What I've Found
#1 December 7, 9:32 pm
What I've Found
It's worth the wait
All we can be

I've taken the bait
Now its you and me

Nothing needs to be said
All feelings are shared

You're stuck in my head
We are so happily paired

The world is right
I finally see

Our love can take flight
With you I am free

#2 December 10, 12:25 am

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your love and light!



Steven Ferrel

Life Can Be An Adventure - Why Not Make It One!
#3 December 18, 4:43 pm
Elizabeth...You were worth the wait! So now it's time for you to take my place. Your poetry is beautiful and reminds me of when I first started writing 22 years ago. Jenny always wanted me to write and this is what I will continue to do, But my destiny is to remain behind the scenes in T.V & Radio Land. This is where I've always been and where I will now focus more time.  When I return in a few months, I'm hoping to see more of your writing and even more of you published.
As always...SyrnoWink
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