The Power of Thought
#1 June 4, 4:04 am
The Power of Thought
What does a painter picture in his mind’s eye before stroking his brush on the white panel or a sculptor imagine before making his first carve? If Michael Angelo merely spent endless number of days, waiting for his heart to give consent to his magical hands that were to portray the images on the ceiling, which ended up to be a masterpiece for eternity, why are we unable to go after our soul’s calling?

Why do some of us fumble to be the sculptor of our own life, and turn it into a masterpiece, unsure of what it is that we are after, only need be rescued by someone who is stronger than us? A stranger perhaps likes a therapist who will help us understand our innermost feelings and connect us to reality. Is is that we forget to think with the heart?

When you ask your heart for guidance, it ought to show you the way. But to truly understand what it wishes for, you need to quiet the mind, as it gets excited and is unstable relying very much upon the external stimuli. We are continuously looking for something to entertain our senses all the time.

The power of thought is immense. They are like bouts of energy that affect the environment around us and the universe as a whole. Remember to think positive and progressive things always so that our thoughts do not bring harm to us or others in any way.

Once we understand what the heart is conveying to us, we have to use the will of the mind to move closer to our sole purpose. To come closer to our dreams, the will needs to be strengthened and just like different liquids have a different boiling point; all of us have unequal amounts of will power.

The will of the mind can transpire, penetrate, transgress all forms of obstacles and destine us to the realms of success. Now, if we were to rationalize the purpose of our existence and delve deep into the quantum of science to find answers to questions that hounded even the great sages of the world, there is truth in the fact that sun rises each morning after a dark night so should we, after every setback that hits us during our lifetime.

Through the strength of the will power, we can rise again from the ashes of hopelessness, stop empathizing with our weaknesses and factorize upon the opportunities presented.

Maybe some of us are plagued by inaction, postponement, indignation and inertia, it must be overcome. There is nothing is this world that is impossible. It is up to us, to have that attitude of now or never and to see the transition, the transformation, the change that we wish to.

Seeing is believing. Until one visualizes their success and take the first step, it will not culminate into anything.
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I agree how so many times people listen to the "experts" and quiet their own thoughts, feelings, and muses.  Tossed about with every wind of teaching.  It is so important so trust ones self, at least to listen to ourselves.  Otherwise we'd be; medicated to sileince the longing for something more, following a religion we don't believe in, and chooseing careers just to keep up with everyone else in the gated community.


Thank you for visualizing much more for yourself!

#3 July 6, 1:32 pm
Your words are beautiful and powerful, thank you for sharing this. Have you considered becoming a life coach if you are not one already?
#4 July 6, 11:07 pm
Thanks...No, I haven't looked at the possibilities of turning into a life coach. How do i go about?
#5 July 6, 11:54 pm
Respected Deepa Ji! Its personally felt and experienced words that you have shared. The life coach simply helps to be what one is. In our times, many people cannot accept and thus admire as they are. It needs help from life coaches. The grannies are example of great life coaches for all of us. We leave the idea of being a parent as teachers do, and counsel others as grandchildren without making one aware that this relationship ignores all weak points. In attitude the granny knows parenthood but the parents learn it. When we say the child within guides, that is our conscience that is as if great great grandparent and we enjoy it as it does not change with time, space and age. Thanks again! Smile
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