From Fit to Fine -- By Deepa Khare
#1 March 5, 11:21 am
From Fit to Fine -- By Deepa Khare
Losing weight is on everybody’s mind. There are a number of popular slimming diets in the market that guarantee results if you follow them to the tee. To name a few, we have the Atkins diet, the south beach diet, Mediterranean diet, cabbage soup diet. They are making waves because they show quick results.

I believe there are a lot of factors that must be considered before you perform this dreadful act of following any of the above diets. It’s flawed to the core and just after you finish reading my article, you will know why.

Did you know that the bathroom scale does not provide accurate information about your body at all? All it provides is your total weight which is pretty much useless. We have these online BMI calculators and Body fat % calculators that claim to give the correct picture.

I’d say, just use a measuring tape to note progress because if you are exercising and losing weight, you would be losing inches around your waist.

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