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Except our dear and beloved Steven Ferrel, the founder and CEO of Life Dynamix - the Community with Wings for All have been doing something that we all know as follows exceptionally though for all:

"Other than that… I hear some people can be founders during the day, programmers during the night. This leads straight to burnout and madness, you can’t do it for long" Swizec (Why Founders Shouldn't be Developers)

I am very impressed with a highly helpful article written by Swizec as Why Founders Shouldn't be Developers saying all wonderfully as follows:

"Ha! What a silly notion! The whole point I’m doing this is so I get to hack on interesting technologies all day, learn a bunch of sexy new tools and get to work on something I care about.

Startups are often built using the latest and greatest technologies. A while back it was PHP in favour of static HTML, then Python in favour of PHP. Lately it’s been Ruby on Rails or node.js in favour of Python … in the future, who knows. I hear Scala is becoming very popular.

It seems, then, that a lot of technical founders start with the same romantic notions of coding freedom as I did. Seeking coding nirvana – that wistful notion of being your own boss, setting your own deadlines, choosing your own technologies. Solving only important or at least fun problems.

Reality for a founder is a bit different. Far from coding nirvana, it makes being a good programmer nearly impossible.

Mind share

A founder must be pitching 50% of the time.
A founder must keep the lights on.
A founder must do customer development.
A founder must tend to company vision.
A founder must keep tabs on their industry.
A founder must take responsibility.
A founder is often _the_ customer support.

There’s a lot going on in a startup and because there’s nobody else to take care of it all, these things fall on the shoulders of founders. All of them take a lot of attention, if not time.

Programming is hard.

There’s no getting around that, no matter how good a programmer you are, no matter how experienced, it’s just hard. Programming doesn’t require a lot of attention, it requires all of attention.

After all, you’re dealing with vague ideas. Ideas that are hard to remember. Ideas that interact in delicate ways. Ideas you have to keep in your mind all at once.

The entire system must fit in your mind at least on some level of abstraction – you can’t code if you forget what a function does, or forget what your data looks like, or which file something is in…

Programming takes a lot of concentration. Period."...

Please read this highly informative, helpful, and suggestive article from the source with thanks by Swizec as Why Founders Shouldn't be Developers

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poem by Anne R. C. Neale

We all like to read our e-mail all the time,

We read it, think about it, and then move on you see,

We sometimes answer letters but the next one makes us curious

To find out what is in the next one, for me,

I do take time out to answer my mail,

I sometimes don't but I try not to fail,

I'm eager to see what is in each one,

After I read them I might save them or delete it , it's done,

I enjoy my e-mail I wish more people would write,

Spam controls are great, it makes email just right,

So enjoy your email and read each one

And answer the person who wrote it, then it is all done,

Anne Neale


With thanks from the Storytime Tapestry by Carol Roach
Dr. Harmander Singh
We have to lock our throat before doing meditation, recitation, music, oratory and other creative arts in the natural world. Thus most of the mantras, which help the creative intelligence to flourish in the way individual has qualities to excel need our scientific approach. These mantras are considered to be locked and these include OM, Ik Onmkar (pronouncing it with Eekonmkar), Waheguru and almost all of the first word we use in religions and spirituality, and in any other form of communications.

While doing my research works of Be Happy Philselfologically, I discovered that these sounds called mantras or specific word can give results only if we have a scientific approach. Otherwise, most of the people get so many health and wellness problems that modern health sciences may not heal it.

We get many mental problems and diseases of body and mind because we forget to lock the throat and use one breathe for say 25 to 50 times. One can use one breathe for hundreds of times if one practices. If also helps to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from our human body.

Almost all of the words in any languages of the world, we have the voice of "A" hidden in it. This is to open the lock. For example, when we say OM, we have OAM, and when we say it, we get our throat locked when we say "A" of it properly. After that we keep our throat in the same state as that of "A" and we what we get is a kind of miracle that can heal so many diseases, and health and wellness that we may not count.

I give an example that when we most us face. We start to pronounce first word say OM as OAM without locking our throat we face problems leaving us exhausted and feeling some permanent health problems.

So, we keep our throat locked as if a little chocked after say "A" as a pause in OAM that if we recite, sing or speak anything after it, we feel refreshed and get a toxin free life. In this very locked or bit chocked state of throat, we can put our mouth towards earth and exhale for many times without inhaling. It helps to get rid of toxin away from our body.

We will discuss about it our next part of the series of Be Happy Philselfologically.

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Dr. Harmander Singh
The Philselfology is my research work based on human knowledge and wisdom that has association what we know as language and the creative communication arts. All of it focus on the universal development and evolution, which does not change with time and space, but have limitations that we cannot use the knowledge from Earth on the Moon in our Solar system or elsewhere.

While starting in 1980's, in 1995-95 the completion of the grammar structure that can be used for modern languages can make a difference in the field of mental health. I have written a grammar which is based on ancient languages that can heal the mental problems.

Thus, these works are taking place while started to study the language that can make an impact on anything in the universe. The word, the sound created the universe is an example from Quantum Physics is another example that we seem to seriously lack in the modern languages. The modern languages do not seem to follow the patterns which can have symmetry leaving impressions and consistency for longer time.

We can find why some mental diseases like related to memory enhancement or develop a lot as one grows in the regions of the world where the languages do not have the symmetry consistence with nature, music and creative arts that nature supports. For example, the Algorithm of Computer Programming is based on Sanskrit and other ancient languages. The Parkinson Disease is also an example that we seem to have from language symmetry problems. Yes it is also the patterns that do not change with time.

The people who seem to have forgotten ancient languages like Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and many others with some modern languages. Based on the ancient, but the original languages include the Hindi, and the Punjabi languages that have such health, wellness, and ecological problems that the ancient languages did not seem to have to the extent we have in our modern age. During the ancient era, there was no crisis of pronunciation and practice of any creative arts in relation to science and technology.

Thus, art of resolving mental problems in as all ancient languages have had all that we usually call the structures, patterns, symmetry and lot more which is a secretly hidden art of chaos that can be used as the Classical Music or Mantra's kind of therapies as in the Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda in general. I do research works on it. We usually know all of these are the maps our brain use. The art of resolving mental problems is what Indian and other schools in the developing countries need most as well as the developed countries to keep the art of chaos in harmony.

Yes, the art of chaos is keeping balance of creative intelligence in harmony with matter and intelligence.

In my research work Philselfology, I had discussions with many psychologists and psychiatrists about that creative intelligence is run by soul that we usually call self, and intelligence in general is not directly run by soul but the creative intelligence. The soul plays the cosmic play with relativity that cannot be programmed as its cyclic and thus deletes or removes any man made change in it. This the Theory of Circle popular in India as the Theory of Bindu, the soul center of the universe present in everybody.

However, we at the same time can program the intelligence that creative intelligence can run freely. In other words, none can access to creative intelligence with ego or greed and in return harms the intelligence. Thus, the crime is lack of knowledge management that seem to have only one major fault or virus that at times we tend to access it with ego or greed and if we resign to the soul or creative intelligence that can give divine wisdom keeping everything in harmony with the rest of the universe, and yes the natural world.

This virus that access to creative intelligence is anti-social as it usually harms the most secretly developed human laws and principles, which are nothing but the natural laws and principles. These natural laws and principles are eternal as these never change, but the virus of wrong access can give a temporary change that is violation which can create many crises that nature restores without help from us, the humans.

However, we can allow nature to help us by not accessing it with the virus of ego for greed. The natural world is almost same as the creative intelligence and we can serve it, the living and nonliving ones in the nature as if we serve our own life by no wrong access.

The cycles of nature are far more longer than human life and thus we may not know what wrong we may be doing by violating the natural laws and principles. Resolving this problem is the humanly art of resolving mental problems, which all other living and nonliving one follow naturally as most of animals, birds, plants and tress do not access nature wrongly.

Thus, they - the birds, trees, plants, and the animal and green kingdom are seemingly the right householders, the grahsathi's of our natural world. The natural lifestyle of householder in the natural world from ancient times has remained the same in our world as today we are going towards this divine kingdom of nature for humans as native and aboriginal people have been living and is summed up as: "Ashrams were also frequented by layemen who sought instruction in some art, especially those in regards to human warfare such as ayurvedic medicine, music, and siddhic healing." (With thanks from the source: )

Thus, and as usual, most of it, the Be Happy Philselfologically is in the form of Vocal and the Verbal Works, the Vedic Approach. The Vedic means the Knowledge and Wisdom that does not change with time and space.

These concepts seem to follow the artistic use of creative faculties in humans and machines.

It has association what we know as language and the creative communication arts. I started to learn computer in my studies in the Government Multipurpose High School in 1986. After some training I was able to teach to almost all students and the teachers not knowing of computers in our high school. The computer education started in Punjab in 1986 and I was in the first batch of students, who started to learn computing.

After more than 25 years have passed in learning the computer education. While writing this for health and wellness of all philselfologically embracing the scientific feelings and creative thinking together with our self-involvement, we note that our health and wellness depends on considering life as one identity on earth and the natural world in the universe. It is what Philselfology is all about thus deals the problems of health and wellness in all spheres of life from living to nonliving and mechanical to robotic products of human brain.

Please read the next part here:Be Happy Philselfologically - Secrets of Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Mental Health - Health and Wellness - 2

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Dr. Harmander Singh
Lengthy sentences, comments, remarks and articles may cause some misunderstanding or a problem for a readers to comprehend what is written in all of it. I have been facing this problem from a long time. I need to share why my writings are like this. It has a strong reasons.

Most of my friends seem to remain annoyed with and to my long comments and sentences which even I cannot understand easily! Why! Let us share why! Crying before laughing seems that number of words with structure that lacks grammatical triangles inside the long sentences! Who made me feel compelled for it is none other than who can inspire any student to have compulsive disorders in writing! After all who is it!!!

As my father told about him, I started to write in English as the Third Language. However, even after doing ESL from South Australian Schools in 1989-90, I was rejected in most of writings with the following remarks from various resources in Australia and posted articles to some other English speaking countries:

1. Good Work, but your poems are too long, we cannot publish it.

2. Original Work, but we cannot publish such a big articles in our newspapers.

3. Great Effort, but who is going to make corrections in lengthy your works.

I do not know how to thank him, the person, who inspired me right from childhood, and his name is enough to laugh who have read his works.

‎"In grappling with Johnson’s sentences, students need ear-training in parallel structure and periodic suspense; old-fashioned sentence diagramming can help with this, and the Rambler sentence is tailor-made for the purpose (though virtually any paragraph will supply samples).

They also need alerting to the pleasures and purposes of Johnson’s well-timed shifts in diction (often from high and Latinate at a passage’s or paragraph’s outset, to plain and punchy at its conclusion).

Examples: the last stanza of the Levet elegy; the punch line of the “Short Song of Congratulation”; the plain speaking in the Chesterfield letter (“I never had a patron before”; “encumbers him with help”); the lists in Vanity (“Toil, envy, want . . .” <l. 160>); the famous (and almost self-contradictory) injunction about “the streaks of the tulip” (Rasselas, ch. 10). It is valuable, even important, to establish from the start that Johnson’s style is not all parallelism and orotundity. The power of plain words matters everywhere in his writing, and in his conversation (the dialogues from Boswell’s Life can make for an interesting comparison here).

(With all of my many thanks to and from the source: )

However, it helped me to write good works in my own languages, the Punjabi as the First and Hindi as the Second Languages from primary schools say from before little before 1980.

So, I started to learn English Grammars of 6th-8th, 9th-10th and up to that of 11th and by then 11th-12th as intensive studies during holidays of 8th Class/Grade at my school. However, all studies left me writing everything comprehensively without bothering about how BIG the sentences were.

I started to learn write short short stories and poems in 1991, and it was by then that works started to get published, but this problem still exists in my writing even though its not a problem for me.

However, my books remain full of this magic from Johnson, and no editor may correct my long sentences, so what was and is the result is more than a wonder.

When I edit one book that I have written, it turns into more than 2 books. lol

So is editing multiplication!

For me, its and all credit goes to the Samuel Johnson, the great and of course to my father Prof. Harnek Singh! (

While I offer my thanksgiving after finding a lot about him today online, it makes me feel bit sad about he wants to say: "His final moments were filled with mental anguish and delusions; when his physician, Thomas Warren, visited and asked him if he were feeling better, Johnson burst out with: "No, Sir; you cannot conceive with what acceleration I advance towards death."<172>"

This revolutionary acceleration in artificial evolution, the creation of artificial intelliegnce seems the root cause of global and universal suffering many scholars and researchers seem to face in our modern world, who do not want to sell knowledge in the name of wisdom, and also those, who feel that scholars are not made, they are gift from God and Nature to us all and we can leave them as they are naturally without accelerating the processes of artificial evolutions.

We need it humanly to pray in the names of all, whom we respect and honer as in one's own name none has ever prayed as we understand what it means... when he wrote: "To thy fatherly protection, O Lord, I commend this family. Bless, guide, and defend them, that they may pass through this world, as finally to enjoy in thy presence everlasting happiness, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.<161>... Amen! Thanks! (With thanks from the source: )

It seems when my works are published readers may find it easier to read even though more than 15 of my books have been published.

So and thus, I write long comments. It is also How and Why Write Long Sentences, Comments and the Long Discussions.

The point hidden in it is that it is a method of writing with auto-flow as well.

Thanks for your time to read it.
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