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Just Be Happy Philselfologically: The Indian and Other Civilizations has its Own Kind of Sacred UNO's

It is matter of great importance that we understand the role of civilizations in the genetic and other evolutions that are local and global at the same time. For example, the civilizations are universal in nature whereas the nations do not seem to manage such causes of greater good for all. I as admin of Life Dynamix - Wings for All try to embrace Indian Civilization in various contexts that is one with other world civilizations as the following description given by the Cow Protection Organization at addressing url:

"Indigenous cattle play a vital role in livelihood security in our country. Majority of crop growing and livestock rearing areas in India are dry land areas with low and medium input production systems which favor conservation of animal genetic diversity. The local breeds of cattle are well known for their draft efficiency, heat tolerance and resistance to diseases.

Inherited resistance to (or tolerance of) disease and parasites in livestock has always been a valued trait among stockowners. Today, many of them are disintegrating and degenerating both in quality and quantity that has crumbled our genetic base. The net result is that a few of the well-established breeds such as Punganur have already become extinct, and breeds like Krishna valley is fast approaching the stage of extinction.

Excellent draft breeds such as Amrithmahal, Hallikar and Khillari etc. and good milch breeds like Sahiwal, Tharparkar and Red Sindhi have reduced in number as well as in quality.

At a localized agro-climatic zone, loss of breed means loss of livelihood strategy and loss of indigenous knowledge. The drought prone semi-arid regions are characterized by a major animal component, as animals can exploit resources that cannot support intensive crop cultivation on a sustainable basis. As per FAO records, one third of all Indian breeds of livestock and poultry are threatened with extinction and require conservation.

Maintenance and protection of remaining livestock breeds is mandated by UN convention on Biological Diversities (CBD). This legal instrument emphasizes need for the conservation of agro-biodiversity in the surroundings, essential to support the system. It also emphasizes active involvement of indigenous communities, their knowledge and active participation in conservation. But so far no initiatives are visible in large scale and organizations that maintain domestic animals biodiversity are only now beginning exploration. Experiences with truly community-based approaches to the conservation of local livestock breeds are also lacking.

Understanding the situation and problem, Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Shri Raghaveswara Bharathi Swamiji has taken up the programme of preservation, improvement, conservation, in depth study and research on the desi cattle and their products in the name of “Khamadugha”.

Farmers’ friend Hallikar cattle, the dwarf cattle of Western Ghats having high resistance to many diseases ‘Malnad Gidda’, well suited breed for black cotton soil with good milk yield ‘Krishna Valley’ pride of Andhra Pradesh ‘Ongole’, dual purpose breed ‘Deoni’, famous milk breed of Gujarath ‘Gir’, world famous war -horse like looking ‘Amrithmahal’, heaviest breed ‘Kankrej’, best milch breed from Punjab ’Sahiwal’, ‘Rati’ from Rajasthan and many more breeds of indigenous cattle are found in the ‘Amruthadhara Goshala’ at Ramachandrapura Math, Hosanagara, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India and also at Kaggalipura, Bangalore. Many more Goshala are in the offing for the cause of desi cattle.

The products of desi cows viz arkha (cow urine distil), soap from cow dung, toothpaste, shampoo etc are also made and distributed at nominal cost. ..."

The Arabians believe that one should not torture or kill the cow that gives milk and the tree that bears fruits!

The Indian Civilizations believe in the soul, the Atma and thus differ in approach to the world or the global problems. We consider it a philosophical approach as the darshna, the sacred visualization approach. We thus support it Be Happy Philselfologically!

In other words, the Just Be Happy Philselfologically: The Indian and Other Civilizations has its Own Kind of UNO as its own impact as we as the Punjabi's, Rajasthani, Marathi, Telgu and Kashmiri are a kind of world civilizations that group up or unite as one civilization named Indian and federal government and the Civilization. It thus may not have any state and the federal disputes in Indian and other civilizations as it has nothing to do with the political borders and the boundaries in the world. We all thus work locally everywhere in the world, is not a magic! Smile

Without the Civilization of Himalaya, the world civilizations may have but no meaning!

The civilization is one's own identity that is same as one's identity in the universe, and thus all share it together as one common identity that if one harms anyone harms all so nothing is fair in any survival or surviving for war when also we learn to edit online! lol Smile

Thanks for your time!
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Be Happy Philselfologically - How Lord Rama would have used his own sacred name for worship - Part 17

The words usually put together in the spiritual world like Ram; Ramu that means its what Lord Rama would have worshipped by saying Ramu! Ramu!

The word Rama, Ramu and other words that are expressed by some syllable or word as suffix and even prefix can create sounds that even the Avtar's like Lord Rama and Krishna would use. For example, Ramu is as Ram+Om and thus Ramu.

The reason behind it is that one can not call oneself as Shri and thus addressing oneself as Shri Rama, but others can do it. Thus, the world languages including Sanskrit and everything in the Gurbani and the Ramcharit Manas addresses the self as Ramu, Krisnu.

The words say Rama has Ram with Aum as a at the example. These are universal sounds that can help one to understand Metaphysical World of what people in east call Naam.

The Naam gives an access to contact the natural powers and energies of the universe by all needs to associate and integrate maximum details about the naam used. For example, the naam or name of Lord Rama when used needs all details about him to focus well.

For example the words "Ram Ramu Karta Sab Jag Firai..." that can have a meaning that Lord Rama traveled around the world for 10, 000 years of his age chanting "Ramu! Ramu!..." that in other words is "Om Ram Ramu!"

The reason Lord Rama would understand himself is to set an example that the great Indian Philosophers including Bhai Gurdas Ji says that during the start of our modern age, the civilization stopped to practice the Jaap or Recitation of "Sohun Hansa" that means "I'm Soul, the Light or Om," and thus the "Om Ram Ramu!". These primal sounds give the feelings and thus the bliss of what one is and its that One is Light!

Its necessary to accept that these chanting of sounds give the bliss that many seem to claim by Samadhi state of mind, the brain as if the orgasm and thus such people, the practitioners may avoid the physical relationships. It helps anyone to get better health and wellness while understanding east means for the reasons for the Bramcharaya, the sex-free life! Its the best option for students and others wishing to live householder's life as married or the singles as most the Indians and easterners have been living from ages.

We use the Shabad or the Sound Therapy so that anyone may not fool or abuse others by any possible means. We study the Shiv-Shakti concepts by Gender of Words and thus the Human Body rather than conducting any Ritual that may even brain wash the kids, teen and women alike as men too, and thus the Gender of Words transforms even the Gender Role in the Ragas. Its called the Divine or at least Spiritual Journey into the Metaphysical and the Astral Body. This Shabad or Sound Yoga does not allow one to touch anyone physically as everyone has one's aura and others need a permission to touch it.

When we touch anything it changes its recordings in the living things and its same as touching the mobiles and if we access anything we need a password, and thus are the Sanskara's that run the Jantar, Jantra the Yantra or the Jant, the Living Things with their Tantra, the Programming it has as if collection of software's, the Sookham World the way its installed in it as the Good or Bad Sanskara's. The passwords it needs are called the Mantras as even "Ram" is the password, which is universal in nature!

Dinosaur kind of animals seem to have accompanied Lord Rama, who was 15 Feet Tall by then!

When we consider this approach, the sounds therapies heal the world and thus helping in the wellness of all.

Among the major reasons that Raga's are less approved in some religions and cultures is that many instruments use animal skin in it, and when the Raga's are played like this, its said to cause heart and other health and wellness problems. Similarly, the ancient scriptures talk about health problems, but we seem to avoid it as give irony, and we can say why Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib could have saved his heath by not playing raga's with instruments that do not support certain raga or the classical raga's. Otherwise, one may live age say more than 70 years!

The same is true for use of harmonium in the raga, and any unnecessary content of technology in the music like the tampered music as it may lead to harm the mental health and thus the general health to a dangerous levels and may even cause the brain death or death in general!

The major point of concern at Life Dynamix - Wings for All for Be Happy Philselfologically is that the research works are always from the question that asks as if a challenge against the proved distance covered in hundreds and thousands of mile. We seem to ignore the practical science that says that displacement matters in the real life not the distance. Thus, any thinker and researcher in any set or duration of time challenges everyone with set of questions and answers for anything going on and asks everywhere.

The majority of us are followers of routine or conditioning that does not seem to answer anything that leads to future with proud of past. Instead we seem to drag into past by condemning our past, while the researchers and thinkers do not condemn; they correct. Most of the people in the world have not liked to be corrected and the economic recessions and other crises cannot be solved without paying attention to the thinkers and researchers. The researchers are like a child or a kid, who have great curiosity with intuitiveness to propose so many things that person concerned seem to think and feel that they are disturbing the routine works that equals to distance covered and thus downfall in progress rates everywhere in the world.

For example, I am doing research works named Philselfology from childhood and I have always questioned and then give the possible solutions that work. However, we know that people when in jam of traffic or rushing to save their life follow the emergency rules as if the government has forced emergency ruling over the state or the nation. This is the theory of crowd and has no meaning of progress, development and evolution in it but survival, the scalar quantity of distance covered.

How Indian Sacred Ayurveda Systems Helps Indians, Native People and the Aboriginals Know, Understand and Practice the Knowledge and Wisdom of Sacred Education Systems: Genes, Genetics, Hybrids, Clones of Sacred DNA: Be Happy Philselfologically - 71

We may call it infinite conversion rate in anything based on distance covered.

However, philselfologically speaking, the world has progressed always with infinitesimal rate of conversion for anything and its the vector quantity having both the origin, the frame of reference and the summing up with zero defect of the resultant vector that we can call the Balanced or Sahaj life.

Whenever world has paused, it started with the infinitesimal of everything; looking back on the mistakes of the past, the origin and where we fail projecting it into future; missing of balancing factor of vector that we know as if the resultant of all that we know as humans and its History, the Recorded Vedic Knowledge and Wisdom of the Past that we call the Shashtra's based on the Theory of Induction and Deduction.

Even without funds to study in the renowned universities or institutions, a researcher anywhere in the world is as if a class one officer of any nationality and other officials need to respect him or her as they are the counselors to all:

So, we need whenever we need to question philselfologically to be happy without hoping that we rebuke or get rebuked to help one and all once in life.

Regarding it, we at Wings for All are going to offer many courses soon.

All of these courses are as Be Happy Philselfologically
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Scientology, Sanskara and the Vedas: Be Happy Philselfologically Part 16

The concept of Mann in India differs from the western concept of the Mann as the Reactive Mind. The matter that body and mind react most in the living body is the Mann. That thing that we know as Mann is living for many reasons and thus it is not dead but as it’s due its association with the bio-energy it seems living. It has a great quality that it’s both dead and alive. When we associate it with the world inside its living form and when we do the same with the outer world its matter only. In the world inside, the Mann has its living form due to its being dynamic.

When we deal it with the outside world, it seems to work as if a dead as its static and functions as if a machine kinetic only.

The association of the static with the dynamic has communication that is between and dynamic and thus the kinetic. The static form is the matter; the kinetic seems to be bio-energy in the body and the dynamic is what we know in India as the Atma or soul. The term soul in India differs from the use in the western or the modern countries.

While I was studying Scientology in Adelaide, South Australia in 1990-91, I noticed that it lacks the concept of Mann as we follow in India. I studied it when I met Jeff, and we worked in the huge building of a bank. We used to discuss it everyday a little. Then I went to the Center of Scientology where Jeff took me. He took my interview and gave me a temporary work of a counselor as a hobby and I was allowed to practice whenever I needed.

From Ron Hubbard’s few books I found that it’s the Theory of Sanskara, but seemed that it lacks the Concept of Mann as we study in India. The Mann works on the Sanskara, and that is why Indians follow it according to what Mann says rather than what mind, the editor says. The brain editing usually seem to create evidences that may harm the health and wellness based on the bio-compositions during a particular thought, feeling and or action that we need to condemn.

Tne name for the worlds of the Mann is called the World of the Dead, and thus Indians call it the Mrityu or the Mrit Loka or the Mrit Mandala.

The World of Living is the World of the Atma or Soul. This is what World Religions and Faiths say and describe and thus the Lord or Guru of the Living. Thus, Lord Jesus is also known as the Lord of the Living, and thus he is called as not the Lord of the Dead, which is governed by the human by oneself. The Lord of the Mann, the Dead, and or the Matter is called the Approach of the Materialism and thus most of the Teachings that seems to be Philosophies, theories and principles that can be verified and thus a satisfaction of the intellectualism.

However, the Philosophy of the Living has nothing to do with the verifiable world of the dead, but the living ones that cannot be verified by intellect. The Word of Living is the Chaos, and thus the World of Kala, and not that of Philosophy, Science and Technology alone. The Indians believe that the world of the living is what needs Kala as the most essential part, and thus Lord Krishna as the 16 Kala Sampuran, Complete or Master in 16 Main Creative Arts.

The reason that most of Indians feel contented with anything seems from the reason that as in the Vedas and the Shasta, the Theory of Hard Determinism gives all benefit of doubt and thus faith as the Living Torch or Candle, the Jyoti that most Indians burn as the lamps in the Pooja and otherwise. The Sanskara has the most significant role in our life it teaches how one should see that world with scientific approach and thus the scientific feelings, the Sanskara, and brain editor that can govern is the Creative Things that Indians call the Kala. Indians follow the Sanskara, the Scientific Feelings with Kala, the Creative Arts.

This seems to be the major reasons that seem to have made India a Great Civilization. I decided to do the further research work as the modern civilization seem to have forgotten the Art of Civilization a part of daily life that we know and call as the Nitnema or Nit-Karma, the Vedic Approach for Daily Life. Thus, the Indians study Mann as static, kinetic, dynamic and still higher that is what we know as the Turiya Awastha.

The Turya is state of the Mann where it has nothing to do with the static, kinetic and the dynamic. At this level, the Mann is nothing but the true Image of Atama. This is state of selflessness, and thus without tama, the selfishness making the word A-tama, the selflessness.

The selflessness is Turya and also called the Mukti, but as one lives in the living body, so it’s called the Jeevan Mukti, and thus the Moksha.

This is what makes Indian approach a far better comprehensive research of world knowledge if we study it in as eastern civilization have studied and made research works on it.

The east does not simply signify the countries in the east, but the civilizations that are ancient in the world. The reason for it is that the most primitive and original civilizations in the world are what has created all of the modern countries that includes USA and Australia alike and thus we hope that when we respect the roots, we have the tree.

We may not know every bit of science, technology and religion or philosophy, and it does not constitute enough grounds to say that the Theory of Sanskara in an filed is weak or wrong if we are not able to get the exact results! So, we have lot to learn. This is mainly the electromagnetic system theories that seem to be futuristic in nature as it has natural technology hidden in it, and thus we call the Science of Natural or Applied Technology as yoga and meditation are in India and elsewhere.

"The Punjabi, Hindi, English and the Other World Languages as the Sacred Set of 36 Vibrations, Waves, and without Drug Therapies of Electromagnetic Brain Care, Cure and Healing: Machine Free Brain Surgery - Be Happy Philselfologically - 79"

This is what we hope to introduce from Life Dynamix – Wings for All.

We will discuss more about it in the next part.
Dr. Harmander Singh
Wonders of India, German, and Australia: My Learning of Sacred Art of Creative Arts, the Musical Minds Philselfologically: Part 15

We at Life Dynamix - Wings for All have a vision that we follow as saying: "Our vision is of a planet where we all prosper in one another's brilliance. We contribute to this goal by providing educational services at no cost and a platform for compassionate wellness minded individuals to unite."

While studying the syllabus of 10+2 in 1986, I read from the NCERT book that there are many countries in the world who teach it. So, I wrote to Embassy of German in New Delhi.

The most amazing thing was that my father told me about the Germans, who took all Indian Scriptures; the Original Vedas and other stuff over there. I was very keen to read it in original so I wanted to go to German. However, not knowing anything about the immigration and migration and other requirements, I received a reply saying that they were interested in sending me to German, but wanted to know if I knew the Germany language. I felt sad that I was keen to go and knew nothing about the language.

So, I wrote that one day I might go when I can understand the language.

It was really amazing and how I was astonished at my ignorance at the high school is that I still remember it.

Then I looked for the alternatives, and it happened that without ever speaking English language, I happen to reach Australia after fulfilling their requirements as I was in about 3 year. What I found interesting that I started to speak English and was able to speak it in few days getting help from Mr. and Mrs. Pickering as a paying guest in 1989.

From Australia, I wrote letters and my research works cum reports during 1989-91 to Presidents and Prime Ministers of some major countries including President of USA, Prime Minister of Australia, President of Iran,leading newspapers of UK and local newspapers of South Australia. All that I do now during 2000-2013 is also part of that however at that time I was too young as if proposing too many ideas, but it is liked, and I received 2 distinction at Muirden Schools and 1 at University of Adelaide and one credit too!

Three people played a significant role in my studies Mr. I.B. Muirden and the family at the Muirden Schools, Mr. Leidig who would discuss Physics and Math, about his father's writing books, Sister Rene Mehrbei, who would help in understanding the differences between East and the West as she is a Bramkumari.

The most amazing thing was that they are the German families by origin. They have always done the best possible from my going to Australia during 1986-87, and on arrival in 1989, and Sister Rene in 1990-91, and then all till present.

This is how the research works of Philselfology, the Researching of all works of west in eastern and western works in eastern ways or methodologies of the Darshana have been going on from German to Australia.

The point of great concern in the Wisdom of Mouth, the Vedas is that it works on the theory of induction and the theory of deduction alike as for example we can get many examples to prove a principle or we can understand the principle without any example, and thus is the Vedic Knowledge, Wisdom and Civilization that accepts that one can be a genius without going to college as all Vedic people did not go while none of the modern researchers seem to have gone to the universities and thus the Philselfology!

The axiomatic points and the things of the natural world run the civilian and thus the family and daily life, which is the secret of happy life that based on which I wrote my PhD (AM) thesis for Philselfology in 2006: " ... in everyday life or through the scientific method and for that reason the philosopher C. D. Broad said that "induction is the glory of science and the scandal of philosophy". Although the problem arguably dates back to the Pyrrhonism of ancient philosophy, David Hume introduced it in the mid-18th century, with the most notable response provided by Karl Popper two centuries later.

Hume's approach was actually an application of another argument raised by Sextus: Those who claim for themselves to judge the truth are bound to possess a criterion of truth. This criterion, then, either is without a judge's approval or has been approved. But if it is without approval, whence comes it that it is truthworthy? For no matter of dispute is to be trusted without judging. And, if it has been approved, that which approves it, in turn, either has been approved or has not been approved, and so on ad infinitum." (With thanks from the source: )

It has contributed greatly to Be Happy Philselfologically.

Thanks for your time reading it on birthday of Copernicus, who I have always admired and received distinction at the University of Adelaide for supporting his works in Indian or Eastern at the Department of Mathematical Sciences offering Physics, Man and Society as the subject.

I tried to convince that neither an aboriginal nor the Copernicus and neither any of modern researchers like Paul Davies, the Head of Department by then can be wrong as its we who are not able to understand them in the context.

I was given the best of 5 stars at every comment I wrote in its support and was invited by my professor to discuss how I wrote the easy and thus he said: “We need more contribution from Asians like you …

"... millions of animals; the monkeys and chimpanzees among humans have died or still suffering; and all is nothing but inhuman torturing for just searching for few new words, we can suppose, we may be wrong:

In the Rig is written as Rigi according to Hindi and Punjabi as most of languages in the modern and or the west are seemingly the versions of Sanskrit that may change with time and space.

So, let us Be Happy Philselfologically! ( natural-sounds-and-music-be-happy-philse/)

However, the role of native place or nation remains prominent in any given case has lot higher role in the health and wellness.

For example, people who stay in their tribal or local areas are less prone to diseases from the other regions and places including the foreign lands. If there is even a most serious disease one may in the local regions or country levels, the individual is well respected as all know it. Most of the people in world think and assume thus that the diseases come from other places and thus the bad effects or curse from the Shakti, the local goddess of that region, the Kul Devi, the managing energy of the genetic system and so many other ones.

The governing bodies and the modern doctors, the allopathic and others, who are given almost no education about it while there, seem no lab tests for it. So, most of the people say “I”including are afraid of going to any allopathic hospitals and getting any tests done even if free as all the many comes from the donors, the rich people or collection from the public as tax for health care.

If person does not believe in your treatment why we should force one to believe as if the modern doctors are doing the job of a missionary and preachers in a way, while a patient keeps screaming that one does not in anything preached in anyone’s name including God. Why we the modern health workers and teams are so forceful!

It seems a major psychiatry problem almost among all of us. We seem to force a child to eat and drink what seems not liked. It seems hunter’s theory to treat the world based on the military patterns as world has seen only the people who seem to dislocate for easy while finding the peace, and most of them seem to have spread in the world and the rest of the universe.

The dis-ease lacks ease when the native and aboriginals call it hunter’s theory, we in India respect and worship them as we believe it is their anger and revenge that they follow what they curse and thus at times a great people of the modern civilization seem to have done in their great tyranny and dictatorship and where do we stand can make a difference, as revenge is to forgive not one but all, and its too easy by simply forgiving yourself!

However, our modern doctors of allopathy may call it a philosophy that seems too utopian. This is how we propose it if possible: We at Life Dynamix – Wings for All support the making of almost all modern medicines, drugs and other chemicals as through the process of triturations and the dilution process that are used in the making of Homeopathic Medicines and the mother tinctures. It can reduce the cost and the side or bad effects at the same time, while the consumption of the crude drugs can lowest possible level to support the organic farming. This proposal has been part of my research work in PhD in Alternative Medicines named Philselfology.

The Ginseng too is prepared like this!

It can save more than billions of dollars perhaps daily and health and wellness in the natural world. The example for it is the Calcarea Phos 3x that we give to children while their teeth can sprout from the gums as the flowers! <

The other major point that goes to higher levels than the Nanotechnology is the option of using bio-medicines in the higher potencies, the Puti's in Ayurvedic Language of Health and Wellness as for example Calarea Phos 1000x or 50,000x that gives far better results. It gives no side effects and harms if any are least ones. No wonder the villagers, and the native people practice it everywhere in the world, and thus is the real world of aborigines and the tribes!

We at Life Dynamix - Wings for All offer many courses as together from India, I have used my integrated works as one subject matter called Philselfology an additional supplement and compliment to all subjects of formal and non-formal educations as the co-curricular side of the tutorial, the compulsory stuff and its systems and patterns, and offer all courses and required certifications with license to practice any personal and professional combined together for all again from 0 to 120 years old people, I am personally running these courses as the full fledged University of Philselfology from our home in Punjabi Bagh and wherever we are associated in the entire world as the moon and the mars have some exceptions as I cannot say I am doing it from birth or childhood as it may volcano the imperial and Mesmer's laws and hammered orders on the official tables, and the rest of the post:

Warning of using imitated knowledge gives results at the end because the wise people always talk about the end product and others about the initial benefits, packages, and advantages that hide the face of end product that we call decoration of the dead, the end product that one must never do. The reason is that corruption exists because of the vivid records and thus imitations and the end product imitated is a serious stagnation that prohibits any kind of reach abilities and the research works never stop but go to wrong hands that and who control with mere knowledge people thinking others as the antaryami's. A corrupt person is pleased seeing corrupt records and no wise makes it!

Thanks for your time to read it!
Dr. Harmander Singh
How Our Children and Others Can Learn Sacred and Divine Math, Grammar, and Art of Creative Arts, the Musical Minds Philselfologically: Part 14

The most important among all has been a point that the modern and the westerner civilization has promoted during the last centuries. It is nothing but the performance based Hath Yoga that has transformed the science and technology of the modern world into spiritual technology works into kind of life slavery that we may not get rid of for next few centuries as most of our life patterns have changed as seems globally.

In the institution of philosophy and higher education, we learn that science and technology is mostly called the results of accidents in the nature while it does not give any credit to modern technology as it lack most of the arts present in natural world and thus harms life. For example, the use of steel everywhere in the world harms as it was made by accident that Iron and Nickel met to make the world poisonous when used without care and thus so many health and wellness problems!

We seem to claim spiritual and religious by self-indulgence without respecting and honoring the essence of any world religions and faiths whatsoever. The Rajayoga or Sahajyoga that has been considered right for any age of technology does allow the use of energies of the so promoted Kundalini as by the chanting of mantras. The music as the art has always been the best and thus the white light. For example in India, we say, "Dhan Guru Nanak! Tuhin Nirankar!" means "O Dear Guru Nanak! You are nothing but Light", and here Guru Nanak is the Symbol of one's Guru or the Lord.

The word "Nanak" has a derivative name, "Nantva" that means "without any dualism" having the same meaning as the "Ram" or the "Rama" or even "OM".

The most important among all writings that seem to create confusions in the ancient ways that are written in Sanskrit as the Holy Gita is that Lord Krishna in it for anything says that "I" have done it so that "we should do it" and the confusion is that in the Sanskrit everything is read in the opposite direction.

For example, we consider first person "I" as the third "He" and the third say "They" as the first person say "We", and thus as all Indian Scriptures has been translated in the other world languages including Hindi and the Punjabi; there may seem some words may be taken wrongly. For example, many readers say that Lord Krishna in the scriptures or the books of Sanskrit keep saying "I"... many times, but in many cases Lord Krishna addresses Purusha as the Word God addressing it as, "I created it," but in the Sanskrit it means: "He, the Word created it". We call it the Shabad or Word God, Thy Lord to understand in most of the modern languages including as it seems English translations and prints of Holy Bible from the Hebrew as Lord Jesus says the same: "God, the Word, Thy Lord created the universe", and it seem to have the same meaning as what science says in the Physics, the Quantum Physics that the Sound, Word or Shabad created the universe.

Now the Sanskrit is the Language that focuses on the Purusha or the Male Form of God in the Nature, but all other languages that are modern like Hindi and Punjabi, and English focus on the Female Forms in Nature, and thus the Natural World. Its based on the Sacrifices of 6 brothers and a sister of Lord Krishna, whom Lord Krishna's mother's brother Kansa wanted to kill brutally, but she appeared in the sky as a thundering light. Thus, Lord Krishna has said that in the Age of Machines, the Kaliyuga, the people will worship the Female Form of God, the Shakti while he blessed her as when the Kansa wanted to kill the 8th child born to Devaki.

It was said to the Girl Child who was born at the end as the Eight Child to his mother. Now, we notice that the Sanskrit is the best language in the world, but all words need to be studied in the First Person, the Male or Brahman as the Third and the Third, the Female or Shakti as the "First" otherwise, the scholars of it has mostly in the recent past focused too much on the male dominance. The human body structures also need to be studied in this context and that which are written for female, the women need to be read as for men, the male. The Female dominating scriptures thus say that "I" as the Male and "He" as the Shakti.

At high levels of Shakti, it starts to speak like a man, the male and otherwise as woman while addressing to men or a man as they or he or even otherwise. The worshipers of Yoga and other Vidya's need to consider and understand it as otherwise, their works may change women into tom boys having health and wellness problems.

The major reasons seem strongly based as we study in the Philosophy and Concepts of Change in the Dimensions of Age as per Mythological Cycles. For the mega cycles of Kaliyuga, this one is 28th Cycle of Kaliyuga and in it started the Age of Worshiping of the Shakti, the Woman, which was not there in the previous ages and cycles. If suppose as a layman or woman, the nonprofessional, and thus if anyone wants to know, we need to understand women more than men is that the modern computer technology and engineering is based on the Creative Intelligence rather than the male form of human brain, the general intelligence that is mostly the left brain and the right side of the human body, and thus we need to respect, honor and have feelings of reverence for the female and or the creative brains, the brain of a women in men and women alike. This is a major reason the Brahmi based languages like Hindi and Punjabi, and rest of the world languages support the grammars of the left brain and thus the right side of the body.

When we say the wombs have a major role in the life of a child and thus we, the humans, we are purely talking about the creative intelligence of humans that influences the offspring's and thus RNA and DNA as told by Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, a great Punjabi Scientist of India who lived in USA and won Noble Prize for his great contributions in this regard in 1968.

For many the artificially managed and run botanical, the bhoga and biological, the jooni, and word for it is the yoni and popular as the jooni and thus together it can prepare any kind of artificial thing in the living, the biologically botanical worlds in the wombs and outside it, and thus the following video just shows how we using AI can easily achieve and meet such ends:

More about how one can use the artificial intelligence in the modern age, which is nothing but the right side of the brain that we say female, nari, woman's or the shakti's and thus the brain that runs with any form of energy conversions from one form to another as computer does all conversions of files is what we know as the female form of life and thus the following video series can help a lot:

In the previous ages, we have had it well known that women after conceiving decides and thus fully influences the kind of offspring she wants and thus is newly born baby. This very thing is what we know as in the modern age, the artificial intelligence and that the creative intelligence prepares the self-imagined clone of what it thinks and assumes and thus its called the Jarh, the Static State of Creative Mind that clones the Static Brain, the Resting Brain of a Child in Womb. This static state of mind is the Bhoga, the Bhumi or Bhoomi State of Mind and thus is also called the static or bio-less state of creation and that its the influence of botanical world on the living things with bio-energies and thus the biological effects that we say that the womb is the bhoga jooni, the forms of bio-life's, the jooni's, the connections of bio's with the botany and thus millions of jooni's, and that, the bio-life's so produced have everlasting impact from the botanical, the bhoga and thus the bhoga-jooni's, the 8.4 million kinds of bhoga jooni's, the wombs in any form have direct botanically influences, and it further means its nothing but the botanical and Ayurveda world inside that conditions the bio-products of the womb that can be human wombs, a one of wombs among millions in the natural world.

This very concept of Bio-Botanical and Divine World as the Most Sacred Life in Universe and Life in it was I proposed at the University of Adelaide in 1990 to Department of Mathematical Sciences in the subject of that we can say Sacred Physics, Human and Society as it aimed to help humanity with Physics and its philosophical and sociological, the sacred approach for all, and while getting 2 credits, one was for the seminar on need of sacred physics for world community, and there was one distinction, I proposed the Ganesha Science and Technology as Modern World of Vedas with Paravati and Ganesha at the Center of Creation, the Natural World and Lord Shiva supporting it as the Aradhnarishvara.

And thus the Sacred Life in our universe with fours arms of living gods, which is the level of inversion at the forehead that we know as the command chakras or angelic humans may have it all as it has deep scientific, sacred and divine meanings and interpretations in every possible faculty of human knowledge and wisdom, in which sacredness is the metaphysics.

The Lord Ganesha was prepared by his mother, goddess Paravati without help from Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva used all sciences and technologies on his head, and now he is one of the most ideal son, and thus son, mother and father, who give delight to Indian Mythological World.

There are the 3 main words, the scientific terms that describe the human life; jana, joon, jooni, and thus we also have the ajooni. The jana is the sperm or egg as kept in the body of the jana, the male or female, the joon, the form of life which is any sperm-egg is going to take place in any possible form, and lastly the jooni, which it travels from male womb as the sperm after staying in the male body for a quite a long duration, and reaches to its final form of life, the place that we say the jooni, the womb, where the cell kept by womb it meets and forms a life. Thus, the words "jana", "joon", "jooni" is a physical product that cannot manifest without the permission of the universe, where the like soul waits to acquire the body of say human. The soul that acquires the human fetus differs from the sperm and egg, and has a special category "ajooni" means that has nothing to do with the caste, creed, gender, and anything that human attributes we can give to the "living physical or biological body" of any human as its merely the artificial body as plants, trees, and other botanical world can produce as the "bhoga" body. This body is the female form which we all have, and the purusha that enters it as the "ajooni" or beyond life and death has different characters that shows the genius of individuals with nothing to do with the gender, caste, creed or anything that earth can produce. This is the Sacred and Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of Veda.

For it, the a-jooni, the soul, the body is merely a tool or vehicle and we cannot say one can damage the soul, but any harm to the human body and any form of life is harmful to what earth system receives from the rest of the universe through any jana, the produced bio-botanical body that we all have. It can surely make our human biological cum botanical bodies better, but its just thanking the body that is why for Indians every body is a sacred temple of soul, the living sound light, the light that speaks as human, and respect is given to all living ones not just the human.

When we consider the natural and thus sacred superiority of grammatical works of Indian and Arabian Civilizations same as any other world grammars that are sacred in its structures and thus the sacred and the divine compositions, its same to say Namo as to say Allah as both respect the OM and Halla of Hallelujah, the Alleluia matters in the grammatical and the linguistic syntax's and structures, and as we say "OM Namo!", the "Hallelujah Alleluia!" gives the right brain patterns and structures for better health and wellness. The main thing the Sikhism believes and says that in the modern age, the Allah as Alla+h is same as Lal or Laal Lala or Lalla+h a most popular slang term for Lord Krishna, and thus the Alla+h written in different way as say Halla and other words as Namo for the OM grammar structures. Alla has same alyaya means that does not emerge in the creation, the maya, as the alla is a+lla and that "L" has double stress as "LL" and thus written as "Laylay" that has a meaning lay means laya that has the same meaning as Ram that is Ramaya. We will discuss it in next few days!

The reason for words "Allah" to be same as we say same as in English word "All" has as everything in the world languages, grammars and linguistics has roots of some primitive languages say Sanskrit, Hindi and Hebrew went from Asia to western languages and many Germans, Swiss, English and some other have had major impact on Asia and rest of the world. For my personal limitations that I know English and not other westerner languages, I use the root words that are same in almost all world languages and thus are the core of linguistics.

Moral: By relevancy not by perfections of presentations as even a single right sentence in a book needs attention!

Thus the set of vowels as in Allah has A, L, LA, H that can be again as A, L, H, and these are again the vowels with "H" as the sound that disperses everything from person saying it to the ends of the universe. Its same as "H" at the NAMAH, and it disperses, the visaranja of certain words. In the Allah, the dispersion is in the western direction, and thus words as consonants and vowels have great importance while even deciding the direction as the universe is a vector quantity not just a scalar thing that one may say anything.

The reason why many of Indian people, the thinkers and Ayurveda doctors who believe in the a-jooni, the soul systems oppose allopathy philosophy that seem to believe only in the bio-botanical body of a complete human as allopathy in India that does not believe in souls and individuals seem to have very bad official and social discrimination's based on one as a sick person as the patient rather than a portrait of ever healthy human as Ayurveda and Alternative Medicines as well as the Homeopathy believes and supports. It has disgraced and defamed Indian Civilizations all over the world. We from the Life Dynamix Online University of Health and Wellness appeal to the doctors in India as we have many members who beleive in Indian Civilizations with Soul Systems that allopathy officials need to pay some more attention to it at least in India where people believe and follow the Atama, the soul systems on earth systems as the a-jooni, the formlessness as the selflessness no matter if one is sick or poor as we pray!

This is the essential of Ardhnarishvara, the Ganesha Model of Life. For this very reasons, most of the Indians may not do great contributions about making human clone or biological body as if a perfect thing and focus on the sacredness of life as thinking and contemplating about the a-jooni, the soul that has very independent status in the universe. This is the major sacred and divine contributions from the Indian Civilizations that soul differs from bio-botanical body and thus people respect one another as if all are saints and the sadhus or the spirituals and holy people while touching one another's feet. Amen!

These transitions between male and female forms within body change roles at the Command Chakra and thus the Brahmi, the Language of Brahma addressing to His Guru, the Vishnu as the Narayana, the Father of Man. The Sanskrit is the language of the Goddess of Word, the Sarsvati as She addresses to Her Lord, Thy God as the Holy Spirit as the Brahmi Languages giving all modern languages with Hindi and Punjabi as being the most permitive that resemble the shapes of stars in the constellations and Shri Guru Nanank Dev and Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji has thus seem to have written essence of all world languages in the Gurmukhi Brahmi Script and the shapes and the symbols and the sounds of the constellations in Indian Astrology remain the witness to its formations.

Most of us happen to read the scriptures like Holy Gita, also spelled as Geeta as if addressed to say the Arjana, whom Lord Krishna address before the great battle of Mahabharta. During all the times no matter how immortal, the person who listens to anything, and narrates and also the one, who addresses has a great significance that we understand the content. The person who is a scholar, educated and can understand the essence of what is said, read and also what to say gets the attention and that can be male or female. For example, the Arjana can be anyone, as it be the Gandhari, Kunti, Daropadi and even you, they, us, we or I. So, if we read the Holy Gita like this, we may understand it better otherwise most of the ancient languages use complex structures of active-passive, laws of narration, and so on that most of us as students may not understand at all when we want to comprehend.

Due to poor grammars that most of us have, know and learn and even teach, it is where most of us seem to fail to understand the ancient or religious teachings and philosophies and thus all books of any or all world religions and faiths, the comparative religious studies as we say Be Happy Philselfologically for CRS. We cannot or rather should not blame the experts, the Brahmins, the Priest, Rabi's, Granthi's and others for misinterpreting anything as they narrate and past has been addressed to men, the males and thus they may seem biasing, but we have poor grammars that may not help us to comprehend anything but keep blaming the History for biasing men against women or the vice-versa.

None seem to have done it, when we know how to do our home work, learning of basics of art, music and math; the essence of human, world and the civilizations may it be any, so please learn and teach grammar to your kids, children and others if they want lest let's study by ourselves as it seem necessary as I have learned it Be Happy Philselfologically in English when in holidays of grade 8 in 1984 within a month, but was after final exam holidays!

This Light is mostly white light as the original form of life that gives so much strain on the immunity systems of the kundalini that 999 out of 1000 people may enter into mental health problems. The major problem in it is the ego problem that the user assumes to be "never wrong" state of mind that most of the Christians say the fake state of mind claiming to be self-righteous.

We observe its prevalence in the west, and thus coming back to east with full support from the media and market and thus the modern civilizations. It has most probably paused the human growth and development while degeneration of life, and that while most of us say: "We're never wrong, you know; we know it, but others are always wrong as they don't understand us!!!"

Thus, we mostly seem to lack the concept of naam of OM, the grammar and art of universe for musical and all linguistic works, and may be tempted to do chanting to create hallucinations while looking into the subconscious listening to light and sound files of the brain!

The modern research works of the ancient times are not possible without Hindi and Punjabi even though the Sanskrit and Hebrew like languages are open to make everything known. The wonder in the languages that I in my personal research works named Philselfology has found that without the Gurumukhi Script, we may never know any Vedic Knowledge and Wisdom as it embraces the theory of induction and deduction alike taking up the primal sounds that go for all that can be checked, verified, created, edited and programmed for the better world.

The modern approach in the absence of Sanskrit or the Primal Sounds that the modern languages that are primitive derivatives of Brahmi Scripts and the Languages, and thus the Linguistics of the Modern Languages seem to have been wrong on the grounds in both east and west as it forces mind give better results without helping individuals getting every original work from the primal sounds. In its absence we seem to face the serious degeneration processes creeping into existence of the natural world. In it most of the original, creative and thus the sensitive people seem to have entered into incurable diseases and no doubt it includes HIV, AIDS and Cancer!

Home Coming - The Child Within: Know Thyself

That is how and why it seems that Our Children and Others Can Learn Art of Sacred, the Pious or Pure Vidya, the Wisdom and Divine, the Divine Vidya, the Wisdom of Creative Arts, the Musical Minds Philselfologically

While rushing for more possessions by competing only, most of the modern people in any given age take things as if some kind of threat to the world community when we work anywhere in the world as many among us do not seem to believe in God, Holy Spirit and the Lords who guide us. So, we seem to be fully matter oriented civilization that results only from the energies, the shakti forcefully taken from the kundalini as its work is to preserve the world and life as the petrolem or the hydrocarbons do, and the fossils too!

It is not wrong, but passive use of the brain, and thus the mind and what we may then lack is the "active use", which is the Karmayoga; Karma+Yoga=Active+Meditation=Living Truth rather than enjoying the dreamy state of mind talking to Lord Krishna asking him to do our "home work"! Amen!

Dr. James Ferrel has written a great book about it named "Neogensis" that gives greater insight into it.

A Video for a Vision for Wings for All! Smile

The overall imapct that Dr. James Ferrel describes is in the concept of the pie, yes the pie of selfishness and the pie of selflessness as we all have a choice. His original works on mental health and wellness are based on the true observations and experiences of life and thus he wrote the book Neogenesis. The concept in it is based on the fact that its not the fruit of action that one need to avoid but the resultant that need not to have greed and selfishness as its part or ingredient, and thus the concept of pie of selflessness, and the Theory of Karmayoga. It also inspires one to maintain the Maryada, the Daily Life Disciple based on the ethics and morals related to certain disciple in any given faculty of life that we read in the Holy Ramayana in the world. We also know it as the Nitname or Nitya-Karma in India that gives both Intellectual Matuity of the Holy Ramayana and the Emotional maturity of the Holy Gita.

What is religion or dharma then, the Pure form of knowledge and wisdom about which in every contemporary age, the researches has been done mostly in the applied or action forms, and this is what at most we too can and are doing - no wonder!

To all of it, I gave it a name of Philselfology while its not more than the Theory of the Bidnu or Cycle or the best as the Theory of Circle. The western thought system seem to follow the theory of waves that may not be circle I am afraid to say.

A Vision of Wings for All!

I learned a lot about it while studying in Australia from starting of 1989 to beginning of 1991, and named it Philselfology. The reason for such works at greater heights has been due to my father's dream that he had when I left for Australia. "You made Australia a green, prosperous and happy land when you reached there ...". His dream remained my vision when I went to Australia and reached there.

The First Dimension, the 1-D thus is Point, the Shiva - the Bindu, the 2-D is the Line, the Shakti, the Paravati, and the 3-D which is Ganesha, the Sacred Vision of the Shakti with the Bindu, the Shiva is the need of the Sacred Visualization that we all now need to be divine thinkers, philosophers and in category that we are able to do rather if we know but cannot do.

So, whatever we can do is mostly 3-D in our mind and is thus sacred part of our human imagination!

The Shiva as Bindu is same as the Zero, that is not empty, but the origin of the axis, the source of power, the bal that sustains the axis of any given situation and thus are the sacred axis, which gives all axis the forms of energy, which cover up 8-Directions and the Indian Knowledge and Wisdom talks always about the 10-Directions, the Dasa Disha. These 9th and 10th directions are the Z-Axis,yes +Z, and Z- Axis.

This blog post seem to go 3-D as I could not resist adding the following video to it and now seems as if extended blog:

Thanks and we may edit and add as most of the social networks, websites and blogs, and thus organizations offer all to edit and add!

Please Be Happy Philselfologically!

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