From Darkness To Light

Steven Ferrel lived in mental, physical and spiritual sickness for a lengthy period of time. He engaged in a quest to learn everything he could about brain plasticity and its chemistry while implementing proven methods of mental relief. Fortunately, his father, an innovative physician would contribute his expertise and personal theories throughout his wellness journey. He gradually discovered a process that helped him manage depression and transport his mind and spirit from darkness to some of the most beautiful places an individual can experience.

Utilizing innovations in neuroscience, and waveform energies he developed a system that incorporated a synergistic blend of empowering strategies in mental mastery, nutrition, fitness, relationships, bio energetics, and non toxic living. This dynamic mix of life enhancement techniques helped him access healing energies.

Individuals who connect with healthy energies will find every aspect of their lives enhanced. When he accessed this healthy state my energy levels were enriched, he was better able to handle challenging situations, his relationships became sweeter, he saw more beauty in life and became enveloped in a state of wellness. These frequencies rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

This system of healthy concepts became the dynamic mix and foundation of what he termed Life Dynamix. Steven became passionate about sharing what he learned with others in hopes that it would help transform the lives of many others as it did for him. He created a website called and its wellness community to spread this knowledge.

According to Steven, "The more we as a planet access these nourishing energies the better we will feel, act, and respond and the healthier our beautiful earth will be. Pure love is a destination that our soul seeks and I hope Life Dynamix will help many unite with this healing magic. When people feel better they are generally kinder and more compassionate to others and have a greater sense of oneness with all life and the planet as well. Healthy energies emitted from one individual generate the possibility of positively influencing thousands of others."

There is a Wellness Community located at Life Dynamix. This community brings together others with similar passions, encourages all to contribute to the wellness content and provides tools to help spread healthy messages to millions of others.

Please join Steven and the family at Wings For All on their quest to make a difference and spread the divine message of wellness for the greater good!

According to Steven, “We are all given our own unique tools, but it is up to us what we decide to build and how magnificent it will be. And when we unite with other like minded individuals with similar passions what we build will be Brilliant and Beautiful for when we unite we can truly make a difference! “

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