Recommend A Movie
#1 August 26, 10:30 am
Recommend A Movie

I'll start with a couple brilliant movies:


Pay It Forward


7 Pounds


Life is Beautiful


Big Fish


What The Bleep Do We Know

Steven Ferrel

Life Can Be An Adventure - Why Not Make It One!
#2 September 12, 2:49 am
Nice List...I'll add to it.

What the bleep do we know, Now? (Part2)



What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Holy Man


The Whale Rider ~ One of my favorites of all time!

Winged Migration

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Benny & Joon

The Darjeeling Limited

Cool Hand Luke

Box of Moonlight

Dan in Real Life

Little Miss Sunshine


American Beauty

KikuJiru ~ Foriegn with subtitles.

Run Lola Run

Chasing Amy

The Life Aquatic

Role Models

The Bucket List

Fearless~Jet Li

Briggadoon ~ From 1950's

One who flew over the cuckoo's nest


I enjoy most movies with happy endings as most of us do. But the one's with sad endings; seem to help me value everyone around me just a little bit more.
As always~Syrno

#3 February 25, 2:50 am
I'll have to add Avatar ....brilliant movie....what an amazing experience especially in 3d!!!
Steven Ferrel

Life Can Be An Adventure - Why Not Make It One!
#4 December 8, 10:57 am
My favorites:

Meet Joe Black


Angel - A

Theres something about Mary

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