spinach and artichoke dip
#1 November 19, 8:31 pm
spinach and artichoke dip

November 11, 2008

Spinach and Artichoke Dip


After a long honeymoon filled with eating food that was far from healthy, I find myself still on a junk-food kick. I decided that I needed to start eating some vegetables again—but that they should be prepared in a way that is still almost sinful. That's how I stumbled upon this recipe for spinach and artichoke dip.


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Sure, the name sounds healthy, but when you add a cup of vegan mayo and cheese to any veggies, you certainly cancel out almost all health benefits from the main ingredients. But, that shouldn't scare you away from making this delicious dip every once in a while. It's wonderful—and easy—as an occasional appetizer that can be eaten in small portions.

I visited Savannah on my honeymoon and saw the line formed outside Paula Deen's restaurant—no matter what time it was, night or day—and I'm certain this recipe would make the queen of Southern cuisine proud! Enjoy.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

1 8 1/2-oz. can quartered artichokes
1 cup cooked spinach
1 cup vegan mayonnaise (try Vegenaise)
1 cup soy Parmesan cheese
1 tsp. garlic powder
Salt and pepper, to taste

•Drain the liquid from the artichokes and chop coarsely. Add to a large mixing bowl.

•Drain excess liquid from the spinach, add to the mixing bowl with all the other ingredients, and mix well.

•Serve with chips, toasted bread, or sliced fresh vegetables.

Makes 10 servings

#2 November 20, 9:50 am
Thanks Dreama! Pizza Pi (vegan pizzeria in Seattle) makes the BEST vegan spinach artichoke dip I have ever tasted -- but, I've printed this one out so that I can make it at home as well!
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