Needed Bibles and Toys
#1 February 24, 5:40 am
Needed Bibles and Toys

Samuelapau is a member on this site who is desperately seeking Christian Bibles and Children’s Toys for children aged 1 year to 10 years. This is for a Church in <country-region><place>Ghana</place></country-region> that needs our extra Bibles for their members and toys for young children to play with.


Toys can be new or used but should not be anything that can hurt the children or damage the environment. Care should also be taken not to send anything that has pictures or artwork that would be offensive to people of the Christian faith. Bibles can be any version of the standard Christian Bible.


From the United States, the cheapest shipping method available seems to be the United States Post Office ‘Flat Rate Large International Envelope’ that will run about 15.00 to send. Toys can go into this envelope easily if unnecessary packaging is removed.



When I receive the exact shipping address, I will add it to this posting or you can contact member ID: Samuelapau for more information.


I told Samuel that I was sure that we had good-hearted people on this site that would like to help him to find the needed Christian Bibles and Toys.


I am under the impression that there are Christian sites on the Internet that will mail one Bible to people who ask for one. If anybody has addresses for any of these links, please leave them on this posting.


I’m sure that God is smiling at LifeDynamix member ID: Samuelapau for trying to help these children to smile. 


A  huge Thank You from me to everybody helping on this project. Catherine

#2 February 24, 4:11 pm
I will see what I can do
#3 February 25, 4:38 am

Samuel's Address:


Power vision Chapel International 387,Akim Oda ,e/r
Ghana West Africa.


this is my number +233241492869.that is my cell number.please let each and everyone who send something include their address inside the parcel so that we will write each individual to thank greetings to the family and the members.God bless you all.


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