How Knowledge and Wisdom of East and West Can Solve Economic Recession and Problems in Our Daily Life - The Role of Oneness
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How Knowledge and Wisdom of East and West Can Solve Economic Recession and Problems in Our Daily Life - The Role of Oneness
There are some conflicts between the economic growth and development that the creative people from east and west can resolve jointly and globally - the importance of oneness in action. The problem with economic growth is that without the touch of development, even the rich or financially sound person slowly goes down to poverty.

Money needs circulation because it goes through three stages while one possesses it. If the owner does not use or circulate it, the first stage is economic stagnation, the second one wastage, that is the economic retardation of it accelerating the recession and the last one is the decay. In economic decay at any level is economic degeneration of all that we possess. Thus, our possessions and ego plays a significant role in the financial management.

A person with lots of money or possessions may assume that economic development is not the need any more so, the economic stagnation takes place. Why stagnation! It is because the maintenance of finances or even possessions requires both the intellectual and emotional maturity.

In it the ego plays a significant role. Now at this stage the concept of self-earning or earning by self is lost and the focus has gone to economic saturation. When we do not cheat we get satisfaction and thus contentment. It boots our ego to super ego and our possessiveness starts to saturate. It leads to economic saturation and we start to give up our craving for more possessions. What one may do in this case is to live happily and enjoy life.

This weakens one’s desire to enrich EQ and its highest level, the emotional maturity. By claiming that one is emotionally mature just because of being rich does not confirm it. The IQ and its highest level, the intellectual maturity as a tool to economic development now goes to minimum.

It is because the concept of comparison and contrast is also very poor in the thought, which is already saturated on the sole bases of possession. According to Wisdom Tree, the treasure of human wisdom there are two kinds of wealth, namely the worldly wealth and the divine wealth. These are riches of IQ and EQ. In the congregation EQ is used for others and IQ for one’s self, on the other hand in the society the EQ is for used for self and IQ for the others.

The comparison and the contrast for a given things, persons or places is used in social interactions, while doing so the result comes at the level of contrast. Now when a very minute contrast is to be used the need of similarity and simile is required. How to use these two on the contrast is also an art of one’s social wisdom. What simile is present in the contrast is so important that the individual’s grasping power of concept comes into light.

Like in case concept of congregation the simile was the soul. Here in the even at the level of simile the contrast remains present. This presence of the contrast is what we know as one’s individuality. In the society all are individuals. The individuality with touch of originality is creativeness. The creativeness is thus the unique level of contrast present in an individual’s original thought, idea, action or anything that we consider useful in social development.

So in simple words one’s desire and duty contribute to individual and social liberation.

This very contribution is one’s management of the four major aims in contributive form. As discussed earlier, these are, namely, the Desire (Kaam), Duty (Dharma), Economics (Arth), and Liberation (Mokh). We were also discussing about the development of the family; for one, as a householder, a family is the smallest unit of the society. This hypothesis of EQ and IQ for emotional and intellectual maturity is a metaphysical one for the Indian philosophers and the thinkers, and also the Easterners.

How we use it in our daily life is more important that it’s philosophical, psychological and scientific contexts. It helps east meet west in our emotional and intellectual maturity integrated as the human wisdom - one tree, the Wisdom Tree. Thanks!
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