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raw food
raw foods

Cooking often deteriorates the nutritional value of foods by leading to a loss of vital nutrients and enzymes. Heat tends to change the very composition of fat, protein and carbohydrates. A raw foods diet consists of unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw food enthusiasts believe that foods cooked above this temperature loose their enzymes, and thus a significant amount of their nutritional value. Uncooked foods however provide living enzymes and proper nutrition. Proponents of raw food diets claim that there are many benefits to consuming raw foods, such as weight loss, improved digestion, increased energy, clear skin and an overall improvement in health. Many people eat a high percentage of raw food in their diet, about 75%. Although most enthusiasts follow a raw vegan diet, some include unprocessed dairy products in their diet. Typically, a raw food diet includes all raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts, roots, herbs, raw spices and seaweeds. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also included. Many raw food recipes such as salads and fresh fruit require little or no cooking, while others may require lots of processing and preparation.

Organic foods are high quality foods that are produced with minimal use ofchemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics.Organic raw foods are nutritious and easier to digest than cooked or processed foods. Organic raw food is pure and unaltered, and contains no free radicals. Organic raw foods promote a healthy digestive tract, increase intestinal flora and alleviate digestive disorders.

A wide variety of organic raw foods can be conveniently purchased online. Organic raw foods onlinegreatly facilitate the purchase of organic raw food. A great number of such stores are available online. Many of them offer discounts and bargains.

Anorganic raw foods online store typically offers health education on vegetarianism, in addition to raw, vegan, organic foods and health products such as food bars, raw olives, spirulina, coconut, bee polen, goji berries, raw organic cacao, Sea vegetables and many others.
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Thank you for sharing. Eating raw can be very beneficial for health angel
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