Sea World
#1 December 21, 1:43 pm
Sea World
Hello All,
My family has always LOVED going to Sea World. While I was recently there with my family I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. It seams sad that these beautiful, lively creatures spend their days in confined spaces and serving the purpose of entertaining men and women. However, I also realized that Sea World does a lot of great work rescuing animals from oil spills, saving endangered species and rescuing pets or other animals that will otherwise be euthanized. I was curious to see what other people think about this and how they feel about the way that Sea World or places similar are treating animals/saving animals/ training animals. What do you think?
#2 May 22, 6:17 pm
Hi Katelyn,
I had similiar conflicting thoughts as well. Ideally these beautiful life forms could grace the oceans with blissful freedom without worry of the dangers that man has created.
Steven Ferrel

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