Although all my life as of yet has been in the health care surroundings and I do know how important money and time is to doctors...I find the Wellness industry to be more passionate! Wellness provides the money aspect in that it is one third the prescrip. cost and for doc's there are no insurance ties...so let's just say they appreciate my business!Been in health care over 10 years now and branching out! Wellness has brought me to a wonderful place in life while providing solutions that I was looking for.I work with such affiliates as, Cancer Society, Mother's Against Ritalin, CafeMom groups, WEB Dental, Chiro's, DDS communtities, Lymphoma/Leukemia Team Building Fundraising, Soccer, NO MORE Gatorade drinks,...... Still in the health care office since I was 20 years old, but Wellness has me devote more of it's passion ...with other avenues from our business!Now I am part time at that office and spending more time doing what I want to do.Very excited!
Stay true to your path. Whether it is with exercise, happiness, money matters...stay true...and you know what is right for you! You'll find happiness in that....
Providing PDR products , only natural and herbal based...to DDS's and doc's and the average person, while helping others do the same if they so choose. Many group affil. during my time in teh Wellness industry!Very rewarding and on my own time. Unbelievably rewarding for me...it was a gift that was given to me and I have run with it!
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New friend,
Your profile sounds like we are on the same page. Mothers against ritalin sounds interesting and NO MORE Gatorade is certainly right on. I invite you to read my book, NEOGENESIS which is free on the site. Steve also has a certification degree you can get. The info in the course sounds like it would be of interest to you and would help further empower you in your mission to help spread the message of wellness for the greater good.
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James Ferrel MD, CNC
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