Why We Give Up!
#1 June 29, 8:35 pm
Why We Give Up!
Days, Months, Years and Peace

The days, months and years pass
Yet, I am still the same and different.
Every day, I feel
That I am a older than
Yesterday, Every month I feel
That I am bolder than
Last month.
Every year I feel
That I am broader than
Last year;
The days, months and years are to come
But my present is
Waiting for something
That is not bound to
Days, months and years,
I do not know
How long I have to
Wait for the life
To come to an endless harmony,
The days are such
That I feel that I am trying to
Know why they are so.
So are the months
But they are not
So near to life As the days are,
But the years are such
That I feel that I am trying to
Join them in
The eternity of the life,
I find something
That is most amazing
That this world
Want to shape my years.
But when I find the sincerity
That comes from it in me
I do not amaze any more.
The days, months and years have passed
Whatever comes and goes leaves something behind
So that I may reflect
And recall it in the mirror of my mind.
I went to fight
With this world of circumstances and incidents
But wait, I lost. Then I went to
Fight with myself
Yes, I am on the path of victory
But this victory will Cost me something
That is beyond
My approach and understanding,
It will cost me the life,
Yaw the life of ego, that fogs it, but
Mostly seems the real life
However, it is the virtual life, and
It will cost me the virtual life
To attain the real life, the self-felt, and
That I cannot have before I will defeat myself,
In the battle of reality,
Everything is same
But the meanings
Are so different
I see everything different
But always find something
Common among everything,
I wander here and there
With the hope
That this wandering will come
To an end,
In the unbroken yoke
My life is slave of
The things which
Can see freedom only when
The yokes of my life
Are broken,
I went to search righteousness
But found that it was
A gift from Mother Nature,
I went to search truth
But come to know
That it was not outside
But it was inside where
I have to hold it fast.
I went to search purity
But faced the fact
That it was effort of the soul
But by nature it was beyond
The days, months and years
Of my life, It was inside me
And outside was just the illusion of its projection.
I went to search holiness
But shame to me
That I went to search it,
Without knowing that It dwells where the truth was.
When I closed
The windows and doors of my heart
I found that I was not there
So I opened then again
To see if I was outside I was inside but
When I was inside I was no where I do not dare to
Close the windows and doors
Of my heart
Because the mirror of
My heart does not show
The image of my life
Without the light of the truth
That falls on it
When the windows and doors
Are open wide.
One day I went to
Find out how this world
Takes things which are
So significant to the reality of life,
I saw someone crying
Because somebody had stolen his money,
Suddenly, the reality of life
Poured the truth behind it I felt sorry for the thief
Because from him
The honesty was stolen I thought it may be easy
To earn that money,
But how hard it will be
To earn that honesty
That has been stolen,
I saw years and days fighting,
What I can gain in years
That can be lost in days.
So I turn around
To see if there is
The hope which can
Be the reality of life.
And I find it always
There, among the shadow
Of falsehood of the lies,
The days, months and years are
Going with me and I shall
Leave them as these are
But before I leave them I want to know them
Not from away but Very close face to face.
First they called me
And now I am calling them.
In the echoes of these callings
I want to find the way
Where these callings should be
Just one of the calls,
However, without any echo,
Well, I know for the certain
That I cannot do it, I may hold the earth
But I cannot hold
The weightless callings from
The days, months and years,
Wait, I know one
The one, who can do it,
I went to find Her.
Here and there but I could not find.
Then I stopped wandering
And found Her in me.
She revealed to me
That the ego and pride which
Has come from me was
The cause of the echoes
Those were like the dark spots
On the light of
Days, months and years of my life
I seek to hold Her word fast
So that the days, months and years
Of my life May reach the liberty and freedom
To know clearly that
Bhagouauty, some has been called and guided
On this way of humanity by Mother Nature
For searching and researching Peace
Yaw, the Peace for all.

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