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The Acai Berry & Mona-Vie
Posted April 29, 2008 by dwindancer
<HTML><BODY><HEAD> I know what you are thinking she just wants to sell this product. Well you're right I do want to sell this product.
But I also want to help people become healthy and here is a simple way to get all the
phytonutrients,Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, & Glucosamine
There is 25% RDA for Vitamin C per one ounce serving.
There is 2% RDA for Iron The potassium level in MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active is approximately 62–66 mg/oz.
The vitamin K level in MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active is approximately 12.4 µg/oz.
Vitamin D = 30 IU per one ounce serving Vitamin A = 50 IU per one ounce serving
Calcium = 10 mg per one ounce serving There is one gram of fiber per one ounce serving.
There is no RDA for phytonutrients and MonaVie is packed-full of phytonutrients.
The benefits of this juice are so wide ranging, there are not many people out there that could not benefit from it. And remember – This is not a chemically engineered magic bullet – it's a mixture of 19 of the most powerful fruit juices with the Acai berry as the main ingredient. MonaVie is a potent antioxidant superjuice that provides a full spectrum of nutrition which absorbs quickly and completely into your body.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone states. "The Acai Berry is the # 1 Super Food"

With a blend of 19 fruits, including Acai(AH SIGH EE), MonaVie is a unique and delicious nutritional beverage.
The acai berry is the foundation of the MonaVie blend, but with literally thousands of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants found in nature's fresh fruits. MonaVie didn't want to focus on just one at the expense of others.
This led MonaVie's selection of 18 additional fruits, each selected for its unique, beneficial properties and ability to contribute a variety of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants to MonaVie's premier nutritional beverage.
Together, the synergistic effect of the fruits in the MonaVie blend reaches far beyond what any single fruit could accomplish.
Mona-Vie seeks to define what genuine nutrients are meant to do: help the body perform at an optimum level.
There has been many testimonies as to the healing properties of Mona-vie Although the company makes no claims that it will cure anything that ails you.
MONA-VIE is presented to you in a 25.35 fl oz glass bottle to prevent the leaching of toxic chemicals which often seep into food products stored in plastic containers. Take 1-2 ounces per day.
Refrigerate after opening. Consume in 30 days after opening, 1 year shelf life if left unopened. Best served chilled.

Açai, Acerola, Camu Camu and Bilberry are certified organic.
It is not possible to have MonaVie's fruits be completely organic, for example, MonaVie's Wolfberry is harvest in China and the Chinese government does not have an organic certification process.
The açai used by MonaVie is certified organic through The Institute for Marketecology (IMO). IMO is one of the first and most renowned international agencies for inspection, certification, and quality assurance of eco-friendly products.
IMO's worldwide activities are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), according to EN 45011 (ISO 65), which is the international standard for organic certification.
All MonaVie fruits are tested for levels of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, etc. MonaVie only uses fruit that DO NOT have any levels of the aforementioned.
Please understand that the MonaVie blends have not been formulated in a way to act as a replacement for a vitamin/mineral supplement. If someone is taking a multivitamin, we recommend that they continue to take it in conjunction with the MonaVie blends.
As mentioned previously, the MonaVie blends are consumed for their rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
Aside from the açai, the other 18 fruits are added to widen the spectrum of phytonutrients and antioxidants that are available in the juice.

Because the açai is the star ingredient, and makes up the largest percentage of the ingredients in the blends, great care has gone into researching and studying the açai and the preservation of its nutrients.
This is why it has been decided to implement the freeze-drying process, to prevent loss of the phytochemicals in the açai.

MonaVie Active contains a liquid form of Glucosamine which is 10 times more absorbable to the body than taking it in the normal pill form.
Do your own research on the Acai berry and see for yourself what others are saying about it. You will truly be amazed!

Let me show you how you can change your life and improve your health.

The MonaVie Acai Berry is an Incredible Nutritional Break-Through
hidden deep within the heart of the Amazon Rainforest from Westernized society for centuries,
we feel privileged in having the opportunity of finally introducing Acai Berry (ah-sigh-ee), the "Brazilian Mega-Nutrient,
" throughout the World.
MonaVie is a consumable product that not only tastes great,
but one where people can feel a noticeable difference with in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
MonaVie delivers the benefits of the acai berry with freeze-dried acai powder,
the most effective and concentrated form of acai.
The MonaVie Opportunity Health, or “ potentially,” better health?
An income, or “ potentially,” a bigger income?
Freedom, or “ potentially,” greater freedom?
MonaVie blends unequalled nutritional power with an unparalleled business opportunity that can allow you to capitalize on the surging health and wellness industry.
As a MonaVie independent distributor,
you are an entrepreneur who, from day one, has a distringuished research and development team, a fantastic product that everyone can benefit from,
a fully staffed sales and marketing team, and a friendly customer support staff dedicated to your success.
Begin achieving renewed health and financial well-being today by enjoying and sharing MonaVie with others.
Be Your Own Boss - You set your hours and dress code.
Work where you want when you want, part-time or full-time.
With A Low Financial Risk - $39 enrollment fee! and a few bottles of Monavie
No Franchise Fees or Royalties - No fees, minimal overhead, no need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.
Work at Home - Spend more time with your family.
No commute or rush hour traffic.
Live where you want to live…your business moves with you.
Can you see the Opportunity?
If you are ready to get started or you want more information. Click on the links below

The Great Product


Berries For Life</HTML></BODY></HEAD>