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Space Technology and Science: Dhra, the Earth as Frame of Reference and Applied form of Vedas as Musicology: Be Happy Philselfology - 29

While our earth as a Frame of Reference, the Dhra, which has many synonymous say Dhura means the Frame of Reference as the Pivot or the Origin, Dhar for earth, and thus we have with our earth as the origin have the Dhra having the Dhar, the body of reference and the Dhura and the Dhara, the Dhara means the flow of waves and vibrations as the frame of reference that has not been exactly defined in the Vedas but those, who developed the science with their deep mystic insight while remaining on earth and thus the Purana's, the individual frames of references on earth that has been developed by the sages as the Pura the locality and thus the higher levels of the Vedas which are in a way an evolution of Vedas in context to contemporary times. The evolution is a natural process as time flows towards the future, the evolution goes on towards the future as well.

The people who came as the spirituals and even the prophets has been the scientist using it in the form of applied sciences, and while those who take direct advantage from the Vedas are called the technologists in the applied way while imparting its knowledge to the pure form so that others may not know how to use it. The Ravna, whom many people worship has been considered a technologist who knew both the applied and the pure form of Vedas. We face serious threats and problems when we learn only the pure form of Vedas which are just the Mantras.

The applied form of the Mantra is called the Philselfology of the Vedas and that is the Kirtan and thus the Classical Music in which the Musicology is the Philselfology of Vedas for Health and Wellness that almost revolutionaries have always used.

The Modern Research Works of Sound Technology that is the future of our earth world is for the Space Technology and Science, the Spaces Sciences.

The Space Technology is in its applied form a pure form of electromagnetic systems in which no bioenergy's are ever used except the energies from the use of trees and the plants or the derivatives of animals say milk for example.

We can add few important words as shared on Facebook and elsewhere:

The Space Sciences without fully analyzing the other earth systems in a scientific ways rather than the technological ways that deal with almost no biological analysis may go anywhere in the solar system or the universe say on Moon and or Mars, and elsewhere in the universe is pure philselfological ignorance as if great would have done something visible on and in the earth system in which we live otherwise we may be creating a threat to life on our earth as it now seems a threat to life on it and to the other planets as it seems philosophically but philselfologically means in real life it seems a greatest threat.

Many seem to claim great many things about other earth systems based on the Vedas and so on, but surely even the Vedas do not know about anything other than this earth systems as on other plants, the setup with all programming systems on any planet cannot be known and if tries, it is rebuked as accessing NASA is a danger for a foreign spy!

The "man" means the one who follows ego, the essential ingredient of running the creative intelligence that again follows the chaos, which our ego cannot run but self-respect and for that the thinkers, philosophers and scientists, and the researchers need surely the highest possible level of respect that is too in the form of the reverence having deep respect lest they feel robotic; the condition in which they can never work philselfologically.

Thus, the man as a hunter and now has gone to space with petroleum products to sale the perfume to species on other planets whose names, products and market is not yet discovered and just see the overflowing confidence.

Philselfologically, the religion has a name Dharma, the Dhar means Earth and "Rama" here means how to explore but scientifically the earth systems to live a better life... and thus the Dharr+ama! Please as we say mind your language, I am talking the meanings of words based on my research work named Philselfology rather than the orthodox and traditional ones that seem to have lost making any proper sense in the modern world in some or many cases, so I do not define things as the dictionary defines.

The Space Sciences as we view in life of Dharma that has a significance for all to live a blissful life that the Science gives in its applied form. The Science is called the Vigayana... means Scientific (V and I for applied form and thus Vi) and G here for it has a meaning that correspond to technology and or matter, the materialistic form of anything this word stands. The next word is Yana that means the carrier means whatever supports it as if an instrument does to music. Thus, the knowledge that we get from observations of seen world, the technology we need a vehicle to do it and that works under the supervision of Dharma as described above means the theories with the natural laws and principles that are eternal but for the seen or the visible world as its not eternal but perishable and thus correspond to individual planets.

One may make serious mistake if one applies the natural laws and principles of the visible word to the invisible world. That is what I mean by saying that in space sciences we are making serious mistakes and may have fatal results as so far has been.

In this context, the promoters of Vedas seem very very wrong as I may say according to research works of Philselfology:

The other major point is the Vedas as the 4 Vedas teach only about the Earth System on which one lives and one may avoid claiming too much otherwise as we may never have knowledge in the explained data and information that works otherwise, we may put some genius people to inhuman torturing hoping that they may get knowledge from the aliens or from the other planets; its here the spiritual technology in the name of Vedas seems very "very" wrong, and a cause of global suffering as in it many people seem to have been put to near death experiments as if hoping for new dimensions no matter if Egyptian feel angry about it.

In my opinion it has fooled the west or the moderns by alluring about the unknown or the alien life. The reason for it is that the Hath Yoga aims for the Technology while the Raj or Sahaj Yoga follows the Science, and the later aims to make earth a better place rather than exploring the universe.

The soul leaving the human body may not come back in it as if after visiting say Moon or Mars and thus millions of animals; the monkeys and chimpanzees among humans have died or still suffering; and all is nothing but inhuman torturing for as just searching for new words, we can suppose:

In the Rig is written as Rigi according to Hindi and Punjabi as most of languages in the modern and or the west are seemingly the versions of Sanskrit that may change with time and space.

Thus, philselfological attitude needs that we first reconsider our knowledge in the right context to be Happy Philselfologically and thus Be Happy Philselfologically!

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How to Use Science, Technology and Computers for Better Health and Wellness: Be Happy Philselfologically - 6

When the proper electromagnetic system has emerged in the world, we can easily modify, develop and enhance the use of technology for the betterment of the world. This knowledge is however is innovative and one can never predict what is going to happen in next day, month and year. Its thus evolutionary in nature and the human qualities that make our character work for it needs daily efforts that is something life daily revolution against what harms our character.

The Indians call it the Charitra means the abilities and other human values that one needs to live well the entire life. Its the concept of totality in which we do not need to judge anyone when and while we may not be accepting individuality that self-worth of every individual) anyone by some action and the reactions, the psychology and the thinking levels of philosophy as it has nothing to do with the charitar of anyone. These too are predictable factors. When nature loves us have all unconditional and that is the selfless or unconditional love and nature wants us the same doing to allow so that nature can help us. If we do not do it, we may be learning to pretend all the times.

This degeneration and decay in India is called due to misconceptions of the nature, the Prakriti.Nature is called the Shakti and its Triya Chalitra are called the hurdles in acquiring the true knowledge and wisdom. The reasons that Indians write against women is beacsue they believe that the Durga, the Goddess of Nature has given birth to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha (Lord Shiva) and their wives. She wants that one must win the lust, greed and all negative energies that harm the natural world and thus nature. Only then one deserves true knowledge, wisdom and insight. She is the goddess of purity and none can defeat her without high morals and character.

We thus mostly notice that the Indians write the Triya Chalitra as the hurdle, and indeed its so because all want the Turiya Avastha, the Pious State of Mind, which the inner nature does not allow without overcoming the negativity called the Triya Chalitra, the health and wellness disorders of the right brain that decays the living bodies. We call it the misconception and misuse of the creative intelligence.

When the Indian men and women request or pray that seek help in maintenance and development of character, and that is also from the women as the girl who was raped and killed at New Delhi making the same appeals and requests as they, the women have higher creative intelligence and that men have more chances of taking advantage by using their intelligence, the excessive use of the left brain.

It has wonderful blend of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus that is when both help one another for high morals and ethics.

Its for lest one harms the human bodies, and the life in general creating fake proofs that go against the householders life keeping all one and alike praying together for the betterment for the world by coexisting and thus the concepts of man and woman in India seemingly feared of opposite gender as at the subconscious with small memory banks, we are still children seeking mother's help and guidance.

This very pretending seem to lead to creativity that plays negative role in our life causing serious mental health problems as one seem to practice greed, the selfish almost most of the times. In such cases, one may not experience the originality, the essence of life that needs innovation, invention and thus the insight that Indians call the darshana, the sacred and innovation visualization. This sacred or gifts from the nature in the chaos, which is the best for each one of us can make a difference in our life making us creative contributors.

These insightful innovations can even the magnet as the compass creating and making the Atlas Maps move everywhere as simple as the mobiles work for guiding the travelers and well even the kids and children prepare such gadgets saving energy that satellite and technology consumes in the space science and technology inhaling the world economy every second.

This advance level of technology has been part of South Indian Civilization from ages. Due to modern changes and the developments, these were almost blocked and even reversed. When we can now access to anyone and anywhere, we can make use of Indian knowledge and wisdom helping the world community in a better way. It can restore the original forms of the natural world so that we can coexist with the laws of affinity and evolution going together while creating better unity, oneness and togetherness.

For it, we have developed the courses and other services at Life Dynamix, the Wings for All so that all students and others can get certificate and license to work anywhere in the world. It can also help everyone to learn to research and develop personal contribution in the fields of health and wellness while properly by the proper use of science, technology, internet, computers, mobiles, and all that influences life on earth and that of the humans.

There are more resources in the human body that we cannot get by all the brains and computers together as the natural world does not support it while changing as the chaos. Nature, the natural world is the natural intelligence and we do not need the artificial one as the ultimate resultant as it seems from the modern developments. If we change, we innovate!

We have many opportunities that help us in the natural world and at life dynamix, we integrate it with your help to make it for all.

This article is in series with Be Happy Philselfologically.

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Swadhyaya: Study or Self Observation - A Unique Approach for All Alike Philselfologically

I have done intensive and in-depth research works based on the Swadhaya, and could not find an exact name in English that can give meaning to it. While calling it self-study, the problem was that swa in the Sanskrit is for Self and adhaya is to study. However, it differs from what we know as self-study in English or modern studies and education in general.

As this method is philosophical, scientific, psychological, spiritual, artistic and embracing many other faculties of human knowledge and wisdom, it needed a new name.

After very long deliberation, I gave it a name Philselfology. The Phil is for the philosophy that is origin of knowledge and wisdom, self is the main learner inside us, the child within, (In Indian context, the soul or Atama does not need to learn anything as its beyond human mind)and the logy or logs is the scientific way for learning anything.

Thus, the word Philselfology is based on the Swadhaya.

I have written more than 50 books based on this concept of learning. These are in all genres of English, but focus is philselfological, the Art of Swadhaya.

Its a Vedic term in the Sanskrit language. The word Veda has a meaning, which is Learning Wisdom with observation, and it embraces art of listening, art of reading, art of scientific oratory, and lot more that we know as Classical Music, Dance, Literature, Science, Technology, Philosophy, Math, and many other faculties of knowledge that are present in almost all Indian Schools of Philosophy, Religion, Art, Music and Indian natural lifestyle in general.

It focus on practicing what one knows and thus follow the two very important theories of learning, living and leaving:

1. Theory or Principle of Induction


2. Theory or Principle of Deduction

It helps one to be contributors of knowledge and wisdom, and thus helps to leave using borrowed knowledge, which we know but do not practice.

We as the humans are not computers and thus users of knowledge, and once we learn to be contributors of knowledge, we start to live what we know. It is said that if one says what one does and does what one says, that human is a contributor of knowledge not consumer. Thus, it helps to be a better contributor for greater good and wellness of all.

The following discussion/discourse is about it from the Ancient Methods of Self-study and learning that I usually write as SSA (Self-Study and Learning), this is also called universal method of learning:

How does Swadhyaya show up for you in your life?

What are you studying?

How do you study?

Where is your inner self guiding you to study in your life?

Who are your teachers?

Is study a part of your everyday life?

There is a reason that we are here in this life now and part of that is to learn. Just observing our everyday activities and learning from them Life becomes a classroom. Learning how to look at our hurts, pains and failures we have to opportunity to learn and change the most.

Sometimes we study more formally such as in schools Sometimes we study life itself. How do we contemplate our lives? We must create time for self-reflection. Yoga, Meditation, and chanting reading the ancient sciptures and wanting to know the truth. Self-observation gives you a pause between stimulus and response, letting you have room to breathe, relax, feel, watch, and allow. Items you are pondering may come clear to you during these times of self-observation. or it may take time for truth to emerge. Be open and have the spirit of exploration within you.

Swadhyaya lasts a lifetime ... or all lifetimes

Consider the meaning of spiritual concepts – understanding the underlying wisdom, NOT accepting without question. Expanding knowledge through reading, pondering to understand the scriptures for observation of the self in relation to all life.

It is impossible to practice any of the other precepts without this one. It is taking the time to take ourselves seriously. It is working with our limitations, our shames, our potential, and going deeper into them to progress ourselves into transcendence. If we have any limitations in our body’s, minds, emotions this how spirit tries to get our attention. This is an inner teaching awaiting us. An area of untapped growth awaiting us.

It is through this path that we come to union with Godliness.

Guru Gita says:

Swadhyaya increases inner radiance, mental vigor agility. Its practice is far more uplifting that indulging in futile thoughts and unnecessary mental activity or following worthless tendencies. Swadhyaya embraces all aspects of yoga and grants all its rewards.

Miracle of Love by Paul Ferrini says:

The purpose of your journey here is to discover the Self and leave the persona behind. You are here to find out that the Source of love lies within your own consciousness. You donot have to seek love outside of yourself. Indeed, the very act of seeking it in the world will prevent you from recognizing it with yourself. And if you can’t find love within, you will never be able tofind it in others. You can’t see the light in others until you see it in yourself. Once you see it in yourself, ther is no one in whom you don not see the light. It does not matter if they see it or not. You know it’s there. And it is the light you address when you speak to them.

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9 Rules of Human Nature that Apply to Work by Alexandra Levit

It’s no secret that career success often depends on the quality of the relationships you develop with your managers and co-workers. Although office personalities vary considerably, there are certain rules that always apply because we are all human. Here are 9 to keep in mind as you strive to lead, influence, and collaborate with people at work.

1. We always want more

As human beings, we are usually not comfortable with our current level of achievement. Once we attain success in some fashion, we scarcely take the time to celebrate before moving on to the next big thing. And when it comes to job satisfaction, we want what we don’t have. For example, employees in big business want to become free-spirited entrepreneurs, while many entrepreneurs wish for the security of a full-time job. Give us the freedom to try other things so we see why our situation is so great.

2. Everyone wants to feel valued

We want to feel like we are making a contribution to the organization, that our work is making the world a better place. Even if the job is to put the wrappers on chewing gum, we need to understand the big picture and why our role is critical to the company’s success. Tell us.

3. People want to talk about themselves

Human beings are self-absorbed by nature, so when you encourage us to tell you about our family, our hobbies, and our pet projects, we feel closer to you. If you want to build strong relationships, remember birthdays and children’s names.

4. People want to be part of a group

We are a social species, and we want to fit it at all costs. We may even sacrifice our own ideals for this privilege, hence what is known as mob mentality. Gain broad support for your projects by rallying colleagues to your side.

5. We might want to help you, but we still want something in return

Most humans do genuinely want to assist others, but the part of us that looks after #1 first is alive and well. If we’re being honest, most of us will admit that when we do someone a favor, we expect to reap the benefits at some point in the future. Try to do your share even if no one is asking.

6. We want to take action

Although human beings are not huge fans of change, we’re also not content with the status quo. If things are too peaceful, we get bored and want to shake things up a little, and in times of uncertainty, we want to do something – anything – to bring about a resolution. Be wary of knee-jerk reactions.

7. Once a decision is made, it’s made

We humans tend to hold hard and fast to our decisions, even if they’re turning out to be the wrong ones. This is primarily due to cognitive dissonance, or the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. If you want someone to change their mind, start persuading before they have too much invested.

8. We believe the worst won’t happen

This belief is the reason we still haven’t protected ourselves against the future flood that will wipe out downtown Manhattan. Despite what the scientists say, we refuse to come to terms with the inevitable. But while we’re thinking that other people get fatal diseases and go bankrupt, someone in the organization should be planning for the worst-case scenario.

9. We make the same mistakes over and over

Human beings don’t learn from the lessons of the past, and we like to blame others for our misfortunes instead of taking a hard look inward and sharing responsibility for negative outcomes. Don’t fall into this trap. Life circumstances change all the time, but you take yourself with you.

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Its possible to produce a video from slideshow (and even from only the photos or slides). We can also make it something that is totally amazing for the readers. Its as if wandering in the Alice’s Wonderland when we consider that readers and viewers can watch our video, the movie as a book or a magazine. The video shared in this factoid appears at YouTube is as if reading a magazine online while watching a video or slideshow. We can learn and do it in just 10 Very Easy Steps. While we describe, the video has been made using these instructions that one can see as below to learn how to make such wonderful stuff with as many options and features one wants to add. One may view before or after making any video appearing as a book or magazine:

Step 1. Open PowerPoint and hopefully it may be any version, we can use higher than 2003.

Step 2. Select the pictures and text for the Slideshow as Slides. The pictures and the text simply needs to be fit in the slide well.

Step 3. Save all Slides as GIF Graphics Interchange Format by selecting the option Every Slide not just Current Slide Only

Step 4. Open Windows Live Movie Maker and simply upload all Slides to it from the option Add Videos and Photos, and write the Title say as NEOGENESIS: Reconstructing the Self by Dr. James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC

Step 5. From the Edit tool for Videos select the duration for each slide. It can vary from 10-20 seconds or more depending on the content. Its better to view it before converting into a video.

Please read all steps for making any creative work that one writes as what the factoids gives as Tutorial on How to Make a Video in 10 Simple and easy Steps from Sideshow and Windows Live Movie Maker Appearing As Magazine or Book

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