What women like and more: all revealed
#1 February 19, 8:18 am
What women like and more: all revealed

What do women like? It’s a mystery to understand because every woman’s heart is made differently. So how do you go about once you find the woman of your choice? What to do and what not to do?


First and foremost: Women love your individuality and in your face attitude but sober up a little bit. All that muscle power holds good only when you are hanging out with boys. Women like to know they are in control of the situation. Make them feel that way and you have successfully learnt the first lesson.


Second: Never forget to tell her how much you respect her. If she has shared her thoughts and dreams with you, then its important to tell her that you want them to come true soon someday. Now mind you, such things must be heart felt during the conversation and you will see how much she appreciates you.


Third: Look at other women when you are with your girl but with all due respect, tell her that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever come across and that you would not want to lose her under any circumstance. Now, women know that men by default like to check out other women. So, it will be smart of you not to hide that fact.


Fourth: Do not buy gifts like chocolates and teddy bears. It’s all so cute but women like to be treated as intelligent and smart people. Try gifts that are more sensible and that relate to their personality. For example, a pen for the girl who loves to write, a plain canvas for someone who loves to paint. Got to have some common sense to figure this one out.


Fifth: Use your five senses when you are with the woman of your dreams. See, that’s what men forget when they have spent too much time with their gal. To keep that magic going strong, make sure, you make use of see, feel, touch, smell and taste attributes.


Sixth: Teach her a skill. Women love to learn new things and when you teach her how to do something skilful, they find it really attractive in a man. Well, do realize that she should find it interesting though.


Seventh: Take her out shoe shopping. I wish I could write this in bold. Women love that their man has taken the time out to go shoe shopping with her.


Eighth: Always compliment your girl when she makes a visit to the salon. If she has gotten a manicure done, tell her you like her nail color. Or if she has gotten her hair highlighted or curled, compliment her. Women get dolled up only so that their sweet heart notice her.


Ninth: Take her to your favorite restaurant and order something for her. That will make her feel very special if she is totally into you.


Tenth: Be adventurous. Try out new things together. Create memories that you will cherish later in life. Women hate the fact that life gets boring and drab after a while. That may result into a major cause for a break up.




#2 February 19, 4:07 pm

This is a wonderful posting ShiningStar Smile I like it very much!


Happy Thoughts! Catherine

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