Looking for a Hardcore Detox
#1 December 19, 6:49 am
Looking for a Hardcore Detox
I've been under a lot of stress lately (working two jobs, finals, emotional bull****Wink and as a result, I've been very unkind to my body.  I'm looking for something to start the new year off right.  I'm looking to do a detox or cleanse to get all the crap out of my system so I can get back on track to being healthy and productive.  Any thoughts?

Also, I just recently heard of Aloe Ease colon and body cleanse.  Has anyone heard of it?  Does anyone know how effective it is, or how "safe" and pure it is?  I looked at the ingredients...it doesn't seem too bad.  Any help would be much appreciated.


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#2 December 22, 10:24 pm

Happy holidays my friend

I looked at the 4 ingredients that it has fiber, aloe vera, enzymes, and acidophilus.

Those ingredients are safe, however, I'm not sure how effective it will be in reaching your goals.

Generally effective lifestyle modifications for detox are:

Eating a small amount of raw fruits vegetables (fiber and enzymes), coffee enemas, sauna therapy, a moderate amount of reciprocating gate exercises such as jogging...rebounding is also great for stimulating the lymphatic system. 

The following article you may find helpful:



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#3 January 14, 3:44 am

If you are looking for the worlds leading purification program then look no further than www.puriti.org you can either do the program at home or visit one of the retreats held in Phuket Thailand. The first one this year starts on the 2nd of March at Evason Phuklet. Its more than a detox its a journey for the mind body and soul. Be well Marcus... wellness make the world go round
#4 May 20, 12:29 am
NaturesSunshineProducts.com offers wholesale products including many different body detoxes for private use. I have used all of the detoxes in gaining my health back after a car accident that left me disabled. (I was on 20 different meds then!) I still use a lot of their products they carry over 700 products. Hope this helps you, if you need any further information go to my website at www.sequoiawomanhealing.com. Blessings-
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