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The Divine Wisdom of OM for All Languages with AEU and OAE in Punjabi, and Gurmukhi as the Practitioner's Vedic or Language of Mouth - 10

We all hear word OM as we have discussed in the previous part of this series. It has the same roots as the Patanjali Yoga Shastra says about the most primitive sound of OM as the vowels of OAM, which are the same as the English vowels namely, the AEIOU giving the sound of AEU, which is the root word for Waheguru. The OAM is not just sound of the Patanjali or the Vedas but its what gave the Vedas to the world as the OM is the Parent as the sound produced by Lord Brahma that then was given forms of Word, the Shabad in form of prose and poetry to all that thus we know and thus manage knowledge and wisdom on earth.

The word Waheguru in any form of sounds and prose and poetry has the three Primal sounds in it as AEU in it. This pattern of vowels is the same in all languages of the world. The AEU is the set of 3 vowels of the Sanskrit, and in the Punjabi Version of the Sanskrit, which is the Gurmukhi Lipi, which is the Script for Teachers, the Gurus, who teach any language.

The Punjabi Script as we know and call it Gurmukhi is having the Guru Mukhi means the Vedic or the Verbal Language by and for the Gurus, the Teachers of Vedic Knowledge and Wisdom. The word Mukhi is from the mouth and thus is called from the mukh, and thus Gurmukhi means from and by the Mukh, the Mukhi. The Knowledge and Wisdom of the Mouth is called the Vedic in its nature and practice, and thus the Gurmukhi language is for the practitioners of any language in the world.

The first 3 vowels in Punjabi are O, A and U. These together create the sound of the word OM. The word OAU is OM when we speak it while our mouth is closed. With our mouth closed we cannot utter the sound of OAM as at the nose the M sound gives the sound of A. Thus, the Punjabi with its Gurmukhi Scriopt uses OAU as the OAM in the mouth and thus the Waheguru and OAU defend both the Sanskrit and Hindi languages as well as the Civilization of India in support to all other world civilizations, languages and the classical arts that are classical in the natural flow, the OAM in nature.

It gives better shape to musical measurements as in the form of ragas, we have the variations of the sounds of OAM that have all the Ragas varying from place to place, and time to time based on the natural world at a particular place and the birds, plants, animals, and other forms of life at any place in the world. So, while using OAM as the primal sound, we can create new ragas, the classical measurements anywhere in the world.

In our courses at Life Dynamix - Wings for All, we are going to help individuals to develop their own meters of ragas that suits their surrounding environment while aiding to the ancient ragas, the parameters and scales for musical measurements.

The knowledge and wisdom of the vowels of OAM, AEU as in Waheguru and OAU in the Punjabi alphabet has lot to offer to human civilization aiding to almost all form of human and thus various forms of knowledge and wisdom present in the natural world on our earth.

We can have systems for all languages, rags, computer applications and lot more with set of these 3 primal sounds that further embraces 9 sounds and the rest that equate equal to 52 sounds with consonants based on these 9 minor and 3 major sounds of world languages based on the various patterns with which we take care of almost all computer applications and thus the programming that I learned during my schools times at the High School as a student of Year 9-10 in 1986-87. I later named it as the Philselfology for the research purposes, and thus for our mental health and wellness.

When the computer literacy was introduced in the Indian Schools as in Punjab, we were among the students who learned with the computer teachers as for both of us, it was a new thing as many now days think and assume that electromagnetic systems that interpret human brain, the mind and body talks can be understood through modern techno systems may assume that the elders or seniors may not know is what we did not face as we along with the seniors and the teachers. For me the Thapur Engineering College as the Institute by then was a place where I would go and ask the professors and the lectures, and they say as always to do the trial and error methods and at the same time using of books.

So, during the sessions of 1986-87, I was the computer teacher in my government schools, the Government Multipurpose Schools in Patiala. I taught hundreds of students while also doing all school record work and transferred almost all records into the database of the school say NCC, collecting the filled forms, depositing the forms and fees so collected and as the class monitor I used to manage the entire school management of hundreds of students.

At the same time, I also learned the computer programming and that was 10 INPUT 20 INPUT and so on with the number systems. So, my fisrt programming was the English, and I may not at able to give any excellence when the advanced levels of technologies are here everywhere in the world.

While leaving the lock and keys, I went to Australia in 1989 and came back in 1991 in the same computer room where once Mr. Chris Brooks also visited in 1992. I never knew what happens in the world. I have had computer in my life say 1984-85, and at times as the experiences of life have been so rich that I may forget whether the years were 1984-85 or 1986-87 as we did not have any spare to see even a calendar. So, thus has been every engaged and busy times.

We will discuss about it in the next part of this series based on the research works of and on Philselfology.

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How to Solve the Most Serious Mythological and Psychological Genetic Mental Health Problems and OM - 9

What exactly is Kaliyuga, the stored age lived in our body, mind, heart and soul in the age of technology has only one simple meaning that the Indians think as people think in the Tsunami and other global calamities and the natural problems. It has the verbal culture as the Vedas and as simple as we think as we say we cannot have peace without peace inside our own creative intelligence or heart. This is purely the sound pollution of the subconscious mind, the mind that process that polluted files.

These files get loaded when we do not want to practice classical arts and thus records music with raga, the scientific compositions that our brain can do what we know as the auto-run or the Kantha of the Music, which people who sing in the mind have whenever they want it as the videos and audio files.

These need artistic compositions in all that our brain records like colors, shapes, sounds, buildings (the structures), and all that our body, mind, heart and soul takes as the pure, the Shudhi concepts of the Vedic times, which are not the ancient or old time but the time that people who live naturally as the aborigines and native people do. The modern or the contemporary people simply go away from this track of the age by leaving the natural world and its life style that nature follow though slowly as if the Treta, the 50% of technology, and then to 75 and never 100% any age but say 50 to 75% in the Dwapura and the Kaliyuga as we seem to be while going away from the natural world that always waits her children for us, the humans to and when we return.

What we have in our modern age is that we know it well with the help of internet and technology that all of it is surely possible that we have pollution free world in the above said manner that is the classical works fed to the natural world and thus the best from the natural world. This is when we help nature to help us by not polluting what is original or the classical by almost no possible means. It is possible and we simply need to make an efforts as all of it is for free by the natural world if we stop though slowly to market all of it for money alone as the money cannot make the difference.

The money not earned by non polluted environment is just pollution of the subconscious mind creating dreams that seem to auto-run until one dies in the physical body.

This sound very pollution, the Kalesha's which results from the excessive use of technology can produce more knowledge than we ever need to know, understand and comprehend anything in our real life that we live. We do not live the dreams as the dreams cannot be real, but a tonic for the brain as sleep for the natural world is for say humans, animals and the other living ones.

Most of the black magicians, the tantricks, the oujhasa, reiki masters and other healers in the world simply either may create these mind pollutions in the mind, the brain or help in removing all of these, and with little training all of them can help the world a better civilization where all can live healthy and happy life.

What we need to do is to simply need to do what does not harmful to the natural and the rest is always easy and at hand when we listen to the music and arts going inside our heart and mind all the times for always free and when we need it for better health and wellness. This is what we want to do at Life Dynamix - Wings for All as our courses for finding what we can access for free in our body, mind, heart and the souls. These are very easy to follow courses based on the natural knowledge and wisdom that we all have from the natural world. If we know it, we can help the natural world so that we all coexist happily at least at night (LOL!)

Many people assume that we all know it very well, but its skills are from the way the Vedic or the Verbal Knowledge and Wisdom of our World gives us rather than how and what we know and think about it academically. This is the secret of one world that is inside us not outside until we make an efforts for it by the cleansing of the subconscious mind (that we cannot ever change but manage no matter what the yuga is going on say the Satyuga, Treta, Dwapura or the Kaliyuga as none can erase any content but help managing what we have from our ever lived ancestors, and the grandparents and the parents) without touching or disturbing any content or even a single word in it as its well threaded and integrated system, the Vivashtha that none can ever disturb, and we strongly believe it so at the Life Dynamix - Wings for All.

It has nothing to do with what one is, who one is, where one lives, how one lives, eats, drinks and have spend life and aims to live. Its as natural possible as natural world have been teaching us from the ages in the Verbal or the Vedic ways as the native, the aborigines, and other lovers of nature have always been living.

All of it is from the single sound of the primal or the primary sounds of O, A and M as we say; the OM that supports the civilization of the natural world in the universe as we say OM, the set of sounds O, A and M as the three parent sounds with the three parent colors which we know as the primary sounds and the colors and we never need to be perfect in this verbal knowledge that experts in their individual fields know in detail and depth. WE simply help managing this natural system as Life Dynamix - Wings for All!

Together we can make a difference by going as primary as primal in future!

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How to Solve the Most Serious Mythological and Psychological Genetic Mental Health Problems - 8

In my researches of Philselfology based on the Indian Philosophies and thus the Darshana have been also dealing with the one of the major genetic disorder that we find prominent in the world civilization particularly in the Indian regions. Its based on the fact that biologically or genetically what seems to be fully designed as the grandfather means that one is son of the grandparents and similarly, the girls seem to be daughters of their grandfathers from mother's side.

In my finds, the most of problems it seem to have on the mental health, the schizoid world that gives the brain activities that one follows and we seem to lag one generation behind. The solutions usually have always have come from time to time from the Vedic times, and thus from the great women like the Mary giving birth to Lord Jesus, Kunti giving birth to Arjana, Shri Guru Teg Bahadur giving birth to Shri Guru Gobind Singh and many other examples breaking this long standing myth that the grandfathers seem to be the real fathers and mothers to the children, and thus most people used to say it the son of father or daughter of father or mother. It seems to be evolution of human race.

It may solve the serious problems when one faces genetic or diseases from the genes of grandparents by proper studying and supporting them. We assume that the grandparents constitute the subconscious mind until one accepts the verbal teachings as better than what only grandparents or parents alone say. For it, right from the Vedic times or ages, the word as the God or teacher has been for all, and thus has been sages, rishis, munis, saints, holy people and even the prophets.

They all are called the parents of the subconscious mind and thus helping one follow the true evolution without struggling in the mind and always lagging behind. They give almost all skills to master the subconscious mind, the perception and thus the psychic levels, which is called the transitional mind or the dreamy state of brain that interferes in our life and thus we seem to have less love, affection, care and concern for our forefathers, grandparents and parents in general as the modern world seem to have mess of all.

Otherwise, we may be looking ahead for mental violence that reflects the activity in the brain that one may not control due to these reasons no matter how smart one is by controlling all of it.

That is one of major reasons that the Indians respect teachers more than the parents and anyone creating violence is considered as upset in the subconscious due to above said reasons. Even in the family the mother is considered as on the highest seat or the chair of a teacher, and any violence against her is considered as serious offense.

Thus, the parents help Indian grandparents by setting an example for their children and thus the grandchildren. So, teacher and taught relation is pious in the Indian and the other civilizations. It has levels that start from family and end in the church or temple and the Mosque or the Gurudwara. Thus, we can understand and comprehend Indian Philosophies by accepting its natural flow as one expressed in this blog post.

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Word Theories and the Indian Classical Music and Arts for Better Health - 7

We in the world civilization, a time part of the natural world seem to create almost most of the diseases by the wrong combinations and permutations that harm the genes of words as it cannot vibrate with the human bodies and other things properly. It leads to incurable diseases and we cannot help anything improve health and wellness without proper management of the genes of the words that we know as the Sanskaras in India means installation of no corrupt file in our brains and other things. The words that are most natural or universal have always been in the natural world and thus can heal us better and thus is the Indian Classical Music and Other Arts.

For example: Does not a goat or the goats seem to say: Hallelujah as this video says:, and we can adjust any name that has a grammatically symmetry in it that gives the scientific meaning and thus authentic voices of names, things and the places. The same word Hallelujah can also be or something like that in the spellings,and thus the music and the sound have always existed even before the natural world, the humans, animals, birds, plants and other things living and the nonliving were created in it and thus what the Indians say the Sanatana or the Eternal Existence of sound in the universe that we say the Shabad or the Word of God!

Its very interesting and easy to understand when we learn and comprehended naturally as even the computers associated to our body and the brains as in BCI can produce that we may not be using that way in the future as we work on these easy natural world restoring process as the natural laws and the principles say and give us better insight as the Darshana or the Sacred Visualization Theory of India, but those, who discovered it in the purely natural world say that only those sounds practiced for long enough time need to be used rather than creating permutations and combinations with loss at per each though of the original and making the bits creep in the brains and shout like nothing, the vacuum of the anode and cathode making brain a lab fun, is not it or more vacuum is required, and its not when one has done enough practice in the sound therapies, the musicology! P.S.: The long sentences seem to be a prose-poem!

These natural laws and principles on earth have enough grounds to make a difference for the better world in our modern age.

Thanks and hope to start these courses, the most of which are verbal and based on our already possessed knowledge and experiences, its easy to heal therapies called Be Happy Philselfologically!
Dr. Harmander Singh
How to Use Science, Technology and Computers for Better Health and Wellness: Be Happy Philselfologically - 6

When the proper electromagnetic system has emerged in the world, we can easily modify, develop and enhance the use of technology for the betterment of the world. This knowledge is however is innovative and one can never predict what is going to happen in next day, month and year. Its thus evolutionary in nature and the human qualities that make our character work for it needs daily efforts that is something life daily revolution against what harms our character.

The Indians call it the Charitra means the abilities and other human values that one needs to live well the entire life. Its the concept of totality in which we do not need to judge anyone when and while we may not be accepting individuality that self-worth of every individual) anyone by some action and the reactions, the psychology and the thinking levels of philosophy as it has nothing to do with the charitar of anyone. These too are predictable factors. When nature loves us have all unconditional and that is the selfless or unconditional love and nature wants us the same doing to allow so that nature can help us. If we do not do it, we may be learning to pretend all the times.

This degeneration and decay in India is called due to misconceptions of the nature, the Prakriti.Nature is called the Shakti and its Triya Chalitra are called the hurdles in acquiring the true knowledge and wisdom. The reasons that Indians write against women is beacsue they believe that the Durga, the Goddess of Nature has given birth to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha (Lord Shiva) and their wives. She wants that one must win the lust, greed and all negative energies that harm the natural world and thus nature. Only then one deserves true knowledge, wisdom and insight. She is the goddess of purity and none can defeat her without high morals and character.

We thus mostly notice that the Indians write the Triya Chalitra as the hurdle, and indeed its so because all want the Turiya Avastha, the Pious State of Mind, which the inner nature does not allow without overcoming the negativity called the Triya Chalitra, the health and wellness disorders of the right brain that decays the living bodies. We call it the misconception and misuse of the creative intelligence.

When the Indian men and women request or pray that seek help in maintenance and development of character, and that is also from the women as the girl who was raped and killed at New Delhi making the same appeals and requests as they, the women have higher creative intelligence and that men have more chances of taking advantage by using their intelligence, the excessive use of the left brain.

It has wonderful blend of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus that is when both help one another for high morals and ethics.

Its for lest one harms the human bodies, and the life in general creating fake proofs that go against the householders life keeping all one and alike praying together for the betterment for the world by coexisting and thus the concepts of man and woman in India seemingly feared of opposite gender as at the subconscious with small memory banks, we are still children seeking mother's help and guidance.

This very pretending seem to lead to creativity that plays negative role in our life causing serious mental health problems as one seem to practice greed, the selfish almost most of the times. In such cases, one may not experience the originality, the essence of life that needs innovation, invention and thus the insight that Indians call the darshana, the sacred and innovation visualization. This sacred or gifts from the nature in the chaos, which is the best for each one of us can make a difference in our life making us creative contributors.

These insightful innovations can even the magnet as the compass creating and making the Atlas Maps move everywhere as simple as the mobiles work for guiding the travelers and well even the kids and children prepare such gadgets saving energy that satellite and technology consumes in the space science and technology inhaling the world economy every second.

This advance level of technology has been part of South Indian Civilization from ages. Due to modern changes and the developments, these were almost blocked and even reversed. When we can now access to anyone and anywhere, we can make use of Indian knowledge and wisdom helping the world community in a better way. It can restore the original forms of the natural world so that we can coexist with the laws of affinity and evolution going together while creating better unity, oneness and togetherness.

For it, we have developed the courses and other services at Life Dynamix, the Wings for All so that all students and others can get certificate and license to work anywhere in the world. It can also help everyone to learn to research and develop personal contribution in the fields of health and wellness while properly by the proper use of science, technology, internet, computers, mobiles, and all that influences life on earth and that of the humans.

There are more resources in the human body that we cannot get by all the brains and computers together as the natural world does not support it while changing as the chaos. Nature, the natural world is the natural intelligence and we do not need the artificial one as the ultimate resultant as it seems from the modern developments. If we change, we innovate!

We have many opportunities that help us in the natural world and at life dynamix, we integrate it with your help to make it for all.

This article is in series with Be Happy Philselfologically.

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