Wildlife tourism: a perspective of space
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Wildlife tourism: a perspective of space
In certain parts of the world, animal welfare issues also influence wildlife hunting. The general code of practice in hunting is to kill the animal effectively with the least damage or cruelty to minimize disruption or mortality of the other non-targeted animals in the same population. The representatives from the Animal Liberation (Victoria) movement express their support for “well-regulated eco-tourism ventures that seeks to educate the common man about the lifestyles of the animals and their environmental and behavioral needs and this approach intends to imbue more respect for the animal’s welfare activities” (Commonwealth Australia, 1998). This position was supported by another organization called RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) which states that wildlife tourism, provided animals are not interfered with, is an alternative to direct wildlife utilization (Commonwealth Australia, 1998).

The ability to comprehend wildlife tourism from a geographical perspective requires some knowledge of the space requirements of various types of wild animals and the implications if people, including tourists, intrude into the animal’s refuge. Strategic management of visitor’s impacts involves an understanding of the spatial (horizontal and vertical) distributions of wildlife within its particular range.

From a landscape management point of view, this may mean constructing a strategically located lookout/lookdown where wildlife inhabiting a particular forest canopy layer can be observed. Likewise, camping out in natural areas can be managed appropriately if recreational activities are regulated based on the nesting habits of ground-nesting birds rather than on the demands and comforts of the campers.

In Kerala the package tourism option has always harped on the well being of the natural surroundings of the wild animals. By adhering to the established norms, the nature is now left to fend for itself. Even honeymoon packages offer visits to exotic wild areas. For some newly wed couples on a maiden visit to kerala honeymoon package offers more than they can aspire for since it allows greater privacy in the forest guesthouses that are in the vicinity of the major wildlife centers. The visitors get an opportunity to witness at close quarters the different forms of wildlife.
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