How To Create A Greener Enivorment
I dislike waste and litter. Pollution is also a cause for the enviroment. I hate abandon of pets and cruelty to stray animals. Many of these animals are kept in the SPCA. Due to massive amount, sadly most of them have to put to sleep.

Sterilization is the only way to help the stray animals.
Dr. Harmander Singh
Dr. Harmander Singh wrote...
We all wish you a Very Happy and Blessed Birthday! May God Bless Your Family and You! Amen!


With warmest regards
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Originally posted by: shiningstar
Hey Steven Happy Hows it going?? Just wanted to say, that You are an amazing person...and very very special!! I lacked direction and you helped me find are my north star...and I mean it!! Hugs & kiss Deepa
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DorothyNed wrote at September 20, 2010
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Hi Fiona: Thanks for connecting as my friend. What contribution may I be in your life or business?

My purpose and mission is facilitating healing people from the inside out and educating people to realize that they are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to masking symptoms and disease with Prescriptions/ Chemicals/Radiation or cutting out body parts. (All diagnosis from A to Z - Abdominal Pain to Zits) Yes, the Big 'C,' MS, Heart Disease, Bi-Polar, Depression, Diabetes, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lou Gehrig's Dis-ease, Panic Attacks, OCD, ADD, ADHD and the list includes all diagnosis.

My work includes Past Life Regression, Spirit Releases, Life Between Life and Soul Retrieval.

You can contribute by passing my information.

I work face-to-face, phone (480-794-1561) or Skype--DorothyNed

Aug/Sept. Special: Initial session $150 Savings: $30

Best Regards,
Steven Ferrel wrote at December 25, 2009
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Christmas May your holidays be blessed my friend!

Steven Ferrel
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Thank you very much for your kind remarks flowers

I hope that you are enjoying a delightful journey my friend!

Originally posted by: "fiona
Thks for the greetings. You are the BEST !
Steven Ferrel
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Steven Ferrel
Lost wrote at March 2, 2009
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Welcome to The Island-We've been waiting for you.
Namaste. J.
Catherine wrote at February 13, 2009
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Quote: One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human. ~ G. Santayana.

Thank you for joining my friends list. Have a wonderful day! Catherine
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Hi there and welcome!smile
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Welcome and thank you for joining Emotocons2
Steven Ferrel
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Welcome Here! Catherine