Caylee Anthony Update !!!!!!!!
#1 December 29, 6:26 pm
Caylee Anthony Update !!!!!!!!

Caylee Anthony

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Remains identified as missing toddler Caylee Anthony

Two-year-old Caylee Anthony had been missing for five months.

<dl title="byline">Amy L. Edwards, Sarah Lundy and Walter Pacheco | Sentinel Staff Writers <dd>9:33 PM EST, December 19, 2008 </dd> </dl>
Caylee Anthony

Orange County Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia announces that skeletal remains found near the Anthony home are those of missing Caylee Marie Anthony. She said, "With regret, I am here to inform you that the skeletal remains found on Dec. 11 are those of the missing toddler Caylee Anthony." (RED HUBER, ORLANDO SENTINEL / December 19, 2008)


We may never know exactly how Caylee Marie Anthony was killed. But Orange County's medical examiner is confident that the brown-haired toddler was a victim of a homicide.

On Friday, Dr. Jan Garavaglia confirmed "with regret" that the skeletal remains found Dec. 11 in woods just blocks away from the home Caylee shared with her family belong to the 2-year-old who disappeared in June.

Garavaglia said the FBI forensic lab in Virginia matched DNA from the bones to Caylee's known DNA, but none of the skeleton showed any sign of injury that might indicate what killed her.

Toxicology testing still needs to be completed on bone and hair, but Garavaglia held out little hope that the chemical analysis would prove to be helpful. She saw no reason to delay a death certificate.


The toddler's grandparents -- George and Cindy Anthony -- received the news at their home on Hopespring Drive. Their son, Lee Anthony, arrived at the house to be with them.

Several hours later, the Anthonys' attorney, Brad Conway, read a statement asking people to pray for Caylee and for other families that have missing children.

"The Anthony family did not give up hope that Caylee was still alive until we were notified by the Orange County Sheriff's Office at approximately 1:30 today," Conway said. "They now know that their precious granddaughter is safe and hope that she will serve as the angel that protects thousands of missing children and their families."

He said the family wants the same answers as law enforcement and pledged to make themselves available to investigators

#2 December 29, 6:36 pm
That's sad.
#3 December 29, 7:09 pm
It sure is  !! So many people have been involved in this case !! It a high profile case down here. So many things really dont add up on the mother"s story and now the grand father"s statements are not adding up either !!!!
#4 December 30, 11:57 am
This has been such a tragic, drawn out situation. It's just awful that she will not be returning home alive, but I am glad that those she left behind can at least have the peace of knowing and can begin the healing process. However, I fear that the innocent ones left behind will still have delayed healing due to the huge mess that has been created and the time it will take to sort things out and determine where the guilt lies.
#5 December 30, 5:37 pm
Its just so hard to have mercy for someone who could do this when there are so many people who cant have children and would love the opportunity. You can basically dropp a child off at any hospital, fire station or police station and walk away !!! No questions asked !!!!!!  
#6 December 31, 10:21 am
Agreed. I'm not nearly as good at forgiving and forgetting as I should be.
#7 April 4, 11:02 am
Very Sad & Tragic!!  I agree that at least on some level there will be some healing that can be done to know she is put to rest and not always wondering if she is alive or not. Unhappy   I'm glad here in this state we passed a law to allow parents to drop off their children if they feel they cannot be a parent.  While I cannot imagine dropping a child off and leaving them I also can't imagine the situations we are seeing with abuse.  Many times a mother will drop a baby off and then leave the state & work the streets.  At least she cared enough to give this baby a second chance to find a loving home.  While I don't condone dropping children off--it's better than the alternative sometimes.  Working with the teens (who sometimes already have 2 children) we try to help them make decisions before they get to this point.  Char
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