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How Gurmukhi Language Systems Unify Chakra Energy and Sephiroth Force with Cymatics leading to the Alternative Horological DNA Systems: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

The Emerging Systems of Four Energies with Fifth Force are also known as the New Paradigm of Energy-Force Systems.In this part of the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, we discuss how the Gurmukhi Language, which is also the Musical Metric Language of Music, Cymatics, Tala, Beats and Harmonics Based Systems as thus the helping tools in developing it as the Unified Approach of the Chakra Energy and the Sephiroth Force Systems.

As we known, the Sephiroth Force is mostly popular in the West with the Middle Pillar Theory, while the Chakra is considered as the Eastern Sacred Systems, while connecting both is possible only with the Cymatics. It is to be remarked here that excess of Suarti, the Chakra, the Meditation may decline interests in the Sephiroth, the Shabada and or the Religion Based Systems, while excess of the later may not create interest in the Meditation, the Suarti Works, which also need Good Food, Diet, Drinks, Pollution Free and or Peaceful Environment to conduct the Meditation, the Suarti Works, and that is where the Sephiroth, the Force, the Manual, the Shabada Based World Religions and Faiths play its major role, while both can be connected with the Cymatics, which now emerging as with the New Paradigm of Four Energy Systems of the Chakra while as the Sephiroth, the Fifth Force Systems, while when we use it in simulations, we notice that the E=mc^2 does not, and that is the E=mcv goes as its basic equation, where the m is mass, c is velocity of light, while the v is the velocity of sound systems, and we can bring great many good results if we use Cymatics into the E=mcv equations as in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, where the Cymatics also presents itself as the Nama, the Pneuma and or the Theory of Cobordism as well.

The Gurmukhi in this context goes Beyond Language Systems as it can update any language system to any other language system because it uses the Musical Metric Systems with the Cymatics, and is the Universal Language, which does not follow any political boundary systems. So, when we discuss Punjabi, Hindi and Sindhi and other Indian and or the Asian Languages; these are mostly regional language systems, while the Gurmukhi-Gurbani as the Bhakha, Boli and Bani is Based on Theory of Elements, where the 35 Sounds of Gurmukhi and or the Indian Alphabets is treated as the Elements of the Universe, the Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth (Solid), which the Sikh Gurus and other Bhagat's, who has been the Masters of Indian-Asian Language, Grammars, Music, Cymatics, Harmonics, Raga, Tala, Akhara Math, Meditation, and EK Theory of Everything, have developed it all as the Evolution of the Indian Theory of Elements, Alphabets and EK Super Sacred Systems, which exist as the Common System of Universe in World Religions and Faiths. So, accordingly, the Gurmukhi Musical Language has brought almost all of the North Indian, South Indian, Himalayan, Israeli, Egyptian and Arabian Systems into the Guru, Grama, and Gramika-Gurmukhi Musical Metric Systems, where the Guru with the Laghu-Guru and Pluta Musical Sound Weight Levels, the Maatra constitutes the Gurmukhi Language Systems. The Modern Emerging Systems as the New Paradigm are also based on it at the times when this Model, Theory, and Systems are almost forgotten; the Extinct with its Sacred Languages in many parts of the world.

It also leads to the Horological DNA-RNA Systems are based on the Quantum Phases with the Cymatics, which yield the Musical, Raga, Cymatics, Beats and Harmonics Based Time Durations, which follow different kind of DNA-RNA Systems having better solutions for the Incurable Diseases, while further it can also have more strands that are usually present due to Cymatics Time Duration's yielding the Matter-Materials that also differ from the Quantum Matter-Material Systems as explained in the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

In this context, the EK Akhara Theory can justify the Underlying Oneness of Religions and or the Faiths, but it too requires Mastery in at least one Sacred Language of the world as in the New and Emerging Paradigm Systems as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise, which we can not substitute with the Good Quotes or Theory of Goodness from all world religions and or the faiths or by simply saying "God is One".

We have taken initiatives to start Research or Doctoral Courses, Degrees and Offering RMP Licenses for it, and it is likely to start this year.

This blog post of the series was complied in many days, and present here for further and full reading:

How One Sound or Letter in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language seems to be Spoken Most Incorrectly: Major Mistakes in the Indian Continental Punjabi or Gurmukhi Alphabets and Extinction of Some Letter Sounds: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, Alternative Horological DNA-RNA and New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

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Emerging Quantum Civilizations, Biophoton, Dark Energy, Sacred Theory of Elements, Languages and Math - Shri Guru Nanak Nirankari, Aadi Shankracharya and Willard Bogart: Gurmukhi, Himalayan, Sindhu Valley Civilizations and Be Happy Philselfologically 181b

Subject, Theme and the Topics: A Case Study, Analysis and Research on the Extinct Himalayan Sindhu (Sindhi) or Indus Valley and the Sanskrit Sacred Civilization with its Original Brahmi, the Quantum Sindhi and the Classical Sanskrit Sacred Language Systems and about 1000 Subjects (an estimation) including the Sacred Ayurveda (which is said to be based on the Fifth or the First Veda, the Pranava (also known as AUM) or Shabada, the Sacred Veda of Quantum Sound) while using the "Sacred Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language Systems" as for the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Theory and Model of Everything Based on Theory of Elements (TAT' Darshana)

A Little Note on the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Theory and Model of Everything Based on Theory of Elements (TAT' Darshana): The Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology can be put as the Non-Political Manifesto of Sacred Human Civilizations Based on the Sacred Theory of Elements; 5 Basic Elements (Space, Air Fire, Water and Earth, the Solid) with thus the Ethereal Space, Light, Sound, Consciousness, Matter and Dark Matter, Energy, and Thousands of Subjects Based on it dealing with the Renewable, Recyclable and Zero Point Energy Tapping - An Appeal, the research, which I have been able to carry for more than 30 years of my life with sincere thanks to my family; my late mother, father, 3 sisters Noni Kaur, Jasvir Kaur and Kuldeep Kaur), the brother and their families, friends, relatives and the well wishers, who support it; including Steven Ferrel!

It mainly focus on the Sacred Civilizations of World and Humanity, which are based on Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light, Sound, Energy and Matter using which humanity has developed, in relation to the suns, moons and the rest of universe the Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, Math, Geometry, and lot more that is discussed in the Hypothesis, the Manifesto of Philselfology, the Single, Theory, Model, Sacred Language and Evolution Based Subjects counting more than 1000 Sacred Subjects in the world, which also focus on the Light (Photon), Sound (Phonon), Quantum Vacuum (Phoneme) and the Vibrations as its Foundation, Base, and Basics and thus the Philselfology.

The Sacred Civilizations are the "Sacred Foundations of Quantum as in the Theory of Elements: 5 Basic Elements, Light, Sound, Consciousness and Matter (Dark Matter and the Super-Dense Matter) as mostly described in the Pseudo-subjects and the World Religions in its True Form of Elements, the Tat' Darshana, and thus the Evolution of Elements Based Civilizations", which are now emerging and going to transform humanity for centuries to come!

Let's pray for sacred, quantum and the classical human civilizations, which has been brought and brought up by our ancestors all over the world!

P.S.: The Sacred Language and Evolution Based Systems and the Civilizations with Thousands of Sacred Subjects can face extinction only when the Sacred Systems are made hidden from the Public or the Masses and or are sold through expensive and or the hierarchy based education systems. (Please read more from Facebook: )

Few Words About the Himalaya and Himalayan Rivers Based Sindhu Sacred Valley Civilizations: It's considered as the Birth Place, the Origin and thus the Root (Etymological) Sacred Himalaya and the Himalayan Rivers Based Civilizations of the Sacred Sindhi, Hindi (Persian name for Sindhi), Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Tamil, Mayan, South Indian Languages, and Sacred Sanskrit Language Based Systems, and we also find its' great impact on the Western Sacred (Mantra, the Sacred Language and Linguistic Based Math and Poetic, the Sacred Language Based Music and Poetry, the Sacred Kava) and Other International Modern Language Systems all over the world. The Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems seem to revive, combine and compile all of these Sacred Language, Linguistic, Grammar, Music, Architect, the Shabada Theory, the Chaos and Chaotic Systems, and more than 1000 Sacred Subjects of the Sacred Himalayan, Asian and the Other Human Civilizations, which in this case is the Himalayan, Indian Ocean and Monsoon Rain and Rivers Based Sacred Civilizations as according to the Ongoing Hypothesis, Synthesis and Research of Philselfology, which also uses the Sacred Gurmukhi (Punjabi) and Other Indian Alphabets as the 7 Rows of Light, Sound and 5 Basic Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), which is also known as the Sapta-matrika (the 7 Levels of Quantization of the Ethereal Space Element) with 8th Row as the Quantum Sounds of Quantum Matter, and thus it presents the Maatra, Sacred "Quantization", which is also known as Mantra (as in Sacred Language Based Math, the Colors and Photons) and Maatra (as in the Sacred Language Based Poetry and Music, the Sounds and Phonons), which we use in the Language and Linguistic Based (Sacred) Math, Music, Geometry, Language and the Other Sacred Subjects. Our focus also includes its use in the Multiple Therapies, which developed in these Sacred Civilizations, which are now the Emerging Quantum Therapies.

The Generalized Sacred Systems of Photon (Light) in the Hypothesis of Philselfology represent the General Human, Machine and Computer Intelligence Based on Logic, Rationalism, Light, the Atom, Atama while the Sacred Systems of Phonon (Quantum Sound) represent the Creative Intelligence, the Chaos and the Chaotic Systems as we use in Machines, Computers, AI and as it's in Human Brain and Intelligence Systems, which is Based on Creativity, Art, Chaos, Sound, Vortex, Mann, the Jeeva-atama. So, we are not just discussing the Fire (Solar, Light and Photon) and Water (Lunar, Sound and Phonon) but how both create the living systems as with the Vortex Atomism. We seem to have lost the distinction of Vortex Atomism as to Atomism alone in the last centuries, so when we consider the Emerging Quantum Sacred Civilizations, it's Based on Vortex Atomism, which is also Essence of Jeeva, the Consciousness, and seems one of the major reasons that it favors and or supports vegetarianism.

The Sacred Civilizations in the Human and the World Civilizations are the "Universal Civilizations of the Sacred Universe" as these mainly focus on the Light (Spirit), Quantum Sound (Consciousness), 5 Basic Elements (Space as the Ethereal Systems, Air, Fire, Water and the Solid as the Earth Systems) and all kinds of Quantum Matter in context to Dark Matter and the Super-Dense Matter Systems, which the Light, Sound and the 5 Basic Elements can create in the universe. Moreover, it seems that every World or International Sacred Civilization has been a great treasure of specialization on One, Many or All of the Sacred Light, Sound, 5 Basic Elements and the Quantum Matter all of it creates in the universe while following the Evolution of the Universe.

The Hypothesis of Philselfology takes up the Basic Theory of Elements as described in the Gurmukhi Sacred Alphabets, we have the Quantum Sounds of Light, Sound, 5 Basic Elements and Quantum Matter expressed as the S, H, 2 Rows of Vowels that S and H creates as S(O), S(A), S(E), S(S), S(H) and the H(O), H(A), H(E), H(S), H(H), the 3rd Row of Vowels as the O, A, E, S, H and the 4th Row of Vowels as the "Y, R, L, V, RH" with the 5th Row of Vowels as the Combined Sounds of SH as the SH(O), SH(A), SH(E), SH(S), SH(H), and then the 5 Quantum Based Sound Groups of 25 Consonants; the Vargas the "K, CH, T, T', P" and thus 5 Basic Rows of Quantum Vowels and 5 of the Consonants, which may serve as the Quantum Sounds of Photons (Light Based, the 25 Vowels) and Phonons (Sound Based, 25 Consonants). It's the analysis according to the Hypothesis if Philselfology as otherwise the Vowels of S and H are simply written Light and Sound, and the rest of the Sacred Alphabets are put as the 2 Rows of Vowels and the 5 Rows of Consonants. The great wonder in it also include the 5 (Sensory, the Vowels)+5 (Motor, the Consonants)=10 Nerves, the 10 Basic Organs of the Human Body. It also can be used to justify the 9 Points that create the Decimal Sacred Sounds of 9 Bindi Sounds and the Bindu, the Zero at the Bindu Light Center of the 10th Point, and thus the Decimal, Zero and the 10 Door Sacred Systems and the Tenth Door, the Dasam Dvara as in the Sacred Indian, Asian and the International Systems.

Furthermore, the Sacred Civilizations focus on how 5 Basic Elements of Space (Ethereal Space, the Akasha), Air, Fire, Water and Solid interact with Light (Consciousness Based Conscious Universe as the Spirit and the Individual Consciousness, the Soul as Light, the Photon) and Sound (Phonon, the Individual Consciousness as the Quantum Sound, the Shabada) with with one another. It may need a library to explain it, so we are taking up the most prominent of Light and Sound as the Mantra (Language Based Math) and Kava (Language Based Music, the Poetry, the Kava), which is present in every world language. We may consider how Air and Fire or Fire and Water or even the Air and Water Coexist, which need to coexist at various levels as otherwise we may observe the Extinction of Sacred Civilizations, which are present as the Coexistence of Light, Sound and 5 Basic Elements not only on earth, but also in the rest of the universe. We are using the Gurmukhi Sacred Language System, which we can sum up or summarize as follows:

In general, the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems can also be put as the "Gu" for the Sound Energy (the Phonon, the Phil, the Philosophy), the "Ru" for the Light Energy (the Photon, the Ology, the Science) and "Mukh or Mukhi" for the Phoneme, the Self, and thus the Gurmukhi as the Phil (Phonon)-Self (Phoneme)-Ology (Photon), and thus as the Philselfology, the Gurmukhi, the Simplified Sacred Language Systems Based on Photon, Phonon and the Phoneme System of Light, Sound, 5 Basic Elements and the Quantum Vacuum.

Moreover, every Indian Sacred Language like any Other International Sacred Language is made up of the Guru-Rang, the Gravity-Color Based Systems in which the Vowels Behave as the Charge (Gravity), the Guru and Color, the Laghu, which further leads to the Desire, the Kama for Charge and Gravity, the Guru Vowel (Maatra) and Moksha or Mokha for the Color and Liberation (Anti-gravity, the Subtle Vowel), and thus the "Guru-Raga"-"Kama-Mokh"-"Rang-Mukti" is yet another way to express any Indian Sacred Language, which in nut shell can be put as Guru-Mokh, the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems, which we also know as Guru, the Master's Voice, the Words of Wisdom Sacred Systems of the Indian and International Sacred Language Systems. In general, we can put the "Guru-Raga" (Phil)-"Rang-Mukti" (Self)-"Kama-Mokha" (Ology, the 4 Pada Based Quantum Quaternion Systems), the Philselfology.

We can also notice that the Phonon (H, the Sound, the Light as Particle Wave)-Phoneme (S-H, the Dualism of Light and Sound Waves, the Quantum Vacuum)-Photon (S, the Light, the Light as the Light Waves) is also the Kara (Sound, the Phonon)-Sandhi (the Unification of Light, the S and Sound, the H)-OM (Light, the Photon), which we discuss as the Philselfology is the Quantum Vacuum Sandhi of OM (Light), the Photon and the Kara (Phonon) as thus the Sandhi of 3 Photon+1 Photon as the Onkara and the 3 Phonon+1 Photon with very special name as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev the Great Master (Guru) of the Indian, Asian and the International Sacred Language, Linguistic, Grammar and the Music Systems as he explains how the Sound (Shabada, the Phonon) Sacred Systems give us the SACH, the Quantum Light and S and the Quantum Air Element, the CH and the Light (Photon) acting with it as the "AAR" for the KAR because the Phonons are the Layers of A', A, 2A, the Topological Quantum Densities of the Quantum Sounds giving the Aryan Sacred Systems as the Sach-aara or the Sach-aryan, the Sachareean, which we have the Onkara of the 3 Photon+ 1 Phonon. The Sat is thus the Classical Sacred Systems of Photon as in the Sacred Sanskrit Language Systems and the Sach is for the Quantum Sacred Systems as in the Phonon, the Sound Based Brahmi, the Quantum Sacred Languages of the Gurmukhi, Sindhi, Hindi, Tamil, and Other South Indian and the Mayan Sacred Languages.

Here, we can remark about the Two Major Categories of the Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom, and that is the Sacred Mantras (the Vaka and the Mantra) and the Sacred Poetry (the Maatra and Kava). In the Sacred Mantras, we have the Quantum Light, the Photon, the Rang (Color), Tirang or the Tarang (Light as Wave) while in the Sacred Poetry, we have the Quantum Sound, the Phonon, the Raga, and the Tarang as the Garuta, the Gravity and thus the Indian Sacred Name of Garantha (Grantha), which simply means the Light as Particle Wave, and the usual follow up as the Kava-Grantha that seems to well relate with the Vama Veda (Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of 5 Basic Elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid, the Earth and Sound and thus the Maatra and the Kava), while the Quantum Light seems to go well with the 4 Sacred Vedas (Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of Light and Quantum Sound, the Mantra and the Vaka). The Sikh Gurus, who are also considered as the Great Masters of the Indian, Asian and International Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and Music seem to well claim that the Sacred Kava (Poetry)-Grantha (the Saccred Scripture that follows the Shabada Theory), the Sacred Language Based Poetry is the Ever Living or the Eternal Guru (Teacher) of the Sacred Systems of the Universe. So, that seems one of the major reasons that Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Based Poetic and Poetry Systems of Indian, Asian and International Sacred Systems in which Sacred Languages are considered as the Cure for All Diseases, and thus the Sacred Music Based Healing.

The Sacred Gurbani, the Sacred Poetry in the Gurmukhi uses the Sanskrit Based Photon, the "Sat" (Light, the Photon and 3 Levels of Consciousness, the Water Element), which with "Nama" as the Volume of Quantum Sound gives the Satinama and develops it as the "Sach" (Light, the Photon and Quantum Air Element as also the Volume of Quantum Air for 1 Photon+3 Phonons, the Quantum Volume giving us the Space-Volume for the Space-Time), and thus the Sachaara (also as the Sachiara) Sacred Systems, the Brahmi or Quantum (Phonon, the Sound Based) Sacred Language Based Systems. The "Ara" or Unification of "A" as the 0A', A', 2A', 3A', 4A' with R, the Quantization gives us the "A-A-R", the 25 Consonants, the 5 Basic Elements while if we work on the 25 Consonants, it's the "K-A-R". Some of the Practitioners of the Indian Sacred Systems consider the A-A-R, the Creation of Vowels (5 Basic Rows of Vowels as discussed in the Hypothesis of Philselfology) as superior to K-A-R, the Creation of 5 Basic Elements (5 Basic Rows of the Indian Sacred Alphabets), so they may even refrain from uttering or speaking the Kara with Onkara, and thus simply say "OM or AUM" but not "Omkara or Aum-kara", and we may think of this methodology as the "A-A-R and OM or AUM" and thus it seems to be the "A-A-R"-YAN, the Aryan Sacred Philosophy, which may not give great priority to the "K-A-R", but to the "A-A-R" while the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems put it as the Sach-A-A-R, which seems Advancement and Evolution in the Indian, Asian and the International Sacred Systems as brought by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Great Grammarian of the Indian and Asian Sacred Systems. It, the Sachiara (Quantization of Quantum Sound leads to Phonon Based Recyclable Systems) Sacred Philosophy and Systems also seem to oppose the Materialism without Spiritualism as the "K-A-R"-"A-A-R", the Kariara or the Kuriara (Quantization of Matter leading to Pollution or Non-recyclable Systems.

Moreover, the Sacred Language Based Math, which is represented as the Mantra Sacred Theory is also what we know as the ANU or the ANTA Sacred Theory (for its etymological roots of the M-anta, M-ant and the M-antra) while the Sacred Language Based Music further based on the Raga and the Maatra (M-aatra) is what we also know as the Aati or Aadi Sacred Systems (for its etymological roots of the M-ata, M-ati and the M-atra as the Aati is Aadi in the 4th Row of the Consonants as the "T", TH, "DA", DH, NA in the Indian Sacred Alphabets). The Anta is for the Color, the Light Waves (Photons) and the Aadi is for the Sound Charge and Vibrations, the Particle Waves (Phonons) so thus creates the OM (Anta)-Kara (Aadi) Sacred Systems, which are one in the Quantum Vacuum of S (Light, the Photon) and H (Sound, the Phonon) and this union which produces the OM (Anta)-Sandhi (S and H)-Kara (Aadi) gives us the Onkara Sacred Philosophy. The Anta is also the "Tar or the Tara as in the Mantra" while the "Ava is used for the Mantra as the Kava, and thus the Ava and the Kava, which we know as the Maatra", and thus we can also put as the OM (Anta)-Kara (Aadi) as the OM (Tara)-Kara (Ava), and thus giving us the Quantum Vacuum Based Quantum Singularity as the Sacred Avatara for the Plurality Dimensions of the Quantum Singularity Dimension (S and H as the S-H) thus yielding "Ava" (Maatra) and the "Tara" (Mantra) Sacred Systems and we have discussed it as the Sacred Cobordism and the Sacred Nama Theory in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically (Please read it here: ).

So, accordingly, the Avatara, Onkara, Guru, Bhagwana (or Bhagvana) and all other Indian Sacred Terms are made up of the Ava (Sound, the Phonon Part) and the Tara (Light, the Photon Part), which coexist due to the Sandhi, the SUNN-Dhi, the Quantum Vacuum (SUNN) Expansion (DHI), and thus seems one of the highest achievements of the Sindhu Sacred Civilizations for the Sandhi Sacred Systems as the Philselfology for Sound (Phonon)-Sandhi (Quantum Vacuum, the Phoneme)-Light (Photon). We can also put as the Aadi-Madhi-Anta Sacred Systems, where the Madhi is what exists between the Aaadi (Maatra) and Anta (Mantra), and that is the Madhium, the Medium that we can put as the S-H, the Sandhi. The Quantum Vacuum as the "S (Light) and H (Sound)" with the 3-Dimensional Physical World as the Sandhi (Union) through the Madhi, which gives us the Sacred Shabada as the Sacred Sounds, Lights, Images, Audio, Videos and the Visuals as the Sacred Visualization that we know as the Samadhi, the Sandhi+Madhi, the Mid Point (Madhi) of Union (Sandhi), which we also know as the "Focus Based on Light, Sound and Charged (Amrit) Water as say Superfluid" that also ends up in the Phonon (Ida, the Moon, the Lunar, Water, etc. Based Sacred Systems), Photon (Pingla, the Sun, the Solar, Fire, etc. Based Sacred Systems) and the Phoneme (Sukhmana, the Earth, Amrit, Soma, Parabrahma Water and Brahma Fire of Life, Brahma Superfluid, etc. Based Sacred Systems).

The above Indian Sacred Terms of the OM, Sat, Sach, K-A-R, A-A-R, and other sacred terms are based on the Indian Sacred Alphabets, which seem to well constitute the Indian Sacred Religions, Faiths, Mat (Philosophy), and the Sacred Subjects and the Sacred System that are "Based" on Light (Photon), Sound (Phonon), Consciousness (Biophoton), 5 Basic Elements, Quantum Matter, etc. are thus the Expansions, Development and Evolution on the Indian Sacred Alphabets leading to the Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, etc., which further leads and results in Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Science, Technology, Astronomy, Astrology, Cosmology, Religion, Faiths, Yoga, Spiritualism, Mythology, and Thousands of Modern, Ancient and the "Sacred Subjects" in general. So, it has nothing to do with the "Religion and Faiths", which starts with Hinduism, Sindhi-ism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Other Indian Sacred Religions and Faiths, which help in Learning, Studying, and Researching Sacred Subjects and Systems that humanity almost lost in last centuries as well as in the Extinction of the Sacred Civilizations Based on the Sacred Languages, and that the Good News is that now all of it returns as the Quantum Civilizations all over the worlds as we discuss it in the name, hypothesis and research of Philselfology in which the Quantum Vacuum Light Quanta (S) is considered as the Sound Quanta (Phonon, the N), Light Quanta (Photon, the M) and that the N in the 4th Row and and the M in the 5th Row also give it the popular name of the Sacred Sabada and or the Shabada, the S-B-D (The S-M-N as the Quantum Vacuum Light, Bindu and the Bindi), which we can also put as the Phonon-Biophoton-Photon, the Root and Etymological Sacred Sounds or and the Words of S, N and M leading to the Satinama and Namaste Sacred Systems.

For example, we have Two Sacred Systems of the Universe as the Brahmanda, which the Brahma (Light, the Photon) and the Anada (the Fire Based System) and thus the Brahmanda as the Evolution of Life Based on Light and Fire as in the Egg and the Para-Brahma, the Water and Light as Sound Sacred Systems, which consider the Evolution of Life Based on Sound, the Nada (Par, the Para) and Light (now as Phonon), and thus Para-Brahma Sacred Theory of the Universe. We can put both as the Para-Brahma-Anda, and we can also write the Anda as the Ana or Anu (from the 3rd or even the 4th Row of Consonants in the Indian Sacred Alphabets as say the Sacred Gurmukhi Alphabets), which is thus Para-Brahma-Anu or the Parabrahman(u), the Shabada (Word as Quantum God) the Water-Light (Consciousness)-Fire Based Evolution of the Life (Consciousness, the Jeeva) and the Universe, which we have hypothesized as follows:

Water Based Sacred Systems (Phil)-Consciousness (Self)-Fire or Light Based Sacred Systems (Ology)=Phil-Self-Ology as thus Philselfology, the simplified name for the Para-Brahma-Anu or the Parbrahman(u)

The most popular spiritual and religious traditions of Brahma Sacred Systems include the Gyana, the Giana, the Gi-anu while the Anu (Photon) is replaced by the Asu, the Quantization and the Quantum Vibrations of Light, and thus the Phonon, which we thus have as the Para-gasu, and that is Phonon (Para)-Quantized Light (Gasu), and thus the Pargasa (Pargasu) or even the Parkasa (Parkasu), which we have the Phonon or Religion Based Pair of the Gi-anu( Giana or Gyana) and according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, we have it as the Gian(a)-Pargas(a) or Gian(u)-Paragas(u) as the proper Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of Spirituality (Giana) and Religion (Pargasa) in which the Asu and Anu coexist as the Asu+Anu=Asnu, the Sacred Asana, the Position of Consciousness to experience both the Photon (Light) and Phonon (Sound) Energies of the Universe, and thus for the Asana and the Giana (Photon) Pargasa (Phonon). For greater clarity, we can also consider the Brahma Sacred Systems as the Crystal Sacred Systems, while the Para-Brahma Sacred Systems are the Lattice Sacred Systems, and together the Brahma and Para-Brahma Sacred Systems give us the Lattice Crystal, which ends up in the Sacred Geometry, and that is Lattice (Phil)-Sacred Geometry (Self)-Crystal (Ology), and thus the Sacred Geometry Based on the Lattices and the Crystals goes as the Philselfology. So, the "Para Sacred Systems" is almost same as the "Lattice Sacred Systems". It can also be put as the Mann (Lattices), Jio (Consciousness) and Mat (Mitry, the Crystal), and thus the Consciousness (Jio)-Metry (Mat, Mit, Mitry; the Geometry) of the Lattices (Mann, the Creative Intelligence, the Chaos of the Universe), and thus the Jio-Metry, the Geometry (Sacred; Based on the Consciousness) of Mann, the Creative Intelligence, is another Synthesized Name for the Philselfology, the Mann-Jio-Mitra.

In this context, we can consider the Parkasa and Pargasa as for the Rhythm (Rida or Hrida, the Beat and Pulse Based Sacred Systems) instead of Glowing Light as in the Darshana (Philosophy) and Wave-Action of Light in Space (Akasha, the Ethereal Space), the Kara instead of Anu, the Glow of Light and its Rays and Vibrations, the Science or the Giana, and thus have the Rhythm (Rida, the Heart Zones or the Beats and Pulses in the Human Body)-Particle and Wavelike Space Combined (Ethereal Space, the Pargasa)-Waves and Vibrations (Kara), and it's when we change the "Order of 1 Photon-3 Phonon (Spiritualism Based Sacred Systems of Glow of Light, Light-Waves and Classical Space and Universe) to 1 Phonon-3 Photon (Religion Based Sacred Systems of Beats, Particle-Waves and Ethereal, the Quantum Space and Universe)".

Please note that the Para-Brahma and the Para-Brahma-Anu (Parbrahman) differs a lot, while it's the Para-Brahma-Anu is almost same as the Abraham (Abrahamian) Sacred Systems. The Para in the Para-Brahma can be considered as researched as the A-brahma for "Par and Ab" are almost similar as when we take the Para-Brahma-Anu as the Mother-God-Father for the Lunar (Brahmi, the Gurmukhi Sacred Languages) Systems and the Mother-God-Father for the Solar (Sanskrit Sacred Language) Systems, and that is also a focus on the Holy Spirit (Para, the Phonon) and Spirit (Anu, the Photon) with ongoing and the further research on it for the Comparative Religious and Sacred Systems with the Hypothesis of Philselfology. It seems to have sacred Term of P-A-A-RA as Piara or Pyara (Piare or Piraean) in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems for what is Aryan (Civilized) or the Arayan with Mitra (the Friend derived from the Mantra) in the Light, the Photon Based Sacred Systems in the Sacred Sanskrit Language Systems as this Pairing may differ by letter "P" however, we cannot apply it for every term without the added analysis of Vowels of O, A, and E. In general the Para-brahma(n) and Brahma(n) may be considered significant from how the "N" is put as the suffix, which can be from the Rows of Fire, Water and the Solid Elements, and thus the N-A-NNA (YANNA), N, and M to signify the Role of Brahma, which too is made up of PAR (PAR, FAR, BAR, BHAR, MAR), and that is PAR-H-MA (BAR-H-MA), but it's beyond the scope of this presentation. We are discussing it here to utilize the Sacred Systems of Brahma, Para-Brahma and Abraham Sacred Systems in which we can put it as the White Dot (Spirit), Vibration (which create the Spectrum, the Creation) and Black or Energy Dot (Holy Spirit), and thus create All Sacred Math, Geometry, Music and Other Sacred Systems, the Essence of Sacred Civilizations, which are now the Emerging Quantum Civilizations in which we can expect the Photon, the Light as the Computer BIT and the Phonon, the Sound as the Quantum BIT, the QUBIT Sacred Systems for the Quantum Brain and the Quantum Neural Networking, the Emerging Cure for all health and wellness problems in the world.

The Endangered or Almost Extinct Indian Sub-continent Based Sindhus or the Indus Valley Sacred Civilizations have been based on the Sacred Water, Moon, Lunar, Shabada, Sound, Architect (Vastu), Dances, Instruments; the Sacred Poetry and the Poetic's, the Kava), the Varuna (Quantum God Systems of Water) with the Sacred Varuna Astrology (as used by one of the great Scholar and King of the Indian Continent, whom we know as Ravana (from the Sacred Epic of Holy Ramayana), and this Sacred Astrology is also popular as the Lal Kitab Based Astrology, which in its Advanced Level is the Astrology Based on Kava (Poetry), Raga, Kirtan, the Vaka (Mantras Based on the Sacred Poetry and Poetic in it's deep relation to and with Light, Sound, and 5 Basic Elements through Water or now Phonon, the Sound that can create Colors, the Photons) and all that we consider in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Model and Theory of Everything for Restoring, Developing and Empowering the Sacred Language Based Endangered or Almost Extinct Extinct Sacred Civilizations of the Sindhi (Sindhu, the Indus, in the Persian is the Hindus Sacred Systems of Sacred Languages) and the Sanskrit World Civilizations. This Sacred Civilization of Sindhus or the Indus is almost similar or same to the South Indian Mayan Sacred Civilizations of Dravidian, Tamil and the South Indian Sacred Language Based Civilizations as also present all over the world and its great links with the Egyptian, Arabian, Israeli, Chinese, Japanese, Mayan American and European as well as the Other Asian and the Continental Sacred Civilizations. The Sacred Civilization of Sindhus and or Indus has been in India, but now it's in Pakistan after the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Moreover, this Sacred Civilization is considered more ancient than the Sacred Civilizations of the Sanskrit Languages as according to the available resources as it's based on what we know as the Sacred Veda of Shabada, the Pranava (Shabada) Veda (Sacred Books of Knowledge that discuss Dark Energy, Pseudo-systems of Universe as the Shabada, the Sound Energy), which is based on Moon, Water, Consciousness, Sacred Poetry, Water Memory, Cymatics. Meanwhile, the Sacred Civilizations of Sanskrit are based on the Sun, Fire, Light, Sacred Mantra (the Linguistic Math) and lot more.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was born in this Sacred Civilization in 1469 AD at Nanakana Sahib, which is now in Pakistan. He has done great many marvelous researches and the works to restore these Sacred Civilizations of Sindhus or the Indus Valley, and spent his entire life for it while visiting all of the places that relate to these Sacred Civilizations while restoring its Sacred Languages as the Gurmukhi Sacred Languages, which we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology as the Sacred Language of Phonon (Sound) with Sacred Sanskrit as the Sacred Language of Photon (Light) as he has greatly contributed to the development of Extinct Sindhu (and or the Indus) and the Sanskrit Sacred Civilizations, which was further developed by his 9 Successor Masters or the Spiritual Gurus of the Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Music and the Grammars for which they worked and researched for about 250 years (1469-1708 AD) collecting its Sacred Traces of Extinct Sacred Languages from say 10-11th Century to 1708 AD). They compiled this Sacred Treasure of Sacred Languages and Music of Asia in the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sacred Poetry and the Poetic in Gurmukhi known as the Sacred Gurbani in the Indian and Asian Sacred Raga Systems. (Please read more about it from the here: )

It's to be well remarked here that the International Sacred Systems Based on Quantum Light, the Photon Sacred Systems follow the "Nonviolence", and thus the Gyana, the Theory of Thought (Spiritualism), while the Sacred Systems Based on Quantum Sound, the Phonon follows the "Non-violation", as in the Martial Arts and the Scouting as it deals with the 5 Basic Elements, the Karma and the Action Theory, the Dharma (Religion). The Religion (Dharma) is based on the Knowledge, Wisdom and Action Theory of Elements, the TAT' Darshana as described in all World Sacred Systems Based on Theory of Elements in which Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. have been great contributors in the past. (By relevancy: )

Moreover, it's also to be well remarked here that Every Sacred Language in the Indian Subcontinent Himalayan Sacred Civilizations treat All Sacred Systems of Prose, Mantra, Poetry, Kava, Kirtan, Bani and Other Sacred Language Based Systems of the Light, Sound, Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid; including say the Solar or Lunar, so when we express that the Sanskrit as Light (Photon) Based or Gurmukhi Sound Based, it's based on the fact that the Sacred Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars "Change or Shift First and Third Person from Light, the First Person of Sacred Sanskrit into the Third Person of sacred Gurmukhi in which the First Person is the Sound (which we have as the Third Person in the Sanskrit sacred Language Systems), while otherwise everything is same and all Indian Sacred Languages describe all sacred Systems of the Sacred Civilizations of the World Based on Light, Sound and the 5 Basic Elements. In other words, the Indian Sacred Languages may thus then differ only in the "Script", but in in the Essence of Indian Sacred Systems. It also applies to all of the International Sacred Languages as the Languages of Theory of Elements, the TAT' Darshana.

This blog post is specially dedicated to Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Aadi Shankracharya and Willard Van De Bogart for their researches on the Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and "Quantization of Sound" and the quantum systems. Willard Van Bogart is also member of Life Dynamix - Wings for All. Please know more about the the Life Dynamix - Wings for All from the following videos, which are my self-written and produced.

When we consider the 5 Basic Elements, Sound, Light, Consciousness and "Basic, Primal and Most Universal Attributes", we can notice that anything in the universe and that is on any earth, planet, moon, sun and or the star acquires the qualities, characteristics, guna, dosha, merits and other dharma traits according to the chosen Sacred Systems and the Parameters of Any Given Religion, Faith, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Doctrine, Theology, Philosophy, the Sacred Language, Math, Music, Geometry, Architect, and all that we discuss here for the earth systems. This is what the Hypothesis Assumes and Proposes as the Most Fundamental, the Natural Laws and Principles for the Given Sacred Systems of the Given Sacred City, State, Nation and the Civilization on our earth systems and that is to say "On Earth as in Heaven" and "In Heaven as on Earth". Thus, we may not prove any conflict in any sacred systems of any world religion, faith and what it gives as the Sacred Math, Music, Geometry, Language, Grammar and All that we have in the Emerging Quantum, Classical and the Sacred Systems. All of these conflicts thus seem to be human made to have more control on the natural resources, which are otherwise the Free, Renewable, Recyclable, Zero Point, Quantum Vacuum and thus the Energy in Any Given Form.

Thus, no conflicts seem to be present in the universe if we understand the Sacred Systems of the Universe.

However, if there is any, it may arise from one's having less or almost no learning of religions, faiths and the sacred systems derived from it in the Zero Dimension, the One Religion without any division, the dimensional religions, which then transform into many religions, dominions and or the sects and further that there also seems a great lack of comparative religious studies particularly in context to the quantum, the sacred systems of languages, linguistics, grammars, math, musigc, geometry, architect and lot in both the zero dimension and the 4-Dimensions of the World Religions, Faiths and the Sacred Systems based on it all. It seems still a great wonder that in absence of knowledge in both may claim to be atheists as if the logistics, rationalists and or even communists, who may not believe in Quantum One (God) Systems. However, we now notice everyone learning and understanding all of it as the Quantum God Particle Systems, and the Quantum God Systems in general.

For greater generalizations, we can put that the Raja Rishi Systems are very close to the Photon, the Light Energy Systems and Philosophy for the 4th Dimension of the World and the Universe while the Brahma Rishi Systems are close to Phonon, the Sound Energy and thus to Para Philosophy, which is popular as the Para-Darshana, the World, which we See, Perceive and Develop, and that is the 3-Dimensional World and the Universe in general.

In other words, the Philosophy and Para Philosophy for the Photon and Phonon Science, Math and Technology need a review that people understand it, which is possible if we introduce the Phonon and Para Philosophy, which constitutes the Quantum Systems.

In this context, one of the most serious problems has been that we think and assume that when we talk and discuss about "Light"; its everything, but its not because we also have the "Spectrum, the Colors of Light, Shapes, Sizes and Visible World in the Form of 5 Basic Elements", and that is where "Light" is not everything, but the "Quantum Sound, the Vibrations, which help us to see, experience and feel all of it goes as the Para Philosophy, which even a child can understand". This very quantum sound, the vibrations seem to create the Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Sacred Geometry, Math, Music, Architect (Sacred Vastu Shastra), Dances, Instruments and lot more as what has been present as the Human Intuitive Knowledge and Wisdom and thus the Fifth Veda, the Pranava, the Sound Veda, the Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom Present Within All of Us.

So, the Para Philosophy asks for "Demo", the Presentation (Pardarshana) of the "Theory", the Philosophy, and thus Photon and Phonon, and that is where the Raja Rishi (Photon) needs Brahma Gyana (Sacred Wisdom) from the Brahma Rishi (Phonon), and what we can think of Quantum Vacuum, the SUNN, which sustains both is simply the Phoneme, the Most Primitive Sounds, which creates both the Photons and the Phonons as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

We can simply put the Phoneme=Photon+Phonon

This is also the Most Simplified Equation of the Chaos and Vortex Based Math, the VBM, and in it the Photon and the Phonon seems to well create the Upper and the Lower Parts of the Vortex, and it can also be simplified as with the Photon-Phonon Coupling thus the Vortex Based Math! Smile

We can also study and research the Phoneme as the Para-Brahma Systems of the Quantum Vacuum producing the Photon (Raja Rishi Systems) and the Phonon (Brahma Rishi Systems) on the basis and the grounds that the Quantum Sound Creates Everything!

Now, coming back to Phonon, the Quantum Sound Systems of the Universe, we may pay more attention to the fact that the Phonons are Sacred Parameters of Quantum Systems of the 3-Dimensional World in which we live.

So, accordingly, when we think about the Light as the Science and Philosophy, we have it as the Yoga, Meditation, Light, Bliss and lot more related to it. However, when we think about the Light as Sound, it changes into what we know as the Para Philosophy and Religion in which the Para Philosophy seems same as the Quantum Philosophy, which is basically an expression of what religions and faiths giving us almost all sacred systems of the Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, Geometry, Architect, Water Memory, Cymatics, and lot more, which has never been changed or altered in the human civilizations as it may not be possible as thus the Pure Form of One Religion; the Set of Sacred Laws, Principles and the Parameters. In this context, thus we can consider the Para Philosophy as the Religions and Faiths, which is same as considering it all as the Quantum Philosophy and or the Quantum Systems.

The Hypothesis of Philselfology considers the Para Philosophy, the Quantum Philosophy, the Religion and the Sacred Systems as the Phonon Systems of the universe, and the name of the Philselfology by itself goes for it, which is Quantum (Self)+Philosophy=Philselfology with the quantum sciences describing it as with the "Ologies", the Sciences as thus again the Philselfology.

In other words, for the advanced levels of researches in which we can explore the Quantum Vacuum as the Phonemes, we have the Photon as Science and Phonon as the Philosophy of the Self, the Consciousness, and thus also the Phil=Phonon, Self=Phoneme and Ology (Ologies)=Photon resulting into the Phonon-Phoneme-Photon as the Philselfology about which Willard Van De Bogart has done very good research work named as Sonic Psychism.

A Memory by Dr. Harmander Singh

A Memory with Willard Van De Bogart

It is to be further pointed out that the Philosophy of Light as Photons deals with the Atom while the Philosophy of Light as Sound, which deal as Phonons gives us what we study, learn and research as the Vortex Systems and thus together the Vortex Atomism, the Photon-Phonon Systems while in last few centuries the Phonon Part as the Vortex may have been suppressed a lot and thus we think we are "light" photon, and may ignore vast number of sacred subjects, which if we study we can make our earth a better place to live.

Now, according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Model and Theory of Everything, the Photon, the Light and Phonon, the Sound constitutes the Sacred Theory of Light, Sound and 5 Basic Elements, which are present in All World Sacred Civilizations with still greater spectrum of this Sacred Wisdom Being Present Inside All of Humans, which one can awaken without any possible previous data, information, knowledge and or the wisdom, which otherwise have been sold with fake guru-ships and or almost kept hidden from the masses by the priests, and thus using a kind of education that may not help individual awaken anything, but become slave of already existing contemporary knowledge and wisdom that may promote the labor, who can do job only, and the Quantum Sacred Systems seem to fully resolve this problem with almost no books required for its education and thus emerging Vortex Based Math, Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Languages, Grammars and lot more that seem to depend on phoneme, the quantum vacuum, which preserves everything for us.

However, after reading the above still needs a specialist and the expert, who can guide in learning it all, the sacred systems as it saves time, energy and results can be far better.

Here, we have used the term of Para Darshana, the Para-Philosophy (Darshana), and simplicity of the Indian Sacred Systems, we can also put it as the Para for Phonons as also with P, the Optical Phonons and the R, the Acoustic Phonons while the Dara is simply the Door To Quantum Vacuum, the Sunn is Photon and further that the Sunn by itself can be put as the Phonemes. So, we can put that the Para Philosophy, the Para Darshana is the study and research of Phonon (Para) Photon (Dara) and Phonemes (Sana, the Sunna), which thus also seem to well constitute the Vortex Atomism in Quantum Vacuum as thus the Vortex (Phonon) Atomism (Photon) and Quantum Vacuum (Phoneme), which we have named as the Philselfology, the Phonon-Phoneme-Photon. It also seems true for any given systems, where we can use the term of Para, Meta, Sacred Geometry Based and so on and thus the Para and or the Meta as the Phonon Systems. This integration can further achive marvels if we put it as the Photon for Anu and Phonon for Para and thus the Para-Anu as the Phonon-Photon Systems, and here too we cannot imagine the Param-anu without the Photon and Phonon where the Photon is just the Virtual Atom Radiations in a way and that the Phonon describes the Para, the Phonon, the Geometric Aspects of the Anu, the Atom in its context to the Vortex Atomism.

We can further elevate the Photon as "Thought", the Phonon as the "Emotion" and the Phoneme as the "Quantum, the Dynamic Thinking" or simply an "idea".

We can also explore the Great Treasure of Phonons, the Para Sacred Systems when we consider it along with the Indian Sacred Systems of "A", the Vibrations as the A', A, 2A and other lower and the higher dimensions based on the level of vibrations present in the Phonons, and thus the PAARA Systems, which we have as the P+A+R and not as the P+R, and that the "A" in the P+A+R indicates that we can have Vibrations of PARA Systems to elaborate it. The point that we also need to note here is that the PARA (as P+R) can have the O, A, E and other Phonon Vibrations, the Phonetic Sounds of Vowels being present any where in the "P+R" Setup say as the P+A+R, P+E+R, P+O+R, P+R+A, P+R+E, P+R+O, and so on, which simply defines how the Sounds of the Consciousness are going to be influenced by the Phonon Vibrations, the Sounds of Consciousness as presented in the Indian Sacred Alphabets and the 64 Phononic (Phonetic) Sound Vibrations known as the 64 Yogini's (also called Jogini's in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems). It is well remarked here that the Indian Sacred Alphabets are well arranged sounds of consciousness in which we can have the Photons Represented in the Columns and the Phonons in the Rows, while still better considerations can go well with considering the Optical Phonons in the Columns and the Acoustic Phonons in the Rows, and thus the Sapta-matrika, the Sounds of 7 Levels of Consciousness as giving rise to the Virtual, Biological and or the Black Photons from the Addition of Optical and Acoustic Phonons, such that we can have it as:

Optical Phonon+Acoustic Phonon=Third, the Dual Phonon=Virtual Photon (Black or Biological Photon)

For the above reasons, the Indian Sacred Alphabets has also been used as to cast off the bad or evil effects (affects), the negative vibrations as in the Bovis Scale on the human consciousness as well on the botanical and the biological systems as is the case in Quantum Healing presented in the Indian Sacred Mantras, Poetry, Prose, and other sacred compositions no matter in what sacred format, and this is also so in all of the International Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and all other sacred formats. The Sacred Formats, which we know as the Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are for the Infinite Combinations and Permutations of Sacred Sounds, Alphabets, Languages, Grammars, Math, Geometry (Life Seed, Flower, Tree), Music, Architect, Cymatics, Water Memory, and so on that heals and cure the negative effects on the consciousness in any life form, the sacred format. We notice it in the DNA Cure with 528 Hz. (A good video is present here: The 6 Tones Of Creation (God's Healing Frequencies)

When we consider the Indian Sacred Systems and the Phonon-Photon use of Sounds, which is also appropriate in any given world language even though it may differ a little, we can analyse how and why we use Rama and Shree Rama and also say Waheguru and Shree Waheguru. According to the Sacred Theory of Satinama as proposed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Great Grammarian of Indian and Arabian Sacred Languages, we can notice that the Rama is the Sat(a) Nama, the Light Side of Sound Energy as the Optical Phonon Sound, while the Shree Rama is the Sat(i) Nama, the Sound Side of the Sound Energy as thus the Acoustic Phonon Sound. The Shree is the Vortex for Everything in the Universe including the Universe by itself, while the Rama is the Atomism, the Light of the Universe. So, the Shree Rama is the Sacred Expression of Vortex Atomism, the Phonon-Photon Relationship of Phonon Sounds as is also the case in the Shree Waheguru. We, however, we need to take care that Sat-nama is Rama or Waheguru while the Sat-i-name is the Shree Rama or Shree Waheguru, which also seems present in the Sikh Greeting that says: Sat(i) Shree Akal, and that is Vortex Truth (Sati) is Shree (Vortex) Akal (Atomism), and further that the Sat(i) is also what we can express as the Sach, the Sat (Atomism) in its Spectrum, the Energy Levels, the Truth that the Moods influence and thus the Sat with Feeling goes as Sach as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

For further classifications of Indian Sacred Systems, we can also treat SHREE and SREE as with Light (S) and 3 Quantized World (R) such that the "SH" represents the 3 Worlds of Consciousness (Self-assembling Systems) while the "S" is the 4th Dimension of the Consciousness (Self-assembling), and thus when we write the "SH-R-EE", we have the "Quantization" of the 3 Worlds of Consciousness while "S-R-EE" is the Basic or the Fundamental Quantization of the 4th Dimension of "S" into "R-EE", and thus we can put it as follows:

Quantization of S-R (S-U-R, the Sounds)=S-R-EE (4th Dimension)+SH-R-EE (3-Dimensions)

And thus there is Shree in Sree and both are in the S-R, the Sura, the Sounds, and we can put it as:

SUR (Phoneme, the S-R, the Quantum Vacuum Sounds)=S-R-EE (Photon)+SH-R-EE (Phonon)

In the above the "EE" is the Sounds Vortex such that we have it as E=O+iA, the 3 Basic Sounds of the Universe as O, A, and E. We can also put it all as follows:

SUR (Phoneme, the S-R as Black and White Color)=S-R-EE (Photon, the White Color)+SH-R-EE (Phonon, the Spectrum Colors)

We may hardly believe that the Colors Create Sounds or that the Sounds Create Colors! Unhappy

If one does not learn sounds and colors, one may get a kind of disease called synthesia:

Now, when we consider the Indian Sacred Alphabets as we discuss the Gurmukhi Sacred Alphabet with the 7 Rows, the 7 Spirits of the Universe, the 7 Goddesses, the Sapta-matrika Systems, we have to take care that the S-R, the Sura, the Primal Sounds, the Phonemes go as to create the 7 Levels of S-R, and thus the Sura Sat(a), the Sur-sat, the Sursati, which the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems study and research as the Saraswati, the Goddesses of Learning, Education and Sacred Wisdom as detailed and discussed in the Sacred Gurbani, which we have as the Sacred Poetic Compositions in the Indian and Arabian Ragas with Sanskrit and Gurmukhi Primary Pairing, the Primary Root Sacred Languages having Arabian and Israeli as its Secondary Pair, the Root Sacred Languages while using almost all of the Indian Sacred Languages as well as the Arabian, Egyptian and Other Natural Sound, Native, the Aboriginal and or the Others as through the Individual Contributions by what we know as the Bhagat's, the Quantum Researchers of Sacred Systems, the Sacred Instruments, Sacred Languages, and so on which we can put as follows:

SUR (Phoneme, the S-R as Black and White Color)- Sat (Seven Rows)=S-R-EE (Photon, the White Color, the 5 Columns)+SH-R-EE (Phonon, the Spectrum Colors, the 7 Rows)

Sur+Sat+EE (Sound, the Shabada Energy)=Sursati Sound and Vibration Energy

It is the Base, Basic and the Foundation of the Gurmukhi Sacred Language as described in the Sacred Alphabet, Language, Linguistics and the Grammars developed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the Sikh Gurus for resulting in the SH-R-EE S-R-EE as the Sat-Shri Niwasa (the Sounds of 7 Rows of Quantum Sound Systems) as with SAT Shree for 3 Worlds of Matter and the SAT Sree for the 4th Dimension of Quantum Sound Energy, which due to its analogy with the Quantum Light also behaves "Sound as Light". In the 3-Dimensional Worlds of Consciousness and 4th Dimension of the Quantum Sounds the SAT is also treated as the SACH, and thus the name of Sach Shree Niwas, the House of Quantum Sounds as in the Indian Classical Ragas and the Sacred Music. The Sat (Light) goes as Sree (Sound) while the Sach (Light) goes as the Shree (Sound), and thus also the Sat Sri Niwasa (Nivasa) and Sach Shree Niwasa (Nivasa) if we want to go little beyond as for the Essentials of Indian Sacred Music for 3-Dimensional Physical Body (Perishable) and the 4th Dimensional Spiritual (Nonperishable) Body.

The Sacred Gurmukhi Systems as described in the Gurbani, which is Sacred Collection of Indian, Israeli and the Arabian Sacred Systems advises that one can heal human body at the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual levels by using the Cymatics, the Recitations of Indian Classical Raga Based Music or Poetics on the Water and Foods, and that is the Water Memory Based Enchantment of the Water and the Foods. This process is known as "Amrit, the Quantization of Water and Quantum Matter".

In it, even a two verses of the Sacred Poetry can convert ordinary water into Quantized Water, the Amrit, which can have Higher Bovis Scale of Life, the Life Giving Energy to everyone and everything where we use it. Otherwise, one can take Quantized Water, the High Bovis Scale Systems of Water and Foods from the Water Tanks (Sacred Sarovars), Rivers (as Sacred Ganges), Fountains where this Sacred Poetics is sung or recited, and thus use of Amrit, the Quantized Water and Foods in Daily Life to cure even to the DNA Based Incurable Diseases. It thus claims that one should use Sacred Music may it be 528 Hz DNA Cure on the Water and Foods, and then use it for the better results. As it applies to any World Sacred Music, it's need not be specific religion or faith based, and thus one can use any sacred systems of cure through the Quantization of Water and Foods for better health and wellness. It is one of great methods for using the Energy Transformations, which we also know as the Reiki, but in it the Sacred, the Quantum Energy or the Reiki Energy Theory is applied to the 5 Basic Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth or Solid), and in our case, it's especially the Water and Foods, which one takes; drinks or eats, and thus the Sacred Theory of Para-sadi, the Light and Sound (Sat) applied into the Matter, which then changes into the Para-sadi, the Para-sat, the Matter Touched by Light, Sound and Vibrations, and thus the Parasadi and it involves "Gravity and Antigravity Systems", so it's also Guru Parasadi, where the Guru-Para-Sat as thus the Gur(u)-par(a)-sad(i) goes as the Gravity (Antigravity)-Matter-Light and Sound.

Atomism, Vortex, Amrit, Water Memory, Cymatics and Parsadi: It invites our attention to think about the Universe as Light, Sound, Vibration and Matter such that we have the Yoga, Meditation and Spiritualism as the Atomism, while the Religion, Service and Goodness (Karma Based) as the Vortex, and thus the Vortex Atomism as the Religion, Serice, Goodness, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritualism, and thus not as two separate identities. It is here that we need to consider the Role of the Water Memory, Cymatics, Vortex, Drinks and the Foods as Inseparable Systems of Light, Sound, Vibration, Consciousness, 5 Basic Elements leading to Amrit, Parsadi and the Gurparsadi Sacred Systems.

Thus, the Quantized and the Energised Water, which we know as the Amrit (Sacred Water of Life, which is used for Healing), which we have etymologically as the Vibrations that Influence Consciousness, the Jeeva, the A(M), which is almost same as AM in the English Language ("I AM" and in the Jewish Religion Based Sacred Systems, it's also the Description of Living God, the Ishwara, the Jehovah, the Jeeva in the Indian Sacred Systems and thus summarized and praised as the Living God, Who Speaks and Talks: I AM What I AM) when used on the Quantum Matter, the Mrit gives the Amrit, and people in all Sacred Civilizations; Religions, Faiths, Beliefs, etc. have also been using it by sprinkling on earth, new cloths, feeding as cymatics based water to babies and their mothers, and helping heal sick animals, birds, plants, trees, and so on and that is why it also has been named as the Water of Life, the Consciousness, the Jeeva, the Cymatics Based Water with enhanced Water Memory and seems to work well on all levels as do the other Quantized and the Energized Systems of Water, Drinks and Foods, and so on in which the Jeeva, the Consciousness is involved. This is also popular as Imparting Gati, the Movement and Motion to Consciousness Based Things through Quantized Products like Water, Drinks and the Foods. It also has been considered applicable to both the Disposable and Non-disposable Products, particularly the Bio-products or the Consciousness Based Products.

Sacred and Quantum Psychiatry, Mental and the General Health with Philselfology and Quantum Brain: Most of the psychiatry and general health based on the Chemical Imbalances, which are treated as the Vortex Based Systems of Health and Wellness, and thus General Health Problems as well as the Psychiatry Problems are defined on the said grounds of human body's inability for quantization of the chemicals stored in the Chakras as well the Quantum Brain not able to "Quantize" what we can put as the Quantum Quaternion Vortex Systems of the Human Body. In it, we have the Left and Right Spins, and that we as the humans need Left Spins of the Vortex Systems to remove, eradicate and cure any possible human chemical, biological, psychological, physical and even the spiritual health and wellness problems. So, as we have the Emerging Quantum Systems such as the Advanced Physics Model of Elementary Particles and the Quantum Atomic Models as well as the Vortex Atomism, the General Health and Psychiatry is now a redefined, revived and revisiting state of health and wellness education, research, development and welfare in which the human brain undergoes to the Quantum Brain Activity and thus "quantizes" while also channeling every human brain energy, and thus the Emerging Quantum Theory of Quantum Brain.

We can also remark here that it's also the Bases, Basics and Main Feature of the Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Newly Emerging Nanotechnology, Molecular Medicines, and almost about 500 Therapies in the world, which can now heal without harming consciousness, and thus one of the greatest achievements of humanity as named the Emerging Quantum Systems and the Civilizations with the help of Sacred Systems of the Human and World Sacred Civilizations; the Sacred Things that Never Change and while remaining Evergreen it's also the Essence of Sacred Languages, Grammar, Math, Geometry, Music, Architect, and lot more as what we can also call the Sacred Art of Consciousness.

Here, we also need to mention that this Service of Quantized Water, the Amrit, the Parsadi and or the Water of Memory Prepared with the Theory of Cymatics, which also includes the Drinks and the Foods is "Free" all over the world in every Sacred Systems; Religions, Faiths, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual, Reiki and the Free; the Renewable and the Recycle Energy Systems. It may require that the Practitioners of the Quantized Water, Cymatics, Parsadi, the Water Memory, etc. get it's practitioner's degrees, training and the licenses as is the case in about 500 Multiple Therapies in the world, which may require Baptization (use of Sacred Waters and the foods as if the Sacred Chef), which is participation in the Sacred Preparation of Water Memory, the Cymatics Based Water and the Foods. In this context every Sacred Place in the World has High Bovis Scale, the Life Giving Energy Scales and the Free Life Energy Systems.

The users, travelers, visitors, and others however do not require to baptize in any world religion or faith. It greatly influences the Modern and the Emerging Quantum Civilizations as it, the Sacred Process of Quantization, which is also responsible for the Creation of Particles of Various Sizes including the Nanoparticles, the Parasadi, Cymatics Based Products also includes the Homeopathy, Tissue, Cell Therapies and the Quantum Ayurveda, the Nanotechnology and Molecular Medicine World, which is one of the greatest Quantum Transformation in the Allopathy, Pharmaceutical and the Herbal World. In all of it, we have the Single Theory of Everything, the Quantization, which we discuss here as the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

The Parsadi and the Gur-parsadi is also the Sacred Theory of Grace as it does not require any possible eligibility and is also free for everyone.

It requires that we add all of these free, recyclable, vortex based energies, cymatics, water memory and all that we use as discussed on the water and foods while enhancing the Bovis Scale, Positivity, the High Level of Energy and that is also known as the Left Spin of the DNA. The drinkables and the eatables, which we use like this are thus called the Parasadi, which is now considered as the Sacred, the Quantized Matter, Medium and Material (Para) with Light and Sound (Sat). When we involve gravity and the antigravity systems in it, we know it as the Gur-parsadi. It enhances the Life Giving Vortex Energies of the Water, Drinks and the Foods. It's also what we know as the Layperson's Nanotechnology; the Quantization while using the Light, Sound and the Vibrations as through poetics, music, chanting, and or other equipments. It has helped the humanity throughout the ages as it seems one of the most simple, handy, and what we can call the home remedy while harmless, non-pollution based and renewable, recyclable having the great affinity to food chain and what connects us with the green world and their products to us.

How Quantum Math of Philselfology Explains Incurable Diseases like HIV, AIDS and Cancer with Mathematical Quantization of Ayurveda: Quantum Ayurveda and Quantization Math of Multiple Therapies with DNACIL: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 174

So, we can notice that as the Sacred Sanskrit, Sacred Hebrew and Sacred Arabic Languages, the Gurmukhi is also a Sacred Language in such a wonderful and amazing way that it uses the Sacred Languages of Sanskrit, Arabic and Hebrew Origins in the Sacred Linguistics and Poetics, while the Sacred Gurmukhi also gives Sacred Geometry and Architect of all of the said and the Golden Temple is one of the classic example, and thus the great use of Sacred Languages, Math, Geometry, Architecture, Interior and Exterior Designing with other topics, which we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology as in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically and or otherwise.

We need to give a remark here that the statement that the Gurmukhi Sacred Language as the Simplified Version of Sacred Sanskrit with its Alphabet, Language, Linguistic, Grammatical, Math, Geometry, Music, Architect, Nanotechnology and all that is mentioned with the name of Philselfology is not just language derivative as discussed in the academics and the modern education systems, which yet have to start the Emerging Quantum Systems in Asia, we are rather discussing the Sacred Civilization Transformations as also mapped from Jewish Religion to Christianity, Muslim Religion, Sikhism, and also to the Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and other Spiritual and Religious Lineages in which all of the discussed topics relate to Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Grammars and other said topics with "Classical, Quantum Sacred and the General". It's a regret that the modern education systems and the intellectual world does not seem to go for the Sacred Systems inside the Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and the similar for the Sacred Poetics, Music, Ragas and the Other Sacred, Classical and the Quantum Research Topics as the Emerging Quantum Civilizations bring to humanity as while we lack almost of it in the modern schools, colleges, and the universities where the logic, rationalism and the intellectualism still seems dominating the creativity, sacred arts, and sacred subjects in general.

When we notice that the Modern Education may not always end up in employment and job while many students may even leave studying little before or after the High School Educations and the Studies. On the other hand, the Education Systems Based on the Sacred Languages and Civilizations have been proving great many solutions to humanity through Self-employment, Home Based Business, Trading and even the Manufacturing, Distribution, State, National and International Programs, Activities, Sports, Sacred Media and Cultural Programs, Organic Farming, 500 Therapies of Native, Aboriginal, Rural, Ayurveda, Herbal, Integrated, Holistic, Alternative Medicines, and what we know as the Traditional Nanotechnology Based Health and Wellness Systems; Yoga, Meditation, Vastu, Architect, Music, Kirtan, Dances, Martial Arts, Creative Arts, Crafts, Costumes, Sacred Sciences, Arts, Philosophies, Technologies, and Thousands of Hobby Based Sacred Systems, Renewable, Free and Recyclable, which we observe in all of the Developed and Advanced Level Sacred Civilizations all over the world from thousands of years with All Subjects Based on Sacred Languages that may count in thousands, which are now Emerging as the Quantum Civilizations all over the world. Even then we have noticed the Extinction of Sacred Languages and Civilizations in last few centuries facing the "Dark Shadows of Anti-terrorism Bills" (mostly against the Worldwide Imperialism in which the religions and faiths seem to have been projected as "Terrorism or Act of Traitors"), and seems a big regret for humanity.

From the research experiences of Philselfology as we discuss here, we may need to pay a little more attention that we are not simply discussing the Intellectual Pursuits to Sanskrit, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Arabian and the Other International Sacred Languages, but the Complete Educational Package of Sacred Systems that these Sacred Languages offer to humanity including the Sacred Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light, Sound, Consciousness, Universe, Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Architect, Technology, and all that gives Sacred Language the Sacred Status of Sacred Civilization, which has been the "Developed Civilizations with Sacred Parameters of Renewable, Recyclable, Zero Point, Quantum Vacuum Based Quantum Quaternion Free Energy Systems". All of the Modern and the International Languages in general can achieve this goal of Sacred Standards for Any Village, City, State or the Given Nation with the help of International Phonetic Alphabets and Sacred Systems of the Sacred Languages included in the Given Standardized International Language as for example, we are using the English Language Systems for the said purposes while it also treats the state and the nation as the Member of World Family of Sacred Civilizations in which every state and the nation have People of Multiple Sacred Civilizations as well as the Single Sacred Civilization having people living in the multiple states and the nations.

It is to be well remarked and mentioned here that we need to learn the International Phonetic Alphabets, Phonetics, Phonemes, and other International Language and the Linguistic Systems with which all of the Sacred Systems Based Civilizations have existed as the "Developed States, Nations and the Civilizations before mastering any Modern or Ancient World Language to learn all Sacred Subjects in the World. In other words at least up to the Primary School Education, if we educate it to the students, they may master almost all of the world languages, linguistics, grammars and the Emerging Quantum Civilization Based Subjects, which we deal as the Sacred Subjects in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise.

So, the individual can contribute to Multiple States, Nations, Civilizations, which strengthens all World Sacred Systems and the Civilizations, and thus the Integrity, Oneness, Togetherness, Peace, Understanding, Research, Development, Welfare and Evolution of Humanity.

For the greater good, we can also consider individuals, families, regions; villages, cities, states and the nations, who and which live and follow the Sacred System Based Life to further support, empowerment and enhancement with the Scholarship, Fellowships, Research and Development Facilities, Recognition, Award, Reward and Promotion of the individuals, cities, states and the nations, and thus the Promotion of Sacred System Based Life, and it can be individuals without any background to what we know as the Sacred Cities, States and the Nations, and we can make a claim to the extent that the Individuals or the Families, who are living it is the Living Sacred Civilization, the Sacred Temple of Sacred Systems and the Sacred Civilizations otherwise we may notice the extinction of it all. This point invites our attention that when the family, speaking say Sanskrit, Hebrew and or Gurmukhi Sacred Languages is left with no member speaking it, we have extinction of the Sacred Languages, and it does not matter that people around the family in the city, state, nation or in the continent or the world speak Sacred Languages in large number. Thus a great loss is of ending or extinction of the Sacred Languages in the Family Lineages, which seems almost same as the Spiritual Lineages while possessing a huge treasure of Sacred Language Systems. This matter may be considered serious for future as when the Indian, World and the International Sacred Languages also posses the 500 Quantum Nano Multiple Sacred Therapies and about 500 Sacred Subjects, and that is each Sacred Language preserves say more or about 1000 Sacred Systems, which extinct when the Sacred Language extincts, and thus the greatest living quantum and sacred databases of the universe.

Well, I have written and published about 20 books on it as with the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

My Published Books on Philselfology with More Details Available HERE!

It is to be well remarked here that the Hypothesis, Subject Matter and Research of Philselfology deals with about 500 Quantum Nano Multiple Therapies and the Sacred Quantum Hypothesis, Topics, Subjects and Researches as the Health, Wellness, Healing, Cure, Care and Evolution Systems for humanity for all kinds of living systems as well as the Empowerment of the Quantum Matter, Medium, Materials, Light, Sound, Consciousness, Photon and Phonon Based Technologies, Nano and Metamaterial Technologies, and thus we can think of Hundreds of Health and Wellness Therapy Topics, Hypothesis, Education, Research, Development and Welfare as with what we have termed and named as the Philselfology, the Single Model and Theory of Everything as every topic we discuss in the Philselfology deals with the said research, development, welfare and empowerment with say at least 1000 Subjects as the Quantum Sacred Therapies while the Philselfology can thus and then can be put as the Philosophy, Science, Math and Quantum System of Consciousness in which the Biophoton is the Quanta of Energy, which we can have in any form of Light, Sound, Consciousness, 5 Basic Elements, etc., which we can also expresses through the Indian and International Sacred Systems of Sounds, Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, Math, Geometry and the other topics that fall into the category of "Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems" as discussed in the Hypothesis of Philselfology with what we have discussed as the Quanta Quantum Quantization.

How Quantum Math of Philselfology Explains Incurable Diseases like HIV, AIDS and Cancer with Mathematical Quantization of Ayurveda: Quantum Ayurveda and Quantization Math of Multiple Therapies with DNACIL: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 174

It's also to be remarked here that the above said 100's Subjects of Sacredness not only deal with the Health, Wellness, Healing, Care and Cure, but modify, update and revive all subjects in the modern education systems as this is what also emerges as the Quantum Education System. Thus, in other words, the Emerging Quantum Civilization, the Sacred Subjects transform every subject, academics, officialdom; governmental structures, systems and the functionality, the Non Government as the NGO and the UNO Systems as well as the corporate systems. For these reasons, the Hypothesis of Philselfology as the Single Model and Theory discusses and describes Sacred Model and Theory of Education, Research, Development, Welfare and Empowerment for Everything at the same time and that its scope also covers the Emerging Systems of Manufacturing as the Nanotechnology, Metamaterials and the Superconductivity Based Systems as well as the Quantum Quaternion Based Manufacturing in which the Vortex Based Math, Homotopy Type Math, Invariant Math and other Emerging Physics Advanced Models of Elementary Particles, Quantum Atomic Systems, Vortex Atomism, etc. play a very significant role.

Quantum Vacuum, 4th Dimension and 3-Dimensional Physical World: It also have great educational and the research relationship with the Quantum Vacuum, 3-Dimensions and the 4th Dimension as it discusses the Quantum Vacuum as the Spiritualism and Yoga, which deals with the Dimensionless Quantum Vacuum, the Spirit and Dimensional Quantum Vacuum as the Yoga, and thus the Oneness of Consciousness with the Singularity of the Quantum Vacuum, the Spirit or the One Consciousness and the Plurality of the Quantum Vacuum, the Oneness of Human Consciousness and the One Consciousness, and thus the Dimensional or the Quantized Quantum Vacuum. When we thus have the 4th Dimensions, we have it as the Emergence of Quantization of Quantized Quantum Vacuum, and thus the 3-Dimensions of the Visible World.

The Sacred Setup of the 4th Dimension, which we quantize to the 3 Physical Dimensions is called the "Sacred System", and we have it in various Sacred Formats, for example, the Merkaba, Sephiroth, Sacred 4 Pada, Sacred Dipole, Sacred Geometry, Yantras, Mantras, Tantras, Sacred Math, Sacred Languages and Music, Sacred Architect, Sacred Theories of 5 Basic Elements along with the Sacred Theories of Light, Sound, Consciousness and the Universe and lot more, which we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

The 4th Dimension, which we can quantize to 3-Dimensions has been studied and researched as the World Religions and Faiths, and thus the Sacred Systems also means the World Religions, Faiths, Sciences, Philosophies, Technologies, Arts, and all that we can attribute to the 4th Dimension and the 3-Dimensional Setup, and it requires the "Mediation (4th Dimension) and Religion (3-Dimensions)" while the Spiritualism and the Yoga deals with the Dimensionless Zeroth Dimension and the Dimensional Zero Dimension of the Quantum Quaternion Vacuum. The Zeroth Dimension, 4th Dimension and the 3-Dimensional Systems coexist. In the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, it's the Scope of Sacred Systems.

The Indian and the International Sacred Systems also study and research the Quantum Vacuum as the Sunn, the Origin of Zero (Sunnya or Shoonaya) of Quantum (Sacred) Consciousness and the 4th Dimension with 3-Dimensions as the Samadhi, where the Sama is the 4th Dimension of Quantum Light (SA) and Consciousness (MA) and the Dhi is the 4-Dimensional Setup with the 3-Dimensions as its extension as it's "Ti" in the First Row of Indian Sacred Alphabets, and thus the Samadhi as the Light, Consciousness and the 3-Dimensions of Physical World all aligned, but all with the help of the Sunn, the Consciousness (Light, the S) and Quantum Sound (N) as thus the Quantum Vacuum (SUNN).

In the Indian Sacred Systems as we notice in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems, we have the Sunn, the Quantum Vacuum and Samadhi, the 3-Dimensional Alignment with 4th Dimension also depends on the Phoneme, Phonon and Photon Vibrations, which we can consider from the "A", the Vibrations of Vowel "A", which is composed of A' (Left), A' (Right), A' (UP) and A' (DOWN), which on the Sacred Additions called 64 Sacred Systems of the Yogini (or Jogini) gives A' (Left)+A'(UP)+A'(DOWN)+A'((Right) =A'+A'+A'+A'=A+A=2A, and is written as AA, where A' is Phoneme, A is Photon and AA is Phonon according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, and with its combination with the Quantum Earth (Solid) Element, the "P" gives us the AAP. The AAP is same as "Self" as we say "One Oneself" is written as "One AAP". On the basis of this derivation, the Sunn Samadhi is fully expressed as the "Sunn Samadhi AAP", and that is the God Particle Vibrations (AAP as Sargun Nirgun Nirankar) giving Quantum Vacuum (SUNN) and 4-Dimensional Setup by its "Quantization" as thus the Quantum Physical Dimensions of Light and Sound (SAMADHI), and thus the Sacred Philosophy of Sunn Samadhi Aap, which is the most essential part of the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems as expressed in the Gurmukhi Sacred Poetics, the Gurbani (Page 290) in almost all Indian Sacred Languages and Systems along with the Sacred Arabian Systems and the Sacred Hebrew Languages, the Israeli Sacred Systems.

So, we can thus study, research and analyse the Indian Sacred Systems as the Sunn, Samadhi, Aap as the Sarguna (3-Dimensional Setup), Nirguna (4th Dimension), Nirankara (Dimensionless Quantum Vacuum, the ONE Consciousness, which is also popular as the ONE God Systems) and AAP (Dimensional Quantum Vacuum), and thus attributed as "Sargun Nirgun Nirankar Sunn Samadhi AAP" (Page 290 of Sacred Collection of Sacred Gurbani, the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Based Indian Sacred Systems). The Nirankar is the Indian Sacred System of One Consciousness, which through the Dipole Vibrations of AAP (the One Consciousness by itself) is said to create the 3-Dimensional World (Sarguna), 4th Dimensional World (Nirguna) and the Kara, the World of 5 Basic Elements, the Quantum Matter, when the Onkara discusses and describes the One Light, Sound and Quantum Matter (with priority to Sat), the Nirankara discusses the One Consciousness, Light, Sound and the Quantum Matter, and is thus the Sacred Nirankar Systems are the Core Sacred System of One Consciousness, the Jeeva, the Ishwara is creates it's own Region in the Universe, which is called the Sachkhanda, the Central Division of Sach, the Consciousness, the Ishwara, the Quantum ONE God Systems.

According to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the SAT is Sacred Theory of Quantum Light while the SACH is the Sacred Theory of Consciousness, which is considered responsible for the Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Math, Geometry, Music and what we have as the Emerging Quantum (Sacred) Systems and the Civilizations. Moreover, the "SACH and SAT" are having Roots of "CH" (as in Sach) in the Quantum Element of Air while the "T" (as in Sat) is the Quantum Element of Water, and that the "Ch" as the Element of Quantum Air behaves as the 4th Dimension for the 3-Dimensional Setup of the "T" while the "T" is mostly used as the Trinity of Three Levels of Consciousness in the same way as the Water has 3 Levels of Solid (Ice), Liquid (Water) and Gas (Steam), and if we consider the 4th State of Water say as the Plasma, the Ionized Steam, it's like the Quantum Air Element of Hydrogen and Oxygen, and thus the "CH".

In other words, the "CH", the Quantum Air Element is the Quantization of Space, the "K", which we have in the First Row Consonants in the Indian Sacred Alphabets while the "T" from the 4th Row while the Quantum Solid Elements, the 5th Row of Consonants is Next to Element of Water (T) in the 4th Row. Thus, in the Indian and the International Theories of Sound, Vowel and the Consonant, we can notice the "CH" if "Quantized" giving us the "ACH", which is the Sacred Theory of Vowels (ACH), and it gives the ACH used as the Maatra, the Quantity, Quantum Quantization and the Quanta of and in the Quantum Space Element (K, the Essence of Akasha, the Vibrations of Space Element), and thus the "Sach" deals with the Quantum (Sacred) Systems while the "Sat" deals with the 3-Dimensional World, which the Quantum Light (S) creates on the Quantization of Sach, the Quantum Vortex of Consciousness as according to the Hypothesis (Philselfology). The Indian Sacred Systems thus seem to well study and research the "Sach", the Essence of Vowels as the Parmeshwara (Para-m-Ishwara, the Sacred Theory of Vortex, the Consciousness), while the "Sat" as the Parmatama (Para-m-atama, the Sacred Theory of Atomism), and both coexist as Vortex Atomism, the Parmeshwara-Parmatama, and the 3-Dimensional Physical, the Brahma world in this context is thus treated as the Para-Brahma, the Parbrahma.

The "Sach", the Sacred Vowels are thus considered as the Care, Cure and Healing System for every possible disease in the world and thus the Sacred Music, Ragas, Singing, Instruments, Dances, and the Quantum Sound Therapies, Cymatics and the Water Memory. We can put the Sach as S (Sacred)-ACH (Vowels), and thus the SACH as according to the Indian Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars as considered with the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

Thus, accordingly and in the context of the SACH and SAT, we can consider the Primal Energy, the Aadi Shakti, the Primal Kinetic Energy and Force Systems with the "N", the Bindi, which is the thus 4th Dimension of the Life Energy and the Force, and that is also the Phonons, which give birth to the Sacred Systems; the Sound, Shape, Size, Color, Geometry, Music, Language and so on, which we can well retrace while using the Hurwitz Quaternion. This Sacred System of N, the Bindi, the Aadi Shakti is thus considered as the Giver of Sacred Wisdom to what it creates, and that is the Sacred Universe. On further Quantization of Primal Energy, the Phonon, the "N", we get the Photon according to this Sacred Enkari Theory. The "Photon", the Bindu, which it thus creates is the Virtual, Black, Biological Light, the Biophoton, and is denoted by the Sound of "M". We can put it like this mathematically:

Phonon 1+Phonon 2=Phonon 3=Virtual or Biological Photon (Biophoton)


From the Acoustic and Optical Phonons, we can put it as follows:

N1 (Optical Phonon)+N2 (Acoustic Phonon)=M (Virtual or Biological Photon as Biophoton)

N (Optical Phonon)+A (Acoustic Phonon)=M (Biophoton)

The "A" is thus the "Vibrations of Phonons" such that we can correlate it with the Quantum (Phonon) Sound of "A" while the "N" is the Optical Sound, and both together, the "N" and "A" vibrations can create the Vibration (Buzz) Sound of "M", which is as if the Glowing Quantum Sound of "M", and thus all as the "N-A-M", and for greater generalization and specifications, we can also use the Vibration (Quantum, Phonon, Sacred) Sound of "O" with "M" and thus the "N-A-M-O".

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, thus seem to have well put the Sacred Theories of Sat and Sach" as the "SAT and NAM", and thus the SAT-EE-NAMO, which is simply the SAT-EE-SACH, which is as if the SAT (Atomism)-EE (Orientations of Vortex Atomism)-SACH (SACH) resulting into the Indian Sacred Language, Grammar and the Sacred Math Systems as the SAT-EE-NAMO, which is his one of the great contributions as the Satinamo (Satinama) Sacred Theory for All Indian Sacred Systems as through Quantum Quaternion Quantization with the Vowels of O, A, E as with E=O+iA (here "i" is for various quantization levels of vowel sound of A). He further describes the the "Quantum Consciousness, the Bindi of "N" on Quantization or the Quantificattion (R) yielding the "N-R", and that it has its own independent status of Phonon, the Quantum World of Consciousness, which also Creates and Quantizes (R) the Quantum Matter (K) and thus the K-R, and ONE Quantum Consciousness Sacred System as thus based on the N-R-K-R gives us the Nirankar, the Quantum Sacred (God) of Consciousness Systems, which is run as the Nirankar Sacred Systems". His Creations and the Compositions in the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems, which he has also invented describes the "Nirankar Sacred System" in the Sacred Gurbani. So, he; the Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is also respected, revered and attributed a special name and the attribution, the "Shri Guru Nanak Nirankari" or simply "Nanak Nirankari", thus the Inventor of Sacred Nirnakar(a), the Quantum Sound Based Ishwara, the Quantum Consciousness Systems in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language. He thus also describes the Indian, Arabian, Israeli, Egyptian, and Other Sacred Theories of the 5 Basic Elements, Light, Sound, Consciousness, Life, Universe, etc. all in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems.

Moreover, the Nirankara Sacred Systems thus describes the O-M-Kara and A-N-Kara and the E-N-KARI Systems such that we can put it as follows:

Nirankara Sacred System=(O+A+E)-N-Kara Systems
=O-M-Kara+A-N-Kara+E-N-Kari Sacred Systems

That is how the Nirankara Sacred Systems seem to describe 3 of the Major Indian Sacred Systems, and that is namely the OM-Kara, AN-Kara and the EN-Kari, which in nutshell exist as E=O+iA for "Enkari=Omkara+Ankara" as through the Sacred Philosophy of Quantum Consciousness and its Quantization, the NARA along with 5 Basic Quantum Elements (K) and its Quantization (R) as through Quantum Vibrations (A) giving the K-A-R and thus the Nirankara Sacred Systems as the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems as described in the Sacred Gurmukhi Languages Systems as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

The Nirankar(a) Sacred Systems for the Health, Wellness, Healing, Care, Cure and General Treatments with Sacred Systems seems one of the deepest healing as it appears from the Sacred Terms of its Constitutional Levels, the N+EE+R+A(N)+KAR, and that is developed from the Healing of Impossible or Incurable Diseases known by NARK(A), the Hell Like Suffering, which if we "Quantize" to "NAR-KAR", we can cure the incurable the spiritual, intellectual and other diseases, and it also keeps the "NIRA(N)-KAR", and that is Creation of Spiral (Vortex) around the Quantum Consciousness of "N", the Bindi, the Aadi Shakti, the Primal Energy and the Force of the Universe, and thus the NI or NEE, which is "Spiral of N, the NI or NEE", which when we quantize, we have "NIR", and it naturally creates the Life Energy Vibrations of A(N) as NIRA(N) that further helps in the Quantization of Quantum Matter and Elements, the K (it's also the Space Element), which if we properly "Quantize" creates "25 Consonants", and that is K-A-R to P-A-R, the 5 Rows of the Indian Sacred Alphabets, and thus the NIRA(N)-KAR(A), the Nirankar(a). Thus, the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems as in say in the Sacred Gurbani Systems, which we have as the Indian, Arabian, Israeli, and in general the Asian Sacred Poetics, Music and the Mantra Systems are the Cymatics and Water Memory Based Healing Systems. In other words, the Nirankar(a), the Quantum Consciousness Based Pure Sacred Systems or the Nirankar(i), Related to Quantum Consciousness Based Applied Sacred Systems deal with the Living God, Who Speaks, Talks and Discuss, the Ishwara, Pareshwara, the Jeeva (Quantum Consciousness) Sacred Systems of Care, Cure and Healing as present in almost all Sacred Systems, Civilizations; Religions, Faiths, Spiritual, and Nano Multiple Therapies based on the Indian and the International Sacred Systems.

It's also to be remarked here that the Quantum Sound Systems of Consciousness as the "N" are also considered, studied and researched as the Quantum Sound, the Quantum Nada, the Sound, which we can "Quantize". The "Quantum Sound Creates Quantum Matter, the 5 Basic Elements", and thus we have the "P" as the Quantum Solid, the Earth Element. We can quantize the Quantum Solid Element, the P say the Atoms or the Molecules as thus the "P-R", which then are changed into the "Quantum Consciousness", the "N", and thus the Quantum Protocol of P-R-N, the Most Important in it is the "P-R-A-N", the Pran(a), which on further "Quantizations of Consciousness N goes as N-V, and it can also be N-Y, N-R, N-L, N-V, N-RH, and thus the P-R-N-V, the Pranava". It's what constitutes the Indian Sacred 5th Veda (also called the First Veda), the Pranva Veda, the Quantum Veda of Pranava, the Quantum Sound Systems, which is considered as the Origin Veda of Sacred Shabada (Quantum Sound), Sacred Architect (Sacred Vastu Shastra), Sacred Dances, Sacred Instruments, Sacred Ayurveda, Sacred Music and lot more, and one can explore it from the following link and the reference:

Pranava Veda – The First Veda by Dr. Jessie Mercay

Here, the sad remark is that in the below said regions of Indian Sacred Systems as in the Sindhus and or the Indus Sacred Civilizations seem to have so many holocausts and genocide kind of political upheavals that the "Sacred Systems have almost reached to endangered levels and then almost fully extinct in last centuries". The standard and level of living, foods, natural resources, terrorism, and most of the world and global problems seem to exist here, and the "Few People, who practice the Indian and International Sacred Systems" in these regions may slowly extinct due to absence of any funds, grants, facilities, scholarships, fellowships, recognition, award, etc., which on the other hand most of academic people, UNO related staff, officials get by giving everything as "Past History; Extinct Languages, Arts, Cultures, Civilizations, and lot more" yielding doctoral degrees to many, who may know almost nothing about these "Sacred Systems of Indus Valley, Sindhu Valley and the Rivers, Mountains, Valleys of Indian, Israeli, Egyptian, Arabian, and International Sacred Systems when they have coexisted for hundreds of generations". It however seems sure that the Emerging Quantum Civilizations will resolve almost all of these said problems with the help of Quantum Information Technology, Internet and the Quantum Media. (By relevancy: )

While we consider the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems, its Etymological and the Root Sacred Alphabets are same in almost all Indian Sacred Languages, and it's also used with the Shahmukhi Script. It's to be remarked here that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who invented Gurmukhi Sacred Systems belonged to the Sindhi, the Sindhu Civilizations, which was in very deep recession, depression and on verge of extinction in North India that time, which is now also present in the Modern Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and some other parts of Asia well influenced by the Sacred Persian, Sacred Arabian and European Systems (Indo, Aryan, European). The Sindu Sacred Valley Civilizations after almost extinction later developed as the Indus Sacred Valley Civilizations, Sacred Hindi and Hindu Systems, and lot more that is now present in North India, Punjab, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and surrounding regions of Asia, and Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Inventor of Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems belong to this region, and developed most of the Sacred Systems in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems, which comes from the Sacred Civilizations of the Sindhus, which is also popular as the Sacred Indus Valley Civilization that is said to have given Birth to Sacred Civilizations of Hindi and the Hindus and the Sacred Gurmukhi and the Sacred Gurbani, the Punjabi and the Punjabi Sacred Systems along with Sacred Shahmukhi and the Sacred Urdu Systems and Civilizations and lot more as it's influenced by most of the Asian Sacred Systems (especially including Persian Sacred Systems), which Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji brought as One Sacred Language System, the Gurmukhi Sacred System of Gurbani, which was then developed by the Other 9 Sikh Gurus and the Asian Bhagat's as from most of the Indian Sacred Languages. It's also said that the South Indian Sacred Languages, the Dravidian Sacred Language Systems also has been initially present in the Sindhu (also known as the Indus) Sacred Civilizations, and we can also put it as that the Sacred Sindhi is the Sacred Dravidian Language Systems.

The Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology aims for Peace, Harmony, Stability, Research and Evolution in Asia as when the Asian Countries and Civilizations are based on the Sacred Theory of Elements, which are used in the Daily Prayers, Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Religions, Philosophy, Art, Science, Math, Music, Geometry, Architect, Shabada Theory, Poetics, and all that we know as the Pseudo-subjects of Asian and International Sacred Civilizations. It is a great regret that the Sacred Subjects Based on Theory of Elements, which has been most ancient subjects of Asian Civilizations seem to be absent in the Mainstream Education Systems of Asia as well as in the Rest of the World and have almost thus face extinction all over the world with lack of proper attention, research and educational implementations as almost no international agency including UNO has yet to take this responsibility properly, and that only great respect and reverence is "shown" to people, who have been working on it without giving them any good and sound support, resources, aids, jobs, services, social status, and that a respectable person can be said to deserve, and rather seem to have been fully abused by the contemporary systems, particularly by the officialdom and the governing bodies having something like "anti-social and terrorism bills", who may thus take almost full advantage of such people, while most of the present researches are claimed to be based on the Theory of Elements (Sacred Theory of Ethereal Space and Universe with 5 Basic Elements). These Sacred Subjects surely seem to help the individual's research abilities helping and making one a lot better contributor to humanity.

We can remark about a comment here about the Sacred Systems of Sindhi, Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi Sacred Languages, and one can do further research thus developed Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology:

"Dr. Baloch states: "Sindhi is ancients Indo-Aryan language, probably having its origin in a pre-Sanskrit Indo-Aryan Indus-Valley language. The lahnda and Kashmiri appear to be its cognate sister with a common Dardic element in them all"

Mr. Sirajul Haque Memon does not agree either with Dr. Trumpp or with Dr. N.A.Baloch. According:

"Sindhi is one of the Dravidian language, and has its roots in the civilization of Mohen-jo-Daro."

... Sindhi is a non-Aryan & pre-Aryan language, having its roots in the civilization of Mohen-jo-Daro, and the dialects of Dravidian languages, it has been found that phonetically, phonologically, morphologically and syntactically, Sindhi an Dravidian languages are very close to each other, and have lot of similarities. Many examples in this regard can be given. This is, however, a subject still under research and for the final conclusion by the scholars." (With thanks from the source: )

We can consider the Sindhi, Hindi, Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Urdu, Shamukhi, and many other Sacred Language Based Systems; including the Vedic Punjab along with the Shahmukhi Sacred Language Systems, and the similar by Guru Ji's (Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji) creating great Unification of Indian, Arabian, Israeli, Persian, and other 5 Basic Element Elements, Light, Sound, Consciousness and Universe Based Sacred Systems in the world, which are now Emerging as the Vortex Atomism, Vortex Based Math, Quantum Qubit Math, Computing, Programming, Quantum Sacred Languages and the Qubit Neural Networking, Nanotechnology, Metamaterials, Invariant Math, and all that is present as Emerging Quantum Civilizations as we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

A little, but an important remark about the above or the similar elsewhere is that it's a historical research, which may also involve the political boundaries, and that is not in the scope of the present blog post as we consider only the ecological boundaries; and thus the "Sacred Systems", but not the spreading of political boundaries; the kingdoms. It's also to be remarked that the present use of Sacred Hindu Systems are said to be existing as the Sacred Sindhu Systems, and the Persians are said to give name of Hindu to the Sindhu Sacred Systems and the Civilizations. The Sindhu also pertains to "Water" as "Living Water, the Quantum Consciousness (S) and its 3 Levels of Superfluidity (T), and thus the S-T, the SAT or SADH as we discuss in the present blog post, the SAT (and SADH with DH; T, TH, D, DH, N; in the same Row of Consonants in the Indian Sacred Systems) with SACH as the Quantum Consciousness Based on the Water, the SAT or SADH Sacred Systems. (A reference by relevance for further historical research: , and )

When we thus describe the Quantum Water as the Living Giving or the DNA Based Conscious Water with its 3 Quantized or the Ionized Levels, we have it as the NARA, the Quantized Water, and 3 Levels as the AYANA, the IONA, and or the AEENA (in the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems), and thus the Sacred Term of Narayana for the Quantized Water Element, the S-T, the SAT and SACH, and thus the SACH-SAT with NARA (SACH)-AYANA (SAT) in case of Photons (Quantum Light) Sacred Systems and NARA (SAT)-AYANA (SACH) for the Phonon (Quantum Sound) Sacred Systems as the Narayana. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is said to describe these Sacred Systems of Quantized Water as the Consciousness. (Please read Wikipedia on Narayana).

For these said reasons, most of the Indian Sacred Terms use the "CH Row of Consonants" as for Quantum Air as the Quantum Plasma created from the Water Element and thus Char and Jal as the Life Based on Water (T) as Char and Water as the Jal as well as the Chit-Chetana as the Essence of DNA Based Life, which is also the Center of Water Memory or Memory in general. So, accordingly, the Sach, the Vortex is 4th Dimension of Sat, the Atomism while both are based on the Water Based Life and also the DNA Based Life. The Quantum Water Element is thus treated as the First Level of Life (The Gurmukhi Sacred Systems as in the Sacred Gurbani describe it as "Pahlan Pani Jio Hai..." and that is "First Form of Life Based on Consciousness is Water, and thus the Water as the First DNA"). That is why the "Sach" is also like the Chaos of Consciousness and the Sat is the Logical Energy Distribution of Sach (Consciousness) into 3 Levels of the Consciousness, which we call the Sat as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology on the Indian and International Sacred Theory of Basic Elements, Light, Sound and Consciousness. So, we can put it as:

Sunn (Most Primitive Life, the Quantum Vacuum)=Sach (Vortex, the 4th D)+Sat (Atomism, the 3-D's)=Vortex Atomism

It's also to be remarked here that the 3-Dimensional World is called as the "Bhaga, the Physical and Senses Based World" while the 4th Dimension is called the "Vana, the Vibrations of Consciousness, the V-A-N-A, which also means the Vani, the Quantum Sound, the Shabada Sacred Theory", and thus the 3-D's+4th D=Bhaga+Vana=Bhagwana, the Sacred Quantum God Systems, which has mostly been studied and researched as the Quaternion Sacred Systems of Tetractys (Pythagoras), Sephiroth, Merkaba, Swastika, and the Sacred Languages; Math, Geometry, Music, etc., which simply attribute as "Sacred", the 4-Dimensional Quantum Setup of the Universe and or the Sacred Quaternion Systems.

It's also to be remarked here that the Classical Sacred Languages (as Sanskrit) use the "I, the Self-identity with Light (For example: I'm Light)" and thus the "M", the Photon is the 4th Dimension and the "N", the 3-Dimensional Setup (Phonon) while in the Quantum Sacred Languages (the Brahmi Sacred Language Systems as the Gurmukhi and many other Indian Sacred Languages) use the "I, the Self-identity with Quantum Consciousness: (for example: I'm Shabada, the Para-Brahma, the Quantum Sound)" and thus the "N" is the 4th Dimension and "M" is the 3-Dimensional Setup of Light (Photon). Thus, accordingly, the Language and Grammars of Sanskrit and Gurmukhi differ, but coexist as the "Pair of Indian Sacred Systems", and we can put it as Sacred Sanskrit Language System with "M-A-N" as Photon (4th D) and Phonon (3-D's) while the Gurmukhi Sacred Language System goes with "N-A-M", where N, the Phonon is the 4th Dimension and the M, the Photon is the 3-D's while using the "Vibrations of A, especially in the Phonon as the connecting and bridging point of Phonon (N) and Photon (M) Sacred Systems, and thus the Sacred Theory of N-A-M, the Nama".

Here, we can notice that Every Indian Sacred Term is composed in Two Ways: M-A-N (for "I'm Light") and N-A-M (for "I'm Sound, the Shabada"). The "M-A-N" leads to Mat(a), the Sacred Philosophy, the Sacred Mantras, the Atomism while the "N-A-M" leads to "DH-A-RA-M" for "N", the Quantum Consciousness on "Quantization as N-R; T-R, TH-R-, D-R, DH-R, N-R" ends up in the "DH-R-M". So, the "N-A-M", the Nama Theory deals with the Consciousness, the Jeeva, the Vortex of Atomism (M-A-N), which constitutes the Sacred Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Consciousness, Sound, Vibrations, Vortex Systems and the Quantum (Vortex) Universe Systems, and thus it may not directly deal with "Quantum Atomism and Light". We have to consider that we thus have two kinds of Sacred Doctrines, and that is the Sacred Doctrines on Light, the Atomism, the Atama (present as the "OM" in the Indian Sacred Systems) and the Sacred Doctrines of Quantum Sound, the Shabada, the Vortex, the 5 Basic Elements (Quantum Matter), which is present as the "Kara", and thus the OM+Kara, the Omkara or the Onkara is the Vortex Atomism. However, the Light, the Atomism, the Atama is considered as the Right Sacred Theory and the Sound, the Vortex, the Shabada, the Para-Brahma, the 5 Basic Elements are considered as the Left (VAMA) Sacred Theory, so, we have the Sacred 4 Vedas, the Monism focusing on the Sacred Quantum Light, the Atomism while the Fifth Veda, which is also popular as the First Veda, the Sacred Pranava Veda focuses on the Quantum Shabada, the Quantum Sound to give Sacred Shabada, Music, Architect, Dances, Ayurveda and lot more, which is all based on the "VAMA Veda, the 5 Basic Elements, the Quantum Matter Sacred Systems".

Thus, what we call as the Sacred Shabada, the Para-Brahma Systems of the Sacred Languages combines the Thesis and Antithesis together, while for the Light (Photon) Sacred Theory, the Sound (Phonon) is the Antithesis, and thus the Vedas on Light (Photon) and the Vama-Veda, the Antithesis is present as the Sound (Phonon). While for the Sacred Vedas on the Sound (Phonon) consider the Light (Photon) as the Antithesis (Vamaveda). For example, we can say "Everyone is Light (Photon)" and "Everyone is Sound" as either Thesis of the Antithesis, while both exist as ONE Quantum Vacuum Sacred System of Quantum Consciousness (Phoneme). So, if we combine these 3 Major ASpects of Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom, we have:

Quantum Vacuum (S, the 1st Row of Vowels)+Quantum Light (Photon, the B, 5th Row of Consonants)+Quantum Sound (Phonon, the D, the 4th Row of Consonants)=S-B-D

Thus, the Phoneme-Photon-Phonon is the Sacred Theory of Shabada, which is present as the Indian and International Sacred Language, Linguistic and Grammar Systems, and is the Birthplace of the Information Universe (Akhara Universe), and this is what the Sacred Mantras (Verses) and Poetics, when combined give us in all World Religions, Faiths, Sacred Languages and its Derived Sacred 1000 Subjects (estimated). Here, we can mention that the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems as in the Sacred Gurbani well use the Thesis (Life is Light, the M-A-N) and Antithesis (Life is Sound, the Perishable, the N-A-M), but this Sacredly Coexist as SHREE (Shakti, the Nama)-Shiva (Mana). This is also what all other Sacred Systems use as well!

Any Indian Sacred Term is considered incomplete if we ignore the Pair of "M-A-N" and "N-A-M" as everything "Cycles- Recycles, Renews, Creates and Recreates everything in the Sacred Universe" as the "M-A-N"-"N-A-M" and in it, we have the "Verb of Quantum Life" such that we can have "M-A-N", the Quantum Light as the Subject or the Object as is also the case with the "N-A-M", the Quantum Sound, and thus the "Quantum Verb Vibrates and Beats in it all":

Subject (Light, the Photon)-Vibration (Verb, the Phoneme)-Object (Sound, the Phonon)

(M-A-N, the Base and Basics of Sanskrit Based Sacred Languages and Grammars)

and we can also have it as:

Subject (Sound, the Phonon)-Vibration (Verb, the Phoneme)-Object (Light, the Photon)

(N-A-M, the Base and Basics of Gurmukhi, the Brahmi Based Sacred Languages and Grammars)

Please read more about the Subject, Verb (Mantra) and Object here:

How Languages, Linguistics and Grammars are Integrated and Fabricated as the 25 Strings and 2 Superstrings with SVO and Indian Sacred Mantra Construction Systems: Philology, Philselfology, NAMA and MANA Theory: Be Happy Philselfologically 131

Here, we need to consider of the great aspect of the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems, and that is when we consider the Photon (M) and Phonon (N), it's also presented as the Quantum Light (S) and the Quantum Sound (H), where we need to note that the Phonons "M" create the Quantum Light "S" while the Phonon "N" create the "Quantum Sound of H", and for this reason, the M-A-N is also presented as the S-A-H and or SH-A-H, and thus Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has also called the Sacred Gurmukhi Languages as the S-A-H, the SAH or SAHU (SAHO), the Quantum Phoneme Based God Systems. The Sah or Shah is also popular as the God, Husband, Lord, Bridegroom, and lot many other Spiritual and the Sacred Names for the Gurmukhi Based Sacred Language Systems. The Guru is also called the Shah (SH-A-H) while the God as the Sah (S-A-H), so we can notice a little change in the Gurmukhi as the Sahmukhi or Shahmukhi in the Sindh, West Punjab in Indian and Pakistan and many other parts of Asia, which use the Arabian and Israeli Sacred Systems.

So, for the Quantum Vacuum, the Phoneme, we can write it all as:

Subject (Quantum Vacuum Light, S)-Vibration (SH, Verb, the Phoneme)-Object (Quantum Vacuum Sound, the Phonon, H)

(S-SH-H or simply S-A-H, the Base and Basics of Sanskrit Based Sacred Languages and Grammars)

and we can also have it as:

Subject (Quantum Vacuum Sound, H)-Vibration (HS, Verb, the Phoneme)-Object (Quantum Vacuum Light, the Phonon, S)

(H-HS-S, or simply the H-A-S, the Base and Basics of Gurmukhi, the Brahmi Based Sacred Languages and Grammars)

Moreover, the Subject, Verb and the Object, the SVO as the Photon, Phoneme and Phonon is also well considered as the Brahma (Photon), Vishnu (Phoneme) and the Shiva (Phonon) Sacred Systems. Thus, most of the Indian Sacred Systems explain how the Lord Vishnu as the Phoneme, the Quantum Vacuum has created the Brahma (Photon) Sacred Systems and the Shiva (Phonon) Sacred Systems. It's all also popular as the Brahma (Photon) and Para (Phonon), while the "Guru" as the Gu (Phonon, the Quantum Sound)-Ru (Photon, the Quantum Light) knows both the Para (Phonon) and Brahma (Photon) while thus the "Guru" is known as the Guru Para-Brahma, the Phoneme Based Phonon and Photon Systems. So, in many of the Indian Sacred Systems, the Guru is known as the Vishnu (Phoneme) Sacred System. The Para-Brahma is the Sacred Structure of the Indian and the International Sacred Languages as the Consonants (Para, the Phonon), Vowels (Brahma, the Photon) and Quantum Vacuum Based Consciousness, the Prana, the Breathing that sustains it as thus the Phoneme, the S-H, and thus most of the Indian and International Sacred Terms giving the "S and H" at the end, the suffix at the Given Sacred Term, and it can also end up with the "M and or N". In this context, the "Guru Sacred Systems" are also treated as the "Narayana Sacred Systems", which thus and then deals with the "Living (the Quantum, Consciousness, DNA Based) Water of Life, the Nara and its Quantum Consciousness, which is influenced through the Quantum Sound, the Shabada, the Ayana, Iona, Quantization, etc., and thus Narayana".

The Indian Sacred Systems thus have great insight into the Role of Photon (Light) and Phonon (Sound) Sacred Systems as it then discusses and describes the 10 Doors of Human Body, the Two Eyes, Two Ears, Two Nostrils, One in each of Mouth, Anus, Urethra, which we have as the Phonon (Sound Energy) Based 9 Doors and Photon (Light Energy Based) Operating System, which can access all 9 Doors of the Sound Energy, the Phonon Based Systems is considered as the Tenth Door. It has a wonder in it that the 9 Doors of Phonons (Sound Energy) may not access it, but it can access all 9 Doors as well as the Light (M, the Photon)-Vibration (A, the Phoneme)-Sound (N, the Phonon) or Sound (N, the Phonon)-Vibration (A, the Phoneme)-Light (M, the Photon) Sacred; Free, Renewable, Recyclable and Zero Point Vacuum Energy Systems of the Universe while it is thus studied and researched as the 1-9, the Tetractys, Sephiroth, Merkaba, and lot many other ways and means of (1,9) Systems in which we have 9 Quantum Dots of Phonons, the Bindi's and the 10th, but the One Quantum Dot of Photon. It can be best studied as the Quaternion Sacred Systems with Quantum Systems and thus the Quantum Quaternion Sacred Systems. The Quaternion Math also studies the 1 Photon (Scalar)-3 Phonon (Vectors) as the Space-Volume Systems. In general, the 1 Photon (Light) creates the Space and the 9 Phonons create the Volume, and thus the Gurmukhi, Sindhi, Dravidian and many other Indian Sacred Language Systems seem to well use the Space-Volume for the Space-Time, the Spacetime Systems. (Please read more about it with key search words: Dasam Dvar, Tenth Door)

The Indian Sacred Languages thus use the Karta (K-R-T-A with Base of 25 Consonants with S and H, and then 27 Combinations and more with Permutations) to describe the "Sacred Action, the Karma Theory of Phonon (Sound) Energy) Systems" while if we notice the A-Karta that simply means "Not (A)-Karta (Phonon)", but the Photon, and thus the Karta-Akarta Sacred Theory with 9 (Karta)-1 Akarta, which describes most of the Indian, International and what we can call the Universal Sacred Systems. We can also notice the great use of Akarta as the OM and Karta as the Kara as ONE Sacred System of Light, Sound, Energy, Vibrations, and Matter and thus giving ONKARA, EKONKARA and other Quantum Scientific, Mathematical, Philosophical, Artistic; the Sacred Language, Math, Music Based Systems. So, the Akarta can also be seen as the Okar(ta), Ekar(ta), Akar(ta) and the great use of 64 Vowels, the Yogini's (Jogini's in the Gurmukhi sacred Systems) that give greater heights to the Indian, Asian and International Sacred Systems. So, mostly we have the O-K, A-K, E-K, EA-K Sacred Terms to give us the O, A, E, AE as the 64 Vowels describing the Light Energy, the Photon Systems while the K represents the 25 Consonants, the Sound Energy, the Phonon Systems. The O, A, E, AE as the 4 Pada Quaternion System is also present as the 12 or 16 Combinations of Vowels, which end up in the 64 Vowels. It's also present in the DNA; Genome and Clone Sequences, and thus is what we can use for the Life Sequences Based on Photon (Light Energy), the Single Quantum Dot of Light and Phonon (Sound Energy), the Spectrum for the Basic Dots of "White and Black" Quantum Light Dots of the "S and H", the Sacred Ratios that give birth to Sacred Geometry, Math, Music, Architect, Shabada and about 1000 Sacred Subjects. In general, the "S and H" is related to the "White and Black Colors" while the "N and M" is related to the "Sounds of N and M for the Colors of S and H" which "Spirals to Give Vortex" as S-A-T-EE-N-A-M-O, and thus the Famous Sacred Theory of Satinama, which has been proposed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and we hypothesize it in the Hypothesis of Philselfology for the Sacred Subjects Based on Sacred Languages.

The Karta Sacred Systems follow the Parsa (Touch) and Parsadi (with Sound Energy as N-A-M), the use of Sacred Water, Sweets, Fruits, and other Materials for it while the Akarta Sacred Systems do not need it, and thus use the Aparsa (Non-touch with M-A-N or the S-A-T in which the Quantum Light, the "S" creates the "T", the Tricolors, which further creates the Quantum Color Spectrum, the S-A-T, the SAT; the Numeral or the Number "7" in the Indian Sacred Systems), which needs no Water, Sweets, Fruits and or the Other Solid Materials. The reasons include that the Sound Energy passes through the Quantum Matter and thus Sacred Parsadi that we drink and or eat, but the Light Energy does not do so and thus Aparsa; no need to touch any Quantum Matter, but focus on "Light" ("S", the Quantum Light with Tricolors, "T" and the S-A-T, the Quantum Spectrum it creates, and the SAT is also the Number "7", the Quantum Spectrum), which we can see and or visualize. It seems we face maximum health and wellness problems when we are confused about the Sound Energy Users while ourselves as the Light Healers as they may seem "Abnormal, the Case with People, who follow World Religions and Faiths". At the same time, if the Sound Energy Healer meets Light Energy User, it may seem the one, who is suffering from "Ego Problems, the Ahankara".

So, it seems most of the Psychiatrists in Asia are "Practitioners, who may tend to favor the Light (Energy) and thus Light Healing", which may seem to end up with "Religious Mania Labelled to almost most of the Sound Energy Users", who may be further labelled as Suspected Terrorists or even the Terrorists, who may even be referred to Police and Crime Branches for "Behavior Modifications", and thus very heavy sedatives or the antidepressants.

Moreover, it seems, the Modern Education and Intellectual Systems offer almost no solutions to the Users of Sound Energy and also less proper respect to its Sacred Methodology of Distributing the Sound Energy (Sound Vibration) Based Parsadi, the Quantum Matter (Based on Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth (the Solid) Products, the 5 Basic Elements) as Sacred (Holy) Waters, Foods, Sweets, and other many ways and means including it's use on the Ayurveda Medicines, which all Asian Religious Places, the Temples, Churches, Gurudwaras, Mosques, and other religious or places of worship offer for free as we discuss in this Part of the Be Happy Philselfologically.

Moreover, we also have the Photon (Light Energy) and Phonon (Sound Energy) leading to the World of Biophotonics, the Jeeva, the Consciousness, and thus accordingly, we have the Photon Dealing with "Tej", the Glow of Biophotonic Light and the "Jot", the Biophotonic Light that gives us the Light of Biological Living or Light of Life in general. The Karta, the Parsa and the Parsadi Sacred Systems thus deal with the "Jot", the Biophotonic Based Light while the Akarta, the Aparsa, the Sacred Biophotonic Light Systems deal with the Tej, the Quantum Biophotonic Light. These together seem to well constitute the Jot (Biophotonic Light, the Flame of Life)+Tej (Biophotonic Radiations)=Ojasa, the Biophotonic Light and its Aura of Immunity Systems. The "Jot" is considered Quantum Conscious and the self-conscious flame of Life, and is thus also called the Ishwari Jot, the Living Light of Consciousness (the Jeeva). The Biophotonic Light (Photon) and its Bio-radiations (Biophoton) differ from ordinary light and thus its Science, Math, Art, which we know as the Sacred Subjects and Systems follow the Biophotonics (Emerging Quantum Civilizations) and not the laws and principles of ordinary light. For this reason, the Hypothesis of Philselfology discusses the Science, Math, Computing, Technology, etc. and thus the Sacred Subjects Based on the Jeeva, Joti, the Consciousness, the Quantum and or the similar, which differ from the Ordinary Light that travels with Velocity of Light, the "c". In other words, we discuss the Biophotonics, Consciousness and Living Universe of the Sacred Systems of the World Sacred Civilizations; the Emerging Quantum Civilizations.

The Indian and International Sacred Systems study and research Jot, the Quantum Light as Jotish or Jyotish for Consciousness and Photon in the Sacred Sanskrit Systems, but the Phonon and Consciousness goes as the Jotik(a) in the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems. These Two Sacred Systems of the Astrology differ a lot. The Jyotish may follow the Black Magic, but the Jotik(a) follows the White Magic of Sacred Shabada (Kava), Music, Raga, Architect and Kirtan as its essence.

In other words, the Jotik or Jio-tik is the Quantum Astrology of Shabada, the Quantum Sound, and we have given it the name of Philselfology, where the Phil, the Philosophy is for the "T", Self for Jio, and K for Ology, and thus Consciousness Based Astrology of the Joti, the Jotika as the Philselfology. It's also based on the fact that the Gurmukhi discusses how Sound (Phonon) Creates Quantum Matter while the Sanskrit discusses about how Light (Photon) Creates Quantum Matter, and thus both languages coexist in Pair of Two Languages as thus also the Identical Language Sacred Languages with two different bases for creation of quantum matter, the Light (Photon), the Brahma and Sound (Phonon), the Shabada, the Para-Brahma, and it's well used in the Sacred Poetry and Poetic's of Gurmukhi as the Sacred Gurbani by the Great Grammarian and Musician of Indian, Arabian, Israeli, and the Asian Sacred Languages in general, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It's also one of the major reasons that the Gurmukhi (Sindhi, Hindi and Dravidian) Sacred Language Systems came into existence in the Sanskrit Language System, while both coexist as the Light-Sound, the Brahma-Parbrahma and or the Classical (Light, the Photon Based) and the Quantum (Brahmi, the Prakritik, the Nature or Sound, the Phonon Based) Sacred Languages in the Indian and the International Sacred Language Systems.

So, accordingly, in the Indian sacred Systems we can get best results in the Light, Fire and Havana while using the Sacred Sanskrit Language (4 Veda Sacred Systems, the Jotish or the Jotish Sacred Systems for thus the Light and Fire Based Solar Sacred ), while the Sound, the Poetic (Shabada) Water and Cymatics, the Water Memory goes well with the Gurmukhi, the Brahmi Sacred Systems; the Kirtan, Singing and the Raga Based on the Gurmukhi, Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi, the Gurmukhi and the South Indian Brahmi Languages as thus Based on the Pranava Veda; the Sacred Shabada, the Para-Brahma Veda, and thus the Jotik or Jiotik, the Jyotik Sacred Systems for the "Water and Sound (Shabada) Based Lunar Sacred Systems". We need to take care however, that Sacred Sanskrit have both of the Mantras and Poetry (Kava) and that the Gurmukhi, the Brahmi Sacred Language Systems also have both of the Mantras and the Poetry, the Kava, so we should not jump to the conclusion or feel little confused about the Mantra and Kava (Poetry) as in general the Mantra in Sanskrit deal with the Light and Fire while its Kava, the Poetry can well deal with the Water and Sound, the Shabada. The Mantra (Sacred Language Based Math) deal well with Light (Solar Sacred Systems) while the Kava (the Sacred Poetry) deals well with the Water (Lunar Sacred Systems), and it's true in all World Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and the Subjects Based on it all. We have Light as the Subject and Sound as the Object in Light Based Classical languages and the Sound as the Subject and the Light as the Object in the Brahmi, the Quantum (Sacred) Language Systems, so always need an expert or specialist while using any Sacred language Systems of the World Civilizations.

For example, we all know that water in the colorful bottle when in place in the Sunlight or the Moonlight changes its qualities, and thus is based on the Solar Light Sacred Systems while the same water when put in presence of Quantized Sounds of Poetry, Music and Kirtan also changes it, which is thus based on the Lunar Sound Sacred Systems. Moreover, this very Quantum Sound Based Systems can attract strong Mantra and the Maatra effects of Any Sound (Ultra Sound and the Sonic) Impressions, Influences and thus the Sacred Effects, which is now emerging as the Psychism Language, Linguistics and Para Psychological and Para Psychiatry Systems. The Water Memory and Cymatics are also the exceptional examples while the "Soma and Agni" is the Quantum Light Based Systems with "Amrit and Sura (Sara)" is the Quantum Sound Based Systems.

It is a great regret that the Modern Educational and the Globalization in last centuries seem to have put the "Asian Sacred Systems of Water and Sound (Shabada) Based Lunar (Sacred) Systems" to what now faces an almost or endangered or the extinction levels as it's associated with "Religion, Faiths and Emotions, which seems to be suspected terrorism in the world due to excessive promotion of spiritualism that follows "Light" and may not require any world religion, which further seems associated with "Sheep (Christianity), Cows (Hinduism), Lions (Sikhism), Pigs (Muslims), Dragon (Chinese , Japanese and the Korean Sacred Religions and Faiths) and or animal, birds, trees, plants, and or the river based systems following Water, Sound and thus the Sacred Visible World of Phonon, the Shabada, the Quantum Sound, the Word as God and or so on", while the Hypothesis of Philselfology support both as coexisting sacred systems, and that is the Sacred Coexistence of Spiritualism (Photon, the Light) and Religion (Phonon, the Sound), and that the Phonon is Essence of Sacred Subjects and the Systems, which are now emerging as the Quantum Sacred Civilizations.

Please also note that the above said Light (Photon) and Sound (Phonon) Based Language as thus the Sacred Sanskrit and Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems also applies to any World or International Language that uses the "Light (Photon) as Subject and or Sound (Phonon) as the Object", and also well applies to any subject of Science, Math, Geometry, Language, Music and or what we describe as the "1000 or More Sacred Subjects of the Emerging Quantum Civilizations". So, any Given Sacred Language Systems Based on Light and or Sound is also the Single and the Unified Subject, Model and Theory of Everything, which we discus and describe as the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology.

We need to take care that the Ordinary Sound may not give the same impact as we have from the Prose, Poetry, Mantras, Music, Kirtan (Raga Based), and this is what we can call the Language, Linguistic and Grammar Based Quantization of the Sound, and thus the Sacred theory of Shabada known as the "Sacred Theory of Mantra and Maatra", which seems to make the International Phonetic Alphabet Based Systems the International Sacred Systems of the World Languages.

Here, it's point that we need to note and that is the "Indian Sacred Languages" give "Spiritual, Scientific and Sacred Sounds, Words, Letters, and the Meaning Based on what we observe in the universe, which further creates the Sacred Subjects", but it does not relate to any "Religion and or Faith" as it's the Sacred System of Sacred Language, Linguistics, Grammars, Math, Computing, Science and Technology of Quantum Universe in the same way as we have the "Computer Languages". The Religions, Faiths, Spiritualism, Yoga, Meditation, and or the similar help in learning, studying, mastering and researching it in our short span of human life. So, we can put as the "Education, Study and Research of Sacred Civilizations", which further helps in the Comparative Religious and Faith Studies, which we can simply put as the Sacred Systems of the Universe. The Indian Sacred Term, which can describe it best seems the "K", the 5 Basic Elements, "L", the Quantization of Phonon the "A", the Quantization of Photon in the Given 5 Element, which we have as the "Sacred Art with Sacred Geometry", and thus the K-L-A, the KALA, which our "Quantum Consciousness" acquires, sustains and uses throughout our human lifespan.

One of the great points about the Sacred Geometry, the Sacred Art, Math and Geometry of Consciousness also lies in the Indian Sacred Alphabets, Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars in an unusual way. We have the Jeeva as Jio or Jeeo in the Sacred Gurmukhi Language Systems and it's operated by the MANN, the Creative Intelligence, which is a great functional tool of the Jio (the Consciousness). The MANN as we are studying and researching it as the M-A-N having the Sound (the Phonon) Energy at 3 Levels as M-A-T, which we can quantize as even "M-A-T-R", the Maatra, the Quantum Levels of Quantization, which we also know as the Differential Topological Quantum Levels. This very "M-A-T-R" can be analysed as with the "M-E-T-R", where the M-O, M-A, M-O and M-AE are the 4 Quaternion Positions, the Pada's of M as thus M with (O, A, E, AE).

We can thus put it all as the Jio-Meter, the Quantum Consciousness (Jio)-Levels of Quantization (Meter), where the Meter is almost same as the Mantra, and thus we have the Jio-meter and or the Jio-metric, which we have as Geo-meter or Geo-metric in the English and the Western Languages. One of the most etymological or the root linguistic derivation of Geo-meter is the Geo-metry, the Geometry, which we study as the Sacred Geometry, where the "Sacred" also means "Consciousness, and thus the Sacred Geometry as the Consciousness Based Geometry, and thus the Jio-metry. So, we can put the Geometry as the Jio-metry for studying, learning and researching the Indian Sacred (Consciousness Based) Geometry. The Meter of "Jio", the Jio-meter also goes well as the Jio-mity, where the Mity or Miti is the Spiral Function of M, the MI in the 3 Levels of Consciousness, the Sacred Art of the Universe, and thus the M-E-T-EE for the Jio-metee is an another way to study and research the Indian Sacred Geometry as thus the Indus, Sindhu; Sindhi, Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Sacred Civilization Systems with Sacred Math, Languages, Music, Grammars and all that we have the Indian and International Sacred (Consciousness Based) Systems. We notice the kind of Jio-metry when we listen to music and the sound signals are shown with various bars, functions, visualizations and the displays for all that we visualize in the universe is the result of Jio-metry, the Jio-miti. For greater simplicity, we can put it as: "Mann Jio Mitra" or "Mann Jio-mitra", the "Jio-mitra or Mann", the "Consciousness Based Sacred Geometry of the Mann, the Creative Intelligence" is what the Sacred Gurmukhi and as in the Gurbani (Sacred Poetics in Gurmukhi) helps us in learning the Consciousness (Creative Intelligence) Based Sacred Geometry, the Mann Jio-mitra or we can also put it as the Mann-Jio-Mitri, the Mann Geometry, and thus the "Mann, the Creative Intelligence" takes up all that we call the "Sacred".

Here, we need to notice that the Mann, the Creative, the Sacred Art (Phonon, the Quantum Sound) Based Intelligence pairs up with the General or the Logic (Photon, the Quantum Light) Based Intelligence depends on the Light, the Photon. Thus, we have the Mann (Phonon) and Atama (Photon), which threads, fabricates, knots, braids, manifolds, and puts everything to dimensions and the fractals with 3+1 or 1+3 for the 1 Part Mann (Phonon)+3 Parts Atama (Photon)= or the 1 Part Atama (Photon)+3 Parts Mann (Phonon) inside all of us, and thus the International Consciousness Based Sacred Systems of Innovations; Math, Music, Geometry, Art, Science, Philosophy, and all subjects that involve the human participation, which we are studying and researching as through the Gurmukhi Sacred Language Based System with Sacred Sanskrit as thus the Sanskrit (Atama)+Gurmukhi (Mann) Sacred Systems, which we can put as the Mann (Philosophy), Jio (Self) and Mitra or Mitry (Ology, the Science, the Vigyana), and thus named Philselfology, the Mann-Jio-Mitra for Mann (Phil)-Jio (Self)-Mitra (Ology).

Thus, the Sacred Term of Jio, the Geo in the English and the Western Language Systems has yet another analogy and that is the Jio-mana, the Jio-meter as the Jio-nama, and according to the Hypothesis, Synthesis and Research of Philselfology, the Jio-nama is almost same or advanced level of the Genome, the DNA Based Systems where even the DNA with Gene is almost same and or advanced to the Jio, Jene, Jan, Jana, etc. Sacred Terms and Systems of the Jio; the Jeeva in the Sanskrit Language Based Systems, which deal the Jeeva as Light, the Photon while the Jio is the Consciousness (the Jeeva) as the Quantum Sound, the Phonon; the Biophoton Systems. We can also consider the Jio and Soma, the S-O-M as the Root and Etymological Use of S-O-M, the OM from Soma to yield the Gene-om as the Genome.

Here, we may need to pay attention that the Sacred Civilizations have two major kinds of Sacred Theory Systems, the S-O-M (also as the S-A-T), which deals with the "Light and Fire" (Light of Life, Quantum Light, the Photon while the "S-O-N" (also N-A-M, the Quantum Sound or the Word of Quantum God) seems to well deal with the "Water and Sound" (Water of Life, Quantum Sound, the Phonon, the Shabada) for the Sacred Theory of Sun, Light, Fire and Brahma Fire, the Fire of Sacred Universe and the Sacred Theory of Moon, Sound, Water and Para-Brahma, the Quantum Shabada of the Sacred Universe. One can notice the Soma (Sacred Water of Life) and Agni (Sacred Fire of Life) as one of the great Conjecture in the Sacred Systems of Light, Fire, Water, Sound and Consciousness in the Indian and International Sacred Systems.

Now, if we combine, the S-A-H and M-A-N, we have the SOHUN and if we combine the H-A-S and N-A-M, we have the HANSA, which deals with the Light, Matter, Sound and Energy Systems of E=M*C*C in which the SOHUN Sacred Theory focuses on Photons and the HANSA Sacred Theory focuses on the Phonon, while in the Quantum Vacuum it exists as the Phonemes of S-H or H-S only. So, the Indian and the Asian Sacred Languages use the S-H as the Quantum Vacuum God (Consciousness) Sacred Systems where the S-H is Male Form and the H-S is the Female God Form of Consciousness.

The 4 Veda Sacred Systems on the Sacred Quantum Light are said to be by the Devas, the Gods and Goddesses while the Fifth Veda (also considered as the First, the Primal Veda of Quantum Sound) is by the Vamadeva, the Left Wing of Devas (Gods) and is highlighted as the Sacred Veda by Baba Vishwakarma, the Sacred Architect of Universe. (Please read more on the Vamadeva's from the Wikipedia link here:, and please find more with the search words: Veda, Left-hand path and right-hand path, Vamachara)

Here, we also need to note that while the Sacred Sanskrit Language Systems is mainly for the Light, the Photon and its Anti-pair, the Co-pair Sindhi, Hindi and Dravidian Sacred Languages as we study in Gurmukhi Sacred Language Systems. This Pair, Co-pair and or the Anti-pair is the Deva (the Gods of Life, the Light, the Photon) and Vamadeva (the Gods of Death, the Recycle, the Biophoton with Phonon) give it the "Simultaneity of Existence" in the Sacred Sound, Music, Math, Geometry and Other Sacred Subjects as discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology. The SVO (Photon) of Sacred Sanskrit changes to OVS (Phonon) in the Sacred Gurmukhi (Sindhi, Hindi, Shahmukhi, and other similar, the Brahmi Languages).

Please the Sacred Term of "Veda" is the Origin, Root and Synthesized to the Vidya, the Knowledge, Wisdom and Education, and it can be any verified scripture, book, doctrine and or traditional, the verbal knowledge and wisdom, which we have present in the humanity. However, the "Veda" in this context is almost same as the "Sacred Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, Education and Research", and thus the "Veda" with any adjective remains the "Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom" whether we call it the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, Pranava Veda, and so on. The Sacred Doctrines, Books and the Scriptures describe the uses, benefits and advantages of the One Veda against the Second Veda and Multiple Other Vedas (the Sacred Books of Knowledge and Wisdom), while all "Vedas" coexist. For example, the Gurmukhi Sacred Systems as described in the Sacred Gurbani, the Sacred Shabada elaborates the Shabada, the Pranva, the Onkara, the Para-Brahma, the N-A-M (Nama) Sacred Systems of the Sacred Languages, and refers to it as the Quantum Sound, the Shabada as the "Guru", the Quantum Gravity Based Sacred Systems, which we can correlate to the "Phonon", the Atomism, but it coexists with the "Photon, the Quantum Light of the 4 Vedas" as the "Phoneme, the Quantum Sound in the Quantum Vacuum" seems to create and recreate the "Quantum Universe from Photon to Phonon and the Phonon to the Photon".

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as well as his 9 Successors belong to the Gurmukhi, Sindhi and the Sindhu Valley Sacred Civilization Systems focus on the Sacred Vamaveda, the Fifth Veda, the First Veda, the Shabada or Para-Brahma Veda Sacred Systems, which focuses on the Quantum Sound, the Shabada as the Guru, the Gravity Based Vortex and Vibration (Phonon) Systems, which constitutes the 5 Basic Elements, the Sound, Consciousness, Vortex Universe and promotes the Vortex Atomism, and thus Quantum Sacred Systems of Consciousness with "Para, the Quantum Matter", and thus all the Sacred Systems, which we have in the Sacred Pranava Veda and the Emerging Quantum Systems. It thus deals with Sindhu Sacred Civilization Based Dharma, the Pranava Veda Sacred Systems in its great base on the Quantum Sacred Light, the Mantra, Mat(a), Mana, the Atama, the Atomism as described in the 4 Vedas and in the Israeli, Egyptian and the Arabian Sacred Systems. According to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, it well relates to the South Indian (Dravid) Sacred Language Systems.

(By relevancy: and )

Thus, accordingly, we can think of Sach-Sunn-Sat as Phil (Sach)-Self (Sunn)-Ology (Sat), and thus the Philselfology, and to be more specific, we can also put it as the Phil (Sach)-Self (Sunn, the AAP)-Ology (Sat).

Philselfology of Sacred Electron, Nucleus, Atom, Earth Systems and 3-D Theories of Universe: Sikhism, the Khanda Qubit Theory and Sacred Structures of Electromagnetic Symbols, Emblems, and Systems in Atom and Universe - Be Happy Philselfologically - 56

At the end of 1990's, I have had a very rare discussion about the Hypothesis of Philselfology with the Aadi Shankracharya of Gujarat, India, when I met him in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, and he praised it a lot as the unique, blessed and futuristic research work for humanity as he told he was also doing the research work on it too. In our more than 3 hours of meeting while he himself took me on the "scooter" meet his Guru Ji from Ayudhaya, and then three of us were having a very long and blessed time of discussions, and they both gave me great many blessings for this research. It's one of great memory associated with this research work.

We also need to note that the Emerging Quantum Civilizations are well integrated into the Qubit Computing, Math and Programming.

Everything Quantum is OORA, AARA and EERI as "OO AA EE" Qubit with AEAE Quantum Body of Everything that We can Think: Secrets of Quantum Computing and Computers: Be Happy Philselfologically - 106

The Emerging Quantum Civilizations, which are basically our own Local Sacred Civilizations, Customs, Cultures, Traditions, Religions, Faiths, Beliefs, and Most of the Sacred Daily Practices at our own Village, City, State, the Regional and the National Sacred Civilizations, which invite greater attention to International Relations, Affairs, Education, Training, Research, Development, Evolution, and the Oneness as through Internationalization or the Globalization. It thus renews everything around us from vicinity, the rural or suburban to the International Level and gives the Intercultural Systems a very new look and that is the Sacred Intercultural Systems that further strengthens the Interfaiths and what we know as the Comparative Religious Studies as thus the Comparative Sacred Systems of all that we can compare!

It also requires that we study and research the Chaos and Vortex Based Math, the Chaos and the VBM, which we can also put as the Quantum and the Sacred Math, Geometry, Music and all that we discuss in the Hypothesis of Philselfology and or otherwise or more discussed both online and offline to achieve all of the said goals, aims and the claims at our own local levels say village and city or the state to enhance to the Highest Levels of Emerging Quantum Civilizations, the Sacred Systems of Evergreen World Civilizations having the Best of the Sacred World and Universe at our Own Places and Giving World the Best of the Sacred, the Classical and the Quantum Systems. It helps making our local citizens the international citizens with a little effort, the little investment of time into the said topics, subjects and the researches. It is to be well remarked here that the Vortex Based Math deals with "Qualities and not the Quantities of the Numbers and even the Qualities of the Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and so on, which we can also call the Mathematical Objects", and thus goes well with the Invariant Math, Dimension Based Math, Topology, Homotopy, Sacred Math and above all it deals with the Sacred Visualization and the Quantization Based Free, Recyclable, Renewable Energy, Zero Point Vacuum Energy Systems including the Chakra Energy. (A reference by relevancy: Vortex Based Mathematics: The Mathematical Fingerprint of God)

I prepared a project report using this Hypothesis of Philselfology as described in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically while sending it in 1989, while studying in Year 12 in Adelaide, South Australia, to the President of USA, Prime Minister of Australia, Some Asian and European Countries as well, it's described in the following blog post that also says the following:

"First Ecological Change that I put into practical was that the entire world needs a major change in earth systems was in 1981-82, I studied the Geography of World books in the Middle School, and put the world ecological and graphical systems in new system that is practical and wrote as student of Geography that all Indian rivers that create floods in Assam side need to be sent to Rajasthan, a desert state of India."

Philselfological Education System: Sacred Ecological Education Based on Kids' Research Works on Tesla's Vision and Scouting: Initiatives and Proposal Grounds of Philselfological Model of Everything: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 44

It may go little more as we edit and add.

Thanks for your time reading it!

This special blog post of Be Happy Philselfologically is from the Part 181a present here:

Big Failures of Contemporary Civilizations and Success of Sacred Civilizations: Need of Introducing Quantum Systems and Updating the Classical Systems for One World, Integration of Ancient and Modern Civilizations for Unification of East and West - Be Happy Philselfologically 181a

General Previous Part of the Series: How Indian Sacred Systems Explain Universe as Vibration with Akala as 4 Dimensions, Consciousness, Matter, Light, Sound, Indian Alphabets, Shabada, Veda, Gurbani, Water Memory, Cymatic Therapy and Cancer Cure: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 179

The relevant wikipedia and website: and

Please Be Happy Philselfologically while listening to the Sacred Music while also enjoying the Sacredness of Languages! Smile
Dr. Harmander Singh
How Be Happy Philselfologically Can Help in Sacred Paradigm in Modern World of Science, Math, Geometry, Grammar, Music, Creative Arts, Mantras, Painting, and Space Sciences and Holistic Management of Knowledge and Wisdom with Sounds - 55

It seems from the various studies of the universe that the Muslims follow the universe with moon systems, Hindus do the same with the sun, and Sikhs follow the North Polaris. The Christianity has followed the Center of the Universe, but to less Hebrew Language Knowledge and Wisdom less has been written and described as in Hinduism its less of the Sanskrit Languages.

Thus, the world in east and west now depend on Hindi and Punjabi for Advanced and Sacred Studies of any possible faculty of human knowledge and wisdom. It is because the Sanskrit and Hebrew, and the other ancient languages have been seriously ignored during last centuries say for about 4000-5000 thousands of years if not less. For example, the Philology and Linguistics may not have been the major part of the Modern Human Civilizations, and now we have it and even goes well with what Achim Kempf has discovered as the Sounds, Shapes and the Universe, and we have discussed it all as with say A, E, O, AE, the Dipole of the Vowels as the Creators of the Universe with what we know as the Primal Sounds of the Universe, which initially convert light into the sound energy:

"Of course, the Word set into motion everything else that is in our Universe. Creator Mind created the Word, which set things into motion, creating Vibration; Vibration caused Polarity, which in turn generated Rhythmic Patterns, which defined the cause-and –effect swings of 'Karma', which, at long last grounded itself out in our male and female Genders. And the Universe also divided itself into spiraling 'octaves' of purity, frequency, and density.

Polarity shifts and dances in its own way, creating Rhythm or Pattern. (I prefer the word 'pattern' because it is not so closely tied to music- but at its root, it is the same thing.) Pattern recognition is the result of close observation of the polar rhythms of things- the interactions of various vibrations upon each other. Once you learn an item's 'song' or 'dance' (rhythm or pattern) you can trace backwards to learn its true essence or Name." (With thanks from the source: )

"Existence in the entire cosmos vibrates with an energy that is audible to a mystic as a humming vibration. The closest experience of this sound in ordinary experience would be the humming sound of an electric transformer. Yet this humming is produced by the atoms of the universe vibrating at different frequencies.

In Sanskrit this sound is called Anahada Nada (also called Anahad Shabd in Sikh scriptures). Literally this means “sound produced without striking.” It is an unstruck sound, which unlike ordinary audible sounds is not produced by two things striking one another. In Sikh scriptures the oneness of God is emphasized through Ik Onkar. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, used the word Onkar (literally “OM-maker”) to state the concept of a monotheistic God rather than the Tri-deity concept of AUM in Hinduism. By placing “1” in front of Onkar, he stated that the creative, sustaining and destructive energies are all embodied in the One Supreme Being." (With thanks from the source: )

So accordingly, the world religions and faiths do not differ, but have different frame of references say earth, moon, sun, the star and the Polaris systems, the systems of stars that move around the center of universe as its for the very center of the universe, that we say is the Baikuntha or Sachkhanda around which the North Polaris moves around even though it, the North Polaris seems static, and thus the religions, and we know if one has an interest one needs just the keywords!

That is why the religion is also popular as the Path as in the Earth, Moon and the Sun Trinity, they together move around the North Polaris which further moves around the Center of the Universe where Light that Speaks has its center, and all these Paths lead to that same Light, and thus is what it means as the Pathway to the Center of the Universe in which we live as the greatest divine and sacred scientist Lord Jesus says that the father lives in Heaven, the Center of Universe!

Now, one of the major questions is that God, who is when Spirit does not have word, sound, and shape, so how He speaks, and He, the God Speaks through none, but the Holy Spirit at every earth, moon and the sun, the star trinity, and thus all stars are likely to have life on their systems and God as the Spirit, which is Divine Speaks and Talks through the Holy Spirit as we say Speaking in the Tongues.

The Christianity, Muslim Religion, and Sikhism saying Father in the Heaven always propose study of center of universe as seen the Polaris star in the East rather than in the North as most of ancient scriptures at times seem to educate, and thus worship of sun in east and North Polaris in north, and thus the mercury, the Astrological and Astronomical Vedic Studies. In the east its lot easier to understand the universe in the east as the North Polaris makes rotations around it, which is same as the wave and vibrations theories of circle rather than just waves and vibrations without considering that the center of universe is where one stands and thus touching earth and leaving the shoes as Holy Bible describes for many incidents as divine and sacred.

Well, you see I finished this topic as theme work of Be Happy Philselfologically during early 1990's and till mid 90's, and now we seem to catch up these theories as if NEW, but its normal not new to say!

When we look at the universe in the east, what we get is what we say is the study of the universe as seen in the east by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism:

Now, when we edit and modify the past, we need to pay attention, where world has not paused for a very long, and its like this:

If one sings with "aaaaa" or simply utters "aa" it heals, yes sure please otherwise one goes so ideal that does almost nothing!!!

Sikhism says the violence in the world is when people do not say: Namah as its the Hansa of Sohun, and when people keep chanting OM without Namah, they become mentally destructive, and its the science of languages not that Sikhism says!

OM has its opposite as Namah as we say OM Na...MO Sivaye(Shivaye), and without understanding it, one may harm all, so please chant Namah as well!

In other words, if one keeps singing: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa:, and sings a little of the avroha: Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa:, and thus harms health of others and oneself goes into deep depressions that lasts very long as its serious self-indulgence that may cause brain death or one living on medicines, and as long as one restarts to practice Namah! Namah! and sings the Avroh: Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ge Re Sa:, and thus is a secret of good health!

We may have to accept the truth that has never turned out to be a lie, and that is when we are a child, we are divine, and thus every child is divine, the angel and we may be at most sacred, a human when we grow up. That child who was born as "I" has been same as "I'm Now" and that is if "I have learned nothing I am just a child no matter how much grown up", and we may ignore or accept this as the only truth, otherwise wander here and there for rest of life doing what just ignoring or escaping from this truth. This child within never changes age, space, time and anything or all that changes, and thus its sacred of sacred. I remember how a child standing in front of my nephew's home taught us to pray! What a wonder and how personal! This is what it means to be what one is who one is divine and sacred. Everything else in a human body is as if a tool, vehicle, intrument, yantra, mantra, and whatever attribute one can give to it. If one know the child within, one has met God, the Spirit.

Th existence of a sacred and child within has a status of just "Being", and we call it in Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit as the Sata, the existence, which we know as the Naam. The Naam is N-aam, Not-soul, not just a soul, and we at sacred levels know it for certain that when consider we are part of God, the Spirit of "One I", which simply adding zeros means does not change is still the "I", the Parmatama, Thus, we sometimes keep assuming that we are souls, and that is a big mistake as its still s-aadi, the swad, the rasa as we spiritually do not grow to be divine and keep assuming to be sacred. The naam is n-aam that I am not even a soul and when we feel it, we feel so inferiors, sick and sinner that we need to say, I am nothing but as I am, neither good nor bad, but as I am. "...Atam Ras Jinney Janka Satigur Poora!" that if one has a perfect guru means who knows this truth, one wins the soul, the spiritual levels, the sacred only levels, otherwise one keeps struggling with the mann, the heart of emotions, and its the dead thing means its set of consonants, the audio and video files of brain. It needs the divine vowels that are both anahat and anahad, means files of audios and videos as helpful in conversion of consonants to vowels, and thus the Art of Forgetting that makes one a child again and meet the child within as be what and who one is and have been. So, the surrender to God is to say only He exists nothing else and we feel it as "I", the Child Within.

This topic of scientific paradigm is now most desired and needed thing as we say that the marvel is that I now understand almost everything about the sacred geometry and can teach and educate anyone. I taught many students, almost all secrets of the universe, geometry, math and physics and they really deserve a degree and a license or authorization to educate anyone in the world!

Sacred Science, Math and Arts of the Sacred Universe Give us the Complete, Perfect and Always Verifiable Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Sacred Vedas: Static, Kinetic, Dynamic and Guru Dimensions: Be Happy Philselfologically - 72

Whether its a child to be born or an aged about to leave the world, the medicinal symmetry, which is the sacred healthcare systems, which are divine in its essence and essentials can heal all living ones as if for them, the all is the entire human civilization and all that we know as the Wisdom of Mouth, the Human Civilizations can be as Ayurveda and the Vedas have been. One can attain perfect health with symmetry and what we lack is just an effort, so let us try and Be Happy and Healthy Philselfologically so that we may not regret that History has done great things when all is available now for all birds, plants, trees, humans and life in general, and that is the symmetry present that we have discovered in our modern times of 1990's to 2010's, and are heading towards a very sacred and thus bright future.

Now, again:

With thanks from the above video description, we need to note what it says there as:

Published on Apr 22, 2012

Nassim Haramein on assisting the paradigm shifting: Earth Is Not Merely Orbiting The Sun

Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun in the way we were taught More to do with Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth series. Here we find an understanding of Why the Earth & our solar system do not actually orbit the Sun as taught, "Rather", We follow or better still, are dragged by the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the universe & time.

This video offers explanations how, besides spinning on its axis and rotating as if going 'Around' the Sun, the Earth is shown to 'Follow' the Sun's movement through the Milky Way galaxy, in a continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane, thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to the accepted 2D.

** Believe it or not, there is no empirical evidence that the Earth actually orbits the sun ! **

This compilation of videos runs thus:

"The solar system's motion thru space by The Resonance Project / Nassim Haramein"

This simple animation was created by Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project Foundation

This is a video clip that every human should see.
Many of us have been taught about how the solar system works by viewing a physical model that has the sun in the middle with the planets going around and around in a simple circular orbit without properly accounting for the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles per hour).

Because the both sun and the galaxy are moving through space, the Earth spirals an incredible distance through space in a year's time. How far the Earth moves depends on the reference point you are using for something "stationary" or "background" even though all objects in the universe are in motion.

The Earth rotates at 0-1040 mi/hr (depends on latitude)
The Earth orbits the sun at aprox. 66,629 mi/hr
The sun orbits the galactic centre at aprox. 447,000 mi/hr

In just considering how fast the sun is moving, we know the Earth travels at least 3,918,402,000 miles in a years time! (as it also orbits around the sun)

Total speed of the Earth moving through space is difficult to approximate do to the combination of motions.

Using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation it is estimated the total motion of the Earth through space is aprox. 1,342,000 mi/hr
Or 11,763,972,000 miles in 1 year!

(which is still only 0.2% the speed of light!)

The old model might make one picture being back where you started after a year of time has past, when in fact, you are over 11 BILLION miles from where you were a year ago!

I hope this video helps people to visualize what the motion of the Earth in our solar system looks like."

Please read more at the Viewing the video above at Youtube!

Thanks and we are sure to make many contributions if we learn divine and Sacred Geometry, Maths, Physics, Grammars, Music, and lot more that even I happen to know as the Be Happy Philselfologically and have educated many students.

I personally focus on the sacred and divine aspects especially when I discovered in 1990, while studying at the University of Adelaide, South Australia in my thesis of Law of Gravity: Generalization of Human Intellect and its Evolution in Physics, Man (Human) and Society receiving distinction in it saying that all great scientists including Sir Issac Newton and Galileo that the Holy Spirit has guided them in doing research works. Now, the Holy Spirit gives the Divine and Sacred Music, Math and Grammars as in ordinary life, we may not find it in any university and academic systems in our modern age say even 4000-5000 thousands years ago. This is not a theory of conditioning that human need, but the chaos as Holy Spirit guides. The master brain Sir Albert Eisenstein has said the same thing. The human civilization has emerged out of many paradigms that could have destroyed the rigidity of intellectualism. So, we hope soon, we will have children teaching sacred geometry to their grandparents and parents with the sacred theory of universe. We need to approve these subjects at all levels of teaching and education so that all can excel without competing, and living is always sacred.

One may question about how and why we after such a huge scientific and technological developments in recent centuries seem to have lost the complete harmony with the natural world. It is because we have disturbed the sacredness of the sacred grammars, music, and in general the sacredness of human knowledge and wisdom. When we consider the sacredness as one holistic totality that we say as divine, we need to respect what we know is millions times less than what we do not know, and thus respect the unknown as particularly the individual's offering respect and reverence to the sacred things in the world including the human body. The work is worship as its sacred and influences all, and we when become professional may never considered sacredness as we start to deal with most precious things as common and ordinary objects that ends up all humanness and human relationships as just maintenance that needs attention. So, we what offer may not be sacred for anything, an everything in the natural world is sacred. So, where we are wrong is well known, and a little realization can save the world, which is sacred.

Thanks for your time making a difference with and about How Be Happy Philselfologically Can Help in Sacred Paradigm in Modern World of Science, Math, Geometry, Grammar, Music, Creative Arts, Mantras, Painting, and Space Sciences and Holistic Management of Knowledge and Wisdom - 55!

A Relevant Blog Post in the Series: How 35 Gurmukhi Quantum Phonetic Sounds Constitute Quantum Similes for Quantum English Alphabet and Linguistics: Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and Phonetic 44-45-52 Phonemes: Quantum Linguistics with Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 165

The previous and integral part the series: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and the Theory of Forms, and OM: How Vedas Chant Physical and Metaphysical Rama - Be Happy Philselfologically - 54

Please always Be happy Philselfologically! Smile
Dr. Harmander Singh
Purpose of Vedas as Indians Purpose for the Scientific World Civilizations: Be Happy Philselfologically - 48

The Indians as well as the Vedic Thinkers of the West understood it very well, and what they have been proposing to the world community since ages is what has been a greatest pleasure for my research works of Be Happy Philselfologically. They used the following Study Skills as the Essentials of any kind of education and in any subject, for example student doing graduation in Math, Linguistic, Sociology, Philosophy and Home Science must practice the co-curricular activities without which no pure and applied kind of research works are possible, and thus are the following:

1. Essentials of Math and Arithmetic

2. Essentials of Music and other arts, say painting

3. Essentials of Languages and Grammars

These almost 3 major essentials have been the backbone in every human civilization and age, and none can ever give alternative to it saying that one can study without it as one need grammar, math and art for all presentations without which one may fail in personal, academically, professionally, and in life as it is always, the same in every age!

If we help kids and children in understanding and learning more of these essentials, they can live happy and healthy life in the world that is usually like a mob or a chaos as the Kalpana Chawla in the Space and Universe that there we may not understand anything but if we educate the young generation and improve ourselves, we can appreciate and thus respect maths, arts, music and essence of all, the languages and the grammars in a better way, and that is what every kid who focus and meditate on the divine vowels, the shabad, the word guide as if a divine angels for each and every sound; a, e, i, o, as its always what a meditating kids seek yes, its "A Kid's Message and Appeal to Moderns for Living the Essential of Universe!"

Could not resist adding it:

Please Be Happy Philselfologically by reciting:

"A E I O U"="W(A)H(EI)G(U)R(U)" (This grammar structure is universal and waheguru is also written as wahegoouurruuuu and its just the sound of the Kritika Constellation that starts life in our universe with: (A as in cart) (E I as in say kneif, and never work perfectly) (O like in POT) (U as in umbrella) and thus with A E I O U, that we use with "V" or "W" for ease of making our mouth round and helping it to exhale and or breathe out easily as when we say "WA" or "VA" rather than Just "Aa" and this most helpful explanation and addition of "O A E I O U M", the OM Structure of AEIOU as "O AEIOU M" is from the Rohni Constellation, the Nakshatra.

Art of Kid's Meditations: The following is the Kid's Dhaarna, the Dhaarna (as part of listen, art of attentive listening which purifies the auditory faculties, manana believing in its practice and perceiving, and dhaarna, conceive it), yes the dhaarna means art of wearing anything and when its sounds, the slang words and all that has freedom of singing with kids on style that creates new lyric, tune and a style, which helps a kid like one's own existence and thus maintains their, the kids' original art of meditation that gives them visions.

At later age, one cannot have it, and if one have it at the young age, they develop sacred visualizations that helps bringing genius out of all kids making them the best contributors in the world civilizations as used to have in the past say just about 50 or 100 years. If the kids and children, they become the best teachers and instructors and start to teach their grannies and others amazingly keeping their psychic and intuitive faculties always working as long as they live, and this the secret of divine vowel meditations helping one be a child always and do what none other can ever do without it; no wonder:

The Rohni, the Divine Cow Constellation has the following sounds:

"O WA WE WI WO WU M" and this has a great wonder as in all Indian and many other world languages, the V and W are also in the Vowel Set of 16, and thus "WA WAI WO WU" that we can also write as "WA WAI WU WO" has more than 16 sounds of vowels as it has two vowels in each of the letters and the vowels that is a, i, e, o, u.

These vowels know how to lose, and thus remove the "yama" or the "jama" and thus is the naam or name, "HARI", the one who knows how to lose and liberate others, the other is the yama within all of us, who make the child within us all feel a bit sad. We can never win the energy, the shakti. So, we learn art of losing and none can defeat us as we have less amount of yama, and those, who went to win lost all they had in due course of time. This is secret of the Divine Names, the Naam, that Emerges by Like Emerges Like as the Simile Theories of the Homeopathy, the Best Nanopathy or Nano-therapy branch of Ayurveda and good for kids and children!

One of the most amazing thing is that all children take birth in the state of pure and pious meditation but once they start to interact with anyone who does not practice it, say does not practice musical vowels, which are the positive waves and vibrations anywhere where one is, and thus are as is in the movies, songs and all that is musical that gives us breathe as it enhances the levels of bio-energies within our bodies. Now, the children are in deep meditation all the times and thus live in the present and adults forget this art due to lack of practice, and certainly not any other conditions as even Satan and devils know things psychically as they keep practicing it even in the so called hell of pollution!

A child says and utters only vowels: A, E, I, O, and U!

We utter what: The sounds of the yama, the jama!

Child is sick of the yama, the jama and we offer things, say chocolates, toys and other things and child becomes an addict of things grows up and forgets all divine vowels and its practice and fights for the things and a life is fully ruined, and then who is responsible; lack of practice, the riyaz!

Most of the genius and what we know and say the civilized people ever born on earth keep chanting what; only vowels. They whistle and say funny sounds, and many think they are romantic, but they are practical, like all and live well.

Women usually remains in meditation and thus her brain works six times faster, and the men have preoccupied brains and when we ask about what they think about the vowels, they simply say, "Thinking what; nothing!" "You should practice it," "No you practice it, you know I have many things to think and ponder about!" "Men think and without divine vowels, none can process thinking, and thus pushes and forces everything inside and outside; no wonder!"

All kids are like women and thus their behavior, voice and all that they think, do and feel is similar to women, and when we are talking about any meditation, all think, feel, and act like a women, and thus all are women and God is the Husband is a universal concept.

Now, we are having the "yama" or the "jama" and that very thing in us is the "shakti", the female form, and the divine of godly thing is the "divine vowels" that liberates us from the yama, and thus it has the form of the sperm or the beeja, which if we sow liberates us from the yama.

Thus, the use of term say women, female, shakti, maya, and all that seems to be girl, woman or similar is nothing but science of the electromagnetic systems. We need to take keen and pious interest in these universal terms to understand and comprehend the secrets of the 16 vowels that has set of 4 major vowels, say namely: A, E, O, and U.

We will edit and add more to it!

Please Be Happy Philselfologically!

Thanks for your time!
Dr. Harmander Singh
Bent Lorentzen has contributed a lot for wellness of all humans and animals alike

Bent says: Three weeks ago, while walking along the woods of Vestvolden (the fortification moat that arches around Greater Copenhagen, Denmark), I came upon a nearly dead Hooded Crow (gråkrage in Danish). He or she, just fledging, had fallen out of a high nest in a tree that had little foliage to help break the bird's fall, and had injured her right leg and wing, was emaciated and dehydrated..

As a biologist, and researcher for a university wilderness ornithology laboratory decades ago in the USA, I've rehabilitated many birds in the standard way of using props on young to help prevent imprinting and bonding between bird and human.

But crows are exceptional intelligent and very social creatures. A recent study by Oxford University places their cognitive skills on par with the great apes, despite a brain that is 1/100th the size of a human's.

It is critically important for such a bird's survival that his or her neural networks --especially those related to socialization and problem solving skills -- be deeply nurtured through this critical set of developmental stages, and that includes bonding. And I went rather unconventional in this approach, interweaving the science with Buddhist compassion, love and mutual respect.

In this video, I am about to take the young crow to where I had found him, unable to rise up from where he lay half paralyzed on a grassy area which Copenhagen's parks department mows, and where dog owner illegally let their dogs loose.

For more information:

This blog post is from introduction to the video that one can view at: Its in the category of Pets and Animals and taken with thanks from the youtube source:

The following tags with this video give a great insight to researcher Bent Lorentzen:

Bent Lorentzen
hooded crow
Carl Jung
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dragons moon

Bent Lorentzen has contributed a lot for wellness of all and one can read about him at facebook.

We all at Wings for All - Life Dynamix - Community for Wellness of all offer our sincere thanks to him.

Thanks for your time to read it!
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