Xango skin care- "Glimpse"
#1 February 25, 2:35 pm
Xango skin care- "Glimpse"

For five years, XanGo has owned, led and dominated the premium mangsteen market with a category-creating supplement—XanGo® Juice—that fuses sensational flavor and proven nutritional benefits. With a global network nearing 1 million distributors, there's always another level to reach, another goal to achieve, another conquest on the horizon
As consumer demand grows, millions around the world are looking for access to the astonishing mangosteen fruit in a variety of fresh product vehicles. Consumers everywhere are clamoring to make the mangosteen—and XanGo—a part of their active and healthy lifestyles. And, as that global demand increases, so does the business opportunity for XanGo distributors.
In 2008, XanGo will further sharpen our FOCUS and lead the market with strategic extension of our category while we provide consumers with the world’s best mangosteen products.
Later this year, XanGo will introduce a new product line featuring the natural power of xanthones as never experienced before in this arena.
XanGo’s new skin care system gives you a GLIMPSE of nature’s breathtaking prowess, channeled to address your specific needs.
GLIMPSE, Intuitive Skin Care, responds to your specific skin care needs with an intelligent xanthone formulation that puts the green power of the earth at your service.  
GLIMPSE will feature a revolutionary, patented xanthone formulation that only XanGo can create.  XanGo developed our exclusive xanthone formula for GLIMPSE through scientific exploration and advanced skin nutrition technology.
GLIMPSE and XanGo® Juice are key factors in a natural nutritional regimen to be launched by XanGo.  
As we prepare for the launch of GLIMPSE by XanGo, we will unveil more details in the coming weeks including GLIMPSE skin care launch particulars and our xanthone-active diet for optimal skin nutrition.

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