I'm Steven Ferrel founder of Life Dynamix. The Wellness Messenger is a digital magazine with a video show for each edition.
It is sent to over 70,000 Life Dynamix newletter subscribers, and all the Wings For All members while viewable for all internet users.

Magazine Click here for the Wellness Messenger Magazine & Video

I am currently working on the next edition that features generic messages of wellness/Goodness. You would share a brief wellness/Goodness message. This is your time to share your message of wellness....so have fun with it! Multiple takes are normal...so don't worry about memorization. Photos and video footage will take approximately 45 minutes.

Clothing Attire
The Wellness Messenger features healthy lifestyle type photos. As far as clothing, please do not wear any animal skin such as leather jackets or fur...everything else is fine. Fun, happy, energetic photos can be created with most apparel. Choose something that you will feel good wearing. Please bring an extra outfit just in case such as yoga/workout wear.
When it comes to Fashion - Attitude is most important thing you wear!

Hair & Make Up
I prefer a natural look rather than high fashion style for the photos so there will not be a mua or hairstylist.

Photo Examples
The photos to the right and the links below are a few examples that I took for a past edition.
Photo Examples From The Az Edition

*Click Here for photo examples

If you accept your feature please follow the steps below:

The Wellness Messenger Magazine & Video features members of the Wellness community at Wings For All and their inspirational messages.
Step 1
Join the complimentary Wellness Community at Wings For All and add some information about yourself (what you write about yourself will be added to your feature in the magazine).
Click Here for the page.

Step 2
PM me and let's schedule a time that is convenient for us to get together an co create your feature Smile

Talent release must be signed before shoot giving permission to utilize your video and photo footage.

You are welcome to use any of the photos taken for your own personal use Smile

You are able to take the Wellness Specialist Certification course at your convenience and without generating points. It states that you need to purchase, have a scholorship, or generate activity points, however, you are welcome to take the exam at your convenience without earning points, or just view all of the life transformational information within the learning materials. This innovative online wellness course enhances health and happiness, removes body fat and certifies you as Wellness Specialist. Those who pass the exam are granted the privilege to utilize the initials C.W.S. which symbolizes expertise in mental mastery, nutrition, fitness, bio energetic and toxic free living.