Discussions: How to Add Link, Photo, File or Video to Your Blog Post at Wings for All
#1 August 26, 10:10 am
Discussions: How to Add Link, Photo, File or Video to Your Blog Post at Wings for All
The written words bring inner beauty out as its unseen otherwise. Similarly, the blog posts need some touch of say painting that is as if adding photos, a wonderful idea of allowing readers to download files, view videos and of course links to which we redirect to other websites or within the website, the Wings for All in this case. We discuss it as follows:

1. Adding Photo: We click on the icons above the blog post (saying *Post).

Its icon if clicked shows the message: Enter the URL of your image

It asks that the photo needs to be added from place where it has been uploaded. Now, let us find the URL. I click on my photos. It shows all uploaded photos, I can right click on the mouse that says: Copy Image Location or alternatively we can click on the photo that we want to use. Select any photo and its URL will be on the top in the browser.

Let us select it as this link: http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/photo/view/youth... (Please note directly using this link will simply place the photo below the blog post not inside the post)and insert into Enter the URL of your image (So, please note we are suing the Image Link and I have added the URL: http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t... )

Main Link, the Image Link or Link Location: Please note that we simply copy the Image Location that appears like this: http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t... Then, we paste into the Photo Link. In the Photo Link, we simply replace http:// with http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t... It gives the image as below:

Child Friend

If we add the some words about the photo, say the caption, we need to enter the URL as: IMG SRC="http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t=4e58b938b7ab8" ALT="Child Friend"

If we further we want to change the dimensions, we may better upload the photo with desired size. It helps.

If we at the above we add the URL that is Link Location of photo. It will appears below the blog post. For example, we find the photo from our photo gallery or upload it to the photo gallery. The URL for it appears as:

http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/photo/view/youth... " alt="" /> (This link is broken at http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t...

[img]http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t=4e58b938b7ab8" ALT="Child Friend"" alt="" />

< img src="http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t=4e58b938b7ab8" ALT="Child Friend">< /img> but when we use only Photo Link showing only http:// and blank space replaced by http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t... ALT="Child Friend" (It works better in the Forums)

Please note that simply adding the Image Link seems enough as the Photo Caption with ALT may not work. So, it, suffices as jpg link: http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t...

So, we can insert easily insert photos in our blog posts as well as in the posts at the forums.

2. Add Files: Now, the point is that we also want to make sure that all can download the article, we simply add a file from our computer as when we click on Attach Files. I have added photo as a file and we can add any file with extensions and thus the Valid file extensions: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, zip. Please note simply convert word file into zip-file and upload. Thus, we have option any photo even from the file link as some formats meet the requirement of maximum uploading limit which at the Wings for All is: 512000 Kb. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller item.

3. Adding Video: At Wings for All, we can upload any video that is not more than 75MB. It is an important Note: You must only upload videos in which you own all the rights. If you upload any videos in which you do not own all the rights, you may be violating copyright law.. Click on Add Video and select video from your computer. Please note that it can take several minutes.

4. Adding Links to Your Post: We can use any link say related articles or whatever we want. Now, as its an important for all members of Wings for All. We can use such articles at the forums. Let us find this article at the forums using the link that redirects or opens in a new window as: http://wingsforall.com/bhagouauty/blog/how-to-add-...

5. Bold (B), Italics (I) and Underline (U) are also there. We need to click it here otherwise the short cut keys cannot help.

For photo, please read more details with thanks from the source: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.ph...

Thanks for your contributions.
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#2 August 26, 12:06 pm
Thanks Harmanderji..it was helpful!! I tried your method..but I think there is still some problem with the display!!
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#3 August 27, 4:03 am
Respected Deepa Ji! Please use the following method:

Main Link, the Image Link or Link Location: Please note that we simply copy the Image Location that appears like this: http://wingsforall.com/file/pic/gallery/5916.jpg?t... . Thus. in the Add Photo Link, simply replace http: with the jpg (yes it must have jpg file) link of your photo or image from Image Location. I have written this post as well and will update in next few days.

I hope it helps. Thanks!
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