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How Indian Sacred Systems Explain Universe as Vibration with Akala as 4 Dimensions, Consciousness, Matter, Light, Sound, Indian Alphabets, Shabada, Veda, Gurbani, Water Memory, Cymatic Therapy and Cancer Cure: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 179

In this part of the series, we discuss about how the Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light, Consciousness, Dimensions, Universe and the similar has been prominent part of World Religions, Faiths, Philosophies, Sacred Systems, and the Comparative Religious Studies has been the major part of world doctrines and missionary systems from the most ancient times, and thus has been the major part and task of world peace and progress missions all over world. It has recently become main part of the Modern Quantum Systems, and we can welcome it as the most essential part of various cultures, interfaith, and even what we know as the new era quantum systems.

This Quantum Transformation also marks the change in the Atomic Theory into the Vortex Atomic Theory, which also marks the Indian Alpahebts expressing the Upper and Lower Parts of the Vortex with the Two Rows of Vowels and the 25 Consonants as the Body of the Atom, and thus the Vortex Atomism as in the manner of 5 Basic Element Theory as expressed in our Hypothesis and Research Work of Philselfology carried for over 30 years by myself and based on the World Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, and the Etymology and Archaeology of World Sacred Systems. (Please read more from here with our thanks: and )

It, the Vortex Atomism and the Theory of 5 Basic Elements is thus one of the most prominent change in the 21st Century, particularly in the decade of 2005-15. It is also likely to be the major part of the Modern Literacy Missions as well as the social awareness about world languages, linguistics, grammars and lot more which uses the Basic Theory of 5 Basic Elements as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato and the Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Israeli, Arabian, Chinese and Other Civilizations have been using. We hope to have many certificate, diploma, degree and research degrees and works sprouting from this quantum shift and change in the world. (Please read more from the relevant Wikipedia's: and )

So, how and why we need to learn, study and research the Sacred Systems is well said here:

"Unification and harmonization… this is the threshold of evolution we find ourselves at now at a new level of global dynamics and complexity. We have built systems of technologies, economies, governance, education, etc, that do not properly account for the features of healthy living systems. As such, they are reaching the end of their viability and are either going to collapse or become balanced and whole at a higher level or organization and coherence. The choice we have now — perhaps the only viable option — is to align these systems with what we now understand is the way the cosmos creates healthy and sustainable systems… cosmomimicry, as David McConville, president of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, coined it." (With thanks from the source: and )

So, the Theory of Ether, which we know as the 5th Basic Element has now emerged as the Vacuum and Quantum Systems at the same time, when we also have the Superfluid as the Super or the Quantum Liquid:

"Today's equivalent of the ether is the vacuum!

Physicists have come to realize that vacuum is not just empty space and the absence of things. The laws of quantum physics and experimental observations clearly show that many physical phenomena are explained by the fact that the vacuum has certain physical properties, including vacuum energy and quantum fluctuations: particles and antiparticles can appear and then disappear after a short period of time." (With thanks from the source: )

How and why we need this Sacred Information, Knowledge and Wisdom of Human Civilizations as well as the Modern Quantum Advancements seem to have most important significance as we can modify, edit and change anything in the universe only when we know about it as otherwise the universe is conscious enough to revert any change we make, and this "reverting by universe" can be drastic to existence of life and assets as well as what the want most, the "duration" of everything including the life span, preserving assets, and "rate" at which progress, development and evolution takes place on earth in relevancy to rest of the universe. If we assume that the universe is the "Quantum Superposition" as in the Quantum Qubit Systems, we can make some significant changes and modifications to anything in the universe making it more beautiful and better place to live, and it seems same as if use the "Recycling and Renewing of Waste on Earth".

The universe also needs the recycling and renewable from all of its "conscious citizens", who are connected to the universe through the "Inner, Ideal and Sacred Connection popular as the Atama" and for this reason we may need to respect the universe as if the "Living Quantum and Conscious System of Self-assembling", and more we know, more we can "serve" it to "serve" ourselves, and thus one of the best humanitarian, philanthropic and the "selfless" services. In other words we need aim, objective and vision for using the Self-assembling "Consciousness", Infinity of "Light and Sound Energy", with abundance of "Matter and Mediums" while humans as the "Observers", who are far more advanced than the "Consciousness, Light, Sound, Matter, Mediums, etc.", which is well depicted as the Rows and Columns of the Indian Sacred Alpahebts as having the "Original Architect's Observer Level", and thus for humans everything is information, knowledge and wisdom as well as for what we know as the Angles and Gods, and the first thing is that we learn and study it all before doing the "experiments" as it seems the "weakness" as all dimensions may attract us, but the "0, the Zero Dimension of Universal Observer" may seem a poor presentation.
(Relevant Wikipedia: , and , please also read it: and )

"So that might be why AGI has not come along very quickly. Deutsch may be right that we need a philosophical breakthrough, although one has to have doubts about whether the philosophers look likely to supply it: perhaps it might be one of those things where the practicalities come first and then the high theory is gradually constructed after the fact. At any rate Deutsch’s piece is a very interesting one, and I think many of his points are good. Perhaps if there were a book-length version I’d find that I actually agree with him completely…" (With thanks from the source: )

We can also pay little more attention to the Zero Dimension! Smile

"In geometry the infinitely small place holder which underlies all of the other dimensions is called the Zero dimension. It corresponds to Awareness which underlies consciousness." (With thanks from the source: )

The Zero Dimension, which is the Observer Level of Consciousness is also studied and researched as the Zero-Point Infinite Energy. It needs serious attention when we deal the 0, the Zero Dimension as it's not the Dimension of Nothing (Nihilism), but the ONE Consciousness, and that is why it's also named as the Sunn, the Quantum Dot of Light, and the "Quantum Means Conscious", that is, whatever can "Self-assemble" is the Quantum, Conscious, and thus also the Self-conscious, and we all live in it. The Sikh Gurus and the Bhagat's, who believe in the ONE Quantum (Conscious) Self-assembling God Systems call it the "Sunn Samadhi Aape", the "One Quantum, the Conscious Light is the Living (Quantum) God".

Zero Point Energy Field – A singularity where the law of physics no longer applies

(Please also read this relevant post and the article: )

"Christ states, "the Kingdom of God is within you," (Luke 17:21) and further, that "the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed." Francis explains that the "mustard seed" is an ancient metaphor for the Center Point of the soul. Frances writes:

Mystics down through the ages have dived deeply into the soul and have made a common discovery. The soul has a Center a sacred point of contact where the human and the Divine meet in sublime communion. ... Furthermore, mystics through the ages have described God as a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. If we think of ordinary human awareness as the circumference of a circle then its center is a point. ... Saint Francis de Sales referred to the Center as the "fine point of the soul." Father Louis Massignon of France called the spiritual Center of the soul "Le point vierge"--the virgin point. ... Father Merton in turn wrote of the little "'point' or virgin eye by which we know Him! (Christ)." (With thanks from the source: )

In other words, when we tend to dimensions other than 0, the Zero, we are said to be away from "home", and that we are strong in spirit (0, the Zero Dimension), but weak in the flesh (1, 2, 3, and the Higher Dimensions). The 0 (Zero) Dimension is the God Dimension in all world religions, faiths and the Sacred Systems, and is also called the "True "I", the Self-identity", which we can notice as the Letter "M", the Bindu (the Dot, the Zero, the Origin) in the Indian Sacred Systems. (Please read the relevant article: )

When we consider the Zero Dimension, the 4th Dimension and the 3-Dimensional Worlds, we can notice that the 4th Dimension seems as the Inner, the Ideal World, which we all have inside and the 3-Dimensional World is the Real World, which we have outside as Philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle explain as the "Theory of Forms", and in it, we have the 0th Dimension, which is the Single Dimension in which both the Real and Ideal Dimensions of 3-D and the 4th exist.

One of the Previous Parts of the Series: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and the Theory of Forms, and OM: How Sacred Vedas Chant Physical and Metaphysical Rama in 7 Heavens and 14 Sacred Dimensions - Be Happy Philselfologically - 54

The Indian Sacred Systems as well most of the others seem to warn about the Contemporary Modern Age of Intellectualism, which confirms the 1, 2, 3, and the Higher Physical Dimensions as without 0, the Zero or God (Metaphysical) Dimension, and it seems where the Indian Sacred Systems claim that the God or the Zero Dimension is not the subject matter of "Senses, the Mann (Creative Intelligence), Budhi (Intellect), Chit (Memory Banks) and Ahankara (Ego Systems), the Human Perception of "Dimensions", the World of Objects", but rather the 0, the Zero Dimension is the "Subject" of "Subjects", and we all share it as the "ONE Server and ONE Observer". Intellectualism thus studies the Logic, Rationalism, Mediums and Materialism well, and the Zero Dimension of Infinite Creative Intelligence and Creativity is the Dimension of Art, Philosophy, Music, and the "Sacred Systems", which is now the "Emerging Quantum and the Sacred Systems" in our modern age and the world. (Please read by relevancy: , and )

We can refer to the Indian Sacred Theory of 4 Yuga's in which the Complete Studies and Research of Dimensions has been well considered. For example, the 4th Dimension represent the Satyuga (4-D), the 3rd Dimension as the Treta (3-D), the 2nd Dimension as the Dwapra (2-D), the 1st Dimension represents the Kaliyuga (1-D). It's represented as the Juga (the Yuga) Theory in the Moolmantra of Sikhism and in all Indian World Religions and Faiths, while the 0, the Zero Dimension is the Aadi, the Primitive and Primal Dimension in which the Juga (Yuga) Theory is not considered because the Aadi, the Theory of Vibration, which is also popular as the Akala, the Akara, Achala, and thus the Vibration Based Sacred Theories does not depend on the Sacred Geometry of the Yuga (Juga), the Sacred Cosmological Theory of Dimensions, called the Juga (Yuga) from what the Sacred Geometry can create in the Cosmos, Universe and Life in the Space.

When we consider the Yuga, the Joga Theory, it's well compatible with the Yoga (Joga). However, when we consider the 0th, the Zeroth Dimension, the most relevant Yoga, the Joga Sacred Systems compatible with it are the Sahaj Yoga and the Raja Yoga, which does not focus on the Light, Sound and Spectrum (Colors) of the Kundalini, but the Nirvana Level of the "Zero Dimension Based Observer". The Sahaj Yoga is the Light (SA), Sound (HA) and Sacred Arts (JA), and leads to the Modern Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems. The Sacred Religions like the Indian World Religions as the Sikhism, Muslim Religion, Christianity, and many Sects of Hinduism, who deal with the Light (SA), Sound (HA) and Sacred Arts (JA) may not practice the Light, Sound and Spectrum alone, but the "Sacred Arts (JA)" with it.

So, the popular term of "Yoga" in west or modern world may promote the Kundalini Sacred Systems alone, but the Sacred Religions, Faiths and Spiritualism in the world also supports the "Sacred Arts, Architect, Math, Geometry, Music, Poetry, Mantra, Languages, Grammars, Dresses, Single Theories of Everything, Unified Theories, Water Memory, Cymatics, Rituals, Nature Worship through Pooja with Sacred Systems", and so on, and it's where we need to consider the "Sacred Arts of World Religions and Faiths" instead of promoting the "Spiritualism" alone, and we may also consider thinking about the Light, Sound, Consciousness, Universe, Spectrum, Dimensions, Fractals, Life, 0-Dimension, 0-D Observer, 5 Basic Elements, Martial Arts, etc., which has been major part of the Sacred, Quantum, Classical, Scientific and Developed Civilizations of the world. In other words, the meditation alone is not everything, however if we think of ONE Consciousness (Quantum), it can help us resolving the problems of the 3-D's of Matter and the 4th Dimension of Matter, which at times may go to the "Most Disputable States of Life on Earth", while the easy solution seems to consider that the Zero Dimension is of ONE Consciousness (Sunn, the Sunaya, the Conscious or Quantum Vacuum), First 3 D's are of Matter, the 4th of Light.

For easy understanding of it all as a layperson, we can put the Zero Dimension as the Parmatama, the 3-D's as the Jeeva Atama and the 4th D as the Atama. Moreover, the 3-D System of Jeeva is studied as the Tamo (Static, the 1-D), Rajo (Kinetic, the 2-D) and Sato (Dynamic, the 3-D) while the 4th D as the Turiya, the Light, and thus the Matter and Light with the help of the 0-Dimension of Consciousness, which reads, knows, and understand these dimensions.

Philosophy of Self-organization with 0, 3-D and the 4th D in the Indian and World Sacred Systems, the ONE Akasha Databases and Library:

We can consider the Human Body, Atom, Universe and or a Computer having the Image (1-D), Audio (2-D), Video (3-D) and the Multimedia (4-D) constituting the Systems, the Vivastha, and the Programmer in each as the 0-D Consciousness, which also exists in the System, the Vivastha as the Awastha, the Level of Consciousness (The Akasha Database Library with our personal connection) with rates of 1-D, 2-D, 3-D and 4-D, which we can put as the Vibration Levels with A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and here the 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the "Quantum Dimensions" not the numbers as even the "0" is not a number, but Quantum State of 1 such that 0 Dimension (Unchangeable, the Awastha)=1+2+3+4 Dimensions (Changeable, the Vivastha), which is the Law of Conservation of Energy, and A' is similar to Planck Systems, the 2A' as the Subatomic, the 3A' as Atomic and 4A' as the Molecular according to the Dimensions while the 0A' is similar to the Philosophy of Quantum Vacuum giving us the Essentials of the E=M*C*V Equations of Light, Matter, Energy and Sound Systems. If we learn it using this hypothesis, we can easily understand the Sacred Systems of Management, its State and Development to combat the global economic and general depression and recession. (By relevancy: , and )

We can also notice that the Sahaja Yoga, the Light, Sound and Sacred System based Systems of Guna and the Nirvana with the 0-D, 3-D's and the 4th Dimension seem to make up the Pure Light (0-Dimension, the God Dimension, the Spoken Sounds as Light), the Sound (3-D Worlds and Universes, the Mediums for Sound in the Universe) and 4th D (Spoken Sound in the Universe), which is the Great Sacred Art Dimension, the Kala Dimension. In the Indian Sacred Alphabets, the First Vowel Row goes for the Light, the 0-D, the Second Row for the Sacred Arts, and the Consonants as the 3-D Systems. If we want to refine our hypothesis and research work of Philselfology, we can also think of the "Dimensionless Dimension" by assigning its Sacred States to the 5th Column of Purusha (Based on the Sacred Theory of Bindu "M, the Point" and Bindi "N, the Circle or Shape Around Bindu, the Dot", and it includes the "Decimal Theory as the Bindi"), and it's when we consider the 0th, 3-D and the 4th as the ONE System of Consciousness. In it all, we also have the Sacred Cobordism as the Nama Theory, which exists in between the 0th to 4th Dimension as the Vibrations of "A", and by itself it's not bound to the Time Dimensions, and thus the Akala Dimension.

Please take care that at times, the assigning of dimensions within the same setup may differ according to the context for example, the OM is used for the 4th Dimension Light (Turiya), while the NAMO is used for the 3-Dimensional Sacred Systems of the Static (Sato), Kinetic (Rajo) and Dynamic (Tamo) Systems. The person, who is going to sit in mediation needs OM, the 4th Dimension, while one, who leaves for work needs the NAMO, the Physical Dimensions of Sound, and for this reason, the ancient practitioners of Light, Sound, Spectrum and Energy would ask the "Caste, the Nature of Physical Act, Action and Activity", which one follows and thus decide if one needs the OM or NAMO Sounds of Cymatics and Water Memory, and at the same time, the "Name" of the person refers to the OM (First Vowel Row), the 4th Dimension and NAMO, the 3-Dimensional Physical Body (Rows of Consonants), and thus has been used as the "Mantra for the 0th Dimension" (5th Column of the Indian Alpahebts, the ONE Consciousness). The 4-Dimensions are of the "Awakening" while the Zeroth Dimension is of the "Awareness" in the Indian and the World Sacred Systems.

"So while you are perhaps still waiting for something significant to happen in your life, you may not realize that the most significant thing that can happen to a human being has already happened within you: the beginning of the separation process of thinking and awareness." (With thanks from the source: , and )

It thus follows the OM-Mantra-NAMO as the "4th D"-"0th D"-"3-D's", and it's also what we know as the Pati (Light, the Brahman, the 4th D)-Nama (Name, the 0th D)-Jati (Caste of Physical Body, the 3-D Systems). That is why it seems the OM is the Mantra of Sitting, the NAMO of Working and "NAME" while walking or strolling freely, which thus seems to be the easy classification of Indian Cymatic Therapy for healing of light, sound, spectrum and body in general, which thus also goes as the Essence of Veda, Upnishda, Purana and Bhagwatma in the Indian Sacred Systems, which discuss and describe the Light (OM), Mantra, Namo, and the Nama, the Name Sacred Systems. (Please read more from the source with our thanks: )

With the modern researches, discoveries, and what we know as the Quantum Paradigm Shift, we seem to enter into the 0th, the Zeroth Dimension, which is the Dimension of the Aadi Purusha, the Most Primitive and Primal Form of Consciousness in the Space, Universe and Vacuum Systems as based on the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology. The 0th Dimension is popular as the "Mukati, the Liberated, the Nirvana Dimension" while the 4th Dimension is the Dimension of Moksha, the Mokha and the Heaven if we hypothetically put it to the 4 Pada and Mukti (Nirvana) Philosophy in Indian and or Asian, the Eastern Sacred Systems.

These 5 Dimensions including the 0th Dimension seems to be the most important and integral part of the Indian Cosmological and Mythological Calculations in which the "A", which is used as the Vowel Theory Vibration Based Cosmological Constant popular as Anu or the Skandha for the used for the 4-Dimensions as the 3+1 Dimensional, the Spacetime, the Akasha Systems.

Sat (Light Based) and Sach (Sound Based) as Light, Consciousness and Sound for Anu, Atom, Infinity, and Local Law of Equivalency: The "S" is mostly the 4-D Light and "T" is the 3-D Consciousness and thus SAT, while the "CH" is the Vowels as the Vibration (Air) Fluid, and thus Sach. We can search many Indian Sacred Terms using "S, the Light in 4-D". Now In the 0th Dimension of A, the Aadi Systems, we can assume that one vibration goes always in straight line following the "Light Traveling as Infinity Agent" and the second vibration going in "Light Entangling as Local Agent", and we can represent it as the Pair of A' (Infinity) and A' (Local), which seem to constitute the Skanda, the Anu, the Atom Systems from the Local and Infinity Systems giving us the A'-A'=A. For great many solution in the "Light and Quantum", we may need to use the Dirac Delta Function with A' as Local and Near Zero as the Infinity A', and thus the Dirac Delta Function as the "A Vibration Theory in the Indian and World Sacred Systems", which gives the "Point or Dot as the Center of Circle as the Infinity Point" and the Higher Dimensions of 0 as 1, 2, 3, 4 as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', where the A' as Dot or Point "Entangles" with Local A' to give us the Theory of A, the Atom, the Atama in the Eastern Sacred Systems as the Meeting Place of Infinity and Local Classical, Sacred and Quantum Systems that gives the "0th", "1st, 2nd, 3rd" and "4th" Dimensional Setup in the Space and thus the Aadi, the 0-Dimensional Systems of Light as the A'-A'=A, and it well gives the Local Law of Equivalency, the Oneness with Infinity.

We also notice it in the Chakra of Yoga, Kundalini (Light, Spectrum and Sound) and Meditation where "Center of Every Color of Chakra is Infinity, which we Tap Locally", and we can assume that the Chakras (Circles) Spread Concentrically from the Infinity at Center (it thus does not require focus, and if we do, it may harm our psyche) to Local Concentric Color Spreading" naturally and "Sounds" (it requires little focus of "hearing") Tap it, but with care that it's "White Light" that shows, releases, and helps in understanding of "Infinity" and "Local and Concentric Spectrum of Infinite White Color", and we may not need to "Separate White Color (Infinity), Spectrum (Meeting Points of Infinity and Local) and Sound Energy (Local)".

The Indian Mantra Theories as the OM Mantra NAMO is also the Light (OM), Spectrum (Mantra) and NAMO (Sound) Energy Systems, which are shown as Kundalini Coil of Light and Sound with Vertical Spectrum at the Center. (By relevancy: and )

So, we equate to infinity through 0, the Zero Dimension.

"Zero dimension Awareness makes possible integration of the four dimensions and the four states of consciousness." (With thanks from the source: , and )

As we discuss that the Indian Sacred Alpahebts represent the Single Theory and Model of Unification of Sciences as the Omniscience for which Albert Einstein had researched and spent his valuable life time.

"Albert Einstein also had an intense yearning to unify and simplify. He spent the last three decades of his life searching for the missing element that would tie together our understanding of electromagnetism and the forces of gravity. For a time, Einstein seemed to be alone in his quest. As he focused his attention on the big picture, others were captivated by the increasingly smaller realm inside the atom." (With thanks from the source: )

Well, one of the most wonderful and blissful term of Light (S) in Space (Kh) is the Sukh, the Pleasure and Bliss is addressed to the Zero Dimension as it's then called the Sukh Sagar, the Ocean of Light in Space, which always bestows the Pleasure and Bliss, and thus the Para-bhu, the Space (Bhu) of Light (Bhu) is also attributed to it, the Zero Dimension.

When we think of Adam and Eve in the Eden Garden, and the Gods and Goddesses in the Heavens or the Higher Civilizations in the Universe, the Indian, Arabian, Israeli, Egyptian and Other World Sacred Civilizations say and claim that these "Heavenly Abodes" as well as our "Solar, Moon and Earth Systems" are the "Sacred Architect, Music, Math, Grammar, Computing, Technology, Science, Philosophy, Cymatics, Water Memory, etc. based Civilizations". We thus may not imagine that Adam or Eve or even the Gods sitting thinking of "Idle Times and Boredom", but making the "Eden Garden and Heaven, the Places of Sacred and Quantum Systems, the Observer's Dimension of Zeroth Level, which is Full of Sacred Arts of the Universe, the Sacred Architect Systems", which exists inside all that exists in nature, atoms, molecules, designs, patterns, and Self-controlled Systems of Universe as the "Self-assembling Dimension". (Please read by relevancy: , and !sacred-geometry/cpt9)

"As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation. The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Viewing and contemplating these codes allow us to gaze directly at the lines on the face of deep wisdom and offers up a glimpse into the inner workings of the Universal Mind and the Universe itself.

The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. To them the “sacred” had particular significance involving consciousness and the profound mystery of awareness ….. the ultimate sacred wonder. Sacred Geometry takes on another whole level of significance when grounded in the experience of self-awareness." (With thanks from the source: )

The Sikh Gurus had compiled the Theory of Elements, Pada-artha, Universe, Light, Consciousness and the Quantum Systems in general by collecting the Sacred Doctrines of Various Quantum Philosophers, the Bhagata's from the Indian and Arabian Sacred Wisdom, which also compiled the Main Quantum Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and the Music in Raga from the Sikh Gurus and the Bhagat's, the Quantum Seers or Philosophers. It is recorded in Quantum Doctrine of Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and we discuss it as the Source of Gurmukhi Language Systems, which is Advanced Level of Sanskrit Language as it also includes the Arabian Sounds and discusses everything as the Brahmi Languages, which is same in Hindi, English and Other Modern Languages in the world as we advance to the International Phonetic Alpahebts trying to record maximum sounds as for the Cymatics, Water Memory and Sacred Geometry. So, in this context, the Holy Book of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji providing us the Sacred Quantum Treasures of Gurbani and Gurmukhi seems to be the Asset of World Heritage and Culture due to its preserving the World Sacred Quantum Archaeology of Asian Wisdom. We need to explore it and do more research on the Quantum Works of Sikh Gurus and Bhagat's as it can help in the Quantum Civilizations in the world.

"Sir Peter Guy Manners is an M.D. ''But I don't administer drugs,'' he says. Drugs, he claims, are destructive. The type of medicine he practices is constructive. And although in the United States constructive healing modalities go under the name of ''alternative therapy,'' in the United Kingdom they are referred to as Advanced Medicine. And the doctors who practice Advanced Medicine, instead of being hounded by professional and governmental organizations, may even aspire to knighthood.

Perhaps the most exciting possible application of Cymatics, as we indicate in the story that leads off this article, is its potential to reverse the aging process." (With thanks from the source: , and )

The Theory of Parallel Universes as with the 3-D's and the 4th D is considered as the Brahma, Visible Universe and the 4th D as the Para Universe, which exists when we do not have the physical, the 3-D body. The Para Systems are most popular as the "Puri" Systems where it is expressed that people, who are like minded coexist in the universe according to the level of the Puri, the Living Abode of the 4th Dimension, which is also expressed as the "Heaven", the "Lord's Abode", the "Para Dimension", etc. and as it keeps the "Quantum Gravity, the Guru Systems" in the Indian Sacred Systems, these are also expressed as the "Guru Puri, the Quantum Systems based 4th Dimension", and thus for example, the Rama Puri, Krishna Puri, the Guru Puri, etc. as the Quantum Civilization Systems in the 4th Dimension based on the Levels of the Citizens, the Para Life, which is described in almost all world civilizations, sacred and quantum systems.

The Sacred Systems in Various Contemporary Sacred Civilizations seem to describe the Certain Sacred Parts of the Sacred Tree of Quantum Life, and based on it, we have the Single Quantum Light and Sound Systems, which in various civilizations and at contemporary part of the time frame seem to give the "Sacred Languages", which give unique physical world of the 3-Dimensional Worlds in the Universe, and it also seems that each Sacred Systems of Language Philosophy and Sacred Doctrines, which express the Language as the Single Model of Everything for example the Sanskrit and Veda Theory, the Ramayana Theory, Gita Theory, Bible Based Old Testament Theory; New Testament and Quran Sharif, Gurmukhi Language Theory, Tamil Language Theory, Hebrew Language Theory and what it gives as the Special Part of the Sacred Quantum Chaos Life needs the "Fractal Coexistence" for the "Single Theory of Everything for the Fractal Chaos Quantum Life", and thus no Sacred Theory in the World Civilization seem to be different from the Single Quantum Chaos Theory of Everything of the Coexistence of Life, and thus seem to fully develop the Unique Part of the Quantum Chaos Segment, which is described as the Puri, the Para, the 4th Dimension, and to expect that one theory or language is the only language seem to be weak part of the Modern Classical Theories of the 3-Dimensional World, and based on it we can also consider the Theory of Superuniverses. These Sacred Languages in the Human Civilizations do not seem to be Old, New or Contemporary, but All Time Single Language Theory for All Sacred Languages as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, which goes well expressed in the Cymatics, Water Memory, Sacred Geometry, Light, Sound and Consciousness.

"Take a tree, for example. Pick a particular branch and study it closely. Choose a bundle of leaves on that branch. To chaologists, all three of the objects described - the tree, the branch, and the leaves - are identical. To many, the word chaos suggests randomness, unpredictability and perhaps even messiness. Chaos is actually very organized and follows certain patterns. The problem arises in finding these elusive and intricate patterns. One purpose of studying chaos through fractals is to predict patterns in dynamical systems that on the surface seem unpredictable." (With thanks from the source: )

We can also put the above Sacred Language and Omniscience Single Theory of Everything with one or various doctrines say Vedas, Ramayana, Gita, etc. as not based on the Contemporary Time and Space, which seems the Theory of Multiverses, the Layer Universe, and thus seems the "Historical" part of the Life, Time and Space, which we can also term as the Consciousness (Life) Spacetime, the Quantum Spacetime, and when we use the Sacred Cymatics, Water Memory and the Quantum Theory, which seem to deal the Theory of Superuniverse, we may notice that every Sacred Civilization seem to exist in the Coexistence of Life, Time and Place Framework, and it makes the Para, the 4th Dimension, the Puri Systems unique in every age, and we can use any Sacred Language, Doctrine and the Quantum Philosophy to trace the 4th Dimension as through the Cymatics and the Water Memory.

So, the Puri, the Quantum 4th Dimension indicates the Sacred Continuity of the Unique Life Patterns in the Universe as persevered among the various Sacred Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Music, Math, Yoga, Meditation, and all that can exist in the "Sacred Patterns of Coexistence, the Chaos" as the Individual World Civilizations; the World Heritages, Cultures, Religions, Faiths, Arts, etc. because the Sacred Systems are the Expanded Systems of the Coexistence", which seems in danger and threat only in the presence of excessive logic, which seem to destroy coexistence following the survival of the fittest.

"We argue that a peculiar small-scale, spatial heterogeneity generated by chaotic advection can lead to coexistence. In open flows this imperfect mixing lets the populations accumulate along fractal filaments, where competition is governed by an “advantage of rarity” principle. The possibility of this generic coexistence sheds light on the enrichment of phytoplankton and the information integration in early macromolecule evolution.

In most natural habitats numerous competing species are able to coexist, while generally only few resources limit these communities. This contradicts classical studies predicting competitive exclusion of all but the most perfectly adapted species for each limiting factor in homogeneous environments." (With thanks from the source: )

The Sacred Languages and Systems create what the Indian Sacred Systems call and describe as the Amrit Systems, and what the Matter and Mediums use is called the Mrit Systems. The Mrit (Matter and Mediums) create the 3-Dimensional Universe, which is not called "Sacred", the "Amrit" System because it does not have "Sacred Symmetry", which we seem to call desirable in the Cymatics, Water Memory and Sacred Geometry. The "Amrit" Systems as we can call it goes as the "Vibration Theory ("A") of Matter and Mediums, the 5 Basic Elements, the TAT' and Pada-artha in the Indian Sacred Systems". In other words, the "A" Vibrations of Source, the A(M) can be put as the 4th Dimension, and the Asymmetry, which it may create after interacting with the Matter and the Mediums in the Universe, the Mrit Systems is the 3-D Universe, and these are thus seem the Indian Theory of Parallel Universes as the Loka and Parloka, while the Loka uses the Mrit Systems of Matter and Mediums, and thus the Mrit Mandala, the Spheres of Matter and Mediums, and the Para-loka uses the Amrit Vibrations, the Waves and Vibrations of the Cymatics in which the World Sacred Languages emerge the "Self-identity" of being Sanskrit, Hebrew, Gurmukhi, and or any World Sacred Language as these are the Symmetric Languages of the Matter and Medium, the Mrit Systems. The Emerging Quantum Civilizations seem to look at and into the Amrit, the Vibration Theory of the Sacred Systems of the World Civilizations, and it helps in understand what, how and why the Superuniverses as the Amrit, the Vibration Universes of Matter and Mediums exist, develop and make life existing the 3-Dimensions, the 4th Dimensions and even the Higher Dimensions of Coexistence, the Chaos.

The Systems of the Mrit, the Matter and Mediums is called the Perishable, and one of the most prominent term for it is the "Patit, Fallen to the Matter and Mediums, the 5 Basic Elements". On the other hand, the Amrit, the Waves and Vibrations is called the "Non-perishable" Systems of the Universe, which bear the wonderful name and term of "Punita, the Pure, the Pious, the Sacred, the Sachu, the Metaphysical, and so on". In most of the Indian Sacred Prayers, one requests to Gurus, Gods, Deities, and the Supreme God for helping one to get from the "Patita, the Impure, the Perishable State of Consciousness to ascend to the Punita, the Pure, Pious, Non-perishable State of Consciousness". So, the term which is called the Patita, the Impure when called the "Filthy" should not be taken bad or odd as it simply indicates the the "Basic Elements, Mrit, the Matter and Mediums, which make the Consciousness dwell at the lower states, the stagnation of the consciousness", which then needs what the Indian Sacred Systems call the "Gati", the Ascending to the Higher Levels of Velocity of Consciousness, which it can have as in the Waves and Vibrations. This Philosophy of Velocity of Consciousness is what the Indian sacred Systems also describe as the Tamo, Rajo, Sato, Turiya and the Higher Dimensions of Motion, Movement and Dynamics of the Consciousness. To understand the Indian sacred Systems as well as the World sacred Systems one needs to understand the Mrit, the Matter and Mediums as well as the Amrit, the Waves and Vibrations as it also goes to the Cymatics, Water Memory, Sacred Geometry and all systems of the Quantum, Nano, Metamaterials and thus the Matter, Mediums, Vibrations, Waves, and all that it creates; the 3-D World and the 4th Dimension of the Universe.

We can very easily understand how the Consciousness Transforms itself with the Matter and Mediums, the Mrit Systems and starts to follow the Kala Systems, the Time Dimensions of the Matter and Mediums, and all that we study as the Kala, Kaala Purushsa, the Matter Consciousness helps in understanding the Universe in terms of Matter, Material and Consciousness with Time Dimensions thus changed to the Kala, the Samaya Dimension where the Matter, Medium and Materials get the Status of the Guru, the Quantization of Space Element (GU) into the Matter and Mediums (RU). If we however think about the Vibrations of the Matter and Medium, we actually deal with the Waves and Vibrations, which are considered as the "A" as expressed with the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 2A; and A, E, O, AE, where A=Light and Time Dimension, and the Sacred Systems then describe the A-kala Systems, which is the Time Dimension of Light and Sound Waves and Vibrations, and thus the A-kala Purusha, the Human Consciousness while and when ONE with the Light and Sound. Thus, the Kala (Matter and Mediums) and the Akala (Light and Sound) Levels keep great significance how our consciousness dwells and deals in both, and that is where the Kala and Akala helps in understanding the Role of Human Consciousness in association with Light, Sound, Matter, Mediums, Waves, Vibrations, and the Quantum Systems and the Planck Length with A=c*t Systems helps in understanding the Consciousness, Matter, Light, Sound, Energy and Life Quantum Systems of the Universe.

We can also put it as that the Kala is the Indian Philosophy of Shakti, Matter and thus the "Gu", the Darkness, the Black Hole and the Black Body Systems while the Akala is the Shiva, the Light and Waves in close association with the Sound and Vibration Energy, and also the "Ru" part of the Sacred Term of GURU. So, the Kala-akala is same as the Guru. The Indian Sacred Systems deal Vowels as the Sura, the Voice and "Sounds" of Pure Consciousness, which thus seem to deal well with the Akala, the Vibration and Wave Theory while the Kala, the Time (Samaya) Dimensions well deal with the Consonants, the 5 Rows of 25 Consonants that deal with the 5 Basic Elements, and thus the Matter and the Medium Systems, and thus the Sura (Vowels), Kala (Time of Matter Waves) and Akala (Time of Vibrations depending on the Vowels) make the Indian Languages useful in many ways, and it needs more research to make the claims set to the highest simplicity for use in the Quantum Math, Geometry, Music, Computing, Architect, Prose, Poetry, and even in the Nano and Metamaterial Systems in our modern age and world. The very interesting point here is that the "GU", the Dark or the Black Hole Theory also goes as what we know as the Ku-laxmi, the Goddess of Matter and Mediums (25 Consonants in the Indian Alpahebts) while the Vowel Theory of "RU" goes as the Laxmi, the Goddess of Light and Sound (Particle) Waves.

As all of it, the Hypothesis of Philselfology goes best for the World Heritage, Culture, Archaeology, Ancient Sacred, Classical, Quantum and the Similar Systems including Philosophy, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Art, Craft, Physics Quantum Models, Civilizations of India, Arabian Countries, Egypt, Israel, China, Japan, Native, Aboriginal, and the Similar Countries and Culture, Universe and Superuniverses; Audio, Video, Multimedia, Media, Software and Game Versions of all that we discuss in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, so we propose the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology for said purposes, aims and objectives. The Philselfology is Hypothesis does not claim to represent any world religion or faith, but the Quantum Sound, Light, Consciousness, Elements (5 Basic Elements are most commonly present in all cultures and countries), Dimensions, Fractals, Theories of Consciousness and Universe, and so on as the most essential part of all world civilizations, which we can present to the Present and the Future Generations as learning and research tool for the Ancient, Modern and Emerging Civilizations and Quantum Systems in it all based on its claim that the Philosophy is a Bridge between Science and Religion with the help of Sacred Art, Math, Geometry, Music, etc., and thus named Philselfology.

Indian and Sacred Alpahebts as the Sounds of Pure and One Consciousness, the Aadi Shakti, the One Primal Force: As we discuss in this Series of Be Happy Philselfologically, the Para Systems, which are also considered as the Mara Systems, the Supreme Systems of Single or the ONE Consciousness in the universe, we can consider the Atama as the Atom, the Brahma as the Matter and Mediums, and the "Wave and Vibration" Systems as the Ishwara, the Consciousness Systems of the One and the Single Consciousness which seem to well keep the Conjecture of PA-RA-MA or the MA-RA-MA Systems of the Indian Sacred Systems of the Quantum, the Consciousness Systems, which if we "quantize", we get many living systems, the Mara or the Para Systems. In the Broad Quantum Spectrum of the Quantum Systems of Consciousness, the Atom (Atama), Matter and Mediums (Brahma), the Vibrations and Waves having single identity of "Nada, the Bindi" Systems describe the Trinity of Indian Sacred Systems where these seem to coexist in the Single Consciousness of Aadi Shakti, the Durga as it is called and named, which thus seem to be the "Supreme Consciousness, the Parama, the Pure Consciousness". The Pa-ra-ma as the Ma-ra-ma' simply means One Consciousness (PA) Quantized (RA) to Many (MA') Systems of the SAME, but ONE Consciousness (MA), and the term "Marama" is one of the highest significance in the Indian Sacred Terms. Please note that when we say that the Atom is the Atama (Soul and Consciousness) related, we have to consider the Philosophy of Vortex Atomism that also deals with the Atom, Soul, Atama and the similar, so please read it:

"The atom belongs wholly to the domain of metaphysics. It is an entified abstraction -- at any rate for physical Science -- and has nought to do with physics, strictly speaking, as it can never be brought to the test of retort or balance. Infinite divisibility of atoms resolves matter into simple centres of force, i.e., precludes the possibility of conceiving matter an objective substance. Each atom has seven planes of being or existence, we are taught; and each plane is governed by its specific laws of evolution and absorption. It requires a metaphysician -- and an Eastern metaphysician -- to understand our meaning." (With thanks from the source: , and )

We can also think about the Science, Spirituality and Philosophy as in my Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, I made an attempt to search on the claim that the Philosophy (Quantum) is a Bridge between Science and Religion, the Self and Spirituality, and thus named Philselfology.

"Since the focal point of these waves creates conscious awareness, every atom in the universe is conscious and the universe itself is One conscious being. The universal consciousness, God is all that is, he's omnipresent and omnipotent. He's aware of all things going on in the universe because he's the universal consciousness." (With thanks from the source: )

Now, if the 4th Dimension of Pure and One Consciousness, the Aadi Shakti, the Primal and One Force of the Universe creates the Atomic, Molecular, Conscious or the Living Systems while both "Physical", the 3-D Systems and the 4th D, the "Metaphysical" Systems, we notice the universe having the Consciousness Interacting with Matter, Mediums and Vibrations, which keep changing into what we know as the E=m*c*c, the Energy, Light, Sound and Matter formats, which seems the essence of Consciousness, Cymatics, Water Memory, Elements, Dimensions, Fractals, and Modern Quantum Studies, Education and Researches. We may need to be aware that the World Religions and Faiths discuss and describe the 3-D Worlds and how to live in it as the Karma Kanda or the Karma Theory, but the World Art, Philosophy and Sciences in the same world religions discuss and describe the 4th Dimension, and that is how to live in the 4th Dimension as in the Meditation, Visualization and the "Creative", the Natural, but Auto-flow of "One Consciousness in All", which mostly follows the "Grace Theory". Here, the wonder is that people, who follow the 4th Dimension has been observed as if "renouncing" the 3-D Worlds!

For the greater ease, we can assume and consider the Self-assembling as the Para or the Mara Systems in the Nanotechnology as if the "Role of Philosophy of Consciousness" as its also almost same in the conscious or the living systems.

"Now researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK in collaboration with IBM have developed a self-assembly process for nanowires that makes it possible to embed quantum dots within them, expanding their range of potential applications.

“The key to building functional nanoscale devices is to control materials and their interfaces at the atomic level,” said Stephan Hofmann of the University of Cambridge and one of the paper’s senior authors, in a press release." (With thanks from the source: , and )

We can also put it as:

“…Everything that we regard as existing postulates consciousness” –Max Planck 1940 (Nobel Prize: Physics) (With thanks from the source: )

The important point in the Para Systems of the Universe is that it exists inside every unit of Atomic Systems for example the Atom and Molecule, and that inside the Living Cells and the Organisms, and the Abodes of the Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and Other Universal Systems, the Life Civilizations closer to the Center of the Universe keep the same levels of Para, the Para-loka Systems "inside" even though the higher civilizations are said to have far advanced levels of life, the Consciousness and the Atomic, the Quantum or the Nano Life. For this reason, the humans may conduct the "Inside Sacred Systems" in the same way as the highest levels of quantum civilizations in the universe as according to the Indian Sacred Systems.

Here, why the Para Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems need attention according to the Indian Sacred Alpahebts, the Quantum Sounds of the Universe is that the Quantization of Single Light Source of the Universes is put as the MARA, the MA (Single Light Source) and the RA (Quantization) and thus the "MARA", which in its 1-Dimension of the Vibrations goes as the Para Systems, and that is why the Para and the Mara Systems do not differ significantly. The Mara, the Quantization of Single Light Source is thus the Source Light of the Loka, the 3-Dimensional Systems in which we live and the 4th Dimension in which everyone lives after the physical death, and is called the Para-loka, and it is what is called common in the Highest and the Lowest Levels of Life and Quantum Civilizations in the universes as according to the Indian Sacred Systems.

For greater ease, the Mara as well as the Para Systems also express what we know the Indian Sacred Systems for the Consciousness. The "Mara" does nor relate to "Death", but one's "Pure Consciousness", which in Yoga, Meditation, Spiritualism, Religions, Faiths, and so on is the "Chakra, the Levels of Light, the Consciousness, the Mara or the Para Systems", the Para is also the Purusha, the Pure Consciousness in the Indian Sacred Systems, which becomes ONE as the Mara, the Source and Medium of Consciousness, but the "Para" seems more popular word and term as the "Mara" has been popularized as the "Death" or the "Dying Process" in our modern age. In general, the "Mara" Systems are the "Infinity Systems of the Sacred Cymatics, Water Memory and Light Consciousness" as the "M" is the Conscious Infinite Light as the "Bindu" and the "R" is the "Quantization" as the Longitudinal or the Scalar Waves of the "Bindu", the Single Light Source, which is also "Self-conscious" as well are, and makes the "Para and Mara" follow and function as the Anahata (Unstruck Sounds) and Anahada (Without Limit, the Infinite). (Relevant readings: , and )

It needs new blog post to describe how the First Row of Vowels giving the "H" Sound and "R" in the Second Row of Vowels give the Quantum Light as the HA-RA Systems, and how it relates to the Consciousness of "M", the Bindu while named as the HARIM, the HA-RA-MA Vowel Sounds, which are also called the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, the Transverse, Longitudinal and Light Conjecture of the Universe in the Indian Sacred Systems sustaining the "Management and Sustain-hood of the Universe".

Accordingly, the Manifolds, Dimensions, and Fractals also favor the Coexistence, and if we recognize the coexistence, we can have not only the evolution going on, but also the development of the humanity in our modern era as supporting the Theory of Superuniverse in many ways as it seem to go beyond the Space and Time, which we use as the "Historical", the Classical Part of Quantum Life and Universe Systems.

"To many chaologists, the study of chaos and fractals is more than just a new field in science that unifies mathematics, theoretical physics, art, and computer science - it is a revolution. It is the discovery of a new geometry, one that describes the boundless universe we live in; one that is in constant motion, not as static images in textbooks. Today, many scientists are trying to find applications for fractal geometry, from predicting stock market prices to making new discoveries in theoretical physics.

Fractals have more and more applications in science. The main reason is that they very often describe the real world better than traditional mathematics and physics." (With thanks from the source: )

The Sacred World Religions, Faiths, Civilizations and the Sacred Doctrines in all of it, the Human Civilizations have been coexisting from ages because these also coexist in the Cymatics, Water Memory, Sacred Geometry, Math, Music and Other Quantum and Sacred Systems, which if we recognize properly in our modern age of diversity, we can achieve great marvels with the help of Modern Quantum and the Sacred Systems. If we say the Indian Sacred Systems, it's also same in all World Sacred Systems, and the Seers, Sages, the Bhagat's (Quantum Philosophers of Consciousness, Universe and Chaos) have expressed the same in all world civilizations.

"“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world.

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulating consciousness.” – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.” Eugene Wigner, theoretical physicist and mathematician. He received a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963" (With thanks from the sources: and )

For example, the Sikh Gurus have compiled all Quantum Doctrines in various Indian and Arabian Sacred Languages to describe the One Consciousness, Light and Universe in the Gurmukhi Scripting for all Indian and Many Asian Sacred Languages and it includes the Sanskrit Language and its Sacred Grammar as prepared by the Sikh Gurus for using it as the Sacred Language while thus describing the Sanskrit as the Sahasakrit surpassing most of ancient Indian Grammars as in the Gurmukhi Grammars and Scripting to use Indian and the Arabian Sacred Languages as used with the Gurmukhi Formats that leads to well prepared Brahmi, the Quantum Grammar of the Cymatics and the Water Memory Systems, which discuss and describe the Quantum Sounds, Consciousness, Light, Elements, Dimensions and lot more, which establishes the Civilizations of Cymatics, Sacred Geometry and Architect, Music with Instruments and Dances, Water Memory and the Memory of Matter and Mediums, etc., which seems the Highest Sacred Civilization of the 4th Dimension in the Universe, which also deal and develop the Nano, Metamaterial and the Quantum Systems. If we do further and the advanced research works on the said claims, we can arrive at some higher advancements in the Indian and the Arabian Sacred Languages including the Sanskrit Language, while as said before, most of the Indian Sacred Languages put to the Indian Raga Systems using the Gurmukhi Script, Language, Linguistics, Grammar, and thus the Gurmukhi as the Brahmi (Quantum) Languages, the Brahmi are also the Sacred Language of the Consciousness as in many Modern Indian Languages, while it invites more research. (By relevanacy: )

It thus also invites the serious need of creation of International Alpahebts for Cymatics or the International Cymatic Alphabets, the International Water Memory Alphabets, International Matter and Medium Alphabets, and thus most of the International Alphabets for the Sacred Multiple Nano, Quantum and Metamaterial Systems, which can boost all World Sacred Systems in the most significant way possible in the same manner as we have the International Phonetic Alpahebts.

Image: Sound waves precisely position nanowires (From the source with thanks: )

"Sacred Geometry can be found in the patterned beauty of Creation. That means that even the cells of our DNA hold sacred geometrical patterns. Just like a snow flake, our eye holds fractal patterns. We can see these patterns everywhere in nature. In a pine cone, especially in flower petals, the branches of trees, the nautilus shell so close to its ancient cousin the ammonite and these patterns extend into the universe. Our sun, the galaxy in whose outer spiral arm our solar system is located. All forms of life as we know and experience them flow from these ageless patterns." (

For greater ease and insight, we can assume that the Consciousness, the Para or the Mara Dimension is the 4th Dimension! Smile

"In conclusion, the most important and impacting Apocalyptic revelations concern the science, physics, metaphysics, and fundamental musical mathematics of cymatics, that is, the impact of sound on matter, and especially Water. These energy dynamics exclusively direct the physical world, our geometrics (including sacred geometry and natural architecture); creative hydro-sonics, and the musical electro-mechanics issuing our existence.

Multi-dimensionality is based on this Divine Covenant between matter and energy. Compelled by this musical-mathematical matrix, form follows (sound) frequencies and everything functions optimally and sustainably naturally." (With thanks from the source: )

We can thus use the Water Memory and Cymatics for healing and cure of humanity diseases and problems if we use it creatively. We can notice the relevancy of it in the following discussion:

"Imagine the frequencies of your brain activity (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) translated directly into cymatics patterns in the world around you. In an amazing combination of performance art & neuroscience, artist Lisa Park does just this!

"Eunoia" shows us how our thought patterns can be translated into visual frequencies using EEG brainwave detecting sensors & software programs.

If you watch the video, you can see her brain activity is measured by the EEG, then translated in realtime through software to produce her mind's frequencies within the water of the bowls, resulting in fantastic cymatics patterns controlled by the mind!" (With thanks from the source: , , and )

When we consider the Vedas and Indian Sacred Systems, we can notice that the Vedas consider the human, the man, the consciousness as beyond the matter and the dualism in general, and for this reason the human consciousness have been adding a lot of upgrading and evolution as through the Purana, Simiritis, and other after Veda creation works. When we consider the role of human consciousness, it keeps its independent status, which is beyond the "Akhara", the A-vibration, which does not extinct, and follows the A-kara and the A-kala, the Time Dimensions of Light and Time, which also do not extinct as it also follows the "A", the Vibration Systems. So, according to the Theory of Consciousness as the "A", the Indian Sacred Systems describe the A-kara, A-kala and the A-khara Systems, which the Vedas seem to call the "Net!", and that is "Beyond the Tri, the 3-D Theory of Everything", and thus directly relates with the human consciousness, the A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' as the 4 Dimensions of the Homotopy and Topology that creates the Quantum Systems. We discuss the relevant Indian Quantum, the "A', A, 2A" Systems that describe the Indian Sacred Systems for many subjects of science, math, geometry, music, arts and lot more while also continuing our discussion on the Sacred Cymatics.

"Furthermore, the Vedic literature describes how the Supreme Being exists outside the boundaries of the material manifestation from where He begins the process of creation. So, He is indeed “beyond what He created.”

According to Vedic science , as the Supreme Creator creates the cosmos, the creative potency descends among other beings who are created, called demigods in the Vedic system, to assist the Supreme in manifesting the material worlds. So, the Supreme expands Himself and also creates positions within the material cosmos which are taken by co-creators or demigods who assist in creating and maintaining the material manifestation." (With thanks from the source: )

This form of human consciousness in Vedas and what is beyond has been also named as the Purusha, the Quantum Consciousness, which is also called the Nara, the Quantum Light. Thus, the names of A-kala and Purusha, and deals with the Non-dual Vibration Dimensions (A-kala), which are also as the main thing in the Homotopy and Topology and the Consciousness (Purusha), and together popular as the Akala Purusha, the Quantum Vibration based Consciousness:

"Splendid and without a bodily form is this Purusa, without and within, unborn, without life breath and without mind, higher than the supreme element. From him are born life breath and mind. He is the soul of all beings.
— Munduka Upanishad, (Translated by Klaus Klostermair)

Rishi Angiras of the Atmopanishad belonging to the Atharvaveda explains that Purusha, the dweller in the body, is three-fold: the Bahyatman (the Outer-Atman) which is born and dies; the Antaratman (the Inner-Atman) which comprehends the whole range of material phenomena, gross and subtle, with which the Jiva concerns himself, and the Paramatman which is all-pervading, unthinkable, indescribable, is without action and has no Samskaras." (With thanks from the source: )

Here, we seem in need to recognize the various achievements of individuals as contributing agents of consciousness in human history in both east and west. This Theory of A-kala, the Vibration Time Dimension and the Purusha, the Consciousness is also essence of the modern healing processes in the multiple nano therapies including Nanomedicines with Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Thus, we can consider the Indian Quantum Philosophy of Matter and Sound, the Bhagwana and the Quantum State of God Systems as the Nirvana and the Vibration Level of God Systems as the Akara and Akala, which is simple representation of the A as the A', A, 2A or A', 2A', 3A', 4A', the Quantum 4 Topological Divisions of Non-dual Systems of Consciousness according to the hypothesis. The "Dualism" in the Indian and Other Sacred Systems is the "Status, Study and Research of the Singularity in the Subject and Object", and it's thus the "Bhaga" Part in the popular term of "Bhagwana", the Quantum God in the Indian Sacred Systems, while the Mono Singularity is called the "Vana", which is the most essential part of the Vedas and Other Singularity of the Mono, the One Systems, in which is the "Subject is More Important than the Object". The Philosophy of Bhagwana is thus "Singularity in Mono, the Vana and Two, the Dual, the Bhaga, and thus the term Bhagwana" while the "Singularity" in the 3-D System is the Shrira, the Human Body as studied by the Charaka and Ayurveda Systems, and thus the term "Shri Bhagwana", the Study of 3-D Systems (Shri), 0-D and the 4th D (Vana) with 0-D and Other Dimensions as the Bhaga, and in it all the "Singularity", the Purusha is the main thing, the Dimensionless Dimension (Singularity, the Eaka, the ONE), which is called "Beyond Dimensions" and thus as described in exclamation in the Sacred Vedas: "Net! Net! Net!": "Beyond! Beyond! Beyond!" (By relevancy: ). So, accordingly, the Singularity of Dualism as the Bhaga needs the Physical Body (Shrira, the Center of Jeeva, the Consciousness), and the Singularity of Mono Systems needs Metaphysical Body (Atama), which thus constitute the Primal 4 Dimensions, which are expressed as the A', A, A-A' and A-A (2A) with name of "A"nu, the Quantization of Vibration of "A" as the A', 2A'(A), 3A', 4A' (2A).

It is thus the basic systems of hypothesis and assumptions in the Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Other Ancient Indian Religions and Faiths as well as the Christianity, Muslims Religion and the Sikhism that describe the Indian Sacred Education Systems for almost every subject using the Indian Alpahebts with the Indian Languages, Linguistics, Grammars; the Prose, Poetry and the Mantra Systems, which then go into the Math, Geometry, Music, Computing and the Cymatics, Vibration Theory, and Newly Emerged Quantum Systems with the Quantum Theory and Math with Homotopy and Topology.

Thus, accordingly, the Indian Alpahebts, for example, the Gurmukhi deals with the Theory of Parmatama, the Transverse Wave Theory in the First Vowel Rows, the Theory of Parbrahma, which is the Theory of Matter in 5 Basic Elements; the Matter Waves in the 5 Rows and then in the 7th Row, we can notice the great use of Theory of Parmeshwara, which is the Scalar Wave Theory in the Indian Alpahebts. These 3 Sets of God Theory then express everything as the Sh-bada, the Spectrum made by transverse, matter and longitudinal waves in the universe. For this reason among the many, the Sh-bada is considered the Guru, the Alphabet Teacher, which is also thus the Akala Moorati, the Theory of Vibration of (Akal) the Information Universe (Moorati), which is expression of every Indian Sacred Systems, and well expresses the Non-Indian Sacred Systems as well. It makes the 3 Time Dimensions, the Kala as the Parmatama, Parbrahma and Parmeshwara, and thus the Tri-kala, the Trio Systems of the Time Dimensions, and that gives the popular term of Tri-kala Darshi, the People, who are well versed in these 3 Time Dimensions of the Kala (Time). It's also expressed that the human consciousness keeps this systems inside it:

"Brahm Mah Jan Jan Mah Parbrahm..." (Gurbani, may require spell check in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi)

"In the Physical Body, we have the Para Systems, the Tri-consciousness of Tri-kala, the 3-Dimensions of Time Systems" (Interpretation according to the Theory of Elements, Dimensions and Indian Alphabets)

Now, when we consider the 4th Dimension of God Systems according to the Sacred Alphabet Systems, it's not in the rows, but in the 5th Column, which hypothetically acts as the Electromagnetic Waves, which is thus the blend of Transverse Waves, the First Row of Vowels and the Second Row of the Vowels, which can be considered as the 7th Row. The 5th Column having the Transverse and Longitudinal Waves gives us the Electromagnetic Sounds, which we can consider as the 4th Dimension. It seems the most important part of the Indian Alphabets as in the Gurmukhi. When we consider the Bindi and Bindu Sounds of the Universe, which are the N and M Sounds respectively, we can notice that this Quantum Column is the Creator of All Sounds of the Alphabetical Sounds that also goes as the Motherboard to the International Phonetic Alpahebts.

The Sound of "M" in the 5th Column and in the 7th Row is also called the Purusha Sound, which is thus also called the Sound of the "Bindu", the Purusha, the Consciousness, which vibrates as with the A', A, 2A Vibrations of Self-assembling Systems, which is called the Kara, A-kara and the Aa-kara Systems and we can also use the Time Dimensions to it and thus named as the Kala, A-kala and the Aa-kala Systems, and it deals with the Light, Sound and Matter, the Energy. It can also be considered when we learn the Indian Sacred Systems of the Matter, Jeeva (Consciousness) and Atama (Light). The Jeeva and Atama as Light and Consciousness blend in the Bindi, the Jeeva Atama, which is mostly represented with the help of the 6th Row having the TA, THA, DA, DHA and NA, the Sounds of Bindi, which is also the Water Element in many contexts. So, the Purusha of M, the Bindu, which is also the 4th Dimension and the Bindi of N, the Jeeva (Consciousness in Multiple, but mostly in the 3 Divisions of Consciousness, the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Divisions deal with the 3 Dimensions). These M and N, the 6th and 7th Row Master Vowels are said to consider the Quantum Sounds of 35 Letters of the Indian Alpahebts.

The most important Sacred Format of Indian Alpahebts is as follows:

OM Mantra NAMO=Transverse Waves (OM) EM Waves (Mantra=OM+NAMO) Longitudinal Waves (NAMO) (Conversion of Quantum Light into Scalar Waves, please read by relevancy: , and )

We can consider an important point here that the Longitudinal Waves, popular as the Scalar Waves are considered important part of the Light, Consciousness and Sound Systems, but it is well recommended that the Theory of ONE as the Ekonkara as the Holistic Theory in which the "Energy in Space" creates the "Essence of Akasha, Space Theory". If we want to consider the Ekonkara as the Wave Propagation Theory, it's the "Concentric Theory of Waves". It seems excessive indulgence in the Scalar Waves may create some problems, so we need to consider it with respect to the "Center of Concentric Circles", the EAKA (ONE) Circle of Single Consciousness of the Universe in which we all are a family, and thus the Ekonkara. So, the Quantum Water Drop Model, the Cymatics, the Sacred Music and Geometry make the NAMA (Quantum Concentric Water Drop, which is also the Essence of Homeopathy, Nano Multiple Quantum Therapies, Nanomedicines and Nanotechnology) something, which we know "Chetana, the Conscious System", and it seems one the most Ancient Sacred Wisdom.

"Some enthusiasts think the fluid approach could indeed be the key to resolving the long-standing conflict between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of gravity, which clash at infinitesimal scales." (With thanks from the sources: , , , , and )

Even though we call Water Memory, the very name of Memory is the Mem, the Water and Ory, the Light, which means the Memory is also the "Water and Cymatics":

"Our genetic memory can be viewed as "Mem-Ori" -- literally, a golden braid of liquid light -- metaphysical fiber optic cable. "Mem" = "Water" and "Ori" = "Light" in ancient Hebrew, ie: Memory is Liquid Light and our brain is 90% water. We need to assert sovereignty over our own consciousness." (With thanks from the source: )

The Indian Sacred Systems describe the Scalar Waves as the Kritya Waves, the Artificial Waves, which can not only clone the Krit, the Transverse, the Vector, but fool anyone creating threats of its "Power", the Kritya means "Scalar, Random and Irregular Quantization", and we may notice it harmful if use unwisely, so the Indian Sacred Systems use the Nama Theory, the Concentric Theory of "Name" say Rama, Allah, Jesus, God, etc., which can "Neutralize and Cancel" the "Scalar, the Longitudinal Waves", and thus harms it may create as it helps in dissipation and dispositions of the scalar electromagnetic waves. Thus, the NAMA Theory is the creation of ONE Center, the M and Vibrations, the A and the Concentric Circles of N expanding, and so well named as the NAMA, which is considered as the "Finest Sacred Theory (NAMA) for the Mediums, Matter and Media" as it also deals with the Bindu Theory, and the Gurbani, the Sikh Sacred Teachings say that the Sacred Vedas also claim the Nama Theory as the Best Sacred Theory, and it follows the Water Memory, Cymatics, Superfluid, Sacred Music, Math and Geometry that is well preserved in the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib (Sacred Gurbani Collections) the Sacred Treasure of Nama also dealing with the Concentric Quantum Water Drop Theory as we discuss in this series. The Nama is the Sacred Theory of Concentric Vibrations, which "TAP Light" even though we all are "Light". (By relevancy: )

"Vedan Mah Naam Utam So Sunah Nahi Firah Jio Betalaya..." (Gurbani)

"The Vedas say that the Nama is the Best Sacred Theory, and if one does not hear or use it wanders as if ghost, the imbalanced person..." (Gurbani)

(By relevancy: and )

"As we look into space, we are observing our past light cone slicing concentric rings through the hypersurfaces of the past. Each ring on the past light cone represents a spherical plane in 3-D space centered on the observer. The largest ring at the base of the past light cone is called the particle horizon, the farthest spherical plane of observation, representing what we see as the blackness of infinity itself." (With thanks from the source: )

So, we can consider the Sacred Theory of Consciousness from the Indian Alpahebts as thus the Parmatama, the Theory of Transverse Waves and the Atom from the First Row of the Vowels, the Parbrahma, the Theory of Matter from the 5 Rows of Consonants, the Parmeshwara, the Theory of Longitudinal Waves from the Second Row of Vowels, which is also put as the 7th Row in the Indian Alpahebts as in the Gurmukhi Alphabet, and then we can consider the 5th Column as the Theory of Pure Consciousness, the Purusha that is also popular as the 4th Dimension, and finally the A-kala, A-kara, and the A-Vibration based Systems are what constitute the 4 Basic Quantum Vibrations of the Consciousness as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 2A and O, A, E, AE, which are the Basic or Primal Vowels, the Unstruck Sounds of the Universe, and are popular as the A-kala Systems, which describe the Parmatama, Parbrahma, Parmeshwara, Purusha, and most of the Other Sacred Systems of Light, Consciousness and Quantum God Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems in its deep rooted relation with the International Phonetic Alphabets.

If we consider the Purusha Systems, it creates the Columns in the Indian Alpahebts from the Bindu, the "M" Sound while the Rows, which are also called the Sh-kati, the Kinetic System of Sounds and Light as well creating the Quantum Spectrum thus creates the Vertical Part of the Indian Alpahebts. In this context, we can notice how the Purusha and Shakti create the Light and Spectrum as the Columns and Rows in the Indian Alpahebts and thus the Indian Alphabets as the Essence of Indian Sacred Systems.

When the Sh-kati with the Bindi, the N creates the Purusha Systems, it naturally becomes the Para-kriti, the Expansion of Para Systems into the TA, THA, DA, DHA, NA through the Karta and thus the Kriti, which is the great use of the Basic 5 Elements as the "Kara", the Quantization of 5 Basic Elements from KA, the Space Elements to RA, the Longitudinal Waves and Vibrations, and that gives the Para-kriti. So, we have the Purusha and Parakriti as the Sacred Bindu (M Sound in the 7th Row) and the Parakriti (also spelled as the Prakriti as the Bindi, the N Sound in the 6th Row in the Indian Alpahebts). So from the 6th Row, the Bindi Row, we have the Sacred Wisdom of Prakriti and the Role of 5 Basic Elements and Rows of the Indian Alpahebts as the Sh-kati Philosophy, which takes up both the Bindu (M) and Bindi (N) in the 7th and 6th Row, and describes the Indian Sacred Systems in Rows as the Shakti, Bindi and Bindu Philosophy which if we discuss and describe in Columns changes into the Purusha Systems.

In this context, the First Column represents the Brahma Systems, the Second Column as the Vishnu Systems, the 3rd Column represents the Shiva Systems while the 4th Column represents what we know as the Durga Systems, and finally the 5th Row goes as the creator of these 4 Columns as thus the Column of the Purusha Sounds. It thus creates the Indian Alpahebts and its functionality simplified for the names of the Rows and Columns as the Primal God Systems in the Columns and the Primal Kinetic, the Sh-kati Systems as in the Rows, the Spectrum.

So, the Columns as the Purusha and the Rows as the Shakti is also what we can very easily associate with the Indian Alpahebts.

The Role of Transverse and Longitudinal Waves in the First and Second Rows of Vowels in the Indian Alpahebts is very simple to understand and we can notice how it influences our daily life. When we utter any sound, which is also called the "Aspirated Sound" comes out with the First Row as follows as we take the Aspirated Sound of K':


It simply means that we need to add 5 Transverse Sounds of the O, A, E, S and H to any aspirated sound to make it "Non Aspirated Sound of Letters". Its' thus one of the great wonder of the Gurmukhi Alphabet as well as the Other Indian Alphabets.

If we make any speech and use microphone, the K'+O+A+E+S+H=K goes to the audience directly as it is, but otherwise, it dissipates due to the reason that after our speaking of any letter, it naturally acquires the longitudinal wave format and dissipates, and at that time as the "Sound of K", we have another format, which is written in the 7th Row of Gurmukhi, the Longitudinal Vowels, which the "Spoken Letters as K" gets as follows:

K+Y+R+L+V+Rh=K Longitudinal Wave (Letters and Words, which we speak dissipate)

The Rh-ra is the Sound of Maximum Friction in Air, which dissipates the Spoken Letters and Words with the Longitudinal Systems of YA, RA, LA, VA and RH-RA.

In the Indian Mantras, the use of OM is for the O, A, E, S, H and the Mantras usually have the RAMAYA, the YA Format, which explains how the Longitudinal Waves are going to dissipate and release the sound energy to its object. We can do practical for it, and see how it works, and notice how wonderful the Indian Alpahebts are when we correlate it to the Cymatics and the Water Memory.

So, the Sound Energy is what gives us the following Transverse and Longitudinal Waves with any letter sound we use:

K'+O+A+E+S+H=K (Traverse)

K+Y+R+L+V+Rh=K (Longitudinal)

Near our mouth these are equal.

One of the good point for experiments is about how the Transverse and Longitudinal Waves of K' with the O, A, E, S, H and Y, R, L, V, Rh (the Rh-ra) goes into the 5 Basic Mediums of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid Elements is what seems the 5 Rows of the Indian Alpahebts as with the K, Ch, T', T and P, the 25 Consonants, which are the Matter Sounds of the K' Systems of the Aspirated Sound. For example, if we make the K' Sound interact with the Solids, we can hear the K'+P, F, BH, BHA, M Sounds as if Beating the Drum with Stick. This way the 25 Sounds with Transverse (1st Row) and Longitudinal Waves (7th Row) create the Solid or Matter Waves (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Rows). These sounds explain how the sound energy dissipates in various mediums. It is according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

Thus, how we can hypothetically co-relate the Aspirated Sound of K' with 5 Basic Elements goes as follows while following the Longitudinal Path of YA, RA, LA, VA, RH:

K'+O+A+E+S+H=K (Space Element), the First Row of Consonants

K'+O+A+E+S+H+Air Element=CH, the Second Row of Consonants

K'+O+A+E+S+H+Water Element=T (TA THA DA DHA YAN), the Third Row Consonants

K'+O+A+E+S+H+Fire Element=T, the Fourth Row of Consonants

K'+O+A+E+S+H+Solid Element=P, the Fifth Row of Consonants

We can sum up the above equations as what we know as the TAT, the Element

K'+O+A+E+S+H+Solid Element=Row of Elements

T+A (Vibrations)=T

The TAT also follows the Longitudinal Path to go from T to T, which is expressed in an unusual way, the TAT Theory is the T'-A-T', which is then written as the T-T', the TAT', which is means the "Bridging of One kind of Vibration Setup with other vibration setup", and that is to say the following:

Vibrations given medium+O+A+E+S+H=Next Chain of Vibrations


We can also express it as follows:

Medium Waves+Transverse Waves=Longitudinal Waves

This is how even the Aspirated Sounds of K' are created.

The Protocol of K and K' coexist as thus:

K'+O+A+E+S+H=K, and if we write it as follows:


It's the Format and Protocol of T-T' or the T'+A+T', and this very thing in the Indian Sacred Systems is called the T-T', the TAT', the Element, and knowing it is called the Philosophy of TAT', the TAT' Darshana. If we make it, the TAT' associate with anything using the Longitudinal Waves, that is, the YA, RA, LA, VA, RHA, we get what we know as the Padartha, the Matter, which is thus creation of the Matter Waves of the 5 Basic Elements.

And thus the TAT, the Element Theory.

The Waves of K=K'+O+A+E+S+H is the TAT', and if we add the Longitudinal Waves of YA, RA, LA, VA, RHA, it acquires the Pada, the Position of Medium, the Matter, and for this reason, it gathers there to make the Pada-artha, and we can call it the TAT'-Pada. The TAT' Pada, the Position can be Space, Air, Fire, Water and or Solid, and when we have made it happen with the following equation, it's creation of Pada-artha Creation from TAT', the Elements:

K'+O+A+E+S+H=K (Space Element)+YA, RA, LA, VA, RH=Pada-artha of Space Element

When we show the Angles of Padartha, for example, the K and K', the K-K', the T-T', the TAT', we have the Angles of 90, 180, 270 and 360 Degrees, which are then labelled as the KO, KA, KE and KEA, which are the 4 Pada, the Position Philosophy of TAT' and Padartha (Matter, the 5 Basic Elements).

The Artha and Yogini Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems can be hypothesized as the Additions of Spins of Vibrations that associate the Indian Elements, the Letters of Alpahebts and the Pada, which decides the Levels of Spins, the Yogini and Artha, and thus the A, E, O, AE give the 16 Spins, which can also be put to the 64 Spins in subdivisions and combinations. So, accordingly, the Pada and Artha gives the Elements and the Position, which gives the 7 Rows and the 5 Columns, the 35 Letters in the Indian Alphabets, which is also called the Sapta Matrika, the 7 Rows of Sounds as in the Alphabets. We cannot add the Indian Elements and Positions without the use of "Spins, the Yoginis, the Additions, the Yoga, the Joga, the Spins".

So, when we define the Indian Theory of Elements and the Position, which the Element acquires, we have to state how many spins it carries, and that is how the Indian Vowels are used as the "Quantum Spins". Due to the reason that the Vowels as Spins add, we have the use of the Pada, the Position and Artha, the Total of Spins in each and every element giving us the Pada-artha, the Total Count of Spins at the Position, where we place the Element.

So, in general, the A, E, O, AE get the 4 Primal Positions of Pada with the Yoga, the Additions of Elements with the Spins of 1, 2, 3, 4 as the 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00 Ratios, and if we thus say the KO, KA, KE and KAE, we assign the Quantum Spin Values before we add and create the Indian Invariant Mathematics, which is based on the Elements, Positions, Spins, etc., which we add and create what we know the Pada-artha, the Total Weight of Quantum Element based on its Position in the Indian Periodic Labels of Elements, Spins, and the Matter it creates. It may seem very complicated here to discuss, but this is what creates the Indian Foundations of Invariant Math, Homotopy Type Theory, Sacred Math, Geometry, Music, Grammars, Languages, Prose, Poetry, Mantra, Theory of Elements, Theory of Quantum Spins, Theory of Matter, Theory of Waves and Vibrations, and all that we know as the "Sacred Indian Systems". These Spins, the Yoginis, which come from the Spins due to Position of Elements in Universe arises from the Waves of Transverse, Longitudinal, Electromagnetic, 5 Basic Elements, and Matter Waves of "Sh" create the Quantum Spin (Yogini) Systems:

"The derivation of 64 Yogini from 8 Matrikas became a tradition. By mid- 11th century, the connection between Yoginis and Matrikas had become common lore." (With thanks from the source: )

It is according to the Hypothesis and Research Work of Philselfology.

"Our general holographic wave function should be pictured as made up of sine waves of different frequencies and, in particular, having phase relationships. The wave function is not linear or of a single level but multidimensional and can be envisaged as groups of sine waves within groups displaced along the gradient 3D to 4D, governed by frequency." (With thanks from the source: )

To understand the Quantum Consciousness, we need the Philosophy of Self-assembling and the rest seems the Wave Function, which the Self-assembling, the Quantum God Systems manage with the 0, the Zero Dimension as ONE System and the Self-assembling as the 4th Dimension where the ONE Quantum System seems Multiple or Multiform of the ONE System of the 0-Dimension, and thus we can assume the 4th Dimension as the Anti-dimension to its Counter Part of the 0th, the Zeroth Dimension as if the Mirrors of the Two Plates of the Universe in Casimir Effect Theory. We can limit the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Dimension as the Visible Quantum Superposition. (Please read by relevancy: )

The Indian and the Eastern Theory of Akahsa, the Ethereal, the Theory of 5 Basic Elements, the Kala (Time) Dimension and the Memory Databases of 5 Basic Matter and Media, which creates the Information Universe as we notice in Modern Quantum Systems while the A-kala Sacred Systems deal with what we know as the Sacred Vibrations of Bindu and Bindi, the NAMA, which constitutes the 5 Basic Elements including the Akasha, the Space Element, the Beginning of Time (Kala) Dimensions), which remain present in the 5 Basic Elements and the Information Universe is made up of it, the Kala, the Time, the Akasha Element. Again, the Nama, the Sacred Vibrations, which create the Space Element and Other Matter and Media Systems, and thus the Time Dimensions (Kala) does not belong to it, but the Akala Systems of the Sacred Vibrations of the Concentric Circle Theory, which creates the Information Universe.

According to the Akala, the Bindu, the Nirguna, the Non-time Dimension, one can live separate from the Physical Body and even the Universe, which is the 3-Dimensional System, and that is the "State of Creator of Universe, the Karta as the Akarta", which is also treated as the "Liberated State of Individual" and we all have it, and its Beyond Time and Space, the Kala Systems of Matter and Mediums. The wonderful term of Kara as in the Onkara is the Quantization (R) of the Space Element (Akasha), which decides the Kara (Quantum Continuum) and Kala (Time). If we use the Scalar or Longitudinal Waves, we can also use the Kara as the Quantum Spacetime, where the KA is Space (Akasha) and the RA, the Longitudinal Waves (Time Based) give "Time", and thus the KARA, the Spacetime as in the ONKARA.

"In ancient eastern spirituality the history written within the Akasha field are called the Askashic chronicles, the book of life that records everything that has ever happened or will happen in the universe. The Akashic chronicles or Akashic records contain the story of every soul that ever lived on this planet.

The Akashic records are holographic torsion fields of individuals that embed in larger holograms of groups of peoples such as nations." (With thanks from the source: )

Thus, when we consider the "O, A, E, S, H" Vowels, these are the Primal Vibrations of the 0, the Zero Dimension, which constitute the Ethereal Systems, and when these create the Quantum Dot in Space from where we see and notice it "originating", it's called the Akasha, the Space Element, the Vibration of Space, the 1-Dimension as the K'+O+A+E+S+H, and we can change the Akasha, the Ethereal or Space Element to Air, Fire, Water and Solid Elements, which are simply the 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensional Space, and these Primal Transverse Waves of 0-Dimension then and thus travel in dimensions of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Higher, which as said before are the Dimensions of Vacuum, the 0-Dimension and the Space as the 1-Dimension, and that it's all based on the Vacuum and Space, that is, the 0 and 1 Dimensions that we see the 3-Dimensional World in which the "O, A, E, S, H", the Traverse Waves (Shiva Waves) after leaving the "Vacuum, the 0, the Zero Dimension" use the "Longitudinal Nature of Waves", which the Indian Alphabets put as the "YA, RA, LA, VA, RH-A" Wave Sounds (Shakti Waves). The 7 Rows of the Indian Alpahebts are thus the "Library of Universe", the "Bahi (Vahi)-Khata as the Account of Everyone's or Every Action, the Karma, the Action Theory" and thus the Bases and the Basics of Information Universe in World Religions, Faiths and or the Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems giving from this Library, the Sukh Sagar or Sacred Pool of Wisdom everything that we consider "Sacred Vedas, Gurbani and Other Holy Scriptures" while justifying all in the "Context to the Sacred Library of the Universe", and as if the "Ionization of Universe in 7 Layers, which are also popular as the 7 Chakra of Conscious Atom, the Vortex Atom", which exists as the SAHA, the Light (SA, the Traverse Part) and Sound (HA, the Longitudinal Part) of the Quantum Wave function of the Sacred Universe of the Nirvana, the Sacred Light and Sound Systems. (Please also read by relevancy: and )

"The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") is a term used in theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of (mystical) knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a "universal supercomputer" and the "Mind of God".

Those who champion the truth of the Akashic Records assert that they were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the Indians, Moors, Tibetans, Bonpo and other peoples of the Himalaya, Egyptians, Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, Christians, Druids and Mayans. It is held that the ancient Indian sages of the Himalayas knew that each soul, jiva, atma, or entity recorded every moment of its existence in a "book", and that if one attuned oneself properly then one could access that book (refer mindstream for example)." (With thanks from the source: )

One of the most important parts about the Sacred Systems is that these go very much to the Right Brain, the Sacred Center of Sacredness as All Children and we as the Children have had it that almost fully functions according to the "Sacredness of the Universe".

"At birth, our right brain is fully activated. Mothers and fathers can communicate with their offspring via telepathy. How often have you seen a tense mother with a screaming baby? As the mother calms down, loves and caresses her child harmony is restored. Up to the age of six years, this ability is present. If not stimulated the ability will diminish and become dormant (dormant not extinct).

Children learn much faster than we formerly imagined. By nature, they are very in tune with life around them. Children are very spiritual; the advice coming from a young set of lips often shows wisdom beyond their years. Using a simple series of steps: meditation, breathing and imaging; the right brain is progressively activated to reveal potential previously thought impossible." (With thanks from the source: and by relevancy: )

We can also notice that the Female Brains are also the "Right Brains", which now need a greater and more important part to play in the Emerging Quantum Civilizations.

"We see then that by suppressing the feminine energy - right brain, intuition, unity consciousness - it is much easier to control mankind. Consciousness today is very heavily formatted with programs - specific rigid paths of thinking - and the creative potential, imagination and originality are weakened. The ultimate example would be the characteristics of a robot. Clearly you can program it to do or think anything." (With thanks from the source: )

We can give a short note here that the Left Brain Theory of Time Dimensions is also known as the Kala Dimensions, the Basic Theory of Consonants (Matter and Mediums) and the Right Brain as the A-kala (Akala) Dimension, the Basic Theory of Vowels. (By relevancy: )

"The greatest irony is that the right brain, with its imagination and originality from which all inspiration springs, is suppressed by the left-brain thinkers. That is, the source of all discovery, the right-brain consciousness provides intellectual fodder that is developed into systematic knowledge by the left brain, of which the latter then suppresses the intuition and inner-consciousness of the right brain that gave rise to the discoveries in the first place.

Reality is clearly multidimensional. The universe, God, consciousness, are beyond 3D logic. Let us present a thought experiment which highlights left and right-brain experience and also gives insight into the nature of God essence." (With thanks from the source: and by relevancy: )

When we consider the Gurmukhi Script and Language, it includes the Theory of Elements (TAT'), Dimensions (Pada, the Positions) and the Matter (Pada-Artha) from the Indian, Arabian, Israeli, Egyptian and many other world languages as recorded in the International Phonetic Alpahebts, and thus gives the Sacred Quantum Systems of various world languages. In it, the great contributions have been from the Persian Languages and the popular languages known as the Urdu and Hindustani, which has been Arabian and Indian Language keeping the Indian and Arabian Civilizations preserved while using the Languages as the Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Universe and Consciousness, and is well threaded with the Israeli, Egyptian and Other Developed Civilizations of the Ancient World.

So, if we want to use the Ancient Quantum Civilizations in Modern Quantum Civilization, we can use the International Phonetic Alphabet as the Single Quantum Theory of Elements and Dimensions for all world languages and civilizations and thus use the Great Works and Wonders of Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabian Languages, Tamil, Gurmukhi, English and other western and world languages, and can thus also create the individual language based Theory of 5 Basic Elements, Light, Consciousness, Dimensions, Universe and the Quantum Systems as studied and researched in the individual languages and civilizations.

It includes the Invariant Math, Linguistic Math, Music, Grammars, Sacred Math and Geometry, and great researches, which humanity has been doing from thousands of years, and we can well develop from the letters of the alphabets, vowels, consonants and the "spins", the syllables and use of the "A, E, O, AE, EO, OA Vowels", which we use with the consonants and vowels, while using it, the people all over the world has been able to trace and retrace the Sacred Information, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Basic 5 Elements, Consciousness and Universe, and it's thus the essence of every world language and civilization, when it gives the Quantum God Systems, the 4th Dimension and the Sacred Systems in the respective area, region and field of the world civilizations. It also embraces what Achim Kempf has just discovered as the Sound, Shape and Universe, and great wonder is that every language and its "Vowel Spins" (Yogini's) give Sacred Geometry and Patterns, which give "Uniqueness to Language and Civilization with its great in-depth insight into the consciousness and universe", and thus does not even tend to exclude any world language and human expression ever expressed. It's the beauty of World Languages and the International Phonetic Alpahebts which we have attempted in our research work of Philselfology. Smile

The World Languages, Linguistics and Sounds in general, which we hear as the music and or otherwise constitute the Sacred Water Memory and Cymatics. Every sound is a "frequency", which is well established in every Sacred Systems of Sacred Languages and World Sacred and the Quantum Systems:

"It is said that 432 Hz vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiralling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon, as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, and the Sri Yantra, among many other sacred sites." (With thanks from the source: and by relevancy: )

We can notice many new things going on the Cymatics and Sacred Geometry:

"When you look at Dr Jenny’s work you see is the physical representation of vibration. His work demonstrates effectively how sound is able to create geometric patterns in various materials.

I started wondering if there was a connection between the geometric shapes created by the sound waves and Sacred Geometry. Many ancient cultures describe in their creation myths a beginning point for all that exists in the world today. In many myths, sound or frequency is referred to either as a ‘Word’ or ‘Thought’. Some of these are:









Many other cultures speak of drums, wind, hammers etc. All of these indicate some form of frequency being used to ‘create’ something." (With thanks from the source: )

The above said world religions and faiths as well as most of others use the Water Memory Systems as the Water of Baptization, and thus the Water of Life and Sacred Cymatics as the Hymns, Mantras, Psalms, Gurbani, Sacred Music and or any format of Sacred Systems, which can create the Sacred Water Memory, which is also popular as the Creation of Amrit, the Jala as well. This Sacred Process of Cymatics and Water Memory is used as the "Sanskara Systems", and it's also the Brahmi Systems of the World Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Sacred Systems, etc. in the World Religions and Faiths as in general use of Water and Cymatics as the "Healing Agent", and thus treating waters as the "Holy Water", and Philosophy of Baptization, Holy Waters, Jala, Amrit and Cymatics, the Essence of Sacred and the Quantum Systems in every sacred world language and corresponding civilization.

"If we could see sound bubbles the world would be seen to have another level of beauty, shimmering around us, each with a kaleidoscopic-like pattern on its surface. What the CymaScope does can be likened to an MRI scanner taking a slice through a body. The CymaScope shows us an analog of the interior structure of a sound bubble and for harmonic sounds the patterns are like sacred geometry come to life, created naturally, imprinted on the surface of pure water on the CymaScope membrane." (With thanks from the source: and by relevancy: )

We can also notice that Water Memory and Cymatics also influence the Plants, Trees and Corps:

"Jenny also provided a physical connection to the creation of crop circles, as many of the vibrational patterns captured in his photos mimic their designs: from the simple circle surrounded by concentric rings, typical of early 1980s designs, to the tetrahedron and the complex star fractals of the 1990s." (With thanks from the source: )

It seems one of the great reason that the World Religions, Faiths, Yoga and Spiritualism seem to show the great Gods, Goddesses, Angles, etc. having their special crops as for example many gods using the Lotus as the Water Memory and Cymatic Systems on the other earth systems as expressed in epics, spiritual, religions, metaphysical, mystic and the similar scriptures. At advance level, the gods are said to have the Metamaterials, Nano Technology and the Quantum Systems! Smile

Now, when we use the Indian Sacred Alpahebts for the Water Memory, and Cymatics, we can notice the "Amrit, the A-vibrations and Matter, Sound and Energy as the Medium (Mrit)":

"We all hold a certain vibrational frequency, not to mention our bodies are estimated to be about 70% water… so we can probably expect that music frequencies can alter our own vibrational state. Some may call this ‘pseudoscience,’ however the patterns shown above are definitely arguable evidence that the mind’s view on something has the power to change it. Every expression through sound, emotion or thought holds a specific frequency which influences everything around it. Carrying certain emotions in your mind shows that you are literally carrying these inharmonious shapes in your body. By keeping your mind positive, the structure of your body will follow." (With thanks from the source: )

We can thus use the Water Memory, Cymatics and Music, the Great Amrit Magic of Quantum Sounds:

"The way frequencies affect the physical world has been demonstrated through various experiments, such as the science of Cymatics and water memory.

Cymatics illustrate that when sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air, or sand, they directly alter the vibration of matter. Below are pictures demonstrating how particles adjust to different frequencies. (Click here to watch a video demonstrating the patterns of sound frequencies)" (With thanks from the source: )

If we use the International Phonetic Alphabet Systems using the Philosophy of Elements (TAT'), Dimensions, Pada (Positions) and Philosophy of Pada-artha, the Gathering of Various Frequency Systems at a point giving rise to the creation of matter, the Pada-artha, the Positional Spins and Frequencies, we can correct any world language, linguistic and the grammatical systems as it gives the best corresponding frequency, spin, vibration, wave, position and elements and the matter as described in the Pada-artha, the Position Based Creation of Matter, which we also study as the "Dark Matter" and Energy otherwise, and moreover the term of "Mada" is also used for the matter, which matter creation by changing the bonding systems of waves leading to creation of not only new matter but any matter. So, here we need the Pada-artha International Phonetic Alphabet Chart, which can replace the Periodic Table of Elements, the Pada-artha, the Matter as based on the Position of Frequency Systems while it follows the sacred Cymatics and the Water Memory Systems, which has been used in almost all Ancient and the Sacred Civilizations.

Here, in this context of Sacred Cymatics and Quantum Systems, we can notice that the Indian Philosophy of Pada-artha, the Matter uses the Knowledge, Wisdom, Water Memory, Bio-Systems, etc. as the Pada-artha, which are popular as the Gyana Pada-artha, Moksha Pada-artha, Nama Pada-artha, Moksha Pada-artha, Jeeva (Consciousness) pada-artha, etc., and this when these are propagated in anything, the level of Pada-artha, the Sacred Cymatics change in that very thing, so everything is science when we discuses the Pada-artha, the Frequency Based Matter, and it's called the Tat' Darshana and Pada-artha, the Elements and Matter in the Indian and Other World Sacred Systems, and it makes the Pada-artha, the Para, the Metamaterial and the Nano Systems in our modern world as it's in the Quantum Systems. The most popular Pada Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems is the A, E, O, AE, the Primal Pada of Indian Theory and Philosophy of Positional Effect of Frequencies as led by the Primal Sounds of the A, E, O, AE, which is also the Primal Sounds of the Krittika Nakshtra, the First Constellation and the Aries Sign, which is the Zodiac Sign, and it also starts the Indian sacred Cymatics in the Indian Sacred Systems as well as the Other World Sacred Systems. We can create very interesting Cymatics Geometry, Design and Patterns using it all.

If we consider the Theory of Elements, the Tat' and the Pada, the Positions of Vibrations in the Mediums, the 5 Basic Elements and at the Nano, Subatomic, Atomic and the Molecular Levels, we can very easily notice that the Pada-artha Theory also justifies the String and the Superstring Theory, and we can make very easy claim that the Pada-artha Theory of Tat' (Elements) and Dimensions, the Pada Systems is also the Superstring Theory where the Pada is the Position of Vibration at the "String", and what it gathers as the Vibration Groups of the Nano, Subatomic, Atomic and the Molecular Levels, the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. gives us the Strings of the Superstring Theory, which creates the Matter at all levels, which the Superstring Theory discusses and describes. Here we can mention the easy meaning of the Artha as from the A-R-TH, and that is the Quantization (R, which is also conversion of "A" Waves into the A', A, 2A, 4A and the Higher Dimensions) of Waves, the "A" in the 3-Dimensions, the THA Systems, and that makes it easy to understand that the Pada as the Position of Vibration on String gives rise to the Quantization that creates the Artha, and we have discussed in this part as with K' and O, A, E, S, H going as the Transverse Wave System, which moves as the longitudinal waves with the Y, R, L, V, RH, and when it interacts with any medium, it creates the Quantum Sounds of Matter, which we know as the 25 Strings as the 25 Consonants in the Indian Alpahebts as well as in the International Phonetic Alpahebts. This is also what we can notice in the Cymatics as well as the Water Memory along with the Sacred Geometry revealing the Secrets of the Universe.

When we thus consider the Universe as the Sacred Cymatics, Geometry and Water Memory based System, it is naturally the expression of the Para-brahma, Para-atama, Para-meshwara, Purusha and Shakti Expression of the Indian Alpahebts as well as the International Phonetic Systems. In this way, we can consider the Universe as Achim Kempf's Sound, Shape and Universe Systems. So, the Indian Alphabet as the Gurmukhi gives us the "Quantum Map of the Universe", and the Indian Sacred Systems in the Form and Format of Vedas, Gurbani, Mantras, Poetry and Prose is the Quantum Qubit Superposition of the Single Drop named as the Brahm-anada, and we can trace and retrace it everywhere. For this reason the Indian and World Philosophy of Nirvana, the Nirbana is what we can very easily notice as the Cymatics, the Nara as the Light Energy and Vana, the Vani, the Bani as the Sound Energy. It's thus the Essence of Every World Religion, Faith, Yoga, Mediation, Spiritualism, etc. and the Indian and the World Sacred Systems use the Sacred Term of Roohani, the Divine, the Philosophy of Light and Consciousness, which again is the Philosophy of the Light and Quantum Sound, and ends up in the Cymatics and Water Memory.

It thus has been the Quantum and Sacred World Education Systems in Every Sacred World Civilization as well as in the general world education systems before the dawn of Imperialism and Corporate Systems in modern age, and the good news is that we notice return of all of these topics and subjects in our modern age with the name of Quantum, Nano and Metamaterial Systems, the Cymatics and Water Memory, the Water DNA. As all of it involves the Quantization of Light, it gives the Alphabetical Approach of Cymatics, the Nara as the Kara, the name and term for it is also popular as the Nara-kara, the Nirankara in the Indian Sacred Systems. All World Languages and the Sacred Systems use different names and terms for the Cymatics and Water Memory, we can notice the Sacred Systems giving impression that these are different, which is very true, but the end product does not change.

Here, we also need to consider of the most important term in the Indian Sacred Systems, and that is called the "Nara", the Light instead of joined with Sound, the Vani may be associated with the Matter and the Mediums, which we know as the "Ka", the Space Element, and thus becomes the Naraka, which is considered as the "Hell" in the Indian Sacred Systems. One can thus choose to associate the Swara, the Vani with the "Ka", the Ka, Kha, Ga-Row of Vowels, the Row of Space Elements to make it the Swarga. This Sacred Management of Light (Nara), the Transverse (Swara) and Longitudinal (Kara-Raka) Waves can either create the Nara-ka, Light and Matter Combination of the Hell or the Swar-ga, the "A"-Vibration based Sound and Matter-Mediums, the Ka Elements, which is expressed as the Philosophy of Quantum Heaven in the Indian Sacred Systems. It seems one need to read it twice to make sure that one understand how Indian Sacred Theory of Light, Sound, Vibrations, Quantization and Akasha Theory explains the Hell and Heaven. (By relevancy: )

We also need to note that the Quantum Sounds and Light as the Water Memory and Cymatics also deals with all colors, shapes, designs, numbers, atomic and molecular structures, music systems, and almost all variations of expressions of nature in any and or all formats, and that is why this as the Niravana Model of Education and Research has always been proposed as the Single Model and Theory of Everything. It thus goes into the Elementary Physics Particle Theory, Physics Advance Models, Tricolor Theory of Quantum Atom, and all that we study and research as the Quantum Theories and Models.

Most of us study Nirvana as Philosophy, but with the Water Memory and Cymatics, we can also understand comprehend it as the Science, Geometry, Math and Music. (Please read the relevant article: )

The Consciousness as Akala, the A-kala, the "A-Vibration and Time Dimension (Kala)" Systems thus follows the "A" Dimension, which is the Pure Non-dualism in the Indian Sacred Systems as in the Indian Alpahebts. We have discussed it as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 2A and A, E, O, AE, the Dipole System of the Universe and also as the Basics, Bases and Basic Operators of Homotopy and Topology as in the Topological Quantum Systems. It can be put as the A-kala and Purusha Theory, which is present in every segment of the Indian Sacred Systems as when we deal with the Transverse, Matter and Longitudinal Waves and A-Vibrations as the essence of every vibration theory including the quantum consciousness quantum vibration theories as the topological quantum field theory of everything. Here, we need to consider that Indian Alphabets embrace these theories as even the astrology.

"Quantum mechanics describes the source of creation, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, as a field of infinite correlation. All levels of creation are connected to each other on the level of infinite correlation. In fact, all levels of creation are the expression of the field of infinite correlation. The unified field expresses itself simultaneously, yet sequentially, on all levels of creation. In the ultimate analysis - and that is what the study of Jyotish is all about - the self-interacting dynamics of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature alone can be held responsible for all activities in the universe!" (With thanks from the source: )

Now, the Philosophy of A', A, 2A, 4A, with its Higher and the Lower Dimensions deal with the Time Dimensions, which we know as the KAALA, the Classical Time Dimensions in the Indian Sacred Systems, and the KAALA is also the Quantization of Space Element, and thus the KA (Space Element) and its Quantization (LA, which is the 3-Dimensional or at least the 3 Manifolds), and thus the KALA or the KAALA Philosophy of the Indian Sacred Systems. However, when we consider the 3-Dimensional Quantizations from the A', A, 2A, 4A, etc., it's popular as the AKALA Systems, which is also the Quantum Time Dimensions following as we can assume the Planck's Time and Length Systems.

How and Why 30, 35 and 45 Letters and Quantum Sounds in Indian and Arabian Quantum Sounds as in Gurmukhi Language and Gurbani:
The Indian and the Arabian Language, Linguistic and the Grammatical Systems offer the 35 Basic Quantum Sounds with the "Sh and Z" having the 10 Additional Dimensions of the Akal Dimensions, and thus making it the 45 Phonemes and the Phonetic Systems in the Gurmukhi and the Gurbani. The "Sh and Z" with the "YA" Rows are the "Longitudinal or the Scalar Wave Systems", which are the "Basic Expressions of the Akala as the Shree Systems of the Universe", and when we include it in the Akala Systems, it can be expressed as the Shree Akala Systems.

Here, the Shree is the "Quantum Expansion of the "Sh" Quantum Sounds, which create the 3-Dimensional Material Universe are also essence of the Sh-bada, the Parbrahma Systems that makes us know and understand the Bindu (Light, the M) and Bindi (Sound), and thus stands as the Quantum and Classical Systems of the Gravity through Indian and the Arabian Sounds of the "YA, Sh, Z" Group of Sounds. If we remove these 3 Rows of the Guru, the Gravity Systems of the Parbrahma, we are left with only the 30 Quantum Sounds, the 30 Letter Systems. If we however use the "S" Sounds, we can think of the 4th Dimension, which is considered as the Quantum Sounds without "Noise" ("Sh" Sounds).

Now, if we want to consider the ease that the "S and Sh" Systems give as according to the Indian Sacred Systems, we can simply think of the A', A, 2A Systems and the h', h and 2h, which expands the Sound Systems in the Languages, Linguistic and the Grammars, and it's what creates the Rows and the Columns in the Indian Alpahebts. Here, the h', h and 2h Systems can be considered as if the "Velocity of Light Variables" while the A', A and 2A seem to perfectly define and describe the Planck Length and Velocity Systems. These are two parameters in the World Languages, which can very easily deal with the Cymatics, the Sound Based Physics and seem to give great boost to what Achim Kempf has discovered as the Sound, Shape and Universe. It also goes well into what the Sacred World Civilizations have been studying as the Homotopy Type Theory of Math, Invariant Math, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Music, Holy Waters as the Life Givers, and that has emerged as the Quantum Math, Computing and Sciences. In nutshell, it's all about the Aspirated Sounds of S' that need to have the Single Quantum Cymatic Equation:

K'+S+H+A (3-Dimensions)=K (4th Dimension)

Here, the K' is the 1st Dimension, the H deals with the 2nd Dimension, the S deals with the 3rd Dimension in association with the H ("Sh") and with the "A", the 4th Dimension seem to emerge as with the "K". If the "S and H" add without "A", we have "SH", the "Noise", the Asymmetry but when we add the "A" to "S and H", we get the Symmetry that is the "S", and it gives the 4th Dimension. It needs that one writes down these point and analyze to understand and comprehend as it's simple as also for the quantum, cymatics, dimensional studies, vowel and consonant theory and lot more that gives us the knowledge and wisdom of the languages, linguistics and the grammars. The "Sh" is the Indian Sacred Theory of Bindi Theory, while the "S" deals with the "Bindu" Theory, and when we consider the Aspirated Sound, for example, the K', its the "Sh" Sound Creator, but we give it the "S (Light or Thought, the Breathe), H (Emotion or the Breathe Duration) , A (Sound or Breathe Vibration)" Parameters that make it the "S" Sound, which we write as the K, the representative of the "S" sound. So, we can also write it as follows:

K' (Bindi)+S+H+A=K (Bindu)

K' as Mantra Systems=K as Sacred Poetry

3-D Theory of Consonants (K')=4D Theory of Vowels (Poetry)

3-D SAHA Systems=4-D NAMA Systems

Figurative, the Form Pole=Motion, Dynamic Pole (Cymatics)

The Indian Sacred Systems thus put everything as follows:

Prose (3-D)=Mantra (3-D and 4-D Transitions)=Poetry (4-D)


Secret of Indian Sacred Cymatics: It simply means that SAHA, the "Bonds of Vowels and Consonants", the Sacred Linguistic Systems in the Prose are SATA in the Mantra Form (Sacred Geometry with Sacred Music, Math, Geometry and Language) and go to NAMA in the Sacred Indian Poetry Systems, which is Pure Dance of Shiva (4-D)-Shakti (3-D), the N and M, which are the Musical Climaxes of the Vowels dancing on the "Consonants and or the Vowels". It's also the Secret of Every Sacred World Language, Linguistic, Grammar, Music, and Sacred Geometry as with the Sacred Cymatics! Smile

For the above said reasons, the Indian Sacred Term of "Paath, the Path" is very special as it deals when one go through the process of Crystallization (Amrit, the 4-D Superfluid Water (Liquid) and thus the Process of Cymatic Water Crystallization) of Inner Water, which as the Superfluid influences the 5 Elements and the Waves and Vibrations of the Longitudinal and Transverse nature) as well as all that can be influenced or changed with the Sacred Prose, Mantra and Poetry (Music), and that is why "All Sacred Readings, the Path or Paath" has been given special times as also based on the "Times of Raga" when one can perform it for the best results while the Self-crystallization of Water, the Sacred Cymatics is called the "Simarana", which is not same as doing the Paath, the Path, the reading, singing or listening to the Sacred Scriptures in the Indian or Other World Sacred Systems. (By relevancy: )

In single sentence or nutshell, the Sacred Cymatics is the Inner Beauty and Perfection present as the Inner Music of Prose, Mantra and Poetry, which the Seers and Sages bring into the Outer Worlds as the Sacred Prose, Mantra and Poetry (Music), and its present inside everything.

We need to consider one point that India has been the Sacred Nation and Civilization of Sanskrit, the Most Sacred Language of Vedas and Sanskrit Language based Sacred Systems, which gives most of the "Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems" in the world, but now it seem to have least possible population of "Sanskrit Students, Scholars, Researchers and the Grammarians" as some people can "speak" it, and it should not confuse one that if one follows the Hindu World Religions knows Sanskrit, which is one of the greatest regret of the Indian Sacred Civilizations. Modern Languages including Hindi may not be the "Computer and Machine Language".

"Sanskrit is the language declared perfectly fit to be used for the computer. On the other hand Hindi was not considered so. This is due to the fact that Sanskrit grammar is impeccable in the aspects of phonetics and phonology." (With thanks from the source: and )

Once the Sanskrit was the National Language, but now it has been replaced by Hindi, which does not represent the Sacred Language Systems of the Vedas in its Language, Grammar and the Linguistic Systems, and we can not replace the Hindu and Sanskrit Civilizations with the Hindu and Hindi Philosophy in the Sacred Civilization Systems, and for this reason, I felt the need of Indian Sacred Theory of Sanskrit Alphabets where "Vowels, Consonants and Letters" give Bases and Basics of the Indian Sacred Systems of the Sanskrit Language, which are also present in the Gurmukhi Language Systems, but in the Form of Gurbani, the Sacred Poetics and the Mantra Systems; as the Punjabi Language, Grammar, and Linguistic Systems may not reflect the Sanskrit Sacred Systems as the Modern Hindi and Other Languages in its "Non-Mantra and Non-poetic Constitutions" may not also do so, that is, these can not do the Human Brain, Machine and Computer Languages, and thus the Ongoing Research of Philselfology for the "Need of Sacred Languages in the Mantra and Poetic Systems, which are the Sacred Part of the World Languages, and the "General Prose" seems to be the "Secular Grammatical Systems". In other words, we need to integrate the Sacred, Classical and Quantum Systems with the Modern Education (Math, Music, Languages, Grammars, Philosophy, Science, Art, etc.), Life, Consciousness, Machines, Computers, Universe, Nano and Metamaterial Systems.

So, in a way I have tried to make the Sacred Sanskrit Civilization having meaning in Modern India and World with other World Sacred Languages and the Civilizations through the Essentials of Sacredness, which needs the Bhava and the Bhaava as we have discussed that the Bhaga and Vana goes for the Singularity of and in Dualism (Bhaga) and as expressed in the Monism Systems, and that both the Monism and Dualism create the "Bhava" while the Bhaava, which is the Most Sacred Creation of Consciousness in the Universe is the "Common Vibration, the "A" in the Monism and Dualism", which goes as the Sacred Mantra (Monism) and Sacred Poetry (Dualism), which makes the Sacred Mantra and Sacred Poetry have the "S, H and A", the Essence of Sanskrit Language and the Vibration Theory of All Sacred and Other Languages leading to the Basics and the Bases of Sacred Cymatics and Water Memory, which follows the "Bhaava, the Vibration as the Language of Consciousness, the Zero Dimension".

"Old Church Slavonic, Classical Armenian, Avestan, Coptic, Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Ge'ez, Ardhamagadhi, Pali, Sanskrit and Latin are among the many dead languages used as sacred languages." (With thanks from the source: and )

It seems that at least one nation needs to make the legal and constitutional changes to begin the Quantum, Classical and Sacred Systems something "official" for the masses as in the general education as once Mesmer did from Austria, but this time, it seems to be a Big Boon for the Humanity, the Masses, the Public, and Earth, Solar and Universe Systems with our great many thanks to the modern scientists, philosophers and the researchers making the "Quantum Shift, the Global Change" a reality. For example, in the modern world Mahatma Gandhi is considered "Sacred Warrior", who brought the Philosophy of Sacred Native Indian Systems as the Indian Modern Lifestyle! (By relevancy: and )

Well, you see in any case, we can use the Indian Sacred Alpahebts in cure of Incurable Diseases!

How Gurmukhi and Other Indian Alphabets Explain Structure of Cells and Cancer Cure: The 25 Consonants represent the "Fractals", which we find in Cancer Cells, and Second Row as the Connective Tissues (The Longitudinal Waves as in the Fibers in Cell and Living Body), the First Row as the Concentric Point that regulates the "Focus" of the "Cell Organisms, the Cells, the Organs and the Body as also the Transverse Waves", and it adds life simultaneously to the 5th Column, which is the Chakra, the Concentric Points and Circles, which are popular as the Kundalini Chakras, the Powerhouse of Longitudinal (Sound) and Transverse (Light) Waves. We can surely use it for Cancer and Fungi Based Diseases. We discuss it more in the other parts of the series as well as in the next part.

We will edit and add.

The Previous Part of the Series: How Akala, Satinama and EAKA Philosophy Explains Theory of Amplituhedron, Planck Length and Cymatics: Kala as Classical Time, Akala as Quantum Time Dimensions and Akasha Homotopy and Topology: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 178

The Next Part of the Series: How Gurmukhi and Other Indian Alphabets Explain Human Body, Kundalini, Chakra, Quantum Therapies, Image of Information Universe, Quantum Gravity, Guru and Akal Moorati, Vedas, Gurbani and Indian Scriptures: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 180

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How Akala, Satinama and EAKA Philosophy Explains Theory of Amplituhedron, Planck Length and Cymatics: Kala as Classical Time, Akala as Quantum Time Dimensions and Akasha Homotopy and Topology: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 178

In this part of the series, we discuss one of the important Quantum Math and Physics of Cymatics, which we can put as the definition and description of Cymatics in relation to human consciousness, which when deals with light, sound and matter seem to give various mastery levels in science, math, music and other fields. Thus, accordingly, the Cymatics due to its constitutional systems of Light and Sound, we can also interpret it as the Nara (Light) and Vana or Bana (Sound) according to the Indian Sacred Systems, and thus the Cymatics is what we know as the Nirvana or the Nirbana in the Indian or the Asian Sacred Systems. The term for the Matter, the Bhaga and the Sound Energy Systems are popular as the Bhaga-vana, the Bhagvana, the God Systems, but the Sacred Cymatics seem to well define the Nirvana, the State of God (Bhagwana) Systems in the Universe. Thus, the Bhaga-vana and the Nir-vana are the Quantum Matter and Sound with Light and Sound Systems. This is how the Science, Math, Music, and Geometry has been studied and researched through the Indian Sacred Systems with languages and math as in the Mythological and Cosmological, the Expected Quantum Transformation in the Indian Modern Civilizations. As it's a very new chapter, some terms from the Indian Sacred Systems may seem as if new version to the quantum version of science and math.

The Vana, the Vani or the Bana, the Bani in the Bhagvana and the Nirvana Systems is called the Parbrahma, the Sh-bada, the Quantum Systems of the Universe, and it's also popular as the Sh-bada, the Spectrum of Light and Sound as together expressed in the Indian Alpahebts as in the Rows, which is then considered as the Sh-bada, the Quantum Sound as the Quantum Gravity Systems, the Guru, the Parbrahma through which all world sacred systems express the Sacred Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Here, we need to mention that the Indian Sacred Systems describe association of consciousness with the 3-Dimensional World, which is Bhaga and Sound, the Vana (Vana, Vani, and Bana, Bani Systems), thus the Bhaga-vana (God Systems) and here as the Sound Energy goes as the 4th Dimension, the Light, the "Nara" gives the Sound association as the Narvana, the Nirvana as the 5th Dimension (Light) and 4th Dimension of Sound, and these together make the Universe having the 3-Dimensional Systems having association with the Sound, the 4th Dimension and the Light as the 5th Dimension, and both of these are the "Indian Sacred Theories of Dualism" that is to say the Matter and Sound Dualism and the Light and Sound Dualism. At the same time, the "A" deals with the "Non-Dualism" where the "A" as the A', A, 2A Systems follows the Homotopy and Topology for the Quantum Systems, which we can consider as the Non-dualism Theory of Consciousness and the "A", and for this reason, we also discuss the Akala Systems, which form the Pure Non-dualism Theory of the Indian Sacred Systems. We can thus consider the "A", the Vibration Theory as the 6th Dimension after the Matter (3-D), Sound (4-D), and Light (5-D) in our Hypothesis of Philselfology.

If we consider the Sacred Cymatics, the K is the Center of Cymaic Diagrams while the K' is the Expansion of the Central Dot (K) into Sacred Forms and Visualization. Thus, we visualize the Bindu (Center of Circle) and Bindi (Circumference of Circle) at the Center of human visualization.

So, if we consider the Indian Mantra Systems, it goes as the Set of Bindi with the K', S, H, and A, and its well balanced in as the Sacred Poetry, the Bindu where the Bindu, the M is the Balance of the Vowels and Consonants and thus the A, E, O, AE as the Bindu Creators. This Sacred Bindi and Bindu makes the 3-D Prose of the SAHA Systems make the Cymatics alive as the Poetry (Music) of the NAMA Systems. We can sum it up it all as the Two Poles, the Bindi Pole and the Bindu Pole in the above equation:

"In the closing chapter of the book Cymatics, Jenny sums up these phenomena in a three-part unity. The fundamental and generative power is in the vibration which, with its periodicity, sustains phenomena with its two poles. At one pole we have form, the figurative pattern. At the other is motion, the dynamic process.

These three fields - vibration and periodicity as the ground field, and form and motion as the two poles - constitute an indivisible whole, Jenny says, even though one can dominate sometimes." (With thanks from the source: )

If we relate the Bindi (3-D Systems), the Form and Figurative with the Bindu (4-D Quantum Systems), the Dynamic and Quantum, we can also sum it up as follows:

"In his book Music and Sound in the Healing Arts,he draws a comparison between his own three-part structure, which in many respects resembles Jenny´s, and the conclusions researchers working with subatomic particles have reached.

"There is a similarity between cymatic pictures and quantum particles. In both cases that which appeares to be a solid form is also a wave. They are both created and simultaneously organized by the principle of pulse (Read:principle of vibration). This is the great mystery with sound: there is no solidity! A form that appears solid is actually created by a underlying vibration."(4) In an attempt to explain the unity in this dualism between wave and form, physics developed the quantum field theory, in which the quantum field, or in our terminology, the vibration, is understood as the one true reality, and the particle or form, and the wave or motion, are only two polar manifestations of the one reality, vibration, says Beaulieu." (With thanks from the source: )

The Gurmukhi and Gurbani describes the Quantum Systems with the 45 Quantum Sounds and the Parbrahma as the Sh-bada, the Spectrum of Indian and Arabian Quantum Rows in the Alpahebts as the Sh-bada, the Guru Systems, the Master System of the Longitudinal, the Scalar Waves as the Essence of Music in Raga, the Way, the Gurbani has been composed and compiled with the 45 Quantum Sounds, which expands well into all other writings and poetic compositions in the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language Systems.

"Vibrational therapy has been called “the way of the future”. Most of us working within the field of vibrational healing believe that the “future” is here, now.

Everything from music, chants, rattles, bells, singing bowls gongs, and didgeridoos have been used historically as tools for healing. Now modern researchers like the priests and shamans of the past, have been seeking to find similar, perhaps more efficacious tools for health.

Cymatics frequencies are intended to reproduce the signature sounds of the particular organ, tissue, gland or function in the body and as such help re-establish its original form.

Perhaps the day will come when we can actually diagnose illnesses with sound." (With thanks from the source: )

It makes the Gurmukhi Sacred Works of 45 Quantum Sounds in Gurbani, Dasam Granth and All Other Sacred Writings as in Sacred Gurmukhi Poetry the Grand Treasure for what we can experiment in the Cymatics and bring forth the Sacred Treasure of Asia into our modern world as thus through the Sacred Quantum Cymatics, which can help the future generations understand the Quantum Relation between Indian, Arabian, Israeli and Other Alpahebts and the Quantum Systems, which can also help in restoring and correcting the errors in the Sacred Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars :

"All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best." (With thanks from the source: )

We have been discussing the use of the Euler, Pi, Phi, Paya, Swaya, Quanta, Fourier and many topics, which go well into the Sacred Cymatics, which can help explaining the Quantum Mysterious of Universe as we have done in context to the Nano, Dipole, Electromagnetic, Qubit and Other Ancient and Modern Versions of the Classical and Quantum Systems:

"A postulated theoretical model provides a launch point for interpreting the experimental results. Its major cornerstone is an eight-dimensional biconformal base space with two four-dimensional, Fourier transform related subspaces. One subspace corresponds to our everyday world, whereas the other subspace is a reciprocal or inverse "etheric" space - roughly analogous to k-space but with additional postulated properties including superluminal "velocities" (presumably in inverse units) and interchanged roles of electricity and magnetism.

In fact, the book is a mini physics course that presents various principles of electromagnetism, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, and quantum mechanics in a readable and understandable way. Also included is a brilliant discussion of enzymes, coenzymes and the electron transport chain as they relate to the experiments." (With thanks from the source: )

As we discuss in this part of the series about the Languages, Cymatics and Quantum, the following is worth reading:

"Boldly extended his tonoscope research into voice and language, Jenny discovered that when the vowels of ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while modern languages didn’t generate the same result. This has led spiritual philosophers to ponder if “sacred languages” (including Tibetan and Egyptian) have the power to influence and transform physical reality, to create things through their inherent power, or through the recitation or singing of sacred texts, to heal a person who has gone "out of tune"?..." (With thanks from the source: )

It seem to make Achim Kempf's Theory of Sound, Shape and Universe well into the Cymatics! (Please this wonderful article: )

The AKAL Systems deal with the Quantization of the 4-Dimensional Systems, and in it, the 4th Dimension is the A, which we have expressed as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' giving the Eternal Natural Laws and Principles of A' as to create the Self-assembling and Self-arrangement dimensions of A, 2A, and the Higher Dimensions as the 4A, 8A, 16A, 32A, and due to these reasons the Sikh Gurus has proposed it as Akal Moorati and the Akal Purakhu in which the the Akal Moorati is the Homotopy of the Quantum Systems of A', A, 2A while the Akal Purakhu is the Topology of Quantum Systems of the A', A, 2A, which keep the Observer Levels of Akal Purakhu, which is one's ability to observe very minute differences and thus its also called Godly Talent of "Power or Gift of Discerning". The Godly Systems as the Quantum Systems seem to well work as the "Theory of Similarities and Similes" while the Classical Systems of the Matter seem to work well with the "Theory of Differences and Contrast", and we happen to have both talents, merits and the qualities as in the Right Brain (Theory of Similarities) and the Left Brain (Theory of Differences), and when we use both we use what is popular as the "Natural Gift of Power of Discerning".

"The Greek word for the gift of discernment is Diakrisis. The word describes being able to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment." (With thanks from the source: )

Here, when the Akal, the Topological Quantum Systems is introduced to the Space Element and we have the Karta from the Akal Moorati, we have the Causation in Effect which makes human consciousness linked up with the Akala, the A, the Quantum Dimensions and deal in the world as through the Kala Dimensions of Space Dimensions, and thus the Kala and Karta Systems, which is also essence of Indian Sacred Systems. Thus, it's the key systems of the Karta, Kala, and Akala that deals with the same thing and that is the A', A, 2A Quantum Homotopy and Topology. It's the Mythological and the Cosmological Mathematics that uses the Linguistics as its Invariant Math, and thus the Quantum Math of Indian Sacred Systems, and it should not confuse one with the Indian Religions and Faiths, which use it otherwise.

The Akala Systems keep the Sacred Quantum Systems as from the Kara, A-kara and the Aa-kara, and goes well into what we know as the Kala, A-kala and the Aa-kala Systems of the Quantization of the Parbrahama, the Sh-bada, the Quantum Spectrum (Rows) Quantization of the Space, Vacuum, and Universe. The Philosophy of the Parbrahma, the Sh-bada, the Spectrum of the Universe is also the Quantum Gravity Systems, which relatively change, and thus the Macro Theory of Relativity, which the Rows of the Indian Alphabets express while the Quantum Gravity is well expressed as the Columns of the Indian Alpahebts. For this reason, the Sh-bada as the Parbrahma is also treated the Sh-bada Guru in the Indian Sacred Systems.

The Sikh Gurus claim that the A', A, 2A, the Maatra or Quantum Systems of the Quantum Universe are the Sources of Interfaith, One God, Formless God, Quantum God, Time Dimension, Spacetime, and praise it as the Akal, Akala, the Akal Purakh in Shri Guru Granth Sahib and the Dasam Granth and thus the Quantum God, who is Light, and this Light is Living and Speaks and Discusses. According to them as well as most of the World Spiritual Masters, all religions study the Single Quantum Light with the doctrines that give it various names of religions and faiths with certain Quantum Assumptions, Hypothesis's, and Declarations, which gives the unique name as the religion, faith or the path, but all are the research faculties, which is not dress code and conduct, but rather the quantum research on what remains ever present in the space, vacuum and universe.

It includes how the Sikh Gurus and Other Indian and World Spiritual Masters have described it as the Word of God, the Sound, the Maatra (the Maatra, the Vowels and is the Quantization Systems of the Quanta, the Brahma as the Light as thus also the Brahman), as thus the Parbrahma:

"The Para-brahman, as Shabda-brahman exists in the body of the jivatma<1> and is composed of all mantra." (With thanks from the source: )

"The earliest import of the word Dharma, arises from the ancient Vedic idea of Ritam (or Cosmic Order)<11>. The entire universe is sustained by a cosmic order, which are physical laws that govern the motion of stars, suns, planets, satellites, asteroids and other physical bodies.

Dharma as Self-Expression

Each human being is endowed with specific qualities and gifts. Some are born with a a talent for music or sports, while others have developed a talent for management. Some have a deep well developed intellectual disposition while others are blessed with great energy and entrepreneurship for social activity. Ultimately a human being uplifts himself, sustains and upholds his spirit, when he or she truly fully develops and expresses his or her unique gifts in the service of humanity." (With thanks from the source: )

Here, just to remind that when we consider the 35 Primal Quantum Sounds of the Universe with its Higher Dimensions of the "Sh and Z" Sounds making it the 45 and even upto 50 or 52 Quantum Sounds, we have it all as the Essence of the International Phonetic Alpahebts, and it does not matter which language we speak or the script we use anywhere in the world, and it, the Sacred Systems of the Quantum Sounds as the Phonetics is also called the "True Education, the Siksha", which also invited attention to what Achim Kempf has discovered as the Sound, Shape and Universe:

"First, those who are learned and who have true knowledge define sound as that which conveys the idea of an object. Sound is not just the vibration created by the meeting of two objects. Sound is that which conveys the idea of an object. The exact word used in this connection is "artha-ashraya" or "the shelter of the meaning". In the Vedic conception the aksharas (letters) are bijas, or seeds of existence. The audible sound is categorized into 50 alphabets of Sanskrit starting from "a" and ending with "ksha". Hence the alphabet is called "akshara", which literally means "infallible" or "supreme". Akshara is also a synonym for pranava (Om), the sum of all syllables and source of all vedic hymns.

The Essence of Indian and World Sacred Systems is the Phonetic Systems of the 35 Quantum Sounds, the Alphabets of the Sanskrit, Hindi and Gurmukhi, which is well expressed as the International Phonetic Alphabet Systems.

It's all called the "Siksha" (Education), "S is 4th Dimension as the Vowels and K is the Space while the "Sh" is the Spectrum of Light created by the 4 Dimensional Light, the S" and thus the Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of Rows and Columns of the Indian Alpahebts, the Phonetics, which can educate individuals everything about the universe, consciousness and elements of the space, vacuum and the universe.

"Human Sound Creation

According to traditional phonetics (siksaa), the self (atma) formulates intentions by means of intelligence (buddhi) and inspires the mind (mana) to speak. The mind impulses the body fire (kayagni) it in turn sets in motion breath (maruta) that moving in the chest, generates a humming sound (mandra) that again rising to the palate and crown of the head, and rebounding thence, passes to the mouth and produces articulate sounds like vowels and consonants." (With thanks from the source: )

One of good start in our modern world is to start the International Phonetic Alpahebts in our daily life:

"The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal is the ideal primer for choral directors and choirmasters as well as choir members." (With thanks from the source: )

Human Sound Creation: According to traditional phonetics (siksaa), the self (atma) formulates intentions by means of intelligence (buddhi) and inspires the mind (mana) to speak. The mind impulses the body fire (kayagni) it in turn sets in motion breath (maruta) that moving in the chest, generates a humming sound (mandra) that again rising to the palate and crown of the head, and rebounding thence, passes to the mouth and produces articulate sounds like vowels and consonants." (With thanks from the source: )

Quantum Mythological and Cosmological Math with Planck Systems as Akal Systems of Length and Time: We can assume that thus explained Akala, the "A', A, 2A Time Dimensions" seem to exhibit as the Modern Quantum Mythological and Cosmological Math with Planck Length as its smallest unit, and thus we can assume that "A', A, 2A Time Dimensions", which we have called the Akal(a), the Akala Dimensions are simply the Planck Length, Time and Velocity Systems of the Universe as well as the Planck's Scientific and Mathematical Units, and for conventional use, we can put A'=Planck's Length as it says:

"The Planck length is 1.6 x 10-35 metres.

Divide the minuscule Planck length by the speed of light (which is pretty big) and you get a really tiny unit of time, the Planck time, tP, which is:

tP = (hG/2πc5)1/2 .

The Planck time is 5.4 x 10-44 seconds.

There is also a Planck mass, which is (ch/2πG)1/2 = 22 μg. This doesn't sound very much, until you think of a fundamental particle with that mass. Or until you convert it into energy by multiplying by c2 to get 2.0 109 joules or 1.2 x 1028 eV. Yes, 2 billion joules all concentrated in one atomic particle." (With thanks from the source: )

The Indian Sacred Systems use the Ach, the Vowel Theory with the Light, the S, and thus as the Sach, the Light in 4 Dimensions, the A, E, O, AE, which is well elaborated by the Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and also as the SAT, the SATA, the Light (S) in the 3-Dimensions, while the S-ach deals with the Quantization of Light as otherwise, we also happen have the revolutionary kind of theories, which explain the Matter Quantization, which is popular as the K-ach, the Kachi where the K is the Matter, the Material World in the Consonants and the Ach is the Vowel Theory, which well established theory of Sach as the A, E, O, AE, the 4 Pada, the Quantum Dipole or the 4 Primal Dimensions of the Universe. So, the easy way to understand the Sach and Kach is simple when we understand the Indian Alphabets and the Theory of Everything these Sacred Alpahebts express. The Theory of Consonants in the Indian Sacred Systems is also considered as the "Hala", which makes the life tough as it dissipates the energy of the nature, the zero point and vacuum energy systems of the ach, the vowels.

When we have considered in the previous parts of series that A'=c*t where A' is the Smallest Unit of Length, c=Velocity of Light and t=time, we can notice that the Planck Length (A') gives us t, the time in its relation to the "proton" as well when we consider the following:


t=A'/c (≈ 0.4 times the proton radius divided by the velocity of light)

"...the revised set of Planck scale values derived from the discrete fractal paradigm are self-consistent and are firmly linked to the scale of nature’s most fundamental baryon: the proton. The value of the revised Planck mass is ≈ 0.72 times the mass of the proton, the revised Planck length is ≈ 0.4 times radius of the proton, and the revised Planck time is ≈ 0.4 times the proton radius divided by the velocity of light." (With thanks from the sources: and )

We can also notice the Role of Golden Mean and Planck's Length in the Quantum Cosmology in aid to Mythological Systems of the World as what we call the Akal Dimensions of Time, Length and Velocity Dimensions, we have an interesting input here:

"Behind the definition of the second is the velocity of light, which is the constant on which size all other physical constants depend upon and hence represents the inherent speed limit that any particle information pattern is able to achieve. In this system of present-day constants the Planck length has the value 1.6160 x 10-35 m (standard uncertainty 0.0012 x 10-35 m). If we fix instead the Planck length at the value of the golden mean at 1.6180 x 10-35 m and recalculate consequently all other physical variables, a major step in our understanding of the universe may be done, opening the possibility of unifying the theories by Ashtekar, El Naschie (see the latest review of his infinity theory in: Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 19 (2004) 209-236) and others. We should not quantize and not merely discretize, but discretize transfinitely, this is the message." (Please read more from the source with our thanks: )

So, if we consider the A' as the Planck Length, Time, Velocity, Photon, Quantum, Cosmological, etc. Systems, we may have great many researches going on the Kala, the Time Dimension and the Akala, the Planck (Quantum) Time Dimension, and thus the Hypothesis and Research Work of Philselfology. We can fully integrate it with the International Phonetic Alphabet Systems that may help us use the Vowels as the Units of Planck Systems and or otherwise playing a great role in scientific measurements and dimensions, and also so for the Quantum Math, Science, Computing and the Sacred Systems.

In very simple way, the A', A, 2A Quantum Systems keep the Homotopy Quantum Field Theory present in each quantum stream of A', A, 2A and its lower and the higher dimensions, while the Topological Quantum Field Theory deals with how these "Transit from A' to A and the 2A" or simply the Quantization of the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. is the Topological Quantum Field Theory Systems. For simplicity, we can put that Homotopy and Topology happen to have the Homo-Topology and Topology as the Karta, the within the "Range and Domain of Cause and Causation" and Akal, the "Beyond Human Cause and Causation", and thus the Secret of 4-D Printing and the 8-D Printing, and that is the Atomic and Supermolecular Systems of the Universe. To justify it all, we have to think what we can modify and what we use as tool to modify, and that is where we have the First 4 Dimensions of the Universe, which never change, and the Second 4 Dimensions as the ones, which we can change! Smile

Now, what bridges the Homotopy and Topology is the Cobordism, and in this context, we have studied the NAMA Theory as the Cobordism Mathematics according to the Indian Homotopy Type Theory, Indian Invariant Math, Indian Linguistic Math, Indian Sacred Math and thus the Indian Sacred Systems. It may surprise us a lot that these 3 systems of Homotopy, Topology and Cobordism are synonymous similar to Poetry, Prose and Music in the Indian and World Sacred and the Quantum Systems, and all go well with the Vowel Theory of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, A, E, AE as the Basic Quantum Parameters and Operators, and thus the Indian and World Languages as through the International Phonetic Alphabetical Systems give us great Scope of and for Studies, Research and Development in the Quantum Systems (A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, A, E, AE) and Quantum Math and Computing with the Homotopy, Topology and Cobordism. All of it can also be summarized as the h-Cobordism.

"In geometric topology and differential topology, an (n+1)-dimensional cobordism W between n-dimensional manifolds M and N is an h-cobordism (the h stands for homotopy equivalence) if the inclusion maps

are homotopy equivalences.

The h-cobordism theorem gives sufficient conditions for an h-cobordism to be trivial, i.e., to be C-isomorphic to the cylinder M × <0, 1>. Here C refers to any of the categories of smooth, piecewise linear, or topological manifolds." (With thanks from the source: )

One of the concern in the study, education and research of the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A, E, O, AE, and thus the Indian Theory of Elements, the Tat Darshana, the Philosophy of Elements that also deals with the Theory of Manifolds, Dimensions, Light, Consciousness, 5 Basic Elements and the similar is the Base, Basics and the Essence of what the Indian Languages, Linguistics, Grammars, Prose, Poetry, Music, and the Sacred Systems describe is now an extincted thing, and that is why there seems the presence of serious rigidity, fundamentalism, religious stagnation, riots, language and regional problems, and with endless problems arsing from the Modern Indian Education Systems. The reason is very simple as most us may not know what the "Indian Vowels Consonants, Letters and Words" say and express, and thus the Indian Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and Other Civilizations may not be contributing to what we now rediscover as the "Quantum Systems", and what a regret it seems to be and "it is".

This is thus the lost art of Indian Quantum Sounds and Letters, which has been far more in-depth, insightful and well researched thing of the Indian Sacred Civilizations that surpasses the Etymology, Linguistics, Syntax's, and the Role of Sounds in the Human Civilizations. It thus goes far beyond than the Indian Religions, Faiths, Languages, and other studies as its based on the Philosophy, Vision and Visualization in which even "writing" is "violence", the reason for existence and extinction of "Verbal and Philosophical Civilizations".
In any case, the "A', A, 2A", which also compiles the Indian Vibration Theory of Everything embraces all the letters of Indian Alpahebts as arranged in the 5 Columns and 7 Rows in most of the International Phonetic Alphabets and thus the Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and the Other Indian Languages and the Alpahebts. If we put the Indian Alpahebts in the Musical Strings, we have it all as follows:

N-(A', A, 2A)*Alphabets-M=N-(2A)*Alpahebts-M=N-2A-M=NAAM

And thus the NAAM (NAMA) Theory of the Indian Sacred Systems, which is also the Superstring Theory giving the 25+11 Dimensions=36 Dimensions of the Universe.

In case, when we think of the NAMA Theory in context to the Linguistics of Prose and the Consonant Theories as described in the Indian Linguistics, we have the following:

N-(A'+A+2A)*Alphabets-M=N-(SA+HA)*Alphabets-M=N-SAHA-M= N-SAT-M=SATINAMA

The above is the basics of the SAHA when going to A', A and 2A, naturally forms the 3 Worlds of Nuclear, Atomic and the Molecular Worlds and thus the SAHA goes to SATA (TA is for the 3 Levels of the A', A, 2A), and if we put this format, we can arrive at the SAHA+NAMA=SATA+NAMA=SATINAMA

In this case, we also notice that the A', A, 2A, which correlate as 2A=4A=8A', and that if we assume the A' to be Gluon, and think of the Amplituhedron, in which we have the following conditions well met:

"This started with theoretical work preparing for the completion of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) that was to be built in Texas (but eventually canceled). Physicists wanted to create a background framework describing scattering amplitudes with which to test the SSC and look for exotic or interesting signals. Physicists quickly determined that creating such a framework for even simple 2-gluon to 4-gluon interactions was so complicated that “they may not be evaluated in the foreseeable future.” Then, in the 1980s, this gluon interaction was simplified from an equation containing several billion terms to a single formula 9-pages long. This was an expression computers of the time could handle, and quantum field theory got a little more manageable. This type of simplifying laid the groundwork for the amplituhedron." (With thanks from the source: )

Thus, we can sum up the Theory of Amplituhedron as follows, where A'+A+2A is addition of Gluon Sides to the Amplituhedron:

N-(A'+A+2A)*Alphabets-M=N-(SA+HA)*Alphabets-M=N-SAHA-M= N-SAT-M=SATINAMA

Just to say when Subatomic Particles as the A' and A' Collide to give us the A and then "A and A" Collide to give 2A, we have:

"Physicists have long struggled to understand exactly what happens after subatomic particles collide. For decades, the best tool involved basic sketches (called Feynman diagrams) of each possible result. For all but the simplest scenarios, this method fills pages with drawings and equations." (With thanks from the source: )

When we say that the A', A and 2A is present in the Cosmic Format of 7 Rows of the Indian Alphabets as in Gurmukhi, we have it in a special way that we have described by assigning A'/4, A'/2, A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. to describe Nature's Amplituhedron with Light, Sound and 5 Basic Element Dimensions of Sub-atomic, Atomic, Molecular nature, we notice it's all arranged as the Quantum Geometry Systems of xy=qyx and the Higher Dimensions, which we have put as follows:

N-(A'+A+2A)*Alphabets-M=N-(SA+HA)*Alphabets-M=N-SAHA-M= N-SAT-M=SATINAMA

Where the (A'+2+2A) can also be put in the planar format as (A'*A*2A), and in each row of the Indian Alphabets, we can notice it with A', A, 2A Formats, which if we put outside, we can create great many things like this:

A'(A*2A), 2A'(A*A), etc. but it may seem difficult so as according to our Hypothesis of Philselfology, we can always put the Sides of the Amplituhedron as the O, A, E, AE, which simply means A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and that as these self-assemble at the 2A' and 4A' as the A and 2A, we can also write it all as the A', A, 3A', 2A, and other ways to describe the Theory of Quantum Geometry with Amplituhedron in multiple formats.

Here, we can notice that the SAHA deals with the A' and 3A', the Odd Vibrations in the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and the Higher Dimensions, while if we create the "Musical Environment" around the Odd Number of Vibrations as the A' and 3A', we get the following:


If we again add or keep adding, we get the "Musical Sequence":

N+A'+3A'+M=(A'+3A')+2A'+4A'+(A'+3A')+2A'+4A'+towards infinity

However, we take up the one set:

N+A'+3A'+M=(A'+3A')+2A'+4A'=(A'+3A')+(A+2A)=SAHA+NAMA (where A=2A' and 2A=4A')

Here, we have 3A'-A'=2A' and 3A'+A'=4A', which results from our creating the musical environment around the Odd A's, the A' and 3A', and thus the Node and the Anti-node Systems while also creating the String Systems around the Odd Number of Vibrations, the A' and 3A', and here if we change the levels of "Artificial Musical Environment or the Musical Stimulation's and Simulations", we can get any number of vibrations for the A' and 3A', and it can be integer vibrations or small and or the larger numbers of vibration nodes and anti-nodes on the same string of A' and 3A', the SAHA, and thus using the NAMA, and what we get is the SAHA+NAMA Systems as described in the equation:

N-(A'+A+2A)*Alphabets-M=N-(SA+HA)*Alphabets-M=N-SAHA-M= N-SAT-M=SATINAMA=A'+3A'+2A'+4A'=Free String Energy+Nodes+Antinodes

It's thus the Musical Quantum Amplituhedron as described with the name of Satinama according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology. So, the SAHA+NAMA can be simply put as the A' and A, which together give 2A as we have assumed and hypothesized that A'=c*t=SA*HA=SAHA, and N-SAHA-M is the A, which is also almost same as to say that A' is Light Wave (Gluon) and A is Particle Wave, and the 2A carries both A' and A as the A'-A' and A, which is also the end product of the 2-2 Gluon Interaction, Colliding and Scattering in the Amplituhedron Gluon Systems in the Quantum Math, Geometry and Physics.

In the World Languages, Linguistics and the Grammars, we notice the same in the Concept, Theory and Philosophy of Aspirated Sounds with as K' (Aspirated Sound) giving the following:


Here A in the K'+S+H+A is the creation of vibration that deals with SAHA, the A' and 3A' to give us the A, the Nama as we have N-SAHA-M=A or A is simply N-A-M, and that is the String produces the sound of A, and thus we can put the Philosophy of Aspirated Sounds as follows:


K'+SAHA=K'+A'=Transverse Part of Sound

K'+N-SAHA-M=K'+N-A'-M=K+A=Longitudinal Part of Wave

K'+A'+A=K (Amplituhedron of Aspirated Sounds as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology)

Now, what we need to observe in the Linguistic Equation of Everything as the "K'+A'+A=K" is it needs to be expressed as follows and it's the proper quantum expression of the aspirated sounds:


And it looks like as shown below:

The Quantum Mechanism goes far beyond than just thinking of K'+(A'-A')+(A'+A')=K'+Antinode+Node=K because if we look at it all, we can notice the following "Quantum Mechanism" going on in the 4-Dimensional Quantum Plane:

K'+(3A'-A')+(3A'+A')=K'+2A'+4A'=K'A+2A=K'+Quantum Antinode+Quantum Node=K'+A+2A

The A and 2A create what we deal as the Quantum Vortex Theory of Matter

Thus, the Quantum Linguistic Model and Theory of the Aspirated Sounds gives us the Chladani Figures of Sound Nodes and the Modes (, which we can assume to exhibit the functionality of the said equation:

We need to consider the 4-Dimensional Quantum Systems of the A', A, 2A as follows:

K'+(3A'-A')+(3A'+A')=K'+2A'+4A'=K'A+2A=K'+Quantum Antinode+Quantum Node=K'+A+2A

In it, we can notice the following:

K'+(3A'-A')+(3A'+A')=K'+2A'+4A'=K'+(4A'-2A')+(4A'+2A')= K'+2A'+6A'=K'+A+3A

With A and 3A, we have the K' having its Secondary Wavefront while the Primary Wavefront is the K'+A+2A, and more preciously, we can notice that K' can have the following:

1. K'+(3A'-A')+(3A'+A')=K'+2A'+4A'=K'+A+2A

2. K'+(4A'-2A')+(4A'+2A')=K'+2A'+6A'=K'+A+3A (Due to symmetry, 4A'=2A, 2A'=A), and it not be the part of major equations)

3. K'+(6A'-2A')+(6A'+2A')=K'+4A'+8A'=K'+2A+4A

At the same time, we can also have:

4. K'+(2A'-A')+(2A'+A')=K'+A'+3A'

5. K'+(3A'-A')+(3A'+A')=K'+2A'+4A'=K'+A+2A (Same as the Equation 1)

We can also have the combination as follows:

6. K'+(4A'-A')+(4A'+A')=K'+3A'+5A'

We can notice that A' results in A+2A, 2A+4A, etc., and thus almost as the Chlandni's Law:

Moreover, the Chladni Nodes and Anti-nodes (as from the Equations 1 to 6) give us what we can see in the image below:

We can also notice that what the Equations 1 to 6 and its Higher Dimensions represent is something that gives insight into how sound travels in air:

"Sound in air does not travel as longitudinal waves as is commonly described in physics text books. Sound propagates spherically in air due to diffraction, the reactive result of atomic collisions. Reciprocal effects in air occur in the jostling of molecules initiated by a sound event, causing components of the sonic energy to move in all directions almost simultaneously. The distribution of energy within the sonic bubble is always concentrated on axis with the direction of primary propagation from the sound source." (With thanks from the source: )

In the Equations 1 to 6, we get the Basis and the Basics of what is popular as the Cymatics - The Science of the Future, and all may add up in the ODD and EVEN Nodes and Anti-nodes to give us what we see below:

The more advanced levels of the Equations 1 to 6 give us what we see below:

When we do not use the K' in the Equation 1 to 6, and thus simply use the A'-A' and A'+A', we get the various levels, formats, versions, and designs of A, and the A is the Schwa Vowel in all world languages and is shown below:

"Chladni demonstrated once and for all that sound actually does affect physical matter and that it has the quality of creating geometric patterns.

When Jenny experimented with fluids of various kinds he produced wave motions, spirals, and wave-like patterns in continuous circulation. In his research with plant spores, he found an enormous variety and complexity, but even so, there was a unity in the shapes and dynamic developments that arose. With the help of iron filings, mercury, viscous liquids, plastic-like substances and gases, he investigated the three-dimensional aspects of the effect of vibration.

In his research with the tonoscope, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of the ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages, on the other hand, did not generate the same result! How is this possible? Did the ancient Hebrews and Indians know this? Is there something to the concept of "sacred language," which both of these are sometimes called? What qualities do these "sacred languages," among which Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese are often numbered, possess? Do they have the power to influence and transform physical reality, to create things through their inherent power, or, to take a concrete example, through the recitation or singing of sacred texts, to heal a person who has gone "out of tune"?

According to Jenny, this was an example of an antigravitational effect created by vibrations." (With thanks from the source: and with relevancy: )

When we thus consider the K' and the A', A'-A', A, 2A, and put it as the K'-A'-A-2A as in the Equations from 1 to 6 and in the Higher Dimensions, we can notice that the K' here represents the Akhara, the 3-Dimensional Information Universe, which is well presented in the 3-Dimensional Prose and Poetry in every world language, but when we consider the A', A, 2A, it has been studied differently with the help of music and raga, and it's thus not considered as the Ahkara, the Letters (K' Category), but the A-Nada, the Sound of A, the Schwa Systems, and it's name thus has been put as the A-nada, the Ananda, the Bliss, which is the 4th Dimension and seem to have nothing to do with the 3-Dimensions, the Akhara, the Letters; the Fiction, Poetry, and or the Non-fiction. The language of the A-nada, the Ananda, the Bliss is what all animals and birds speak as the "A" from the Abdomen, "E" from the Heart Center, and "O" from the Mouth, and thus is the Language of the Universe as we have discussed in the previous parts of the series, and it constitutes the Quantum Math, Geometry, Qubit, and all that Quantum Mechanism covers. In its simplicity, we can notice the "A', A, 2A" follows the SAHA and NAMA to give us the A, E, O, AE, the Vowels Systems of the AA, EE, OO as the A, I, E, O, U, which is essence of the International Phonetic Alpahebts.

Here, we can also consider that the K' with the SAHA deals with the Matter Universe and the A', A, 2A with NAMA deals with the Consciousness, and thus the SAHA and NAMA together is the Matter and Consciousness Universe as according to the Indian Sacred Systems. When we have the NAMA going as the A', A, 2A, the SAHA goes as the K', K, KA, and it makes the Indian Philosophy of Matter and Consciousness Vibrate in the Universe. In the A', A, 2A, the K' (Matter, the Classical System) is not present, but in the K', K, KA, the A', A, 2A as the Consciousness (Quantum System) is always present. The K', the Matter and A' as the Consciousness gives what we know as the Space Element in the Indian Alpahebts, which is considered as the First Form of Matter, the Space that differs from our common perception of matter as the "solid".

So, when we consider the Matter as Space Element, we have it as the K'+A' Systems and that also creates the Ethereal Systems of A', A, 2A and K'+A', and we know it as the AA-KA with ending into the SA of SAHA, and thus the AAKASA, the Akasha or the Aakasha, and when we study the Akasha, the Space Element, we need to consider the K', K, KA as the Space Element rather than jumping to the full term of Akasha, which is broad spectrum and description of the Space Element, the K', the Essence of Space. So, the simple question can be what the Akasha is when we have the K' as the Space Element.

As we have discussed that A'=c*t or A'=v*t at very low speeds, and F=ma keeps the F/t=ma/t that we can also derive from A'=c*t with mA'=m*c*t=p*t (p is momentum) and that E=m*c*c=m*c*(A'/t) with single concept that the A'=c*t, which is otherwise as the c=A'/t.



We express it as the Uncertainty Principle of Energy as the Change in E* Change in T, which is popular as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle with mA'=m*c*t=p*t for all A'=c*t with t=A'/c, which is "Change in Position with Time" that gives us the mA'=m*c*t=p*t=p*(A'/c)=p*(A', 2A', 3A', 4A')/t where A'=c*t and A'/t=c=Constant Systems that also influences the Mass and Velocity of Light as Constant and thus the A'=Planck's Length and Part of Planck's Constants, which we focus in this series, and thus, we have as with change in position with change in velocity and thus the A'/c giving us the A', c, t as the Planck's Philosophy of Constants:

Kennard<2> in 1927 first proved the modern inequality:

(With thanks from the source: )

Thus, the K', K, KA and the A', A, 2A goes as the Nucleus (K'), Atom (K), Molecule (KA), and the Light (A'), Wave (A) and the Particle Wave (2A) Systems. In the Living Systems, we have it also as the Muscles (K) and the Nerves (A) based on how the K' and the A' combine, that is, how matter and consciousnesses combines and creates the permutation and the combination. It thus acquires the names of Aahat, Anahat, Nada, Anahada, Neel (Nil) and Aneel (Anil), and having the most primitive form of universe as the (ct, A', A', A') that we have put as the (A', 2A', 3A', 4A') where A'=c*t=Planck Length that is the A+T, the Aadi, the Anu, the Sakanda, the Akal(a) or the Akala (Duration of A', the Planck Length and Time Systems), which is the opposite pair of Kala, the Philosophy of Light, Sound, Matter and Energy as the Aadi, which we also know as the Aadi Shakti, the Primal Energy having the popular equation of the E (4A')=m*c*c=m*c*v=O*E*A=A'*3A'*2A'=A'(1*3*2*A'*A')=A'(3 !A'*A')=Essence of Quantum Geometry and the 4-D Quantum Space.

Here, we can also notice that K' as the Aahat, the Noise, A' Systems as the Un-struck Sound, the Anahat and the, K'+A=K gives us what we know the Nada, the general sound systems in the Indian Sacred Systems. The minute analysis of Anahata and the Anahada also lies in the A' and the A. The A' and A also carries the light and sound infinity, and that A' goes to Light and the A' goes to Sound, which is the Quantum Sound, the Unstruck with its opposite pair with matter K' giving matter waves as noise as with K' and A', we can have only photoelectric effect giving rise to ejection of electrons and photons from the matter K' while the K' and A gives the Nada, the Sound of K'+A=A, and that A' and A' go together as A'-A' giving sound of A, which is Anahata, the Unstruck as well as the Anahada (Infinite or limitless), and follows the 3-Dimensional Quantization of A' and A Systems, which is known as the Anila, and with 3+1D, it's also the Aadi, the Primal Sound System of "A', A, 2A" of the Quantum Universe. (Please read a relevant spiritual discussion here with our thanks: )

When we consider the Rows of the Indian Alphabets, we can very easily notice that it carries the Space Element, the K' in the First Row, while also the Air, Fire, Water and Solid in the other 4 Rows of the Consonants.

If we consider the Columns of the Alphabets and assign the Topological Quantum Divisions of Nano, Subatomic, Atomic, Molecular with Light-Sound dualism or the Wave-Particle Dualism, it goes to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Columns of each row of the Space, Air, Fire, Water and the Solid Rows, that is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 6th Row of the Indian Alphabets with total of 7 Rows as in the Sanskrit, Hindi and Gurmukhi Alpahebts.

The First and the Seventh Row of the Alpahebts as the Vowel Rows also represent the Light-Sound dualism or the Wave-Particle Dualism as the Light-Wave in the First Row and the Sound or Particle Wave in the Second Vowel Row, which is usually placed as the 7th Row as in the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Alpahebts.

When we think of A' as the Planck Length Systems, we can also notice that the A' and A' create the A'-O-A', the First Column of the Indian Alphabets, which seems to the Quantum Superposition that may seem to breakdown the Planck's Law at the Nano Scales, and thus it favors the Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions and Universe as recorded in the Philosophy of Indian Alpahebts.

An important point is that when we consider the Quantum Side of the A', we can always think of the A' as the major constituent of quantum superposition of the A'-O-A' with A' having almost any length as for convenience, we have discussed the A' as the Planck Length. In this context of A' having the multiple length systems, we can consider that A' can be wither Space as A' or Time as the A0, and thus the A'-O-A' as the A'-O-A0 is the Spacetime Curvature, which at the same time covers up what constitute the Indian Alpahebts and that is the Dualism of Matter and Consciousness, Light and Sound, Light Wave and Particle Wave, and if we simplify it, we have the A-O as the AUM, the Quantum Superposition that generates what we know as the A-O-M and the A-O-N Quantum Superposition's, which leads to the creation of Light as the KARA, the K,R is the Quantization of Space Element that produces the Rays of Ethereal World, and thus the A-O-N-Kara, the ONKARA Systems. The Indian Alpahebts are simply expansion of the AUM-Kara, the Wave-Particle-Light Systems, which is recorded as the Transverse Waves, 5 Basic Elements, Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid and the Longitudinal Waves in the 7 Rows.

So, to know and understand the Indian Alpahebts, the simple point is to understand the A'-O-A0, the Spacetime as the Quantum Superposition, and thus as also the A'-O-A', the 35 Letters of the Indian Alpahebts are considered as existing in the A'-35 Letters-A' Quantum Superposition Systems. If we put it as the A'-7 Rows of Indian Alphabets-A', it covers up the 7 Chakra of the Kundalini, and the 8th Row remains as simply the A'-A-A', which we know as the Pure Light, who speaks, talks and discusses, and its according to the Indian sacred Systems as hypothesized in the Research of Philselfology, the Single Model and Theory of Everything.

Thus, the A'-O-A' as the A'-K-A', that is, the Light (A) and Matter (K) is the Light-Matter interaction as we see in the image below:

When we change the Medium in the A'-K-A', we get the different levels of the color, charge, energy, sound and light systems from the solid (metal), liquid (water), fire, air, space, ionized and the sound system, which thus and then create the Indian Rows of Consonants and the Vowels.

The two methods that we have discussed as the SAHA and the A'=c*t differ a little as when we go from the 1st Column to the 5th Column of the Indian Alphabets hypothetically follows the SAHA, the Light and Distance, the Spacetime Systems while when we go from the 1st Column to the 7th Column, it follows the A'=c*t increasing, and if we want to simplify it, we can notice that in the Columns, it's the "S" that expands and in the Rows, it's the S/A', which we can also put as the SAHA/A' expands and "S" changes into "Sh", the "Sh" is the "Matter" (Rows), while the "S" is "Light" (Columns), and the difference is the S/A', which creates the Quantum Spectrum.

The "Sh" Pada, the Position differs from the A, E, O, AE Pada Systems. If we consider the Indian Grammars for it, the "Sh" Pada, we notice the following:

("Sh"+PA)+(TA)=("Sh"+"BA")+(TA)="Sh"+BA+DA=Sh-bada, here the Sh+PA keeps the 3rd Column for the PA and changes into BA, while the TA changes into the DA, and we happen to have the Sh-bada, the Shabada, which is simply the Sh-pada, and the Sh-pada is the 7 Row Pada Systems, while the "A, E, O, AE" Pada are the "Column Pada, the Positions", and thus we can notice that the Row Pada, the Quantization goes for the "Sh" while the Column Pada goes for the "A, E, O, AE", Pada Systems. The A, E, O, AE Pada, the Quantization Levels deal with the Nucleus and Atom while the "Sh" Pada, the S/A' deals with the Atom and Molecular and the Supermolecular Systems.

When we consider the Role of the "Sh", the Consonants and the Rows in the Indian Alpahebts, we can notice that the First Row seem to act as the Valence Band and the Second Row as the Conduction Band, while the Rows of the Consonants seem to behave as the "Surface States" of the Topological Quantum Insulator Systems in our modern world. We have described the Fermi Levels with differences of A' as the A'/2, A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. in the Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid Element levels in the Rows which thus seem to act as the "Fermi Levels of the Surface States".

The "Sh" Pada as the Rows are called the Matrika, the Mother Systems, while the "S" or the A, E, O, AE Pada are called the Svara (Swara) Matrika, which is the Husband (Father) Systems of the Universe. It's thus the Philselfological Analysis, the Hypothesis for the Indian Vowels (Svara, the Columns) and Sh-bada (Matrika, the Rows), and thus the differnce in the Sabada and the Shabada.

"Philosophically, shabda is the guna of akasha, or ethereal space. It is not, however, produced by akasha, but manifests in it. Shabda is itself the Brahman" (With thanks from the source: )

The Columns also represent the Bindu and the Rows as the Bindi. The Bindu is Sound of the "M" and the Bindi goes as the Sound of "N", and thus the "Sh"-bada is in harmony with its etymological correspondence "Sh"-mana, and the 4 Pada Systems of the A, E, O, AE is also the 4 MANA, the MA-NA, the Bindu-Bindi Systems, which is the Process of Quantization in which every Quantum Sound is "Quantized" with the A, E, O, AE Pada (Mana) Systems for the Quantum Superposition as if the White Light Quantization (Sound of M) and the same "Sound Quantization" creates the "Quantum Sound Spectrum, the Sh-bada, the Sh-mana, the 7 Rows of the Indian Alpahebts", which the "Quantum Sound of N", the Bindi. The "M" Sound describes the "Light", the Expected Appearance and the "N" Sound describes the "Shape", the Expected Size and the Dimensions if we examine the Bindu-Bindi, the MA-NA, the PADA (the Quantum Fluctuations in a way) or the "Sh"-bada in context to the Achim Kempf's Sound, Shape and Universe Systems mathematically, and its all as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

"Bindu: The dot in Indian alphabets that represents the Anusvāra which is associated with Śiva and Śakti and is of metaphysical significance; in Tāntrika philosophy, the primordial state of Śiva and Śakti in which they are united and undifferentiated, and exist as the zero-point of all creation." (With thanks from the source: )

"As the uni­verse expands, it is con­tin­u­ally sub­jected to energy shifts, or "quan­tum fluc­tu­a­tions," that send out lit­tle pulses of "sound" into the fab­ric of space­time. In fact, the uni­verse is thought to have sprung from just such an energy shift." (With thanks from the source: )

So, what is the Quantum Impact of the Indian Alpahebts; these are the Quantum Fluctuations in Columns, which "Spread" into the Rows, the Fabrics of Space, Vacuum and Universe as the Spacetime as thus through the Classical Spacetime (SAHA) and the Quantum Spacetime (NAMA), and makes the Classical and Quantum Spacetimes as the SAHA-NAMA, the Satinama Philosophy, which is most essentially the Indian Philosophy of Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and Sacred Systems with the Vowels, Consonants, and Letters "Threaded, Knotted and Braided" as the Indian Prose, Poetry and the Mantra Systems. Smile

If we wish to understand the Universe with the Indian Alphabets, it's very simple, the First Row of Vowels is the Origin of the Universe with the Transverse Waves, the Second Row of Vowels is the Scalar, the Longitudinal Wave Systems, which expands the universe from light into "Sound and Matter", and it thus expands into the 5 Rows of the Consonants, which are also the 5 Basic Elements; the Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid (Earth). If we consider the Indian Sacred Prose, its written how universe expands as from Sound to Matter, and when we consider the way the Indian Sacred Poetry is written, it describes how the Light, Matter, Energy and Sound "Sustain and Preserve" the universe. In the Prose Systems, the Classical Universe of Matter is present, and the Quantization of Light into Matter keeps the "Octave how we quantize matter, the K', K, 2K" Systems, while in the Conversion of "Light into Sound", which uses the 4 Quanta Systems of the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A, E, O, AE, etc. is not the creation of matter, but what we know as the "Self-assembling and Self-arranging", the Ideal Quantum Universe explained as the "Essence of Indian Sacred Music with the Raga Systems".

In the Indian Sacred Civilizations, we notice the Classical and the Quantum Side of the Universe present, which we can well bridge with the "Vowel, Consonant and the Mantra (Blending of Prose (Consonant) and Poetry (Vowel) Theories", which are essentially the theories of the elements, dimensions, manifolds, fractals, light, consciousness, self-assembling, self-arrangements, classical and quantum qubit, math, computing, and all that is in the sacred systems, which we discuss as the quantum systems. So, the Indian Vowels, Consonants, Letters, Prose, Poetry, Music, Raga, Mantra, etc. are not just letters, but the Quantum Symbols and Signs of the Language of the Universe, which we can call the Quantum Sign Language as mostly with the A, O, E, AE, the 4 Manifolds, Dimensions and Dipoles of the Universe.

Everything created, designed, prepared and manufactured and or crafted, painted, sung, danced, etc. in Indian Civilizations has always been following these Sacred Quantum Systems from the Thousands of Years as has been in all other World Sacred Civilizations, and it's now emerging as the Nano Systems, but the Sacred Systems of Indian and Other Civilizations have been preserving it from ancient times, and the prophets, saints, heroes, heroines, kings, queens, and almost all mythological and the historical characters of the Indian Sacred and Quantum Systems are still admired, respected, revered and even worshiped in the Modern India and the Indian Civilizations as they are also part of the Indian World Religions, Faiths and the Mythology, and of course the Indian Arts, Folk, Folklore, Music, Dance, Stories, Fairy-tales, and all that we call the Indian sacred Systems, the Quantum Civilizations, which is the same story in almost all world civilizations.

All of it, the Sacred Civilizations of Every Nation has been well kept by the Aborigines, Native (Desi) People, Rural and Village People, and the Religions and Faiths in its "true form", and now it has emerged as the Quantum Sacred Civilizations in all parts of the world, which also takes over and up the Modern Civilizations into the Quantum Ancient and Modern Civilizations in which the Sacred Geometry, Math, Music, Computing and lot more as the "Paradigm Shift":

"This realization of conscious manifestation of virtually anything from energy generation to levitation to nuclear transmutation may represent a far greater paradigm shift than simply tapping into the Zero Point Energy. Beyond the realization and understanding of the vast potential of these interesting times comes the manifesting and creation of a world never yet visualized. We are, in brief, at the ultimate bifurcation point, where order and stability will be abruptly replaced by chaos and a wholly unpredictable, spontaneous generation of a new order -- a new order which will require a much higher level of conscious energy input in order to maintain it." (With thanks from the source: and by relevancy: )

We can learn it all with great ease due to computers, mobiles and the internet and start to put into our daily life.

The Light Dissipation as well as the Creation of Heat and its Dissipation is what we notice in the Columns and Rows of Indian Alpahebts, and if we ever need to put the Indian Alpahebts to two sounds, the letters, we have All Columns as the "M" Sound Quantization" and All Rows as the "N" Sound Quantizations and in any Shabada, the Letters, the Consonants represents the "N", the Bindi Sound Systems, while the Vowels represent the "M", the Bindu Sounds, and the Ratio of the M and N, the M/N gives us the Raga Systems, which is the Ratios of Sounds, the Essence of Quantum Music and Sacred Systems and thus the Quantum Civilizations, with the M and N creating the Quantum Qubit Computing and Math in just a drop of water as the water memory makes quantum computing make the difference.

Here we need to use the reason for creation of Indian Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Light and Consciousness relevant to the Sounds as the Letters of the Indian Alpahebts in such a way that the Bindu deals with Light and the Bindi deals with the Sound, and in this context, the Bindu-Bindu, the M-N simply means the Light-Sound that are also studied as the Forehead Nasal Sounds as we see the "Light at the Forehead as the M Sound, the Bindu" and the "N Sound at the Top of Nose", and both of these create the Light and Sound Systems of the Universe in the Humans as well as the other living ones and in almost all cases as the Light in the Forehead (M, the Bindu) and the Sound at the Top of Nose, near the forehead as the N, the Bindi, the Indian Letters are the Ratio of the Light and Sound, the M and N.

In context to the Bindu (M, the Light) and the Bindi (N, the Sound), the Indian Alpahebts further seem to go that all consonants use the SAHA Systems in which all consonants add to give the additions of everything as the N, the Sound, the Bindi Systems and the additions of the Vowels uses the NAMA Systems, the N-M, the Bindi-Bindu, the Sound and Light, and thus the Indian Sacred Systems with Consonants and Vowels follow the SAHA and NAMA, and that can be simplified as the Satinama. In both the SAHA and NAMA, the Vowel of A', A, 2A play the major role as these create the 4 Poles, the Dipoles as the A, E, O, AE represent the modern dipole systems as astrologically arranged in the Indian Sacred Systems. The Indian Columns also represent the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and the 0th or the 5th Dimension as the Poles of the Light, the Bindu as the Fluctuation Systems, and as we go down in the rows, we notice what deals with the Sound, the Bindi giving us the "Force of Friction, the Thermal and Heat Energy Systems". Thus, the Indian Alpahebts represent the "Quantum Fluctuation (M) and Friction (N)", and it's the quantum wonder of human wisdom! Smile

(By relevancy: )

The Energy, the Quanta that each letter in the Indian Alphabet carries can be expressed by E = hc/λ, where the h is Planck Constant, c=velocity of light and λ=wavelength of the letter; the sound as given by the A'=Planck's Length Systems, and that A'=c*t=λ (Quantum 4-D Systems), and if we use it as the E=hc/λ=hc/c*t=h/t, we have every Indian Letter expressing the Reduced Planck Constant as as t=2π when we consider the A'=c*t, and keep all the quantum tracks as with the t=2π, and thus A'=c*2π Systems, and have it all:


(With thanks from the source: )

The Quanta, Photon, Energy and other points that regard the A'=c*t get the names of Indian Consonants based on the point that when the A'=c*t passes through various mediums changes it speed; velocity, frequency, level of energy as the quantum aspects making it very considerable how light passes through the "Mediums of 5 Basic Elements, namely, the Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Solid", and thus the 5 Rows of Consonants in the Indian Alpahebts as we consider and discuss Gurmukhi, Hindi, Sanskrit and the International Phonetic Alphabet Systems. When the Quantum Light, Sound, and Consciousness Systems of A'=c*t passes through the various mediums, the 5 Basic Elements to say, it comes out with the Longitudinal, the Scalar Wave Formats, which is considered as the 7th Row of the Indian Alphabets.

In other words, the Quantum Energy of A'=c*t with t=2π Systems gives us the E=h/t=h/2π=Reduced Planck's Constant=Quantum Energy=Quanta for the Indian Letters! In this context, we can also consider that A', 2A, 3A', 4A' is the Set of π/4, π/2, π, 2π as the "Angular Intervals of Time". Smile (Subject to further research)

If we now consider the A' in relation to the Circular, Radial and the Angular Systems, we can very easily enter into the Quantum Systems in a more simplified and refined way:

Let's assume that A'=c*t=2π*r, and here the r is the Radius of the Circle, whose Circumference is expressed in terms of the A', and that is to say the following:

2πr or 2π*r=A', and r=A'/2π=c*t/2π, and it also gives us the "Reduced Planck Constant" in terms of the A' Systems, which keep the A'=c*t

The above system of the 2π*r=A' creates the "Concentric Circles" with the Radius r=A'/2π with r+h, r+2h, r+3h, etc., where the h=(r+h)-r and as the "Change in A' as the Change in r, the Radius, and change follows the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' Systems, which are 4 Quantum Phases, which we can understand as ONE CYCLE with 4A'=2π, and thus the A'=2π/4=π/2 as the Angle, the Curvature of Spacetime that the A'-A-A0 creates, and that in the 4 Phases of A', 2A', 3A', 4A', a complete cycle of 2π*r is the Spacetime Curve and Curvature that seem to create a circle.

Now, some of the quantum students may oppose it that 2π*r=A' is right notion and or the notation, so we can make quantum leap if we can assume the following:

Basic Quantum Assumption: 2π*A'=2π*c*t=Circumference of Quantum Circle in which the A' plays the "Role of Radius", and if it creates the "Quantum Spacetime Curvature", we have it all as the 2π*c*t as 2π*A', and it goes to make all Planck's Constants keep the dignity of Planck Length even when we have A'=Planck Length and Quantum Circle of 2π*c*t=2π*A', and how the Planck Length and the Quantum Circle keep a good discussion present here:

The hidden point in the h=(r+h)-r systems is that when we use it as the Limit Going to Zero (0), it goes to Infinity as with the Dirac Delta Functions, so the limit h->0 for h=((r+h)-r/)r, and it can give insight into many solution if we consider it so as the Dirac Delta Functions in which things going to limit zero go to infinity are the essence of science and technology.

When we consider the Expansion of A' into the A', A, 2A, its named as the RA-MA for the NA-MA because its the Quantization that gives RAMA through NAMA Progressions according to the Indian Theory of Elements, Consciousness and Matter in the Indian Letters and the Alphabets. The funny thing is that for the Matter Quantization, it's the K', K, KA, which gives rise to the name of the KAMA for the said Progression of the Quantization of Matter. It's at times described as SHREE (Quantum Dimensions of Matter) existing inside the RAMA (Quantum Dimensions of Consciousness).

When we seem to have the distortion in the SAHA and NAMA, we may have some name derivatives that seem to describe it as bad manner of work for example, the SATA and NA without MA gives the String Theory with the K', K, 2K and N, the Pluralization of K' as into Matter, the 5 Basic Elements without terminating it into fully NAMA Conversion, which thus creates from the K', K, 2K, the Gold, Diamonds, and what we know expensive matter and the materials, and thus the Indian Theory of Matter and Materialism with name of SATA+N=SATAN as the Creation of Matter, which slowly extincts the need to SAHA-NAMA, the Balance of Matter and Consciousness, and its another interpretation seems equally good as with K', K, 2K, the process of KAMA ending in N and thus "Kamana" (Opposite to Ramana described as RAMA in this series), which is "the desire to manipulate the Wave (A) and Particle (K) Dualism of Light (K-A) for the selfish motives", and thus may have lot many interpretations thus accordingly, we can use it as according to the Indian Sacred Systems, Elements, Consciousness, Light, Wave and Particle with Theory of Dualism of Light, and also as according to the Theory of Philselfology (Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology).

One of the Major Philosophy in the Indian Sacred Systems is the EAKA-Onkara Systems, and it deals with the E=O+A, and that is E=A'+2A'=A'+A, and is the Special Preposition in the Series of Be Happy Philselfologically because the A' and A are also the basis and the basics of the A'+2A' as we have discussed in the Equations 1 to 6 that gives us the insight into how the A' and the A deals as the 2A'-A' and 2A'+A' giving us the Quantum Nodes and the Quantum Anti-nodes, and thus the E as the A' and 2A' and the K as the Space Element of the A'/2A'=1/2A'=A'/2, and thus the A', A and A'/2 as the Quantum Factors and the Factorials of EAKA Systems, which is the ever present 5th Dimension of the Quantum Universe that we can also put as follows:

A'+A'-A'+1/2K'=5th Dimension=EAKA

A'+N(A'-A')+M(K')=5th Dimensions, the Eaka at various levels.

A'+Multiplication (A'-A')+Division (K' as the A'/2)=5th Dimension

It seems the essence of the Amplituhedron. The reason to say so is that the Geometric Structure of the Amplituhedron keeps on the 1, 1, 3 ratio of its geometric structure the very thing; 0.5, 1, 2 ratios of the A'/2, A, 2A as the "Scattering Amplitudes" as shown in the image below:

How we can assume this multiplication and division is that in the quantum multiplication of A'-A', we have the A'-A' and A'+A', and the factor of quantum division goes well with the A'-A'/A+A' for the reason that we have the Golden Mean and Ratio going on it all.

In the Feynman Diagram as shown below, we can put it as: P1, P2 and P1-K and P2+K:

If we put A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as simply the 1, 2, 3, 4, we can very easily get the Amplituhedron otherwise:

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One of the Previous Parts of the Series: How Philselfology of Sacred A, E, I, O, U as Divine Vowels, Schwa and Mantras as Waheguru Constitutes Help Qubit and Quantum Languages, Grammars, Linguistics, Computing and Sciences: Gurmukhi, English and Be Happy Philselfologically - 47

One of the Previous Parts of the Series: How Sacred Wisdom of Mouth, Languages, Linguistics and Phonetics with Hindi and Punjabi as Parental and Mother Languages: Philselfology of Glossolalia and Golden Times of India and Modern Quantum Age: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 50

If we consider the SAHA and NAMA in context to the (A', 3A') and (2A', 4A'), we can very easily trace the SAHA, SAT, SOHUN and other Vibration Systems from the Indian Alpahebts, which describe the Quantum Sounds of the Universe, and at the same the NAMA goes far deeper to the NAMAH, NAMO, NAME, and most of the terms of vibrations and the sacred music that goes to describe the Indian Sacred Systems with NAMA roots in the Indian Alpahebts. We have already described the SAHA with A'=c*t, where "c" is velocity of light and "t" time that creates the A', which is now the Planck Length, t as the Planck Time, and that in the NAMA Theory the "A', A, 2A" is the "Time Duration", the Samaya Theory of the Indian Sacred Systems. We should thank Planck, whose great contribution in Science and Maths makes the Quantum Systems have better insight into East and West, the Two Versions of Quantum Systems in our modern world; the mathematical and linguistic.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls this Theory of SAHA and NAMA combined as the SATINAMA, which can also be put as the most ancient wisdom of world civilizations as described here with names of Cymatics and Chlandni's Systems with insight well put as the Amplituhedron, and it seem to full describe the Indian Sacred Systems with the Theory of Elements, Dimensions, Light, Sound and Consciousness as its essence. He later developed the Indian Sacred Systems in the Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language Systems and also wrote the Gurbani.

In other words, the SAHA as the SATA is what the Indian Sacred Prose represents, while the NAMA is what the Indian Sacred Poetry represents, and thus the blend of prose and poetry goes as the SAHA+NAMA=Satinama, and it's almost same to say SAHA+NAMA=SOHUN, which again is the Prose-Poetry as the Particle-Wave Theory of Indian Letters as used in the Indian Alpahebts.

So, when we study the Quantum Sounds of the Universe as Achim Kempf does, we have the SAHA as the Particle Waves, and the Light Waves, the Musical Waves as we can also say give us the Particle-Wave Systems as the SAHA-NAMA, the Satinama as given by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who explained the Quantum Theory and Philosophy of Universe in his childhood and also wrote many doctrines on it.

When we think of the Indian 35 Quantum Sounds, the Letters, the International Phonetic Alpahebts, etc., it deals with the Bindu Theory, the Tat Darshana, which represents one of the main stream of the Indian and World Sacred Systems as we have Two Veda Versions; the Veda as Bindi and the Veda as the Bindu that goes as the Veda Versions according to Shiva (Kashmir Shaivism or Shaivism in general) and Brahma (Vedanta) Sacred Systems.

The Shiva Philosophy goes to what the "Letters say" and thus the 35 Quantum Sounds, the Kashmir Shaiv Philosophy goes in its favor. (Please read more about it from the relevant source: )

Now, what we discuss as the A' is called the Spanda, the Vibration in Indian Sacred Systems as we can notice here:

"Kashmir Shaivism is a source of scientific knowledge predating and foreshadowing discoveries in modern science by millennia. A revered Indian sage of the 20th century, Swami Muktananda, commenting on a specific text of Kashmir Shaivism called the Spanda Karikas, or Spanda, states that the tenets of Spanda are scientific – and that the notions of the world being created from the vibration of the first explosion (the Big Bang), and the universe continuing to expand have always been contained in the knowledge of Spanda and other Shaiva teachings. It would appear, then, that serious consideration of the knowledge contained in this ancient science might inspire solutions to conundrums of modern science." (Please read more from the source: )

The Spanda as the A' with A', A and 2A depends on the 35 Quantum Sounds of Universe, and that is what 7 Rows of Indian Alpahebts as in the International Phonetic Alphabets give us, and that is the Sapta-Matrika, the 7 Mothers, the Goddesses and thus the Indian Philosophy of Holy Spirit, and how it create the 35 Quantum Sounds in the 7 Rows of Quantum Sounds with 5 Basic Elements, Light and Sound, which is thus the Mother, Parent Theory of Indian Prose, Poetry, Vowels, Consonants, Music and Art, yes the 7 Rows of Alpahebts as the Quantum Sounds with the A', A, 2A Versions. (Please read more from the source: )

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The Next Part of the Series: How Indian Sacred Systems Explain Universe as Vibration with Akala as 4 Dimensions of Consciousness: Basics of Consciousness with Matter, Light, Sound Vibrations, Indian Alpahebts, Cymatics and Shabada: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 179

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How Topological Quantum Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Chirality, Handedness, Superposition, Designs and Patterns Fabricate Quantum Holographic Universe: Quantum Universe in Your Palm Theory of Everything: Gurmukhi Be Happy Philselfologically 177

When we consider the A’, A, A-A’, A-A, A’-O-A’ or the A’-A-A’ Quantum Systems, which we can also consider as the Topological Quantum Waves having different Topological Orders and thus A', A, 2A, 4A, etc., we can not only notice it as the Nano, Subatomic, Atomic, Molecular, Fractals, but also in terms of the Fractals and the Fractal Dimensions. The Basic Fractals are of the Type A’-O-A’, 2A’-A-2A’, 3A’-E-3A’ and 4A’-AE-4A’, and it invites our attention for the manifolds, dimensions, fractals and the fractal manifolds and the fractal dimensions. The point of interest here is that the A', A, 2A, and even the Topological Orders of the 8A, 4A, 2A, A, etc. follow what we can learn, study and research as the "Topological Degeneracy" in which the key factor is the Self-assembling and rearrangements of the A', A, 2A, and even for the Higher Dimensions as the 2A, 4A, 8A, 16A, 32A, etc., where things of the large scales Degenerate or Restore to the Earth, Moon or the Sun Systems. (Please read more about this kind of works of nature and the natural world here with our thanks: Topological degeneracy: )

When we consider the A’, 2A’, 3A’, 4A’, etc., it creates the lead to the Self-assembling Systems with the A’, A, 3A’, 2A, where the A=2A’ and the 2A=4A’ are special manifolds, and thus it goes to create the Manifold Dimensions, which are two that we can call the Self-assembling Manifold Dimensions of the A=2A’ and 2A=4A’.

Now, if we consider the A, E, O, AE Systems, it has the Dimensions and the Fractal in it.

The A, E and O are the Manifold Dimensions, while the AE is the Fractal.

In most of the dimensions, we think of the 4th Dimension, which is the First Fractal as we have the 3 Fractals for the 3-Dimensions of the 3-D’s of A, E, O.

The 3 Fractals well go as the OA, OE and AE, which keeps the 3-D, 4-D and the 5-D, and should we call it dimensions is a question that needs an answer as most of the problems in the classical mechanics go well with the 3-Dimensions, but seem to fail in the 4th Dimensions, so if we consider the 4th Dimension as the Fractal, we can very easily understand the Quantum Mechanics. These 3-Dimensions as the 3-D, 4-D and 5-D need more research as it says in the following, but due to our linguistic approach, we have the 1-D, 2-D and 3-D of Fractals as the 3-D, 4-D and 5-D in disguise:

"The fractal dimension of a homogeneous 3D object would be 3, and 2 for a homogeneous surface, whilst the fractal dimension for a fractal surface is between 2 and 3. The ultimate significance of this result is not immediately apparent, but it seems to indicate that both randomness and hierarchal structuring are at work on the scale of galaxy clusters and larger." (With thanks from the source: )

Now, if we jump to the 3 Fractal Dimensions of the OA, OE and AE, we may feel flying in the space like what it says about this theory, yes the Fractal Quantum Causal Dynamics if we make the Triangle of A, E, O as giving us the OA, OE and AE:

"This means that it does not assume any pre-existing arena (dimensional space), but rather attempts to show how the spacetime fabric itself evolves." (With thanks from the source: )

It also goes as the Roots, Trunk and Leaves when we consider the 3-Manifolds, and when we think of the Flower, Seed and Fruit, we can think of Dimensions, Fractals and the Fractal Manifolds and the Fractal Dimensions.

The “Seed” is the “String” in the Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Fractal Manifolds and the Fractal Dimensions.

The OA, OE and the AE are the Dimensions, which create the Setup of the Fractals as well as these are the Dual Dimensions while the O, A, E are the Singular Dimensions, the Manifolds, which may not create the 3-Dimensions.

So, we have the A, E and E as the Manifolds and the AE, EO and OA as the Dimensions in an unusual way because we have the Origin of Manifolds, Dimensions and Fractals from the “Single Point”, which we have as the “AEO”, the SEED, the String that sprouts as the A, E, O and AE, EO, OA, but we can ask how all of it happens, and it’s a good question to ask.

Here, we can notice that the OA as the First Dimensional Grouping of 1-D and 2-D makes the things happen differently as we do not have the following as applicable:



These are not applicable because the O and A have different dimensions, and we can solve it by using the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as O=A', and A=2A', and thus:


This very little thing that we have used to create the factors with the A' and 2A' from the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' is the Foundation Principle of Quantum Geometry Systems as the OA creates the First Quantum Plane:

"A simple example of quantum geometry is the quantum plane (Figure 1). Usually, a plane is described by two coordinate functions x, y. Naturally, the functions xy and yx are the same since it does not matter whether you measure x first and then y or y first and then x. This is precisely what is lost in the quantum world.

In the quantum plane we replace the property xy=yx by xy=qyx by where q is some parameter. We no longer have points, however we can continue to work algebraically with x and y." (With thanks from the source: )

If we use the A'-O-A' as the Quantum Dirac Delta Systems in the context to the Indian Ancient and the Sacred Systems as well in all world sacred systems and the civilizations, we have the A' and the A' on the Left and Right Sides of the Infinity of the Quantum Superposition, which is also the Essence of Quantum Geometry, Math and Physics. The Indian Sacred Systems have been putting it all as the A'/16, Quantum Infinity, 16A', and when we get all the results, it goes as the A'/16, Quantum Infinity, 16A', and if we make its framework as the -16A', Quantum Infinity (Superposition), 16A', we can notice that 16A'+16A'=32A'=16A=8AA=8(2A), and it goes through the Quantum Superposition's and Self-assembling releasing the Quantum Free Energy and Qubits!

It's also the Secret of Indian Sacred Systems with the popular name of Batisa, the 32 A' Systems of Maatra, which we can also learn and understand as the Quanta, Quantum Quantization with the Vowels and gives the use of 8 and or the 16 Lines of Sacred Poetry to describe any Indian Sacred Division of Quantum Systems making release the Sacred and Free Energy, Vibration and Self-assembling energy, and thus the Indian Sacred Prose, Poetry, Music, and the Vowels all beating with the 16A'-16A'=32A'+Quantum Free Energy of Vacuum+Free Energy of Self-assembling+Lot More.

The A’-A’ go for the Quantum Entanglement and we have the A’-O-A’, and when we have the “Left-Center-Right” as the Curved Spacetime created, we come out of the “Seed” of the AEO as with 3 Fractals, and these are namely the A’-O-A’, 2A’-A-2A’, 3A’-E-3A’, and here we cannot jump to the 4A’-AE-4A’ as we also have the EO and the OA with the Sacred Symmetry of its own kind and that is the OA, EO and the AE having the 3, 4 and 5 Fractals.

We can then imagine about the 3 Fractal Dimensions which we can consider to be the AEO, EOA and EAO with the E, O, A at the “Center” and all flowers like it when we notice the petals in 3 layers.

The Fractal Symmetry, which seem to give unique identity key to the Fractals and the Fractal Dimensions seems most amazing as we have it all with “Self-rearrangements” as the “AEO, EOA and EAO”, and should we call it “Self-arrangement” in the same way as it’s the Self-assembling for the A and 2A in the A’, 2A’, 3A’, 4A’.

Well, if we want to think of the Self-arrangements, it seems to make mathematics very attractive as it goes well with the Mathematical Theory of Attractors. (Please read more from the sources with thanks: and )

The still greater point is the Chirality and Handedness as in the AEO and OEA, EOA and AOE, and also the EAO and OAE are the 3 Sets of Chirality and Handedness in the Fractal Manifolds, which make it the Fractal Dimensions, which can “Self-rearrange”, and it can be called as the “Quantum Beauty of Fractal Dimensions, the Self-rearrangement”, and how much wonder is there when we also think of Self-assembling Dimensions of A and 2A as the “Self-assembling and arrangement of Manifolds, Dimensions and Fractals” we have the Quantum Fabrication of the Universe at the Micro and the Macro Levels, which also includes the Nano (Fermi), Subatomic, Atomic, Molecular (Fractals) and the Complex Compound (Fractal Dimensions) Systems.

One of the correlation, which seems interesting here is that the A'-O-A' for the given systems as the Quantum Coin that has the Two Sides with the A' as Positive and Negative or UP and DOWN Spins of Pauli Exclusion Principle, we can use it as the Quantum Factorial, which is as follows while we can put the A', A' for q's as the Ring Z (q, q-1):

"Now let F(q) be the sum of the final outcomes f(q) over all n! orders in which we might remove the coins. The remarkable result is F(q) is the quantum generalization of the factorial function, i.e.

" (Please read the full article: )

So, the easy point that we need to note is the Self-assembling and the Self-rearrangement, and when we think of the A’, 2A’, 3A’, 4A’, it’s the simplest of the manifolds, which self-reassemble as the A and 2A, and how the A and 2A Self-arranges is the Fractal because we have the A-2A Systems, which we can denote as the “A-EA” because the 2A is also the 4A’, which is the 4th Dimension, but it’s the dimension according to the Cobordism, it can be manifold, dimension and or the fractal according to our use.

For example, the 4A’ is the Manifold, yes the Topological Quantum Manifold, and what it makes is the 2A, which is the Topological Quantum Dimension, and if we put it as in the EO, OA, EA Format, we can use it as the Fractal.

Now, the Fractal Dimensions of “EA, OA and OE” are the 5th, 3rd and the 4th Fractals, but we may use it as Manifold, Dimension, Fractal and even the Fractal Manifold and or the Fractal Dimension, and when it’s the Fractal Dimension, it can be simply the Fractal that keeps the 3 variants that need to have the “Chirality and Handedness”. So, the EOA is not just the Fractal, but the Fractal Dimension, which keeps the Chirality and Handedness with the EOA and AOE, and if we do not specify it, and simply write as EO or EOA, it can be at most the Fractal or the Fractal Manifold.

When we think of Fractal Manifolds and Dimensions, we can create Quantum Fabrication Patterns and Designs with the EOA, AEO and EOA, and it can be EOA-AEO, EOA-OAE, and it can also attain the levels of 3 Fractals joining to give the “EOA-AEO-EAO”, and we can call it the Super Fractal Dimension of the Universe, which is a Quantum Self-Fabrication Design of the Universe.

Now, when we consider the “EOA-AEO-EAO” as the Manifold, Dimension and or the Fractal, it’s also the Quantum Superposition.

We can have the Quantum Superposition staring with the Dualism of A, E, O as the AE, EO and OA, and goes to fractals as with the “AEO” Self-arranging Quantum Systems, and when it has the Chirality and Handedness, which we can also consider as the Quantum Superposition to Superposition Entanglement as is the case with the Quantum Superposition and Atom Entanglement, and now we call it the 4-Dimensions of Homeopathy having Nano Medicine Levels.

When we thus consider the Fabrication of the Quanta, Quantum Quantization of Universe, we have the Quantum Universe in Our Palm.

Universe in Your Palm: The 3-Dimensions with the 4th Dimensions are like the 4 Fingers of the Right Hand, and the 5th Dimension is the Thumb, and of course when we think of hand, finger and thumb with these 5 dimensions, we have all that we have discussed as the manifolds, dimensions, fractals, self-assembling, self-arrangements, patterns and designs with “Left and Right Handedness, Chirality with Pair and Ant-pair Quantum Systems”. When we observer both of our hands and palms, we have the “Mirror Theory”, and our observing it not less than thinking it all as the 6th Dimension, which seems the Highest Level of Quantum Superposition as we have the “EOA-AEO-EAO” Quantum Superposition.

For the above reason, we can put it all as the “Universe in Palm” as the Quantum Dynamics of the Quantum Theory of Universe, Nano Nuclear Systems. It’s very easy to educate laypersons about most of the modern quantum theories with the “Universe in Your Palm”.

We can also take up the Palm Theory into the Seed, Plant, Flower, Fruit and Quantum as the “Circular or Spherical Theory of Palm Systems”, and thus what is the Quantum Universe; “Fruit in Your Palm”, so if an apple fell on Newton’s head, it made him one of the great philosophers thinkers, mathematicians and of course the scientists, and one can be too with simply an apple in the palm.

Well, if we replace the apple with the flower, the theory smells like freshness of “quata quantum quantization”, and we call it the Aroma Theory, and Homeopathy thus makes it go little further as do about the 500 other multiple nano nuclear therapies in the world.

So, what we discuss as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. as the Quantum Dimensions of the Universe, the O, A, E, AE as the Quantum Fabrication Dimensions, and it's all well named as the Quantum Fabrication "Fractals" because these are the output of the A'-O-A', 2A'-A-2A', 3A'-E-3A', and 4A'-AE-4A', and that is something we can also call the Curved Dimensions, the Fractals of the O, A, E, AE Systems, which also constitute the "Fractal Holographic Universe", the Curved Spacetime Quantum Universe", the difference between these two, namely the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and O, A, E, AE goes here: and also much more well discussed here: , and

In the context to the Nano, Sub-atomic, Atomic and the Molecular with Complex Compounds as the Fractal Systems, we have the Palm Universe as with the A', A, A-A', A-A and of course the A'-O-A', the Mother, Father or Parent to the Fractal Systems of the Quantum Curved Spacetime, the Quantum Superfluid, the Quantum Vacuum, all in the Palm with A', A, A-A', A-A and A'-O-A', and life is very easy when the universe is in your palm! Smile

(Relevant blog post: )

Here, two points are reasonably well as the SAHA with the Spacetime with Light and Sound is nothing but the Quantum Vacuum or the Superfluid Vacuum Theory (Quantum Superfluid Theory the QST) while also embracing the Quantum Space Theory (the SAHA, the Spacetime as the Quantum Fractal Systems) and the Special Dimensions of the O (1-D), A (2-D), E (3-D), AE (4-D) jump to make the "Dimensions Be and or Act Fractals", and the "Fractals, the O (1-D), A (2-D), E (3-D), AE (4-D)" have lot more impact as the Pada Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems!

(With thanks from the sources: and )

Here one point is to understand the difference between the Quantum Vacuum and the Vacuum as the Void, and as it seem to upset the beginners, we have to take serious care of it that it does not harm the general interest and the mental aptitude of the masses when we think of void and vacuum.

If we ever jump to the "void", it's all "free space" where the "Light and Life Dipoles" have yet to start its cosmic play of "Light and Life", and void needs only a "Quantum Echo" to start the "Quantization of Sound as Light and Life".

Most of us may have been addict to the "Theory of Evolution and Incarnation", but the Quantum Systems deal with the "Instant Start of Light, Life and Quantization" and thus it seems more of "Theory of Life, Light, Sound and Quantization of these 3-Self-creators, Self-observers, Self-assembling and Self-arrangements for Self-sustaining of Life in the Real Space, which when have the "Void", the Emptiness or Absence of Light, Life and Sound, we can create it as through the "Quanta, Quantum Quantization, the Most Instant Incarnation through the Quantum Process of Incarnation as the "Reincarnation, the AV, the Quantizations, and thus popular as the AV-TARA, the Avtara Systems, the Reincarnation, the Quantization and De-quantization, and even the Re-quantization" in all world Sacred, Classical and the Quantum Systems in all world civilizations.

The Re-quantization goes for the "Chaos", where the Quantization and De-quantization alone seem to be Theory of Conditioning and De-conditioning with known parameters, which are popular as the "True False, Truth-Lie, Right-Wrong" kind of stimulus response theories that crime branches and psychologists prefer, while invocation is random and chaos in which one may not give the right or the exact answers, and the philosophers, thinkers and the creative people like it very much, yes the Chaos. The Chaos thus seem to deal with "Visualization" of the Quantum Superposition and expecting "High Expectancy and Predictability" may not help a lot until we have well versed people in the Quantum Superposition, the Chaos.

Well, I am not giving any definitions here, but inviting the scope of possible researches in it all for the betterment, welfare and empowerment of the world communities in the said context using the linguistics and languages as the quantum roots for the quantum qubit computing and math.

Let's assume that we go to void, the empty or free space in the universe, what can we do is simply start the "Sacred Process of Re-quantization by 3 Primal Dipoles, namely the Sound, Light and Life Dipoles".

Now, in the Re-quantization, we seem to introduce the Sound, Light and Life Dipoles as the Highest Level of Quantum Superposition as we have the “EOA-AEO-EAO” Quantum Superposition. If we have initiated the Re-quantization, we can very easily follow it up with the De-quantization of the “EOA-AEO-EAO” Quantum Superposition's as it then gives life have meaning with Fractals, Dimensions, and the Manifolds, and all ending as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' Quantum Systems in the Space where universes expand in the "Free Space, the Vacuum as the Void".

Now, where we can observe some problems in human civilizations seems present when the Avtara, the Christ Theory brings any "New Theory of Re-quantization" as we happen to have the Light, Sound and Life Theories as the "Dipole Theories of Quantization and De-quantization of Already Existing Systems in the world as with the determined, stubborn and rigid attitude in the name of Incarnation Quantum Systems" may not support any new theory for quite a long duration of time. It's thus studied, researched and analyzed as the Supplementary and the Complementary Theory Systems of the Incarnation and Reincarnation, and if the "Reincarnation" is absent only manipulations in the name of quantization and the de-quantization seem to occur.

The Modern Quantum Systems very well explain the "Re-quantization, Quantization and the Dequantization" and we can think of these three in the light of Void, the Free Space and the Expansion of the Universe with the Sound, Light and Life Quantum Systems.

As we have hypothesized that Void Space is simply the A', the Space, the Pure Space in way which exists with A0, the Time, and when there is any vibration from the Sound, Light and Life Dipoles, we have the instant creation of the A'-A-A0 giving is the A'-O-A', 2A'-A-2A' and the 3A'-E-3A', which we can consider as the Light, Sound and Life Spacetime Systems in which the "Curved Systems are the Light, the O, Sound, the A and Life, the E", and these 3 Curved Systems intersect to make the OAE Fractal Systems of Life, Light and Sound, and this is the Most Sacred Trilogy, and if we start removing it, we have the end products of O, A, E, which finally goes back to "Void" as with the A', 2A', 3A', which coexist as the A'-3A'-2A', which is as if the Aspirated Sound Systems, and simply need the little A'-3A'-2A' Anti-pair and when they meet, they seem to create A'-3A'-2A'-O-E-A-A'-3A'-2A', and it's the Cobordism that makes the Two Anti-poles of A'-3A'-2A' give us the O-E-A, the Light-Life-Sound Matrix as with what we know as the M-W-N Cobordism.

The greatest joke of Light-Life-Sound is that in the Void, the Free Space as when we have vacuum, we seem to be what it shows in the image below:

So, how we use the Light-Life-Sound Systems in the Health and Wellness goes summarized as below:

"There is agreement among science, medicine and metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel disease, and certain frequencies can destroy disease. Herein lies the link between frequency (vibration) and health. Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy! Scientific research has shown that different parts of our bodies have their own sonic signature. In other words the sound of the cells of your heart differs from the sound of the cells of your Lungs.

When parts of the body become stressed or dis-eased, they are no longer producing the correct sound wave; in other words they are not vibrating at their prime (optimal) resonant frequency. To re-establish or recalibrate your frequency, you need to understand how lower and higher vibrations affect your energy and health." (With thanks from the source: )

So, what we do is simple, we put the A'-3A'-2A'-O-E-A-A'-3A'-2A' on the right tracks, and all are fit when we have it! Smile

However, we may notice that the "Magic Spells of Quantization and De-quantization as the Incarnation Theory, Philosophy and "even" the Theology" may put everything on the tricks and tracks that deviate the "Re-quantization, the Revival or New Theories, Theologies, Philosophies, etc." with "Universal, Spiritual and Fake Globalization" just to squeeze the regional developments in the name of religions, faiths, sects, movements, contemporary theory works, projects, and the similar just proposing with universality of everything to prove the "single gesture to prove most eternal superiority of Quantization and De-quantization that suppresses any regional innovation, research and new and fresh ideas", and it seems the spiritual scam against humanity as its sole aim seem to support the Incarnation Doctrines and oppose the Reincarnation, Avtara, the Christ Theory and that it seem to go as what we call the regional saints, sadhus, holy people, reformers and the similar and we can see it when we think of Worldwide Spiral Spiritual Gurus playing the "Veto Spiritual Game of Magic Spells of Quantization and De-quantization to oppose the Re-quantization, the Proper Propagation of Quantum Systems in the world.

So, what is the "Magic Spell of Quantization and De-quantization in Spirituality", it's simply the cleaver use of logic, rationalism and intelligence against art, creativity, faith and emotions as if "the weak part", yes without logic and rationalism and thus seem to fully oppose the "Grace or the Gurpasadi Theory well used regionally! Unhappy

Now, when we go further in the Fractals, we can consider the last physical dimensions of the universe as the 3 Systems of the A'-O-A', 2A'-A-2A' and the 3A'-E-3A', which are as if what the Fractals use to Create the Fabric Multipliers in an unusual way, and that is the "Fractals Multiply Light, Sound and Life Systems", and this is what the Indian Sacred Systems call the Ultimate Truth of the Physical World as the 3 Guna World of Sato, Rajo and Tamo Guna Systems, which we can put as the Light, Sound and Life Systems and thus as the A'-O-A', 2A'-A-2A' and the 3A'-E-3A' Systems of Multipliers, the Guna, the Life, Light and Sound Superposition's of the Quantum Systems.

Well, thus, when we arrive with the 3 Guna Theory to describe the Topological Quantum Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Chirality, Handedness, Superposition, Designs and Patterns, which Fabricate Quantum Holographic Universe needs what keeps the Guna in harmony with the Classical, Quantum, Musical and Superfluid or Superliquid as the Superposition, and the Indian Sacred Systems like any Other World Sacred Systems offers the Vaka (Waka) Systems, which uses the Indian Sacred Grammars to first thread all things in the Prose (Vaka, the Waka Theory).

The Indian Prose Theory known as the Vaka (Waka) Systems includes all manifolds, dimensions, fractals, guna, superposition and all other systems, which we have discussed in this blog post and previous parts of this series (Be Happy Philselfologically) into the "Sacred Quanta Quantum Quantization, the Vaka (Waka) Systems", which describes how the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 3A', 2A'; O, A, E, AE, etc. which all are the VA, the Quanta and Quantization Systems going to thread and fabricate the Space Element, the Akasha, which is denoted by the KA, KHA, GA, GHA, YIN-YA Sounds and the Letters going to be the VAKA, the Quantization of Space.

One may say "O! Look, the Vaka Theory of Quantization of Space is the Climax of Indian Sacred Systems!"

However, it's not partially true because the Highest Level of the Indian Sacred Systems is the KAVA, KAWA, the Sacred Poetry Systems, which takes up the Space Element and Quantizes it to all the levels of what we discuss as the Topological Quantum Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Chirality, Handedness, Superposition, Designs and Patterns of Fabrication of Quantum Holographic Universe.

The KAVA (KAVA) is the Right Brain Theory of Creativity while the VAKA (WAKA) is the Theory of General Intelligence, the Left Brain Theory, which prefers the Sacred Prose of Quanta, Quantum and Quantization. It's the Sacred Essence of Indian Vedas, Scriptures, Mantras and of course the Gurbani, which is purely the KAVA (KAWA) Theory as the Gurus of the Sikhism, and Other Indian World Religions and Faiths, and also the Bhagat's in the Indian Sacred Systems and Civilizations prefer to compose the Quantum Systems into the Sacred Poetics, the KAVA Systems by making its blend with the Indian Music with the Ragas, which fully reflects the 35 Quantum Sounds of the Universe and how it threads and fabricate the Quantum Universe with the KAVA, Fractals, Dimensions, Manifolds and Quanta Systems of the Vowels as we have used it all A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 3A', 2A'; O, A, E, AE that also goes to the Foundations of International Phonetic Alphabetical Systems.

Thus, the Indian Prose and Poetry may it in Sanskrit, Hindi and Gurmukhi and the Other Languages describe the Quantum Systems in either prose or poetry or both depending on the need and level of the individuals, and it's essence of computer programming.

The Classical Indian Prose fully supports the Classical Computing, Math and Programming while the Sacred Poetry and its Sacred Grammars fully support the Quantum Qubit Computing, Math and Programming is a wonder of Indian sacred Systems. What we have discussed as the Quantum Parameters of A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 3A', 2A'; O, A, E, AE, etc. are the Sacred Parameters of Sacred Indian Prose and Poetry.

In other words, the Indian Sacred Systems have the Prose, Music, Poetry, and Vowels as the 3-Guna and Quantum Superposition Systems, and it's always very easy with A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; A', A, 3A', 2A'; O, A, E, AE, and the "Theory of Consonants", which the "K"-Theory and is one of the most important "Seed Mantra" of what we know as the "Shakti" Mantra Systems.

The International Languages, Linguistics, Grammars and the Quantum Systems, which we use in the Computer Programming deal with the SVO Structures as the Subject-Verb-Object, and this is the Mantra Systems in the World Sacred Systems as is the case in the Indian Sacred Systems, and thus we can find the Indian Mantra Theory of in the Format of the SVO in every world language, which keeps its own existence as we do not have claim that it's related to any nation, but it's something very universal.

The SVO Mantra of Grammars play a significant role in the Prose, while the Poetry deals with the higher quantum level because it gives us the use of Superposition of Music and Raga to the Prose, which changes the Prose Superposition into the Poetic, which is the Pure or Complete Superposition and results mostly in the Vision, Visualization, Bliss, and frees from the 3-Dimension Systems, which we describe in the Prose.

So, we can put that Prose is the 3-Dimensional, but the Poetry is the 4-Dimensional Setup in any world language, which can well describe the Quantum Systems. If we want to understand the 5th Dimension, we can make it happen by understanding the Vowels and the Vowel Theory, the Sounds , which do not use the "Force of Friction", and the Indian and the World Sacred Systems have been describing it as the Anahat, the Sound, which do not struck and that is in the simple way the Vowels, and thus the Vowel Theory.

Here, we may pause and ask what is Language and Linguistic as according to the Quantum Hypothesis of Philselfology, and the simple answer is that the Languages deal with the Atoms and the Linguistics deal with the Nucleus. We can further say that the Atom is what we have discussed as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', but it needs the Basic Quantum Ground of Linguistics as with the SAHA, and we can take it one step ahead as with the use of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as the O, A, E, AE as we have discussed in the case of the A'-O-A', and that A'-O-A' can occur only when we deal with the 4-D and 3-D Conjecture as the SA (Light) and 3-D (Sound). The AE, EO and OA are the Fractals, the Beginning of Superposition as what we can also call the Quantum Qubit Systems.

The Prototype Protocol Path that we use for the O, A, E, AE to give us the use of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as with the Units of A', which can even be the "Photons" or the "Planck Length" Systems, we can think of SAHA as the "Planck Length" Systems, the Quantum Bonding Length as we now work on explaining in next few edits and edition's or in a new article, the blog post.

Here, we can think of the A' and 2A' as in the K'+A'+SA+HA+A'=K+SA+HA=K, which simply means that if we add the Planck Length to any Nano or the Sub-atomic Systems, we can get the Atomic and Molecular Systems, and if we look at the Linguistics with K'+S+H+A=K, we can notice that it too follows the same in the Theory of Aspirated Sounds, where the K', the Aspirated Sound gets the S, the Breath, the H, the Duration of Breathing and A as the Vibration we create to just say the "K" Sound, and so is the case when we have the K' as the Nano Particle, and we keep adding to it the "Activation of Sub-atomic, Atomic and the Molecular Levels" that can be as the A'/2, A'/2, A', A', 2A', and 2A' that rounds all to A', A, 2A, the Self-assembling of A', A and 2A, and thus the Agni-Soma Conjecture for Everything that goes from Nano to Subatomic, Atomic and the Molecular Levels.

In this context, the Indian Vaka (Prose) goes for the Consonant Theory, while the Kava (Poetry) goes for the Vowel Theory, the Indian Classical Music finds the Vowel Theory in the Prose and Poetry while making the blend of both, while the Vowels stand alone as the Quantum Superposition of the Universe.

When we do not allow the "Vowel Theory, the Basics of International Phonetic Alpahebts", we may be seriously "playing" with every regional, continental and world civilization, which eventually extinct almost every world language because the Vowels are the Basic Quantum Sound Systems, the Primal Sounds of the Universe, which every world language uses to describe the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Cosmos, but mostly the name of the script ultimately seem to become the cause of most of the world problems and then extincts as it seems the cause with many ancient languages which are either extincted or now rarely spoken as we seem not to educate the International Phonetic Systems, but the "Scripts" may it be Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi, Indian and or the Foreign Languages.

In reality every world language, both the modern and the ancient keeps its "breathing" on the International, National or the Regional Phonetic Alphabets or the Quantum Sounds, which we almost observe nowhere as part of modern education systems, for example in India, we do not have it even though "scripts of languages" keep flagging, supporting or opposing or the "names".

When we look at the harm the modern classical systems seem to have done through Education, Media, TV Channels, FM Radios, Magazines, Newspapers and lot more in the name of languages is that it seem to fully neglect the Linguistics of the World Languages as well as the International Phonetic Alphabets and the similar.

Thus, for example, it seems the Asian and Many Other Leaders in any field except the ones in the languages with linguistics and music claiming to support the languages, particularly the "Sacred Languages" may have never opened even a single TV, Radio or the similar as with the Linguistics and the International Phonetic Alphabetical Systems, and seem to crave to claim that the languages are in great threat and may extinct. It seems illogical because it may win hearts of people that we have TV Programs going in the regional or international languages but at the very high cost of ignoring the Linguistics, International Phonetic Alphabets, Sacred Music, Math, Grammar, Geometry, and all that we now know as the Sacred and Quantum Systems with the Models and the Theory of Everything. So, we need to pay attention and look into these matter if our regional media or even the international media can think of and about introducing what we may not have imparted to the world populations from last 300 years, and it seems to be the case in most parts of the world.

The setback that it may cause is as it seems from the past history that world populations may fall victims or at least prone to what we know as the media use for mass controls in the name of languages, religions, faiths, spirituality, and the similar names as we fully lack the abilities to do the research work possible with the quantum systems that depend on the linguistics, computer programming and the sacred systems in general.

It has thus led to serious problems that the Quantum Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Maths, Musics, and the Quantum Sacred Systems making it all extincted in the world for last 300 years, and thanks to the recent works, researches and developments that has put most of the things on right tracks, which now need the greater and significant role of languages and linguistics in it all as we have discussed in this series particularly when we discuss the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the A, E, O, AE Systems, which has been the most essential part of the Indian Sacred, Classical and the Quantum Systems from the most ancient times, which we can retrace.

With the introduction of the Quantum Systems that use the Sacred Languages, Grammars, Math, Music, International Phonetic Systems, and the similar may soon make the Quantum Leap to Establish the Global, World and Universal Quantum Civilizations in few months and years to come as it surely seems from the last 2-3 years Quantization of World Civilizations with the Paradigm Shift.

And it should not surprise us that the Quantization of Space goes well as the SHREE Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems, while the Opposite is the RAMA, which is the Quantization of Light, the Superposition of M Sound System. If we want it all as easy like the VAKA and KAVA, the word and term of RAMA and MARA is the Essence of Light Quantization (RAMA) and Quantization of Matter into Light as the MARA as according to the Indian Sacred Systems of Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Guna, Kava, Vaka, Quantum Superposition, etc. as we have hypothesized, formulated and designed in the name of Philselfology, the name of our Hypothesis and Research.

If we ever to simplify the Indian Sacred Systems, we have the Consonants, Prose, Poetry and Vowels as the Theory of 5 Basic Elements, which is also the Theory of Molecules, Prose, which deals with the Theory of Consonants and Vowels, and thus also deals with the Consciousness as the Mana Theory, which is also the Theory of Atoms, and when think of Indian Sacred Poetry, it deals with the Sub-atomic Systems in the Mantras and the Compositions of any poetic lines in the sacred way, and it deals how Consciousness and the Atama (Light) in fabricated and threaded in the universe, and finally what we deal as the Nano Atomic Systems are what the Indian Vowels seem to well deal with the 4 Basic Vowels of A, E, O, AE and 16 Broad Spectrum of the Indian Vowels and thus the Indian Sacred Vowel Theory. Here the point of great concern is that every Ancient Sacred System, which appears as the Sacred Alchemy Systems, Atom Theory, Vortex Atom Theory, Theory of Consciousness, Theory of Soul and Spirit, Theory of Universe, Life and Genesis, Theory of Elements, Music, Sacred Geometry and Universe, and all that we study as the Nano, Sub-atomic, Atomic and Molecular Quantum Systems has mostly been written with the Consonants, Prose, Poetry and Vowel Theory, which is thus also the Essence of Indian Sacred Systems.

If we look at the Indian Sacred Systems of the A', A, 2A, we can very easily notice that the Universe goes for the Self-assembling and Reassembling with Self-arrangements and the Self-rearrangements with A' creating the Two Opposite Poles of A' and A' creating the A (A'+A'=A) and the A and the A Systems create the 2A, and here the 2A deals with the MA Rows, the 7th Row as the PA, PHA, BA, BHA, MA and the A deals with the TA, THA, DA, DHA, YNA-NA, and thus the 2A-A Systems give what the Indian Sacred Systems call the PANI, BANI, etc. and it deals with Amrita Theory, which we have also discussed as the Agni-Soma Conjecture, and it seems the use of Agni (Force of Friction, the Quanta Quantum Quantization) and Soma (Solid to Liquid Conversions through Force of Friction, the use of Agni as the Bhasma in Ayurveda and Potency in the Homeopathy Systems), and thus the Philosophy of Amrita as the Agni-Soma Conjecture and that leads to the "A', A, 2A", the Quanta, Quantum, Quantization Conjecture, which is all well written as the Indian Sacred Theory of Consonants (5 Basic Elements), Prose (Molecules), Poetry (Atoms) and the Vowels (Nano Particles) as we have discussed in this series of Be Happy Philselfologically.

One of the major problems in the modern age as well as when we study the atomic and the sub-atomic systems, we indulge in the micro works too much, but the Indian Sacred Systems provide a broad spectrum of solutions to it based on the Macro Classification of the Atom and Matter at the Universal Levels.

For it, we have to consider the Indian Alpahebts in a very new perspective so that we learn Art of Visualization as well when we study the Art of Focusing with the Atomic and Sub-atomic studies.

The 7th Row considers the Matter as the Molecular Systems, the Matter as the Longitudinal Wave Systems as we know it the Scalar Wave Systems, and 6th Row of the Indian Alphabets as in the Gurmukhi Alphabet represents the Earth Systems, the 5th Row goes for the Moon, the 4th Row goes well for the Sun, the 3rd Row goes well for the North Polaris and finally, the 2nd Row represents the Center of the Universe as the Glowing Star and the Light Systems. The First Row, which represent the vowels represent the Transverse Waves, which deal with Antimatter Matter in the way of Non-material world, which can also be studied as the Kinetic Energy of the Universe.

So, if we consider the above in context to dimensions, we have the Earth as the 1st Dimension, Moon as the Second, both move around the 3rd Dimension of the Sun that takes everything around the North Polaris as the 4th Dimension, and the 5th Dimension is the "Single Glowing Light of the Universe at the Center that sustains the Universe, and all dimensions move around it". The Two Row Dimensions of the Transverse and the Longitudinal Waves deal with the Light Waves and the Particle Waves of the 5 Dimensions, which we can put as the 5 Rows of the Consonants in the Indian Alphabets and the Indian Sacred Systems in general. This is how the Art of Vision and Visualization is developed; for example it is the Morning Prayer in the Sikhism as the Japji Sahib in which the 5 Dimensions at the Universal (Macro) Level are described as the 5 Khanda's, the 5 Dimensional Divisions and it does not differ in the Jainism, Buddhism and the Hinduism, and if we go to the Arabian, Israeli and the Egyptian Civilization, it's all described in the same way and thus the Theory and Philosophy of Genesis and Universe.

The 5 Columns of Indian Alphabets give what we can very easily understand as the Manifolds of Transverse Waves, 5 Basic Elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water, Solid and the Longitudinal Waves with the Topological Order of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as if put to A'-O-A' Quantum Superposition as it also goes as the O, A, E, AE, AO Systems as through the O, A, E and the OA, AE, EO Systems which we can think and imagine as the BITS and the QUBITS with the Quantum Superposition, and we may find it interesting that even the O, A and E create the Systems of Its Own Kind in the Linguistics with the O'-O', A'-A', E'-E', which by then Self-rearrange as for example the OA with (O'-O')-(A'-A')=O-A in which we have the O'-O' as the SA, the 4th Dimension and the A'-A' Expands it and thus the HA Dimension, and the SAHA, the "S:" goes as:


In other words, the Quantum Bonds as we can assume here go as the A', A, 2A, which remain hidden inside every word and letter or term in the same way as its in the Nucleus (A' Systems), Atom (A Systems), and Molecule (2A), which we can call the Quantum Bonds of Self-assembling and reassembling with Quantum Self-arrangement and rearrangement. When we say we have to show the Quantum Bond, we have to write the "SA+HA", the SAHA to really "show" the Quantum Bonds of the A', A and 2A in almost all world languages and it's the sure case with the Indian Languages and the Sacred Systems.

If we use the String Theory on the (O'-O')+(A'-A')=O'-O'+SA+HA+A'-A'=O+SA+HA+A=O+A=OA, we have to note one of the most important Topological Quantum Point in the Indian Sacred Systems, and that is the "Quantum Circle and Dot Inside it" where the Circle is called the "N" and the Dot in the Quantum Circle is called the "M", and when we say SAHA is the Bond inside the O-A, the Two Quantum Ends of the O-A String are the M and N, where the O, the First Group is the M, and the Second Group of the A in the O-A is the N, and thus we have the M-N surrounding the O-A, and we can put it as:

M+(O'-O')+(A'-A')+N=M+O'-O'+SA+HA+A'-A'+N=M+O+SA+HA+A+N =M+O+A+N=M+OA+N=OA

However, the Theory of M-N, the MANA goes to Musical Systems of the Gamut, the Sargama which we then divide with the Meters of Laghu and Guru. If we do not use the Musical Notes or Strings, we can simply put the SAHA Systems. It can be assumed one of the major difference between the Indian Prose and Poetry (Music) as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology, the Single Model and Theory of Everything! Smile

Thus, the MANA and NAMA is like the Roh-Avroh in the Music, which puts the Prose of the SAHA, the Inner Quantum Bonding of Every Sound, Letter and Word into the "Shape of the String Sound, and this is what we notice in the Computer Programming for the "Broken Links". The Quantum Prose goes to the Left Brain and the Quantum Poetry goes to the Right Brain, and the Music with MANA Theory can create the 5-Dimensional Systems, which with A-AA, E-EE, O-OO, AE-AAEE, etc. the Shiva-Shakti Systems can make us think of Sacred Music and Math as described here:

The MANA and the NAMA plays well with the SAHA and HASA, and we all know the Sohun and Hansa, which deals with the Light and 3-Dimensional World, the Matter, and that the MANA is the Musical World of the HASA, while the NAMA is the Musical World of Light as the SAHA, and we may remind ourselves that the SAHA-HASA deals with the Prose and the MANA-NAMA deals with the Light, the 4th Dimension of the Prose and thus converting it into Music, the MANA-NAMA Systems. The NAMA is the popular theory of Sounds, which when used in Musical Format takes us to the 5th Dimension, the Single Light, the Glow, who Speaks and Talks, and also popular as the Quantum God Dimension.

If we consider how all of it correlates with the atomic and the molecular systems in our age, the SAHA deals with the atomic systems, but if we want to break the molecules into atomic or even the sub-atomic levels, we need music, the rhythm, the vibrations, the beats , which convert the molecular systems into the atomic systems, and thus the NAMA aiding the SAHA to convert the Molecules into the Atoms, and still to the lower dimensions; both the sub-atomic and the nano systems, which is same as the Light of Vowels, and how we can forget the water molecules changed into the small atoms to purify it.

As we have noticed in our assumptions of assigning the Vibration Values of A'/4, A'/2, A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and 6A, 8A' to the Indian Rows of the Letters in the Alpahebts, we can notice that in the Columns of the Alpahebts, we have the Manifolds going on which describe, for example in the Fractional Systems of any given row as we can put with "Vowels as the Rate of Resistance and Capacitance as all rows represent the Transverse Waves, 5 Basic Elements, and the Longitudinal Waves", and thus we can have the Space Element with (A'/2), (A'/2)/2, (A'/2)/3, (A'/2)/4, (A'/2)/5, with which we can describe the Fractional Quantum Hall (FQH):

"Fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states are predicted to have non-Abelian quasiparticles. The state appears below 50 mK in GaAs two-dimensional electron systems at filling factor (the ratio of 2D electrons to applied flux quanta) 5/2. This state and its spin-reversed partner at v = 7/2 are the only fractional quantum Hall states with even-denominator filling fractions. The prevailing theory of the 5/2 state involves p-wave pairing of composite fermions edges carrying charge e/4 and having non-Abelian particle statistics. It is known that the 5/2 state can exist in even lithographically patterned micron-scale structures, which allows us to pursue verification of predicted signatures of non-Abelian statistics in quantum dots, antidots, and interferometers." (With thanks from the source: )

Thus, we can also have the A'/3, 2A'/3, 3A'/3, 4A'/3, 5A'/3, and in the combinations and pairs of different waves and or the basic elements, we can have any fractal and the fractional ratios, we can explain the Quantum Hall Effect ( as well as the Fractional quantum Hall Effect (

Now, as the Force of Friction changes with quantum spins with A'/2, A', 2A', and leads to the Formation of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Solid Elements, we can very easily notice that the Rows and the Columns of the Indian Alpahebts also deal with the Quantum Thermal Effects:

"From the calculations of bulk quantities only, without refereeing to Majorana edge states, we show that the thermal Hall conductivity of two-dimensional TSCs in the low-temperature limit is quantized in multiples of 1/2πT6, which is exactly one half of the value of quantization in the case of the integer quantum Hall effect, and that this exact half-quantization is caused by the structure of the Nambu spinor and the particle-hole symmetry, which BdG Hamiltonians generally have. In the case of spinless chiral p-wave superconductors, this result is in perfect agreement with the argument based on the Ising conformal field theory with the central charge c=1/2, which is an effective low-energy theory of the Majorana edge states." (With thanks from the source: )

If we use the Quantum Theory of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as the Spins and the A, E, O, AE as the Quantum Phases, which can be either Two Dimensional Topological Quantum Phases, Superposition, Dimensions, Fractals or the Manifolds, we can use the Indian sacred Systems to describe the excellence of researches as the ones from the Satoshi Fujimoto, who is the Professor, Department of Materials Engineering Science, Osaka University with Topics of Research: Topological phases and Majorana fermions in non-centrosymmetric electron systems, as he says:

"My main research interest is the theoretical study on topological phases realized in condensed matter systems such as superconductors, superfluids, band insulators, and Mott insulators. In particular, recently, the exploration of Majorana fermions in topological superconductors of noncentrosymmetric materials is one of the main research theme. Majorana fermions in topological superconductors play an important role for the realization of non-Abelian statistics and topological quantum computation. One of promising systems for this purpose is a superconductor with strong spin-orbit interaction under applied magnetic fields, as we proposed before <Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 020401>." (With thanks from the source: )

In case of the Indian Music and Raga that deals with the SAHA of Vowels, we can very easily note the use of the A'/4, A'/2, A', A and 2A as the Laghu and the Guru Vowels and or the Consonants to make any Quantum Composition in the Indian Music, and it also uses the Manifolds of the Columns as the Laghu (Small) and Guru (Large) Vowel Levels of the Music and Raga Meters. We have to know these "Musical Meters and the Parameters" to learn, understand and comprehend the Indian Music and Raga with what we know as the Quantum Math and the Modern Quantization. (Please read more from the sources like this one with our thanks: , , , , and )

We can notice that many of us are interested in the micro levels of the universe and thus the Nano, Sub-atomic, Atomic and Molecular Levels, which the Indian Sacred Systems discuss as the A'/2, A', 2A' and 4A' while the 2A, 4A, 8A, 16A, 32A, and thus the Indian Theory of Consonants and the Longitudinal Waves deal with the Earth, Moon, Sun, North Polaris, Center of Universe and that is within this Macro Levels including the Topological Quantum Groups of 2A, 4A', 8A, 16A, 32A and the Higher Dimensions with interpretation and elaborations of the Signs and Constellations, which the Indian Alpahebts also explain, and many of us use it as the Art of Vision and Visualization focusing on the Universe rather than the Atoms and the Sub-atomic World.

We can pay more attention to the A'/2, A', 2A', 4A', etc. as the Micro Symmetry Systems of the Space, Vacuum and Universe while the 2A, 4A, 8A, 16A, 32A is the Macro Symmetry Systems of the Space, Vacuum and Universe, and if we change A' to 2A' (Micro) or 2A to 4A (Macro), it's the Symmetry Breaking, which is almost same as the Topological Quantum Change in the Symmetry of the given systems. (Please read more from the sources with our thanks: and )

So, what is the A'/2, A', 2A', 4A' and the 2A, 4A, 8A, 16A, 32A, etc., well as it seems almost self-evident, it's the "Topological Order" where we observe the activity of great importance and that is the Symmetry protected topological order, and please read more from the sources: and

It also makes the A' and its Links and Relations with the Consonants as well as the 2A', 3A', 4A', etc. something that we know as the Local Order with a good discussion going on here:

We can also notice and observe that the what is inside the Atomic and the Sub-atomic Worlds is topologically same in the Universe and Superuniverses, and how we approach it all matters as we may be either dealing with the micro (atom) or the macro (universe) level worlds. It's also the base and the basics of the Indian Prose and Poetry, which describe the atom and the universe thorough the vowels, consonants and its use in ratios as we use the Indian Music, Raga, Geometry, Math, Measurements and thus make the difference and imagine how much wonder in abundance is there if we know the International Phonetic Alpahebts that describe the same while pleasing Achim Kempf's Theory of Sounds, Shapes, Geometry and Universe! Smile

To understand the Indian Sacred Systems and how these can help in the materialization and realization of the Quantum Systems and Civilization needs that one knows the Indian Languages and the Grammars with Prose, Poetry, Grammars and the Vowel and Consonant Theory, which is one of the easiest thing in the world with connection to the International Phonetic Alpahebts. In other words, if one knows the International Phonetic Alphabetical Systems, one knows the Indian Sacred Systems in an indirect way, and thus can very easily go for the Classical and Quantum Computing, Math, Grammar and the Programming and life is getting linguistic nowadays!

We also notice that from very long time, the International Phonetic Alphabets and use of Languages with the Prose and Poetry for Math, Linguistics, Computing and Machine Programming has not been part of the life of the masses, the world population as only very few people know it. With the dawn of Quantum Mechanics and Systems as we think of Manifolds, Dimensions, Fractals, Universe, Light, Consciousness, Theory of Elements, we need to introduce it to the masses to have better future, and also for future generations as well as for the existing ones.

We will edit and add.

The Previous Part of the Series: How AUM (OM) and EAKA (ONE) Explain Light, Sound and Quantization, Four Fold Memory, Ananda (Bliss), Meditation, Visualization, 5th Dimension, Super Abacus, Quantum Healing for Quantum Self-expression: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 176

The Previous Part of the Series: How Akala, Satinama and EAKA Philosophy Explains Theory of Amplituhedron, Planck Length and Cymatics: Kala as Classical Time, Akala as Quantum Time Dimensions and Akasha Homotopy and Topology: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 178

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Be Happy Philselfologically while listening to Good Quality Music Everyday! Smile Thanks!
How Gurmukhi as Indian Sacred Alphabet Explains Four Fold Quantum Memory with Tangential System of Point Particles Moving in Newtonian Straight Line and in Circle: Quantum Drop and Universe as Akasha: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 175

When we think about what the Universe is and the Space and the Vacuum are, and how these are created and composed, we can think of the Indian Philosophy of Space, Vacuum and Universe, which is simply put as the Shoonaya and Akasha Philosophy of Universe. Moreover, as we think of riddles and the parables, all of the things of the Indian Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom has been put in the Indian Sacred Languages and Alphabets. For this reason, the Indian Seers and the Sages seem to have put the 35 Sanskrit, Hindi and Gurmukhi.

As we have discussed the Space Element, which is the Second Row of the Indian Alphabets as in the Gurmukhi Alphabet, which is also the First Row of the Consonants starting with K and thus called K-Varga. It represents the ½ Spin Systems of the Universe, and thus its Composition, which is the Composition of the Space as the Akasha Systems is from the 1/4+1/4 Spins=1/2, and here the 1/2 Spins are made up of the 1/4 Spins of the Baryons and lower spins. We can very easily correlate it with the Skyrmion in which the Indian 16 Spins seem to be like the Skyrions as the A-AA, E-EE, O-OO, AE-AAEE, etc. going it as it says in the statements below:

"In physics, magnetic skyrmions (occasionally described as 'vortices,'<1> or 'vortex-like'<2> configurations) are quasiparticles<3> which have been predicted theoretically<1><4><5> and observed experimentally<6><7> in condensed matter systems.

Most descriptions include the notion of topology-a category of shapes and the way in which an object is laid out in space-using a continuous-field approximation as defined in micromagnetics." (With thanks from the source: )

The Micromagnetics seem to be as if the 16 and the 64 Sub-vowels, the Yogini Systems arranged as if the 64 Combinations of the Vowel Spins that create the Circles of Spins around any quantum system as these all differ by the Multiples of the Angles of Pi say as the Pi/4, Pi/3, Pi/2 and Pi Systems to 2Pi within the range and domain of the A-AA, E-EE, O-OO and the AE-AAEE.

"In particle theory, the skyrmion (/ˈskɜrmi.ɒn/) is a hypothetical particle related originally<1> to baryons. It was described by Tony Skyrme and consists of a quantum superposition of baryons and resonance states." (With thanks from the source: )

It's, the Indian Vowels as the Akasha Systems as in the First Row of the Indian Alpahebts is nowadays also popular as the Magnetic Skyrmion Systems when we put the First Row of Indian Vowels as the Magnetic Systems:

The Spins that 1/4 Spins thus create are in the First Row as clear to the Indian Vowel Theory placed in the First Row as the First 5 Vowels in the Gurmukhi Script and Alphabets.

The Space Element, the K-Varga thus creates the Fermion World of 1/4 Spins which if add give us the 1/2 Spins of Space Elements well placed in the Space Element, and thus the Space (Akasha) is the 1/4 Spin Composition consisting of 1/4 and even the 1/3 Spins.

When we move to the Second Row of the Consonants, which is the CH-Varga, we have the 1/2 Spins Composing it as the 1/2+1/2=1 Spin of the Air Element.

In the case of 1/4+1/4 and 1/2+1/2 Quantum Spin Additions, we can notice that it follows the Pauli Exclusion Principle of Opposite Spins, the Spin Anti-pair.

The most beautiful point about the Indian Theory of Akasha as represented in the First Row of the Consonants, the K-Varga is that it invites our attention not just consider the Pauli Exclusion Principle in the Classical Theory of Mechanics, but the Quantum Mechanical Theory as we hypothesize in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, which reflects on the Quantum Math and Computing and the Emerging Philosophy of Qubit and Quantum Qubit Computing and what we can call the Essence of Nanomedicines as the Quanta Quantum Quantization.

It considers the “Quantum Spin” as made up of two Newtonian Systems of Infinity, which also include the Vacuum Systems:

1. One part of the Quantum Spin is that all quantum systems, which move as everything moves in the space without use of external force and thus in the Straight Line

2. Second part of the Quantum Spin is that all quantum systems, which move in the presence of the external force and tend to create the circular motion as it creates the anti-pairs with centripetal and the centrifugal forces

With two above forces either in the space, vacuum or simply in the universe keep moving in the straight line or under the influence of external force giving us hypothetically the “Quantum Tangent of Things Moving in Straight Line” and the “Quantum Circle of Everything that Experiences External Force”.

This Quantum Straight Line and Quantum Circle of Infinity Systems constitute the Infinity Systems of the Indian Theory and Philosophy of Akasha, the Infinite Space in which there can be billions of universe and the Superuniverses resulting from the Infinite Straight Line of Quantum Systems and the Quantum Circles of the Quantum Systems.

In the Indian Sacred Systems, when the Quantum Point Particle Systems move in the Straight Line, it can be assumed as the A-N-A-N-D-A, the Charge of "N", which has not gone into plurality (A-N) as the N is Plurality of Charge and the A-N is the Singularity of the same Universal Charge which bears the Cosmological Constant with the Planck Length A'=1.6*10^-35 M (M for Meters).

"With regard to Vallabha’s view of Aum it is said that Aksara itself is imperishable and appears as souls endowed with Sat and Chit but not as Ananda.<6> For Vallabha, Ananda, which is the first manifestation of God, is the actualisation of the absolute identity and selfness, whereas the second manifestation of God is the Aksara, the impersonal ground from which all determinations arise because it is the substratum of all finite forms that pre-exist but issue forth from it which though by itself is the intermediate form that lacks plenitude.<7>" (With thanks from the source: )

In other words, if the distance is less than Planck Length A' (where A'=1.6*10^-35 M), we can imagine everything is Bliss (Ananda), which is Indivisible Self (Saibhanga), and we have what is beyond the Aksara, the Akhara, the Quantized Forms of Universe, which the Indian Sacred Systems present as the 35 Primal Sounds as the Akhara, the Sacred Letters of Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and Other Indian Alphabets.

When we consider the A'=1.6*10^-35 M and think of it in the context to the Indian Sacred Systems as the A'-A'=A, the Vowel of Lord Vishnu, the Schwa, which is considered as the "Smallest Unit of Living Systems, the Vish-anu, the Vishnu Systems", we can notice it sums up the Most Modern Theory of Consciousness as the Film Theory of Universe, we can understand the A' and the A as the Pivot to the Shiva Equations of the Universe that go for the Four Fold Universe as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' with the Mystery of 1.6 in the 4A':

"Consciousness, a parameter which differentiates living and non living thing has been explained by physics with the use of ‘Siva’s equation of consciousnes’. ‘Planck length’ of Quantum physics has been derived by substituting the value of ‘d’ mass of ‘K-Suryon’ in ‘Siva’s equation of consciousness’. The final result is a substantial mathematical proof says that the consciousness wave originates from a point in our four dimensional space time continuum whose diameter is 1.6 times higher than ‘Planck length’ of physics. This consciousness wave obeys all the definitions of electromagnetic wave without collapsing in to Planck hole. This will be useful in making substantial theories of consciousness and ‘Neuro Quantology’.

1. Planck length of physics has been derived By substituting parameters of the universe in ‘Siva’s Consciousness Wave Equation’.

2. This result concluded that the consciousness wave originates from a point in the universe having diameter near to plank length and a little bit higher in order to exist as an electromagnetic wave in this four dimensional universe for which planck length is the limit. It gives rise to a thought that consciousness wave is cause for the Biological field and consciousness for material objects. When the living thing becomes nonliving thing, the consciousness wave can be terminated and goes back to its originating point. It supports the ‘soul concept’ as explained by ‘Eccles’.

This concept will be useful to make a full pledged theory of consciousness of life sciences. Forth coming papers will explain space and time as separate entities and how space and time combines to form ‘space-time’ of ‘Minkowski’ and ‘General Relativity’ with combination of consciousness to transform material things in to biological form for creation of living things." (With thanks from the source: Relation between Planck Length and Origin of Consciousness in Life Sciences-A Mathematical Proof: )

The Quantum Systems that the A', 2A', 3A' and 4A' creates as the O, A, E and EA are popular as the Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga Systems in the Indian Sacred Systems describing the Central Theme and Thesis Work of Cosmos and the Universes. Please read more from here: Do we live inside a mathematical equation?:

Here, we need to note and consider the Indian Sacred Theory of Light in 3 Dimensions as A(O), A(N) and Kara, which keeps the A (O) as the Light in Straight Line, and the A(N) discusses light in plurality, the Circular Forms of Light in the Topological Quantum Way, while the Kara is the Space Element (K), which exists because of A(O) and A(N) that we know as the Akasha as well, and the Quantization of it all into the "Spectrum as Expressed in the 7 Rows of the Indian Alphabets", and thus we have the O(A), A(N), and KARA as the O(A)-A(N)-KARA, which is popular as the ONKARA Philosophy.

It seem to integrate the Quantum Math of A', 2A', 3A', 4A' into the Fabrication of Universe as the Gnomonic Systems with Quantum Great Circles:

"A gnomonic map projection displays all great circles as straight lines, resulting in any line segment on a gnomonic map showing a geodesic, the shortest route between the segment's two endpoints.

No distortion occurs at the tangent point, but distortion increases rapidly away from it. Less than half of the sphere can be projected onto a finite map." (With thanks from the source: )

The Quantum Sequences that the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and the Higher or even the Lower Dimensions say the A'/2, A'/3, A'/4, A'/5', etc. can well perform what we know as the Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction Spirals with the introduction of Phi and or the other mathematical systems as well said here:

"“There are certain things,” said Aristotle, “which suffer no alteration save in magnitude when they grow…” He was referring here to the phenomenon the Greek mathematicians called the gnomon and the type of growth based upon it, known as gnomonic expansion. Hero of Alexandria defined it as follows: “A gnomon is any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves the resultant figure similar to the original.” … growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new. (Taken from Robert Lawlor’s Sacred Geometry).

The distribution of leaves around a central stem is governed by the Fibonacci Serie: 3 leaves in 5 turns, 5 leaves in 8 turns

This conclude the formulation for the Holon of Motion, Spirit–Soul–Physical motion.


Again, as Lawlor puts it:

The Golden Mean spiral, in which the geometric increase of the radial arms is equal to φ… To Pythagorean eyes, however, this form embodies the dynamics of the rhythmic generation of the cosmos, and through its harmonic principle, represents universal love." (With thanks from the source: )

In it, all we have to observe that we can also consider the A(O) and A(M) as the shortest possible Philosophy of the Quantum Universe in which Light is considered in Straight Light, the A(O) and Glowing at One Single Point of A(M), and what a great wonder that it seems the Quantum Light Mother Tincture of A(M) in the Universe, and thus the Quantum Un-quantized Quanta Quantum, the Supreme Health, the Ojasa of the Quantum Universe, which we know as the A(O) and A(M), and commonly used as the A(O)-A(M) and thus written as the AUM, and need to considered it as the Space Glowing without any quantization, and thus the Pure Light, the A(O)-A(M), which gives us the Ananda, the Bliss, which is almost same as the A-Nada, and the Nada can be what we can very easily quantize as it carries the charge of NA in the DA dimension of NA Row of TA, THA, DA, DHA, NA!

How can we very easily understand the role of the Nada and the Ananda or what we call the Quantum Light in Straight Line and in the Topological Quantum Circles is from the point that the Light is Wave-Particle Duality where the Wave Part is the Anada, the Light in Straight Line while the Topological Quantum Light is the Particle Side of the same way, so the Light carries the sound, the Nada while also being the Ananda, the Bliss as according to our Hypothesis of Philselfology, and this is what the Indian Alphabets and Sacred Systems express about the Light as the Quantum Systems of Sound and Light as the Wave and Particle Duality.

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

We can treat it as the Infinite Zero-Point Energy, the A(O)-A(M) Energy! Smile

"Zero-point energy behaves differently. For ordinary radiation, the ratio of pressure to energy density is w=1/3c2, which is customarily expressed in units whereby c=1, and thus the ratio is expressed as w=+1/3. But for zero-point energy the ratio is w=-1. This is owing to the circumstance that the zero-point energy density is assumed to be constant: no matter how much the universe expands it does not become diluted, but instead more zero-point energy is assumed to be created out of nothing." (With thanks from the source: )

The Zero-point Energy can be considered as the A'/2 Energy, which "Balances the Quantum Universe", and we can derive the Einstein's Equations of Cosmological Constant using it as the -1, the Anti-gravity Systems to +1 Gravity of the Universe in general, and thus restating it all as below and as again:

4A'+3A'+2A'+A'=A'/2 (How funny, it may seem!) (1)

=2A+3A'+A+A'=A'/2 (Still funny, but with Self-assembling and reassembling of the 4A' as 2A and 2A' as A, which should release energy) (2)

=2A+3A'+A'+A=A'/2 (Less funny now as when Self-reassembling takes place, the 3A' and A' can combine and self-reassemble as well giving us the 4A'=2A) (3)

=2A+2A+A=A'/2 (4)

=4A+A=A'/2 (5)

=-A'/2+A=A'/2 (Not that much funny as in the Indian Sacred Systems, when the 4A Level is achieved, it naturally goes as to 2A-2A, which goes back to First Rows of Dark Matter as to the Quantum Air Elements as 2A+2A=A'/2, the Decomposition, the De-quantization of Dark Matter into the Space Element in the Indian Alphabets (5)

=-A'/2+A=A'/2 (6)

The 6th Step in the equations above is just an expression that tends to simplify the w=-1 as we read below:

"Zero-point energy behaves differently. For ordinary radiation, the ratio of pressure to energy density is w=1/3c2, which is customarily expressed in units whereby c=1, and thus the ratio is expressed as w=+1/3. But for zero-point energy the ratio is w=-1. This is owing to the circumstance that the zero-point energy density is assumed to be constant: no matter how much the universe expands it does not become diluted, but instead more zero-point energy is assumed to be created out of nothing.

A further peculiarity is that a ratio of w=-1 implies that the zero-point energy exerts a negative pressure which, counter-intuitively, leads to an expansion of space-time." (With thanks from the source: )

As we have discussed that the "A'/2, A', 2A'" in the Indian Sacred Systems and the Alpahebts is the Philosophy of Dark Energy, Zero-Point Energy and the Dark Matter, we can reinforce it with the following well said statement:

"Recent work by Christian Beck at the University of London and Michael Mackey at McGill University may have resolved the 120 order of magnitude problem. In that case dark energy is nothing other than zero-point energy. In Measureability of vacuum fluctuations and dark energy and Electromagnetic dark energy they propose that a phase transition occurs so that zero-point photons below a frequency of about 1.7 THz are gravitationally active whereas above that they are not. If this is the case, then the dark energy problem is solved: dark energy is the low frequency gravitationally active component of zero-point energy." (With thanks from the source: )

We can thus say that the following equation is Zero-point Energy "With Quantization" on the Left Side and "Without Quantization" on the right side:


It seem to satisfy the following:

"Nernst in particular claimed in 1916 that the universe was filled with zero-point energy. This line of investigation was abandoned with the advent of quantum mechanics, but the concept of zero-point energy soon reemerged with a quantum interpretation." (With thanks from the source: )

We can put that this Generalized Topological Quantum equation is for the 7-Dimensions:



And for the 8-Dimensions, we can put it as:

4A'+3A'+2A'+A'+8A'=A'/2+A/2' (Generalized Topological Quantum Equation of Zero-Point Energy, Space, Vacuum and Supergravity and Super (Quantum) Gravity, the Antigravity)

It can simultaneously prove the following:

A'/4=A'/4 (Zero-point Energy Levels)

A'/2=A'/2 (Space Element Level)

A'=A' (Quantum Foam or Air Level)

Super Gravity=Super Anti-gravity

However, we have to prove all the required steps, which can be usually 6-8 to 10-12 in the sequential way.

So, we can notice that the A(O), A(N) and the KA(R) or K(A)-RA give us the Geodesic Quantum Systems of the Universe as shown below:

The Indian Alphabet while considering the Light in the First Row as the A(O) expands it through A(N) into the Rows of Indian Alpahebts creating, constituting and thus designing and fabricating the Quantum Universe as the Space, Air, Water, Fire, Solid and Higher Dimensional Solids, and it may look like this:

Here, the point of great concern is where most of the Indian Spiritual Master have been making great efforts to prove that EA-KA is the "Right Approach for 5 Dimensional Study, Research and Innovation of Light as the A(O)-A(N) as ONE everywhere in the universe with E as the 3-D and the A as the 2-D while the E=O+A, which makes the O(A) and A(A) or the A(N), the Single Identity of 5 Dimensions of EA in Space, the K, and thus the EAK Philosophy, which Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji proposed as the EAKA-Onkara Philosophy already existing in the Developed Civilizations of Vedic Times".

Due to the popular use of the term A(O)-A(M)-KARA as the ONKARA, many things may not be well understood as it need to be AUM-KARA or OM-KARA not the ONKARA, and that also makes that we take A(N) as the A(M) when we think of ONE Light, which is dual as the A(O) and A(M), where A(O) is the Particle Wave, which we can quantize as the O, A, E, EA; A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the A(M) cannot be quantized but "cloned" only as it's not the particle wave, but the light wave or simply wave side of the wave-particle duality.

If we want to see good effects of the sound vibrations, we can utter AUM in the AUM-KARA while avoiding the popular term as ON-KARA! Smile

However, when we consider the "Perfection of Indian Sacred Systems in Sounds, Music and Ragas", we can notice that even the AUM-KARA needs that we understand that AO-AUM-KARA is present as when we open our mouth, we first say AO, and then AUM, and finally put it with KAR(A)", which means the ONKARA for better pronunciation goes as: AO-AUM-KARA, and the great thing is that AO represents the A-O Quantization of Vowels (Light as Wave, and thus 5 Columns of the Indian Vowels) and the AUM, the A-O(M) is the Quantization of Quantum Phase, which is the Spectrum of Light in the 7 Rows of the Indian Alphabets. It makes the "AO"-"AUM" or "AO-AOM" represent the 5 Columns (AO) and 7 Rows (AOM) of the Indian Alphabets, and the KARA simply goes for the K as the Space Element (Akasha Element) and the RA is the Quantization! Smile

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji felt the need to write the AO-AUM-Kara in the Gurmukhi Languages, and he made a little change in it that instead of AO, he changed the base of "A" to "O", and that made him write the AO as the O-AO in the O-AO-AUM-Kara Systems. Moreover, one can notice that the O-AO-AUM has the AUM better written as the A(M), so he has put it as follows:


To distinguish between the AUM as the A(M) further expansion of it has been made as the A(M-N-M), the little fluctuation in the M Sound after the A, which is the "Charge Aura of the Indian Vowels, which when created gives the 35th Letter of M in the 7th Row of the Indian Alpahebts". When we consider the Charge Aura of Vowels, it descends from H to YIN-YA, YAN-YA, YAN-YAN (As in Nara'yana', the NA in the Narayana YAN-YAN and goes as N(Y)AN-NA), NA-NA and MA-MA, the Special Vowels of the 5th Column in the Indian Alphabets as for example in the Gurmukhi. We can consider it to be the "Quantum Charge Cloud of Ionization of All Vowels". It is mostly represented as the OM, NAMO, YAN-MO, and where we see the use of the 5th Column, the 5th Base Dimension of Indian Alphabets as the Super Quantum Abacus Systems. In the Chinese Civilizations, we notice the same as the Yin and Yang for the 5 Basic Elements with Heaven and Earth Systems as the Yin and Yang (Please read more from the link provided here: )

So, the O-AO-A(M)-Kara has two parts:

1. O-AO as the Quantized Charge Systems at the O Base, the 1-Dimensional Systems

2. A(M) as the Quantized Charge Cloud

If we quantize the Charge Cloud of O-AO, we get all vowels as with the O, the Primal Vowel popular as the Brahma Vowel, the "O".

When we quantize the Spectrum Phases of the Quantum Charge in the A(M), we get the HA-HA to YIN-YA, YAN-YA, YAN-YAN, NA-NA and MA-MA, etc. Charge Clouds, which we can also assume as the Mother Tincture "Charges" of Vacuum, Space, Air, Water, Fire, and the Solid Elements in the Indian Alpahebts according to our Hypothesis of Philselfology based on the Gurmukhi.

The reason for saying so many things about the Light as the Color, Charge and Sound Cloud is based on the point that the Letters in the Indian Alphabets change from Space Elements to the Solid Elements when we move from UP to DOWN in the Rows, which is also the Light as the Charge Cloud as the Particle Wave Systems. When we go from the Left to Right in the Columns, we notice that the "Manifolds Change", and the Charge Clouds change from the 1-D to the 4-D and finally to the 5th Dimension, and together these two the Rows and the Columns give the Sounds of Indian Vowels, which thus seem to make every letter as the Sound (Blend of Column and Row stated for each letter), Charge (Columns, the 5 Columns as the 5 Dimensions of Charge) and Color (Spectrum, the 7 Rows). If we look again at this mapping it seems almost same as the Wave Particle Dualism, the Quantum Map and Mapping of Indian Alpahebts and the Letters in it all as the Unit of Wave-particle duality as shown below:

Now, when we consider the Wave and Particle Duality in the Indian Sacred Systems as in the Hypothesis of Philselfology, we notice, we have it as the "A', 2A', 3A', 4A'", which goes downward in the Indian Alphabets and the "O, A, E, AE" goes Left to Right in the Indian Alphabets, this setup is very important when we consider the Most Recent and Modern Theory of Pilot Wave of Quantum Drop, which we can assume a Quantum Drop as the Sphere gives us the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' as the Radius Systems of 4 Quantum Levels of the Quantum Drop, while the "Drop Moves with its Quantum Memory", which seems to be the "Topological Quantum Dimensional Quantum Movement", which we can consider as the O, A, E and AE Systems of the Quantum Drop, and because at Radius=A', the Quantum Drop behaves as having the 1-Dimensional Topological Quantum Qualities as it does as A for the Radius=2A', and E for the Radius=3A', and that the Radius=4A' gives us the AE, and thus, we have the Quantum Drop as the Quantum Dipole of the Universe, and can notice the 4-Dimensional Quantum Drop, which makes the Quantum Systems behave as the Quantum Qubit Computing Systems as well exhibits the Wave and Particle of Light Systems as given in the Quantum Drop and the Pilot Waves, which it gives with A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, A, E, O as discussed in this article:

"In each test, the droplet wends a chaotic path that, over time, builds up the same statistical distribution in the fluid system as that expected of particles at the quantum scale. But rather than resulting from indefiniteness or a lack of reality, these quantum-like effects are driven, according to the researchers, by “path memory.”Every bounce of the droplet leaves a mark in the form of ripples, and these ripples chaotically but deterministically influence the droplet’s future bounces and lead to quantum-like statistical outcomes. The more path memory a given fluid exhibits — that is, the less its ripples dissipate — the crisper and more quantum-like the statistics become. “Memory generates chaos, which we need to get the right probabilities,” Couder explained. “We see path memory clearly in our system. It doesn’t necessarily mean it exists in quantum objects, it just suggests it would be possible.”

If space and time behave like a Superfluid, or a fluid that experiences no dissipation at all, then path memory could conceivably give rise to the strange quantum phenomenon of entanglement — what Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance.” When two particles become entangled, a measurement of the state of one instantly affects that of the other. The entanglement holds even if the two particles are light-years apart." (With thanks from the source: )

Thus, the Quantum Drop Dipole seem to represent what the Indian Astrology studies and researches as the Sound Patterns of A, E, O, AE, expanding into the 27 Constellations, 12 Signs and Other Quantum Cosmological Mapping of the Universe with the Sound, Charge and Color (Spectrum) Systems of the Quantum Mapping of the Universe in the Topological Quantum Way, which then constitutes the same as depicted in the Indian Alpahebts in the Sanskrit, Hindi, Gurmukhi and Other Indian Languages. The 4 Pada in the Indian Astrology which describes the Quantum Drop as the Amrit A(M)RIT Boond, the Eternal Heavenly Drop of Quantum Memory as thus also the Bases and the Basics of the Study and Research of Universe as the 4 Pada Topological Quantum Math of the Universe gives very wonderful explanations of the Quantum Universe as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology.

We can also put this Quantum Drop as the "Water Memory Drop" in the Nano Quantum Homeopathy Systems. If we assume that A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, E, A, AE are the Cause and Effect Atoms, based on which one stronger in the "Total Charge and its Strength, which seems Oxygen in many cases" and thus the Oxygen and Hydrogen and the Cause and Effect Atoms, which create the Nano Quantum Water Memory Drop as discussed here:

"... Therefore, the post here reproduced is also a good argument to show that memory of water can no longer be denied, since it has been proven to be not just a single form, but a four-fold aspect of the remedies.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have demonstrated quantum entanglement for a quantum state stored in four spatially distinct atomic memories.

Their work, described in the November 18 issue of the journal Nature, also demonstrated a quantum interface between the atomic memories -- which represent something akin to a computer "hard drive" for entanglement -- and four beams of light, thereby enabling the four-fold entanglement to be distributed by photons across quantum networks. The research represents an important achievement in quantum information science by extending the coherent control of entanglement from two to multiple (four) spatially separated physical systems of matter and light." (With thanks from the source: )

If we take the Modern Quantum Systems of Water Memory and Quantum Systems as explained in the 3 Guna, the Agni in Ayurveda and the 4th State as the Ojasa with its Basic Principle of the Soma, the Superfluidity, we can notice that Homeopathy and Ayurveda at the Agni and Soma, the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and O, A, E, AE make the Super Molecular Systems of Healthcare where the Energy from the Source as O, A, E, AE flows to its Object Systems as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', and both the Source and Object seem to the Super Molecule as shown in the images below:

"The cell cytoplasm is like an over-crowded dance floor at disco. The cytoskeleton strongly interacts with water molecules, metabolites, and moving proteins (like kinesins). These interactions are structural, signaling, and sometimes to orient the internal cytoskeleton. There is no known mechanism for protecting microtubules (rigid tubes made of the tubulin protein) from decoherence, the environmentally-induced destruction of quantum coherence, the unavoidable coupling of a quantum system with the environment. Quantum computing requires quantum coherence in order to use superpositions of quantum states to solve certain problems much more quickly than its classical counterpart. Without a protecting mechanism, the role of quantum computation in microtubules in the emergence of consciousness recalls to me water memory, Benveniste’s proposal to explain the mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work." (With thanks from the source: )

The above discussion can also be put as follows:

"In terms of consciousness, within Stuart Hameroff's Orch-OR theory of Quantum Consciousness, structured water is held within hollow microtubule cores. Its estimated that 10,000,000 of these microtubules are found within each neuron, providing a finer scale to conscious processes, processes that utilise quantum mechanics, than by just focusing on neurons alone.

Considering energy work, for a moment, I think that doing energy work such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki and meditation may structure your cellular water, which in turn makes internal metabolic processes work better, which brings about health. Also, the structured water is more suited to working with conscious processes within the brain. This may in turn facilitate a deeper conscious connection which may manifest as intuition, creativity or transpersonal experiences. So, the structure of the water is fundamental to health and consciousness." (With thanks from the source: )

As we discuss the Quantum Drop with Pilot Wave Systems for the Superfluid Systems, it need to have the 4-Dimensional Setup, which we have discussed and described as the A', 2A', 3A', 4A'; O, A, E, EA, we can make it have good impact on the following kind of near future research works in the Quantum Systems:

"In the future, Anderson and his collaborators plan to study the behavior of “rotons” (particle-like excitations) in superfluid helium as an even closer analog of this possible “superfluid model of reality.”..." (With thanks from the source: )

If we consider the O-AO-A(M)-KARA, the ONKARA Philosophy for the Quantum Drop, the AUM moves in the Superfluidity of Spacetime, which in the Indian Sacred Systems is expressed as the SAHA, the S:, which is also popular as the Visarjana Systems, the Theory of Super-fluidity Spreading in which every Music, Mantra, and other words of Sound, Energy, Matter go back into Big Cosmic Ocean of the SAHA. However, when we consider the Superfluidity of the OM or AUM Systems, it goes as follows:


SOHUN is thus the Total Energy of the Universe, which we experience as the Ananda, the Bliss, the Light, the Self-illumination, the Personal Light, the 5th Dimension of the Universe.

It makes the SOHUN behave as the Sacred Union of ONE identity of the Light of AUM (OM) with Ishwara Content of Spacetime, the Superfluidity of SAHA and be SOHUN, which means it's what the Indian Sacred Systems call SAT-CHIT-ANANDA, the SAHA+AUM=SOHUN.

It has been used as the True Identity of the Human Consciousness as it also follows what we study as E=M*C^2

In the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology, I found that E=M*C^2 can be treated as follows as well:


It's thus the Topological Quantum Dimensional study of the E=M*C^2 and the universe in general.

Most of the learners, students, scholars, educators and researchers in the Indian Sacred Systems have been studying the Superfluidity as the SOMA or the A(M)RIT Systems, where the Superfluidity of the Space, Vacuum and Universe has brought us great many things like Ayurveda, Sacred Music, Math, Architect, Astrology, Grammars and all that is Classical Sacred and Quantum Systems in the world, which are the "Living Soma and or the Amrit Systems of the Universe".

As we study the SOHUN with S(OU)-H(N), we can very easily understand the S(OU)-M, the Singularity of SOHUN as the SOMA, which is popular as the Ojasa, Purusha, and or the "Secret of Perfect, the Balanced Health and Wellness", and now it adds up as the Nanomedicine Systems as well as the Perfect DNA Management, the Pathway to DNA Healing and Cure, which constitutes the main reasons for studying the Philosophy of ONKARA, SOHUN, SOMA, and all that we discus and study as the Topological Quantum Systems and the Quantum Math with the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, A, E, AE Systems of the Space, Vacuum and the Universe.

"One of the important images of the Rig Veda is Agni (the sacred fire) as the guide leading us to immorality (Amrita) through the sacrifice of Soma or the mystic nectar to the Gods. The light of Agni shows us the way to Amrita as bliss and immortality, if we attract ourselves (Soma sacrifice) to the higher aspects (Gods) of our nature. This can be seen to have notable and wide-ranging implications.

Agni is literally the first word written in the Vedas, and possibly anywhere. It is given this importance because it has an important cosmic function at many levels. Agni can be said to represent the ‘metabolism of the universe’, and in this sense represents and causes all changes and becomes a guiding light." (

If we consider the 4th Dimension, it's the Ojasa and the 5th Dimension as the Ananda (Bliss), and we can have it all well understood as the Ananda-Ojasa, the Amrita, which again is the study of the A(M), the Singularity of the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' and the O, A, E, AE Systems of the Quantum Drop to say, and these keep the A-Guna, the Qualities of Multipliers of the Tamo Guna, Rajo Guna, Sato Guna and the Turiya as in the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', which act as the A-Guna, the Agni Systems in almost all Sacred Systems of the Indian Sacred Civilizations and the Ayurveda and Alchemy is an example:

"Soma at the lowest plane becomes the total absence of any nourishment or sustenance, which is associated with the quality of dryness. At the next plane, Soma becomes water which holds Prana and is necessary for sustaining the physical. At the plane of emotions it becomes that which provides sustenance to the field of emotions, or the sea of the emotions. These three planes connect to Kapha dosha or the biological water humor from an Ayurvedic perspective.

At the fourth plane of intelligence Soma relates to Ojas, the inner power of endurance, and becomes that which provides the fuel or nourishment for our perceptions. At the higher and more eternal planes Soma connects to Ananda, the sustainer of all and thus a state of pure comfort or bliss." (With thanks from the source: )

When we consider the term "Dosa or the Dosha", it simply means how the A', 2A', 3A', and the 4A' slows down the Flow of Charge, the Prana, the Ojasa in the Human Body or otherwise where life exists possibly". So, when we have the "Pairing Up of A', 2A', 3A' and 4A'", it can give 4!=24 Major Pairs in the Indian Sacred Systems of Healthcare, which we can identity as the Dosa or Dosha.

If we look at the Mystery of 24 Combinations of A', 2A', 3A', 4A', we can notice these go as say A' and 2A' to give 3A', and even the A' combines with the A' to give 2A'=A, and it make the studies either easier or complicated based on our understanding as A' as an active participant can make itself present in the Manifolds and the Dimensions of the "A', A, A-A', 2A", which sets it as the Tri-dosha and the 4th Level of the Status of the Health and Wellness as the Ojasa Management.

If we thus consider the Dosa Systems, we have the A', 2A', 3A', 4A' giving us the 1+2+3+4=10 Systems of A', which can create the 10! Systems of Health and Wellness, which if we deal, we can think of the Brain Surgeries or the Quantum Neurological Operations in the Quantum Ayurveda or the Nanomedicines.

We can look into this matter of healthcare in a funny or unusual way like this one:

"The alchemical work is concerned with the removal of all these toxins, establishing the balance of the doshas proper to our constitution, clearing out obstructions in the various channels, and the perfect refinement of substance and mind. Body posture, breath, diet (physical and mental) and specialized medicines are all part of the raw materials whose regulation is necessary to bring us into a higher state of perfection. With this perfection we cultivate the basic of true divine consciousness." (With thanks from the source: )

So, if we consider the O, A, E, EA, the Life Dipole resulting from the A', 2A', 3A', 4A', which is otherwise studied in Indian Astrology and Astronomy, we can think of Quantum Ayurveda having the A', 2A', 3A' and 4A', which also constitute the 5 Basic Elements of Space, Air, Water, Fire and Solid (Earth) Systems in the Universe, while also making all that we learn, study and research as the The nature and extent of the disease depends on the existing nature of the doshas, dhatus (body tissues) and srotas (channels of flow) in which this state manifests in context to the Ojasa. (Please read more from the source like this one: )

In this way, the Quantum Systems with Quantization (A', 2A', 3A', 4A') as the Agni, Anga, A(N)-GA, and the S as the Light and the Singularity as of the Light Source, the SO(M), which we can put as the (O, A, E, AE) as the Superfluid, Life Dipole, the Quantum Drop is the Essence of Quantum Systems of Ayurveda and the Sacred Alchemy Systems of the World Civilizations where people have been able to use the Diamonds and Gold with other precious gems, metals, minerals and the resources for the better health and wellness.

"One of the major goals of Alchemy was “The preparation of aurum potabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy, because gold being itself perfect could produce peffection in the human frame.” -quoted from The History of Chemistry as quoted by Manly P. Hall in his The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. CLV. Gold has long been called the metal of wisdom by the Illuminati. The Illuminati are well aware of the alchemical quest to create the correct type of gold which will bring enlightment to the world." (With thanks from the source: )

"The proposed active components of homeopathic remedies are nanoparticles of source substance in water-based colloidal solution, not bulk-form drugs. Nanoparticles have unique biological and physico-chemical properties, including increased catalytic reactivity, protein and DNA adsorption, bioavailability, dose-sparing, electromagnetic, and quantum effects different from bulk-form materials. Trituration and/or liquid succussions during classical remedy preparation create “top-down” nanostructures. Plants can biosynthesize remedy-templated silica nanostructures. Nanoparticles stimulate hormesis, a beneficial low-dose adaptive response. Homeopathic remedies prescribed in low doses spaced intermittently over time act as biological signals that stimulate the organism’s allostatic biological stress response network, evoking nonlinear modulatory, self-organizing change." (With thanks from the source: )

However, as these are very expensive people need to "Maintain the Fund Levels very high", we also have corruption, pollution, dictatorship, Illuminati (mafia's) exploitation's of people of talent, merit and or great abilities in art, technology, politics, media and so many other ways say world wars, terrorism, scams, and so on as if the Motherboard of Conspiracy Theories", so that rich world treasures of expensive healthcare remained available to kings, emperors, rich people, big politicians and so on, but the masses has been deprived from the rare and expensive "Amrita, Soma and Precious Medicines" from the ancient times.

"In the literature of classical Indian medicine, Ayurveda, writers and commentators remark from time to time that the world is divided in nature into a binary taxonomy of Agni and Soma.

It inevitably reminds us of the Chinese doctrine of yin and yang, originaly the shadowed and illuminated sides of a hill, later generalized and theorized into a universal scheme of classification." (With thanks from the source: )

We thank great Quantum Philosophers of Health and Wellness namely the Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy ( and Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (üßler), who created Gold and Graphite Systems almost free for the humanity in its medicinal use for the humanity as the Triturated Methods, which are now also getting popular as the Food and Diet Supplements and or otherwise at low cost for the masses. (By relevancy its an interesting read: )

We are adding the edited matter of one of our research finding on 8th of September, 2015, and named as Agni-Soma Conjecture:

"We can say that A'+A'=A'-A'=2A', however, we are discussing the Phases, which register memory banks as the A'-O-A' keeps all records of A' and A' in the 1-Dimensional Setup of the O, which is the First Memory Phase around the A' Systems.

The word and the term for the Quantum Memory is the "Yaad-shakti", and that is Quantization of YA of A' Systems and DA is the TA, THA, DA, DHA and NA, which is the Superfluid, the Brahma Agni in the 7 Dimensional Systems of the Indian Alpahebts if we use the 8-Dimensional Setup, we have the DA as the Agni and Soma Conjecture, which exists in the most wonderful way in the Phase Phases of Memory:

A'-O-A', 2A'-A-2A', 3A'-E-3A', 4A'-EA-4A' in nutshell keep the Sacred Conjectures of the O, A, E, and AE in it, which on further growth and development and evolution can keep the 8A'-K-8A', and that is the Quantum Phases inside the Quantum Memory Phases as the K, the Berry's Quantum Phase of Space Elements to Solid Elements that gives the details about the given Quantum Systems; Quantum Atom, Drop, Crystal, Photon, and or anything that can create the Quantum Superposition's and the Phases.

The reason to call it the Quantum Conjecture is that it keeps multiple phases and events in it, which are the Agni (Quantization Phases) and Soma (Superfluid Systems), and that is why it can have the name of Agni-Soma Conjectures in the Quantization of Superfluids. It also forms the Sacred Essence of Nano Potency Systems in the Bhasma and the Nano Trituration Potency Systems in the Homeopathy and Tissue and or the Cell Salt Remedies, which are popular as the Biochemics, and that all is present in most of the Nano Multiple Therapies in the world may it be Bach Flower Remedies or other potency, puti, puta, and the bhasma based systems of healthcare.

The Agni-Soma Conjecture thus reveals the level of bhasma in the Ayurveda and Potency in the Homeopathy.

For example, the Potency of 1x tells that the Agni is 1g in the Soma of 10g, and if we further triturate it, we get the Agni-Soma Conjecture to give us the 1g of 1x in 10g of Soma, and thus the 2x, and it keeps going to 3x, 4x, 5x, and the higher potency, which we can write as:




Here, we have to maintain the two levels; namely the A', 2A' and 3A' of the Agni, and the O, A, and E of the First Trituration, the Soma taken from the 1x, 2x, and 3x.

If we thus use the Agni-Soma Conjecture as with the A', 2A', 3A' and the O, A, E, we can notice that every Potency having Agni-Soma Conjecture gives us the Quantum Phase Memory Systems, which keep the Deep Quantum Psyche of the Medicinal World in the Ayurveda, Homeopathy and the Nanomedicines.

When we reach at the 4A'-AE-4A', we have to think about the 4th Dimension, and that is one of the major change and that is Quantum Shift and Change in the 4 Quantum Phase Memory, which can thus acquire the same level as the Quantum DNA Memory Phase Systems, and we can assume that the 4x can help in curing the DNA Systems well as this Agni-Soma Conjecture seem to explain well as explained further in the next part of the series.

It also thus leads to unity and oneness, the 5th Dimension, the EAKA Dimension, which we discuss in the next part of the series.

We will edit and add.

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