Tips on making money through the stock market
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#16 December 21, 1:05 pm
There is more to life than just making!! So, make sure, you are not over-obsessed with the market.
#17 December 21, 9:59 pm
Do you still play the market?What
#18 December 21, 11:02 pm
Hi Jeff, good to see u here after a while. No - I don't still play the market as I have been on a long ****ing holiday 10900. All my cash has been diverted to a different kind of investment - my father's business and I am waiting for a big bang booom to happen.

I am anxiously waiting though to get back into doing what I love the most - stock market. Its one of my dream to make a few lakh $$$ and go cruising to the Bahamas with the man of my dreams and maybe start a business there BigSmile

Dreams are for free - so why not have a wild one, right?
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