singh contributed his set of books on Homeopathy, the first ever written books in Punjabi, and I have practiced it for 25 years with almost 100 successes rate over animals, cows, buffaloes and dogs and cats as we have had a diary farm for about 30 years until 2006. It cures within 6 months as I did practice in Patiala, Ludhiana, Phagwara, Barnala, and some other cities say New Delhi and above all Mumbai, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

My cousin sister Rajinder Kaur Seerha from US along with her kids Simi Seerha and Ivraj Seerha had eaten some cooked junk foods and were taken to hospital and that could not give any relief and just single dose of NP 200x, NS 200x and Silicea 200x cured them within 5 minutes and after 15 minutes they were playing again at their granny's house! Rajinder Seerha takes care of her family in US and India using Twelve Tissue Remedies as I gave him enough tutoring and counseling on the 12 Tissue Remedies as she is a kind of doctor in alternative medicines and a practitioner from last more than 10 years.

Well, I have trained thousands of students who work as Alternative Medicines in Biochemic: Twelve Tissue Remedies as its the simplest and the easiest course for natural healthcare and wellness, and just takes about a week training and one gets a certificate within a certification course of a month, and have a rmp license! The Bach Flower, and other therapies add an experience!

However, I personally believe only in one product specialization and obtaining a certification, degree and a licenses of any kind. For example, one may get enough knowledge about say lemon and or honey and it alone can keep one happy and healthy for rest of life and individual have enough or sufficient level of being lemon or honey expert can cure, heal and help thousands of people and perhaps millions as we have now internet services and online courses.

I have always focused on it, the single topic as for example my cousin Gurbheetar Singh and many other business people with practical MBA by staying at the homes, shops and offices helping run their business, work and personal life better. And thus have trained my class-fellows, the classmates, friends, relatives and others in India and abroad both online and offline during last say 35 years if 40 is a fault! We may call them Practical Doctors in any field and the survival in the economic crises has been dealt with an ease!

We have received so many approvals for any proposed courses at our Life Dynamix Universities online with the following mou letter and certificate from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, and my personally trained and self-educated students are going to have their degrees soon:

Please read more about it:

The cure for any disease is meaningless when one does not want to change the lifestyle, and any research on any disease at the cost of making patients feel sick is meaningless contribution towards the creation and promotion of diseases as most of the people who face any disease in the world are sensitive to certain things and that object plays the role of activator in any disease as Homeopath says (never mind an allopath calls it allergy and takes no blame so please pray for allergy!) and as in the surface of any metal in anything say the compounds and even living cells or units that body contains that seems to use bio-energies as the fuel for bio-semiconductors... and if we want almost no change in life, any disease like the cancer and aids are nothing but use of human body as semiconductors that uses mutation of human units of life as I did the Be Happy Philselfologically, the BHP on semiconductors and wrote a novel about it in mid 90's; "A Genius Peace Lover" though A Sensitive Peace Lover is published novel now: "Despite the necessary clinical trials being pursued to assure biocompatibility and overall safety, it is apparent from the number of clinical applications underway in cardiac, neural, and health monitoring applications that systems containing active electronics mounted on sheets and catheters will bring forth new generations of devices in many areas of healthcare over the next decade." (With thanks from the source: )

Most shocking news in the world have made all think like Indians do, but the sad are only the Indians, find how and why: "New Scientist said studies in Italy, Germany and France had shown a link between inhaling cow manure and the reduced risk of lung cancer, but breathing in dung was not the only way to cut the risk of cancer." Please read more with thanks from the source why modern Indians who turned westerners are sad as it further says:

Breathe in the cow dung, cockies - it'll cut your cancer risk:

"Working with large amounts of manure could be beneficial to dairy farmers, scientists say.

New Scientist magazine reports dairy farmers are five times less likely than the general population to develop lung cancer.

It says farmers typically breathe in a lot of dust consisting largely of dried manure, with all the bacteria that grow in it. "As strange as it sounds, epidemiologists are starting to uncover unexpected links between our exposure to dirt and germs, and our risk of cancer later in life."

The article argued that just as children who are exposed to germs from a young age are less likely to develop leukaemia, adults who have a greater exposure to germs than usual might build up a greater resistance to bugs, and even cancer.

"Some researchers are starting to wonder whether the higher incidence of certain cancers in affluent populations - including breast cancer, lymphoma and melanoma - might also have something to do with sanitised, infection-free living," it said.

"If they're right, the implications are huge. If we can understand exactly what it is about some germs that has a protective effect, we should be able to reduce people's risk of developing certain tumours later in life by exposing them to harmless microbes."

New Scientist said studies in Italy, Germany and France had shown a link between inhaling cow manure and the reduced risk of lung cancer, but breathing in dung was not the only way to cut the risk of cancer." (Taken with sincere thanks from the source: )

(Other good one: )

I have always supported as do many of us that cow dung plant of massive gas production is what India and rest of the world desperately needs, and some people who oppose saying they do not like smell of cow dung is the most ignorant as Tracy says as just: Tracey's cow dung educational experience in Bangladesh. (With thanks from the video description for greatest of modern Indians!)

So, when our approach is Be Happy Philselfological, we can manage life better!

How and Why Goushala is the Heaven for Health:

"As you are driving through the countryside and a nearby farm fills the car with the pungent aroma of fresh manure don't pull faces and blame each other, wind down your window and take a good lung full - it might help save your life.

I can well remember occasions of my childhood being told that manure was the smell of the countryside, it was healthy and to breathe it in.

I was not convinced. It didn't smell particularly healthy.

However, studies reported in the New Scientist show that breathing in cow dung could in fact provide protection against cancer.

Dairy farm workers breathing in dust laden with dried manure are up to five times less likely to get lung cancer, the New Scientist reports.

One argument is that the anti-cancer activity of the immune system is boosted by exposure to viruses and bacteria via infection, vaccination or proteins.

One protein - endotoxin - is the link to manure.

A study undertaken at the University of Padua in Italy showed that the chances of developing lung cancer were far lower among dairy workers in the province than for people working in orchards and fields.

Plus, the more cows you work with the more protection you enjoy.

An investigation into Chinese female cotton textile workers by the University of Washington in Seattle showed that workers with higher and longer exposure to endotoxin had a lower number of cancers, including breast, stomach and pancreatic varieties."

Please read more from the source with thanks:

Cows Care the Creatures: The Natural World of Cows and Our Family:

We have had cows for more than say 2 decades and I would experiment on whatever it has produced and among it was the finest work about how the 1 Kg of Cow Dung can covert 30 Kg Rubbish into more than 31 Kg Manure as I read many years from the Cow Dung Special Edition from Gita Press Gorakhpur, UP in India.

The Cow Serving Edition, the Gau Seva Ank says, as I have read their thousands of books and the special edition in Hindi and English, and their publications say, talk and discuss about the natural world civilization and that in the best modern times the Kiwi's of New Zealand, the Kiwi farmers visiting in the Rural India guided all villagers about the expected threats of what we now call the modern fertilizers and the massive destruction it has caused. They also taught how to prepare the pesticides that even the Indian farmers seem to have forgotten, and the Cow Special Edition and other literature can help farming and health be better improved everywhere in the India.

We have used cow products in our small garden and a little farm house in Punjabi Bagh having done organic, the desi farming that my mom has done for more than 75 years and we by birth, and my mom's small dairy farm in her village Kurar remains the talk show when they meet and talk about the cows, buffaloes and the favorite goats and knitting the cotton cloth from generations and thus ages.

This is providing rural and village kind of life to everyone in the city of Patiala where we have been running our dairy farm and small gardening, and thus allowing people visit our home as if an open house of learning as is in any village. We have not been like professionals who run works at home while deal all in the offices and private sectors that never attend anyone personally or allow anyone look into anything that one earns in the modern cities of Punjab and India as most of the people work in the governing bodies initially and then start to earn by opening outlets at homes. It has almost ceased all kinds of rural, village life, the native Indian life in almost all cities where the urban developments have eaten up all of it during 80's and 90's as once the imperialists did the same where the colonies were set.

The modern doctors of say allopathy and most of the drugs and the fertilizers has taken away almost every breath out of little farms, gardens, and from animals, birds, plants and tree, and above all that give life and we seem to have most in-managed, the imbalanced human health when all modern medicines are going not to work from say 5-10 years of future as the incurable diseases have surrounded the world civilizations, and we had to donate our cows to the people in the village few years ago. So, our family has learned all the skills from my mom's dairy farm. However, the modernization have forced us to close this native and desi Indian life in the urban areas and we lack any organic products which cost so much that no ordinary Indian can survive like this if this process eats up the sensitivity of the simple life of villages and non-professional life style.

Please pay attention to cows, and the farming that is organic, the desi and thus dynamic in life not just cultured that may leave no bio life!

We at Life Dynamix - Wings for All offer courses as together from India, I have used my integrated works as one subject matter called Philselfology and offer all courses and required certifications with license to practice any personal and professional combined together for all again from 0 to 120 years old people, I am personally running these courses as the full fledged University of Philselfology based on Open Education and Training Systems that are neither from Imperialism nor from Mesmerism and that is too from home in Punjabi Bagh and wherever we are associated in the entire world as the moon and the mars have some exceptions as I cannot say I am doing it from birth or childhood as it may volcano the imperial and Mesmer's laws and hammered orders on the official tables, and thus please read more about these courses from this part of the series:

Our home and the house also have been the Vocational and Technical Education, Research, and Training as due to our family being working in the dairy cum farming since this house in operation from 1970 and little earlier and that is Philselfology as practical education covers up all vocational subjects while we all have studied and researched it as even the Socially Useful and Productive Works as in all Indian Schools as the SUPW, and 10+2 Patterns and the Systems from 1984 and full fledged from 1986. The government schools in India have general education, the formal and non-formal as running our schools where we have studied as well established in sports and vocational subjects with all wings of defense and security in nations say air, navy, and military in general as we have in say Government Multipurpose Schools in Patiala winning all national awards in all fields and I happen to contribute in the scout and guide movements in Patiala, Punjab and India being the first in so many things and thus the Open University of Philselfology!

In the Photo: Myself (in the center and in the dress of scout blue) as the Scout Master and the Troop Leader in 1996, and was declared as the Best Scout Master of District Patiala where I live from more than 40 years.

We being educated all our school education in the government schools of India as popularly known as the Desi Schools know all world systems of say Convent and Modern Education and how most of the students seem to have given less effective results when we notice the need of free and lenient or liberal education systems as Indian Open Kind of Government Schools offer with lenient research, education and training to aboriginals, native and the people from the villages!

Well, giving individuals what they lack is education, and thus the tutorial education systems that we say philselfological, the BHP, tutorials as the special classes are the pillars of education, research and training in our times as started from last few centuries as how the Socrates, Aristotle and Plato would deliver lectures as do the spiritual orators, the auliya's and all of the saints, the santan's as the good and civilized santan's, the great people who help their own people in any or all Taksal's, the Universities or Domiciles so as helping the family business and works that are based on what the families have been doing from many generations as the Indian Karigar's, the skilled works and experts do, and thus the self-employment systems that are based on home based works, researches and aged long traditions that help all to dwell and excel without any competitions in the universe:

In other words, a manifestation of higher tuition, more flexible learning, more distance learning, and more focus on performance-based learning.

Peter le Cornu and colleagues (Chapter 11) examines VET institutions using three case studies, one each in Scotland, South Africa, and Kenya. The three are certainly different contextually, but have common traits that lead to their success. From the institutional perspective, there must be a clear vision for open and distance learning and the benefits it will bring to the table. Stakeholders must be convinced that high-quality programs in open and distance learning, meet the needs of the students. Noted to be of critical importance here and in many other chapters is the need for learning support. Finally, organizations that want to implement open and distance learning for VET must make sure that their administrative systems support the implementation of flexible forms of learning. (With thanks from the source: )

Thus we need to remind the philselfological learning called self-education as the swadhayaya has been from ages: !

Indians engine Vedas, the Wisdom of Mouth as does the Rest of the World: None is a patient in the World is a healthy attitude that heals all: When we sit normally, our hands emit or release about 8000 vibrations per second and when joined it goes about and more than 16000 vibrations per second, and anyone who is a considered a medical practitioner in any therapies in the world need to have say about 20000 vibrations at the time of healing processes as otherwise one may seriously harm the religious, spiritual, and thus biorhythms, and the mental health of any kind among all treatments as one who puts hand on one's head with lesser count vibrations may cause or make one sick or reduce one's aura management.

A doctor of any therapies may seem sick but having more vibrations for cure and healing processes of any kind that even a child can do when mom is sick or mom when the husband is sick! Without this knowledge and the wisdom Ayurveda and other natural healing authorities that use common sense never allow anyone heal anyone or anything as it may damage life in form permanently no matter if the law of any nation or state proves one guilty of nothing wrong done to the so called patients as the healing world assume none a patient! Thanks to the healers! Amen!

Proving that one is an expert pays nothing and specializing in any filed needs giving all we have and while one brings all back and other leaves nothing: None is a patient and reiki is all that all we need: Why Doctors Should Be More Empathetic--But Not Too Much More: Scientific American (Source with thanks: )

The doctors invented booster dose, and I invented booster healing process that gives results on the same day! Smile

Harm: The people never come back to say: "Thanks!" and to the doctors: "They Pay"!

Moral: Please patent your works, and open an institution if you can not ask for fee or pay and pay forget to pay! lol

Advice needed: We at Life Dynamix have a Open and Online University already have University and Research, and Training Center of Philselfology as Pinky Arora, a great and divine Brahkumari of Mumbai once advised me in the early 2000's that I must patent my works and I registered all of it with Indian Board of Alternative Medicines that gave me the RMP License authorized by the Federal or Central Government of India in 2005 as I am always engrossed in my research works and often delay registering and getting patent licenses as I have books published on it from 1997, and a Certificate Award of PhD in AM : Philselfology, the Multiple Counseling for Drugless Therapies and MDT as an Alternative Therapy now! US is not a bad place for patentization as but they need funds to create funds, the money and degree machines often sell better, but not now! Alas! Unhappy

Well, and so Be Happy Philselfologically!

Thanks for your time! If one wants to memorize diseases, the Naturm Mur alone is enough for what minimum it cures:

Naturm Mur, the Sodium Chloride:

Internal uses

a cold
a run cold
after itch
after tears
amalgam poisoning
an assembly-line cold
anal f sharp suras
anal eczema
anxieties about the future
blood poisoning
bronchial asthma
bubble pains
burning with the wasserlassen
capillary bleeding
cartilage construction
cartilage inflammation
cervical tickle
chapped lips
chronic bronchitis
circulatory failure
coating of the tongue
cold delicacy
cold feet
cold hands
concentration ability
connective tissue weakness
constant urge to pass water
cracked skin
damaged discs
diaphragm break
dry eye
dry mucous membranes
duodenal inflammation
duodenal ulcer
ear eczema
feeling of sickness
foot joint pains
frost susceptibility
furnace mouth
gastric acid lack
grammatical errors
hay fever
head scales
heat problems
hermit's existence
herpes zoster
high blood pressure
impulse weakness
injured being
insect bites
intestinal relaxation
joint cracks
kidney infection
lacking milk education
light combustion
lip tears
lip vesicle
loss of appetite
loss of weight
lower leg ulcer
mental disturbance
mercury poisoning
migraine feeling of sickness
migraine-visual disturbances
miscarriage aftercare
miscarriage prevention
morning muzzles
mosquito bites
nettle rash
offended being
oral ulcer
own responsibility
pained being
pale face
pearl growth
peptic ulcer
peptic ulcer
position weakness
powers of self-assertion
pregnancy feeling of sickness
pregnancy vomiting
puberty problems
puffy face
ravenous hunger on salty
rheumatoid arthritis
rough skin
skin rash
slipped disk
solar allergy
solar delicacy
sore being
speech learn
spiritual fresh
spring cure
spring tiredness
stiff sense
stomach bowel inflammation
stomach bowel influenza
stomach mucous membrane inflammation
sugar metabolism
sweat hands
sweat outbreaks
swollen feet
tear river
thirst lack
to ankle cracks
toe deafness
toe prickle
tongue vesicle
torn muscle
travel sickness
treacly metal poisoning
unhappy being
urinary burning
water belly
water storages
watering eyes
weak joints
weak nerves
will strength
writing cramp

External uses

damaged discs
dry nasal mucous membrane
furnace mouth pains
insect bites
light burns
skin rashes

Facial diagnosis

Big skin pores
Bloated face
Bright eyelids
Clear coating of the tongue
Dry skin
Head dandruff
Humid shine on the upper eyelid
Salivary vesicles on the edge of the tongue
Skin rash in the upper forehead
White seclusions of the eyes
like snail mucus (gelatin shine)
spongy cheeks

(A copy and pasting process of Natrum Mur Uses is from, with warning please never imitate as specialization is lot easier, so please specialize as we offer doctoral degrees for any specialization ever done and to be done, and the source is here: )
Dr. Harmander Singh
Philselfology of Pleasure and Pain Chain, the Chakra of Suffering and an End to it with Piousness of the Sukhasana of Sukhamana: Be Happy Philselfologically - 40

So, the suffering is lack of information, knowledge manner, and thus lacking right approach towards ascending, the chardi kala that takes us to the sukhmana and doing the sukhasna of the self where soul enjoys it, and knowing about what we know about others and ourselves. We know about others in reality as much as we know about ourselves that is knowing thyself is the key to all that we can ever have during our life spans.

Chardi Kala: As one of my book, "Introduction to Art of Ascendancy" gives an insight about the concept: "Amazingly, once we have learned the Art of Ascendancy, which is popular as the Chardi Kala, we can keep up the essence of it, the hopefulness. The survival is normal cause, but higher is living and the true living is still higher. The true living is doing what we say and saying what we do with the clarity of thought. In other words, it is giving the metaphorical and mystical direction to our fantasies making these the imaginations and finally the creativity. This creativity is not manipulation of knowledge, rather; it is self-felt feelings giving the mystic experiences for which knowledge is just a boat. Giving direction to one’s knowledge in the light of Wisdom of Gurbani brings the clarity of the thought, the mystic touch. Knowledge without direction is mere information, having no metaphorical joy but with direction; it is wisdom. This direction is the ascending one; not the descending. Thus, the book reflects on it for the clarity of it, the Art of Ascendancy-the Chardi Kala. Thanks!"

These words about knowledge may have lot to see but we have our own individual parameters and the constraints that gives us the real joy of what and who we are, and thus self-limit for self-freedom. You see a criminal and or the cleaver person uses this knowledge and thus seems active in the society as it does not require any work or even effort needed as knowledge that one ever seeks.

So, what is “work” in the Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit languages as for ease of words. The “war” is for the bridegroom as many worship Lord Krishna as the “War”, the “Wara”. Thus, the “Wara”+”Ka” has a meaning that we do for the very person with, the child within, and the God Within, and many call it the “Purushartha” means “Purusha”, the Bridegroom “Artha” for the adjective, the Bridegroom, (the Purusha), and thus the one who enjoys our body as long as we live in it is none other than our Atama, the Bridegroom and the physical body we have is called the Bride.

All have their Atama’s, the Souls as the Purusha that is why the Ayurveda and other health sciences acknowledge female as the male means that male and female are alike when we consider the souls. In other words as light, we all are one and the same ones, and when we consider the matter, the physical parts we have gender, appearance, and all that goes to left and right parts of the body.

A wonder is that what is above the gender in us remains genderless when it descends through the spinal chord, the formless state of body in which the real “I” dwells, which gives the feelings of existence, the real self.

The same “I”, the Feeler of Self-existence when falls into the traps, the electromagnetic systems of left side of the body due to need or by chance, it feels the effects of the lunar parts, the female body in our physical body that works as all women live and work.

The left, right and center of body and brain are the opposite pairs and that is how it works, so please make notice from online resources before I make any mistake, and I could not easier than this for kids!

So, where we were on the right, the “I” when experiencing the “positive” side of the body in the electromagnetic systems of body feel as all humans do as the males. It is what we are the light and matter, the body, and what we feel as the Mann, the Heart is all due to the lunar side of the body as otherwise one cannot feel the body in the way as if the flesh and as we are weak in it, the flesh, we all weep and cry, and laugh and have the waves that have trough and crust as in the creative arts when and while we ever deal with this side and feelings as these are there because of it, the right side of the body and the brain.

The spinal or what we also know as the Sukhmana, the Sukh means the Joys and the Pleasures and the Mana means the Mann, the Heart. The end of suffering is when we approach rightly to the Sukhasana, the State of Rest of the Human Body that is where Sukhmana, the Joy of Heart dwells.

The Purushartha that we do as “Work” or “Waraka” has meaning only when we do it for and in the Sukhasana, a saying that whatever we do we need to do with all of our body, mind, heart and the soul that is what Sukhmana is all about when we want an end to what we say the suffer and the suffering.

In other words, the suffering is a state of mind!

We notice that the joys and pains cannot give any Sukh, the real joy of the self as joy is state of mind that is virtual feeling of the left side of the body, and the pains are the virtual thoughts and the feelings of the right side of the body. However, the Sukh as the ease from all pains and pleasures is the Asana, the Posture of the Soul as Sukhasana of the it, the soul. This Sukh is called ease as rest is Dis-ease means Disease, the Roga, the feelings of left based on hatred, the Dwesha and the right based on what we like as liking known as Raag.

Now, both are dual as both of the liking and disliking are nothing but dualism, the roga.

So, the applied form of Sukhasana, the Sukhmana lies in the state of mind, the Asana and the Awastha, not the conditions of it, the linking and disliking which are nothing but attraction and thus the law of attraction.

So, philselfologically speaking the Sukhasana as in the Sukhmana is the Real Life not the Virtual that exists as and in the Law of Affinity.

The Law of Affinity is the Law of Congregations as all that can coexist does so in many forms as we call it our group, circle, friends, relatives and so say even teams, organizations and lot more cannot do anything without coexistence.

My book about Law of Affinity describes it in a simple native ways: "Exploring riches as by the Law of Attraction, we want to attract money and possessions by this Law. If we do not have money it can make us may feel sad. Thus, how can poverty and richness co-exist? It seems that we need to be strong in creativity and its use in profession. The Law of Attraction is an old idea, which doesn’t seem to work anymore. The Law of Affinity says that when we materialize any idea, then the idea, product and money co-exist, isn’t it. Suppose, instead of materializing our ideas, we seek only money, we may include the options, which aren’t ethical or useful to us, our family and society. By using the wrong options, we may attract money quickly. The scammers, cheaters and robbers also follow the Law of Attraction, and earn more than other people, who work honestly, isn’t it. This play describes how we can combine the co-existing Laws of Attraction and Affinity for attaining the best use of abilities for the most successful life."

We notice that when most of us feel the need of the congregational approach towards the similarities, we may achieve it easily in our real life. For example say teams of sports in football, basketball and cricket have among one another, the teams in general have differences as well these three named teams.

However in the congregational approach we follow the Law of Affinity, the Coexistence and thus have feelings of oneness and togetherness by understanding not by just because we like or dislike anything or something as is the case in the Law of Attraction.

We say relax and ease in Sukh Asana, the video says and guides how to do it:

So, the Law in any form of constitution and Order that it needs has personal approach and thus the Purushartha, the Personal Contribution that matters to our own self, the soul or the Atama because we all live and leave by one self as the individual souls.

This is what we say Be Happy Philselfologically to our Hearts, the Mana, and have our Sukhmana Asana with the Sukhmani,the Sukhmana one may say as males and females may not release itself from the gender chaos inside as most of us struggle.

Relevant: Sacred Science, Math and Arts of the Sacred Universe Give us the Complete, Perfect and Always Verifiable Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Sacred Vedas: Static, Kinetic, Dynamic and Guru Dimensions: Be Happy Philselfologically - 72

So, let us allow our self to have peace and bliss as long as our soul lives in this body, and rest is great when we leave this body, so water a plant or a tree!

Thanks for your time!
George Batista Jr
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