How to Attain the Spiritual Maturity is Going beyond Time and Space
#1 March 4, 12:34 am
How to Attain the Spiritual Maturity is Going beyond Time and Space
We nowadays have a very popular term spiritual maturity. This factoid explains how maturity in general has this additional dimension. You see the intellectual and emotional maturity develops us in our outer, the self and inner world the society respectively. The world that is within us is the metaphysical.

We know it as the spiritual world, the world of our self. We deal with the entire universe with this spiritual frame of reference that has attributes as soul, conscience, spirit and many others in accordance to world religions and the beliefs. This self-development needs time and its management. How we utilize time is important not just in saving time, but also in knowing how to invest it. Thus, time is money and needs utmost care when we use it.

The important keywords in intellectual, emotional and time management seem to be the need, desire, facility and luxury. When one desires very strongly for luxury, at that moment it appears to be a need.

In such matters the EQ and thus emotional maturity is much ignored, that is, a poor use of it. The emotional maturity aims for peace, harmony and thus personal development with richness of emotions being enjoyed rather than dissipation of its energy in the fantasy. So, it is for the integration of infinite creativity. The imaginations in it are used for its maturity. The fantasy on the other hand differentiates the real form of the creativity, the imaginative form.

The imaginations have logical direction but in fantasy it is not. To understand emotional maturity in a better way it is important to note that the stimulation and sensations can not be called emotions. Even feelings and sensations need its own value and place in one’s life. If one is not serious about the management of emotional energy, the management of time and intellectual energy is also of no use.

In metaphysics and spirituality, one’s body is considered as a vehicle. Like an ordinary vehicle, its driving is by one soul and as long as the soul remains in the body it follows the Laws of the Nature, as while driving one need to follow the traffic rules.

As there are needs of the body like food, cloths and shelter besides other needs like education, employment and standard of living to fulfill the primary or basic and secondary or derived needs. Here the economic development is same as what we do as learning and earning by the self. Earning by self is not only the essence of the economic development but also helps one to manage the intellectual, emotional and time energy.

If we invest time in learning it helps us in earning. The concept of doing by all of body, mind, heart and soul gives the same message. Learning makes our body fit for any work. Heart in this very concept is emotional maturity. Mind represents the intellectual maturity. Now, soul has the gateway to spiritual maturity. The spiritual maturity is the holistic concept and thus expresses the body, heart and mind that it uses. These always work together.

Mind looks outward and the heart looks inward. So, intellectual and emotional maturity gives rise to ability to balance our spiritual progress and development for spiritual maturity.

The time and space has an additional dimension that works as if the theory of relativity works. We know that we can go to psychic readings with knowing the time and space, but the intuition is something beyond it.

We can correlate everything in such a way that the entire knowledge and wisdom of the past works in the present irrespective of time and space. This happens when we attain the spiritual maturity. How wonderful it is when a smile of a child gives us the lesson of spiritual maturity.

It is indeed so because the spiritually mature person always lives in the present. Thus, the spiritual maturity is learning and mastering the Art of Living in the Present, and thus going beyond time and space as all in present has life and we all live in the present, is not it.

Let us make life easier, happier, glowing and shining as a star of peace glowing everyday as the sun does with this art. Thanks!
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